1864 (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 What do you want? Get out.
I'll take care of myself.
Go away! Go away! Fuck! I would take my own life, if only I dared - - so we could be together again.
But I'm a damned coward.
- Come here.
- No.
Come here.
Up you get.
Come on.
Out here.
What are we doing? Where are we going? We just need to wash Get this off.
These too.
And the other foot.
And up.
Is that better? I don't know who you are - - but I don't need you.
Shall I read aloud for little Piglet? - Is that what I'm called? - Yes.
- Little Piglet? - You're little Piglet.
And I am Rabbit.
- Do you work here, Miss Rabbit? - You need to drink some water.
- Why haven't you turned on the light? - I have.
- Well.
- You are just blind.
Am I blind? Shall I read a little? I'll read a little.
I didn't know that rabbits could read.
But I've done four years at rabbit university.
Yes, sir.
Yes, that explains it I had just said goodbye to Laust and Peter a few days ago - - but I missed them already so much that my heart was about to burst.
It was obviously worse for their mother, Karen.
Alone and with two sons embarking on an awful and uncertain journey.
We were no longer the three daydreaming children chasing clouds.
We were still as naive as newly hatched chicks - - in front of a fox, the world was always beautiful.
Even those who came from outside, strangers with black eyes - - that made our world bigger - - although Didrichs always active volcano - - melted any beauty in its path.
But even we learned how to light a fire.
For the love we shared equally between us - - turned out to be impossible - - for Laust and I loved each other behind Peter's back - - and deception took its place in paradise.
Soon everyone was talking about war and kingdom.
Denmark for the Danes.
The cultural elite weren't just agitating for a war - - they were completely signing up for it.
Where did all this madness come from? Who had dressed it up - - combed its hair and invited it to the table - - where it was now sitting as a guest of honor? And though our beloved king was deathly ill - - I didn't know that it could be an omen.
I was part the of the same euphoria.
- Your Majesty.
- This is about the Constitution.
A Constitution that incorporates Schleswig.
If you sign, you will get what you have always dreamed of: - A large kingdom.
- Well.
We need a signature A signature.
To assemble the kingdom.
When I went off, then I went off my girl wanted to go, yes, my girl wanted to go.
And so Frederik the 7th died, while the project continued - - and the very idea of it still shook Bismarck - - and the Prussian Federation.
Everyone expects Denmark to adopt a new constitution - - claiming Schleswig belongs to Denmark - It is alsmost a declaration of war.
- Yes.
- Who wants war? Not me.
- No one wants war.
But if Denmark really incorporates Schleswig - - who will be the next victim of this Danish megalomania? I believe that the German Federation must remain united.
Yes, that sounds right.
Danes are romantic and liberal people.
So we must show strength.
And Prussia and Your Majesty must lead the way - - not only to combat the liberal forces within ourselves - - but also to show the Prussian steadfastness and the King's strength.
I must inform you that dinner is served.
Shall we eat, gentlemen? And what about Schleswig? Let's wait and see.
The Danes are not so foolhardy, that they would commit suicide.
Not foolhardy.
Yes, they are definitely foolhardy.
We understand that, as a newly appointed king, you would hate to see a war started.
And we also strongly doubt that The Bundesbank will start a war.
- Denmark is supported by several nations.
- You doubt me? Sorry.
So you doubt that Germany wouldn't want war? The Danish army is prepared for anything.
The ghost of 1848 is looming over every Danish soldier.
In addition, the Swedish king has pledged his support with thousands of men.
- And also England - No.
This is a clear violation of all the agreements we have signed.
It will provoke everyone.
It will create unrest across Europe.
Who says that the German Schleswig want to be Danish? That is the natural course over time.
They already have agents We have already prohibited them speaking their mother tongue.
It's embarrassing, the way we treat the Schleswig people.
Because they have to learn to speak the language, that you have learned? Although it is probably easier for Your Majesty to speak German - - German is really your mother tongue, isn't it? You are after all, to put it bluntly not really local.
You are obviously loyal to the fatherland - - especially among the conservatives, who certainly don't want unrest - - as you call it.
But the people out there are wondering - - if the king is actually leaning more towards the Germans than the Danish.
I would not risk war, Monrad.
Then we already have a problem here - - the people want a war.
Do you know what they call you out there? They call you the Protocol king.
Protocol king, because you have the throne without the people's will.
One could put that another way.
There was no one else.
Now that people are prepared to give their blood for the country - - they're asking if the King is ready to do the same.
Throughout Europe, people are moving against monarchies - - but not in Denmark yet.
What you want is not to overthrow the king.
But you want a king oriented to the north, not the south.
The Swedish king - - who is also loved by the Danish people.
A Swede? And you should have seen him, this parading figure - - with his fractured Danish.
A Lilliputian, with armour on his chest saying 'fainthearted'.
And you should have seen his shaking hand gripping the pen - - as he signed the Constitution.
- Oh, what a sight! - What theater.
A scene.
Oh god, Monrad.
It's terrible.
I think that I feel so fearless with you - - because you are so real.
Real? Did you say real? I don't know what reality is.
I use it like a glove.
I take it off and on as needed.
All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.
You can do Shakespeare as well.
I think you have a great talent that has been wasted.
No, no, no.
- No.
- No.
- They're all crazy.
- Yes.
All right.
Stand at attention! Johan Larsen.
- Don't tell me it's 323 Larsen? - And you have made Sergeant.
I was not aware that the army made boys into sergeants now.
It is you, damn! You must be the oldest man in this army.
But that's why we have the best army in the world.
There were many pricks during the First War.
But this guy Larsen, he was the bloody worst.
- What is going on here, Sergeant? - All right.
The new arrivals, sir, Second Lieutenant.
Welcome, recruits.
Welcome to the 8th Brigade, 9th Regiment, 1st Company.
We can't guarantee that you're going to war.
But we can guarantee you will get very wet.
- Johan Larsen.
- The Larsen? I have heard of you - - and your skills.
They say that you are psychic.
What am I thinking of right now? - That answers itself.
- Impending War? You don't have to be psychic to know that.
- Make Larsen a corporal.
- Yes, Sir.
Second Lieutenant.
He will be easy to follow.
A light in the dark.
So they had a guardian angel.
Yes, he remained something of a legend - - Because nobody knew anything of his background - - other than he was a veteran of the First War.
But when it was all over, everyone knew who he was.
Who was he? Johan, the lighthouse keeper.
Keep reading.
Autumn 1863 I began to receive many letters - - from Peter and Laust.
They were in some way, contrived.
They would not let jealousy become a ghost between us - - so they decided that they would both read each other's letters to me - - before they were sent.
I miss the forest - - and the sea.
- Do I - I could be with you.
And often travel back to you - for you are in my thoughts.
- Close your eyes and remember - - The smells, the sounds and the taste of your lips.
Is that necessary? I remember the taste of Inge's lips.
Don't you? - You kissed her as well.
- Yes, but Isn't it a bit the same as a scent.
- You can't remember a smell.
- Of course, you can.
Close your eyes.
You walk in and hug mum and press your nose completely into her dress.
What can you smell? Wool.
But if you don't want me to write about my lips, well Yes.
Of course you have to write about your lips.
- It sounded just a little too - too much.
But there were secret letters.
Letters written behind Peter's back.
My beloved Inge.
As much as it pains me to be away - - it pains me to write this.
I am ashamed of our love.
If only you were hard to love - - or ugly, spoiled, or stupid - - then everything would be so easy.
Then it would be difficult to love you.
From now on, all the letters - - I write to you alone, will be addressed to Ingeborg.
And all the letters that Peter reads too will be addressed to Inge.
- Oh no, what a mess.
- Yes.
But Peter found out? - It's a long story.
- But they got together? - Uh - Come on! It's all in there.
Everything is in Inge's memoirs and the letters.
Is that all? I'm a damned liar.
It's not always good to know the truth.
Even God has secrets.
I have to protect him.
But right now I am his worst enemy.
When hell breaks loose, promise me you'll take care of yourself.
Hell is coming? You are strange.
It's as if you're standing on the outside - - looking in at all of us.
Why are you here? What do you know that we don't? What do you know? A man is coming by the tent, with a tripod and the whole caboodle - - and says he will take a picture.
So I think: We should have one, whatever the cost.
Isn't it incredible? Lisbeth thinks it's a waste of money.
So I say: "But then I can have you here on my chest.
" This is my wife.
And the three little ones, Signe and Iben and Christian.
- Well, what about you? - Hi.
- Peter.
We are brothers.
- Einar.
- Hi.
- Alfred.
- And you are from? - Skagen.
From Skagen.
And what about you, the talkative one? You look like you might have some kids.
I have one daughter.
Yes, yes.
You're not really an adult, until you've got kids.
You and I must be the only ones.
The rest are a bunch of sucklings.
No, you have no idea what it's all about until you've met the right woman.
If you bring her here, she'd rather be there.
But if you take her there, she'd rather still be here.
And the moods.
In one moment pissed off and hysterical - - and in the next she's like an angel - - who floats with a smile.
And when the lights are out, and you snuggle in to her - - and the kids finally shut up - - you press your nose into her neck - - and smell all the strange and mysterious things she's made of - - and you're in heaven.
What about you? Do you have one? What was your name again? - Alfred.
- Do you have one? - Sure.
- That's good.
We are lucky men, that can be proud of our women.
But the best is the sea, when you're standing on the point - - and the two seas crash into each other.
When I get home, I will take over father's boat.
You are far from home.
In a boat it will only take me a day to sail to Skagen.
Who is your girlfriend? I'm afraid I lied.
May the Lord Almighty forgive me.
- He usually does.
- Do you? - Do you have a girlfriend? - Yes.
- Laust and I have the same one.
- What.
Not in that way.
We love both Inge - - and Inge loves us.
But not in that way.
We have not known Inge You know - Known? - Yes, in the biblical sense.
- So has the deadline passed? - Yes.
So now we are just waiting for a declaration of war.
Yes, Your Majesty.
- What are we going to see tonight? - Mrs.
Heiberg, Your Majesty.
We have just appointed General de Meza, who, we are confident - - will lead the Danish army to victory.
All reserves have been summoned.
We have plenty of time to prepare ourselves.
If the Germans attack, they will do so in the summer.
So the Germans have informed you when are they going to attack? One strikes in the summer.
Never winter.
Everyone knows that, Your Majesty.
Away, I say.
One, two Well.
So it is the time when it should be done.
Hell is dark.
What's this about? We have a statement - - for lieutenant general Christian Julius de Meza.
From His Excellency the Baron and Field Marshal von Wrangel.
Major Schell, 1st Prussian Dragoons.
Captain Striegel, General Friedrich Karl adjudant corps.
To what do I owe the honour of your visit? We have a statement for Christian Julius de Meza - - from Fieldmarshal Wrangel.
As you can see, General - We require that all Danish soldiers evacuate Schleswig immediately.
Does Your Grace have an answer for us? Certainly.
You may go.
- What does that mean? - And the furniture? The general dislikes the diseases that sit in cold air.
When you walk across the room, in the cold air leaving the body.
Madness! But he is a great general, which you will find out - - when we defeat you on the battlefied.
See you later.
See you later! Monrad.
Through the small windows, he could see right into the room.
Heiberg? I felt that you should be one of the first to know.
Denmark is at war.
Congratulations, Monrad.
- Nothing can defeat us now.
- Thank you.
Dear Danes, I have just learned a few minutes ago - - that the German Federal Army has declared war on Denmark.
And we bid them welcome - - to once again meet the Danish army - - And receive a well-deserved defeat.
Now the toys began to play together, to pay visits, - - to wage wars and give balls.
The tin soldiers rattled in their box, for they wanted to get out - - but they could not get the lid off.
He looked at her, and she looked at him - - but they said nothing.
Presently, one of the little boys took up the tin soldier - - and threw him into the stove - - though he had no reason for doing so.
Kjølhede? I just thought, you'd be interested to know - - that Prussia has declared war.
- So it's happened.
You can't do that.
It's outrageous.
It is totally inexcusable.
This is an assault.
It's an ambush.
I totally agree, but it's just what we expected.
No manners.
Absolutely no manners.
To come crashing into the middle of the story.
Andersen, there is a war.
But what about fairy tales? Called up, as captain.
This time I won't bribe your officers.
This time you'll show yourself to be a hero by devoting yourself to the cause - - instead of running away.
It's a good thing your mother is dead.
She would have been ashamed - - to see you like this.
Father? Father! Sofia? Who's laundry is this? Inge's? Take it.
Put it on.
I said put it on! I'll turn around.
Come on.
Inge? Inge? You always saw right through me.
You understand me.
The others don't understand how hard it is.
The others don't understand what I'm dealing with.
But you do.
So why don't you love me? I have always loved you.
Inge, Inge I have always loved Inge.
I just want you to love me.
It was decades before I found out what had happened to Sofia.
A secret that she carried with her all her life.
And I carried my own secret in those days.
And would do for a while yet.
Is there something wrong, Inge? Because I had been hit by the unavoidable reality.
Laust had made me pregnant.
A body brush is a cylinder like this.
It may also be a cloth bag filled with iron balls.
It may also be pebbles, nails, crushed bottles.
Anything that comes down here, smashes everything into pieces.
- Is that clear? - Yes, sir.
These can go into the cannon instead of a bullet or a grenade.
The contents leave the gun muzzle as a cloud of shit - - exploding in a shower of death and mutilation.
I can throw anything in it, as long as I can get them to bleed.
Even body parts and guts.
Throw remains in, send them out to the enemy.
It spreads foulness.
So be happy to have artillery here.
You tenderize the enemy, before you throw yourselves upon them - - And cut them to pieces.
So far, so good, as the brothel manager said to me - - when she had finally pulled my whole cock out of my pants.
Gunners hold the leash tight - - strike with a flat hand, rip it out of the hole so the gun goes off.
Said the actress to the bishop.
Why didn't you say it was loaded? What are you doing, man? Goddamn it! Pray that you haven't killed anyone.
Come here.
You, come here, I said.
Come on.
Take your bayonet and kill the ones that are still alive.
And carry the remains to the canteen.
Come on! Sofia? Are you asleep? Can I ask you something? I know that your family will be travelling south again soon.
But you also love being here, right? I could really use your help right now - - and I hoped - - that I could persuade you to stay here with me.
Do you want to? We need to look after each other, Sofia.
I will make you the boss of everything.
My dear.
No, are you crying? No, darling, don't cry.
You are just so happy.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Are you asleep, or have you just died? Do you feel better? I don't know how I feel.
At my age I just exist.
- You're a couple of hundred years old.
- That's how I feel.
So you knew her well? Inge was my grandmother.
And she got Laust in the end? Ingeborg loved a soldier who went down in a bloodbath - - which is forgotten today and is only found in forgotten letters - - and the moss-covered monument.
Tell me.
No, now I must sleep.
Goodnight, Miss Rabbit.
Goodnight, Piglet.