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A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES I understand - a need for revenge.
Even a beaten dog will eventually bite its master.
Do you believe you will be rewarded in the afterlife? That God will show you the mercy I won't? So? Still insisting on passive resistance? That's why you'll lose.
United by information.
The upcoming anniversary of the events of 12 March is an opportunity for mourners to reflect on the victims whose sacrifice paved the way for the rebirth of our country and its peace and prosperity despite global chaos.
The US continues its military build-up in Kuwait despite the outcry from civilized nations.
President Al Gore's wanton aggression has put the West on a path towards war with the sovereign nation of Iraq.
Vietnamese President Ngan has come to Warsaw to participate in the final talks regarding the "Friendship" railway line, which will foster brotherly economic cooperation and prosperity between both nations.
On the eve of the upcoming anniversary, the Party wishes to remind all citizens: stay vigilant and report any seditious activity.
Don't let terrorists destroy our way of life.
Clear! Empty! Inspector Janów.
Just copiers.
More illegal publications.
HARRY POTTER 1984 GEORGE ORWELL Boss! There was no match on biometrics, but the neighbor claims that the deceased is Łukasz Ziółek and that he was an illegal tenant.
They had supposedly complained for months.
I don't know why they even print this shit.
Yeah, but it seems like she tipped us off.
I guess he heard us coming and decided 20 years in prison wasn't worth it.
ALLIANCE Take it all to the precinct.
Tell Forensics to collect DNA from the mattress.
Yes, sir.
But It was a suicide.
Never accept an obvious conclusion.
So it wasn't a suicide? I don't know.
There's more here than it seems.
Your thesis is very interesting, Mr.
I think you'll be one of the people who will eventually take responsibility for the security of our legal system.
In that case, my final question.
When analyzing our legal system, did you note a certain paradox? A paradox? You describe the unity of law and Party, and then daringly prove that it all serves the Polish people.
The last 20 years of history serve as proof of that.
The Party sets our goals and the law allows us to reach them.
Society needs both the law and the Party.
But you haven't taken human fallibility into account.
- People are fallible by nature.
- Including those who write the law.
Society needs something more.
Something more important than the Party and the law.
Something unaffected by human fallibility.
Free will? Truth.
Thank you, Mr.
Fuck! Truth? What about justice? Truth should always come first, especially for those whose justice has been denied.
See, Kajetan, truth is the only weapon mortals can use in their fight against the Gods.
I'll miss our discussions.
Come over for dinner tonight - Sara will be so happy.
- Of course.
- Till then.
- What was that? - I don't know.
And how did it go? - Just as we practiced.
- Meaning very well.
Yes, until Żurawski asked me a bizarre question.
What was it? Seemed like he was trying to set me up.
Maybe he wanted you to fail so he'd keep his favorite student.
Good job, Mr.
- Did I pass? - Three out of three.
Well done.
- I passed! I have an MA! - Come here! Hey, Karolina! Come here.
What are you doing? - Look.
- Here? Yes, I'm done waiting.
Tomorrow evening at my place? My parents want to hear all about your successes.
Your parents? I have something for you.
I'm afraid it's very simple: the cause of death was strangulation.
Straight from the lab, Inspector.
We ran toxicology.
No drugs, no alcohol, no sedatives, just anti-depressants.
Aside from that, he was a picture of health.
Have you ever seen this before? From playing soccer.
Meaning? Dirt from their cleats rubs into their heels.
He's older than the others.
Usually it's teenagers who go for this type of suicide.
They give up easily.
Don't expect their world to get better.
EASTERN PRECINC PEOPLE'S MILICJA Anatol - You couldn't have saved him.
- Maybe.
Damn, that's too many suicides.
Twelve kids in three months.
It's an epidemic.
No will to live.
He made his own choice.
- Did he? - Yes.
Ever seen anything like this? It's a Vietnamese token.
It lets you into one of the illegal clubs in Little Saigon.
But you need the password.
Nothing's changed.
Can you locate this place for me? We can try.
It'll take a while.
What is this? It's a suicide.
- I have some doubts.
- What kind? - Why? - Why? Remember what happens when you ask too many questions? It's your last chance.
Fuck them.
- I feel like a security guard.
- It's our job.
Protecting soc Protecting what? The state? The Party? - Our way of life? - This is our world.
And you just accept it? No, I don't but we can't do anything about it.
You know I'm on your side.
I just worry when you get so restless.
Wasn't that one good? It's evidence in a case.
Treat it as a work assignment.
Have you printed out the ID profile of this Ziółek? - No.
- Because? 1984 GEORGE ORWELL He has no profile.
Everyone does.
Well, the Milicja doesn't have it.
DZIADY: PART THREE LIGHT BRIGADE - Where are you going? - To investigate.
Then maybe I'll come too.
I don't think you want to go where I'm going.
- Good day.
How can I help you, Inspector? I need a profile.
We don't have it on file.
His name was Łukasz Ziółek.
Not here either? No.
It's about your clearance.
I'm Level Four, just below National Security.
This file requires Level One clearance.
Level One? But that's ministerial level.
Inspector Don't worry.
I didn't hear anything.
Can you tell me if he has any living relatives? Or would you rather they learned of the boy's death when they get the bill for the cremation? You take away everything from them.
Their souls.
And what's left? Can a young, sensitive boy survive in your world? You're a murderer! Understand? You're all murderers.
Let me go.
Let me go! She doesn't really think that.
She's in shock.
She's in the Party.
She's loyal.
Did you know that your son was on anti-depressants? He had no reason to be.
He was a graphic artist - mostly for the government.
The government? May I see his room? Yes.
Follow me, please.
Did your son play soccer? No.
He hated sports.
He did what he loved.
That's the dream, right? Which is why I don't understand why He even had a girlfriend.
Is that her? - Yes.
- Do you know her name? - Just her first name.
- Which is? Ofelia.
I think they were in love, but he kept it secret.
- He was very private.
- I'll have to take this with me.
How well did you know your son? As well as any father does.
So not at all.
Do you have a family? I'm sorry this happened to you.
Please if you could help us in any way We don't want any trouble with the SB.
Even God can't help you with that.
NO PHOTOGRAPHY The transfer location is yet to be confirmed but I'd like it to be more or less What the hell are you doing? You will bring hell down upon us all.
An apocalypse.
You think you're the first revolutionary in this country? Thousands of us marched when the Red Army A history lesson! when the Red Army sat in garrisons a few miles away.
- I've been hearing this my whole life.
- Then you're going to hear it again.
We were risking everything.
Twenty years ago, we, resistance fighters, stood up to the Soviet Empire.
We fought peacefully for freedom and basic human rights.
In that case, you fucking failed.
It's easy to judge.
Except I don't think you were there.
And you don't give a shit about your parents' sacrifices.
All of your parents! Don't you understand that if you go on this path of jihad, you'll find yourself alone? There won't be a nation behind you.
You underestimate the nation.
You know what? Fight for individuals.
The masses need peace, food and security.
That's what I learned from our history.
What is it? - Well? - It's about Łukasz.
We need to hurry.
It might still be under surveillance.
They took everything.
Effy! No, no! Stop it! Are you sad? You can't let them get so close to you.
Maciek He was different.
He didn't feel hatred.
He needed something different.
I used someone who loved me.
It takes a toll on all of us.
You know our people will die.
How many more? If they ignore the individuals, thousands will have to die.
That's the price, Effy.
You can't have change without casualties.
- Hey, Anatol.
How's life? - Hey.
I also lost my parents to war.
A different one, obviously.
I was a little boy.
I survived thanks to kind people.
We came together to survive.
Then things changed.
We started looking for enemies even among ourselves, even though there were none.
The only good thing about this new world order after the attacks was bringing us all together again.
For a moment.
I don't think this conversation is good for our appetite.
It must be hard not to know who is responsible for the death of your parents.
Janusz! No, it's alright.
I never looked at it this way but I'd rather know why than who.
That seems more important to me.
To make some sort of sense of it.
Why do you think that's more important? The reason is more important than the perpetrator? If my parents died for some ideal it was the terrorists', not my parents'.
Go on.
I'm listening.
So I'd rather know the reason.
Why did these terrorists do it? Was their goal achieved? They say that the attacks changed us as a nation.
If that's true is that what the terrorists wanted? Do we live in the country they envisioned? - Maybe it's better we don't know.
- Exactly.
The duck is delicious.
I bought it from the Vietnamese.
In Little Saigon.
The route has been confirmed.
They'll both be on the plane.
Modzelewski and Trojan.
- Are you sure it's not a trap? - Uncle doesn't take sides.
Until he does.
What are you scared of, girls? We know you.
Let's go.
This much effort will cost you.
Just no civilians.
Civilians are not our target.
Oh, and this.
- An invitation? - Open it.
I'll have the money tomorrow.
- Only dollars.
- I know.
Revolutions can have unexpected outcomes.
She's the first one they'll hang.
The days before the anniversary must be hard for you.
All these celebrations, memorial masses for people whom I actually did not know.
I regret it.
I want to show you something.
Ever been old? I don't recommend it.
A long time ago.
- That's you? - Yes.
A friend's wedding.
A beautiful house on Lake Tałty.
We were very young.
Soon after, our world your world, changed completely.
No, no.
I want you to keep it.
As a keepsake.
It's better that you take it than it hanging here for no reason.
I have something else for you.
These are the files for a case I presided over five years ago.
- May I? - Please.
Just be warned, it's a grisly crime.
It still haunts me.
Triple murder.
Parents and a son.
Is that him? Yes.
The body was never found, though his blood was on the scene.
And this? The man I convicted.
The killer? The lead detective thought otherwise.
He had doubts.
I'd like you to take these files.
Why? You see, these files will explain better what I meant this morning during your exam.
You mean about justice being denied? Yes.
We'll talk about that some other time.
Someone's really itching for a walk.
Chechen freedom fighters continue to gain ground against the beleaguered Soviet forces How was it? liberating three besieged villages in heavy fighting.
Riots escalated in the streets of East Berlin Went alright.
The professor got a bit emotional.
He was kind of sad.
- The professor? Sad? Why? - I don't know.
Meanwhile in Warsaw, the Ministry of the Economy He asked me about my parents.
Talked about the war.
Come on, doggie.
I actually get why he felt that way.
He's losing his favorite student.
He owes you a lot.
What is this? - I don't know.
A photo.
- A keepsake? He gave it to me.
Kajetan? You knew her.
Anatol Janów.
MINISTRY OF NATIONAL SECURITY Minister Modzelewski will see you now.
Anatol! Hello! Hello.
How do you find the Eastern District? Grown used to the smell yet? You would love this food if you gave it a chance.
Your tastes were always more exotic.
Sit down.
What brings you here? There's this case.
At first glance, a petty printer of illegal books but he might have been caught up in something bigger.
His profile is restricted.
You need Level One clearance.
Level One? It may have something to do with the Light Brigade.
The itinerary for Moscow.
SB Commander Trojan has been notified.
He'll come up in a moment.
Thank you.
Pacifying the Chechen uprising seems to be too difficult for our Soviet friends.
We're heading there today.
What happened to your father and brothers is a real tragedy.
They sacrificed their lives for Poland.
The nation is eternally indebted to you for that.
And for what you have done for me you have my eternal gratitude.
As for that other thing I cannot help you.
SB Commander Mikołaj Trojan.
Sit down, gentlemen.
Commander, there's a young man here looking for Inspector Janów.
He claims that it's urgent and won't talk to anyone else.
Why are you calling me? Inspector Janów is not here.
And? You're the only one who Alright.
Take down his info and send him up.
Could you close the door? Oh, sorry.
So you have information regarding an important case Yes.
And you won't reveal it to me.
I'm Deputy Commander of the People's Milicja.
What do I tell the Inspector? Please tell him that I have very important information from a high-ranking member Tell the Inspector I've found something he might find interesting.
- Tonight? - You said it was urgent.
Yes, of course.
Thank you.
I'll make sure he's there.
We're ready.
They have to fit perfectly.
You know how obsessed with them they are, right? The first gas makes them euphoric, the second gas kills them.
How do I look? Too good.
I hope they don't fucking bury me in it.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Here you go.
What didn't you get? You have no right to tell me what to do.
These are my decisions.
I know what's best for Poland.
Don't ever summon me again.
I lead the Party.
The military answers to me.
It's an order.
Assemble the General Staff.
- Good evening.
- Good to see you.
What was it like? - Please.
- I wouldn't want to bore you.
Go on, tell us.
It was challenging and enlightening.
How so? One of my professors pointed out that I failed to confront a paradox in our legal system.
This is getting interesting.
Our legal system can't be infallible since it was created by fallible people.
That's why we have the Party.
That's what I told him.
But then the professor said something strange.
He said that truth is more important than law and Party.
Like they couldn't coexist.
What do you think? What's the ultimate goal of truth? Justice.
Isn't that what the Party ensures? Belief in our justice gives people confidence that we can govern effectively.
We spent the past 20 years building that confidence.
Before, people didn't believe in us.
Didn't believe that justice is possible.
So truth is a by-product.
It's a tool.
Are you sure you won't stay? I really have to go.
- What is this? - A present.
To mark your exams.
Is this a Traszka? The latest model.
From all of us.
You're leaving? It was a pleasure.
An inspiring conversation.
I'd like to meet this professor of yours.
And let me know if I can be of help with any new challenges you might face.
Alright, Dad.
We get it.
Text me when you get home.
I need to see the body of Ziółek again.
But he's not here: they took him.
Who did? The body is prepared, as you requested.
Fractured base of the skull.
Hit by a car.
Toxicology Please wait.
You are not needed, Inspector.
It's him.
Do you need it in writing? Żurawski.
NATIONAL REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY 12 MARCH 1983 NOW YOU CAN'T ESCAPE ME LOVE, K Inspector Janów? Is it that obvious? Are you his friend or something? Yes, he's my professor.
So you know the girl, too? - You mean the victim? - The victim? Why, is she dead? You investigated her murder.
Boy, there's been some mistake.
Someone fucked up really bad.
Please wait.
Triple homicide.
Five years ago.
You were the lead on the case.
You're quite a detective, Julia.
Judge Żurawski, my professor I think he wanted me to find you.
You're the only one I can talk to about it.
It's from a wedding before the attacks.
Does this guy look familiar? It's Żurawski.
He gave it to me.
And this is Justyna Fiołek, the victim.
They knew each other.
- When did he give it to you? - Last night.
Here's something they won't teach you in school.
Excessive curiosity will never get you far in this country.
You thought that the man convicted for the murder was innocent.
It wasn't my job to think, back then.
But you repeatedly raised doubts about the way this case was handled.
To your superiors, the prosecutor, the judge So? Maybe he was innocent.
Maybe he wasn't.
All we know is that the state wanted to convict him even if the evidence was completely made up.
But why? Where do you think you live? - What's the matter, Jonasz? - I don't feel well.
Don't worry, son.
The Soviets make me feel the same way.
Here, wipe yourself clean.
- Sorry, I need to go to the bathroom.
- Go ahead.
Trojan isn't here.
What do you mean? He didn't show.
Something's off.
- No.
- Effy! We won't get another chance.
At least we'll kill one fucking god.
Look at me.
Remember what they did to us.
Now we're taking something from them.
I was on the fast track to becoming the Chief Inspector.
But I asked important people uncomfortable questions.
So they sent me down to this rat hole, to track down illegal student zines and phones with disabled simlocks.
So you gave up? You have your naive, idealized image of law and justice What if I told you it's an illusion? I won't believe you.
The man who was convicted never said where he hid one of the bodies.
The son.
He died in prison a week after sentencing.
Do you know how? Shot while attempting to escape.
And the judge your professor was fatally hit by a car yesterday.
What? I saw the body.
The driver escaped.
Unfortunately this is our world.
- Why did you pick this place? - I didn't.
- What is it? - We were set up.
- Who are you? - What are you talking about? Why did you really come here? You know why.
I'm a student.
I study law! Who else knows you're here? No one! I swear.
I came here for help.
Don't fight.
They're after me.
- How do you know? - They always are.
Track down the people in the photo.
I'll find you.
Hurts, doesn't it? Fuck, give him here! - What about the boy? - They didn't say.

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