13 Reasons Why (2017) s03e10 Episode Script

The World Closing In

1 [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] - [CAR DOOR CLOSING] - [ANI] I never knew Hannah Baker.
I wasn't around.
I didn't know the story.
But it seems to me like if anyone would have a reason to want Bryce Walker dead, it would be her mother.
And you might have looked more closely at her, if you hadn't had all your eyes on Clay Jensen.
[SHERIFF] Thank you very much for coming back to town.
It's very kind of you.
I don't think kindness had anything to do with it.
I believe I was instructed.
Yes, well, we just have a few more questions.
Some new information has come our way since we last spoke, and we'd just like to clarify a few things.
All right.
All right.
Now, we last spoke on November 7th.
That's the day after Bryce Walker's body was found.
Yes, I remember.
You told us you were in town for the closing of your house.
That's correct.
But we checked the courthouse records.
Your house closed on the 31st.
But you stayed in town into the next week.
Over that weekend, Bryce went missing.
I'm sorry, is there a question you'd like to ask, Sheriff? - Why lie to us about these dates? - I didn't.
I came in to close on the house and I stayed to deal with furniture and my storage unit.
Did you happen to see anyone? - Like who? - Who did you see? Well, I saw my ex-husband more than I'd like to.
Ah, I saw some friends.
- Clay Jensen? - No.
I didn't see Clay Jensen.
- But the two of you spoke on the phone? - No.
[SHERIFF CLEARING THROAT] Clay's phone records show three calls from you the day before the Homecoming game and one the night of.
He didn't answer.
The night of the Homecoming game the night Bryce Walker was murdered there's a call from you that lasted one minute and 47 seconds.
- So, it seems like he did answer.
- He didn't.
I left a message, but you would know that if you had his phone.
Well, we don't at the moment, just his phone records.
Well, then.
And I have some questions for you, actually.
Did you know that this department has put more investigative efforts into solving the murder of a convicted rapist than it ever did for any of his former victims? - I'm sure that is not correct.
- And did you also know that one of those victims had to come down here twice before anyone in this building would even believe her? I did know that, yes.
So maybe you can understand why I might have difficulty trusting your operation, or any police in general these days, Sheriff, because I can't help but wonder if all this added muscle all of a sudden might have something to do with the family that rapist was born into.
Ma'am, I can assure you that we are only interested in one thing here, and that's the truth.
A boy is dead.
And I imagine only his mother is mourning for him.
So - if we're done here? - Not quite, ma'am.
Where were you on the night of Friday November 2nd between 11 p.
and 2 a.
m? Of course that's the picture they use? Yeah, dude, that is not your best look.
You're not looking too good right now, either.
Did you sleep at all? Yeah.
The nightmares again? Not again, they never stopped.
Shouldn't you be talking to someone? Shouldn't you? Yeah.
Who do I talk to? What do I say, "I didn't kill Bryce.
I'm not crazy?" I feel like that actually makes me sound like a crazy person who killed Bryce.
Baker? Sorry.
Is she back in town? What? [ANI] Clay didn't tell Justin that it wasn't the first time he'd heard from Mrs.
He knew exactly why she was in town.
He just didn't know everything she'd done.
She never reached out to you, texted you, anything? No.
And you don't think that's weird? That she didn't reach out to you? Maybe she's not staying for long.
She was here two weeks ago and she's back now.
- I can't believe she didn't reach out.
- Well, she didn't, okay? [JESSICA] Yeah, she texted me.
Said she wanted to check in and see how I was doing, or whatever.
And how is she doing? Fine, I guess.
Did she mention me at all? A little bit.
- What did she say? - I don't know.
She asked how you were doing.
Did she ask about Bryce? She very specifically did not mention Bryce, and I very much appreciated that.
Uh what did you talk about? Well, a lot of things.
BAKER] I like your look.
- It's new.
- Oh, it is? Yeah.
It's very tough.
- You look like a warrior.
- [CHUCKLING] Do you remember when Hannah used to wear that green army jacket everywhere? I used to tease her.
I'd ask her, "What war are you fighting?" Then I found out.
Yeah, well, if it helps, I'm still fighting.
It really does.
Yeah, well, it turns out this whole "toppling the patriarchy" thing is, em, totally hard.
Yeah, well, you only have all of history ever working against you.
Sometimes I feel like I'm making a real difference, you know? And other times I just feel like - nothing has changed at all.
- Yeah, but you've changed.
And you did it all right here.
More than I can say for myself.
I had to get the hell out of here.
I wouldn't have blamed you if you did, too.
Is it better? In New York? It's different.
I mean, sometimes I'll find myself swept up entirely in this sea of people, this this thing that's bigger than me.
In those moments, I find that I have completely forgotten who I am and what happened.
Other times, no matter how many thousands of miles away I am, I'm still here.
Right back here.
Why are you back here? Oh, um the old house, we finally found a buyer for it.
- Oh? - Yeah.
It's not easy selling a house with that kind of history, you know? But we closed on it last week, and, um so I'm here, signing paperwork, clearing things out, you know, taking care of some other unfinished business.
Well, you seem great.
I'm not over it, though.
You know I had myself convinced that I was, that it had gone away, but being [SIGHING] being back here selling that house I'm still sad.
God, I'm still so fucking angry.
But you know, I prayed that it was different for you.
Is it different? Is it Has it gone away? No.
[CLAY] Did she say what other business? She didn't, and I didn't ask.
- And what did she say about me? - She just asked if you were okay.
You could just reach out to her, you know? Yeah.
I'm seeing her soon.
Oh, then why don't you just, like, ask her yourself? Yeah.
Uh, will you tell Justin that I'll be home late tonight? We're not talking.
We broke up.
What? He said that he cheated on me, which I don't believe.
And that he's better off without me, which I don't get.
Oh shit! There's something you need to know.
Did you read The Register? Yeah, I think everybody has.
Well what did you think? Because first they said that Bryce was shot, then they said he was beaten.
Now they're looking at Clay, who must be freaking out about all this.
If he's like, guilty, that'd be pretty messed up, but I mean, if he's innocent that would be, like, even more messed up.
Right? Yeah, it would.
What does your dad think? He doesn't tell me.
Yeah, right.
I mean, he probably can't.
Oh, I'm doing some extra sets after practice today.
Do you want to work out together? No, it's all right.
I mostly work out at Caleb's now.
Oh, right, yeah.
[DOOR CLOSING] I'm interested to know what you're thinking about your future.
[CHUCKLING] What future? After high school.
[HISSING] Go full time with my dad.
- That's what you're hoping to do? - Hoping has nothing to do with it.
Why are we talking about this? As of right now, you're failing three classes.
- Okay.
- You're not surprised.
I'm surprised it's not four.
By district policy, you won't be able to play football Yeah, well, season's basically over anyway.
or wrestle, and if you're on academic probation, you won't be able to play baseball either.
Why do you care? Are you a baseball fan? I care because I think you could be doing better.
[CHUCKLING] How the hell would you know? You just got here.
I've seen your test scores.
I've talked to your coaches.
Kerba says you're one of the smartest defensive backs he's ever coached.
He said that? He also tells me you were close to Bryce Walker.
Is that true? Maybe.
So? So his murder must've been terribly upsetting.
So? So would you like to talk about it? No.
But thanks for caring.
[ANI] And Clay wasn't the only one feeling the attention.
Feeling the pressure build.
Feeling the weight of suspicion, and the world closing in.
- It's good to see you.
- Yeah.
How have you been? I've been better.
I imagine.
You spoke to the police? Yes.
They wanted to talk about me? Well, first they wanted to talk about me.
Mostly they wanted to know if I'd been talking to you.
I told them I hadn't, because you hadn't returned any of my phone calls.
Yeah, uh I know, I'm sorry.
I've been kind of busy.
They know about my voicemail.
But apparently, not what it says.
They have my phone records.
But not your phone? They're convinced that you had something to do with Bryce's death.
I know.
And they think I might have had something to do with it, too.
And if they hear that voicemail, that might convince them I did.
I won't tell them.
I'd understand if you did.
Listen to me, Clay.
They're idiots, but they're dangerous idiots.
They're convinced you did this, but if they don't have you, then it's going to be someone else.
- I mean - Clay.
We're talking about murder here.
This is not the time to save your friends.
This is the time to save yourself.
I tried.
[STAMMERING] I'm trying.
Do you know about Tony's family? That they were deported? Yeah.
But do you know why? No, uh Do you? - [MRS.
BAKER] And your family? - [TONY] They're back home in Mexico.
I keep asking them what happened.
I wanna know why, you know? But the lawyers say it only takes one phone call.
So Oh, shit.
Olivia, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to unload all of this on you.
You're back, so we should be celebrating.
You want a beer for old times' sake? Tony I think I know who made that phone call.
What are you talking about? Your family, they were picked up right after the trial, right? Yeah.
Why? Well, I mean, attorneys from both sides dug up stuff on the witnesses.
And I remember when Dennis told me that the Walkers discovered your family's status.
At first I was worried they'd use it against you when you were on the stand, but then they didn't.
And I just assumed that they let it go.
Olivia, what are you saying? That their lawyers tipped off ICE? The lawyer, or they have private investigators.
It could have even been the Walker family if they were upset about Bryce's arrest.
Fucking Bryce.
Tony Tony, I am so sorry.
I Fucking Bryce! Tony never told me.
Can you imagine why? He wouldn't have done anything.
He wouldn't have confronted Bryce.
I love Tony as much as you do, Clay, but his family was ripped away from him.
What am I supposed to do with this? Talk to your friend.
You did see Mrs.
You saw her more than once.
And she told me about the Walkers.
- What about the Walkers? - How it was their fault.
That's why you didn't tell me, right? It makes you look guilty.
- No, it's not that.
- Then why wouldn't you tell me? It's complicated.
But you did keep it a secret? - I did.
- Why? All I can tell you is that I'm trying to protect my family, Clay.
Do the cops know? About the Walkers and your family? They don't.
Did you go to Bryce with it? I did.
Tony? What's up, Bryce? Ah, I wouldn't be lurking out here.
Grandpa's got a gun.
And he's racist and senile.
So You weren't doing me a favor, were you? - Sorry? - Buying my Mustang.
At twice the asking.
You know, for a minute, I thought you were doing me a solid.
That was pretty stupid, wasn't it? - No, I mean, I just wanted to help out.
- You wanted to buy your way out of a guilty conscience.
- And what was I feeling guilty about? - The trial.
What does that have to do with you? Your family dug up dirt on mine, and turned us in.
What? That's crazy.
They deported my whole fucking family.
That's impossible.
That's not Tony, I swear, there's no way.
Why should I believe you? [STAMMERING] I don't know what to say, but I'm sure we didn't have anything to do with it.
And I'm I'm so sorry.
You're sorry? Fuck you! [MRS.
WALKER] Bryce? Is that you? Fuck.
Whatever the fuck you want, I don't have time.
You were right.
About ICE.
[SIGHING] I asked my mom about it.
My dad gave them up.
Why the fuck would he do that? I testified for the school, for fuck's sake.
For your side! I think he was just pissed at everybody.
The trial fucked with our family, - with his reputation.
- [SCOFFS] He wanted to make as many people pay as possible.
On both sides.
But I didn't know.
I swear to you I didn't know.
Well, that's so comforting.
Look, I am really fucking sorry, man.
And, uh here.
What the fuck is this? Like I said, you without your sweet red ride is a tragedy.
[SCOFFS] No, Bryce.
I lost my entire fucking family.
That's the tragedy.
You're right, man.
I'm I'm just trying to do the right thing.
How does a car - fix what your dad did? How? - I didn't know.
Yeah, you said that already, like it's supposed to fucking matter to me.
The fact is, all of this bullshit is a chain reaction that started with you! Would there have been a trial if Hannah hadn't killed herself? Would Hannah be dead if you hadn't raped her? You've ruined so many fucking lives.
And still, even now, you act like it's somebody else's fault.
Bryce, look at me.
It's your fault.
Take some fucking responsibility.
I think about Hannah every day.
Yeah? What exactly do you think about? Regret for hurting her.
Have you even listened to her tapes? - I never got the tapes.
- They were on the fucking internet.
- Yeah, but they took them down.
- After two months! No, I never listened.
Then you don't have any fucking idea how you hurt her.
Keep the car.
Do you still have 'em? The tapes? I have copies.
I'll listen.
That's so gracious of you.
Please, don't do it on my fucking account.
No, I I want to listen.
Under blue moon I saw you So soon You'll take me up in your arms You could've sent me the files.
Hannah wanted it to be tapes.
Know it must be I made a promise, to see to it that everyone on the tapes hears the tapes.
Tonight I keep that promise.
Up against your will And you're not gonna let me listen alone.
I could.
I think it's a bad idea.
You give yourself to him Yeah.
In starlit nights I saw you So cruelly Are you ready? Could I ever be? No.
The killing moon Will come too soon [TAPE RECORDING] Hey, it's Hannah.
Hannah Baker.
Don't adjust your whatever device you're hearing this on.
It's me.
Live and in stereo.
Give yourself to him [HANNAH] I had to do something.
But I couldn't get my feet to move.
It was dark in there and the music was loud, but I saw his face.
[JUSTIN] No! Come on.
Get off of her! Hey! [YELLING] [HANNAH] That girl had two chances that night.
How do I live with that? How do you, Justin? It was Justin's tape.
It should have been mine.
[TONY] Two things.
One, your tape is coming up.
Two they're all your tapes.
[HANNAH] You gripped my wrists and pushed yourself inside of me.
I begged you, "Please, Bryce," but you told me to relax.
You said you would go nice and easy, but you went harder and faster.
When I cried out in pain, you grabbed my hair, like the sound of my pain made it better for you.
I tried to forget the anger and pain.
Over and over.
Until you realize it's too late.
You give yourself You give yourself To him To him [SONG ENDS] Maybe I should be dead.
Not Hannah.
Maybe no one should be.
So, what what the fuck do I do now? You deal with your shit.
Just like that? Just deal with my shit, that's it? Bryce Bryce, that's everything.
Do you, um Do you ever talk to Mrs.
Baker anymore? - I saw her the other day.
- She's in town? Could you could you maybe get me in touch with her? Shit, man.
I don't know, I I don't know.
BAKER] I had dinner with Andy last night.
We signed the final escrow documents for the house.
How is he? Married.
As of last month.
[LAUGHING] - To the woman with the little girl? - Mmm.
I moved to New York and tried to live the life that Hannah always dreamed of, and he He recreated the family we lost as soon as he could.
I mean, it's not gonna be the same.
It can't be.
Well, he knows that, but he needs to be a husband and father.
He doesn't know who he is otherwise.
I, uh I saw Bryce Walker the other day.
He didn't try to talk to you, did he? No.
No, of course not, but it made me think about what I might say to him.
I have nothing to say to him.
Nothing will ever change what he did or erase it.
I'll always hate him.
And not just for what he did to Han But then for getting up on that stand and making up all those lies about her and everyone else just to save himself? No.
My little girl is gone.
And Bryce Walker gets to just live out the rest of his life? No.
I pray I don't run into him, 'cause honestly, I'm afraid of what I'd do.
[TONY] A week later A week later, Bryce was dead.
- Did you see Mrs.
Baker again after that? - No, not since then.
I did see Bryce once more.
- What did you tell him? - To steer clear of Mrs.
That she wasn't in a place to hear his apology.
He was he was disappointed.
Do you think he listened? I hope he did.
You knew all this when the police picked me up? You knew Mrs.
Baker was in town when you asked.
I hate what's happening.
No one can trust anyone.
We're supposed to be friends! I am your friend, Clay.
I am your friend.
I have a family to take care of.
Got it.
Clay! Come on, you gotta give me some time Where were you that night, Tony? After the Homecoming game? I was with Caleb the whole night.
With your boyfriend? Who loves you? - Who would do anything for you? - Yes, correct.
Where were you? I was all alone.
Ain't love or sport But you're not alone You're not alone No, you're not alone Jess, what are you doing here? I came to tell you that I reject your break-up request.
Uh I - I cheated on you.
- No, you didn't.
- Yes, I did.
- Clay told me about what he found out.
Fucking Clay! Yeah, fucking Clay, who cares about you and won't give up on you.
And neither will I.
- I'm not gonna let you just push me away.
- Why? I've lied to you.
I'm just gonna let you down, just like I've let everyone down, - always.
- Stop! I love you.
And if you're in any kind of trouble, I want to help you get through it, okay? - You're better off without me.
- Okay.
Then look at me and tell me that you don't love me.
You know I do.
You know I love you.
I just feel like I'm going down this this dark hole, and I can't figure out how to get out of it.
I don't want to bring you down there with me.
You know you're not alone Blue skies, no shade White flags don't fade But you stick around I go where you go.
Ain't love or sport But you're not alone [ANI] Trust is the hardest thing, isn't it? Can someone trust a lover? A friend? A brother? Can you trust me? [CLAY] So, I talked to Tony.
Did Bryce come to see you? Before you left that message? Why would you think that? Tony played him the tapes.
He'd never heard them.
And I guess they had an impact.
I can imagine.
He came to see me.
[BRYCE] Mrs.
Baker? What the hell are you doing here? Please, I'm not trying to upset you.
I just want to talk How dare you? You stay away from me.
I will call the police.
I listened to the tapes.
To Hannah's tapes.
I just I'd really like to speak with you.
Not interested.
I understand the pain that I caused.
You never could understand that.
You're right, but I'm trying to.
I'm trying to understand.
- Please help me to.
- Oh, I'm not here to help you! What? I will not be a part of this Your penance, or absolution, or whatever What you did to my daughter You broke her.
Do you understand that? - I do.
- No, you don't.
You wanted something and you took it, because you felt entitled.
You felt it was your right to rape my daughter.
And you have blood on your hands and you always will.
I'm sorry.
I wish you a lifetime of learning what "sorry" means.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Did anyone see you speak with him? Some of the staff may have seen me.
And what if the police find out? Then they find out.
I'm not asking you to keep any secrets for me, Clay.
I would never do that.
I'm not gonna save myself by selling out other people.
Who I care about.
You're a loyal person.
I think you were the one kid in the world my daughter could trust.
For all the good it did her.
I believe it did her a great deal of good.
But she was overwhelmed.
She lost sight of the most important instinct.
Clay, survive this.
[SIGHING] Now, I'm afraid I've got a plane to catch.
- Thank you for for seeing me again.
- Yeah.
Take care of yourself, okay? Mrs.
You never asked me if I did it.
You never asked me.
You know what was on that voicemail message, don't you? So do I.
[ANI] Everyone needs someone to trust.
Clay decided he could trust me again.
And I, him.
BAKER VOICE MESSAGE] Clay, I wish you'd ring me back.
I'm at the cemetery, at Hannah's grave.
And to be honest, I've been drinking.
I read in the newspaper that Bryce Walker's playing at Liberty.
The reporter called it his "Homecoming.
" [CHUCKLING] His fucking Homecoming! He gets to come home.
[SOBBING] And my little girl's dead.
BAKER SOBBING] I wanna fucking kill him.
I wanna fucking kill him.
I want to take a gun and load it and shoot him in the head.
And it goes on like that for a little while longer.
You you didn't tell the police? I don't think she did anything.
I think she was drunk and sad.
She wanted to kill him! So did I! But then they found my fingerprints on his car and not hers, so You never told me why you came to the house that night.
The night you threatened Bryce.
I was there to see you.
[CHARLIE] Betty, will you go to Homecoming with me? Yes! [BETTY SQUEALING] ["YOUNG FOREVER" PLAYING] - I hate this time of year.
- What, you don't believe in romance? I don't believe in over-the-top theatrics designed specifically to maximize likes on social media.
Okay, yeah.
The public display of it is all a bit crass, but I do see the appeal of a public gesture.
Wait, are you taking the pro-romance position? Is that shocking? Yes, it absolutely is.
You're completely anti-romance.
You have rules.
I'm not completely anti-romance.
You refused to teach me "I love you" in Swahili because you were afraid I'd use it against you.
Okay, well, it was more the linguistic tourism that I objected to.
And high school dances are not romantic, they're institutionalized anxiety.
I have a very bad history with high school dances.
To be fair, I've never been to one, so I wouldn't really know.
Like, ever? Five schools, three years, no dances.
Anyway, my mother thinks they're, like, wildly inappropriate.
I'm sure you've I'm sure you've been asked before? I never have.
Because you're blatantly anti-romantic.
Yeah, we'll leave it at that.
[SPEAKING IN SWAHILI] - "Naku penda?" - [SPEAKING IN SWAHILI] "I love you" in Swahili.
Hey, Jensen.
I see you made it all the way up the hill this time.
- Shut up! - Buddy.
You're not just gonna go knock on the door with those, are you? Ani's mom will freak.
Ani's mom's at some church thing tonight, okay? So, back off! You don't think she's gonna hear about some boy showing up on her doorstep, talking to her daughter? Who would she hear that from? Wait, this isn't a Homecoming ask, is it? - No.
- [BRYCE MOCKING] Oh that's so romantic.
But you know Ani's not really a romance girl? - How would you know? - Dude.
You do know she's not some, like, sweet, innocent girl, right? She's lived a life.
She's not the Evergreen good girl like what you go for.
- You don't know anything about her.
- I live with her.
Of course I do.
You don't fucking know anything! Can I get out of my car, please? You better stay away from her.
How am I supposed to stay away from her? I live here.
- If you touch her - What? I wouldn't do anything to Ani, she's my friend.
If you touch her if you even look at her I will kill you.
I'm off my probation.
But I still don't think it's a good idea to beat the shit out of you.
However, that doesn't mean I can't fuck your friend.
I will fucking kill you! Don't worry about me.
Go ask your friend to the dance.
Goddammit! You never told me.
Well, I never should've gone up there.
The whole thing was a ridiculous idea.
Asking me to Homecoming was a ridiculous idea? I just thought it might be fun.
But Bryce was right, your mom never would've let it happen anyway.
Who knows? Maybe your grand gesture would have won her over.
Or maybe I could've just snuck out.
Wait, seriously? I guess we'll never know.
You know, you shouldn't let my mom get free labor out of you.
There are laws against that.
I offered to help.
So, you and Clay Jensen, is that a thing now? No.
Not that it's any of your business.
I miss you.
Look, what happened the other night, it can't happen again.
You you know this.
I need you.
I need to be who I am when I'm with you.
You're changing me.
Please, Ani.
You're the only one I have to talk to.
Bryce, look, you're drunk.
- I have to go.
- Goddammit, Ani, I need you.
- I need you so fucking bad! - Bryce! No! Let go of me! You're scaring me.
Ani, wait.
Fuck! [DOOR CLOSING] I'll admit I was, um surprised to get your call.
I remember what it was like those first few weeks after we lost Hannah.
There are no words.
It goes against the natural order of things for a parent to bury a child.
And after our parenting was judged by anyone and everyone but we did the best we could.
We loved our girl.
I know.
I know you did.
Your son reached out to me.
Before he died, he apologized for what he did to Hannah.
I had no idea.
I couldn't forgive him.
I still can't.
But I know he wanted to change.
And that gave me hope.
Olivia, I hope you know how deeply sorry I am.
For everything.
Thank you.
You know after Hannah died, I didn't know what to do with my pain.
I wanted to find someone to blame.
The school, her classmates, your son.
I thought it would make me feel better to punish someone else.
To make them hurt like I hurt.
What your daughter went through, I I can't imagine.
But [CLEARING THROAT] someone took my son's life.
In cold blood.
- That person should be held responsible.
- Yes.
And the police believe that they have found that person.
There seems to be evidence.
And he had a strong motive.
But surely you know he wasn't the only one who did? Nora, I truly hope you find the right person, I do.
And I hope that gives you some satisfaction.
But I'm afraid I can predict that it won't make you hurt less.
And it won't bring your son back.
[DOOR CLOSING] Where are the folks? [CLAY] Mom's at work.
Dad's at The Crestmont, pretending that life isn't happening.
So, Jess.
Jess told me you spoke to her.
Look, I'm sorry.
I wasn't I was just trying to help.
I thought maybe if she knew what was going on - with you, maybe she'd understand.
- You're right.
I couldn't tell her, so I'm I'm glad you did.
So, what What are you gonna do now? I don't know.
[KNOCKING ON DOOR] [KNOCKING CONTINUES] [INSISTENT KNOCKING] Clay Jensen, we have a warrant to search your property.
What? How is that possible? Step aside or you'll be charged with obstruction.
Don't say anything! All right, turn around.
Lock your fingers behind your back.
Spread your legs.
We're gonna need the shoes you're wearing, along with any electronic devices you may have.
Is this your cell phone? I'm gonna reach into your pocket and get your cell phone.
All right, you can relax.
- Why why do you need my phone? - I think you know.
WALKER] For help finding crisis resources, visit 13reasonswhy.
[MAN] Well done, Ed, well done.