24 Hours to Hell and Back (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Fetch Bistro

1 GORDON: I'm Gordon Ramsay, and I'm hitting the road.
[blues rock music] [truck horn honks] I'm heading to restaurants all across America WOMAN: Oh, my God, no, no.
GORDON: On the brink MAN: [bleep] you! GORDON: Of collapse.
They're sat in blood.
What are you waiting for, a [bleep] death? GORDON: But having endured so many kitchen disasters over the years There's a [bleep] mouse in here.
GORDON: I know that I need to do something I've never, ever done before.
I must try to save each of these restaurants in just 24 hours MAN: That's not a lot of time.
WOMAN: I'm scared we're not gonna finish.
[snoring] GORDON: Because in this age of social media, where every customer is a critic "If you want fast service and good drinks, don't go here.
" Next one, one star, the food looks gross when it comes out of the kitchen.
[whispers] Oh, my God.
GORDON: Your business can succeed or fail overnight.
But when people know I'm coming, they tend to hide what's really going on.
So, this time, I'll need to be covert, hiding cameras in the restaurants and myself in plain sight - Catch of the day, hepatitis B.
-[laughs] GORDON: To catch them all red-handed.
I had to stop you from eating in there, and this is the reason why.
WOMAN: Oh, my God, no! GORDON: If I have any hope of saving them Bless thy soul, may I come out in one piece.
GORDON: I'll have to go to hell and back GORDON: Oh, my God.
-[Coughs] GORDON: In 24 hours.
[coughs] [beeping] [rock music] Wow, I've just arrived in Wichita, Kansas, a beautiful portrait of farmland, roaming plains as far as the eye can see.
Now, we all know the quickest way to the American heartland is through the stomach, but unfortunately for the pet friendly restaurant, Fetch Bistro, customers aren't coming to sit or stay.
Now, trust me, I love dogs.
In fact, we've got three dogs at home.
But if I'm gonna put all my resources behind turning this restaurant around in just 24 hours, I need an inside track on all the issues [dogs barking] Before I step foot inside.
So my team told the restaurant that they were trying out for a traditional renovation show, but while they're being interviewed, we installed hidden cameras throughout the restaurant and have been secretly recording surveillance footage since we left.
Oh, how'd it go? -[dog barks] -[gasps] Unbelievable.
Despite having a truly unique concept, Fetch Bistro is already on the verge of closing.
And trust me, based on what we found, it's not hard to figure out why.
I'm Greg Buss.
And I'm Pamela Buss.
And these are our babies, Solomon and Chuck.
I own Fetch Bistro with my wife, Pamela.
We're the first pet friendly restaurant in the state of Kansas.
Pamela and I were looking for a new venture, and we thought, "How neat would it be "to develop a restaurant where we actually get to bring our dogs to work?" PAMELA: Without a huge history in the restaurant industry, it was very tough, and I think it was something we weren't really prepared for.
Pam and Greg, they're very easygoing.
We got all sorts of dogs getting up on furniture today.
I don't know why.
ROBIN: They let the dogs sit wherever they want Are we ready? And if you look down and all you see is dog hair, that's not gonna do a whole lot for your appetite.
When you're trying to introduce a new format to dining, you need rules, communication, and consistency.
Greg, how do y'all do the oatmeal? UmI don't know.
There is no consistency with the back of the house.
I wouldn't suggest our steaks at all.
We don't have a head chef here, and it leaves for a very confusing place to work.
Nothing surprises me after a while here.
I have a concern.
Pam is always working.
She never stops.
And Greg's just kind of given up.
They almost seem like co-partners in a business more than a romantic couple.
Really, Pamela? Did you get a tape measurer to center it? - No.
- I don't think it's centered.
It's close enough.
Owning and running a restaurant [sighs, voice breaking] Takes a lot out of the person.
[sniffles, exhales] [softly] Okay.
SUE: Business is so bad, I don't see us staying open maybe more than a month.
[solemn music] GREG: Let everything bounce today and then figure it out later on in the week.
There's no money left.
If we don't make a change quick, I don't know how it survives.
We've put everything we have in it.
There comes the end of the road sometime, and I don't know if this is it.
[crying] If I'm gonna help this canine friendly place, then I'm gonna have to get in there and start sniffing around.
So I need to go incognito to truly assess the situation.
[intense orchestral music] [whistles] Carly! Hi, guys.
How are we? Good to see you.
Good girl.
Good girl.
Today I'm heading to lunch with my fellow dog lovers and our furry friends to see how rough things really are.
Oh, man.
Come on.
Carly, hey.
Come on, Mojo.
- Right this way.
- Hello, there! Hi! [sniffing] [growling] Did you notice that when we came in, there was no structure, no rules? Dogs can be on or off the leash.
There's no protocol.
WOMAN: Yeah, they didn't tell us anything, yeah.
Wow, okay, there's dog out of control all over the place.
That dog over there is eating at the table.
Do you all need a few more minutes to look it over? - No, we're ready.
- I think we're ready.
For her, I want the Fur Balls.
GORDON: We're ordering dog friendly chow for our canine companions We would like the Tummy Rub Surprise.
GORDON: And American classics for ourselves.
Chicken-fried chicken.
And a Thank you.
The servers come to the table -and pet the dogs.
- Mm-hmm.
And they serve the food.
[slow symphonic music] Ay-yi-yi.
If you're gonna have a dog friendly restaurant, there needs to be parameters where you follow strict guidelines.
How you doing, Sue? - Good, good.
- Good deal.
[soft guitar music] SUE: All right, Tracy, here's your dog bowls.
I'll take 'em.
We can assume this small one is for the - Yes.
- And I have Fur Balls.
Thank you.
GORDON: Wow, she put the dog food on the table.
There's steam coming off of these.
Just touch that underneath there--it's piping hot.
The poor dog will burn its mouth.
- Yes.
- Ridiculous.
You're all over it, huh? Hey, man, don't say nothing to me.
- Yeah, well, you're not perfect.
- Shush.
I didn't say I was.
Y'all stay down there, I got all this over here.
I can't do this with a bunch of people over in my area.
- Look at this.
- Did somebody make it and not-- I just made it, and it just, psshh, went everywhere.
- Why'd you make it wrong? - Sorry.
WOMAN: Here comes our food.
She said, "I'll take one of those.
" Did you about get a bite of that, Mojo? There we go.
I mean, at this stage, the dog food looks way more attractive than the customers' food.
Hello? I need a burger special.
Just a burger, or you want fries? SUE: Sell me a fry.
[soft bass music] Oh, Lord.
Cece, no, sit.
I asked for medium-rare, and look at it.
It's gray.
It's white.
Not good.
Not good.
If the restaurant can't get a burger ready, we're in trouble.
MAN: That's gross.
Not the greatest.
Oh, my Lord.
Look at that.
What the [bleep] is that? This chicken is bland.
It is dry.
And the gravy is shocking.
Thank you.
Oh, my Lord.
It's like someone's been shot.
Oh, my God, and there's a black hair.
It doesn't even belong to my dog.
GORDON: Oh, my Lord, what is that? - A dog hair.
- Oh, it's on the fry.
-[laughs] Oh, God - Look at that [bleep].
That's a human hair.
WOMAN: Actually, look, you can even see where it came off of her head.
I know.
There is hair everywhere all over the food.
- How are you? - Look at you.
You so pretty.
- This is Mojo.
- And who is this one? - This is Cece.
- Cece? - Yes.
Well, my folks' dog is named Cece, but it stands for "Christmas Cookies," so - Oh! -[laughs] Well, you guys, thanks for coming out.
- Appreciate it.
BOTH: Thank you.
[Gordon sighs] Man.
There's more hair in my food than you just put on my chin.
That's terrible.
This place is a mess.
No head chef in the kitchen, no standards for the pets in the dining room, and the owners barely seem married at all.
[dynamic percussive music] Holy [bleep].
Um, you guys, follow me.
WOMAN: Oh, my God, it's Gordon Ramsay.
WOMAN: Oh, my goodness.
[mouths words] Ladies and gentlemen, just stop eating for 30 seconds, please.
[dog whimpers] [whispering] Greg, Pamela, please, come over here.
Um, I've been sat there for the last 60 minutes.
That was me.
Uh, quick question-- Who's in charge? - Uh, I am.
- Right.
You would never have thought so.
I sat down.
I felt like the dogs were more in charge than the owners.
You know, this food wasn't even at a diner's level.
And then the servers are petting the dogs.
Anybody else find hair in their food? - You found some hair? - Yes.
- Human hair or dog's hair? - It was dog's hair.
GORDON: Oh, well, I had both.
Pamela, do you feel there's a structure here? I guess apparently not.
GORDON: I'm shocked.
All of you, put the knife and forks down.
[tense music] Follow me.
Dogs on the leash, please.
[rock music] WOMAN: Look at this! Come around.
Come on, guys.
WOMAN: "Hell on Wheels.
" SUE: Is this a mobile kitchen? GORDON: This is the heartbeat of my operation.
This is Hell on Wheels.
To all the employees at Fetch Bistro, there's something you should know.
My team have been inside that restaurant secretly recording you [bleep].
And what they found was pretty shocking.
I want all of you now to take a very close look.
Watch carefully.
[tense music] -[dog howls] - I don't want to see that.
JANELLE: I love dogs, but I don't believe a dog should be in the kitchen.
Chuck, out of the kitchen.
PAMELA: It just worries me, because, like, if they start a fight, somebody is gonna get hurt, and we just have to, I think, be more careful.
Oh, how'd it go? -[dog barks] -[gasps] Good job! I was wondering why there's a leaf in there - Bay leaf.
- It's flavored, Greg.
Well, we've never done that before.
We don't have a recipe to follow.
Greg, do we have any more hamburger buns? - I don't think so.
BRIAN: Well, we're out.
SHANE: Are we out of, like, Italian dressing? Hey, don't we have any olive oil? I don't know, dude.
BRIAN: This bacon is done, done, done.
JANELLE: Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! Oh! [Laughs] - Oh - Gross.
DERIECK: I didn't know how messed up things was.
- Wow.
[beeping] Oh! [Laughs] First of all, I don't find anything funny here.
What's the big giggles? Laughing instead of crying, 'cause that wasn't good at all.
I love the idea of a restaurant with puppies.
I think that's exciting.
But the footage I saw kind of makes me want to go home and brush my teeth.
I don't know, it's gross.
Who's the head chef? Put your hand up.
- We don't have one.
-[people murmuring] I'm kitchen manager.
Are you in charge of the kitchen? Greg did appoint me in charge, yes.
So who is your head chef? I don't have one.
GORDON: I've never seen such a disorganized, chaotic mess in all my life, honestly.
Do you feel you know how to run a restaurant? Not after looking at that.
What's become evident is that you haven't got a structure on how to run a business.
Now, I'm here to help, but more importantly are you guys committed? - Absolutely.
- Yes.
I haven't got three weeks, three months.
I've got 24 hours.
Because if we can't come together to make this concept work in 24 hours, trust me, this restaurant doesn't stand a chance.
And that 24 hours starts right now.
[beeping] [sighs] Customers, I'm picking up the check today, but what I'd like to see is you back here for a decent meal in 24 hours with your dogs.
Members of staff and owners, get on the phone and just ring home, 'cause you're not gonna see them for 24 hours.
And when you walk back into that restaurant, you need to get your [bleep] together.
Let's go.
Customers, my apologies.
We're gonna be here for a while.
Till tomorrow.
We're not coming home for 24 hours? I have my doubts of whether it's gonna turn around.
I hope it does, but we're so far behind, that this restaurant needs two or three Gordon Ramsays.
PAMELA: Right now what's going on through my mind is just complete shock.
I can't believe this is what's going on, and it's awful.
We need to fix some things so desperately.
This should never have come to this.
Have you ever scrutinized this business? Front of house, what systems do we have? - Robin? - None.
- No systems? - No.
Uh, customers arrive with their dogs.
I mean, instructions-- "Dogs must be kept on leashes.
We'll have beds for them.
" - Do you have any guidelines? MARY: There really aren't any.
We're kind of shown where everything is, given a book and a pen and - And that's it? Okay.
- Basically, yeah.
JANELLE: Sink or swim.
This is the first restaurant that I've worked at that is just-- It's not in order.
- It can get frustrating.
Businesses need a structure, and it starts from the top.
How about the kitchen staff back there? Are you proud of your work here? SHANE: There's a lot of things to be ashamed of right now.
I have no control over anything.
So why don't you have control over your job? BRIAN: Even trying to get recipes instated is damn near impossible.
Hold on a minute.
You have no recipes? No recipes.
We're told to read the menu and then base it upon what the menu description is.
And who tells you that? Well, Greg's told me that quite a few times.
Yeah, but I've also taught you things, and then a week later, you go, "Well, I didn't know how to do that.
" BRIAN: We have not been taught.
You were taught.
You were taught several times.
And then the next week, I see you.
You're acting like the savior around here, and it's a bunch of [bleep].
I'm pointing out what the problem is.
We don't have standardized recipes.
The communication is just all [bleep] up.
-[all talking at once] - Nobody wants to listen, and nobody wants to be told what's wrong, and when you tell them what's wrong, they get an attitude, and then this is what happens.
You've got everything upside down.
Don't just take my word for it.
Let's hear from your customers.
Do you ever go online? "The servers have no clue what is going on, "and the chef can't even cook a full menu.
"We tried to order appetizers, but were told that we couldn't because the chef didn't know how to.
" Next one--"I ordered the steamed green beans, "which were supposed to be plain, "but they came with onions on it as well, "and I'm allergic to onions.
"Not only was that bad for me, but then I noticed "that at the bottom of my dog's bowl "were some more onions.
"If you didn't know, onions-- They're toxic for dogs.
"You shouldn't have to check the food for your dog "at this kind of establishment.
I wouldn't be surprised if this place is closed in six months.
" [rock music] I know it's bad, but I didn't think everything was bad about it.
You need to wake up.
If you're gonna launch a restaurant that's dog friendly, then you need to have a concept that's absolutely flawless.
We're gonna turn this around.
We're starting right now, so get to work.
Back of house, follow me.
Let's go to the kitchen.
Thank you.
MAN: All right, let's go.
First thing we need to do--get all of these tables taken away.
Aren't we having fun yet? All of these booths, vámonos.
Watch out for the dog [bleep] in the restaurant.
GORDON: Fetch Bistro is begging for a makeover.
In order to make this unique concept work, it's back to the drawing board.
To start with, we'll upgrade the shabby furniture and add playful design elements to create a bright and cheery environment that's suitable for dogs and their owners alike.
What's this out here? This was existing when we rented the place.
- It's a bocce court.
- This is yours, right? - Right.
- Yes.
This is all our area.
Basically it's a waste of space.
- It is a total waste of space.
- That's what it is.
BOTH: Yes.
What a missed opportunity.
In addition, we'll repurpose the patio, transforming the wasted space into one that's functional and recreational.
The fence post goes to there and there.
Lift coming through! Everybody, watch your backs! GORDON: It's so obvious to me that chaos has taken control of the dining room, and I'm afraid the kitchen may be worse.
So just come around here, guys.
Where do we cook the dog food? - Truthfully? - Truthfully.
The same--same place that you do the meals, like the hamburger and the, uh Tummy Rubs.
Tummy Rubs.
You got your bacon.
Tummy Rubs? What is--go back.
Tummy Rubs, what is that? Sausage, bacon, and ham with egg, and you cook it with the pan.
But are we using the same sausage, ham, egg, bacon -that we do with the customers? - Yes, yes, yes.
And grease--[stammers] BRIAN: And there again, I think ham and bacon -is bad for dogs as well.
GORDON: It's too rich.
- Yeah.
- You can't serve the same food for the customers that you serve for the dogs.
- Wait, why not? GORDON: It's too rich.
Their stomachs are sensitive, and you could end up poisoning them.
- Right.
- Watch out.
When was the last time that was cleaned? - It's been months.
GORDON: Months? Bloody hell.
You mean years.
[bleep] hell.
That's the window, 'cause you're supposed to see how things are cooking in there, you know that, right? GREG: Yeah.
- Oh, my Lord.
What's this station here? What is that? PAMELA: Hot dog.
A hot dog? But why are we cutting it in half like that? - To cook all the way through.
- We're trying to fast-track it? [bleep].
What is that? Kansas City strip.
[Groans, sniffs] Just look at that.
Pamela, talk to me.
I mean, just-- PAMELA: It's disgusting.
GORDON: Do you have any standards? What in the [bleep] are they? What's that? For the [bleep] dog's banana bread? I've seen better-looking [bleep] At the bottom of a pooper scooper.
I mean, we have given up.
Sue, you are the kitchen manager here.
What's happened? Why have we got this far down? It's just been a spiral thing.
It's I really don't know how to explain it.
Where's the walk-in? - Outside.
- Straight back.
- Where? - Straight ahead.
Oh, really? Not to mention, every time it rains, about half of it will flood.
And the door doesn't lock either.
Oh, my God.
What in the [bleep] is that? PAMELA: Meatloaf.
BRIAN: We just made meatloaf today.
- We just made it? PAMELA: Yes.
Is this meatloaf for a dog or for the customer? - Customers.
- For the customers.
[grunts] [bleep].
What is that? GREG: Should've been thrown out.
- Look at this.
GREG: Lack of use.
I mean, how old is this stuff? I don't know.
I thought we'd be through those by now.
BRIAN: It was me.
- And you're perfect, right? DERIECK: No.
- But you think you are? - Absolutely not.
DERIECK: Yeah, well, then don't say nothing to me.
BRIAN: I own up to my things.
[beeping] [slow, dynamic percussive music] BRIAN: It was me.
- And you're perfect, right? DERIECK: No.
- But you think you are? - Absolutely not.
DERIECK: Yeah, well, then don't say nothing to me.
BRIAN: I own up to my things.
I own up to my things.
You done critiqued on everything else.
Let's get back inside.
- I'll sort this out.
PAMELA: Let's go inside.
Let's go inside, please.
[solemn music] GORDON: The line cooks are butting heads, going at each other's throat because they're in desperate need of a leader.
- You was the main one doing it.
- What? But you didn't say nothing then.
- Other than the tomatoes.
GORDON: We've got no time for this [bleep].
I want all of you to stop fighting right now, and from top to bottom, for the first time, I want this place cleaned, and I mean [bleep] cleaned.
- Understood? - Absolutely.
Honestly [bleep] unbelievable.
Anything of question, guys, get rid of it, all right? Wow.
The whole place is rudderless.
Shocking, I mean, really shocking.
I'm about to throw this whole line away.
GORDON: I need to see if Sue has what it takes to step up and lead this pack, because right now in there, they're just a bunch of [bleep] puppies that are still sucking on the [bleep] teat.
[coughs] [bleep].
Sue, can I just have two seconds with you? Give us two minutes, please.
How long have you been in the restaurant business? I've been in the business for 30 years.
30 years? So how would you describe this business from top to bottom? - A hot mess.
- A hot mess.
You know, if you're the kitchen manager, that means you need to manage, right? I mean, I really like Pam and Greg-- They're great people--but I need a lot more authority in here to do my job effectively.
What I need to know now is that, do I have to go and look for a new head chef, or do you think you've got what it takes to step up and start getting a grip here? Oh, I think I got it, yeah.
I want it.
I'm desperate for this to work as much as you are, but you need to follow that system through and, more importantly, lead by example.
- Can I trust you with that? - Yes.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Get your coats.
- I'm gonna take you somewhere.
- Okay.
GORDON: While my renovation team hammers on Looking good, guys.
GORDON: My culinary team has been out working on the new dishes.
Guys, come over.
I've curated a menu of comfort-food favorites, accompanied by legitimate instructions for preparing them.
- Line up, let's go.
- All right.
GORDON: With only hours until re-launch, I need these cooks not only to learn these recipes, but be able to execute them with consistency.
First of all, we are gonna master this menu-- Simple, elegant, straightforward bistro cooking.
But let me tell you, it's not rocket science.
Start off with chicken and biscuits, with a delicious gravy.
Next to that, a grilled fish taco.
Sustainable, fresh, vibrant.
And then, look, the Fetch Bistro burger.
It has a blend of chuck steak, short rib, and finished with beautiful fries.
And then a meatloaf dinner-- Charming and rustic.
And then finally, a delicious little Bone Appétit of beef, green beans, ground rice, which is healthy for the dog, and some beautiful carrots.
A proper dog's dinner.
Now, all of you, do me a favor, pick up a knife and fork and start tasting.
Let's go.
Taste the difference, yes? - Chicken's awesome.
- Thank you, Mary.
[laughter] - Best damn burger I've ever had.
Now, I've never seen so many complaints with a burger.
So you got to understand this from top to bottom.
Burger, on.
Seared, on.
If I give you four a burger to cook now, I guarantee I'll have four different burgers.
- That [bleep] needs to stop.
- Yes.
Greg, how many times a week do you stand behind the line? Probably four or five times a week.
30 years' experience.
How many years have you been in the kitchen? [bleep], about 20-something years.
-20 years.
We're up to 70 years.
85 years' experience just combining that.
And you still think you need to jump behind the line? No, you're right.
Now, I've brought you out here to taste the food, -but do me a favor GREG: Okay.
Yeah, get your ass back into that restaurant -and stay in your lane.
- Okay.
Off it.
Let's go.
Right, burger onto a wonderful sizzled butter, and then into the oven, yes? That has to stop.
It's your kitchen.
Your kitchen, your kitchen, your kitchen.
BRIAN: So, Chef, I got a question.
Is this gonna be the complete menu? - This is a start.
- Okay.
We're gonna start off small and powerful.
And also, we haven't got the [bleep] money to start going over the top.
Burger, done.
Anything complicated there? - No.
-[yawns] Yes, I know it's late, early hours of the morning, but you've got to hang in there.
This is where we dig deep and we bounce back.
So I want you all to buddy up with the team.
Listen, learn, and push.
- I'm ready.
- Yeah? Good.
All of you, come around, please.
- Mary, take it away.
- Yes, Chef.
We're gonna show you guys how to do all of the dishes.
You're gonna be here for a while.
[exhales sharply] Big test for all four of them in there.
So I'm hoping to get Greg out of that [bleep] kitchen, get Sue to step up and hold those reins, and then each and every one of those cooks underneath Sue's guidance stays in their lane.
Burger? - Burger.
- All right.
If that takes place, then we've got a glimmer of hope of making this thing turn around quick.
As my team strives to inject color back into Fetch Take everything out, wipe it down.
We want to refresh this place.
We're giving it a whole new life.
GORDON: K9Grass, a top dog Astroturf company, is making a much needed upgrade outdoors.
Greg, let's have two minutes together.
Let's go.
But the remodel is only a fraction of the change that needs to happen here, and we're running out of time.
Take a seat.
[tense music] Let me just tell you something really important.
You didn't have much faith in the team behind the line, but they're still standing there now, early hours of the morning, freezing their ass off.
I appreciate them a lot more than I've let on to you, I think.
If you do, you have a really weird way of showing it.
I'm here to help, but right now you're like a dead man walking.
This is affecting someone that doesn't deserve to be on the brunt of your attitude.
I need you to watch this.
[phone ringing] Good afternoon.
Fetch Bistro.
Oh, gosh.
- That one.
- No, no.
[sniffles] [sighs] Okay.
[tablet clatters] - That's your wife.
- I know.
You talk to her like she's a server.
Seeing that is a whole different I'm amazed she still comes in.
I love her, and I just take her for granted.
Now, I can implement a structure, I can transform that restaurant, but I can't change your attitude personally.
That needs to start with you.
I'm just numb.
You know, it's like Cut the crap, get a grip, and show [bleep] respect.
She's your wife, and she is about to crack.
[beeping] [solemn music] GREG: What are you doing? Oh, just trying to get all this glassware off of here.
That should probably go there.
Well, one thing I'm discovering today is as bad as I've ran this restaurant, I've been worse to you.
This place is important, but it's not as-- Anywhere close to as important as you are.
[heartfelt music] In my attempt to try and be strong, it's like I just become this cold shield.
Day in and day out, you bust your ass and do everything you can.
And I love you, and I don't want to lose you.
I don't want this place to tear us apart.
I needed to hear that.
I'm gonna make this a day that changes our lives, and we can do this together.
We really can.
I love you.
Grab it.
All right, hold up.
[Grunts] BRIAN: There's less than 13 hours left.
We're almost done with paint.
We've still got a lot of building to do.
I'm absolutely worried about making it in time.
WOMAN: Oh, God, why is it so hard? This one's gonna come right down to the wire.
Oh, my God, I'm so sick of hauling heavy stuff [laughs] And I have, like, 12 hours to go.
GORDON: With the hours ticking away, this ambitious undertaking is beginning to take its toll.
I just want to go to sleep.
My ass has been sleeping.
-[object breaks] - Ah, son of a bitch.
That's why we can't have nice things.
[yawning] GORDON: The sun is about to rise, and almost everyone is still hard at work.
Have you seen Pamela? And Greg? No? No? Anybody? [sighs] [solemn guitar music] Right, I want a word with you two.
Both of you are supposed to be the face of the business.
That's right.
This restaurant's here because of you two.
And your performance is shocking.
Don't look at me like that.
'Cause you guys just run riot all [bleep] day, just sniffing people's asses.
[dog panting] [laughs] [both panting] Right, back to business.
It's been one hell of a long night, and this team could use an energy boost, so I think it's time to throw this staff a bone.
Right, let's go, ladies.
Gents, let's go.
Doggies, let's go.
MARY: Beautiful, Sue.
- Thank you.
Yeah, this looks about right.
Ladies, come over.
Come and line up.
- Oh.
- Oh, my goodness.
GORDON: Please, Brian WOMAN: Oh, my gosh.
GORDON: And then some of you can come around here as well.
Dogs, they've got their own table, their own menu.
- Hey.
PAMELA: Oh, my God.
Boys, look.
GORDON: Chefs, come and join us, please.
Listen, launching a restaurant with a concept, whatever the concept may be, the food and the service has to be spot-on.
So I want you to pick up a knife and fork and dig in.
I want you to taste the difference.
Oh, wow.
- Uh-huh.
I have to take a bite of this.
The chicken and biscuits is off the chain.
I can't talk with my mouth full.
JANELLE: [laughs] Right? Excellent.
I think customers are gonna flip for this new menu.
We're gonna sell out of everything.
GORDON: Sue and her team have been relentless, in terms of their dedication and their attitude to getting this right.
They are seriously committed.
I've seen these guys working all night and go above and beyond.
It's made me realize how much I need to step back and just let them do their job.
Solomon, Chuck, are you guys happy? [dogs barking] Last bites, yeah? Let's head back to the restaurant.
Yeah, good job, well done.
Now that Fetch Bistro is back on track and the dining room's overhaul is nearing completion - It looks amazing, huh? - Thank you.
And that's gonna be great for the acoustics as well.
- Yeah, yeah.
GORDON: I need to make sure that this kitchen team are set up for success Right, come in here.
Because tonight they'll be tested in ways they have never experienced before.
I had professional cleaners in here all night.
SUE: Oh, my God! SHANE: This is awesome.
Not only is the kitchen looking brand-new, I've absolutely littered it with state-of-the-art professional equipment.
From amazing blenders, nonstick pans, you are equipped from top to bottom -with everything you need.
- Amazing.
One more really important issue-- When you told me that we cook dog food, customer food, dog food, customer food, no.
The cross-contamination has to stop.
So, over here, I've got two state-of-the-art induction burners, and that section purely cooks for dog food.
And then you guys are free as a bird -to dance up and down -[laughter] GORDON: Like proper chefs.
Just promise me one thing.
You keep this [bleep] out of the kitchen.
[laughter] - Promise? - Promise.
GORDON: Is that a deal? GREG: Deal.
So, chefs, start setting this place up.
BOTH: Thank you.
- Awesome.
- Look at all this.
- What do you think? Oh, that's gonna make it nice and easy for tonight, huh? GORDON: It's full steam ahead, and everything is going to plan.
Okay, salad, burgers, chicken, tacos.
GORDON: Sue's kitchen staff are working from real recipes SUE: Just put everything under your station, 'cause that's what we're doing is this menu, and they're gonna hit us hard.
GORDON: And Pam is enforcing structure in the dining room.
So this side will be for eating with dogs, and this side, people without dogs.
So, as soon as we see where the table layout is, we'll have you guys know-- When you walk into that front, you're gonna know that's table X.
- Isn't this awesome, you guys? - It is.
Look at this.
GORDON: But there's still one big change the team has yet to sniff out.
JANELLE: What is this? -[Bleep].
- Oh! WOMAN: Ah! Whoa! Oh, my God [beeping] - Oh, my goodness.
Oh, my God.
Come over here, guys, please.
Two seconds, I want to show you something outside.
Let's go.
Whoo! Come on.
- Ah! - Come here.
Guys--[chuckles] [laughter] Whoo-hoo! Look at you! - Wow.
- It's nice.
GORDON: What an amazing dog park, where they can run around, have some fun, right? PAMELA: Whoo-hoo! WOMAN: So cool.
Here's the good news, K9Grass strongly believe in this concept, and they have very kindly donated this incredible set here for you.
- Awesome! - Great.
Greg, go ahead and lift your leg on that fire hydrant.
- No, no, no, no! -[laughs] Let's get set and ready for opening.
Let's go.
We're nearing the finish line BRIAN: We're not done yet, but we're getting there.
So there's a white table.
Bring that guy in, put him over here.
GORDON: And with only minutes until the doors reopen - Are you good on your side? - Yep.
GORDON: The team is making the final push to wrap up any last details.
Game plan-- We all have our stations.
We're stocking up.
God, it looks so much more fun.
-[laughs] - Great job, huh? Give yourselves, all of you, a big round of applause.
Seriously, come on.
Now, have fun with this tonight.
Smile, get in the weeds, get out of the [bleep] weeds.
I've been in the weeds for the last 25 years, I'm still standing strong, okay? - Happy? - Happy.
- Final words? - I love you.
[laughter] Good.
Fetch Bistro is turning a new chapter.
Now ALL: Eight, seven six, five four, three, two, one! We are open, guys.
Let's go.
[cheers and applause] PAMELA: Welcome to the new Fetch Bistro! - Come on in! - All right.
PAMELA: Right this way.
We're so excited.
[Laughs] - I love it.
- Thank you, guys.
GORDON: In only 24 hours, we have given Fetch Bistro a complete face-lift.
I like it.
GORDON: We've ditched the dowdy furniture and decor, and implemented systems to keep things clean and orderly, like these portable dog beds.
MAN: It's totally different now.
It feels clean.
It feels kind of homey and WOMAN: Right.
GORDON: We've enhanced the interior with pops of color and accent walls It's awesome.
GORDON: And added fun bonuses, including an outdoor dog park and a photo booth, that'll create a real buzz around town and help to attract new customers.
This is really cool.
What do you think of the concept, then? It's a lot more clean and organized than I expected.
'Cause if it wasn't, you wouldn't want to come back -[laughs] Right? -[chuckles] Exactly.
It seems like a place that is catered to both people and dogs.
Absolutely, that's the main thing.
We really want people to know that.
GORDON: Instead of the chaotic, dirty dining room, customers will now experience a peaceful, polished atmosphere, while feasting on refined American classics and canine-approved cuisine.
I just can't believe this was done in 24 hours.
-[both laugh] - It's like, "Yeah, right.
" - Exhausting.
-[laughs] I know.
Hi, guys, how are you? - Good, how are you? - Good.
What can I get you, sir? Anything for Leo tonight? The Bone Appétit? No.
[Chuckles] GORDON: Good, here we go, Susan, first order on.
- You've got this.
- New day.
Everybody ready? We have fish tacos two times.
DERIECK: Two tacos, heard.
One chicken and biscuit and one meatloaf all day.
DERIECK: One meatloaf and one chicken/biscuit, heard.
I'm sorry, he can't be on the table - Sorry.
- Or on the chairs.
You got to get down.
MAN: I forgot to order for my dog.
No problem.
You are not forgotten.
- You did remember.
- Well, I wasn't sure.
I'm not used to bringing a dog to a restaurant.
I know, right? [Laughs] - Fish taco up.
- Meatloaf is plating.
Okay, go ahead and take 62.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
That looks awesome.
- You are welcome.
- Good? Mm-hmm.
It's really good.
Well, what are you thinking so far? - It's great start.
- I really like it.
- Excellent, excellent.
- This is amazing right here.
I have meatloaf over here.
How many burgers all day? Three burgers all day.
- I got a question for you.
- Sure.
Can I have that cooked just a little bit more? Sure, we'd be happy to.
[tense music] This is too rare.
- We need a re-fire on a burger.
- A re-fire? - Re-fire.
Burger is too rare.
- Ah, [bleep].
Have we re-fired that burger? SUE: Yes, we have one burger we're reworking.
Chef Ramsay, they'd like this cooked a little more, please.
GORDON: Oh, [bleep].
Susan, Shane, stop two seconds.
Come over, please.
Second burger, look.
Look inside.
- Raw.
GORDON: That's raw.
Come on, guys, keep this together now, please.
Have we given up? Shane, talk to me! Come on! [beeping] [tense music] - Shane, talk to me! Come on! - Yes, sir.
GORDON: You started off bloody well, okay? I'm gonna tell you to slow down the kitchen now.
- Everybody, slow down.
- Heard, Chef.
GORDON: We got to keep these standards here, guys BOTH: Yes, Chef.
So re-fire two more burgers now, Shane.
Yes, Chef.
Bump in the road.
Let's deal with it.
SUE: Okay, I'm looking for a re-fire medium-rare and a re-fire medium-well.
SHANE: Burgers coming up in ten seconds.
Bam, bam, there you go.
Two burgers up.
SUE: Two burgers.
Thank you, burgers.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Make sure it's right this time.
Thank you.
[Chuckles] [upbeat music] - Chicken and biscuits.
- Oh, this looks great.
WOMAN: Enjoy.
I don't think you can go wrong with the chicken, honestly.
I just want to dip every single piece in the gravy.
Yeah, I really like the gravy.
EDDY: We've been to Fetch Bistro many times before in the past.
Before, it looked like a restaurant just for dogs.
Now it looks like a restaurant that regular diners can come to and enjoy.
It's fun.
Meatloaf dinner, how long, Brian? Coming out now.
Definitely happy about the way everything went tonight.
As long as Greg stays out of the kitchen, I think we'll be happy.
SUE: Doing great, guys! Keep it up! SHANE: The food changed.
Everybody's attitude changed, from the dining room to the kitchen.
That's what we needed.
That's what this place needed.
One burger, right here.
SUE: Rock it out, Shane.
- Now we got to come back.
- Oh, yay! [Laughs] That was the idea.
[Laughs] What's in there? Look.
- It's empty.
- It's empty.
- So what does that mean? - That means they loved it.
- Delicious food on table five! -[chuckles] WOMAN: Empty plates! Okay, here we go.
[chuckles] Hello, gorgeous.
WOMAN: Two, one, and big smiles! - That's great.
[Laughs] - Mojo! - Thank you so much.
- Thank you! Please don't [bleep] on my hand.
-[laughter] - Here we go.
Antonio, you sit in the middle.
Adam, you're on the end.
Sit! Good boy.
There you go.
- Right, look.
WOMAN: Three, two, one WOMAN: Perfect.
GORDON: Excellent.
- Look -[gasps] You, me, and Adam.
Okay? I think he's more excited about the you and me part.
[Chuckles] Right, chocolate brownie time.
[indistinct chatter] It's really good.
- Right.
-[exhales] It's that time.
Feedback's been amazing.
Buzz has been incredible.
Customers are loving the food, and the dogs seem happy.
PAMELA: Yes, they do.
GREG: They do, yeah.
Stay together, stay united, and make this work.
- We will.
- Yes.
This journey has been a roller-coaster ride.
It's been scary.
It's been fun.
It all came together, and it's better than we could've envisioned.
It's just an amazing transition, you know, in 24 hours.
You saved more than a restaurant here, I think.
- No, come on.
- We'll miss you.
- Stop it.
- Yeah.
[Laughs] No, we will! You didn't say that to me yesterday.
I wouldn't have said that yesterday.
Most important to me is having my husband back.
- Take care.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
[voice breaking] It means so much.
Wow, this one is definitely for the books, let me tell you.
When I first arrived, this restaurant was in total chaos.
I met two owners that were far more concerned about the customers' bloody dogs than they were about their customers' food.
And a kitchen with no head chef and, more importantly, not a recipe in sight.
- Meatloaf.
- Beautiful.
In under 24 hours, we've transformed this kennel into an amazing restaurant.
If Pamela and Greg stick together with their systems, I strongly believe that the dog days are finally over inside the Fetch Bistro.
[trunk horn honks] I wonder how many dog years in 24 hours, 'cause I feel like I've been here a week.
[cheerful music] - Hey, Chef Ramsay.
- Hi.
Welcome to the new Fetch.
That 24 hours you spent with us seems to be paying off on a minute-by-minute basis.
Of course, I'm staying out of the kitchen, as instructed.
Fish taco to go! We're definitely so happy with everything.
Thanks again.
Talk to you soon.
GORDON: Next time, I meet two of the most stubborn owners I've ever encountered I wanted to be out of here seven [bleep] years ago! I don't give a [bleep].
If you can't handle pressure, you have got to get out.
In one of the most difficult transformations ever.
Your kitchen's a war zone! I don't know if I can work with you or I have to look for a new head chef.
This may finally be the one [snoring] Oh, [bleep].
Where 24 hours You guys look [bleep].
Can't get it done.
I want all of you out of here.
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