24 s03e10 Episode Script

Day 3: 10:00 P.M.-11:00 P.M.

- Julia.
- Mr President.
David is wondering why I want him to fire Wayne.
- Wayne and I became involved.
- They had an affair.
I think you'll agree, David, you wouldn't be where you are without my support over the years.
I've never asked you for anything in return, but I'm asking you now.
- Fire Wayne.
- I'm sorry, Alan, I can't do that.
You know me well enough not to be surprised by repercussions.
Bauer's with the Salazar brothers in Mexico.
His transponder signal stopped working.
We're doing all we can to re-establish contact.
Tell the Delta units to hold their position.
- Do you know how to do a frequency scan? - Yeah.
We want to pick up your father's transponder signal.
Michelle's begun it.
Coordinate with her.
I have a message from Jack.
The virus they're going to buy, Jack is going to take it from them.
Jack promised to get me and my family out of here if I help you.
Then help me.
There's been a complication.
Another buyer's interested in the virus.
We'll auction the virus to the highest bidder.
Your bid is 225 million dollars.
Hers is 240.
Nina, you win.
You're of no use to us any more! You failed! Ramón, don't do this.
Five hours ago you were in prison.
Now you're free because I broke you out! We can get the virus.
- How do you get the virus? - The woman, Nina.
If I fail, you get to kill me.
But if I succeed, the deal will go forward.
We'll be back on track.
We'll all get paid! How many more are coming, huh? Are they Americanos or federales or both? - So where are we on this? - Jack's last known position is here.
NSA says they can reposition a satellite.
- But it'll take two orbits to get over the area.
- That'll be too late.
Sporadic satellite coverage is probably why they chose that place to meet.
- It's Hector.
- Thread it through our system.
Trace this on all the networks.
You'll need an explanation.
They haven't heard from you in over two hours.
We're set.
What's going on? I've been trying to reach you.
Nobody suspects you? If they did, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
All right, listen, we have a problem.
The seller double-crossed us.
He brought in a second bidder.
Some woman name Nina Myers.
Amador held an auction.
We lost.
- So you don't have the virus? - No.
- What do you want me to do? - Bauer knows this woman, Nina.
We're going to try to get it through her.
Hold on.
- Gael, it's Jack.
- Jack.
I'll give you a cellphone number that Amador's been using for the last few hours.
Ping it until you get his location.
The number's 011-5255-3224-0135.
- Got it.
Hey, are you all right? - Yeah.
Get back to me on this number when you've got his location.
One more thing.
Bauer's partner showed up.
- You have him? - Yes, we have him.
- Alive? - Yes, for now.
Is he working alone, or does he have backup? Edmunds is in Field Ops.
I don't have access to their mandate.
You get access, OK? What are we paying you for? If I try, it might blow my cover.
Best to keep Edmunds alive until we find out.
All right.
Track Amador.
- Do you have a location on Jack? - Here.
Four miles from our last contact point.
Tell the Delta units to adjust their positions and wait for orders.
Run a passive triangulation on Amador's phone.
We found your father.
He's undercover with the Salazars.
He's fine.
Thank God.
What about Chase? He's been captured.
- Captured? Is he OK? - He's alive.
They're holding him.
- What do you mean, holding him? - My guess is they're interrogating him.
Once we get the virus, we'll go in for Chase.
- Thanks for not keeping this from me.
- Sure.
- Do you need anything else? - No.
Just making sure you're OK.
I'm fine.
Thank you.
- Did you tell her? - About Chase.
- But not about Nina? - No.
She doesn't need to know about that now.
Jack, how long will it take to trace Amador's phone? If everything goes right, ten minutes.
I'll call our clients, tell them there's a delay.
I'll see if they're getting anywhere with his partner.
Let's go.
- Hector! - Sergio, what are you doing here? My sister says we're going.
She's taking me and my father away from here.
- Did she say when? - Soon.
- But I don't wanna leave you, Hector.
- I would never let that happen.
OK now, you go back to bed, but don't tell your sister anything about this, OK? And I'll make sure everything works out.
- You'll talk to her? - Yes.
I'll talk to her, OK? Come on.
- How is Chase? - Holding on.
I'm going with Ramón to pick up the virus.
If you get a chance to get out of here, take it.
Get Chase, tell him to call CTU.
They can get in touch with the rescue units.
He'll get you and your family out of here.
- Planning on going somewhere? - What do you mean? - Don't play games with me.
- Don't play games with me.
- What are you talking about? - Sergio was packing a bag to go away.
- What's so funny? - He was being bad.
Something he picked up from you.
I told him I was taking him away from here.
I was trying to keep him in line.
That's all? Just trying to keep him in line? He said he wanted a gun like yours.
I said no.
He got nasty, so I scared some sense into him.
He's a good boy.
Don't scare him like that.
Don't encourage him to play with guns.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
Adam says we're back in touch with Jack.
- We just heard from him.
- How close are we to the virus? We have the phone number of the seller, a Michael Amador.
We're running a passive triangulation.
- Then what? - We pass the location of Amador onto Jack and let Jack call the shots.
- I'll bring Division up to speed.
- Ryan, there's one more thing.
We found out there's another player in the deal.
- Who is it? - Nina Myers.
I thought we had her restricted to North Africa after the president gave her exiled immunity.
We did.
Apparently she slipped out.
- Jack's trying to get her to help him.
- Help him? - She killed his wife, that's a hard sell.
- I don't know the details.
- Does Kim know about it? - No.
I'd like to keep it that way for now.
All right, keep me updated.
- I owe you an apology.
- You don't.
If you thought I wasn't fit to do my job, then you had a duty to report it.
But I wouldn't risk the effectiveness of this unit to prove how tough I am.
- I know that.
I just felt - I know what you felt! You made that perfectly clear.
- Yeah.
- We need Michelle downstairs.
Yeah, all right.
What? What do you mean, you have to go? Sarah, this is a crisis.
I can't leave.
- I'm sorry.
I have other responsibilities.
- Well, where are you now? Oh, for God's sake.
All right, OK.
- He's very stubborn, Hector.
- Move.
CTU doesn't have your travel plans in their records.
Did you come down here by yourself? Tell me, this will be all over.
Did you come down here by yourself? Keep at it.
If he doesn't crack soon, use gasoline.
Si, patron.
Are all agencies up to speed? - They're coordinating with the military.
- And the Mexican government? Full cooperation.
They've given us a free hand.
Mr President, may I please have a word? - Thank you, Gerry.
- Sir.
Thanks, Gerry.
I just got off the phone with Sullivan.
He's pulling his vote.
- How many senators have we lost? - Three, all protégés of Milliken's.
Unless Milliken calls off his dogs, we're not gonna get Health Care passed.
He's sabotaging a bill that could benefit millions.
He's showing you that he had the power to help start your political career, but he also has the power to end it.
You can't lose this debate and fail to pass the most important legislation of your presidency.
- We'd hand Keeler the election.
- We haven't lost the senate vote.
We will.
Unless you give in to his demands and fire me, we will.
- David, you don't have a choice here.
- I told you before, that's not an option.
Listen, I I know you wanna do the right thing by me.
But I'm the one who made this mistake.
My affair with Milliken's wife was stupid and wrong Yes, it was.
But what he's trying to do is worse.
For revenge, he'll kill a piece of legislation that's good for this country.
We can't let that happen.
There has to be a way to get to him.
I have Senator Haynes for you, sir.
- Senator.
- Mr President.
Push them off the stacks.
I'll be back soon.
- The card files? - No, just what I said.
Learn to follow instructions, Justin.
- I have every right to be angry.
- I'm sorry, but it's a family emergency.
There are two family emergencies now, aren't there? Hi, baby girl.
Of the two, yours is less important.
- Not to me, it's not.
- Your job is in serious jeopardy.
What did you learn from Edmunds? He can take a bullet through the hand without saying anything useful.
- Gael? - Yeah, we're tracking Amador.
He's seven miles north of Palo Verde, moving west on a rural highway.
- Any idea where he's going? - No.
Just get back to me as soon as he's stopped.
They've located Amador on a highway seven miles north of Palo Verde, moving west.
- Highway 14.
We can't let him get too far.
- OK.
Get everyone ready.
You can't ambush Amador unless you're certain he's got the virus.
- What are you saying we do? - Let him lead us to Nina.
When we're sure they have the virus, we go in.
But not with an army of men.
You have to let me go alone.
You're not going anywhere alone.
I'm not letting you out of my sight.
We go together.
Hector, you're better off here.
And make sure that everyone's ready, just in case.
Jack, give me the phone.
You're driving.
You still not asleep? It's OK, Sergio.
- What do they want with that man? - I don't know, but at least he's still alive.
Get ready, we're leaving.
Hector's resting.
This is our chance.
- No, we can't - Don't argue.
I need your help.
- What can I do? - Make sure the trucks can't follow us.
Pull wires, whatever.
Then get Sergio ready and keep him quiet.
- Put him in the truck and wait.
- What will you do? - What I have to.
Now go.
- Be careful.
- Emilio, do you have a light? - Sure.
It's been a long time.
Thanks for meeting me.
My husband's trying to force the president to fire you.
There's much more at stake here than just my job, you know.
It's about my brother being able to run his administration the way that he sees fit.
It's not fair to the people of this country for the president to be extorted.
- I do love it when you get all noble.
- Julia What am I supposed to do? - All of this is out of my control.
- No, it's not.
It's not, and I think you know that.
Everybody thinks Alan dominates you.
The truth is, he needs you.
You know that.
Say you'll leave him if he doesn't back off.
- He'd never believe me.
- Make him believe you.
I miss you.
Do you miss me? - Oh, what difference would it make? - It could make a lot of difference.
Julia, stop it.
We can't.
- Do you think of me? - Don't do this.
It's a simple question.
Do you think about me? Yes.
Yes, I think about you.
- But it doesn't mean anything.
- I think about you.
- And it does mean something.
- I didn't come here for this.
You came here because you wanted something.
I want something, too.
I like being Mrs Alan Milliken.
But that does not have to have anything to do with you and me.
Come back to me.
That's what I want in return.
It worked once, it can work again.
It never worked.
Not for me.
Then I'm afraid I can't help you.
Talk to me, you bastard! - No! - What you don't understand What you don't understand is if you don't talk, Hector will take it out on me.
- Talk to me! - Eduardo, back off! Hector thinks he might talk to me.
Tell these men what they want to know and your suffering will end.
- You won't be killed, I swear.
- Why should I believe you? Because if you don't, they'll burn you alive.
- He's a stubborn one, isn't he? - We can handle him.
Check his pockets.
He's got a phone.
There's a gun on the table.
- What are you doing? - I've got to stop the bleeding or I could die.
- Come on, we have to go.
- Give me the gun.
- Stay down, Sergio.
- What's going on? Everything's gonna be fine.
Come on, come on.
Let's go.
Hurry, hurry.
Get down, get down.
- Where are you going? - Hector wants me to pick up something.
- What? - It's none of your business.
- Papa, what's happening? - It's OK.
Stay down.
Claudia! Thank you.
Thank you.
- Are Delta teams in position yet? - Yes, they're in the area.
Soon as we say, they'll pick up Chase.
Make sure everyone knows this is subordinate to obtaining the virus.
- It's in the brief.
- Once we have Chase, link in Division, District and the Attorney General's office.
A lot of people want answers from him.
- What was that? - Nothing.
- Is this your child? - Yes.
She hasn't been interfering with work.
Technically there's no rule There's no rule because it's common sense.
- Now get rid of it.
- If I could, I would.
My baby-sitter hit me with some very unprofessional behavior.
I want the baby out of here, Chloe.
Or find someone else to do your job.
Parents are a protected group, Mr Chappelle.
This is not fair.
Amador's stopped about 200 yards up a dirt road that intersects with Highway 14 about two miles west of Rancho Guadalupe.
OK, good work.
We'll find it.
- Amador stopped half a mile up the road.
- What do we do? Nina is either with him now, or she will be any minute.
We need to isolate her.
Let me see the night scope.
One two three.
- OK, I'm ready to go in.
- I told you.
- I'm not letting you out of my sight.
- Ramón, I am trained to do this.
If I go in myself, I might succeed.
If we go in together, both of us will get killed.
- How long? - As long as it takes.
You'll have to trust me.
I want this money as bad as you.
- I'll trust you when we have the virus.
- I promise, I can make her work with us.
Use the night scope.
As soon as I've entered the building safely, go back to the main road.
If Amador mobilizes his resources outside this perimeter, we've got to be ready.
OK? All right, go.
The funds are ready to transfer.
When do I get the virus? I'll call you with the location in half an hour.
You'll transfer 50% of the funds then, as agreed.
I don't like jumping through all these hoops.
The hoops are here to protect us, Nina.
Just wait here for my call.
Just take it easy.
Take it easy, I'm unarmed.
The Salazars wanted me to set up a meeting with your employer.
Nina! Nina, don't move.
Drop the gun.
Get back in the church.
Take a seat.
Don't worry, if I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead by now.
Put the briefcase down.
- Tony, it's Chase.
He just called in.
- All right, source the call.
- Where are you? - Our truck broke down.
We're 15 miles east of the Salazars' camp.
You should be able to lock onto this cell.
We've got Delta teams in the area.
We'll send a chopper.
What about Jack? He went with Ramón to find Amador and the virus.
- How long ago? - About half an hour.
Tell them I'm bringing out two people and the body of the woman who helped me escape.
- Who was she? - Claudia.
Hector's girlfriend.
- I've got her father and her brother.
- A Delta team is ten minutes away.
- Can you hang tight for ten? - I don't know, just get 'em here.
- Sit tight, they're on their way.
- Can you tell Kim that - Tell her I'll call her when I'm safe.
- Yeah, you got it.
Jack, if you didn't come here to kill me, why are you here? - I need to talk to you alone.
- That's not gonna happen.
- How much is your buyer paying you? - Two million, once I deliver the virus.
The Salazars will pay you a lot more.
- How much more? - What is this? - Shut up.
- This guy shouldn't be breathing.
I'm handling it.
How much more, Jack? At least ten times more than what you're getting paid now.
Really? That's a pretty great deal.
What if my buyer doesn't get his virus? He's gonna hunt me down and kill me.
With that kind of money you could disappear and never be found.
Yeah, and what about you? The Salazars are paying me enough money to do what I want for the rest of my life.
I don't believe you, Jack.
I think you're still working for CTU.
- Well, you're wrong.
- You're not the type of guy to sell out.
- You'd do anything for your country.
- There was a time when that was true.
But what did it ever get me? I lost everything.
When I went undercover with the Salazars, I had to give them my soul.
When I brought Ramón Salazar in, what was waiting for me? No one, nothing! What about Kim? She never forgave me for what happened to her mother.
I want to give her most of the money, help get through what's happened.
OK, so say you are working alone.
I killed your wife.
What's gonna keep you from killing me the first chance you get? I don't have a choice.
I broke Ramón Salazar out of an American prison.
I can never go back there again.
This is my one shot at a big score.
After that, I swear to you, I just wanna disappear.
We've wasted enough time, Nina.
You kill him, or I'm calling in.
Fair enough.
What are you up to, Jack? - I went to see Julia.
- What? To see if she would help us with Alan.
- And? - She said no.
Listen, I've been thinking, and you don't have an alternative here, David.
This is my mess, I'll take the heat.
Let me resign.
I may ask you to when this is over.
But it won't be because Milliken is forcing my hand.
Wayne, I've been doing some thinking too.
And there is an alternative.
If Milliken wants to play dirty, we'll have to lower ourselves to his level.
By doing what? Give me a moment.
- Hello? - Sherry? David.
David, what's wrong? - I need your help.
- All right, I'm listening.
I'm downtown.
I need to see you tonight.
- Tell me more.
- I can't say much over the phone.
It's about Alan Milliken.
- Fine.
- I'll send a car.
You really did break Salazar out of prison.
I'm not the man you knew before.
Well, I don't know about that.
But 20 million dollars I'm gonna keep me an open mind.
So, Jack, if we're gonna go forward with this, I have to know one thing.
Are you gonna be able to forgive me for killing Teri? If I wanted revenge, Nina, I would have killed you already.
You know that.
It's like I said, all I wanna do is finish this deal and disappear for good.
Convince me.