12 Monkeys (2015) s04e10 Episode Script

The Beginning

1 Mr.
Cole Do you believe in fate? [exhales] [dramatic music] Three years ago, I sent a traveler back in time - Hey, hey! - To stop a plague that had killed 7 billion people [woman gasps] [bubbling] Change history, and save the future.
What's happening? However, the puzzle was far more complex than we could have ever imagined.
What the hell? We discovered the Army of the 12 Monkeys, a conspiracy spanning centuries, a cult operating by fierce religious devotion to the word of its prophet, a woman from the future who called herself the Witness.
The world's end, an infinite hell on earth, are by her design.
There's too many! And our mission to stop her has come at a tremendous cost.
And now, the last remaining survivors of Project Splinter have lost everything.
I am dying.
Our will our hope [people screaming, commotion] - Our friends.
- [women gasp, cry out] The Witness has already begun her destruction of time, her Red Forest.
And the puzzle, the one we set out to solve together, has finally given us an answer.
But not the one we hoped.
What the hell is this? For, you see, the only way to save the world This is a program for a machine.
To save the past the present, the future is to erase James Cole This is every time he has traveled.
Delete him from every moment.
[sound rewinding] The loops in time out of time - [grunts] - This war - [grunts] - [gunfire] It's all a disease created by the cure.
[overlapping shouting] Primaries didn't send us here to stop the plague.
They sent us here to release it.
The end was the beginning, the serpent eating its tail.
And now, that beginning is finally here.
[haunting music] My name is Dr.
Cassandra Railly of the M [static].
We're working on containment of the Cole DDC stations, hear me.
The plague starts with Leland Frost.
- [static] - [echoing] The true architects of the plague, they're watching me.
I'm running out of time.
Is among you.
Please, Cole.
[low ambient music] [footsteps clunking on metal] Careful.
She's a delicate beast.
Oh, uh I'm not here to harm you.
It's just my own protection, really.
You're wondering how even one scavenger might be able to remain here, after Mr.
Whitley cleared them all out.
The thought crossed my mind.
Well, it's a sizeable facility, isn't it? I imagine it'll take you some time to discover all the hiding places.
[package rustles] - Smoke? - I quit.
Oh, yes, for someone you lost.
[ominous music] Foster sent you.
That son of a Mm-mm-mm.
"Project Splinter.
" Project Splinter.
[chuckles] [blows raspberries] You're going to need a lot of test subjects.
Are you prepared for that? Sending men to their deaths? Yes.
[sighs] Awfully selfish of you, isn't it? Just to save one daughter? In saving my daughter, I'll save the world.
But this world is.
[soft music] And who are you to say it should be any different? Because I have the power to change it.
Ah, yes.
Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.
I just want a chance.
However remote.
To do nothing Mm, to do nothing would be like killing her yourself.
I understand better than most.
Still, there may come a day when a single life for 7 billion is one too many.
Consider this then.
No matter what, save the one.
I wish you luck.
You know I have every confidence you'll succeed.
[machinery clicking, whirring] [man's voice, indistinct] [whirring continues] [edgy music] [music intensifies] [thunder rumbling] In the beginning, when we first came to Project Splinter, I had to recreate these injections, both for my memory and using my own DNA as a template.
16 people were killed in that machine.
Their bodies rejected the serum.
The machine tore them apart.
We never had a successful splinter until James Cole.
You made time travel work.
But I never knew why, until now.
I'm the demon.
First time traveler.
I'm the one who drove time insane.
No, Cole That's what the Primaries' weapon was for To erase me, completely, forever.
[sobbing] I'm so sorry, Cole.
I didn't know.
It's all right.
[sighs] Okay.
So, how do we do it? We take their code, - we put it in our machine - No.
No, this can't be it.
There has to be another way.
Jones? This is not how it was supposed to end.
How was it supposed to end? The mission hasn't changed Only our feelings.
But if you can erase him, you can erase Olivia.
There has to be another way.
Maybe but this is what we have.
We have run simulation after simul But I just murdered 7 billion people.
I will not murder 7 billion and 1, not when the one is worth all the rest.
Time will be reset.
- They will live again.
- But he won't.
He can't.
- He can't exist at all.
- It's okay.
- No, it's not okay - Cassie No, it's not okay.
You've given everything to time.
You are owed.
I am owed.
Time owes all of us.
[solemn string music] [woman vocalizing] Ah Our time is now.
Yesterday is now.
Tomorrow is now.
Everything always will soon enough be now.
[towers whirring, droning] [thunder booming] The beginning of the end is over for them [electrical buzzing] While we stand here at the end of time The dawn of the endless.
By the time this day is over and the sun has set time itself will be ours, and the sun will rise when we sit in our forest of red.
[all chanting] Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! [dramatic music] [soft music] James This must be.
We need to complete your cycle, so that you end up here with the answer.
[solemn string music] [thunder rumbling] [panting] [device whirs] What the hell are you? [both grunting, yelling] Cole! [yelling] [low ambient music] [whirs] [grunts, mutters] The Emerson.
Whoa, oh, oh, easy.
Who are you? That's right.
Take it all in.
Greetings, asshole.
I'm future asshole.
[solemn music] This is a long fight.
You're only halfway there.
It's gonna hurt.
Things inside of you are gonna break, things you never even knew you had.
I'll tell you something I probably shouldn't.
Probably screwing with all that causality bullshit Jones used to go on about.
You're gonna have to forgive yourself for what you've done, for what you're gonna have to do.
There's a beginning and there's an end to all this And all you and I are ever gonna have is what's in-between.
Wearing this means that somehow, somewhere, you're always gonna find your way back to her.
[chirping] Time to go.
See you soon.
That was harder than I thought it was gonna be.
You told him there was hope.
I had to get here somehow.
You know there's another way.
There's not.
[train tracks rattling] [tense music] Ms.
Goines, you are on foreign soil in a time of plague, hunted, cornered, alone.
I'm not alone.
Wait! [laughs] Oh, my God, I can't believe that worked! - Ah, James! - [triumphant music] Wait Which Cole are you? Last one I'm ever gonna be.
[whirs] [thunder rumbling, electrical crackling] [screen beeping] Jesus.
[exhales] Oh.
I had your back in Prague.
Thanks for making it easy on me.
Thank you.
What's wrong? There's a problem.
The Primary code has given us the method to reset the timeline.
[electrical blast, rubble pattering] Yeah we're running out of time, so let's get me in that thing, erase me, whatever you gotta do.
We can't.
It would take 3 1/2 years for our systems to compile and assemble the entire code.
[soft, tense music] Time will collapse in a matter of hours, 12, maybe 13 at best.
So we go back, give ourselves the code in the past.
Rendering our machine useless for all those years.
We'd halt the mission before it even began.
We'd never reach this point with the answer.
What about Titan? It's a time-traveling city.
It must have a thousand times the processing power we do.
Possibly, provided one could stop Olivia's final sequence, and somehow impossibly, mind you, gain access to her systems.
Even if we could, we have no idea where or when Titan even is.
I'm sorry.
If I hadn't endeavored to change history, to rewrite time, - to manipulate it for personal - James I'll listen to the rest of that speech in 12 hours.
Till then, we got work to do.
[soft music] - James - I'm not giving up.
Neither am I.
There's another way.
We can stop Olivia, kill the Witness, end the storms, but you don't have to get into that machine.
We can just live.
If time can be rewritten, the world can be remade.
The virus mutates again.
We know that.
There's no one left in 2163.
But maybe we can change all that.
This is what was meant to be.
[thunder rumbling] We can do this, together.
There's still time.
- How? - I have a plan.
We can What's that look for? I've just never heard you say you have a plan.
I've had plans before.
- No, it's just - I have plans.
It takes the end of the world for you to have a plan.
- You wanna hear it or not? - Yes, I wouldn't miss it Hm? Plan's this way.
- Come on.
- Coming.
[soft, tense music] There are a lot of variables.
Yeah, and not enough manpower to account for 'em all.
- Man, it's crazy.
- Ha.
[electrical crackling, rubble pattering] For this to work, we're gonna have to split up.
- You'll be on your own.
- I can manage.
I know the play.
[chuckles] Ramse and I once took out a militia quarantine zone the same way: shock and awe.
But like you said, you had Ramse to watch your back.
We were good like that once at our best.
[tense music] Ramse? I made a promise.
Stop! Ramse and me, that story's been written.
- Maybe there's a page missing.
- Cassie If we do this, we need everyone: friends and family.
Do you understand what you're asking me to do? [dramatic music] Yes.
[whirs] [thunder booming] [groans] - What'd you do? - It's not what you think.
What'd you do? Hey, Ramse it's all right, just relax.
Ahh! [both grunting] Stop! Ramse! [both grunting, yelling] - Come on.
- [grunts] Come on, brother.
It's all right.
[muffled] It's all right, man.
- [breathing heavily] - You're okay.
You're okay.
[sobbing] [soft music] - [sniffles] - It's me, brother.
It's over.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, brother.
I'm sorry.
The Witness.
Olivia? She killed your son mine and in a few hours, everyone and everything.
You said that I told you not to undo this.
Yeah, and I won't.
Once this is over, you have to go back, die that night, or else we never end up here.
And I have to climb into that machine and be erased from everything.
But if we're going out we're taking that bitch with us.
I need you for that.
[solemn music] Yeah.
Yeah? Yeah.
[chuckles] Hi.
[thunder rumbles, rubble patters] Holy shit balls! [scoffs] Mr.
Cole, have you lost your goddamn mind? Not him.
- It was my idea.
- 'Sup, bro? - What's up, Cocoa Puffs? - [cackles] We're going on the offensive.
I can assure you, this is offensive.
The risk to causality? Won't mean anything if we can't turn this around.
She's his grammy.
- Ms.
Goines - Just filling him in.
We have a plan, and we have a window.
Odds are it's not gonna work, but it's the only chance we got.
So what is it you wanna do, Mr.
Cole? We're gonna take Titan.
[tense music] [exhales] [chuckles] There it is.
She is a beaut, isn't she? You think it'll still run? Ain't about the age, brother.
It's about the gas that's left in the tank.
Everything else we can fix, you know? We gotta go.
Almost out of time.
You got your eyes on some keys there? Be a shame to hotwire a classic, especially knowing how you feel about her.
[object rattles] What'd you find? [solemn music] Somebody's reason to keep going.
[rousing music] - Are you ready? - Just watch the paint.
[exhales] [engine ignites, revs] [tires screeching] [lightning blasting] [towers whirring, droning] I got it.
You couldn't find a closer car? It's not just any car.
Then I guess we're ready.
One more thing [waves crashing] [birds chirping] It's beautiful.
[soft music] I don't have, uh forever to promise you.
Most I can give you is this moment But it's yours if you'll take it.
[sniffles] This isn't enough.
Look at the sun.
You know why it's so beautiful? 'Cause it sets.
[thunder booming] [low ambient music] [metallic clanking] [intense chords] Honey, I'm home! Whoa not-so-fun-house.
Sorry to drop in on you unannounced.
[whirs] It was foolish of you to come.
[low ambient music] [distorted] Why are you here? To say, adios, amigo.
You may have destroyed the Primary weapon, but what it was meant to do, the code, was in here the whole time.
But before we fire up the machine and wipe you from time and existence, there's something I thought you should know.
You know your brand logo thing, "Copyright, The Witness, TM"? Well, I get it.
It's Aramaic for the number 12 mirrored to represent the beginning, the end, blah-blah-blah, yadda-yadda- yadda, such and such.
But with just a few little tweaks [music intensifies] Looks like a little penis man.
[low ambient music] Is that because you're such a dick? [music intensifies] [low ambient music] [distorted] Katarina.
The Red Forest has begun.
You're too late.
Am I? [dramatic percussive music] [low ambient music] Auf Wiedersehen, Frau Kirschner.
[dramatic tone] [gasps] 2043 Manhattan.
But we're in the midst of the final s They have the weapon.
[gasps] [tense music] She's coming.
It worked.
[electrical buzzing] You good? Brought some tunes.
Yeah? You got some good shit in here? My dad was into country and western.
Ah, man.
Are you serious right now, bro? - [groans] Oh come on.
- Shit! - [electrical blasts] - War's coming! [country rock music playing] Come on, man! Come on, I gotta die to a good song, brother! Good song! Now I've had The time of my life - I've never felt like this before - [cackles] I dig it, man.
- I dig it, man.
- It feels right.
[Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes' "The Time of my Life"] This is it.
[tires screech] Hold on a sec, brother! I've been waiting for so long Now I've finally found someone To stand by me We saw the writing on the wall As we felt this magical Fantasy - [beeping] - Titan? Where? A quarter-mile east.
[beeping] [thunder booms] The last of our enemies is here.
They are weak, vulnerable.
Find them, kill them.
- Leave none to - [music playing distantly] Stay with me tonight Just remember You're the one thing - I can't get enough of - [guns clicking] [tires screeching] [engine revving] BOTH: This could be love Because - [guns firing] - I've had the time of my life - I've never felt this way before - Yeah! BOTH: Yes, I swear This is true And I owe it all to you - That got their attention.
- Let's make sure.
- [device beeping] - You're set to pop.
How does it work? Gimme your hand, Louise.
Oh, God.
[device beeping, whirring] BOTH: And I owe it all to [boom] [stirring music] My God, that was a rush.
[electrical crackling] Well, that's unfortunate.
- What happened? - End of an era.
Jones, we're in.
Katarina No I am standing for this.
Initiate splinter sequence.
[machine drones, whirring] Mr.
Cole, we are in.
We've walked into a trap.
Splinter Titan.
[tense music] She's getting ready to splinter.
Initiate temporal disruption pulse.
[dramatic music] - What's happening? - We cannot splinter.
Something's disrupted the towers.
Cole, Mr.
Ramse, it's up to you now.
Take out that power station.
That's the only to stop the central spire.
Cassie We'll head to the mainframe to finish the Primary code.
See you on the other side.
No matter what, protect the machine.
We'll be back when Titan's ours.
ALL: Yeah! Ready, Freddy? [guns click] Okay, we just lost the advantage.
We're outnumbered, outgunned, and on foot - and probably gonna die.
- [chuckles] Let's do this.
The central spire is capable of splintering by itself.
We can run.
All we have to do is stop the sequence and release Do not stop the sequence! It must finish, or else the process will reverse entirely.
They don't have the numbers.
Take as many faithful as you can get.
Destroy their machine.
It's the only weapon they have.
Go! [screen beeping] [electrical blast] [intense dramatic music] [power thrumming] - [men yelping] - [thunder crackling] Lock and load, ladies.
Hey there! [dramatic music] [men shouting, groaning] Go! We have two of them pinned down in sector seven.
[men groaning, grunting] [breathing hard] We're in.
Goines, there should be a processing terminal where they calculate their splinter jumps.
Communication [murmurs] Processing, processing! [beeping] Found it.
Extracting the primary code now.
[intense music] [groans] - We're cut off.
- Is there another way? Back the way we came.
Take us an hour.
This'll all be over by then.
Shit! Here they come! Drop 'em! Come on, come on.
[grunting] [grunts] James? [sounds of pain continue] Fall back.
- [grunts] - Fall back! [grunts] James? [men grunting] Well, this is a quick-ass trip.
Cassie? Jones.
There's too many of them.
We're getting out.
Jones, Cole's in trouble.
He needs The Daughters.
[intense music] [grunts] [both grunts] [grunts] [sounds becoming muffled] Cole! I need more ammo! Jones! [grunts] [gun clicking] [soft, dramatic music] [grunts] Jones? [beeping] Katarina? [keyboard clacking] Command, section four secure.
We have the machine.
[indistinct radio chatter] [beeping] [sinister chords] Katarina.
You know, the sad reality of luck is that it can only be defined by how long it doesn't last.
[whispers] Please, come on.
[haunting music] [whispering] Please.
Come on.
- [bullet whooshes] - [grunts] [body thuds] [crowd shouting] [gunfire] [dramatic music] Max? "And I come back to you now, at the turn of the tide.
" Holy shit.
Radio Egg, I'd like to request a song.
Copy that, Chicken.
- [laughs] - [snorts] - Yes! - What are you doing? Uh, yeah.
Good morning, Titan! This is J.
Bond coming at you from WKRP in 2043.
I'ma rockin' the time stream from A.
to P.
, from BC to AD.
Now, this one goes out to Tired in Titan, the sleepy, dulcet tones of Olivia Kirschner.
Long time listener, first-time Witness, with a face for radio and a voice for NPR.
Surprise, bitch! [Simple Minds' "Don't You" playing] - Hey, hey, hey, hey - [power thrumming] Ooh - [laughs] - Won't you - Come see about me - [whistling] [gunfire] [all screaming] Da uh uh Pull us apart - [screaming continues] - When the light gets Into your heart, baby Don't you Forget about me Don't, don't, don't, don't - Don't you - [gunshots] [grunts] Forget about me I say la La la la la La la la la [dramatic music intensifies] [fire crackling] [indistinct chatter] Didn't think The Daughters ever came this far east.
What do you want? An army.
[scraping sound] You told Max that you and I are old friends? - We will be - [laughs] - One day.
- Is that so? Look, I respect the trades between our two camps That's good stuff.
The Daughters pass through, I pay it no mind, but here you are, the old gypsy, looking to, what tell my future? Spoiler alert, Teddy.
You don't have one.
[soft, dramatic music] So you know some things about me.
My family's shit, my Wilson's disease.
We got we got a knife that looks the same.
- It is the same.
- No, no.
"Witness"? "Messengers"? "Time travel"? That is some "Twilight Zone" bullshit.
For Christ's sake, I'm too old for this shit.
- [bang] - [sighs] What the hell is that? The part where we run.
[music escalates] - [grunts] - [boom] [snorting, laughing] [indistinct shouting] [laughing] [panting] What is this? A last chance for you and I to save the world, kiddo.
[wheezy laugh] The old lady said we'd wind up on the same team, that I should put old business behind me.
Now clearly, she was telling the truth about well, shit, look at this.
Who are you two? Why shouldn't I just drop you right here? [thunder booms] [suspenseful music] 'Cause we're West 7.
Always have been.
We're ride or die.
[loud booming, crackling] [suspenseful music] We gotta take out a power station.
It's at the base of the tower over there.
Might be the only way to stop the apocalypse.
Wanna blow some shit up? - Lead the way.
- Let's do it.
Let's go, boys.
Time to save the world.
- [beeping] - It's done.
I got it.
- We gotta go.
- Okay.
Okay! Jones, we processed the code.
We're on our way back.
Cole, where are you? We're on our way to the power station.
- If we don't make it - We need a backup plan.
[heroic music] Jennifer and I will head up to the controls.
- Cassie - We'll be careful.
Take this.
[beeping] [sparks sizzling] - [loud crackle] - [gasps] [whimpers] [ominous chords] [grunts] [gunshots] [grunts] [grunts, coughs] - [yells] - [gasps] [gasps] [both grunting] [power sizzling, thrumming] [lightning crackling] [wind howling] [intense music] [both grunting, yelling] [grunting] [grunting, gasping] [grunts] [electricity crackling] [grunts] Cassie! [Cassie groaning] Did you make it? [both grunting] [Cassie groans, gasps] [groans] [coughs, gags] Cassie, are you all right? We have to shoot the core.
We gotta rush them.
We'll probably get killed.
Let's go.
[intense, dramatic music] [Cassie gasping, wheezing] I envy you, Cassandra.
[gags] I've never loved anything.
The Forest has always been for me, never anybody else.
But you - [gags] - You have more need of it than I do.
All I've done is witness.
But you, till this moment, you've lived.
[weak gasp] [both grunting] [both grunting] [whistles] [crowd shouting] [gunfire] - [both grunt] - You took my friend My family [men yelling] Shoot the core! [men screaming] [grunts] [grunts] My son.
[screams] [electricity crackling] We're running out of time.
Sequence is almost complete.
It's gonna blow! Move! Move! [alarms blaring] [eerie music] [steady beeping] [electricity crackling] [beeping continues] [ominous music] Can you see it? The forest it's nearly here.
Move! [alarm blares] [booming, crackling] [dark music] No You're too late.
It's drawn all the power it needs.
Now all we have to do is wait till the end of time.
[grunts] [Cassie choking] [power thrumming] Soon, you and him will be in that house forever.
- [gagging] - I know it's your perfect moment.
[Cassie wheezing, gasping] No this is.
[prolonged shrieking] [screams] [screaming fades] [sizzling] - [thud] - [liquids splash] Hey, the tower's still going.
Cassie, are you there? I'm here, I'm here, I'm at the controls.
Thank God.
Shut it down.
[beeping] [sounds muted] [soft, haunting music] James [haunting music continues] [sobbing] I'm sorry.
[dark, melancholy music] [crashing, whooshing] [crashes, electricity crackling] [haunting music] Cassie! Cassie! Cassie.
You can end this.
[wind howling] We can have forever.
[shaky breathing] [sighs] Then don't.
[wind howling] You and me, we can go, we can hide in that house forever.
[wind moaning] We can raise a son who never dies.
We can have it all, until it means nothing, because it never ends.
[heavy, sad music] We'll be together forever until we can't even remember what it feels like to find each other again after an hour, minute, a second apart.
[wind moaning, whistling] I'll go with you, Cassie.
We can have forever or we can have now, with an ending that makes it real.
[beeping continues] - [power thrumming] - [energy building] Please Give us an ending.
[melancholy music] [whooshing, static crackling] [sweeping music] [whispers] [both grunting] [uplifting music] Titan is ours.
[laughs, snorts] [dramatic flourish] [quiet orchestral music] [chorus sings] [gurgling] There's something about its eyes.
[echoing] Her blood contains a dormant form of the Kalavirus.
The origin.
[echoing] Inside that old meat, centuries-old virus [echoing] I was a thing in a box.
[echoing] [orchestral music continues] To ensure the end we must preserve the beginning.
Each one of us who have played a part in getting James to his final moment we will need to preserve what's left of causality or everything will have been for naught.
That means, for each of you, you must return to your timeline of origin to continue on.
That was weird.
[scoffs] Gonna get a whole lot weirder.
I know you From TV, you're the you're the doc from the CDC.
[soft, dramatic music] [whispering] You are a good man.
Still got it.
- [laughs softly] - [sniffles] So now what, uh I have a cycle to whatever? You and I have got a whole lot of shit to do.
I'll coach you through it.
[laughs softly] Gonna be a hell of a performance.
Yeah, look.
Say you shoot me.
- I'm sorry? - You shoot me.
Now I'm apologizing.
I I forgive you.
[chuckles] Just make sure you keep the safety on.
So this is my reward for all this shit? - I get shot? - [laughs] You know, with my luck, you'd probably miss and screw this whole thing up, man.
- Listen, I just wanna say - Don't, don't, don't, don't.
I don't wanna waste my good-bye on this you.
I wanna save it for the one that needs it.
We did the right thing though, didn't we? In the end.
[soft music] Yep.
We did it the right way, brother.
[power-up thrumming] [sighs] [scoffs] [thrumming] [gentle piano music] [whoosh] [whispers] I'll see you soon.
[echoing] [sighs] Ms.
Goines? The Daughters my daughter will be exceptionally lucky.
Hannah was will be an amazing woman, because of you.
[murmurs] Ahh.
The actor does not say good-bye to her audience, only good-night, and then wakes up, and does it all over again.
[laughs softly] [laughs] [stirring music] See you, old girl.
You're gonna like this [giggles] [whooshing] Whoo! [screams] [voice echoes] [sniffs] I remember the first night we met.
I was waiting in your car.
I watched you walk across the parking lot, on your phone, smiling.
- I was already in love with you.
- [laughs] Oh I remember thinking, "I'm about to ruin her life.
" No, no, you didn't.
- Now - [sighs] I get to give it back to you.
You'll be a doctor again.
[sobs] You'll be able to stay out in the sun.
You don't have to look over your shoulder anymore.
[weeps] You and me we didn't get a lot of time.
But we lived a lifetime together.
[whispers] I love you.
[sweeping music] [sniffles] - [sobs] - Go on.
My name is Dr.
Cassandra Railly of the Maryland CDC.
We're working on containment of the Kalavirus at the CDC station in Baltimore.
Jones, if you can hear me, the plague starts with Leland Goines, security designation: Frost.
But we are the true architects of the plague.
The Army of the 12 Monkeys they're watching me.
I'm running out of time.
The answer is among you.
Please, Cole, remember death can be undone.
Love cannot.
[keyboard clacking] I thought you said you were done with that thing.
I am now.
Titan's system has processed the code.
Our machine is ready.
How about one more smoke? [murmurs] Watch it All right.
[exhales] [chuckles softly] - [case snaps] - You know, I always meant to ask you where you got these things.
At Raritan.
I planted tobacco.
Out back.
Next to the cucumbers.
[laughs] James thank you.
You made a promise, which you kept that we see the end together.
And we have.
You know, I don't think I've ever told you what you mean to me.
I, uh, I had two mothers.
I'm glad that you're here with me, at the end.
[gentle piano music] [sizzle] [foreboding music] [keyboard clacking, computer chirping] Initiate Splinter Sequence.
[thunk, power-up thrumming] [dramatic music] [whooshing] [triumphant, epic music] It's never been about if.
It's always been when when we'll face the next epidemic or the next pandemic.
In Athens, 430 BC, typhoid.
A thousand years later, the Justinian plague ravages the Byzantine Empire.
In the 14th century, the Black Death destroys most of Europe.
Ancient history, right? Not exactly.
- [phone rings] - Dr.
You know, I might be getting the hang of this.
I had to push through, though.
I feel kind of out of it today, like there's something I forgot to do or something I'm supposed to do.
I don't know, I'm probably just tired.
I'm gonna go home and crash, see how I feel in [beeping] [whooshing] Let me call you back.
[low rumble] [soft, dramatic music] [faint bell ding] [indistinct chatter] I'm sorry, ma'am, I got nothing.
No, there there has to be.
There's no James Cole anywhere.
Suite 607.
It's a permanent residence.
Yeah, they stopped selling off those rooms back in the 1940s.
Ma'am? [breathing heavily] [sirens wailing] You can't get back to a place you've never been.
[pen scratching] Can't travel through time, except second by second.
And if there is a future, it's because of you, because of them.
[cheers and applause] The family I loved, but never knew.
In this future, most never met, but some were meant to.
Brilliant minds, passing the day with simple routines.
And if you believe in fate, you might believe that sons are fated to their fathers And brothers to their brothers.
[men grunting] We change some [glass shatters] - And some - [snickering] Not at all.
[sweeping, emotional music] Some just lived for each other [cards flapping] For their children.
Once, in another lifetime, we saved 7 billion.
But in this time, this life, I'm happy saving one at a time.
Low dose of antibiotics.
I think she'll be just fine.
[soft music] And at the end of each night, for a reason I still can't quite remember there's a thing that I say to the sunset a hope that I speak out loud.
See you soon.
[soft, dramatic music] [seagulls cawing faintly] [waves crashing faintly] [mysterious music] [waves rushing] Well, it ain't heaven.
Just the Keys.
Jennifer? Hi, Otter Eyes.
[laughs] Is this real? Kind of the wrong one to ask.
What did I always say to you about endings? The right one It's the one the one that you choose.
But sometimes, it's the one someone else chooses for you.
[dramatic music] There may come a day when a single life for 7 billion is one too many.
Consider this, then.
No matter what, save the one.
I thought you said you were done with that thing.
I am now.
She scrubbed you from the timeline.
Primary code initiated with one minor edit to causality.
This you the last you she made sure time spit you out somewhere.
What use are the unwritten laws of the universe if you can't break at least one? What about the risk? What what about manipulating time? Oh, time knows.
[voices whispering] Time time But it also knows it owes you one.
I'm alive? You're alive.
[laughs] [laughs] [both laughing] You were never crazy.
You were the best of all of us.
Tell her I said hi.
["These Arms of Mine" by Otis Redding playing] - These arms of mine - [laughing] Where are you right now? Somewhere safe? Warm? Next to someone you love? Lonely and feeling blue Someday, all that will be gone.
They are yearning Time passes how it's meant to.
Yearning from wanting you [gentle music] [soft sound] All that matters is now.
Happily ever now.
[light notes] [stirring chords]