19-2 (2014) s03e01 Episode Script

Burn Pile

1 We have a formal complaint from Tactical alleging that we have a leak.
We need to find out.
I can write up a plan.
It's not necessary.
- With all due respect, sir - It's not appropriate.
- What are you doing with the SQ? - There's a mole! In 19! What's your relationship with Cassie Clement? He's my cousin.
They're in some kind of business together.
Right now it seems to me you're lying to protect your partner.
We've connected someone to the mole.
His name is Antony Tremblay.
He's got a thing about kids.
128 gigs of this shit.
- And he's gonna walk.
- (gunshot) - And Nick's involved? - The fuck did you do? - He knew my fucking name.
- You pick the guy up, two days later he's dead and it turns out your cousin's involved.
It's not just the cops you gotta be worried about.
Where to, Kaz? Where you gonna go? Why do you care about it? We're done.
- So what are you doing here? - Figuring out if I'm done with you.
This girl identified Sergeant Houle from a photo line-up.
Oh, Jesus.
He's the leak.
I want you to know that I have your back on this.
Sergeant Julien Houle is facing charges of public corruption, possession and distribution of child pornography.
- It's gotta come to an end, Nick.
- You got cops killed.
I know what I did.
How long did you work with Julien Houle? About ten years.
So you knew him before he became a sergeant.
Yeah, we uh we were on patrol together about four years.
Would you say you were friends? We were.
To the best of your recollection, officer, when exactly was the last time you saw him? At work.
The station.
I guess the last time would be February 3rd.
- Are you aware we recovered the gun? - No.
On the dock of a cottage he broke into.
The family who lives there - discovered it this spring.
- So it's been in the snow all winter.
That's right.
So, in hindsight, is there anything you missed? Did he ever give himself away? No, ma'am.
He was my sergeant.
The guy was so squeaky clean, you could practically eat off him.
He was the one you went to when you had a problem.
I looked up to him.
I barely knew him, actually.
He was always solid, you know.
- On the job, anyway.
- I should have, um, realized sooner.
But only because you were told there was a mole.
That's correct.
But I don't think anyone at the station could've known.
What about the commander? I've racked my mind over it - and I can't see how I could've known.
- So, you feel - you took all reasonable steps? - I do.
You don't feel the leadership in 19's been compromised.
If anything, the squad is more closely bonded than ever.
I don't see how the commander can be held responsible for the actions of a dirty cop on his watch.
Do you feel the squad is "more closely bonded than ever"? - Excuse me? - Your commander's words.
They've been through a lot together, yes.
19 is a family.
The last thing that the squad needs at a time like this is more change.
[Copy, 19-2.
(kids shouting happily) Hey! What you little shits doing? You call that dance? Watch this.
Back off.
(laughing) Take that.
Uh-oh! (laughing) Nice.
- You gotta go back to the basics.
- Nick.
Get any offers on the place? No idea, I'm not involved.
- Let my piece go to Rita.
- Oh yeah? That's good.
That's good, man.
Good for you.
(sighing) Let it go, right? Still don't get this.
- Get what? - The construction holidays.
Middle of summer, everything just shuts down for two weeks? - It's the law.
- Oh, I know it's the law.
It's not just the city, it's the whole damn province.
I'm just saying, why set up all the cones and walk away? - I know.
- Haven't even started work.
- I know.
- (radio transmission) Isabelle says the task force is shutting down.
They find anything on Cass? They still checking John Does? Nothing.
Still, Homicide could have something you don't know.
The hell with Homicide.
- I don't think they give a shit.
- Oh, I doubt that.
I highly doubt that.
It's the same cops we talked to on the task force, you know.
And? And if they gave a shit, they'd wanna talk to me before shutting it down, would they not? You're complaining Homicide aren't on your ass? I'm complaining that my cousin is missing.
Your cousin killed a guy.
Probably got killed in return.
- It'd be still nice to know - And you're involved, I'm involved, - your sister's involved - Oh, fuck you, Ben! No, she's not! - And who told her? - Take it easy.
Just saying it'd be nice to know, that's all.
It's my fucking father all over again.
Oh, look at this.
Fire at Cigogne Diaper Service.
- They need traffic control? - It's in 37.
Tyler: [Did y'all see the one about the diaper service?.]
- [Three alarm fire?.]
- Yeah, we just saw it.
Firemen up against a literal flaming pile of shit, - how good is that? - [Keep it clean.
[Hey Dickie, wanna run up there.]
[and see if we can get you some free diapers?.]
- (chuckling) - Do you have to do this on the radio? Oh yes, baby, you're a rookie.
That's how it goes.
see if you can get a discount.
[I was just telling the rookie.
When shit goes down,.]
[shit goes down!.]
Whoa! - Jesus! - Hold your horses, big fella.
That's not good.
19-2, we've got a white van pulling up the side of the road, blown out tire, license plate is Foxtrot Delta Charlie.
Hold on.
(laughing) Oh, lookie lookie.
- There's like ten guys here.
- [19-2,.]
- [still waiting on the plate.
- (laughing) There's like twelve fucking people, man.
Hey! Everybody out.
Guys, come on out.
Over here.
Get off the road.
Everybody out back.
It's OK, it's all legal.
Just blew a tire, no problem.
- You care to tell me what's going on here? - License plate Foxtrot - We got a flat and I pulled over.
- I understand that.
Care to explain why you got all these guys in the back of your van? These guys are just temporary foreign workers from Shanghai.
Shanghai? - I have a ID.
- Let me see.
- It's all legal.
- No, cramming all these people - into a moving vehicle is not legal.
- Oh, it was sort of joke! Joke, yeah.
See how many Asian men we can fit in van.
Just get your registration and insurance, please.
- It's in - Yeah, go get it.
What do you make of that? Maybe they're acrobats.
- Don't be racist.
- Whoa, whoa.
I'm not being racist.
People come from all over.
Cirque Du Soleil school.
Maybe they're a troupe.
They're not acrobats.
Sir! Hey you, over there! You need to move your vehicle! Off the road! OK, I'll move it over there! Move it! Completely off the road! - No, no, no, sir! We said to the left! - Where the hell's he going? - Shit! - We have a multiple vehicle collision - (all talking) - [Copy that.
Sir? Sir, can you hear me? Off the road! Come on, are you stupid? Off the road! Get off the road! Ah!! Easy, easy, easy.
Let me get you out of here, OK? - Let me get you out of here.
- My shoulder! Guy's been hit by a truck, but he's breathing.
I need help.
- Tyler.
- Yeah? (sobbing) Tyler? Tyler! What do we do? Get this guy.
I got a lady stuck between two cars! I need help! Get over here! It's OK.
It's OK.
I need you to grab your car, block this road over here, OK? Go.
Stay right there.
It's OK.
It's OK.
- Tyler, I need the keys.
- In the car, rookie.
Shh It's gonna be OK.
Shit, losing him.
Nick! Nick, need a hand! 19-2, we've got a single passenger vehicle.
Driver's unconscious but still breathing.
He was on his phone.
Ambulances are on the way.
It's gonna be OK.
- He was calling 911.
- Where are the fucking ambos? Scene of an accident, the driver was calling you from this number? [Yes, he had an emergency at home, but the call was cut off.
Is she OK? She'll be fine.
She's doing just great.
Doing just great.
Hey! Hey! Over here! You'll be fine.
You're a big girl.
Yeah, I need an address on a cell number.
- (wailing) - Hurry up, hurry up! - [668 Linton.
- It's right over here.
- Where are you going? - Following up on the driver.
- Following what? - He was calling 911 when he ran into the van, we think we know where he was going.
- Right here.
- OK, I'll stay.
Right here.
(doorbell, banging) I see feet.
Oh, shit! - Let me in there.
- 19-2, we've got an unconscious male at 668 Linton.
Got anything? Barely.
We need med support, stat.
[Copy that.
- You think he choked? - Fuck, there's something in there.
He breathing? (gasping) You're OK, you're OK.
- Breathe, breathe.
- OK.
Breathe, breathe, come on.
There you go.
- (coughing) - OK.
There they are.
Nice work, boys.
How you doing? - Good, you? - Good.
- Thank you.
- Great job.
- Thank you, Richard.
- (laughing) Heads up! - Attention, please.
- From what I hear, it was a hell of a shift out there.
Squad muster in fall in, please.
Let's go! As you are.
Move it.
- Hey, you.
- Hey.
Nice work today.
Yeah, it's about damn time I get into some action.
Wait, I thought you liked riding with Bear.
Yeah, no, it's not her fault, it's just if you wanna see boring, try riding with the sergeant.
Whoa! Gotta watch this guy.
The commander and I want to congratulate everyone involved in today's incident.
We're recommending the full squad for commendation.
Also, we'd like to give a special mention to patrolman Chartier for an exceptional piece - of police work.
- (applause) Congratulations to patrolman Richard Dulac, who faced his first real shit show - and didn't make a fool of himself.
- Excellent work, Richard.
- Way to go, Dickie! - Aw, he's blushing! Alright, the commander has something to say.
I know we all want to enjoy this moment, but I also think this is an appropriate time to address some issues.
I wanna put an end to the rumours of a staff shake-up.
There's no truth behind them, none.
We have some empty slots on the roster to fill Permanent sergeant's appointment, for instance, but there is no shake-up coming.
- Is this coming out of the task force? - I can assure you the task force is not concerned with staffing issues.
Are you really sure? 'Cause I heard they're trying to shut us down.
Like it or not, we're stuck with each other.
So we, as a squad, just need to move forward from here.
And where exactly are we, as a squad, moving forward to, sir? Away from the shit that Sergeant Houle dumped on us.
Today was a good start, but let's not kid ourselves we're tainted.
We're gonna rebuild this station on three pillars: community relations, carbon footprints, and productivity goals.
From now on, all of you will spend one hour per shift outside your car, on foot patrol.
And one shift each, per rotation, on bike duty.
Welcome to 21st-century policing, folks.
Bike duty.
The future is now.
"The future is now"? Carbon footprints! We working for Greenpeace now? He's just trying to keep - costs down, take revenues up.
- Saving 19 one penny at a time.
So, what's your part in the Green Regime? Nothing to do with me, Nick.
- He gonna put you on foot patrol? - What? Just wondered if you got any gossip from the task force.
I'm under investigation like everybody else.
- Yeah, but you got friends.
- They're not talking.
- Hey.
Jim Bouchard.
- Yeah, I remember.
- What do you want? - It's your cousin.
We've found him.
When did he die? Couple months ago, it looks like.
Wrapped in plastic, buried under a concrete slab.
Limited decomposition.
- How did you find him? - He was buried in the basement of an abandoned house.
Got torched last week; fire inspector noticed the concrete.
- He was tortured.
- Pretty badly.
- For how long? - I don't have lab results yet.
But some of these are partly healed.
Talking about days, here.
Your cousin pissed some people off pretty badly.
You wanna tell me what you know about Antony Tremblay now? - There's nothing to tell.
- Come on, Barron.
Your cousin killed him.
We know that.
You think that's not related? Come on, Nick.
What was your cousin doing with Tremblay? We need to know.
You've gotta come clean here, officer.
Are you in too deep yourself? - Closest black guy, right? - Seriously? That's what you're hiding behind? I don't see a black guy, Nick.
I see a cop who's got something to hide.
Fuck you! You know I didn't have anything to do with this.
This is my cousin! And you sure as hell don't need shit from me to solve it.
Now go do your job.
Can you give me a moment? Barron, Chartier, 19-2, lunch at noon, foot patrol at 3.
Tyler, Dulac, bike patrol, lunch at 2.
Pouliot, you're with me.
Alright, that's it.
Stay safe out there, people.
Yes, sir? Do you really need Pouliot riding with you? I don't have anyone to ride with her, and I'm not putting her solo.
- We need bodies generating, sergeant.
- I will sort it out, sir.
What? - I'm in the sergeant van again? - Yeah.
I'll see you outside.
You drive.
Um They found him.
I heard last night.
They found him in some abandoned place in Hochelaga, burned down.
Found him buried in the basement.
Homicide showed up at my door.
They know who did it? Yeah.
Not telling me.
Treat me like a suspect.
The hell do you want me to do, Aud? Put you on solo? Yes.
You don't want that.
Do you? D'you hear anything about JM? - Still on indefinite leave.
- Yeah, with pay.
That's how it works.
His wife should've pressed charges.
Department's so full of shit.
He beats his wife and he gets the same punishment I got for doing my job.
[19-2, you're requested at mMunicipal Court.]
- [to pick up a warrant.
- What warrant? - [For the driver from the crash scene.
- What's the charge? [Manslaughter.
Foreign worker died today at the hospital.
- Ah, shit.
- Copy.
Manslaughter? The guy was trying to save his kid! He did save his kid.
Imagine you're talking to your kid, and suddenly he's choking.
Listening to him die God.
There are still consequences.
- You're early.
- You wanted to see me.
Yeah, the circus is packing up.
I wanted to talk to you before it happens.
I wanted to give you a heads-up about your commander.
What about him? He's not looking real good in the Houle thing.
- Well, that's not really news.
- No.
He's heading for a fall.
You should get ahead of it before it happens.
How? I want you to talk to some people here.
About my commanding officer? There's a time to be loyal.
This isn't it.
I'm throwing you a bone here.
Yeah, how sweet of you.
- (small laugh) - No, I I appreciate it, thank you.
- (knocking) - Sorry.
Have you seen the judge around? She's not in today.
Ah, shit.
- Do we know each other? - No.
Detective Isabelle Latendresse, Inspector Elise Roberge.
You're at 19, right? I'll be seeing you at the station.
Thanks, Claude.
What's an inspector gonna do at 19? She's PSIU.
She looking at the commander? A lot of people are.
Take the bone.
(doorbell) - Hi there.
- How you doing, pal? Oh, it's you! Thank you.
Yeah, you look like you're doing a lot better.
I'm afraid we're here to see your dad.
Uh yeah.
Come in.
- Hello? - Dad, these are the guys who saved me.
Thanks for coming.
Look at him.
It's a miracle.
Uh, we have to deliver a summons.
You hit a guy.
He died.
You have 48 hours to hire a lawyer and have him or her contact the prosecutor.
Information's all in there.
Talk to your lawyer.
- You've got a good defense.
- I hit somebody? - You did, sir.
- I was on the phone - with Stephen, I heard him and - Sir, sir.
The only person you wanna talk to right now is your lawyer.
Understood? Well, the information's in there.
Um I'm sorry, we have to go now.
Wait up! What's the matter, Dickie? You can't keep up? Huh? Shit.
What? What? Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, hold up, rookie.
Malfunction over here.
Listen, I got a better idea.
Let's walk these bad boys.
It'll be foot and bike duty at the same time.
- Great idea.
- Of course it is.
You know, the commander thinks he's saving 19 with this shit, - he's crazier than I thought he was.
- I don't know.
It's nice to get out of the car for a while.
Hey, rookie, you know what? Keep your opinions to yourself.
- We can't talk? - No.
I talk, you listen.
- I thought riding with JM was hard.
- There you go talking again, instead of appreciating this moment with the big dog.
- You could learn a thing or two.
- OK.
Lucky me.
I thought we were walking.
Too hot for that! Wait up! I should've asked sooner, but is there gonna be a funeral? - 'Cause I can go.
I'd be happy to go.
- It's not a copfriendly crowd.
- Appreciate the offer, though.
- Yeah.
What about Amélie, you think she'll go? No.
Different families.
My mother's before and after.
At least they found him.
It's something.
And they'll catch who did it.
- Really? - Yeah.
Anyone who worked with Tremblay, or for.
It's a mob hit, Bambi.
When's the last time you saw anyone go down for one of those, huh? Not in Montreal.
- Rita.
- You have some nerve.
Rita, I'm sorry.
Listen to me.
Rita, listen to me.
- It's your fault! - Rita! Rita, listen to me! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I didn't Rita! I think we have to move quickly.
Ahead of the final report.
Thank you, sir.
I think that's very wise.
About the task force You know they're wrapping up.
I just wanted to thank you for standing up for the squad.
I thought you did admirably.
- Thank you.
- And just, uh I wanted you to know how much it means to me trusting you.
Of course.
(chuckling) Ooh baby baby Ooh baby baby You better get running.
(laughing) Come on.
- Oh, officer! - (laughing) I remember in school, I wrote this diary thing about Nick's family.
I had all these relatives that I didn't know, and that I wasn't actually related to.
Next thing I know, the teacher sends me to a shrink 'cause she thought I was making up fantasies.
Poor Nick.
You know, it turns out I can get out of my lease.
Since I have this.
- When did you ask about your lease? - The other day.
I knew once you had me in your bed, like, you wouldn't want to let me out of there.
I think you're thinking about the kitchen.
And the couch.
And the shower.
And that table there looks pretty sturdy.
I don't know.
Do I need my own place anymore? Keep it for now.
Something sexy about a guy with his own bathroom.
Let's table it.
I think we should table it.
- Inspector.
Thanks for coming.
- Sir.
What can I do for you? I want you to take care of something.
You've been to 19? You've met the station detective there, Latendresse? Briefly.
She's causing trouble.
The commander there, Gendron Good man.
She's making allegations.
Oh, here he is now.
Looking good.
How are ya? - Good to see you, chief.
- You two have met? Haven't had the pleasure, no.
Marcel Gendron.
Inspector Elise Roberge.
Look, I hate to drag both of you into this, but I really want to nip it in the bud.
I don't want a precedent, a squad-level detective backstabbing their superiors and being rewarded for it.
That is not acceptable.
That's why I brought you in, Roberge.
I'm not sure I understand.
I don't want to be accused of picking on a woman.
- What do you want, then? - You'll see.
Marcel, show her your file.
She's accusing her commander of not acting on complaints about a leak.
Utter nonsense.
Show her.
Kept records ever since the first operation went wrong.
Tracked everything that could be related.
Handed all of that over to Detective Latendresse, assumed that she would open an official file.
She never did.
And now she's pointing the blame back up to chain of command.
I don't think so.
Deal with it.
Put her in her place.
- (Rita): I'm glad you came.
- (Nick): Me too.
You know, they wouldn't tell me a thing.
Had to make a scene.
Why would they do this to him, Nick? He has never hurt nobody.
Who's that? Uh Charlie something.
Kaz had business with him.
- You wanna meet him? - No.
You have to find out who did it.
- They will.
- No, they won't.
- You have to.
- I'm not that kind of cop, Rita.
You're the same as all of them.
Me sorry.
No, don't be.
Look, I have to move around.
Stay as long as you like.
Nick Barron.
- You don't remember me.
- Should I? Charlie Figo.
I own the bakery down on Darlington, I used to work there with my father when I was a kid.
I remember you and Kaz used to come in, steal egg tarts.
- Kaz, maybe.
- Ha! Both of ya.
It's terrible, what happened.
Who would've thought - he'd do something crazy like that? - Like what? Kill the guy in cold blood in his own home.
Made guy, folks say.
- Folks? What folks? - Around the bakery.
People talk.
I don't know what your cousin was thinking.
He was breaking code.
Anybody does something like that, there's gonna be a price to pay, no matter who it was.
You trying to say something? Hey, I'm just shooting my mouth off.
- Gossip.
- (whistling) Hey! Give me some pastel De Nata.
I'm sorry.
It's not the place for this.
A gift.
Egg tarts.
Like you used to steal.
I gotta go.
Play with your friend.
With me.
Uh do I need to be a part of this? - Yeah, you do.
- Part of what? The decision of the department is that someone has to be blamed for missing Houle.
It was going to be him, but it turns out he has friends - and now it's supposed to be you.
- How can I be blamed? He's got some story about asking you to open a file.
- It's not a story.
- Excuse me? I asked your permission to open an investigation into the leak and you shut me down.
It's convenient you don't have the paperwork to back that up.
It doesn't matter, it's political.
You can't win by being right.
But you don't have to take it.
You could fuck him back.
Assuming you have cause.
Assuming I did, what happens to me? You get branded as a complainer.
Is that worse than what they want to stick on me now? Yeah.
Isabelle? Alright.
Do what you gotta do.
- You're not gonna fight it? - No.
He's not worth it.
I need your office for a few minutes.
I gotta make a call.
Settle down, please.
I have a sad announcement to make.
Detective Isabelle Latendresse is being transferred out of 19, - effective immediately.
- Where is she going? Administrative reserve, pending assignment.
Take it easy.
- Excuse me.
- Nick.
Fuck, they're blaming you? - Not officially.
- No, that's bullshit.
It should be the commander.
It doesn't matter, Nick.
It's not a demotion.
No, no, no.
You take him down, Izzy, alright? It's about time somebody did.
- Yeah, and how am I supposed to do that? - Sexual harassment.
I mean, make the charge.
I've seen it.
Everybody has.
Hey, Nick, forget it! It's over.
I've put up with enough shit in this place.
Come here.
I'm so sorry.
It's OK.
(sighing) What an asshole.
Fucking little Nazi.
Take it easy.
- Scheming goon - Take it easy, - he buried the hatchet.
- Yeah, in my exwife.
- [We need medics at 218, Faubert.
- Shit's personal, Ben.
[ upstairs, can't walk.
Think her leg's broken.
- What's up? - (sighing) Guy with the coffee in the white shirt.
- He was at that thing for Kaz.
- And? He said some things.
- What things? - About Kaz.
- How he messed up.
- Who is he? He's a crook.
Rap sheet looks like he's mobbed up.
Walk away, Nick.
Walk away.

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