24 Hours in Police Custody (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

The Morning After

This programme contains strong language Your client has been arrested on suspicion of assault.
You've approached him and then with an open palm - slapped him across the head.
- Absolute rubbish.
- You said he was violent with you, would that be right? - He is a violent young man.
Even is friends have said eventually he will kill somebody.
It will be you.
Once a suspect is in custody, the police have 24 hours to investigate and interview.
After that, it's either charge or release.
You've been arrested on suspicion of human trafficking.
- On suspicion of stalking.
- On suspicion of GBH.
Possession and making of indecent images of children.
On suspicion of conspiracy to murder.
Start explaining.
It's the police's job to ask what really happened.
Where were you on 28th of March? It was not me, I was not there.
It could have been 101 people.
It's nothing to do with me.
Police! Open the door now! Who's innocent? Who's guilty? - Why would Pete say that you'd assaulted him? - Because he's deluded, he's a drunk.
- That's nonsense.
- Police! Show me your hands! From the streets to the interrogation rooms.
- Where's the knife? - Did you have a knife? He made a specific threat that he is going to kill her.
From the suspects to the head of CID.
That's one hell of a shirt, David.
I'm loving it.
These are the men and women who have just 24 hours to find the evidence.
I'm not letting him get away with it.
I want him nicked and charged.
If he kicks off, I'm out the door.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.
Will they discover it before time runs out? Good news.
Got him.
Go on, big man! Go on, big man! Big man! - Face towards the door.
- Go on, big man! A young man has been brought in for fighting after a Saturday night out.
Chris, listen, you are in custody now.
Whatever's happened out there has happened.
Just stop fighting against these people.
Mate, calm down! Go on! Go on! Big man! OK, then.
Ready? Grab hold of him.
You've got people coming into the cells drunk, people coming into the cells on drugs, people coming into the cells who don't want to go into the cells and will do anything they can, including trying to kick your head off.
Just to make sure they don't go in there.
SCREAMING He'll be a timid little boy in the morning.
Officers are going to arrest a man for an alleged assault on a pensioner in his care.
- This is the job we went to yesterday? - Yeah, Michael Cherry.
Cherry, the man we're after, has been residing with Rose for seven years.
Cherry is paid to be the carer for Rose, who suffers with a breathing difficulty.
He is also a terminal cancer patient, bowel cancer.
Apparently, this Cherry guy is very aggressive and volatile, and for the past seven years has been assaulting him and has had approximately ?30.
000 out of him.
If he doesn't give him the money he gets a slap, allegedly.
- There he is.
- There's the chap sitting on his own.
- Bless him.
- Got his door chain on.
- Peter, hello.
- Hi.
- Is he there? - Is he here? - Yes.
He's all calmed down.
Unfortunately, Peter, we've got to come and take him with us so we can interview him.
You're going to make my life very difficult.
No, we're not.
We're going to try and make it better for you.
I promise you.
It would be better if you simply went away.
Do you mind? Yeah, I do mind.
The reason I do mind is I did this a couple of years ago and you very clearly said to me that he was making your life a misery, he was taking money from you, he was assaulting you, OK? And I sat and I spent two hours writing only for you to decide you didn't want to pursue it.
Nothing has changed, I gave you all sorts of advice, nothing's changed.
You've still got him here, he's still assaulting you, he's still taking money from you and out of duty of care to you, - he is coming with us.
- No, please, don't.
- OK, let me put it another way, when he kills you, our lives will be miserable.
Yours will have finished, so we're going to go tell him he's coming now.
- You're not helping me at all.
- We are.
Sorry, Michael, even.
It's the police here.
How are you doing? How are you? You've had a drink? Michael, unfortunately Peter made an allegation to us last night, OK, that you've assaulted him.
We're going to have to take you down to the police station with us.
- Peter! - None of that.
Don't bother.
Don't do that.
- You're absolutely joking.
- Come on, up we get.
Thank you.
- Peter, go and sit down for us, please.
- I would prefer you just fuck off out of it.
- We've got to go.
- Peter, seriously, what's going on? - What is going on? - You're not going anywhere.
- I am! - He is.
- They're taking me away, Pete.
Oh, great! Peter, what the hell is this all about? - I've been asleep.
- Mind your head on the door.
Put the chain on, Peter.
Make sure you lock the door behind us, Peter.
- Do you want those? - Yeah.
You really must be desperate coming around this time of night.
24 hours later.
Can you confirm you've got room at Luton custody, please? We've only got two spaces, how many have you got? I've got one coming in.
A high risk vulnerable adult that's been assaulted.
- High risk, yeah.
- Michael, you're still under caution.
No comment! I don't give a shit, you've fucking really pissed me off.
Fuck off before I really kick off, mate.
I tell you what, just in case you do, I'll hold them.
- Hold them, then.
- Don't be silly.
- Don't fuck about, mate, I'm in a fucking mood.
You've come in my fucking house, you've upset a bloke that I care for and you come and get me out of my bed when I'm fast asleep! Have we got a van close by? We've just arrested someone and he's decided he wants to kick off in the back of our panda.
Piss off! Why are you not arresting him for wasting police time? - Come on, out we go.
- Why are you not arresting him for wasting police time? What's going on? He's just kicking off in the back of my vehicle and I'm not happy to take him.
What do you expect when you wake me up out of bed? - You shouldn't commit crime then, should you? - I didn't commit a crime, did I? In we go, sweetheart.
Thank you very much.
Luton are expecting us, are you happy ? We'll follow you up.
I'll follow you.
You've been arrested just to make sure we have no other problems tonight, no more arguments.
That's all.
Another man has been arrested after a row with his partner.
Have you been arrested before? No? All that's going to happen is you try and get some sleep and then you walk out, you leave.
That's it, nothing else.
Are you all right? All right, mate.
You're all right.
How much alcohol have you had in the last 24 hours? One bottle of Bacardi? Like a mixer drink? Like a litre bottle? Just one of them.
Half of that.
Do you normally drink? This is a lot.
You don't normally drink? - OK.
Do you have any medical conditions? - No.
Do you take any medication at all? Have you ever tried to hurt yourself? Is it because you don't want to tell me in front of him, is that what you're saying? - You want me to go? - Stand over there, see how we get on.
Tomorrow? Quotes were to happen tomorrow? You will kill your wife tomorrow? And how are you going to do that? I have a wife, yeah.
If you just take a seat for two minutes, please? Sure.
So after you went, he leans in, whispers to me, "Tomorrow I kill my wife.
" Really? Yeah.
- Is he just drunk or are we genuinely concerned for her? - I think he is drunk.
He was listening to music, got quite angry with the music.
Went off on one.
She noticed the signs of stress, she's called an ambulance, he heard her calling the ambulance, put his shoes on and walked out.
Didn't come back for an hour and then she called us.
We'll have to have a chat before we release him in the morning.
Risk assess him.
I'll go with that.
You guys can shoot if you want to shoot.
Come this way.
Come and stand here, please.
Thank you.
You are Michael, are you? Yes, I am.
How are you doing, mate? You all right? The fact that you are here on a Saturday night, yeah! BANGING FROM WITHIN CELL What, erm ? What's the chap been arrested for? Um, ABH.
ABH? Domestic related, is it? No.
ABH? This is good, this is good (!) OK.
And what is the circumstances? OK, it is alleged, alleged - I know, I know.
- That the DP has assaulted the victim by slapping him with an open palm across the head.
Because the IP refused to give him his bank card.
- And this was reported last night, was it? - Yes.
OK, and when did the incident happen? It happened on Thursday 10th April at 18:00 hours.
Following another incident, because there was another incident yesterday, wasn't there? No, there wasn't, no.
I've got two witnesses.
Don't worry.
Well, there is two sides to every story.
And you get to say your side No, because I'm a young man, and I'm well built, and I've got a criminal record, and he's an old man, so you stereotype me, that is what you are doing, love.
So he has slapped him with an open palm? He has got bruising.
Did you see bruising on him, did you? No? Did you? I don't think so, love.
Absolutely not.
OK, you have heard what the officer has said, it is an allegation, mate, that is the most important thing you have got to remember, it is an allegation, Michael.
But she believes it.
The WPC believes it, she would do, she is a woman.
- I am not going to comment on that, buddy.
But obviously - No, it is all right.
I'll book him in.
Get it all done.
You don't need to hang about.
- OK, thank you very much.
- No, brilliant.
Leanne, it was you, wasn't it, who arrested him? - Yeah.
Thank you.
Power trip.
And they were extremely rude.
Antagonising, and very prerogative.
Been arrested before, Michael? Afraid so, mate.
That's all right, that's not a problem.
We'll get you a drink.
Do you want a cup of tea or coffee or something? Coffee, yeah.
Get that sorted, mate.
(BANGING FROM WITHIN CELL) You need to promise me one thing.
What's that, mate? Put me well away from that guy! Yeah.
Sorry, he'll get tired of it.
OK, have you consumed any alcohol, taken any drugs, - legal or illegal, in the last 24 hours? - Not illegal drugs, but I have consumed alcohol in the last 24 hours.
What did you have? A couple of beers? Eight or nine pints, a good old session! OK.
(BANGING CONTINUES) You've got that going all night.
I know.
You get used to it, mate.
It does your head in, doesn't it? I will turn a blind eye if you go in there and kick shit out of him! OK, if you would like to go, he will get you processed now, buddy.
What, go there? Yeah, get you sorted, then we'll get you a coffee.
OK, thanks a lot.
No worries.
All right, mate, no problems.
Michael Cherry will spend the night in the cells before being interviewed in the morning.
All my life I have been in young offenders and adult jails.
Three years for arson.
Burglary, robbery, aggravated assault, I have been in on remand for assault, ABH, I've been in for assault on police, I have been in for stealing cars, basically, apart from murder or rape, obviously, I have been there, I have done it.
And now when I am actually trying to turn my life around, calm it all down, it seems like whatever I do, bang, I end up back in.
What I have found, and this is the thing, a lot of these young lads in here today, and there are probably lots of 18, 19, 20-year-olds, young offenders in the cells tonight, if you piss the police off, and you disrespect them, and you talk to them like they are idiots, and you kick off, you will be treated like an idiot.
And you will get twisted up and thrown in the cell.
ALARM BLARES During a routine medical check the young man arrested earlier tries to make a break for it.
Fuck off! Get your arms out.
Cuff on here, cuff on here, control him, I'll put the cuffs on.
Get the fuck off me, all right? Right, let's carry him up.
He is in DR1.
Back round the front.
One, two, three Get the other leg, mate.
Get the other leg.
Right, everyone happy? He does not come out now until morning, when he is sober, completely.
Everything you have touched tonight has gone wrong, hasn't it? I'll be glad when I am at home in bed, that is for sure.
KNOCKS ON DOOR You gonna let me out now? No.
No? No.
I'm just going to have to make, like, more noise then.
If you want to.
Come on.
Let me out.
Why? First of all you were drunk and disorderly in a public place, and then you've decided to beat and assault an officer.
Speaking to an officer? You are the one that is getting fucking rude to me, bruv! I'm not your bruv, to start with.
I'll punch you in the face right now.
And you can't do shit.
You're a fucking pussy.
I think we'll have to BANGING People very rarely shout abuse at me.
They shout at the uniform, they shout at the police in general, they shout at the world, cos they just want to shout at somebody.
At the end of the day, we are just there to protect their life, to protect them from themselves, from others, and to protect other people from them.
Police are required to check on prisoners at regular intervals.
Somebody is banging at the door, they have got enough strength so that they are not that much of a problem.
You know they are alive.
It is when they lay on the floor in the cell, or they just lay on the bed without moving, that is where I personally really get concerned.
What is he trying to do ? Put his trousers around his neck, under his blanket? Has he found a bit of blade or something in his cell? Cos people are ingenious.
I have seen somebody cutting his wrist with a broken bit of zip from his trousers.
Custody sergeant, Matt Carroll, is concerned about the man who made threats to kill his wife.
How are you feeling, OK? Yeah.
Are you sure you are OK? Have you managed to get any sleep? How am I supposed to take that? And what do you mean by that? Are you suggesting you want to end your life? SIREN WAILS INDISTINCT SHOUTING FROM CELLS BANGING AND SHOUTING CONTINUES Shut up! IN POLISH: I came over in March 2005.
For a holiday.
And I'm still here.
Long holiday! The reason we stayed was because my girlfriend, my wife now, we found out that she was pregnant.
After two weeks of being here.
Would you believe if I tell you I joined the police by surprise? I used to teach in the Polish Saturday school, in Luton, we were approached by one of the inspectors from Bedfordshire Police, looking for volunteers.
And I still couldn't believe what I had done nine months later when I was cutting my hair off for the interview, and getting my warrant card.
I do miss my own country, but after being there for a few weeks, I now miss the UK more.
And this is my home now.
He says he is not going to do anything to himself today, but on the 14th, he just wants to end it.
Cos he decided, "Oh, 14th of the 4th, 2014", he wants to end it.
So I told him, well, there is no point, have a chat with the doctors and they will try to sort it out for you.
Either they will give you some kind of medication that will make you a bit more happy, or help you to go through it, or just by yourself, guitar.
Because I said, "What did you used to do?" "Oh, I used to play guitar.
" "So why don't you buy yourself a guitar?" "Cos it is expensive.
" "Mate, it is 30 quid!" "Yeah, but do you know how much money that is?" "I know exactly, because I bought myself a drum kit! "So my wife nearly cut my head off!" Brilliant, well done.
Thank you, mate.
Ah! Hard work! Chris, the young man who spent the night banging on his cell door, is now sober and ready to be booked in.
Have you consumed any alcohol, taken any drugs, prescribed or otherwise, or any solvents within the last 24 hours? I've not had any.
Alcohol would be How much alcohol? I'm not sure.
You can put lots.
Can I? Can you just put lots? OK.
BEEPING Chris is released with a caution.
No worries.
For another man who came in very drunk in the night, the case became more serious after he made threats to kill his wife.
Hello, friend, are you OK? Good.
Let's get you interviewed, shall we? I hate bullies, so, um, domestic violence is one that does bug me a lot of the time.
'With a lot of domestic incidents 'we don't always have a lot of evidence to go on.
' OK, going to interview you with regards to why you were arrested this morning, if that makes sense.
Last night, you were originally brought into custody for what we call a breach of the peace, so, um, sometimes if we think there may be an argument or there may be trouble between two people Mm-hm.
we take one person away to prevent anything happening.
When you were brought in, whilst you were being booked into custody, you said to the Custody Sergeant who was on duty, "I will kill my wife.
" OK? So, based on that Ah.
Well, I have watched the CCTV and I hear you say, "I will kill my wife.
" - Did you? - Yeah.
- Tell me, do you remember? - No.
Why, tell me why you would say that? Mm-hm.
Were you angry with her last night? Mm-hm.
Tell me .
how you feel now and your thoughts about your wife now.
Your wife has been in today to pick you up.
She's worried about you and she's provided a statement saying you are a good man, that you've never done anything horrible to her, and that, you know, you've been together 30 years.
That's OK, don't apologise.
Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you.
- That's OK.
Sorry, I just want to make you feel better, because she does care about you and she's worried about you.
Do you understand? And I just want to make sure that when you go home, you two are going to be OK.
Of course.
Yeah? And she does care and she Mm-hm.
I think what you need to do, both of you, without any alcohol, is talk, you tell her how you're feeling Exactly.
but no drinking, OK? Of course.
Have you got anything else that you would like to say? Nothing.
- OK, thank you.
Going to bring the interview to an end then, all right? - Yes.
There you go, after you.
Thank you.
'People say that we're a bit like agony aunts, ' because people will tell us stuff that they perhaps wouldn't share with anybody else.
No worries.
Certainly for me, I joined the job to help people and I like people, I care about people.
People are pretty all right, so, um .
you know, if you didn't care then you wouldn't do a good job.
OK, I'll see you in a bit.
All right.
So, it's good to care.
Just not too much! SHE LAUGHS He seems like a genuinely all right bloke, just having a really shit time.
And lost his job.
I said to him about, you know I think he just cracked up.
He just momentarily cracked up.
I said, "Your wife's been in and given us a statement "and said what a decent man you are, what a good man you are", then he just went, "Rurrrgh!" And I was like, "I'm sorry, "I'm just trying to make you feel a bit better.
" Yeah, no, I didn't cry.
When you first came in here, you would have.
Um You were very, very I just, you know, if people are genuinely nice You've changed.
then, you know, I think they are doing I'm not accusing you.
So, that's what he said, he can't remember.
And he has no intention of doing anything like that.
I've got no immediate concerns, so, get shot of him, yeah? Cool.
OK, and I'll type that up.
Thank you.
SIREN BLARES In another domestic dispute, Michael Cherry has been arrested.
He is suspected of assaulting a 75-year-old man in his care.
I will go and speak to Section, then.
Officers will need to speak to the victim, before they can interview Cherry.
I hate people that prey on vulnerable, like children, elderly, disabled, people with mental disabilities, I hate that.
That person is vulnerable, you don't mess around with that person, you don't take advantage of that person.
Hello, Mr Rose, how are you? Yeah, I'm all right.
The only thing that is bothering me is that my carer has been incarcerated in the police station and I can't get him out.
Yeah, that's what we are here about.
You said he was violent with you, would that be right? He is a violent young man.
Even his friends have said, "Hang on, we're not putting up with this.
" But he just goes, you know.
So, that's a concern, Peter, isn't it? If he How much further will he go? Well, a friend of his said, "Well, eventually, "he will kill somebody", and he said, "It will be you.
" If he continues with slapping me, you know, I'll stop him.
How long has this been going on for? Five years, maybe.
About five years.
Can you tell me a little bit about the money? I'm not terribly worried about that.
I don't know why the police want to make a scene about it.
It's not a scene, the concern is that you've told us that it's about ?30.
000 in total.
But it's only money, you know.
He is my sole heir, right? He is your sole heir? Yeah.
If he chooses to wreck it away now, so be it, you know.
He won't inherit it later.
- Can I just have a quick word with my colleague? - Yeah, sure.
THEY CONFER IN A WHISPER It would be one word against the other, I assume.
He's got an injury, so He's got a visible injury, the officers have seen it, so, that will count towards something, at least.
But that's because he's a 75-year-old man.
So we're going to go back and speak to him and then we'll take you from there.
But keep your phone next to you and I will give you a call just to update you about what's going on.
- OK.
Thank you.
- Thanks, Peter.
- PETER: Mind how you go.
- Yeah, will do.
We'll secure the door after us, Peter.
It is very frustrating.
Victims and witnesses are the biggest headache we have, to be honest.
More than the defendant, cos they'll make a statement and tell us how bad everything was, and you're thinking, "Yeah, this is a real victim, "let's take it forward.
" So you take it forward and two days later they're retracting it.
"Nah, don't want to.
Don't want to get involved.
" He's basically a punch bag for this guy and he says even his friends have said to me, "One day, he's going to end up killing someone and that person will be you.
" But he wouldn't reveal anything about the money? He wouldn't say anything about the money.
He goes, he is the sole heir on his will.
So the money, the flat, everything, his possessions, belong to Go to Mr Cherry.
And the assaults, he says, "He comes home drunk and beats me up and I can't control him.
" It's the whole loneliness factor.
But he stops when I tell him to.
"Yeah, he stops when I tell him to and he realises it's out of control.
" He goes, "One day, he's going to end up killing me.
" And he is the sole beneficiary of the will? Supposedly.
Allegedly? Allegedly.
If there's any criminality here - if there is - I'm not saying there is, if there is, and there appears to be, we could have somebody unwillingly - unknowingly I should say - having their will bent against their better judgment.
My belief is, he just wants the company 24 hours a day - this guy perhaps doesn't give him the 24 hours a day and he doesn't want to die alone.
I'm getting the impression that's exactly what it is - he's a sad old man, who's got a terminal illness and he really is reaching out.
And the only person he can reach out to at the moment, he feels, perhaps, if I'm right, is this guy.
Seems like he's a free meal ticket as well cos he just goes down there, has a drink, goes round there when he wants to and he says, "Give me money now.
" And on the last occasion, he's said, "No.
" And he's beat him.
Which is why people tend to stay away.
Because Mr Cherry downstairs is probably violent and rude towards them.
I think ultimately, the isolation is not created by the elderly gentleman, the isolation is created by the "carer".
- Yes.
Keeping everyone at arm's length.
- Cos he's private, he's a private carer, he's not been CRB checked by Social Services.
Of course he's not.
And he's got a violent history.
There's no way in hell any agency would take him on.
He would not be allowed near one.
Not even the lowest of the low would take him on.
The problem I've got is that until I get the heads- up from the investigation teams, I'm not going able to say how long you're going to be here.
I'm not going to be here again another night.
We've only got 24 hours in which to deal with you.
This case is absolutely nothing even to answer to.
I'm not in a position to say that and it's not my job to do that.
It's just too much for me to be guessing.
I've not had a phone call.
I'll need to Cos I am actually a carer for an old man.
Who's the person you need to check on? Peter Wright.
Well, he's the person that you've assaulted, so I haven't assaulted him! - Well, that's the allegations, so But I'll note the fact that you've asked to speak to him and I've refused.
If he wants to press charges, well, I want to press charges with Peter as well then.
Slander and false allegation.
OK, once you're realised from custody, you're at will to do that, but we can only deal with one thing at a time here.
That's cool.
He needs to stop doing this.
Down the bottom, aren't you? Yeah.
Saturday night into Sunday morning, we're always full.
Kick your shoes off.
It's in our interests to get you dealt with as quickly as we can.
- We're not doing it - All right then.
OK, you're going home.
Erm, be careful.
We're taking no action, OK? OK.
Just, obviously, like I say, talk to your wife, perhaps go and speak to someone with regards to what's going on, all right? His wife's just picked him up.
Got a nice car - Jaguar.
Jag?! "Got a Ja-a-ag!" "Got a Ja-a-ag!" Jeremy Clarkson "Got a Ja-a-ag!" "Got a Ja-a-ag! Jag-u-ar.
" I like that - "Got a Ja-a-ag.
" "I've just parked the Ja-a-ag.
" Anyway, where are we going for this chicken and chips? I don't know.
I'm still yet to find a decent chicken and chips place, so I'm going to go with what everyone else goes for.
Well, Tom's the man, cos I don't really know.
Right, fair enough.
Right, where's there a good place in town to get chicken and chips from? Sober.
When you're sober.
Yeah, when you're sober.
- 'Nando's?' - Nando's! True.
That is a fair point.
To be fair, that is chicken and chips.
- Yeah, and it's half-price.
- It's half-price if you go in uniform, yeah.
All right, mate, I'll speak to you later.
No worries, mate.
'Have a super day.
' I'll have an amazing day.
Bye, love you.
Bye! Police are now ready to interview Cherry, who has asked for a solicitor.
I think I'm fairly good at figuring out a person.
I would like to hope so.
I mean, I might be wrong.
'I keep an open mind, but sometimes you can't help ' When you read something really bad, you're thinking, you know, you think the worst of a person.
And then when you go downstairs, sometimes those ideas are true.
Some people I've interviewed and I've thought, "You're exactly the same as I perceived you.
" But others, I've been like, "Hmm.
" And this has been a bit different.
- This is a change from what I expected.
- You OK? - Mm-hm.
- Good.
Your client has been arrested on suspicion of assault.
It is alleged that the offender has assaulted someone by hitting them on the head.
I am now further arresting you on suspicion of theft of approximately ?700.
Going back to Thursday, then, can you tell me where you were at about six o'clock in the evening? - Six o'clock in the evening? - Mm-hm.
I'll tell you exactly where I was: Mr Chips.
Mr Chips? And they know me very well, yeah.
And, silly question - what were you doing there? Ordering Peter a Pukka Pie and chips and me, fish and chips.
Also, in relation to the ?700, do you want to just give me a quick ? Basically, yeah, what it is, if he asked me to go over and use the cash machine and then if he says, "Are you OK for money?" I'll say, "Well, can I borrow 20, 30 quid?" "Yes, you can.
" I will come back with a receipt and the cash and give it to him with his expressed and utter permission.
- How long have you been his carer, Michael? - About three years, three and a half years.
Does suffer badly from breathing Erm, so they basically They said to me, basically, go on Carer's Allowance, just to be his sole carer.
I said, "Well, I'm not qualified.
" They said, "You don't have to be.
"Just be there, get his medication, help him out, do things "he generally can't do", which worked great for me in the end.
Why would Pete say you had assaulted him? Because he's deluded.
He's a drunk.
Does Pete drink a lot of brandy? - Bottle a day.
- Bottle a day? - A bottle a day.
In relation to the money, then, why would Pete say that you've stolen it? Why would Pete say he's got bowel cancer? - And prostate cancer? - Has he not got that? - He's never had any treatment.
He's a walking miracle.
He told me that in 2005, about prostate cancer, and he's still alive.
And bowel cancer, 2008.
Apart from the cancer, apart from his medical illnesses, is there anything else he's lied about? Yeah, that I've assaulted him on several occasions and stolen money from him.
There's another starter.
Why are you still living with him, then? I have nowhere else to live.
I've been homeless before, and believe you me, it nearly killed me.
And if I was homeless again, I would do myself in.
Obviously, we've spoken to Peter Have you spoken to him today? Yes.
- And he's STILL making this allegation up? - Yes.
- Mad.
He says that on this date of the assault, you've asked for some money.
He says he refused to give you the card and you got very angry, you've approached him and, with an open palm, slapped him across the head.
Absolute rubbish.
And as a result of that, he has got a lump.
- So I'm going to show you the photos.
- Let's have a look.
- This is exhibit LH1.
- Hold on a sec, Michael.
- Oh, sorry.
- Little bit of patience is required.
- Do you recognise this person? - Yes, I do.
But where is the slap, then? - OK.
Apparently, there, bruising there is from the slap across the head, according to Peter.
- No way! - Can you see? - Is that bruising? - Yeah.
So you are denying the assault, denying the theft? Absolutely.
- Is there anything else you want to say to me? - No.
- No? OK.
Like I say, what's going to happen now is I'm going to go and speak to my supervisor.
Do you need a further consultation? - Yes, please.
Thank you very much.
- No worries.
- Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear.
There's not enough evidence to charge Cherry, so while police continue their investigations, he is released on bail for six weeks.
Right, this is your bail sheet, with conditions.
Contact condition on Peter Rose, not to contact or communicate with him in any way.
And also, not to go to Peter Rose's address.
There are lifts here, so we'll show you out that way and give you a lift to get your stuff.
Can I Can I leave? You can.
Can you show this lady out? I'll push the buzzer.
Just wait in that other room.
Bye- bye.
Cherry has made arrangements to stay with a friend but must return to Peter Rose's house to pick up some belongings.
Hi, Peter.
How you doing, you all right? Peter, I've got Michael with us.
Just want to collect a bit of property.
Is he all right to come in with us, is he? Yeah.
Yeah? Erm We'll be with him, obviously, so he is only going to be about five minutes, maximum.
Yeah, certainly.
Pete, mate, I can't, I can't.
It's bail conditions, buddy.
It's bail conditions, mate.
You've made quite a serious allegation, me old mucker.
I can't stay, Pete.
I'll get nicked.
Shall we go up? We'll talk about it in the morning, because you've had a drink.
We'll talk about it in the morning, right? Right? Michael, erm Come on.
Are you all right for the camera crew to come in with you, or ? Are you all right? It's all right.
Let's get you up and sit you down.
Look, erm That is my fifth child.
I appreciate that.
All right, mate.
- There you go, have a sit on that.
- We'll send you back up.
- Oh, where's me glasses? Sending him back up.
While Cherry collects his belongings What's whisky done in here, then? there's fresh cause for concern.
Something's been smashed down here.
Is that a flowerpot? - Oh, what the fuck?! - Is that an egg? - Is that a smashed egg? - There's an egg that's been - Oh, you're fucking joking! - It looks like a bottle: Grey Goose.
- Grey Goose? That's vodka.
- Yeah.
No wonder they were out of it! I take it you had a good drink round here last night, yeah? Well, in future, I suggest that you don't let people stay here who don't live here.
No, definitely not.
- Especially when Michael is not here.
Because Michael is not going to be here until the investigation finishes.
I will see him in six weeks, whenever, I don't know.
If anybody comes round here, taking advantage of you, you need to call the police.
And we can come along and ask them to leave for you, all right, if you don't want to ask them to leave yourself.
I can't get it get it over to you, can I? Erm PHONE RINGS Oh, shit! Right, we'll see ourselves out.
All right? We'll shut the door for you.
All right? Goodbye.
Peter Rose.
Hello, Gillian.
How are you doing? Domestics are really hard for police, because if the partner doesn't support the police, and without their support, we don't always have a lot of evidence to go on.
So we aren't always in a position to pursue a complaint, whether they want us to not.
And sometimes, yeah, it is a bit it is worrying.
Because if we let them go and something happens, you know, that would be terrible.