1864 (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 I write this, so it can be remembered.
But I don't know who will read it.
Denmark was under the sun - - and no one could, in their wildest dreams, imagine - - that the country would soon experience its heaviest and most bloody defeat.
It is the story of a forgotten time and a forgotten war.
About Laust and Peter, Johan and Didrich - - Sofia and mother Karen Dinesen, Einar, Erasmus and Alfred - - and the destiny of others - - who were victims of euphoric folly of mad people.
And our own faith in them.
I am Inge.
I am a freight manager's daughter - - Lausts and Peter's love.
I am the last living witness.
I have the time, that disappeared.
If we just gather over here, before we move on to the history center.
It was here - - April 18, 1864, the Danish army fought against the Prussian supremacy.
Karoline, hello.
Tap Karoline on the shoulder.
Today, there is not much to see.
There are some grooves in the ground, trays, and the hint of redoubts.
But imagine if you can - - that the Prussian army was over there - - and the Danish defense fortifcations were located in the countryside here.
Is anybody listening? Now we run all the way over there.
Dybboel Mill.
Young Danish soldiers struggled here - - in a completely impossible and hopeless battle - - against a giant Prussian army.
Dybboel Mill.
These are the finest top leaves.
I have a pound.
I will piss rich.
Try it.
You'll never get rich, Zlatko.
On 18/04/1864, in redoubt, here fell Kaptsur Lundbye - - of the 2nd Regt and many of the rank and file - - whose names are not recorded.
How stupid! There is a monument because they fell.
Oh, I fell.
Give me a monument.
Idiot! Good morning.
Noah did, just as God had commanded him.
Now, if there were two animals of everything, there were also two lice? Noah took two of each.
All living creatures.
- But what would you do with lice? - All creatures are God's work.
- But lice ?! - You are happy when you are 'lice free' So without lice there would not be any 'lice free'.
- Damn! - That's enough! - Are you coming, Peter? - Come on.
And so Denmark is at war.
And so they rally - - for no soldier is so brave as the Danish soldier.
The german is on the run, and Schleswig would bend your neck.
Yes, children.
Many of your fathers are down there - - and you should be proud - - that they defended Denmark to the last drop of blood.
Peter's father is also included.
Isn't that true, Peter, who chose to be late.
The german is currently eating Schleswig up like the wolf - - enticing the lost sheep.
Come on.
Come with me.
But no.
For here is the Kingdom of Denmark.
And it goes all the way down here.
So Schleswig is in the fold.
They think that they are outside, but we'll have to change that.
- Yes, Einar.
- Isn't German Schleswig the most spoken language? Yes, but it must stop - - because we do not have other languages than Danish in Denmark - - and that's why God gave us the flag.
- Did it really fall from the sky? - Yes.
The good God let the danish flag with the white cross - - drop down to us Danish - - because He loves us more than all the others.
- Hooray.
- Hooray.
Are you sure? Yes, if you just do it long enough, something will come out.
I do it at least once a day and bring it into the jar over there.
Here it comes.
It's what you do for children.
Damn, I can not.
Don't worry.
It will come.
Why are they ringing so many times? It is Didrich.
You are home.
I was 12 years old in 1851, when the soldiers returned home.
They had defeated the Prussians and the Schleswig rebels - - and now the country was overtaken with excitement.
I still remember the women crying, as they revisited their sons and men.
I remember clearly how brilliant Didrich looked - - when he rode on his high horse and looked like a prince.
How I ran barefoot along side and looked admiringly at him - - and the fine company, who received him with enthusiasm.
See my son.
Look at him.
There we have the hero.
Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Didrich.
And Yes, it's great.
Come on.
Cognac for my son.
Come on, boy.
- Bang! Bang! - Don't shoot me! - Satan's German! - Bang! Mother? Father? Come on, boys.
How many did you kill? We won't talk about it, ok? You definitely beat more to death than Didrich.
- You made the fence? - Yes, yes.
Your hands are well screwed on.
Peter reads books.
He goes to school.
He can already read and write.
You will go to Copenhagen and study one day, perhaps? Yes, maybe.
We might have a priest in the family.
Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! - How many did you whack? - 120 How are you? Could you ensure respect? So your people look up to you? If you continue your career in the military? If you had seen what I saw I saw grown men being ripped apart.
I stood with my lieutenant Then poof - - his face disappeared.
- It disappeared father.
- Yes, it's war.
Yes, but it could as well have been me.
War's bloody mess.
You know how it is to see themselves die every day? You're alive.
If your mother had lived - - she would have been happy to see you here.
Yes, back in one piece.
In one piece.
I am not healthy.
Pull yourself together! Not many could see Didrich's scar on the soul - - for who knows what sort of human hides behind the facade.
Is even the strongest of us - - not sometimes alone in front of the mirror a weak, sobbing child - - with strange demons? Denmark is great.
Large as the largest.
Bigger yet, but the reactionaries - - conservatives and aristocrats have the power.
Ditlev? Can't you see that I am working, woman? Dearest Ditlev, we have to go to the theater.
Thank you, Emilie.
Thank you.
Monrad, It's you, who is the rhetorician.
If we are to expand the Conservatives, then I must have your help Then you must pull yourself together.
- What's up with you? - Where are you pregnant, Bishop Monrad? We alone are responsible for collecting this country together.
Our leader procures instruments.
They play music.
But right now you're as silent as an empty orchestra pit.
Damn, man? - Then you must speak up in parliament.
- Do not call the devil in my presence.
We have a wonderful project.
Therefore, we call upon all - - what it takes to close the mouths of the conservative forces.
Even they love democracy.
Denmark is flag waving throughout Europe - - showing that we are a modern, democratic kingdom for and with the people.
Should we unite as one people in one collected kingdom, we need Their rhetoric, Monrad.
It's the devil in hell- - They are so damn good.
They and Grundtvig.
Is not God himself, speaking through priests like you? - Please, Lundbye - Well, pull yourself together.
They're the champion.
- What do we have to watch? - Mrs.
What thou art promised, yet do I fear thy nature.
It is too full .
of the milk o' human kindness.
To catch the nearest way: thou wouldst be great; Art not without ambition, but without the illness should attend it What thou wouldst highly, that wouldst thou holily; wouldst not play false, And yet wouldst wrongly win, That which cries ' Thus thou must do, if thou have it Art thou afeard to be the same in thine own act and valor As thou art in desire.
Wouldst thou have that Which thou esteem'st the ornament of life And live a coward in thine own esteem Letting “I dare not” wait upon “I would” Like the poor cat i' th' adage? It would have the fish - - but not wet feet.
Because it is your birthday, you can have this.
- And - Save some for Laust.
Thank you, Peter.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Linnaeus: 'Flora and fauna in Scandinavia' Yes, it is I got it from a Swede.
Yes, it is in Swedish.
Swedish is not that hard to learn.
- I have no books for you, Laust.
- I do not use any.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Maybe you can get away with it here.
It should be clean, but look for the presence of a Prussian at the end.
Come on, Peter.
That day God shone rays of sun on our world - - still infinitesimal.
I see only two dirty boys.
And they just look at me - - as a pillar that rose out of the sea.
But the day must be a day we will never forget.
It is not a place for girls.
This is our secret place.
- And you have nothing to do here.
- That's right.
You do not have anything to do here at our place.
Shit heads! Huge - - filthy fucking shit pig heads! - Who are you? - I am Inge.
The new land agent's daughter.
And this place is as much my place as it is your place.
It's everyone's place.
And what are two such shitheads called? - Laust.
- We go to school together.
Was it you who was slapped? What would you do? This guy Egeus has the kingdom's most beautiful daughter, Hermia - - that all young guys want to marry.
In particular, the two young noble men Lysander and Demetrius - - and then Egeus forces Hermia to marry the wrong one - - namely Demetrius, even though she is loves Lysander.
But the father decides and he does not like Lysander.
And they tell Hermia, that she can choose one of three options.
Either marry Demetrius, enter a monastery or die.
What would you choose then? What do you choose? - What to choose? - What are you doing? What do you choose then? Death, of course.
Come on, shit heads.
Come on.
It's so nice.
Come on.
Can you blow the clouds back to where they came from? And can we not just remain here forever? I remember the space, as if time had stopped completely.
Could we just .
stop time - - and live forever.
You can stay here a while, if you really want to.
But you know how it is.
You know that the door should not be locked - - but you always put the latch on.
If Sebastian were to come home standing there outside and can not get in - - while we are sleeping - - and he goes away again.
You know I can't stand the thought.
Mother Sebastian is not coming home.
Sebastian's dead.
- Can I have some money? - No.
- Why not? - Because I do not have any money.
It was then the third school.
I know that your mother has difficulty, but everyone is struggling.
So what are you, Claudia? I could I would like to my own TV show.
Go find yourself a job.
To stagger around the bottom.
But if you like it down there, go ahead.
So what? What do you want me to do? Try to look at me.
I will fucking get some help.
Do you know the goods by Hagen Feldt? I only say this, because I know your mother.
You're too young for a job offer.
So this is not a job offer.
The Baron is old and can not manage by himself.
And he does not want help.
We will have to forcibly remove him.
Unless - Wipe the ass of an old fool? - Perhaps you have something in common.
- What would that be? - You don't have a future either.
What then? - What then? - Do you have money? You know that you have smoked for 2000, right? What are you doing? Hey, Claudia.
When I went off then I went off my girl wanted to go, yes, my girl wanted to go.
You can not, my friend go to war.
If I fall, I will probably come back home.
Yes, there was no danger, then I was here with you.
Clematis vitalba.
Dad, I think I've found it, this can make your bones healthy.
Clematis Vitalba , clematis.
It helps wounds that do not heal.
- What did you say its name was? - Clematis vitalba.
- Clematis.
- Should I find it? Yes, yes.
That's ok.
- Me? - Yes, yes.
Both of you.
Plants can cure everything.
It all exists in nature.
Most just think only of what you can see and touch.
Especially men.
In the old days they burned women - - who knew all about the plants and the secrets of nature.
Witches? It is unfortunate that you are men, for men are all quite silly.
Father says that Peter will become a priest in Copenhagen.
Then we will follow.
I will also go to Copenhagen and be wise.
But a priest! I can not be with a priest - - so you should therefore read something else.
- Come on.
- What are we doing? Finding a lot of secrets.
Should we? I don't want to.
What if the Baron - Do you believe in God? - Yes.
Mum says that all property belongs to God.
So all this is just something the Baron borrowed.
- Do you - Come on.
Oh - Laust, keep him in front.
- Why? Cover his eyes.
Peter, see.
Have you ever seen so many books? Isn't it amazing? And the most amazing thing is that they do not even read them.
They have them just because it's great to have them.
One has Dickens and one has Shakespeare - - and one has Homer.
But they do not know who they are.
Fine people think it is fine to have them.
Well, Count Slaskeballe.
Are you ready for a battle to the death? Badly hit.
Bang! It's not just the antics.
I stick it up her ass for you - - if you do not behave properly.
I'll kick your ass now.
Boom! What the hell is going on here? What is this? Are you completely insane ?! It is a real gun.
- Inge, you get out of here right now.
- It was my fault.
- Out of here! - No, it was my fault.
Didrich it was me, that lured them here.
Get the fuck out of here.
- What do you have there? - My book.
Give me the book.
- Give me that book when I say that.
- It's Peter's book.
You keep your mouth shut.
It is also your gun, right? The rules are clear.
You can not be here, if you steal.
You know well.
Laust Peter What is this? It happens when you are long gone.
Good boys turn into thieves.
- Will you stop ?! - We're done here.
Now I have washed and rolled for you, since I could walk.
And Thøger has harrowed and ploughed and sown and harvested land - - all his life and he knows every rock and root on the estate.
And you have always been a good and righteous man, Baron.
And you can say if you are unhappy with our work.
But thieves in our fucking fucking in our family.
And the book was Peter's book.
And we must get it back - - before we go.
Baron apologizes.
It was obviously a misunderstanding - - so I Boys It is important to say sorry.
I should have trusted you.
So now, slap me on the face.
I put one on your face.
One I did not deserve.
Now give me one back.
You just strike.
Everything you can.
You only get one chance.
Come on.
Come on.
What was that? Was it a zephyr? You can do better.
Just before the lever all the way through.
There you go.
It's fine.
It's fine.
Now do not be gentle.
I think it was a little too much puff of wind.
Can I try again? Yes.
Bishop Monrad.
It is truly an honor.
- No, that's me who - I thought that Joanna was joking.
She's really good at it.
But when she insisted on coming, so we were a little proud.
- Is it - Yes.
Johanne is sometimes attacked by a fit of popular culture.
She is moved by the song.
It's a clue A song of good Danish spirit.
A Danish song for the Danish.
National Fresh, full of courage and optimism.
- No wonder people love it.
- Just my words.
I hope that it does something, that I kind of steal your wife.
I'm terribly presumptuous, but it is an artistic concern.
I understand.
Do you think that art alone can win a war? That it can awaken the spirit so strongly in a human - - that you get almost supernatural powers? That it can be as strong as guns? If guns defend us externally, then surely art - - is defending us against the smooth, it is simply - - against stupidity an eternal attempt to take control of the interior.
I am a great admirer of yours.
You have helped to transform the country.
Yes, the king signed the Constitution, but your work was paramount.
Thanks, Monrad.
- Do I get my hand again.
- I'm sorry.
What can I do for you? Mrs.
Heiberg - - when you get a text like ' Macbeth' - - So one reads all these words on paper - - and it's great art, but they're not living - - until you say the words.
And they recite them with such a glow and such conviction - - which is quite impressive.
It comes out with a clarity - - which not only makes people listen, but also makes them - - feel it, Mrs.
Heiberg, here.
Right here.
They have even lost the glow.
Is it really that obvious? One of the country's leading politicians meets up with me and talk passion.
Where have you misplaced yours? Mrs.
Heiberg - - what's wrong, I do not know - - but it is and I do not feel anymore.
They feel no more.
You think you feel? There must be something they are passionate about.
I am passionate about the motherland.
I am passionate Denmark.
Of course.
We are the most visionary country in Europe with the world's best constitution.
The people spoke, and the king listened.
And the conservatives are silent.
It is the people's Denmark.
God's people.
I have spoken with Grundtvig about it, and the Danes are something special.
Therefore, we gather Denmark in one kingdom - - one people in a united Denmark.
The conservatives joined to settle with a ridiculous peace - - with Schleswig-Holstein and Germans.
The Treaty says that we should not touch Schleswig.
Treaties that the British and Russians have forced Basically, all conservatives, and they do not change.
They oppose all new trends, and they are against us - - who would like to create a new world.
- And to hear Schleswig.
- Schleswig should be included in the new world.
Down with the reactionary! Now it is God, king and the people.
Exactly, Mrs Heiberg.
When I went off my girl wanted to go.
My girl wanted to yes, my girl wanted to go.
You can not, my friend.
I am going to war.
Here he is, your Majesty Your Majesty Everyone says that you are so talented.
What is that talent exactly? Europe is dissolving.
The Liberals are revolting across Europe - - and threatening to set the continent on fire.
The Democrats claim that they have the people on their side - and will abolish the monarchy We must do everything to avoid - - being strangled by this liberal and democratic nonsense.
Think of what will happen in Denmark - - when the liberals get more and more power - - and the king is sidelined as a parade horse.
A jovial man who has married a woman from the bourgeoisie Who and what are the people? The people will decide.
People want to work, eat and drink - What is your name? -Bismarck Otto von Bismarck, your Majesty.
Anybody here? Hello? Stop there or I'll shoot.
Are you a fucking thief? Crazies from the social services sent me down here.
You had some food, on the stairs.
Adr! Can you get out.
Out! - Are you blind? - I'm not blind.
- You are blind.
- Below the castle is one Des.
You have no framework when you're blind.
- I'm not blind.
- No.
And I'm Anastasia, Tsar's missing daughter.
Who are your parents? - Parents? - Your parents.
- You mean mine? - Yes, your parents.
- They are crying.
- Why? - Because my brother died.
- How did he die? - In the war.
- What war? Where? - Some dry place out there.
- Yes yes.
War today yes.
- At the time when it was something else.
- Were you? I am 170 years this Easter, yes.
What do you think? Now I think you should go.
- The flea market at the wall - Flea? Flag and sables.
It might be worth a lot.
- Is it family? - Yes.
- So.
Now you might as well go.
- I could make a cup of tea.
- Tea? - I really want to hear about it.
All about the old people in the old days.
They all had lice in their hair and rats in the attic.
And they could only afford salted herring.
I find it very interesting.
Where is your kitchen? Out there.
Find it yourself.
Thanks for the effort, Jensen.
Baron, about my boys - - I'm sorry if you It was not your sons.
It was my son.
It's me, who owes you an apology.
Denmark! We are Denmark's sons.
And the violence we see them come up against us stormy, madness in their eyes, furious with bayonets lowered - - While they scream 'Tod! Tod!' - - Again and again as a living wall, tumbling up against us.
"Tod" But the Prussians do not know their ridiculous little war cry - - is a pure pleasure to listen to for we Danes - - because we have painted 'Tod' with blood across the face - - silent and to tear their hearts out and eat their guts.
Then I get up lift my sword and scream: Then die, fucking German.
Die! So I cut myself down among the Prussians - - and it's raining blood down over me.
And then suddenly Suddenly I am alone.
And there are hundreds of dead Prussians around me.
- Good evening, Inge.
- Good evening.
Did you really kill so many Germans? - It was nothing.
- I do not understand.
What do not you understand? Surely it must have been hell for you.
Are you okay? - Do you like to dance? - Yes.
- You shall soon go to Copenhagen? - I think so.
- Then I will come and visit you.
- It might be nice.
And maybe will you home with me afterwards.
There is something special about you, Inge.
I'm just a child.
Can you keep a secret? I am a frog.
Yes, that's right.
I am a frog.
And if you kiss me, I might be your prince.
You're drunk.
Where have you been? Is there something wrong? Then come.
Condemned German.
Getting into the dungeon.
Peter? Peter? No, don't shoot.
- It's just something we play.
- Don't die.
I'm watching over you, Peter.