13 Steps Down (2012) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Good afternoon, Mr Cellini.
You'll never guess where I've just been, Miss Chawcer.
It seems pointless to attempt it.
Round the corner in Rillington Place.
Wanted to see where John Reginald Christie lived.
Rillington Place? It was torn down and renamed years ago.
So it seems.
Still it's nice to see the spot where it actually happened.
Where he killed all those women.
You'd think they'd put up a blue plaque.
They don't generally provide memorials to mass murderers.
Yeah, well He was special.
One of a kind.
I went to his house once.
When I was young.
Why? I had my reasons.
Did you? Did you sense anything evil about him? Did he seem like a killer? He was an unpleasant little man.
Good day to you, Mr Cellini.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen.
You're breaking my heart I love you, Nerissa.
Mix Cellini.
All right, darling? Yeah, all right.
Come in.
It just stopped.
Yeah, it don't work unless this is connected.
Silly me.
As I'm here, I'll give it a little once over, shall I? Stop pissing about and come to bed.
I thought you'd given up.
Don't you start.
My husband hates it.
You're in a hurry, aren't you? I'm on company time.
You're gonna have to pay a call-out fee.
Cheap at the price.
You ever gonna use that machine? You could use it yourself.
You need a bit more muscle on you.
Solid as a rock, I am.
Have you seen your neighbour, Nerissa Nash, lately? I've seen her at a couple of parties.
Girls like that don't go out with ordinary mortals.
They date rock stars and film directors.
Famous people.
I could be famous.
I've just got to be on a TV show or something.
One day, you'll see my name in the papers, don't you worry.
Good luck with that.
It's not all it's cracked up to be.
Is my bottom sagging? No, it's beautiful.
Just like the rest of you.
You want a drink or something? Sorry, love.
I gotta go.
When my great niece was 14, she was already the tallest girl in the school.
My poor husband used to say, "If you don't stop growing you'll never find a boyfriend.
" Laugh if he could see her now.
Why? Does she look comical? No.
She's got men falling at her feet.
She's in no hurry to settle down.
Have you taken your pills today, Gwen? You don't have to keep checking.
I haven't got Alzheimer's yet.
Remember what the doctor said about your blood pressure.
Well, girls these days have more choices than we did.
If I was young again, I wouldn't get married.
Would you, Gwen? I never did.
There was a young man once.
Dr Stephen Makepeace Reeves.
He was my mother's doctor.
He'd come to visit Mummy then take tea in here with me.
He wanted to marry me.
What happened? He married someone else.
Oh, imagine that.
After he promised to marry you.
He never actually asked me.
When two people truly love each other, these things are understood.
It was all 50 years ago now.
What does it matter? You'll have to go.
This trivial conversation is wearing me out.
I'll leave your Duchy biscuits in the kitchen.
I'll pop in tomorrow.
Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve Hey! Hello.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I got caught up.
Don't worry about it.
You all right? There you go.
Oh, thank you.
Sure? Yeah.
Just a bit tired that's all.
Has that man been bothering you again? Yeah.
He's been around my house once or twice.
The police should do something about it.
They can't.
Not unless he commits a criminal offence.
It's all right, Dad.
I can look after myself.
You shouldn't have to.
Holland Park Health Club.
Bye, Mum.
We have to do that more often.
I know.
I know.
I know.
You've been away working.
I'll find some time.
I will.
Mind yourself.
Hi, Nerissa.
Darel, hi.
How are you? I'm good.
How are you? Good.
I've seen you all over the papers.
Oh, yeah.
I know.
It's been hectic.
Is that yours? Yeah.
Yeah? I know.
I love it.
So don't you get bored? Just walking up and down like that.
Being photographed for hours.
It's not exactly brain surgery.
It's brilliant.
It's funny to think you were the little kid across the road with her teeth in braces.
Oh, don't.
Now you're 6ft 5 and driving a Jag.
I know.
Well, I'll I'll see you around.
Don't get any taller.
I'll try not to.
Keep in touch.
I'll text you.
It's funny you should turn up just now.
Our regular man let us down yesterday.
There's a machine out.
One of the cross trainers.
Whatever he's charging, I'll undercut by 10%.
I'll have to speak to Madame Odette.
She is the owner.
I thought for a minute you wanted to join.
We've got a waiting list as long as your arm.
Must get a few famous people coming in.
One or two.
Most of them are really nice.
What's your name, then? Danila.
That's cute.
I'll just go and see what Madame Odette says.
There we are.
Ooh, I've brought you something, Gwen.
I thought you'd be interested.
I do prefer my full name, Olive.
Gwen always sounds so vulgar.
I think its nice.
Now, let's see Where is it? Erm What is it? Your remarkable great niece half naked at some fashion show? No, it's what we were talking about the other day.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it.
Why do they have to make this print so small? 15th June.
Eileen Margaret.
Beloved wife of Dr Stephen Reeves.
Think it's him? Your young doctor.
His wife was called Eileen.
Small world, I always say.
Yes, well Doesn't everybody? He should have married me.
I was his first love.
Madame says if you fix this one for free, she'll consider a contract.
She said not to talk to the clients and don't use any oil in case it gets on the towels - they're Egyptian.
Don't worry.
I only use the invisible type.
You missed your appointment last week, Nerissa.
I was away.
I texted to cancel.
I don't respond to text, Twitter or any of that nonsense.
Next time, phone the desk.
The stones speak of a dark man.
His name beginning with a P.
Or perhaps C.
Could it be a D? The stones were ambiguous.
It could be a D.
He is your destiny.
For better or worse.
Could it be Darel? Fate will decide.
Is it working? Good as new.
You remind me of someone.
A film star.
Who is it? Kim Hunter.
Who's that, then? Big star in the '40s.
Do you want to get a drink later? I don't mind.
Pick you up at eight.
My flat's on Oxford Gardens.
I'll wait for you at the top of the street.
Oxford Gardens? You're kidding me.
Why? What's funny about that? Never mind.
I'll tell you later.
It's a '50s dress.
I got it at Top Shop.
I Googled that actress you said.
She was pretty.
Well, you look smashing.
This place is famous, you know.
Why is that? Reggie used to drink here.
You wouldn't know being foreign.
John Reginald Christie.
He murdered six women round here.
That's horrible.
Let's not talk about it.
Just one thing, though.
One of the girls, he killed was a tart called Ruth Fuerst.
Guess where she lived? Oxford Gardens.
Like you.
You're giving me the creeps, Mix.
Come here.
It's all right.
It's just It's interesting, that's all.
This place is a mess, innit? It's all I can afford.
There's this woman I know.
Famous model.
You should see her place.
It's incredible.
She's probably rich.
She can afford it.
It's all right.
You can come to my place next time, if you like.
Why do they call you Mix, then? It's a nickname.
Short for Michael.
My mum gave it to me back before she met my stepdad, Javy.
Things were good back before Javy came along.
Just me and mum on our own.
He was a user.
A real bastard.
He beat me up.
Half killed me once.
Why? He said I tried to kill my half sister Shannon with a ketchup bottle.
Did you? Of course not.
Just a kid.
Poor Mix.
Danila do you believe in ghosts? Seriously? Yeah.
I do.
I've seen something.
Take this.
That's nice.
Should have logged in.
I wish to discover the whereabouts of a Dr Stephen Reeves.
He lives in Woodstock, Oxford.
If you want to search for someone, use the screen over there.
Pay by the hour.
Dr Stephen Reeves.
There you go.
He's written books.
Says how sad he is about losing his wife.
She's stole him away from me, you know.
Thank you.
You can go now.
This is lovely.
What must you think of my little place? You look good.
That your favourite dress? I'm ever so glad to see you, Mix.
I'll er I'll make us a little drink, shall I? Is a cocktail all right? One I made up myself.
Christie's next victim was Muriel Eady.
While she was unconscious, he raped and then strangled her.
Why do you read about stuff like that? Because I'm interested in criminology.
I doubt whether anyone in the world knows more about Christie than me.
What's this? Er that's private.
It's It's personal, that's all.
That's Nerissa Nash.
She comes in to see Madame Odette.
Why do you have her up there? Because she's beautiful.
You wouldn't say that if you saw her up close.
Her skin's a bit greasy and she's got lots of spots.
Amazing what you can do with airbrushing.
Shut up.
She's perfect.
Here you are.
Try that.
It's called a Boot Camp cos it's got such a kick.
Mix, that's revolting.
The flavours don't go together.
Haven't you got anything more modern? I like dance music and hip hop.
Do you? Don't be angry.
It's a nice song.
Bedroom's through there.
Why don't you go and get your clothes off? Can't we talk a bit first? We can talk later.
You know what? I'm not in the mood.
You've spoilt.
Miss Chawcer went to Christie's house once.
Who is she? My landlady.
Must have been for an abortion.
That's how he got girls to go around there.
Pretended he'd fix their little mistakes.
I wonder why he didn't strangle her like all the others? Just shut up about Christie, will you? It's creepy.
I'll get us another drink, then, shall I? She's nothing special.
I see a dozen girls a day prettier than her.
Without all the slap on, she's just ordinary.
I'll just have wine not that stupid cocktail.
This is disgusting.
Put that down.
I said put that down! No! Look what you've done.
Look what you've done! Look what you've done! You've spoilt everything! Mix! Now look what you made me do! Now look what you made me do.
It's Colette.
My stepper won't work.
Can you come round tomorrow morning? Hello? Are you OK? Hello? Yeah.
Come round at 10 o'clock.
Don't be late.
Hello? I wanted to be absolutely certain of my dates.
And I was right.
It all happened in the same week in February 1953.
Shall I be mother? We had a housemaid called Bertha.
A frivolous girl not a day over 15.
She told me that she was with child.
She said she wanted to get rid of it.
I was shocked.
I had no knowledge of such things.
She asked me to accompany her when she visited the erm The abortionist, dear? Quite.
The man's name was John Reginald Christie.
Christie the murderer? He looked dismayed to see me.
Of course, I realised afterwards he'd wanted Bertha on her own so he could kill her.
Didn't he rape those poor girls too? After they were dead.
Necrophilia, they call that.
Er what else happened? Last week I wrote a letter of condolence to Dr Reeves.
My first contact with him in 50 years.
I haven't heard back from him so I was thinking what if he passed by that day and saw me waiting outside Christie's house? His practice was around the corner.
It's possible.
But he wouldn't have known anything about Christie then.
But afterwards, when the brute was tried and hanged, maybe Stephen remembered my presence at the house.
Put two and two together and thought that it was you who had the abortion.
That's why he never married you.
Write to him again.
It wouldn't do any harm would it, dear? Yes, that's exactly what I shall do.
I'll explain everything.
What are you doing? Mix, what are you doing?! Mix, what are you doing? You were gonna hit your sister? You little freak, Mix! Mix, you little freak! I did it for you, Nerissa.
You bastard.
I've left about a dozen texts and messages.
What you on about? My runner's bust, remember? I waited in all morning.
I'm not in the mood, Colette.
Why don't you just get yourself a vibrator? Don't you dare speak to me like that.
I'll speak to your boss.
Get you fired.
I'll tell him you were harassing me.
Then I'll tell your husband how you like me to fuck you in the bathroom, on the stairs, up against a window.
Don't call me again.
Oh, Darel.
Watch where you're going.
God, I'm so happy to see you.
You've got a funny way of showing it.
I'm sorry.
There's this this man following me.
Well, you should tell the police.
No, I've had one before.
They get fed up after a while.
Well, erm I was just gonna go for some lunch.
Maybe you'd like to Yeah, I'd love to.
No, I can't actually.
I'm going to see my agent.
All right.
Well, then, what about some dinner? You can come up to my place if you like.
That'd be really nice.
Well, I'll call you.
I promise.
See you later.
Eugh! Oh! Yes.
I have a woodworm infestation.
I need someone as soon as possible.
Does woodworm give off an odour of decay? It's as if something's died up there.
Thank you.
Mr Cellini.
Mr Cellini! I'm feeling quite unwell.
I think I have influenza.
Well, you ought to be in bed, Miss Chawcer.
I need you to phone my friend Olive Fordyce.
Her number is in the book.
Can you manage that? Just about.
Please don't make any noise.
My head is pounding.
The doctor's coming in the morning.
I'll wear my new blue dress.
Dr Reeves will want me to look nice.
Now you just try and rest, dear.
You'll have to let the doctor in in the morning.
I can't come by until later.
I can't wait in all day, I've got to go to work.
Don't worry.
She's given me a key.
I haven't taken sugar my whole life.
What day is it? Wednesday.
You'll have to let the woodworm people in.
I expect they'll want to take up the floorboards.
Find out what that ghastly smell is.
What are they erm? What are they called these woodworm people? I can't remember.
I'm here to see Miss Chawcer.
I'm her doctor.
First floor.
Door on the right.
Hi, I'm from Wood Yeah, we don't need you after all.
Miss Chawcer's ill in bed.
I can still take a look at the infestation.
There isn't one.
We don't want you.
Now get lost.
You need to sign this.
Now, piss off.
Miss Chawcer has pneumonia.
She should be in a hospital.
I'm sending for an ambulance.
How long will she be away for? A few days.
At least.
That's great.
For her, I mean.
She'll be looked after, won't she? Hi.
This is Doctor Jackson.
Can I request an ambulance? It's only us, Mr Cellini.
Whatever are you doing? I just thought I'd take the chance to tidy up a bit.
Great minds think alike.
We're gonna surprise Gwen by doing a thorough spring clean.
We've just come to see what supplies we need.
We'll make a start first thing.
She keeps her cleaning stuff in the kitchen cupboard.
I don't think Gwen would want you in her bedroom.
But it was very kind of you to think of helping.
I'll show you where everything is.
If you would.
No need.
God, this place is a glory hole.
Absolutely reeks in here.
Look in the cupboard under the stairs.
Oh, dear.
It's filthy.
It's absolutely filthy.
Where do we start? So you need to add a mop, wax And something for the lav.
And disinfectant.
Air freshener.
We'll be back in the morning.
We'll let ourselves in.

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