19-2 (2014) s04e08 Episode Script


1 Previously on 19-2 - You should stay with me.
- No.
- No? - No, I'm not going anywhere.
Then you're buying a couch, alright? - Who is he? - Geraldo Michael Minelli.
It's the guy that wanted to be king of Montreal.
And they cut him out, like a cancer.
Mob's not a cancer.
You can cure cancer.
I'm a cop.
You're saying a cop's pimping her out? Huh? If you're a cop, then what the (SILENCED) are you doing just lying there? We could charge him, but how do you think that looks for you? She's 17, Richard, for Christ's sake! So what, this is just an empty grave, that's it? Neighbour across the street phoned it in, said it wasn't there last night but it's here now.
- Alright, I'll go ask the guys.
- Let's keep it just the two of us.
- More fun that way, right? - Alright.
Bear's awesome, trust me.
Go for it.
- What are you doing? Who's this? - Friend of Junior's, Farah's ex.
I've seen him hanging out with Antoine.
That's not good for the kid.
Hands behind your back.
Both hands behind your back.
Watch your head.
(OVER MEGAPHONE): Stop the vehicle! Sir, bring the vehicle to a stop now! (SIRENS BLARING) (NICK): He's not stopping.
BEATRICE: [How the hell do you lose a snowplough?.]
Took the words right out of my mouth, mama Bear.
DISPATCH: [Municipal worker left the vehicle running.]
[while he went in to use facilities.
Facilities, yeah, right.
These heavy machines are on meters.
(SILENCED) leave 'em running while they eat.
SUAREZ: [Where's it missing from?.]
DISPATCH: [Outside Pizzeria Pete, in Chomedey.
Told you.
(SIRENS BLARING) - BEN: [He's leaving the bridge.
- DISPATCH: [Copy that.
You think this is funny? Why, don't you? What the hell is this guy doing? It's a full moon.
It's gonna be a long night, my friend.
(SIRENS BLARING) (BEATRICE OVER MEGAPHONE): Sir, stop the vehicle! Bring the vehicle to a stop now! There's nowhere for you to go! - Put your hands up! - Ha! Yeah, baby! Y'all see that? Hands up where we can see them! Turn around! Whoa, whoa, hey, there's no problem! Put your hands on the (SILENCED) truck! OK.
NICK: [19-2, suspect apprehended.
- Spread your legs.
- [Copy that.
- Why'd you do this? - Ha, ha, ha! Jesus (SILENCED) Christ.
That's one way to start an all-nighter.
Yeah, our very own version of the white Bronco chase.
Only slower.
Yeah, the slower the better, if you ask me.
You guys never rode together, have you? No, no, no.
It's baby girl's lucky night.
(CHUCKLING) Dulac wants to ride solo, let him.
Dulac bailed on you? Whatever, man.
That kid's got issues.
(AUDREY): What's the story? He got fired, obviously decided to take a little present home.
- Forgot to fill up first.
- That'll show 'em.
- Who's got the driver? - Dionne and I, Sarge.
19-4, you hold the scene.
- What's up, Sarge? - Got good news and bad news.
Internal's wrapping up with the gang war.
They confirmed - nothing's going in your file.
- That's generous of them.
It's over.
Move on.
- What's the bad news? - You got a summons to testify in the morning.
They moved it up.
- What's the case? - Ah, (SILENCED).
August Rutty Jr.
How come you weren't in on that? I was riding solo.
Nick's mother's been sick.
Hit the road.
Thanks, Sarge.
- You getting good at that.
- What? Lying.
Well, that one was for you, partner.
- [Copy, 19-2.
Good it's over.
Whatever the (SILENCED) Internal was doing.
You dodged a bullet, my friend.
You know that.
- Good it's over.
- [28-9, copy that.
Did you hear from her? - Yeah, that's over too.
- Uh-oh.
Just me and you now, Bambi.
- Marc.
- [Hey, Ben.
Long time no speak.
- Yeah.
- [Listen, um, .]
I'm just passing through town here and, uh, I got something for ya from Dad, so can we meet somewhere? No, I'm working right now, Marc.
[Look, I'll come to you, wherever.
I gotta hit the road.
- Whoa.
- I'll call you right back.
(SIREN) - What's the problem? - You're leaking here, friend.
What is this stuff? What are you leaking? It's molasses.
Nothing dangerous.
Molasses? It's it's this one here.
I'll tell you what, I'll just drop it off here and I'll come back later It's not molasses.
It's not molasses, sir.
Step down.
- What is it? - Maple syrup.
Step over here.
License and registration, please.
Why'd you lie about it? You steal the stuff? You got paperwork for it? - My brother makes it.
- Sure he does.
19-2, we got a truck here leaking maple syrup.
Anything in the database? DISPATCH: [Hold on, 19-2.
[Yes, indeed.
SQ says there's 20,000 litres.]
[missing from a holding facility in Hull.
Yeah, well, looks like we've got some of it.
You got anything sharp in your pockets? Anything that's gonna hurt me? No.
Any money in this? What's it worth? I wanna talk to a lawyer.
Maybe ten bucks a litre for this stuff.
Probably $10,000's worth in there.
- It's the dark stuff.
- Is it more expensive? No, they charge more for the clear stuff in the city.
They don't know (SILENCED) about maple syrup in the city.
The darker the better.
- Hands behind your back, please.
- That's what I always say.
- Ugh! - You alright? - (SILENCED)! - Hey, you okay? (CHUCKLING) Sweet.
How long is this gonna take? - Please be patient.
- It's been a long time.
- What's happening? - They came in before closing.
She doesn't want to make a statement, he does.
They're waiting for the Sarge.
Front's supposed to be closed, Flo.
Buzz us through.
Hello, I'm Officer Hamelin.
How can I help you? She needs a restraining order.
What's your name? I'm Joanie.
This is Bella.
And this is your husband? This is my father.
Mac Roy.
Her (SILENCED) husband is why she's here.
He threatened her.
Tell them! - You witnessed this? - You don't believe me.
Officer Dionne can take your statement, and Joanie, I'll need you to come with me.
This way.
Did your husband threaten you? We just have fights sometimes.
Dad takes everything literally.
What's your husband's name? - Karl.
- And his last name? Do you have to write this down? These are just my notes.
- Are you gonna talk to Karl? - Right now, - I wanted to talk to you.
I I shouldn't be here.
- Joanie - I wanna go.
She didn't even want to make a statement? No.
Where's the damn tow? Alright, well, you better take him in.
I'll stick around here till it shows.
What happened to you? Slipped.
Well, get cleaned up after booking.
Yes, sir.
[This is Commander Gendron.
Sergeant Suarez, .]
[I need you at the station.
I'm holding a scene right now, sir.
Be there soon.
[Surely you can get someone else to do that.
Copy that.
Alright, hold tight, - I'll send someone to relieve you.
- Sure.
Oh, (SILENCED)! - Watch, watch your step! - I know, I know.
You okay? - You alright, man? - (SILENCED) hell.
Maple syrup ain't playing! It took us both out.
19-10, I need a ride to the station.
- (LAUGHTER) - [Copy, Sarge.
[What happened to your vehicle?.]
Just get the hell here.
Ha, ha, ha! We 'bout to pull an all-nighter.
You expect me to survive on soup balls? - Well, they have other stuff.
- I'm sure they do.
You know how much I weigh, girl? Hey, hold on, what's that? What the hell's going on here? Yeah, it's an installation.
I didn't tell you? No, you did not tell me.
Tell me what? Yeah, it's a guerilla artist from Mexico.
I saw it on TV.
Some death stuff.
The empty grave thing and this thing.
And there's a mausoleum up at the old clock tower.
- So this is supposed to be art? - That's what it said on TV.
There's supposed to be a body on it.
Yeah, see.
Ohh Yeah, yeah, alright.
I guess if you look at it sideways, yeah.
Definitely interesting.
Makes you think.
What are you doing? - Crossing it off my - Off your list, yeah, yeah.
Find out about that weird grave.
- Check.
- You got it, girl.
Inspector Brisebois, please report to the detention area.
What? Let's go.
- Richard.
- Sir? How's riding solo? I'm with the Sergeant right now.
His vehicle broke down.
I see.
Dulac! Something wrong? Ah, postings.
Nothing to do with you.
What happened with you and Joseph? Nothing.
You just get tired of the big dog shtick? Doesn't mean you can't ride with someone else, you know.
I'm good solo.
Oh yeah? I'm just looking to get a little perspective.
On the job? Figure out how to wait out patrol.
Just not looking to plant roots in 19, you know? If you don't like it here, put in for a transfer.
It's not that big a deal.
Yeah, it is to my family.
Dulacs don't quit.
- It's not quitting.
- It is to us.
DISPATCH: [In 19, we've got a dropped 911 call.
- What do you mean, dropped? - [Operator picked up, .]
[line went dead.
No response.]
[when we called back.
[Probably just a mistake, but it's on the list for follow up.
Uh, this is 19-4, at your service.
- [As always, thank you, 19-4.
- Oh, you're so welcome, girl.
- [3200 Villeneuve.
- "At your service".
Hey, just doing my job.
We gotta check it out.
Full moon out there, girl.
[Number's listed to Macdonald Brian Roy, .]
[56 years old.
No other names listed.
19-7, what was that name? [Macdonald Brian Roy.
Didn't the father say his name was Roy? Grandfather? Yeah, Mac Roy.
19-4, we're at the address.
BEATRICE: [Macdonald Roy was at the station today, .]
[swearing in a complaint against his son-in-law.
Lights are on.
- (SILENCED) it, let's go in.
- Alright.
19-4, we've got a deceased male, obvious signs of violence.
Jesus Christ.
[What's the condition of the victim?.]
Wonder what the hell happened to this guy.
He's going cold.
He's gone.
No signs of rigor.
Daughter's name is Joanie Roy.
They came in to complain about her husband, the son-in-law.
He's our suspect.
SUAREZ: [We need an address.
Joanie Roy.
- [I need more info.
Stand by.
- BEATRICE: [Father's name.]
[is Macdonald.
Son-in-law has been listed.]
as Karl.
(SILENCED), I didn't get the last name.
It's gotta be in 19.
Karl Lucas.
- Nice.
- Got it from the granddad.
[Got it.
Joanie Roy, 752 Molson.
[Co-resident is listed as Karl Curtis Lucas, 28.
[Karl Lucas, that's who we're looking for.
[He's our suspect.
He's going.]
after his wife next.
- She has a baby.
- SUAREZ: [752 Molson.
[Who's closest?.]
We're right there.
19-2, we're five blocks away.
Charged with aggravated assault three times, once against an ex-girlfriend.
Come on, people, [let's get there before this (SILENCED) does.
- (TURNING ON SIREN) - Please let them not be dead.
I don't see anybody in there.
- Locked.
- I'll break it down.
We'll get him.
- Police! - (TV PLAYING) Police! Ma'am? Ma'am.
What the (SILENCED)? We need to know where your husband is.
- What's going on? - Is he here? No.
- He's not here? - No.
What's wrong? We're in the house.
Wife and baby are fine.
There's no sign of the suspect.
- [We'll take her out of here.
- Alright, I want a perimeter - around the house.
- 19-7, we're five minutes away.
You should gather up everything that you need for the baby and yourself.
We'll get you out of here.
Come on, we have to move, ma'am.
Come on.
Come on.
- Bottles? - Uh, Christ Here.
And, um formula.
Where's our backup? Goddamn it, what's the holdup? I need units on site! BEATRICE: [This is 19-7.
Goddamn Rachel is closed again.
Slow down.
Three o'clock.
With the hoodie.
You think it's him? Yeah.
This is Suarez.
We have a potential sighting of the suspect.
Uh, moving east on Arcade.
Don't look at him.
He's turning.
He's turning onto Clark.
Moving to apprehend.
(SIREN BEEPING) Police! Get down! Down on the ground! What did I do? Shut your mouth! Don't say anything! Hands behind your back! - OK! - You got him? SUAREZ: [19-21, we have the suspect.
Yes! [Repeat, we have the suspect in custody.
Is that Karl? - Do they have him? - Get the rest of your things.
- Come on, ma'am.
- Do we have an ID? We've got your bottles, we've got your formula, what else do you need? What else can I get? - Some of her clothes.
- Yeah, these? (TENSE MUSIC) We do not have him.
Repeat, [we do not have the suspect.
- Nick!! - AAH!! (GRUNTING) 19-2, what's your situation? - [19-2!.]
- Come on, boys, what's going on? (GRUNTING) Ah! You bitch! (SILENCED) you! - Stop resisting! - (SILENCED) off! - Stop! Stop! Stop! - Stop it! - Stop it! - [19-2,.]
- [check in now.
- (SILENCED) bitch! You (SILENCED) done? You (SILENCED) done? - You broke my leg, (SILENCED)! - Shut the (SILENCED) up! 19-2, we got the suspect.
You good? OK? (GRUNTING) Get up.
(GRUNTING) What did you do? - You (SILENCED) bitch! - You stay back! - What the (SILENCED) did you do? - Should've done you first! You piece of (SILENCED)! Get him out! - (SCREAMING) Get him out! - Hey, enough! Enough! (SOUND FADES OUT) (SOBBING) Get him out of here.
(SIRENS BLARING) (BABY COOING) Call it a good day.
19-2, we're all good here.
[Copy, 19-2.
We'll hold it down.
- Hey, nice work out there.
- We didn't do anything.
You know what you did.
That was quick thinking.
Hey Step in here for a minute.
Yes, sir? You got a station.
- Which station? - This one.
You're taking 19.
- Thank you.
What about you? - I'm going to 37.
It's a good post.
It's always been your job.
I was just holding it for ya.
- Sorry it took so long.
- Yeah, no, I get it.
Hey, you must be Nick.
- Yeah.
How you doing? - My brother Marc.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah, you too.
What's Dad giving me? You gotta see.
Damn! - Who killed Bambi? - Yeah, it got caught in the back fence.
Pretty gored.
Dad had to shoot it, he didn't have a choice.
Why is it here? Someone's gotta eat it.
Dad can't keep it or else everybody's gonna know and he's already been suspended for shooting out of season.
Why didn't you (SILENCED) skin it? Yeah, I'm sorry.
I thought, you know, we could butcher it now, - you and I.
- Wait, wait.
What is this, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre going on and you guys are actually gonna cut this thing up right here in the parking lot? Well, I'm not gonna do it at home.
Real country boys.
- You were gonna hang it - I was, yeah.
- Yeah? - Well I thought maybe it would help a little you know, bonding.
- Dad wanted you to have it.
- Well, tell him I said thanks.
Drive safe.
Good to meet you.
Why you rolling up in here so late, man? Country boy here decided to go and butcher a deer.
Listen to this guy.
Country boys.
What, you think I'm joking? I ain't lying.
- Is that fresh venison? - I don't think it gets any fresher.
What are you gonna do with it? Freeze it, take it to the shelter.
You don't have a couch, but you have a freezer? - Ha! - You're not gonna freeze that.
Do you know what kind of tourtière Lac St-Jean I could make with that? Why does it smell like maple? - That's Nick.
- Oh.
OK, that's it.
I'm taking it.
I have an idea.
You gonna let us in on it? - The idea or the meat? - Either.
Ha, ha! Oh, man.
You hear? Bear's getting 19 back.
Suarez is going to 37.
- Yes, sir.
Mama Bear! - Chartier? - That's me.
- We can prep up here.
- OK.
Alright, I'll wait right here.
Bernard, you are requested in Room 206.
Bernard in Room 206, please.
You here for my dad? My partner is.
You do it for my mom? I did it 'cause I'm a cop and he's a crook.
And it needed to be done.
Is your mom here? Talking to his lawyer.
He took my money.
What do you mean? My savings account.
I had $800.
- That's a lot of money.
- Yeah, no (SILENCED).
He said he'll get it back.
He won't.
My dad was a crook.
He go to jail? He died.
Gill, please report to Room 307.
Thank you.
Can I have some? Yeah.
Why do they have candy on them? I always wondered that.
- They're good, though.
- Mmm.
Hey, I'll buy you a pack.
- Hey, Mom.
- What are you doing here? I just figured I should face what I've done.
It's not his fault Dad's a (SILENCED).
- I'm glad he took a deal.
- Well, three years.
It isn't nothing.
You talk to Farah? I talked to Antoine.
Really? How did that go? Better than I expected.
That is crazy.
A bone arrow? - Yeah.
- Oh! - Thank God, Chartier.
- Hey! - What's going on? - We're having a party for Suarez.
I'm making tourtière.
Yeah, I can see that.
- Hey, wasn't my idea, partner.
- Oh yeah? No, he just gave me a key, though, but, you know.
You OK with this, right? Yup.
- Yeah.
Yeah, why not? - Good.
I hear you have a roof.
Oh man, it's the main attraction.
Come on.
- Where you going? - It's all yours, big boy.
- Oh, it's like that, huh? - Help me, - come on! - OK, OK.
- Look at that.
- Yeah, man.
I feel like I've told you this before, but that's my wife.
You know, I hate to tell ya, but she gets around.
(LAUGHING) Ahh, Chartier yeah.
You see that rig over there, hanging off the bridge? Yeah, I spoke to the guy.
Said they're painting it.
Oh yeah? Mm-hmm.
I said, "How long is it gonna take?" He said four years.
I said, "How long is it gonna last?" He said four years.
- Yeah.
Get to one end, start over at the other.
There's no such thing as being done, right? Sort of like what we do, huh? So, how's that bucket list coming along? Keep adding more stuff than I can tick off, so it's gonna be a while.
- (LAUGHING) - Hey yo, can I use your barbecue? - Kitchen's kinda small.
- Uh, man, - it's not mine.
- They won't mind.
- Hey, fire it up, partner.
- Beautiful.
Way to go, Chartier.
Way to go.
It's gonna be good, fellas.
- Ended up 10 to nothing.
- Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Tyler's got a date? Uhoh.
Hey, welcome.
Lita, this is Ben Chartier.
- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
And his partner, Nick Barron.
- How are ya? - I'm good, you? Good.
- 19-2, right? - That's right.
I know your voice.
Right, - and I know yours.
- Cool place you got.
Thank you very much.
Actually, you should see the roof, it's amazing.
Hey man, be my guest.
Let me take that for you.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- It's so nice up there.
We're gonna have the town to ourselves.
- Where you going? - Don't worry about it, man.
- Ah, Sarge.
- Oh, stop that.
- Hey there.
- Hi.
We really eating a deer? - Yes, we really are.
- This I have to see.
You know, I never actually asked for 19.
You know that, right? - I do.
I know.
- OK.
- Turns out I got adhunted.
- Did you? I talked to the Commander at 37.
He pulled some strings to get me.
Yeah, it's sorta cool to be wanted.
And, uh they got motorcycles, too.
I think I might get me one.
- Oh! - No, you won't.
You know how many people I peel off the street? Here.
Golden Boy and the Dark Avenger.
- Let me take your coat.
- Oh, thank you.
Put it on the bed.
- I'm gonna miss you, Sarge.
- Oh, come on, (SILENCED) off.
- I'm not gone yet.
- At least you got a decent oven.
Yeah, it came with the place.
What can I do? Let me do something.
No, go, get out, mingle! Out of my kitchen! - Out of my kitchen! Out of my kitchen! - We're going, we're going! Audrey? - Hey! - Hey.
Liam, this is Ben.
This is his place.
- Glad to meet you.
- Nick.
Nice to meet you.
- He just got off an all-nighter too.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Got wine for you guys.
- Hey, thanks.
- Wanna take it down? - You got it.
Alright, cool.
Girl, what's going on with that meat pie? - What's your rush? - Yo, I'm hungry.
About time you had a party.
Yeah, everybody keeps saying that.
- Hey! Come on in.
- Hey, Roxy! For the host.
Thank you very much.
Just put your coat on the bed there.
Oh! Need some love.
Nice to see you.
- Nice bottle, thank you! - I try.
- Like the hair.
- Thanks.
Hey! Did you just get here? - Yeah.
- Cool place, huh? Who knew cops had it so good? So, um, dinner.
Are we still on? (LAUGHING) - Of course.
- Great.
Hey, anybody hear from Dickie? Dickie! - You? No? - No.
- Please tell me you told him.
- (SILENCED), I forgot.
- Uh-oh.
- (TYLER SIGHING) Alright, I got it.
(CELL PHONE BUZZING) (SOFT PIANO MUSIC) You going home, sir? Have a good weekend.
(BOTTLES CLINKING) - Thanks, man.
- Yeah.
You know, you ever bring a girl up here, it's a done deal.
You know that, right? This place is a closer.
Yeah, man, it's the main attraction.
Bought a couch.
- Oh yeah? - Oh yeah.
- You settling in nicely.
- Yeah.
Yep, I could do worse.
(CELL PHONE CHIMING) - What you got? - Oh - It's Farah.
- Uh-oh! - Askins if I'm free tonight.
- You are.
- You should go.
- Yeah? Yeah, man.
Everybody down there will be on shift tomorrow.
Let's go! Come on.
Gotta get you off your ass for a girl who look for you.
I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna do it.
Nick! It was a good day.
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