1883 (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Lightning Yellow Hair

Come on, cows.
Hya, hya! Come on, move, move, move! [LOWING.]
Got one speed, that one.
Bullet fast.
Damn cow been a dart since we rounded her up.
Ain't talking about the cow.
If she ever learns to rope, we might be out of a job.
Whatever you do, don't teach her.
ELSA: The best way to know if land is truly undiscovered is to seek words to describe it.
When you can't, you know it's virgin land.
Untouched by our dirty hands.
To see it is to be silenced by it.
Made speechless by its endless uniformity To crest a rise is to see another that is identical.
One must read the sun and stars like a sailor to navigate this place.
We've seen nothing but grass for over a week: no game, no birds, no snakes, not even a lizard, and no evidence the human race still exists.
But the plains are littered with bones.
The dirty hand of man can go unnoticed in the city.
Because his dirty hand made the city.
But in this place, where innocence is a mineral in the soil, the filth of our touch is an apocalypse.
I see 'em.
What do we do? Keep holding the herd.
Don't worry about them.
They're just payin' the tax.
What tax? You gotta pay a tax when you graze cattle in Comanche land.
Well, you don't "gotta", but if you want to stay out of a gunfight, it's a pretty good idea The Comanches can charge a tax? It's their land.
They can do whatever they want.
The only people who think this is America still live in Washington.
There's water in this draw.
Push the herd to it.
We'll make camp here.
Carve one out for the cook first.
- All right.
- COLTON: Yes, sir.
COLTON: Come on.
For me, less fire.
Yeah, I've cooked for you Comanche before.
I know how you like it.
What the fuck do you think you're doin'? Huh? What the fuck do you think you're doing! Do you speak English? [GERMAN AND SLAVIC CHATTER.]
Who speaks English for this fucking circus? I do.
I'm only going to tell you this once! All right, y'all get in line, you stand in a line besides the table! You grab a plate, you grab a fork, then I give you the food! When you're done you keep the plate, you keep the fork! Go clean 'em in the creek but don't lose 'em! Lose 'em you owe me three dollars then you're eating with yer fucking hands.
- What is this "fuck?" Fuck did you just call me? Yes, what is this fuck? He don't know what that word means.
Neither does he.
But he's about to ask her.
Then Lord help you.
So, maybe just don't use it.
Hmm? - It's a hard one to shake.
- Well, start shaking.
COOKIE: Now! What does "fuck" mean, Mama? It means a spanking, and a good one, if you say it again.
Is he getting a spanking? Some form of one is probably headed his way, son.
Come on.
He says get in line and they don't.
They're guests.
Guests don't wait in line.
Isn't that good? Half a steak for him? [GASPING.]
Okay, a whole steak.
You use that word in front of my child again [WHISPERS.]
I'm gonna stab you with this fucking fork.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Half a steak is fine.
Say, "Thank you".
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
- Yes, ma'am.
Just so you know, that could've gone a lot worse.
Lesson learned.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
I think she fancies those damn Indians.
I wouldn't waste too much time worrying about how that watch works, amigo.
You ain't gonna figure it.
Ch-Ch I like your horse.
That's his name.
Why Lightning? Cause that's how fast he is.
Show me, then.
Where is she going? They're gonna race.
They're going to what? Shit.
I think the voice of reason has been muted.
Look at her face, honey.
I see it.
I just don't want to see it fall off.
The one place you ain't got to worry about her is on the back of a horse.
Y'all ready? Go! [WHOOPING.]
I think she dropped her reins.
She let them go.
Told ya.
I think you are the lightning.
Lightning with the yellow hair.
That's what I will call you.
Lightning Yellow Hair.
What do I call you? Sam.
Sam? Sam.
Why Sam? That was the name of the man who killed my wife.
I know because I made him tell me.
Then I killed him and took it.
I killed a man.
But I didn't know to take his name.
You don't want his name.
With his name you mourn forever.
Your name is Lightning.
Lightning doesn't mourn.
Doesn't do that either.
God gave you a good face.
And yellow hair.
You need a better knife.
That's too much.
You won the race.
It's not mine anymore.
It's yours.
You're still up? I can't sleep when it's cloudy.
Staring at clouds makes me think.
I need stars to dream Oh, to be eighteen again - Where are you going? - To dream of indoor plumbing.
Are you happy? In general or at this moment? Both.
In general I'm worried.
As a wife.
As a mother.
Our survival feels Beyond our control out here.
So, no.
I'm not happy generally.
But in this moment, with the man I love, a son I adore, and a daughter I envy I am very happy.
However, if you don't get some sleep, - I will not envy you tomorrow.
- Hm.
I love you.
People think because it's where rain comes from, clouds are filled with water.
But how can that be? How can water float above us then fall, as though gravity only applies to the sky when the sky lets it.
But that would mean the sky thinks and clouds are alive and they decide to let it rain.
But how do they decide where to rain? And when Why do clouds choose to flood one place and deny another until the earth cracks and field becomes desert? Maybe there's no such thing as gravity.
Maybe everything scientists have "discovered" is a lie, and wind is the world laughing at us.
How's it been with bandits? Worse the way you're going.
And you're the perfect size: big enough to be a prize, small enough to fight.
Here is mostly thieves.
North of Kansas and the Wyoming, they're still having a war.
Wagons don't go that way anymore.
People take the train If I knew a way around I'd tell you.
The way around is they decide to live in Colorado.
The sky is angry.
Thieves out here use the storms to hide.
I'll keep that in mind.
You're welcome to stay the night, ride out in the morning.
The storm will be here tomorrow.
You should leave, too.
I wish I could.
Take them to Colorado.
Leave them there.
Better for them.
Cookie's gone.
Where'd he go? Don't know.
Just gone.
He wouldn't quit us.
Not out here.
That's suicide.
Maybe he trying to get ahead of the storm.
I wish we had.
I don't think we can baby 'em anymore.
They're gonna have to get tough or die.
Why are you sleeping here? I slept out there with him.
Fair enough.
We gotta get moving.
Get to the herd.
There's a storm coming.
Let's go, sweetie.
Elsa Elsa Elsa, don't chase 'em! You'll scatter the herd.
They'll head for low country and bed down.
We'll find them after it passes.
- Just let them go? - Let them go.
Stop the wagon! Stop the wagon! Whoa! Get down now! Run into the wind, find the lowest spot and lay down! Why into the wind? So all this shit doesn't blow in on you.
Go on! Got to unhitch the horses! - What? - Got to unhitch the horses before they run away with you! Whoa, whoa! We'll saddle one for you and we'll pick the rest up later.
James What is that? Tornado.
Here she comes.
Take him.
Down, son.
Gotta pull the saddle.
What about Elsa? This is as low as we're going to be able to get.
There's nothing you can do for us.
What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do, James? You gonna fight this tornado when it comes for us? I don't know what I'm gonna do but I'm gonna do it right here.
She's a survivor.
Lay down! What do we do? We run.
Which direction? That way.
Easy, boy.
Turn the horse loose.
How will they make it? They won't.
Turn him loose.
I love you.
I'm gonna go find her.
Where are we going to go, Mama? We're gonna go help.
Come on, let's go.
Should we pick it up? We look for horses first.
I guess you're both Lightning.
Storm couldn't catch up to you, could it? [KISS.]
I'll look for more.
How you gonna bring 'em back? This has been a fun first week.
This deal ain't dull.
Got chased by a tornado and lost a girl to an Injun at the same time.
Gotta have it to lose it, partner.
I admit, uh I might have overestimated my appeal.
Everything you see and everything you saw yesterday is my home.
You're always welcome in it, Lighting with the Yellow Hair.
It's your home too, now.
I knew you'd make it.
It chased us for a mile or more.
We found a spot to lay down and it went right over us.
Well, now you can tell anybody who'll listen that you lived through hell.
It wasn't hell, Daddy.
It was beautiful.
Well, baby girl, you must've been chased by a different tornado than I was, because my tornado was hell.
Rest of them make it? They're behind me.
Let's get 'em mounted up.
Now we have nothing.
How do we survive with nothing? We didn't lose nothing you can't replace.
Replace with what? We have nothing.
No money, nothing.
I got money enough for the both of us You ain't lose nothing.
Now let's Let's pick up what we can find.
Josef? Josef [MUSIC.]
I'll go look for your horse.
How many wagons you think we can salvage? Maybe two.
That makes eight with what's left.
For twenty-six adults and twenty-two children Ain't enough.
I know it.
Where's the nearest town at where we can buy more? Denver.
We gotta turn back.
They ain't gonna make it if half of them are walking.
It's a month to Doan's with wagons.
What are they gonna eat? Cattle if we can find 'em.
Horses if we can't.
- I ain't eating no horse.
- I ain't either.
So, what do we eat? I guess we don't.
You made it.
Thank you.
All right, we'll gather up this herd.
Whoa, whoa, whoa Thought maybe you quit us.
Just got ahead of the storm.
Ain't my first trip through the plains.
Figured y'all was right behind me.
We should've been.
How many died? None.
Sounds like holding them was the right choice, then.
Running a team at night, that will pucker yer red eye.
I'm gonna take this one back.
I'm right behind you.
Any chance you saw those cattle? I saw 'em.
About a mile back.
Six of yer boys was gathering 'em up.
We don't have six boys.
We got thieves.
Cattle thieves gathered the herd.
- Where? - Couple miles north.
- How many? - Six.
WADE: Well, let's go get 'em.
We could hold the cattle up, then double back and go after the pioneers next.
Just have 'em circle the wagons.
Ain't enough wagons to circle anymore.
You, me, and Thomas go for the herd.
The rest will stay with the wagons.
I'm going with you.
Young lady, you have been in your last gun fight.
You just said it's as likely they double back as move on.
Then the gunfight's back there and you're here.
If there's gonna be a gunfight, I wanna be with you.
Can I get some help here? Sorry to say sounds like she's winning this argument.
When we find 'em you sit still till we're done with them, understand? This is the strangest outfit I ever worked for.
It'll test yer noggin.
You wanna tell her? Hell, no, I don't wanna tell her.
We gotta tell her something.
- Them pioneers find their rifles? - [SIGHS.]
Found a few.
They're right there.
I'd get them loaded and handed out.
Why? Looks like some thieves picked up our cattle.
I doubt it'll happen this way, but they could double back.
Where's my husband? Went after them.
Where's my daughter? She said the safest place on earth is right behind him.
I want you boys to sit here and guard my son with your life.
I need your horse.
Why? So I can go get her.
Get off the goddam horse.
You guard my son with your life.
You understand me? Yes, ma'am.
Well I see where the girl gets it.
Apple don't fall far.
Y'all wanna hunt for grasshoppers? Sure.
That ain't six, Captain.
JAMES: I count twelve.
And fan out wide.
You keep running, don't stop, no matter what! [WHOOPING.]
I felt no fear.
It simply became another race.
We fear what we don't know.
I knew what would happen.
I would win the race or I would be killed.
There was comfort in the simplicity of it.
Even though I could hear hooves getting closer, I felt no fear.
There is horror to every killing.
Even when it's justified.
Even when I killed, I was horrified.
But watching Sam kill was like watching a lion hurl itself into a deer.
His fury was so magnificent, there was no time for horror.
Not even for the men he killed.
I questioned my mind.
I wondered if I am the one who is dead and this is all a dream.
I watched him ride away and decided I must be awake.
I must be alive.
Then I chased after him.
Ah! How bad? Went through your belt.
Take it off.
What the hell? It sits right there.
Get it out.
I think I can squeeze it out.
Little souvenir for your son.
The bullet that didn't kill you.
Just a ricochet.
Ain't in too deep.
Still got to dig that lead out.
How's the other one? Just skinned me.
I think you used up the last of your luck, Thomas.
How bad is your'n.
I didn't get hit.
What the hell? I can't find it.
Do you see it? Turn around.
Got to be coming from somewhere.
Take off your hat, Captain.
Ah I'll be damned.
Now you used up all your luck, too, Captain.
If I recall, Thomas, this one is yours.
She is.
I swear, Shea, when you bite off more than you can chew, you sure bite big.
I ain't ashamed to say it, you are a beautiful sight, Charlie.
What the hell are you doing out here? Same as you apparently.
Hunting bandits and strays.
Though you seem to herd all your bandits up at once.
Hell, we sure appreciate you.
Killing cattle thieves is one the West's five great pleasures.
No need for thanks.
You can save your thanks for them.
SHEA: We'll do more than that.
You're only up to five now? Well, I'm pickier than you, sir.
I added horse and sunrise from the saddle and riding the wild country, I thought they deserved a spot.
SHEA: I thought they was already on your list.
CHARLIE: No, just added.
- Don't like to get up that early.
You're hurt.
I'm fine.
Are you fine? I'm fine, too.
Ah Don't suppose you care to bury these folks? Tell you the truth, Charlie, I don't think they're worth the hole.
Where's your camp? I know it.
Well, they may not deserve it but someone should say a prayer over these sorry sons of bitches.
I doubt you care to hear.
I don't.
We need to get back to our people.
We'll meet you there.
Elsa? Elsa! Give me your horse.
I ain't aski [GRUNTS.]
She wouldn't speak when we got back to camp.
Wouldn't look at my father Wouldn't look at me.
I heard her crying by the fire before dawn.
I sat beside her and asked her what was wrong.
She said she killed a man over a horse.
And now John was the only hope our family has to reach Heaven.
I didn't have the heart to tell her there is no Heaven to go to, because we're in it already.
We're in hell, too.
They coexist.
Right beside each other.
And God is the land.

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