24 Hours in Police Custody (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

The Confession of a Paedophile

Police are advising children and parents in Bedfordshire to be on their guard 'as they investigate reports of a man targeting young girls 'on their way to or from school.
' 'Detectives believe five incidents, 'in which children were followed and, in some cases, grabbed, 'in Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard, are connected.
' You're looking at thousands of pictures and hundreds of movies I've been looking at them now for two days solid and I've had enough-they're so horrific! I haven't been able to sleep properly.
KNOCK ON DOOR This programme contains strong language and graphic descriptions of child abuse and sexual behaviour which some viewers may find disturbing Once a suspect is in custody, After that, it is either charge, or release.
'You have been arrested on suspicion of human trafficking - .
on suspicion of stalking - on suspicion of GBH on suspicion of conspiracy to murder.
Start explaining.
It's the police's job to ask what really happened.
- It was not me! I was not there! - That could've been 101 people.
POLICE! OPEN THE DOOR NOW! - ARRGH! - Who's innocent? Who's guilty? Why would Pete say you'd assaulted him? - Because he's deluded.
He's a drunk.
- Well, that's nonsense.
POLICE! Show me your hands! From the streets to Where's the knife? Did you have a knife? He made the specific threat that he is going to kill her.
from the suspects to the head of CID That's one hell of a shirt, David.
I'm loving it.
these are the men and women who have just 24 hours to find the evidence.
- I'm not letting him get away with it.
- I want him nicked and charged.
If he kicks off, I'm out the door.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.
Will they discover it, before time runs out? Good news.
Got him.
Luton police station has a dedicated Child Safeguarding Investigation Unit with four detectives working full-time on child-abuse cases.
I mean, I've got pictures of children naked and then they'll hold a bit of paper or a placard that says, "Here's for you.
" And they look like they're happy.
And I think that's Because they're pleasing their parent, aren't they? It's just awful.
It's grooming, isn't it? Yeah.
I could never quantify how much child abuse there is out there, but it is something that goes on behind closed doors, day in, day out.
It's something that people would like to think doesn't exist, but it does.
I just naturally progressed into Child Protection.
I always liked investigating sexual offences I know it sounds really strange but they're the victims that you want to protect, and they're the people you want to look after.
So, tell me about it, Selene.
What you've found out so far.
OK, so the investigation commenced last year in 2013, it involves a female child who alleges It's been going on for the last couple of years.
And he was arrested for that and is currently on bail, is that right? He was arrested and admitted to sexual touching but just on one occasion.
You've seized computers.
You've had the computers back and you've been looking at the images? Yeah, both laptops contain a large amount of indecent images ranging from level ones to level fives.
Videos of adult males having sex with children as young as six, seven, eight.
I don't think he's safe out on the streets.
I don't think children are safe, So, I think, really, bearing in mind what you've found, we need to try and get him in sooner rather than later.
What does he Does he work? He does.
So it would have to be something early morning.
Early morning, OK.
Can we look at, maybe, tomorrow morning? Yeah, that's fine.
The suspect was first arrested nine months ago, but to allow the police more time to investigate, he was freed on bail.
Forensic examination of computers has revealed images of extreme child abuse.
Police need to act immediately.
Do you know how many photographs we've got? You're looking at thousands of pictures and hundreds of movies.
To be fair, I've been looking at them now for two days solid and I've had enough - they're so horrific! I haven't been able to sleep properly.
This guy has got a massive sexual interest in children.
KNOCKS ON DOOR Hello? Is DC home, please? Can you make yourself decent, please? You'll just have to excuse me, I It's fine.
Do you want me to get you something? Let me come in and explain.
Right, OK, erm Obviously, you're on bail.
I am.
Erm Having viewed your computers, I've come to further arrest you.
What we'll do now, is take you to Luton police station where I can formally interview you about that.
As well as you being arrested, two of my colleagues will be staying to search your property for any other computers.
Or any other storage media.
Is there anything here No.
you need to tell us about? OK.
Which one, sorry? The Notebook.
All right.
We won't talk about it any further.
That is the only one.
Do you want to pop your shoes on, now? Get your shoes on.
Nothing on that, nothing on that.
There's nothing on storage device over there.
The laptop there, there's nothing on that, at all.
You go with the officers, please.
Yeah? Yeah.
Right, you've got your spare keys, your wallet and your phone.
I have.
We're not going to handcuff you.
Because I don't think you'll make a run for it, will you? Look at all these disks! Do you want to take one room, I'll take another? REPORTER: The incident at 4pm on Friday could be linked to four others of a man following, approaching or grabbing girls.
REPORTER: The ten-year-old, who was unharmed, described the man as around 5' 3 " three or 5' 4" tall, old and balding with white hair, stubble and a deep voice If people are concerned that a crime's taken place, pass information to Operation Openshaw.
Yay, earlies.
Who does that leave me with? Stick your hand up.
The morning briefing is about another serious child safety alert.
During the last three weeks, a number of reports have come in of a man trying to abduct girls on their way home from school.
All right, this one, erm we've spoken about yesterday.
Two of the nights have gone over to make an arrest in relation to this operation Local media coverage has led to hundreds of calls from panicked parents.
I will type all this up, get on there and make sure the duty sheets are done today.
OK? With the culprit at large, the Major Crime Unit is leading Operation Openshaw.
How we've come to this chap is basically, last weekend, there was an incident just up the road where this male has approached a young girl of nine years old and tried to coax her in the car.
And she produced an e-fit of basically this chap here.
We got that last night.
So on the circumstances of him approaching girls at the weekend, the e-fit as well, we're going to make an arrest.
The priority is secure the car and deal with that.
Operation Openshaw could be every parent's worst nightmare, because their child they said goodbye to in the morning has went to school and potentially not come home, could be, in the worst case scenario, taken away, abducted, raped and murdered.
OK? We'll follow you.
Sat-nav? Yeah, we'll follow you.
He's got arrested twice recently but they were both no further action.
like, fetish for wearing nappies and school uniforms and, er, that kind of stuff.
THEY KNOCK Yeah, can we come in? Can you just get dressed? Where's your clothes? No.
Please can I just ring my friend? That's all I'm asking! No.
For fuck's sake.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
Hands like this, we'll handcuff you.
Hands in front of you.
We'll secure that.
We'll sort that out for you, because they'll need to conduct a search here.
No, I want my keys.
No, we'll take the keys, because otherwise we're going to be searching your property under Section 32.
You said nobody else was here.
All right, we'll leave her alone.
- What's upstairs? - We've got an open attic with a small ladder, so clearly he's had access up there.
We've got three rooms.
We've got a couple of, like, Babygro jumpsuits have a look.
We've got, in here, blue shorts We've got the doll there, dressed up in, I assume, school uniform there, which is relevant.
So I think we need to photograph and/or film, get it documented before we start touching anything.
Before we start grabbing bits and bobs.
Mmm, they smell lovely and clean.
Better, isn't it? Yes, really nice.
Lovely fresh smell.
What's it called, Super Value? That's the one, yeah.
It's got a refreshing smell, though, hasn't it? It's really nice.
Four in one properties, it's got here.
Right, that's a bit better.
HE HUMS So then, Richie, how are those fish of yours? Funny enough, they had some more babies yesterday.
It's just carnage - every time I just had a quick peek before I left this morning, there was a couple of little ones in there.
I might have to end up giving them away, but Yeah.
When I first dealt with paedophiles, it wasn't people that I expected.
that looks a bit dodgy.
It was the guy at the pub that you always chat to, it was the guy at the the gym that you make friends with, it's the next-door neighbour that you think's lovely.
It's these everyday people, which makes it even scarier, and you would never suspect a thing.
DC Selena Humphreys has found images of child abuse Right, so if you follow me over here.
This time, she wants to ensure he's not released.
She has 24 hours to build a case.
He's already on bail for sexual touching of a child.
Having analysed his computers, I have found indecent images and videos of children.
These are just naked children.
I say "just".
These are naked children.
I'm just going to go with what levels I've categorised already.
I think he'll admit it, but he'll minimise it.
and which computer it relates to.
he's now gone and downloaded more indecent images of children, because he's already alluded to the fact that there's a laptop in the house with indecent images on it, so if we let him out again on bail, he's just going to do the same thing.
Yes, he And then when does that turn into a contact offence? Yeah, absolutely.
People looking at images on computers is an everyday occurrence, and the people are doing it and sharing that information with each other all the time and it is out of control, really.
000 images on somebody's computer, and this mass amount, they've all got a child connected to them, And they're horrific.
Some of them are absolutely horrific, what children are being put through.
The Operation Openshaw suspect is the third man to be brought in for the alleged offence.
The others were released without charge.
Where were you born, sir? In a hospital.
Yeah, which one? No idea.
So you're not going to tell me those details? No, cos it's irrelevant.
'It's going to be a nightmare, this interview.
' I went to introduce myself and my colleague and he was going, "Look, the more you " And he goes, "Well, the longer we're here talking, "the longer I'm here and the more time you're not doing "what you're supposed to do.
" I was like, "Yeah.
" "Shut up, then.
" I think it's going to be fun.
All right, do you have any mental health problems? Depression? Anxiety? Well, it makes me depressed getting arrested.
but the images in his possession turned out to be of adults and he was released without charge.
Have you tried to harm yourself, sir? No.
How are you feeling at this moment in time? Erm, pissed off.
Gordon Blair's team is preparing for interview.
Right, rocked up this morning, went in, said the magic words.
The rest was just after about ten past seven, between five past and ten past seven.
You are joking, Gordon? To link him to the case, officers need to search the suspect's house.
and a distinctive car seat cover reportedly seen by a victim.
We control the elements, we control vehicles, houses, etc, from the searches and everything else.
But just because we arrest somebody, we're not saying they've definitely done it.
He did make comments but nothing significant after arrest, so no significant comment.
He did blab, but there is Apart from He clarified the date and the fact it was Friday and he says, "This is ridiculous, I was at work.
" In any event, he would have finished at 12, so he still hasn't got an alibi whether he was working or not.
You've got to arrest somebody.
In an investigation, you could arrest two or three people but to arrest somebody is to interview them, to process them forensically, to obtain an account, to obtain an alibi.
Gone are the days you can do it on the back of a fag packet.
We've got to do it all professionally, we've got to do it all justification, we've got to do everything by the book to secure that job at court.
We have the doll and the duck Oh, OK.
Which is a sex aid.
He says he denies having a sexual interest in children, but he likes school uniforms, states he likes to have sex with blow-up dolls.
This is the one from two years ago.
Yeah, that they sent you.
He's quite open about it and I'm sure he's going to tell us all about it.
He tries to embarrass officers, asking about their Spanking.
You'll be able to disclose anything like that of yours.
He won't embarrass me, mate.
Right Four years upstairs in child abuse, I've seen - This is nothing.
- No, that's why I can't do it.
Can't do that kind of stuff.
My objective would be, we get an account off him, we look at the car and the clothing.
So have the car, the clothing I've got the e-photo fit.
But the only problem at the moment is the car's not singing out to me.
If we do a search of his house and I come up with two seat covers that are zebra or leopard-print seat covers in his Do you know what I mean? But if I haven't got that, then I'm struggling.
I've got to tick all the boxes.
I've got to tick the boxes for the clothes, I've got to tick the boxes for the car and the seat covers to then go for a remand.
'after a series of attempts to grab young girls.
' 'Don't talk to strangers, don't go with a stranger, 'definitely don't go near a car or get into a car with a stranger.
' 'If it's happened to your child and you brushed it off as one of those things, I don't know why, but report it to the police.
' 'make sure you call us as quickly as possible.
' Yeah, he's got a big fluffy duck, About a metre high? Round thing, big thing.
And it's got a hole at the bottom of it which has a vibrating vagina.
Detectives from the Major Crime Unit have a man in custody.
The incident itself Yeah.
We're going to start with the alibi lie though.
The EvoFIT.
Put some pressure on him.
To check out their suspect's alibi, the team has called his boss.
She just broke down, saying she knows it was the 21st, Friday the 21st, he wasn't there, she doesn't know what he was doing, but definitely knows he wasn't at work, on Friday 21st.
Ah! That changes things a little bit.
"Where were you on Friday 21st, Mister?" What do you reckon, stretch it out? Four hours? Better not be! If it's longer than an hour I'm getting up and leaving! Judging by the time, if it's a prepared statement, - it's not going to be a long one.
- No.
Just, can we have, um, out for interview, when you get a minute? Yeah.
Lovely, thanks.
No worries.
Before this interview I gave your solicitor typed disclosure.
Following your client's first interview, enquiries have been made at both of your client's employers in relation to your client being at work at the time of the incident.
Enquiries have revealed that your client was at neither place of work.
I was actually off sick, it appears, on that day.
Erm, I thought it was the week before I was off sick.
In fact, it was about 7 o'clock in the morning, and I thought, "Oh, my God, I'm going to be sick.
" And I went up my hall, my toilet seat was down, I thought, "I'm never going to get that seat up, before I'm sick.
" I was sick in the bath, and as I was sick in the bath, I squirted shit all up the wall behind me.
Which made me feel brilliant (!) Let me ask you a couple of specific questions regarding this.
Go on, then.
Am I being persecuted? Yes, I am.
Have I been arrested because I was arrested two years ago, and they couldn't press any charges, cos I hadn't done anything? Yes, that's the reason I'm here.
That is how I feel about this situation.
Did you speak to any 10-year-old girl, in particular, one that was dressed in a football shirt? Would she have been in my bathroom? No.
So, no, cos I didn't go out.
You didn't leave your house at all? I didn't leave my house.
Once again, "Must be a pervert, "brought him in for another time to talk to him about it.
"Doesn't matter that last time he hadn't done anything, "didn't matter that he didn't do anything this time, "because we'll be looking for a four foot midget with a hump.
" With respect, you were arrested simply on suspicion, and that's Yeah, but it'll still I've said that word throughout.
It'll go on my police record that I was arrested.
I don't have any further questions to ask.
I'm going to conclude this interview.
COMPUTER BLEEPS If, next week, some young girl is abducted from somewhere, you'll come and knock on my fucking door.
And I know you will.
"he lives within 20 miles of the incident, we'll go and nick him.
" And I do want a written apology when all this is over and sorted.
A written apology! Are you ready, sir? From the people who have done this to me.
Now what do we do? - Better tag that.
- The bag's next door, mate.
The last thing I want, because I know they won't give me the 250 quid Detective Sergeant Blair has returned to the house to see if the search team has found the distinctive animal print car seat cover.
- My nice suit! - I feel grubby again.
Once again.
Right, what have we got? What have we got? A couple of gym skirts, there's a DVD containing some schoolgirl pornography, seized pretty much the computer, pretty much everything that was on your list, got some red shirts, T-shirts, assorted red tops, shall we say? Short-sleeved tops.
And blue shorts.
Long blue shorts? - But they're blue shorts.
- We've found some white trainers, which aren't Nike, but could pass as being Yeah, red trainers.
As Nike, yeah.
The vehicle, any ? I noticed some throws.
Any leopardskin, leopard, zebra ? If the torsos look quite underdeveloped, as long as you can see enough of it.
- There's loads of these.
- Detectives Selina and Annie are accessing images found on their suspect's computer.
That's obviously a baby, isn't it? Look how chubby and little those legs are.
These are, erm level fours.
She's got no breasts.
But it's 'Unless you watch them, you can't ever describe to someone' how horrific it is.
You just can't.
And, even if I watch one now and I explain to you what it was, you'd be going, "Oh, that's disgusting!" But I still couldn't give it the reality of what it is.
- That's a bit ambiguous.
- My immediate thought is, where's that kid now? What are they doing now? Are they having to do that again tonight? You know, is that part of their normal day now, that that's what they do? Have they got out? You can't save them.
You can't save them, cos you don't even know who that kid is.
I think that's really You can't think too much.
- It would do your head in.
Do your head in.
- I've seen colleagues cry, I have seen colleagues look at images of children and have had their own young children, and those children being abused, they saw their own children.
And they would cry and they couldn't do it.
If you were to ask me to think of some of the images and pictures that I've seen, and movies, I may think of a few that might stand out in my mind, but I tend to just block them all out.
Whether or not that's the right thing to do, whether or not it might come back and haunt me in years to come, I don't know.
But it's something you It's self-preservation.
You need to protect yourself.
Those photos were taken in 2004.
Last accessed July 2013.
For him to "find that", and trip over it He's done well to get, like, extreme stuff like that.
There you are.
If Selina can prove a sexual interest in children, it could strengthen the case and increase the chances of him going to prison.
I'm going to press record in a minute.
No worries.
- I just need my pen.
- Oh, sorry, I just Yeah.
There you go.
Thank you.
Right, as soon as I press 'OK' it should start recording.
COMPUTER BLEEPS OK, you have been arrested on suspicion Are you guilty of the offence for what you've been arrested for? Making of indecent images, no.
The person who downloads images or prints them off, is making them.
Obviously possession is just possession.
In that case then, I wish to change that to, yes.
So how would you know what you were looking for? The You would search.
You would just search? Yes.
And how does ? When you search, how does it come up? Is it just lots of pictures? No.
Usually it's just file names.
File names? OK.
What sort of file names would you search for? Erm Uh BLEEP, usually.
Basically that was the main, you know, what you would search for.
- What does that stand for? BLEEP - Hardcore.
- OK.
"BLEEP hardcore"? OK.
Obviously just trying to search one down, and things came up.
So what are you looking for, before those things come up? What were you going ? Software, basically.
Right, OK, can you remember when you first started looking? No? Are we talking years or ? Yes.
Over ten years, or less than ten years? Probably over ten years.
Obviously we're talking about a sexual interest in children.
How long have you had a sexual interest in children? I don't know.
And what is it that you're sexually interested in about children? You explain to me.
I don't know.
I couldn't answer that question.
Who can? OK.
So is it something that started when you were young? - Is that how you feel now? - I feel very, very ashamed.
It's, you know Right.
I'm going to go into what I have found.
I've written it down.
A level four is penetrative sexual activity between adults and children.
So in your live system, you've got 396 images, and in your deleteds, you have got 334.
And then, level five, which is the highest, sadism and bestiality, and in your live you have 21 images, and in your deleted, you have 40.
Now, they're just images.
On your videos, you have also got a number of images ranging between Well, you've got 121 level four images uh, videos, of sexual activity, penetrative sexual activity, between adults and children.
I've watched every single one of those videos, erm And it shows young children as little as three.
Erm Is that something that you get sexual gratification from? Yes.
Before that, had you any other way - of getting gratification for your interest? - No.
No? So, are we saying it was all, basically, in your head, and there's nothing elsewhere? Yes.
You have been arrested for sexual touching.
You only admitted to the one time.
Now, in light of what we've discovered today and your sexual interest in children, is there anything else you want to admit to? No.
So You only ever touched her once, sexually, yeah? Yes.
I just find it hard to believe that you've had this sexual interest in children for so long, and you've got a little girl telling me loads of occasions when you've touched her, and yet you're only admitting to one.
Cos, if you look at the images, it suggests more of a sexual interest in children.
And I just find it hard to believe that you've only just touched her the once.
Which kind of leads me onto asking you, should you get bail today, are you able to stop or prevent yourself Yes.
and continuing to download indecent images and videos? I will need to purchase another computer, but, I will, yes, definitely stop.
You think you'll be able to stop? Yeah.
Would you class yourself as a threat or a risk to children? Would you consider me a threat? Yes, I would.
You would? Yeah.
But you wouldn't yourself? No.
Hi, you all right? Oh! Now Selina has a confession, she must inform the Crown Prosecution Service.
It's their decision whether to remand him to prison.
OK, I'm going to phone CPS now.
Hello, there.
My name's DC Humphreys from Bedfordshire Police.
I have got somebody in custody at the moment for indecent images.
He's already on bail for sexual touching of a child.
Then I looked at his computers, found images, which is why I've rearrested him today.
The smallest level, even the minor touching, I think that's quite hard to understand, that that low level, where they're thinking, "It's only touching, it's only this ", it is actually quite affective throughout their lives, so in their relationships in the future, how they are with people, how they are with strangers, how they are Because it's usually people they know, and usually family members or friends, who do you trust then? The reason for remand is that the gravity of the sexual offending against children is quite high now.
Although he lives on his own, I can't be sure that he isn't going to either or continue to download indecent images of children.
The Major Crime Unit has found no evidence Hello, mate.
Just to update you, they've just come out of interview.
So, that's it, really.
So, we're just going to bail him, unless there's any other instruction, but I don't believe there is, with just a few conditions.
Do we know the state of his phone, whether that's been completed or not? Cheers, mate, bye.
Before you ring off? There's nothing on his phone, only just porn.
Him shagging a blow-up doll and things like that.
- You can go and bail him if you want.
- Erm - As in HIM.
I don't know whether you want to talk to him again.
All right, I'll come down with you.
You've got no reason to enter Bedfordshire, have you? DISTORTED VOICE: I wouldn't come back to Bedfordshire if you made me To allow this officer to carry out further inquiries, I'm going to bail you from the police station to come back on 17th April at 10:30 in the morning.
There are conditions attached to your bail not to come to Bedfordshire except for prearranged police or solicitor appointments, not to have any unsupervised access to children under the age of 16, or 16 and under.
If you understand the bail and agree to come back on that date, sign on here for me.
You'll get a copy of the bail notice to take with you.
Have got my keys? Yes.
- There's a car key missing.
- Well, that's your house keys, and you asked for them.
Ah, excuse me, You've taken the car key off of my keys.
Have we got his vehicle? I believe that's been seized.
Well, we've seized your vehicle, so that's why we've got your car keys, so we don't have to break into it.
OK? Cos there's a vehicle involved in this incident, so that's why we've seized it.
This gets worse by the second.
This actually gets worse by the second.
So now I can't get to work because you've said We exhausted all lines of inquiry.
We spoke to everybody that we could possibly speak to.
'Unfortunately, there are loads of crimes that are unsolved.
' Will we ever find out who tried to approach that young girl, or grab her, or ? I don't think so.
'But I don't think I've failed, cos we did everything we could.
' HE SIGHS: Oh, dear.
Another satisfied customer.
DISTORTED VOICE: They think that I'm scum.
They just put two and two together and made seven.
There's no smoke without fire, so, obviously, you know, I must be as guilty as sin, because I've been arrested.
And that's how I feel people look at me.
I used to go out of an evening, and I don't any more.
I just keep myself to myself.
If there's somebody coming down my road that I think might speak to me, I will cross the road.
It's always in the back of your head how people are going to judge you.
How long would it be before I've got a crowd of people with banners outside, putting bricks through my window, whatever? The police weren't a bit discreet about this, and I've done nothing wrong.
With his finger? Yeah.
Read that again - intent to penetrate the vagina of a girl under the age of 13 with a part of your body, namely your finger, and that penetration was sexual.
I'm going to caution you and I'm going to read out the charges.
There's 12 of them, so it's going to be quite a mouthful, and then I'll provide you with a copy of what you've been charged with.
OK, so you do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention now 'I think the real sense of achievement 'comes at the end of the trial, ' 'saying that they all agree that he's guilty.
' 'And I hope that he gets a long sentence.
' And when he does come out because, invariably, he will - he gets put on the Sex Offenders' Register for a very, very, very long time and that we are able to continuously monitor him Two more to go.
Make indecent photographs of a child on 7th August, 2013, at Bedfordshire.
namely 5.
340 indecent photographs of children 'You do get caught up, occasionally, ' but it's moments with me.
There's usually things that a mum, or a victim, or somebody will say and it just clicks with you, and you just want to cry cos you just think, "That is just awful.
" .
namely 368 indecent moving images of child I think, to be honest, if I went out, I'd probably be back in a couple of years.
I don't think I'd stay away for long cos I think it just You just cover so much, you get people put away for so long, it's so rewarding the different person.
When a person is charged with an offence it falls to me to make a decision whether bail is appropriate or not.
Given the nature of the offences and the fact that it's likely to attract a custodial sentence, the fact that you have continued offending during the investigation, I feel that you are a risk to society and my decision is to refuse bail at this time We're done.
I'll print off the copy of the charge sheet and I'll leave that in your property for you.
There's an exercise yard, you can go out and get some fresh air if there's no-one out there.
Could you put him in the yard and I'll ? Yeah.
Thank you, Annie.
No let up, at all.
Do you want another one or are you all right? I'm fine, thank you.
Yeah, good.
Really good.
I've had enough today.
I've had enough of the images of the last two days, so I need a break.
I'm going to pick it back up tomorrow.
I'm tired and I need a night's sleep without thinking about them.