13 Geboden (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Oh, sinnerman Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna run to? All on that day Well I run to the rock Please, hide me I run to the rock Please, hide me All on that day But the rock cried out I can't hide you, I can't hide you The rock cried out [sinister music plays.]
[music fades.]
Oh, my.
I was Yeah, sleeping.
I told you, dear.
You should have gone to bed.
Do you ever eat? Sure, in the evening.
If I'm hungry.
Is that some sort of self-punishment? People like that exist, you know.
They want to punish themselves out of guilt.
What are you saying? Your mother's accident.
Do you feel guilty about it? It was an accident.
But it does stick with you, yes.
[cell phone ringing.]
Peter Devriendt.
OK, OK, send it to me.
Your lawyer has switched on her phone.
Ten minutes ago.
They've traced it.
Shouldn't we call Liesbet? - [siren.]
- [car horn.]
Come on, get in.
[car navigation in English.]
At the roundabout, take the third exit.
Straight on from here.
[ominous music plays.]
[car navigation in English.]
Go straight.
- Fuck.
- Yes, let it all out.
I know where we're going.
The deconsecrated church.
It's no longer in use.
[distant squealing.]
[distant squealing.]
[pig squealing.]
[squealing intensifies.]
[eerie music plays.]
Remember the Sabbath Day.
Fortunately, she was sedated.
Yes, fortunately.
A tattoo on your forehead isn't so bad if you didn't feel it being put there.
Congrats, Vicky.
You've found a man.
- Why did they tattoo the piglet? - To practice, I suppose? - [Liesbet.]
Why wasn't I informed? - Commissioner, it's Sunday morning.
We thought you'd have better things to do.
No, no, we had to act fast, Liesbet.
He led us here with his iPhone.
But he was long gone.
- Even so, you should have called me.
- Yeah.
- How's her condition? - [Simon.]
Very good.
I would advise her to get bangs, so she can They've found a tire mark by the side entrance.
A heavy motorbike? We passed him.
Keep me posted.
No significant traces were found inside the church.
We've got no leads, whatsoever.
Maybe he's stopped.
Do you really believe that? Well, there was no tip-off, text or email.
There are ten commandments, OK? Not three, no, ten.
Simon, is that really necessary? Marnix is only offering ideas.
Yeah, yeah, give it a rest.
"Remember the Sabbath Day.
" Look at us working on a Sunday.
Tire marks from a motorbike, and Pentothal was used as a sedative again.
Here you go.
I've tried to create a suspect profile.
- [Simon.]
- What? This is you.
Yeah, no, seriously.
Religious, intelligent, well-read - Look, single.
- [Liesbet.]
- Frustrated, for sure.
- That's enough.
Can't we even have a laugh? They've created a fan page for Mozes.
- On Facebook.
- [Peter.]
Maybe that's not a bad thing.
- He may post something on there.
- [Marnix.]
Or she.
There's no indication it's a man.
Maybe you should expand the suspect profile.
Is he left or right handed? Eye color? Shoe size? They're not on here.
Simon, go and have a smoke outside.
Come on, why? I'm serious.
Are we in a nursery or what? It may be a good idea to think about what his next move might be.
"Honor thy father and thy mother.
" [elevator arrival bing.]
- [Peter.]
Uh oh.
- [Vicky.]
Oh, fuck.
Maybe we should go in through A&E? - Or we throw them a bone.
- I don't think Liesbet [Peter.]
Council Vandekerckhove has just had a terrible and traumatic experience.
What she needs now is rest.
So, you didn't see or recognize anyone? The doctor's report says you were sedated.
Do you remember anything from when you were awake? I had a bag over my head.
And my hands were tied.
I was given water now and then.
I felt a prick in my neck.
That was probably the sedative.
What about his voice? Did he say anything? I don't even know if it was a he.
I heard a motorbike.
And it smelled like garlic.
I did notice that.
[engine roaring.]
[sinister music plays.]
[doorbell rings.]
[gentle mysterious music plays.]
Council Vandekerckhove has just had a terrible and traumatic experience.
What she needs now is rest.
[slow rock music plays.]
She hasn't given her statement yet.
And in the interest of the investigation, we can't reveal much more information at the moment, OK? We urge you to respect her privacy.
Top lawyer Sophie Vandekerckhove was almost certainly kidnapped by the suspect who calls himself Mozes.
Stupid, stupid Mozes.
[cell phone rings.]
[cell phone rings.]
[cell phone rings.]
Yes, Paulien? I'm at volleyball, you know.
AFFLUENCE UNDERMINES OUR BELIEF IN VALUES TIME FOR RENEWAL It has been viewed over 3,000 times in just a few hours.
Are people so bored that they have to watch that? We can't all play volleyball, like you.
You said you had good news.
Mozes has been very sloppy this afternoon.
Up until now, he has always used Tor, an anonymous network.
Great if you want to traffic weapons or drugs, or underage slave girls.
Or if you want to send emails anonymously.
- And he didn't use it this time? - No, he didn't.
I think he was visiting his granny.
Or his granny could be an accomplice.
Stupid, stupid Mozes.
- I don't get it.
- Look.
Alegria? A nursing home.
- How long has that video been online? - Since this afternoon.
Ten past four.
It's not that stupid.
I doubt we're going to find Mozes' granny in Alegria.
Honor thy father and thy mother? The location is a hint.
I think.
And this is a hint from Uncle Peter.
Try and put yourself in the suspect's mind from time to time.
Don't stay there for too long.
We need you here.
- Thanks, dear.
- You're welcome, dear.
[cell phone ringing.]
Peter Devriendt.
Hi, Els.
No, no problem.
I'm still up.
No, I can't tomorrow.
But I can call you when I'm available one evening.
Or you can call me, that's fine, too.
Oh, I think Yes, I have to go now.
I'll speak to you soon, bye.
- [Vicky.]
Not your strong point, is it? - [Peter.]
What? "I can call you when I'm available one evening.
" Sounds like you're not interested.
- Mrs.
Van Looverenbos.
- Call me Emmy.
Nice to meet you.
- Thank you for coming so soon.
- No problem.
But, is there a problem? Not really.
We'd like to ask you a few questions regarding our investigation.
Oh, OK.
Have you noticed anything suspicious the past couple of days? No, not really, no.
- Do you have surveillance cameras? - Yes.
Yes, well We did, until the day before yesterday, but They've been out of order for two days.
Yeah, it's not that unusual.
The infrastructure isn't I probably don't have to tell you.
State funding, right? - Shall we go in? - Sure.
- [Vicky.]
Could we have a look around? - [Van Looverenbos.]
Of course.
[Van Looverenbos.]
There you go, these are our offices.
Excuse me.
I have to ask you not to touch anything, because the forensics team is on its way to check the office.
Oh dear.
Do you know who was working here around 4 p.
today? No one.
We had a staff meeting from 3 till 5.
Everyone was in the meeting room.
- What about cleaning ladies or handymen? - Not that I know of.
And this door was locked the entire time? No.
But why What have we got to do with Mozes? Why here? Because Mozes, madam, wants us to come here.
That's all.
Are there any residents who - argue with their children? - [cell phone beeps.]
- Who don't get many visitors? - Forensics are here.
Sure, there are always people who don't get a lot of visitors, or haven't got any family.
We try to give them extra support.
Could you provide a list of all the residents and their children? Those details are Hi!confidential.
Listen, madam, we can look for that list ourselves, but it would be quicker and less complicated if you'd help us.
OK, no problem.
And it would be convenient if you marked the residents who don't get a lot of visitors.
You can always send me an email.
- That was Liesbet.
- What did she say? Ward and Katrien will come and monitor the area.
I'd be surprised if anything happened here tonight.
- Shouldn't we stay a bit longer? - And sing lullabies to the residents? No.
Forensics are working on it.
Our colleagues will monitor the area.
And you, girl, have to get some sleep.
[mysterious music plays.]
- What did forensics say? - Not much.
The wires on the surveillance cameras were cut.
- No fingerprints in the office? - Nothing.
That's what I thought.
Come on, let's go.
Children who neglect their parents, who don't visit or pay the bills.
- Get on the phone.
- Yes, boss.
We're going to the first address.
He's right handed.
I had people look into it.
Mozes, right handed.
- Well done, Marnix.
Put it on the board.
- Yes.
I want to apologize.
Simon? For that ugly cardigan you're wearing? No.
Because Liesbet kicked you out.
Out of the briefing? Sorry.
That wasn't your fault.
Yes, OK Sorry, OK? Can you explain to me how someone like you ends up working for the police? - That's not important.
- Come on.
- No.
- Come on.
Cut it out.
Come on.
Because I was forced to.
By my dad.
- What, pathetic, right? - Yeah.
[Professor Schatteman.]
Time for renewal and change.
That, I think, is Mozes' mission statement.
That's what he, or she, of course, represents and wants to fight for.
I believe Mozes is idealistic and conservative.
Someone who's nostalgic of the past, when traditional norms and values still had meaning.
[radio host.]
Could you venture a guess as to how old they might be? That's a question for the investigators.
But if you asked me directly, I'd say: They're in their fifties or sixties, not their thirties.
Someone of my generation.
Someone who, quite rightly, believes that things were better in the old days.
Do you think they're working alone, or could it be a sect? [Professor Schatteman.]
Another question for the police, but I don't think it's a sect.
They usually work as a collective.
This looks like the work of a person who's naive and desperate enough to want to make the world a better place [radio turns off.]
- Schatteman is a fan of Mozes.
- He just wants attention.
To be fair I understand why some people don't visit their parents every week.
- If they don't get along - You should look after your parents.
They looked after you their whole lives, so Are your parents still alive? No.
[ominous music plays.]
He hasn't been in touch for months.
No visits, no phone calls, no birthday cards Nothing.
He could make more of an effort.
[doorbell rings.]
[doorbell rings.]
Looks like no one's home.
[tense music plays.]
Oh dear.
Hello? Hello? [Peter.]
Vansteene? [Vicky.]
Oh, fuck.
[nauseous moan.]
I thought so.
He's been dead for nearly a year.
Jesus Christ.
And going by his mail, no one's been missing him.
So he's violated the Fifth Commandment himself.
- Who? - Mozes.
No, the coroner says he died of natural causes.
How are you? [Vicky.]
This is impossible to monitor with two cops.
[glass breaks.]
- [man 1.]
Mom, calm down! - [woman.]
No, no.
[man 1.]
Mom, mom, take it easy.
- The lady's only trying her best.
- [nurse.]
[man 1.]
She doesn't understand you.
She only speaks Spanish.
And she works for half our wage.
Then again No Flemish person wants to do this job.
What about you? I love my job.
She's at it again.
[man 1.]
That lady's trying, but - She hasn't had her meds yet.
- I'll go and ask Karin.
No, I don't want to.
I don't want to.
[man 2.]
All sons should be like Serge.
He's got a full-time job and three kids, but he visits his mom every day.
- Who have you come to see? - Roger Vansteene.
Let's see if he's here.
Yes, that's Roger.
I hope you get through to him, because lately he's been quite Alright.
[80s pop music plays over stereo.]
Hello, Mr.
Hello? [Peter.]
Vansteene? I'm afraid we have bad news for you.
Roger? Your son has died, Roger.
[cell phone beeping.]
[ominous music plays.]
[car engine.]
- [Peter.]
I'll order a drink.
- [Hristo.]
Don't bother.
I want my residence permit.
As long as I don't get my documents, I'll keep working for you.
Is that what you're thinking? I've found a better job.
It pays more.
I'm done working for you.
I quit.
Bye, bye.
Hristo? You'll get your permit.
I hope so, for your sake.
And soon.
[fast rock music plays.]
[rock music continues over stereo.]
Whoa, real coffee.
Still enjoying it here? I would enjoy it more if we made some progress.
- I need access to an old file.
- Hence the coffee? - What year? - 2013.
- What month? - March.
From here up to here.
I'll manage.
[slow blues music plays over stereo.]
You're right.
This is the best carbonara in the world.
Are you not feeling well? - Have you got a temperature? - I feel fabulous.
Your caravan did me a world of good.
Dad, I'm going to get it together.
I want to move out.
I don't want to stay with Mom and Alex.
It drives me mad.
- Where will you go? - My own place.
I can start working at a friend's bar.
At a bar? At night? Come on, don't worry.
You can trust me.
And if you know someone with a cheap apartment [doorbell rings.]
Are you Peter's girlfriend? [Sara.]
I'm his daughter.
Peter's having dinner.
Can you do math? Times tables? I think so.
I'm home alone and I can't do my homework.
- Do you want to - Yes.
Hello, Peter.
[sinister music plays.]
One times seven is seven.
Two times seven is fourteen.
Three times seven is twenty-one.
- See? It's not that hard.
- Yes, it is.
Four times seven is? [Blue.]
- [Sara.]
- [Blue.]
Thirty-eight? - [Sara.]
- [Blue.]
See? I'm rubbish at this.
OK, hang on.
Four groups of seven, and then you count them.
That's four.
Now count them.
What? Nothing.
Maybe you should get a job in education.
Miss Sara.
"Miss Sara.
" [melancholic piano music plays.]
- That stinks, man.
- Really? - Come on.
- I could What's that, Marnix? What? What are we doing? Come on.
If your dad hadn't forced you to become a cop what would you have done? I don't know.
Maybe I would have become a cop anyway.
But now you've got the perfect excuse if something goes wrong.
It wasn't your choice.
Yes, there you go.
I'm an awful colleague.
- But you are, too.
- Yes.
- Yes, maybe.
- Do you think that doesn't smell? No.
At least I won't need to pee when it's highly inconvenient, Marnix.
- [burps.]
- [clears throat.]
[Simon chuckles.]
Hey, you're not that awful.
That suspect profile of yours I mean it.
It makes sense.
For God's sake, man.
[slow rock music plays.]
- Bingo.
- Are you kidding me? - Stay here.
- No, Simon.
- Call for backup.
- Simon.
You wait for my signal, OK? I don't need to be put on a pedestal.
I'm happy if others can do their thing thanks to my work.
You're a giver.
What about you? What about me? What makes you happy? Do you make those drawings for yourself or do you do commissions? You're changing the subject.
I don't know, actually.
Riding my motorbike, maybe.
Or doing sports.
Maybe? Maybe it's time to figure out what really makes you happy, then.
Where did you get that? - Is it old? - From when I was four.
I fell in the playground.
Nothing serious.
- Another drink? - No, I have to go.
See you around.
Can I at least know your name? - Vicky.
- Vicky.
[tense music plays.]
FIRST FLOOR [door opens.]
Go back inside, sir.
Everything's under control.
Thank you.
Hey! Stop! Police.
[music fades.]
Marnix? [gunshot.]
- Fuck.
- [eerie music plays.]
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