19-2 (2014) s04e05 Episode Script


1 - Previously, on 19-2: - The guy we were watching disappeared today.
As far as we can tell, you were the last to see him.
So, anything you forgot to put in your report? No.
- The drugs you took? - Yep.
They killed him for it.
There's a (muted) gang war going on.
You put a gun to your head.
, you need help.
- I want back on that job.
- That's not up to me.
You've been through (muted).
We're not like the others, - Audrey.
- No, we're not.
What are you doing? - Just saying hello to my peeps.
- You shouldn't be here.
I'm comin' back, Chartier, whether you like it or not.
You're a (muted), J.
Nobody wants you here.
That's not true.
(panting) (machine gun fire) Officer Jean-Marc Brouillard died engaging the shooter.
I heard.
It was all over the news.
You OK? I don't know.
(sombre music) (knocking) Hey.
- How'd you know where I live? - You wrote me a letter.
Come on.
- You're dressed up.
- Funeral.
- I'm sorry.
- Eh.
- Nice place.
- Yeah, I'm, uh just getting settled in.
Where you living? Uh, I got a room, but I'm looking for something better.
- Yeah.
- You got anything to eat? Uh, no.
No, not much.
Nobody teach you how to feed yourself? - You're my mother now? - Hardly.
- Why'd you write this? - Well, I - I wanted to see you.
- Why? What, you got anyone else you can call? - (door opens and closes) - Yeah, I'm the one who needs company.
You ready? Martine.
This isn't a good time.
I'm gonna go.
I should get your cell number.
I know where you live.
- She looks OK.
- I'll get my hat.
(emotional strings) How long are you gonna be on those? I get a cane next week.
So don't get too comfortable.
Just keeping your chair warm, Sarge.
They're gonna open the doors now.
(quiet chatter and shuffling) What's he doing? What he should be.
Acting Sergeant Beatrice Hamelin will now speak for the squad.
Jean-Marc Brouillard was on the job for 16 years.
I served with him on 9 of them.
Very few cops have to face what happened in 19.
Most of us weren't there.
We were on patrol.
The few of us that were are alive right now because of J.
wasn't in uniform.
He wasn't armed.
(sniffle) But he stood up.
He took on an assault weapon with another cop's gun.
He's a hero.
We'd all like to think we could be that brave.
(bagpipes playing Amazing Grace) General salute! Salute! Prepare to march.
(Mournful music overlays the bagpipes.
) You believe it snowed? It's supposed to melt tomorrow.
(muted) November.
- Feel him move? - Don't be gross.
No, it's true.
You could feel him in the coffin.
Barron, what the hell was that? It was his wife.
- Which are they? - Ah.
These two.
- You arrest the shooter? - Me and Dionne, sir.
- We didn't know he was a shooter.
- How could you? Goddamn judge cut him loose.
You did everything right.
- Thank you, sir.
- Shall we? Richard.
I've gotta go.
I'm with you.
Excuse me.
You're the guy, right? You took the shot at the school? - Yeah.
- I'd like to shake your hand.
- Ben Chartier.
- Jim Curran.
- Retired a couple years ago.
- Oh, alright.
I got a couple of friends who'd like to meet you.
Oh, well, listen, we're just on our way Apparently you have something that belongs to them.
Something you took from a dead man's trunk? What did you say your name was again? Jim Curran.
Look me up.
Get your (muted) together.
I'll be in touch.
- We should talk.
- Let's talk another time.
It's his (muted) funeral, Ben, let's do it now.
Let's do this another time.
- Is it so hard? - What do you want me to say? That he died for you, too.
And I'm not asking you to be a cheerleader.
He was a (muted) guy.
I get that.
Why do you care what I think? Because you're my friend.
And he's dead.
I'm sorry.
(tense music) [Copy, 19-2.
- I didn't know that Bear used to be a Sergeant.
Yeah, she got busted back to patrol.
What happened? She gave up her gun.
Some crazy guy shot Dulac with it.
(scoffing): Nothing dull about 19.
(cell phone ringing) Chartier.
Yes, I did.
And, uh, the sooner, the better, please.
Yeah, will do.
Thank you.
Yes, thank you.
I gotta go see Internal.
Jesus Christ.
We just put a guy in the ground! - Yep.
- I thought they postponed it.
Yeah, they did.
I asked for a meet.
I got approached the other day.
Uh, ex-cop named Jim Curran.
He's been retired a couple years.
You know him? I don't recall.
What do you mean he approached you? He just came up to me at the funeral.
He said he wanted to shake my hand for the school shooting thing.
And then he said that the (muted) that I took belongs to some friends of his.
It's pretty much exactly what Figo did.
No one said crooks were original.
You look him up? No.
No, I'm going straight to Internal about this.
Gonna do it by the book.
Not Not screwing around here.
Yeah, you're right.
You should take it in.
But don't don't admit you took the drugs.
I have to! - No.
- Yes! No, Ben.
You say you did it, then you're the problem.
- They'll charge you and be done.
- No.
And it will not make you part of the (muted) investigation, - because there will not be one.
- No.
You don't know that.
Think about it! You say you're dirty, you're done! You say you're innocent, they got something they can work.
You can have justice, or you can tell the truth.
Pick one! Thank you.
- You're Chartier.
- Yeah.
Um, this is my partner, Nick Barron.
- He involved in this? - I'm here for moral support.
Uh, look, something's come up.
I've been approached by an ex-cop.
He thinks that I took something from the guy that I was following on O unit.
His name's Jim Curran.
- How do you know him? - I don't.
I haven't even run him yet.
I'm bringing this straight to you.
What does this ex-cop think you took? I figure drugs.
I don't know.
You have the right to a lawyer.
I don't want one.
I'd like to work this.
Come with me.
Uh, it could be a while.
I'll wait.
Chairs over there.
(quiet, tense music) Goes in here.
- Thanks.
- What do you want? Long espresso.
- (machine whirs) - What are you in for this time? It's not me, it's my partner.
He's talking to Internal.
It's like a virus, isn't it? First you got it from Harvey.
Then you passed it on to the country boy.
Subject is Officer Ben Chartier.
Interview conducted by Detective Dupuis.
- I'm sorry, who's this? - Commander Gerard, observing.
Let's cut to the chase.
Someone thinks you stole their drugs.
- Apparently.
- Why would they think that? I was watching a guy with a detective.
- The guy got killed.
- Yes.
We've been wanting to talk to you about that.
And now I'm here.
On the night in question, Detective Lapointe left her post, correct? Yes, sir.
And you signed out the duty log alone? Yes, sir.
Is that how Curran knew about me? Did someone look at the log? - Where did Lapointe go? - Well, she didn't say.
Did she say why? Work, personal Anyway, she left you alone on surveillance, which makes you the last person to see Robert Dorme alive.
That's the man you were following.
No, it doesn't.
He was with a driver.
We haven't been able to locate him.
And you don't know anything about what this ex-cop says - is missing? - No, do you? Look, I've been threatened here.
What are we gonna do about it? Technically, you've been asked to return what you stole.
I didn't steal anything.
The guy who sent Curran, he's the guy who killed the dealer, right? We can go after this guy.
I can wear a wire, you guys can get drugs out of impound - That's not going to happen.
- Well, whoever's gonna work this.
Organized crime Whoever's acting on this.
You need to understand something, officer.
Nobody is going to work anything with you.
- We've looked at your record.
- What's wrong with my record? You just killed your second teenager, four months after your girlfriend died.
And I'm not even gonna start talking about your partner.
You want some advice? Take some time off.
Spend a year on a desk.
You can't let people threaten a cop.
- You don't need - You can't let people threaten a cop.
- You don't need to worry about that.
- Oh, I think I do.
We'll keep an eye on you.
And you'll report to us the second he gets in contact with you.
Are you gonna do anything about this? - I have a right to know.
- We'll take it from here.
Thank you, Officer Chartier.
Either of you ever work with Inspector Elise Roberge? And I can't be trusted? - How'd it go? - Awesome.
- They workin' it? - Not with me.
Why'd they cut you out? Because I'm not (muted) reliable! They looked at my record, and yours too.
- Well, mine's a (muted)-show.
- Yeah? Well, mine's no better now.
How worried should I be about this? - Did they give you protection? - They said something about "keeping an eye on me," but they don't seem too worried about it.
- At all.
- Mobsters.
They didn't touch me.
And they knew I was a part of what Kaz did.
You're a cop.
They won't be that stupid.
[19-2, we have a trespassing complaint on Amherst.
- [Liberty Trattoria.
- Copy.
- You called the cops? - He's right over there.
He's trespassing.
That's my terrasse.
You believe this(muted)? You're not even using it.
Hey there! Hello! You OK? What's it to you? Really think this is the best place to be pitching tent? I'm out of the wind.
It's time to pack up, sir, let's go.
DON'T (muted) TOUCH ME, YOU MEATHEAD! DON'T YOU (muted) TOUCH ME! DON'T YOU TOUCH US! You military? - Yeah.
- You should know better.
- Sir, yes sir.
- You think you can - assault a police officer? - OK.
It's OK.
I was (muted) up, man.
My bad.
Lucky I'm not in a hostile mood, (muted).
I get that.
- Let's get him to a shelter.
- Yep.
Already tried that.
No beds.
They got nobody in there.
- What shelter's this? - Rising Dawn.
I know they got a bed.
They got this little (muted) private club thing going on.
Yeah? We're gonna go try anyway, alright? What's your name? - Petra.
- Petra? Alright, Petra.
I'm gonna try and get you up one more time, alright? And - I'm gonna be good.
- Alright.
- How bad am I? - No, you're alright.
Look, I'm telling you, fellas, they won't take me.
No, we can get you somewhere.
I'll take you to Verdun.
No, (muted)no! What am I gonna do in Verdun? Really? You have obligations? I do have a life, yeah.
And it's not in (muted) Verdun.
Ah, you'll be fine.
- You alright? - Yep.
Thank you.
Wait right here.
(Ding dong!) Hey.
Uh Can I help you? Yeah, we're looking for a bed.
Sorry, no chance.
He's banned.
(muted) you, (muted).
You got plenty of room in there.
Not for you I don't.
Try the Old Brewery.
Hang on.
Sir? You mind if we come in for a second? - Yeah, actually.
- Yeah, well, it's a public shelter, so we're coming in all the same.
'Scuse me.
Thank you.
- (muted) you, b! - We're just looking around.
Whoa, whoa! Hey.
Wait for us, please.
Guys, guys, get the (indistinct chatter) What the (muted) is this? What the hell is this? You allow alcohol in here? - No! Put the smokes out.
- Let's go! Everybody out.
Everybody outside.
Let's go.
Put the smokes out.
Come on, everybody out.
Let's go! Playtime's over.
Go (muted) yourself.
You believe this, Joe? (giggling) - (muted) me.
- What's going on? - (knocking) - Sir? Do you know anything - about the Rising Dawn shelter? - Should I? 19-2 just laid some nuisance charges.
I put them in.
They're all flagged by Guns and Gangs.
Who are? Apparently, people at the shelter, sir.
I'll follow up.
No, it's alright, I'll do it.
Send me the files.
Yes, sir.
- Commander.
- Fill me in.
Well, we got a complaint that this place is turning people away with open beds and checked it out.
Found four parolees drinking beer with a female companion.
- First Nations, right? - What's going on, sir? Apparently, this shelter's been coopted by members of the Northern Brotherhood.
- It's a native prison gang.
- Never heard of them.
Neither had I.
Not much of a street presence, but they do seem to have one here.
We're taking this on.
I'm posting a unit 24/7.
Gang members out, homeless in.
We have enormous public sympathy right now and this is the perfect way to leverage it.
Let's be seen moving a prison gang out of the neighbourhood.
At the same time, get some homeless out of the parks.
The optics on this are exceptional.
You got a minute? - Politics? - Still the right thing to do.
OK folks, you're gonna need to find someplace else to stay.
- Everyone out, let's move it! - Let's go! (Bear):[19-4, are you back on?.]
- (Tyler):[Uh, ten minutes.
- (Bear):[Lunch is over, Joseph.
[Get your ass to the Rising Dawn shelter.
Relieve 19-2.
(Tyler):[Yes, ma'am.
Right away, ma'am.
So, what's up with you and Bear? Nothing.
I mean, we went out once.
Then she ghosted me.
She seemed pretty into you up north.
Bit awkward.
(Audrey chuckles.
) Yeah, she's not the best drunk.
- You ever date on the job? - Mm-hmm.
- How'd that work out? - Oof.
But Bear's awesome.
Trust me.
Go for it.
Any action? Couple bad dudes came in.
Didn't put up much resistance.
Seriously supposed to be here 24/7? - And what's wrong with that? - We buried a cop yesterday.
You'd think they'd give us something important to do.
You kids have fun.
Yeah, easy for you to say.
You're logging out! Hey.
I think you should stay at my house tonight.
What happened to "No one'll touch a cop?" - I got the room.
- I'm not hiding.
(phone ringing) Can a detective please come to the examination room 2B? Somebody here from downtown? (sombre music) This is for the wall.
I'll hang it.
I got a bill in the mail today.
Some custom holster J.
You don't have to pay for that.
I will.
I'm the beneficiary.
I get his pension.
I can pay his bills.
They said he was a hero.
Was he? No.
He wasn't.
But he died like one.
Bastard always got what he wanted.
Stay in touch, alright? - Yeah.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
(cell phone ringing) Farah.
- Nick.
- Is everything OK? [Yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's just .]
I'm just going crazy right now.
Antoine's with his father and I need to get out of here.
- Where do you wanna go? - Anywhere.
Go ahead, sir.
Lots of beds.
Go on in.
Fighting crime all the time.
What's the matter with you, young fella? We're doing a good thing! - Hey! - What's your name? - Larose.
- Thomas? Yeah, you're banned.
Parolees aren't supposed to congregate, are they? Jesus Christ, I'm just sleeping! There's other beds.
Let's go.
(aggressively): Keep going.
Turn around.
Walk out.
Keep going.
Let's go.
Get this through your head, alright? The shelter is closed to you.
'Kay? - OK, (muted), I'm leaving! - Don't (muted) come back! Jesus Christ, Dickie, man, you're living up to your name.
- Shut up.
- No wonder people want to shoot you.
(muted)! - AAHH! AAGH! (muted) - Alright, alright! - That's enough! - SON OF A B CH! That's enough, that's enough.
You heard him! He can't (muted)touch me! Yeah, alright, it's done, you showed him! - Sir, are you OK? - No, my (muted)leg! Aaagh! He's gonna need to see a doctor.
You're not gonna look good here, Richard! What the (muted)is that?! He attacked me! He said cops could get (muted) shot! I'm gonna bust his (muted) ass for this! I GOT RIGHTS! Alright, alright, alright! Shhh.
Way I see it, you assaulted a police officer while on parole.
Complaint from you gets you back inside, young blood! - He broke my (muted) leg! - Calm down.
But hey.
If you want to make your complaint, go ahead.
I'mma put you in lock up, tell all the guards inside what you said about cops.
You know what's gonna happen then, right? Yeah.
Now, the other option for you is to keep your mouth shut, go to hospital, fix your little leg, and walk away, my friend.
- I don't need to go downtown.
- That's what I figured.
- We'll take him.
- Rox, get the door.
- AAGH! - Let's go.
I got you.
I got you.
- Hello.
- Hi.
We're making a drop-off.
- What happened to him? - Well, we just, um We kind of found him this way.
Right? - I got hit by a car.
- You got a health card? Yeah.
- (grunting in pain) - Doctor? They say it was a car accident.
Let's have a look.
Take his shoe off, please.
Let me see.
(intercom): Dr.
James, pick up line four.
James, line four.
- OK.
This is gonna hurt.
- (grunting in pain) We'll have to cut these off.
- OK.
Take him to X-ray.
- Yes.
Excuse me.
- Well, thank you.
So much.
- You do that to him? - Me? - He didn't get hit by a car.
Well, a lot of people lie to cops.
And you felt the need to bring him in personally.
Come on.
Don't (muted) me.
What did he do? He put his hands on a cop.
Said some things.
Not to me, but a rookie.
- Low anger threshold.
- What did he say? He said, "No wonder people want to shoot cops.
" And my station's the one that just got shot up.
A cop died.
He kind of had it coming.
- OK.
I get it.
- Thank you.
And if he wants to make a complaint, call Station 19.
I'm Officer Pouliot.
Officer Pouliot.
Got it.
I'm Liam.
- And he's a doctor! - (stifled giggling) (police radio):[In 19, we have a gas leak.
[47, looking for a car at at Notre-Dame and Pie-neuf.
Shift's over, Dickie.
Might as well just let it go.
Our own (muted) house gets shot up and we're supposed to just walk around taking (muted)? I hear you, man.
There are better ways to respond.
Probably get a complaint in my file.
First shift after his funeral.
You'd think they'd cut us some (muted) slack.
Just want a sliver of respect.
Is that so much to (muted) ask? You didn't see all the flowers outside the station? I know you did.
You know what that means, Dickie? Ain't nobody hatin' on us, man.
You the one hatin' on them.
I feel stupid.
- You shouldn't.
- How should I feel? I can't tell you that.
Good answer.
I'm not desperate.
I have plenty of people in my life.
I don't have to call the cop who did the the bad news.
I'm glad you did.
Antoine's with his father? - They close? - No.
I cut Junior off.
He's not a good influence.
Antoine needs a father His dad's trying.
Junior? It suits him.
This is nice.
(phone ringing) Sir? You're Gendron? I'm Councillor Francoeur.
What can I do for you, Councillor? Can we talk in your office? You understand? You can file all the appropriate paperwork, there are jobs at stake here! I hope you understand that we're not putting up with this anymore! - I'll see what I can do.
- Thank you.
(police radio): [19-38 to base.
Great place to raise kids.
Yeah, looks like it.
- My mother would approve.
- (chuckling) Yeah, we, uh We used to live near a park like this after we moved.
Could see the skating rink from my window.
- Kids playing pick-up.
- Did you play hockey? Uh-uh.
Antoine does too.
Thank you.
(cell phone vibrating) (dial tone) Martine: [You're not supposed to call back.
Well I'm not up on the etiquette.
[I'm busy right now.
- OK - [I'll call you tomorrow.
(chatter, slow music) - Oh, Chartier sighting! - Oh! Chartsy! Hey, my man! I'm gonna have a ginger ale over here, and a couple of beers for my friends! - What are you two doing? - What else? Bitchin' about my partner.
Oh, you're having problems with little Richard? Oh, yeah.
Cocky Dickie's out there every day trying to be the man.
Me, I'm trying to make it through my shift.
You see the conflict of interest? Cut him some slack! He's just a newbie.
He acts like the world owes him something.
It's annoying.
I'm sure he's no better than you back in the day.
(laughing): Ha ha.
I'm convinced that kid is just messing with my bucket list.
You really have one? Come on, man.
You think I'm playing around? Huh? - It's right here.
- Oh, (muted).
- Tyler's bucket list.
Come on, man.
- Let me see that.
Save a baby, shoot a perfect score on the range Well, you're dreaming there, my friend.
Haha, you gotta dream, my man! - Cheers to that! - Thanks.
- Oh, look who it is! - Hey! Hey! Can we have three shots over here? How's it going? You good? Yeah.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you again.
Well, well, well.
We are going to see the chief.
The chief wants to see me.
- What's going on? - Councilman Francoeur has a piece of a cigarette-making operation on the reserve, and his tribal friends, they they want their shelter back.
But that's not happening? Not if the chief is stepping in.
- How come he is? - We got shot up.
Nobody walks all over us.
Not this week.
Not on my watch.
(all laughing and talking indistinctly) Let me grab them keys from you.
No, man, I'm fine.
I can drive.
I'm a cop.
- Yeah, she's good.
- Oh, (muted)! We forgot to toast J.
To J.
frickin' Brouillard.
May you rest in peace.
Let me grab them keys from you.
- No.
Come on.
- Later.
- Drive safe.
- Bye.
Do you wanna walk with me? - He was good to me, Ben.
- I get it.
I figure he wanted to die.
Suicide by cop killer.
It doesn't matter anymore.
He's gone.
I know.
(music becomes tense) So.
Ready to make things right? - What do you think you're doing? - It's not complicated.
I got nothing that belongs to you or your friends.
- Stop right there.
- Come on, patrolman.
- I told you once.
- You don't seem to understand the situation here.
You gotta work something out.
- No.
- It's not just you.
Your partner Your girlfriend, there, you've been walking with, Pouliot (muted) you! They've got nothing to do with this.
Yes, they do.
That's what I'm trying to explain to you.
Look, I've been in the same situation.
I've been in the same (muted) hole, my man.
That's why I'm telling you what's involved.
(stuttering): Just Explain that to me.
Tell me T-tell me what that means.
You say you've been in the same position? - Oh, yeah - (Slam!) - (Curran grunting) - Don't move.
Don't move, don't (muted) move.
You wearing a wire? You crazy? You looking for a confession, is that it? Look, the guy was stupid.
He should have left the driver with the car, but he didn't.
You know that.
You were watching.
So if you don't have what I need, tell me who does.
I cut up your (muted) and I put it into the river.
It's gone, and you can tell your (muted) friends that.
- That was not (muted) smart.
- Yeah, well, it's gone.
That's it.
You're not protected from this, even if you're a (muted) cop, I'm telling you! Yeah, you come near me again, I won't hesitate, OK? - It won't be me.
- And if anything happens to my partner or anybody else, I'm coming for you.
(edgy music) (lift grill rattling) (music takes on a creepy tinge)
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