19-2 (2014) s02e09 Episode Script


You should look into Brouillard's place.
It's too nice for a cop.
- You focus on Barron.
- You said the mole could be anybody in 19.
Hey, cop! If the officer is found to have shown wilful misconduct, her contract with the Montreal police will be terminated.
- What's gonna happen to the girl? - She'll go into care.
I need to see the girl, alright? She was with this guy when we found her.
Nick, not in a million years! You're fishing! Do you think I'm ever gonna trust you? - I could talk to her.
- He's lying about it.
You really think he could've done that? Molested his own kid? - It's fucking murder, Cass.
- No.
We alright? No, Cass, we're done.
You want another name? Cassie Clement.
It's your boy Cass.
Leave a message.
Shit! Don't be sneaking up like that! - Relax.
- Almost lit you up.
Oh yeah? The safety's on.
Yes, it is.
I don't want any more incidents to happen.
This place hasn't changed.
Yes, more junk from Auntie.
How is she doing? She's losing her fucking mind.
Hey, what are the cops saying, anyway? - Haven't heard anything.
- Good.
No, it's not good.
- You can't be around, Cass.
- Where the hell am I gonna go, then, huh? Anywhere that's not here, alright? It's not just the cops you gotta be worried about.
You know what I did last week? Got my Rita a ring.
Smooth out the immigration status.
You can take her with you.
Not supposed to be like that.
Look, we are way past how things are supposed to be, Cass.
Look, I'm gonna take care of it, don't worry about it.
I got it figured out, man.
Oh yeah, how? Hmm? By hiding out in your great-aunt's basement? You think you're hard to find? You think by being down here Chill the fuck out, man.
I'll be gone in the morning, alright? Yeah, where you going? Where to, Cass? Where you gonna go? Why do you care about it? We're done.
Right? That's what you said.
That's right.
You know, bad shit happens when we get together.
Seems that way, doesn't it? Hey - One game.
- Mm-hmm.
One game and then I'm gone.
You going old school, huh? - What, you killing cops now? - It's all fair game, man.
Where we going? Gendron's future son-in-law shacked up out east.
I figure we go shake him up a little bit, what do you say? What, without my badge? - Or my gun? - You're not gonna need 'em.
- Where you been? - Driving.
It's 1113.
Should be this one here.
Police, open up! Police! There's someone in there.
We know you're in there.
Open the door.
She's not here.
- It's you I wanna talk to.
- There's drugs on the table.
- That's not mine.
- Yeah? - I don't have to let you in! - Yeah, you do.
Sandrine's father He come around a lot? No, he just sends random pigs around to do his bidding whenever he's feeling guilty.
- Guilty for what? - Yeah, what does the commander have to feel guilty about? - Did he ever touch her? - Why the fuck would you let them in? You left your gear out in plain sight.
Why can't you just leave me alone? You know a guy called Antony Tremblay? Hangs out at the Champlain Motel in Ville d'Anjou? I don't know anyone there.
I just pick up.
What about your dad? He ever been over there? What are you talking about? If this is some fucked up way of trying to talk me into going home, you're crazy.
- Why don't you wanna go home? - Why do you fucking think? Sandrine, we're not done talking to you.
You gonna arrest me? Hey, how you doing? - Ben.
- Richard.
Nice to meet you.
- Welcome.
- Alright, today's beautiful faces.
Please be on the lookout for the following.
Stephanie Cedar, 34 years of age, fourteen outstanding warrants, mostly for break and enters in corner stores.
Reportedly back in the Montreal area.
Goes by various different names, but known for her dove tattoos up her arms and neck.
This week, we're starting the "do not block the box" push.
You gotta keep intersections clean.
Brouillard, till Audrey gets back, I'm putting you with our newest edition to the family, Patrolman Richard Dulac.
- Welcome.
- I already got a partner, Sarge.
No solos.
Brouillard, Dulac, Everybody else on the same schedule as yesterday.
One more thing.
Message from the commander.
He wants to thank you all for dealing with the evictions last week.
Excuse me.
- What about my partner? - That matter's settled.
Oh, it's settled? Settled.
You mean like like hanging her out to dry and then coming here and thanking us for keeping our fucking mouths shut? - Is that what you're talking about? - Brouillard, watch yourself.
It's alright.
- I understand why you're upset.
- It's not just him.
I get it.
Nobody wants to call out another officer.
That's funny.
- You looked pretty OK doing it on TV.
- Brouillard! Audrey wasn't ready to come back to work.
We all knew it.
We all saw something like this coming.
OK, in the meantime, everybody here is on the job.
Hit the streets, let's go.
If Sandrine's boyfriend hadn't been there, we might have got the whole story.
I don't know.
What do you mean? You know how everyone had the blinders on for you as the mole? You ever think you might have tunnel vision for the commander? - 19-2.
- 19-2.
You two are required at the Detectives Bureau on St-Denis.
Report to Detective Bouchard.
- What unit? - What detectives unit? Homicide.
It's gotta be.
They know we picked him up.
Jim Bouchard.
Which one of you is Chartier? That's me.
OK, great.
I'll ask you to hold right here.
Officer Barron, I'll bring you through now.
- Excuse me? - What's going on? My partner will bring you through separately.
Officer Barron, this way.
Do I need a lawyer? I don't know.
Do you? So what's this about? What do you wanna know? You hear about Antony Tremblay? - Mm-hmm.
- You know anything about it? Well, we picked him up.
It didn't stick.
- That's all? - That's it, that's all.
Why? What do you got? Why are you trying to control this? I'm not trying to control anything, I'm just asking you what you got.
- Do you know Cassie Clement? - Not really.
What's that mean, not really? Well, I know who he is.
And you're aware of his relationship with Officer Barron? Yes, they're cousins.
- What else? - What's your relationship with Cassie Clement? - He's my cousin.
- You see him lately? Actually, no, I haven't seen him in a while.
You're sure? You didn't see him, say, last Monday night? What the fuck is this? We have reason to believe that Kaz was involved in the murder of Antony Tremblay.
- OK? - Tremblay's death was staged to look like a suicide.
It wasn't.
OK? And Cassie Clement was at the scene.
How do you know that? Tremblay's mouth had been taped shut.
We found DNA in the residue.
We had Cassie Clement's on file.
So what do you want from me? I wanna know how your cousin Kaz knows Antony Tremblay.
I don't even know that they do know each other.
You don't find all this a bit coincidental? I'm sorry, which part? You pick the guy up; two days later, he's dead.
And it turns out your cousin's involved.
You haven't told me how.
- He's a person of interest.
- Why? Because I think you got him involved.
I think you sent your cousin after him.
And I think you know where he is.
Did you check his great-aunt's place on Rue De Mille? When was the last time Nick saw his cousin? I don't know.
Day, week, month? What? Well, we've been busy with, um with some evictions for the last couple weeks.
We've been - pretty occupied.
- Right now it seems to me you're lying to protect your partner.
You don't know he's involved.
Maybe he isn't.
But if he is this is a murder we're talking about.
- Anything else you wanna tell me? - No.
Start talking.
- They tell you anything? - Don't you bullshit me, man.
I was just in there lying to Homicide's face.
You tell me the truth so I know what to expect from here on in.
I asked Kaz to ask around, see what he could dig up on Oh, Jesus fuck! Fucking why? That's all it was supposed to be.
- So what happened? - I don't know.
He killed the guy, Nick.
- That what they're saying? - Oh, they have proof.
They have his DNA at the fucking scene.
- Shit.
- Where is he? - I don't know.
I've been looking.
- Fuck sake, man.
A warrant going out on him means the mole will know.
- I don't care! - Tremblay's people I don't care about that shit! Just wish I could figure out if I can trust my partner right now! Karma's a bitch.
I can't do this.
- I'm not doing it.
- Nobody asking you for that.
Yes, you are, in your own little way.
I'm saying this paperwork is annoying.
I'll take the heat.
You say that, and then I always end up taking it for you.
Go wait in the car.
Nick Barron! Officer Nick Barron! I know he's here, lieutenant, and I want to see him! Rita George, and I want to talk to the man! Nick Barron! Nick, where you been? Why you not calling me back? - I was going to.
- Where is he? He not come home two nights running now! - I haven't seen him.
- Don't lie to me! I'm not Listen, Rita, Rita, calm down.
Everything's gonna be fine, OK? - Let me drive you home, come on.
- Something happened to him! He's probably just in trouble right now and lying low for a while.
You know how he is.
I do, and this ain't like him.
If he was hiding out he'd have called me, sent someone to tell me what's going on! Something happened! - He'll turn up.
- How come you ain't worried, hmm? 'Cause, Rita, I see this stuff all the time.
- People go missing, they turn up.
- No.
No, they don't.
You'd be surprised, Rita.
Most of them do.
That true? Look, if you hear anything, you call me right away.
I'll do that.
Thank you, Nick.
Sarge, hey, hey.
Uh Hear traffic's looking for a body.
How 'bout we give 'em the rookie? - No solos.
- Come on, come on, come on, please, please, one day! I'm gonna fucking snap! - OK, one day.
- Thank you.
Get in there.
I'm gonna tell you this once.
You go near my daughter again, you're gonna regret it.
Is that clear? Yes, sir.
Will that be all, sir? Get out of here.
Gendron just threatened me in his office.
Told me to stay away from his daughter.
- She told him? - Hm.
Told you.
That is one fucked up daddy- daughter relationship right there.
It's him.
We gotta keep pushing.
We could, uh could ask your cousin to talk to him.
Hey, Sarge? Hey, what's up? Um Just hoping we could have a quick chat about Nick and the commander.
stay out of it.
Yeah, I know, it's just, um The other night, the commander asked me to go out looking for his daughter.
Nick got involved.
Oh boy.
Did you find her? Yeah, but, um I don't know, you in on the situation there? It's kind of an open secret around here, yeah.
What's the story? She's a she's a messed up kid.
A long story.
We have a store alarm going off in the Place Ville Marie Tunnel.
- 19-7, is it a robbery? - 911 call says it's just alarms.
- Probably some kids.
- I'm on it.
Excuse me, sir, do you know where that's coming from? - Down that way? - That way.
Thanks, sir.
female in the Palais des Congrès.
it's false.
Stand by.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Ma'am, can you hold up, please? Ma'am, ma'am! Stop! Stop right there.
Can you show me some ID, please? I don't carry ID, sir.
Why not? - What could it possibly say? - OK You having a good day? What you doing today? Just taking a walk on this glorious day.
Is that alright with you? Mm-hmm.
And which way you headed? - Just down that way.
- That way.
See, that's funny.
A couple of seconds ago, you were headed that way.
I'm just walking around the underground city, is that a crime? Do me a favour, please, ma'am, remove your scarf.
is it a crime to walk in this country? Take off your scarf, ma'am.
If you wanna search my person, you'll need a female officer.
Don't flatter yourself.
There we go, bitch.
I got your scarf.
heading down the tunnel of Palais des Congrès.
Out of the way! Stop! Everybody out of the way! Out of the way! Ma'am! Somebody stop her! Are you fucking stupid, huh? Are you fucking stupid? Give it up, will you? Stop resisting! - Hey, that's assault! - Shut the fuck up! You can't shut me up! I've done nothing wrong! I've done nothing wrong! - Why do you judge me? - Officer in distress! I need backup! I need backup! Where the fuck am I? The metro's that way! - I'm in the tunnel at Place d'Armes! - No, no, Square-Victoria! You squirmy bitch! Protector against this evil! Help me! I'm at peace! Sorry.
It's OK.
It's OK.
She was fast.
Hello, ma'am.
I'm Patrolman Chartier, I work with Sergeant Houle.
Is something wrong? No, no, no, nothing at all.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
Is he here? I think he had a system to fix after his shift.
OK, uh, nearby? Next door.
- Greenhouse in the back.
- OK.
Thank you, ma'am.
Shoot! Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot! Go sit down.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry to just drop in on you like this.
Your wife said I could find you over here.
Yeah, I got a business to run.
Uh, what's up? I just thought maybe we could finish our conversation about the commander.
- Away from the station, you know.
- Right.
Hi there! Hi.
So, the, uh - the commander, what's the story there? - Well, she's a messed up kid.
After his wife passed away, he had a real rough time with her.
- Why, did she say anything? - No.
No, nothing.
She just seems she seems pretty angry at her dad, you know? She's a very sick girl.
Yeah, I wouldn't believe a word that comes out of her mouth.
So you you know her fairly well? Sure.
I had my fair share of Sandrine duty back before I made sergeant.
But she didn't want my help.
So what's what's your concern? No concern, just wanted to put it out there, you know? Right.
Well, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
She'll eventually go home.
She always does.
- Peekaboo! - Maggie, not now.
- OK.
- Alright? Peekaboo! - See you tomorrow at the station.
- Yes, sir.
No, no, no, no, don't touch those, don't touch those.
This bush is infested with aphids, so I'm gonna put a few ladybugs there.
It's gonna get rid of the whole infestation, so tomorrow there won't be any.
Here, play with the jar.
- Yeah, they're pretty, eh? - Mm-hmm.
Do you want me to open it? Here's one.
There we go.
We got lots of them.
Please leave a message.
What's up? We have to get Amélie to let us see the girl from the motel.
- Why? - We gotta do it now.
What happened? We need to see the girl from the motel.
I told you, I'm not subjecting any kids to a fishing expedition.
I already told you, Am, we're not fishing.
Look, all we need is two minutes.
Show her some faces.
There's a cop we think might be involved in this.
Involved in what? Prostituting children.
He's betraying the force.
This is big, Am.
Some kind of network abusing kids, - and police protecting it.
- Jesus.
We got ourselves in a bad situation here.
And you want this girl to bail you out.
Maybe she saves a lot of other girls too.
- Two minutes.
She can end it.
- Oh stop, you sound like him.
That uniform's not gonna help.
Wait here.
No? You sure? OK.
You sure? Let's go, fall in! Grab a seat, guys.
Ticket quotas are low; we're setting up two speed traps today: Parc La Fontaine, which is a school zone, on Sherbrooke and Papineau.
Please leave a message.
It's Chartier.
I have a lead on the mole.
Need a meeting.
Call me back.
That's it, guys.
Take care of each other out there.
Let's go, hit the streets.
- Do you have a minute? - Sure.
Look, it's no secret this team is coming apart right now.
Yeah, I can see that.
How are you holding up? It's my mess.
I'm gonna clean it up.
It's our mess.
Right? Just so you get put on asshole duty doesn't make you an asshole.
I appreciate you saying that.
Morale goes up, morale goes down, it's never by accident.
These guys need a leader right now, not another enemy.
- Well, that's why they have you.
- Yeah, the thing is I gotta take a few days.
My wife's brother passed away.
Funeral's in Vermont.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
- Send her my best.
- Yeah.
I just wanted to touch base before I go.
Squirmy little bitch.
I'm telling you, she was a big catch.
You know? Fourteen arrest warrants, you bring her in, guaran-fucking-teed medal of valour right there, boom.
But what happens? Dispatch has gotta screw all that shit up.
You wanna know why? I'll tell you why.
Because this department is a toilet.
A stinky, brown water-filled toilet with a fucked up handle.
No matter how many times you jiggle and jiggle and jiggle that shit, the shit just won't flush.
Ridiculous, I'm telling you.
What you laughing at, rook? If I had been riding with you, we'd both get that bust.
I was going.
Well, if I wanted any lip from you, I would rattle my zipper.
- Did you talk to the SQ? - Left a message, no answer yet.
Forty minutes.
No, just No, no.
Go put it out the window.
This girl identified Sergeant Houle from a photo lineup.
That's her statement.
There's also a statement from a social worker present.
You recorded it? OK.
I'll file for a warrant.
I told you it wasn't Nick.
Julien is gonna be charged by the SQ on corruption and sexual offenses involving minors.
Oh Oh, Jesus.
Oh, Jesus.
He's the leak.
He's on leave.
No, they they think he ran.
What happened here happened on our watch, so we need to be solid.
This place is gonna be crawling, they're gonna be making our lives hell.
I want you to know that I have your back on this.
I I need some air.
Hi, my name is Julien, and I'm a recovering pedophile.
I'm not really sure where to begin.
It feels like everything around me is crashing down.
My life's coming apart.
Today, I had every reason, every excuse, every opportunity to act out on my addiction.
But something happened.
Something intervened.
I don't know what it was, but it was far more powerful than me, that's for sure.
All I know is I didn't touch that little girl.
The beast didn't wake.
I know the end is coming, but I'm I'm grateful for today.
Thank you.

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