24 Hours to Hell and Back (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Catfish Cabin

1 Warning, the following program includes content that may cause you to puke.
Dining while viewing is not advised.
GORDON: I'm Gordon Ramsay, and I'm hitting the road once again Heading to struggling restaurants all across America.
Mouse droppings that look like couscous.
GORDON: With so many restaurants on the brink of collapse Smell that [bleep.]
GORDON: When was the last time this was cleaned? I'm telling you the truth.
I don't know.
GORDON: I know that I need to work quickly, so I've given myself just 24 hours Oh, my God.
GORDON: To try and save each of them.
It's like a cockroach duvet.
But when people know I'm coming, they tend to hide what's really going on.
So, I'll be covert, hiding cameras in the restaurants and myself in plain sight Hello.
To catch them all red-handed.
Oh, my God.
What I discovered was shocking.
It's a horror scene in there.
If I have any hope of saving them In case you're sick, I've got some ready-made [bleep.]
I'll have to go to hell and back in 24 hours.
WOMAN: Know what this is? -No, no, no, no, no.
-Excuse me.
(timer beeping) (lively music) GORDON: I'm in Memphis, Tennessee, home of the blues, the birthplace of rock 'n' roll, and a hotbed of southern American cuisine.
When people come to Memphis, they wanna see where Elvis lived, listen to great live music, and eat world-famous barbecue.
Catfish Cabin has been a Memphis institution since 1971.
It's the only sit-down restaurant close to the airport.
You'd think between the historic reputation and the lack of competition, it'd be doing well, but it's doing so badly it could be closed in a matter of months.
If I'm gonna save them, it better be fast.
So, I'm gonna attempt to turn this place around in only 24 hours.
(laid-back Western music) My name is Rachael Ezell, and I'm the general manager at Catfish Cabin.
My father is the owner.
I'm Charles Ezell.
I started Catfish Cabin here in Memphis, 1971.
For the next 30-something years, we really didn't have any downtime at all.
Perfect hushpuppies.
ROSIE: My name is Rosie.
I've been here over 15 years, and I am the head cook here.
Catfish Cabin back in the day was a beautiful, perfect restaurant.
I loved working then.
It's slow today, baby.
WOMAN: Yeah.
RACHAEL: Back in 2008, when the recession hit, everyone just stopped going out to dinner, so financially, everything started piling up.
Last year we probably lost about $50,000 to $80,000.
(tense music) My father he's an extremely smart businessman, but, uh, we just disagree when it comes to a lot of things.
Whatwhat I was saying Not going back in change Okay, you talk, and then let me talk or something Yes, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am.
I don't know when I'm allowed to talk here.
We're both very hard-headed and stubborn.
CHARLIE: This is not the point I No, but it is.
It is a point.
CHARLIE: Listen, let me talk, okay? I do want to retire, and before I pass this restaurant on to Rachael, I want to make sure that she can make money with it.
If you want me to run this, I want to have control to run it.
I don't feel like I have been given the respect that I've earned.
We'll work on it.
I'm supposed to be the one that everybody looks to to say who does what, and there's certain individuals that don't have to listen to me, because he lets it be that way.
So, he just calls and says, "Hey, yeah, do it," and he's not here and No, no, no.
That's not what we said.
I'm Geraldine.
I've worked for Catfish Cabin for 15 years.
I run day-to-day operations.
How manyhow many servers do I have? I do the payroll.
I check on the inventory.
-That's not gonna happen again.
-Okay, then, whatever.
Geraldine goes against everything I say.
I'm just telling you what the man said to me.
Well, as far as it goes from here You call him and talk to him.
She comes in between my dad and I whether he wants to believe it or not.
It's not fair.
Oh, he's killing me.
It's been an uphill battle every single day for a very long time for me.
This business means everything to me.
This is my childhood.
This is my future.
(gentle music) Ah.
RACHAEL: It's like a part of me.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
If I had to leave here or if Dad sold it, it would break my heart.
With only 24 hours to try and reel this place in, I need to find out what they were doing wrong.
So, my team told the restaurant that they were trying out for a traditional renovations show.
Whilst they were being interviewed, we installed hidden cameras throughout the restaurant and have been secretly recording surveillance footage ever since we left.
Now, as you know, when people know I'm coming to town, they all turn on the Southern charm, so I'm going undercover.
Larry the luggage guy.
Let's go eat some catfish.
-Good morning.
-Code name, Larry.
So, first is -Ryan.
, good to see you.
-Ready? -Yeah.
Let's go.
Here we go.
Catfish Cabin, established in 1971.
Looks like it was closed in 1971, gents.
(laughter) Let's do this.
WOMAN: Hey, how y'all doing? -Hey, how you doing? -How are you doing? -Four today.
WOMAN: Okay.
GORDON: What is that smell? ROB: Whew.
This used to be, like, one of my favorite spots.
-Really? -Yeah.
-You know what happened? GORDON: Go on.
I seen three ants dragging a hushpuppy across the ground.
-Hey, y'all, how y'all doing? -Hiya.
GORDON: Today we're ordering classic Memphis comfort food, the kind that made the Cabin famous.
RYAN: Let me do, uh, the hamburger steak, French fries as well.
Fried shrimp and your deep-fried corn.
Can I get a catfish, shrimp basket? SHAYLA: All right (laughs) I've got a hamburger steak cooked medium.
MAN: Yeah.
(soft playful music) Hushpuppy, huh? How greasy are these? Look at my fingers.
MAN: They're more "grease puppies.
" GORDON: "Grease puppies" is right.
(laughs) It is.
I want it flattened out some.
WOMAN: I don't know.
He might mush it down or something.
SHAYLA: (laughing) WOMAN: Oh, I tell you.
How can this food take so long? We've been sat here for half an hour.
I'll get 'em.
It don't matter.
SHAYLA: Hamburger steak, medium.
-Oh, boy.
SHAYLA: Uh, fish and shrimp.
GORDON: Hmm? Yeah.
SHAYLA: You had macaroni? (indistinct chatter) Oh, boy.
The fish looks terrible.
My catfish is all soggy and limp, a tad slimy.
(groans) (dramatic music) Oh, my God.
ROB: Is it even done? GORDON: No.
Feels like it's been dipped in dishwater.
ROB: Mmm.
GORDON: What is that? A hamburger? ROB: Hamburger.
GORDON: I mean, seriously.
How disgusting does yours look? GORDON: Oh, my God.
-It is bad.
(grunts) It's undercooked.
It's raw in the middle.
ROB: Aw, man.
Don't eat any more.
Gents, I'm done.
Ladies and gentlemen All of you, stop eating.
Forks down.
Madam, can you get me the kitchen out? Oh, boy.
Y'all, we needed on the floor.
He told me to come get y'all and bring y'all to the front.
-You for real? WOMAN: Come on.
WOMAN: Let's go see what this is.
-He said everybody.
-Huh? Come on.
GORDON: Madam, just come through.
SHAYLA: Look at him.
GORDON: (groans) WOMAN: Dang.
Is that Chef Ramsay? WOMAN: Oh.
WOMAN: (gasps, screams) -It's Chef.
-Oh! SHAYLA: It's him.
WOMAN: Oh, my God.
First of all, I've just sat here for the last 60 minutes with my guests, and I've eaten some of the worst food I've ever tasted.
What an insult to Memphis.
The Catfish Cabin is closed immediately.
All of you, forks down and meet me outside.
All of you.
Oh, boy.
(rock music) Just line up over here, please.
Thank you.
Welcome to Hell on Wheels.
This thing is a state-of-the-art kitchen more importantly, this is my epicenter.
I travel across the country in this thing with the most amazing team.
What I've just experienced was shocking.
That was some of the worst catfish I've ever eaten.
II'm not understanding what you're saying, Rams.
You're not understanding what I'm saying? No, I'm not understanding what you're saying.
Nothing was crispy.
Even the fried food was soggy.
No, I don't send soggy food out.
How about greasy food? It is not greasy, so I'm not understanding.
Guests, raise your hands if you thought you had a great experience today.
(dramatic music) Not one guest has got their hand up.
Charles, how does that make you feel? Not very good.
I need you all to open your eyes.
I've had the Catfish Cabin under surveillance for the last few weeks, and what I discovered was shocking.
Please, all of you, take a look.
-(indistinct chatter) WOMAN:(gasps) -Where iswhere is that? WOMAN: Oh, my God, girl.
WOMAN: No, that wasn't realooh.
(all groaning) GORDON: Oh, man.
WOMAN: (gasps) WOMAN: Oh, my God, girl.
(all groaning) MAN: (groans) WOMAN: Oh, no.
(all groaning) Oh, my God.
That's awful.
That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.
Charles, talk to me.
I didn'tI wasn't impressed with what I saw.
GORDON: You're the owner.
-I know.
Rosie, you're the head chef.
How are you able to cook in that kitchen? Like, we we clean when we clean -Did you just say you clean? -Yes.
What part of that do you clean? Well, I don't clean under the fryers like that Why not? I mean, I don't know what else you want me to say.
(scoffs) -Geraldine? -Yes? You're the manager.
-Are you not shocked? I'm not gonna sit here and tell you, "Yeah, okay, I'm okay with it.
" But that kind of cleaning, we have been doing.
Are you crazy? That's decades of [bleep.]
We've been slacking.
We used to do all those floors every night, but we don't anymore.
That is not just slacking.
That was filth.
A general manager that doesn't manage, a chef that thinks her food is good and not greasy, an owner in denial you don't care, do you? I'm 75 years old.
I'm trying to get out of it.
You're trying to get out? You're lucky you're still alive if you eat there every day.
(tense music) GORDON: (scoffs) Rachael, why are you still here? Why would you be party to that? It's justit's my it's the family business.
-(stammers) I want it.
GORDON: A family business? I have three daughters.
Do you think that's the kind of business I'd pass down to them? RACHAEL: I know.
I'm probably crazy, but (stammers) I want it more than anything.
Do I have your commitment to help me turn this around? ALL: Yes.
WOMAN: You got mine.
GORDON: Customers, I'm gonna ask you a favor.
I want you to come back in 24 hours and experience a proper Catfish Cabin.
I'm committed to fixing this restaurant in 24 hours, and that time starts right now.
And so, get on your cell phones, ring home, 'cause you're not gonna see them for 24 hours.
The clock is ticking.
LAQUITA: Chef Gordon Ramsay just shut us down.
So, I have to be here 24 hours 'cause we gotta clean up and stuff.
The managers have got to stay.
Everybody in such a big hurry to get out, make their money, then they're ready to hit the door.
It's nasty and filthy and it's embarrassing.
Yeah, [bleep.]
Yeah, it's embarrassing.
(soft dramatic music) GORDON: I've asked the owner, Charles, not to come to the staff meeting, because I need the staff to be as honest with me as they can, if I'm gonna fix this place.
Now that the owner's out in his office, Rachael, what's the problem? I'm told I'm in charge, but I have don't have the authority to do anything.
I've tried, uh, many times to talk to Geraldine, um, about our differences and how we can set them aside.
And to no avail.
Geraldine, as the general manager, what has happened to you and your team? I don'tI don't I can't really say.
You can't say? You're the general manager.
Laquita, what has happened? Why is this so fragmented? The whole top of the pyramid there's a division there, so then it trickles down to us.
Rachael, give me the truth.
What's happening between you two? The restaurant, it's, um, completely divided.
There's an approach to everything and everybody, the way we communicate with each other.
We can't just come in, yelling out what needs to be done, and expect the same mistakes.
But I mean, it's like, I'm coming in, and I'm getting down to business.
The thing is, is your deliverance.
SHAYLA: Speaking of deliverance, you got a attitude that's out of this world.
Okay, I'll agree.
You are offensive to all of us.
(indistinct chatter) So, the animosity in here is just -It's thick.
LAQUITA: It's an all -time high.
I can feel it.
The customers can feel it.
That's why they're not coming here.
(solemn music) Geraldine, what are your labor costs? She doesn't know.
Whatwhat do you mean she doesn't know? She doesn't do the paperwork.
I do.
What? So, what do you handle as the general manager? Look after the cash flow? What do you do? Whatever goes on during the day, to be honest.
So, Rachael, you keep track of the books, so why are we losing the amount of money per month that we are? I mean, it's not being handled correctly.
This is insane.
We are relaunching this business in less than 22 hours.
I'm gonna bring in my renovation team.
Brian and Theresa, put them all to work, please.
Whatever you need, they're here to help, okay? BRIAN: So, we're gonna clear everything out of here, all the tables and chairs.
So, let's just start grabbing stuff.
I'm shaking so bad (chuckles) GORDON: Holy mackerel, it seems as if Catfish Cabin hasn't been updated since it opened 48 years ago.
(tray clatters) WOMAN: Oops.
Oh, crap, sorry, guys.
GORDON: Before we can inject some light back into this washed up fish, everything must go.
You know what the secret is to carrying things is, Ladin? Making the other guy walk backwards.
I'm too old for this.
Oh, my God.
All the silverware wrappers.
GORDON: In order to lure tourists and locals alike -There.
-There she goooh.
GORDON: My renovation team must overhaul this creepy cabin.
You feel good with that? You look like you could use a hammer.
LAQUITA: Uh-huh.
-Only on the wall.
-Only on the wall.
Only on the wall.
FLORIDA: (crying) You all right? FLORIDA: (whimpering) RACHAEL: Come on.
(forlorn music) RACHAEL: I'm sorry for putting y'all through this.
FLORIDA: It's okay.
It's okay.
RACHAEL: I just wanted to make things better.
FLORIDA: And you are making it better by It's taking this to make it better, know that.
We couldn't keep on going the way things was going.
It's how it got this bad.
It isand it's going to be better, but it's just gonna take a few minutes.
Rachael wasn't even born when I started to work here.
She was just a littlelittle, tiny girl, just running around and behind her dad.
She's just like my child.
RACHAEL: (exhales deeply) I'm sorry.
I gotI came over here to help you, and I'm over here blubbering.
RACHAEL: (laughs) FLORIDA: We have to help each other, baby, that's the way it's always been.
(kisses) RACHAEL: I love you.
FLORIDA: I love you too.
RACHAEL: Thank you so much.
GORDON: Bryan and Theresa, -Yes.
It's time to bring this thing into the 21st century, and more importantly, give it more a cabin feel.
But a modern cabin, right? -Yes, sir.
That's gonna be beautiful, that boat.
That's a real boat, right? That's a competition boat? THERESA: Real bass boat.
GORDON: Okay, good.
Oh, my God, look at the clock.
-I know.
-We're running out of time.
-Thank you, guys.
-All right, thank you.
GORDON: Renovations are underway in the dining room.
But I need to get to the bottom of what smells fishy in this kitchen.
This is something Charles needs to witness.
GORDON: Where's the walk-in? (dramatic music) What is that? That is ground beef.
(coughs) [bleep.]
Now, how old are they? (coughs) (gags) GORDON: (coughing) GORDON: And what is that? (quirky music) GORDON: Oh, my God.
How much catfish do we need? That's ridiculous.
, it's all gone.
It stinks.
Just smell that.
Just smell that.
It's gone, it's sour.
GORDON: You don't put dates or labels.
And why can't we cover product? She's the cook, I don't know.
Rosie, when was the last time this was cleaned? I don't know.
What do you want me to say? I don't know.
I just want you to tell me the truth.
ROSIE: I'm telling you the truth, I don't know.
You don't know.
You don't have to get pissy with me.
I'm not getting pissing, you're just telling me something that I should know, and I'm telling you I don't know.
And you're constantly asking me.
So, have you ever cleaned it? No, I have not.
Oh, my God Almighty.
That's justthat's disgusting.
It's a swimming pool of grease! GORDON: Do you have any idea what would happen if that ignited? Yeah.
GORDON: What would that mean to you? We'd be out of job, yes.
Out of a job? GORDON: People woul ie.
The restaurant's full of customers.
This thing would go up in a heartbeat.
(sighs) What is that under there? (suspenseful music) GORDON: Look at the cockroaches.
It's like a cockroach duvet.
CHARLES: Can't argue with that.
GORDON: When was this cleaned last? This is build-up of three years of grease.
GORDON: This is three years? -Yes.
That's decades.
CHARLES: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
As I said, we took these old fryers out -that were full of fries -Yes.
-Disposedlisten to me.
-I am listening to you.
I'm not arguing with you.
I'm not[bleep.]
, I wish you would.
Just tone it down a little bit, okay? Oh, excuse me two seconds.
You can [bleep.]
all you want.
GORDON: What do you mean, bye? RACHAEL: Dad.
GORDON: Excuse me.
-Dad! GORDON: Hey, what you mean CHARLES: To hell with you.
GORDON: You're going? CHARLES: Hell with you.
GORDON: You can give me all the excuses you want I'm not giving you an excuse at all.
You walk now, I'm walking with you.
-And my team come with me.
-Go ahead.
Your choice.
-We going? Sure.
Brian, Theresa, stop what you're doing.
Stop right now! RACHAEL: Dad, Dad You go, I go.
You go, I go.
Dad! GORDON: Stop what you're doing.
BRIAN: Everybody, stop.
Come on, then, man up.
What? -Are we going or we staying? -I'll listen to you.
You're gonna listen to me? Yeah.
GORDON: Brian, Theresa, continue.
Thank you.
All right, guys, come on.
GORDON: Charles, Rosie, and Andrew, and the general manager, Geraldine, they're all in denial.
Sadly, they've given up.
When you're working with an owner that's in denial and a chef that doesn't care, honestly, you've really got your work cut out.
So, we can establish together as a team, this hasn't been cleaned for over five years.
As an owner, you need to take some responsibility.
As the owner's daughter, step up.
General manager, step up, and as the chef of 12 years on and off, give me something! Well, for one thing, I tried to correct this problem.
Nobody listened.
GORDON: Please stop there.
It is shocking.
We are gonna clean this place from top to bottom.
GORDON: Less than 18 hours remain to get the Catfish Cabin in ship-shape.
Come here for a second.
Um, after we CHARLES: Wait a minute, let me talk.
Okay, well, you talk.
You know, drain the fryers.
GORDON: Now, it's up to the staff to prove they have what it takes to turn things around.
Renovating a 48-year old space is no small feat.
Ready? Onetwothree And we wanna be about rightabout there.
How are you sir? Yeah, it looks brighter already.
GORDON: While my team works on overhauling Catfish Cabin's interior, I need to get to the bottom of Chef Rosie's complacency in the kitchen.
That cabin means a lot to you, right? Yes, sir.
And you've been cooking since how old? Uh, my Grandma put me in the kitchen when I was eight years old.
GORDON: Eight.
You can cook and there is a passion there, right? -Yes, it is.
-So, what's happened to it? I guess I just lost it.
You should be the heart and soul of that place.
Yes, sir, I totally agree, yes.
So, take a little look.
We're gonna relaunch tomorrow with the most amazing food.
Start off with the, uh, mac and cheese, done with some bacon and some crispy shallots.
Yes, sir.
Next up we got buttermilk biscuits with pimiento cheese and pickled vegetables.
-Now we go on to the entrees.
Three staples from this city.
First one, the fried catfish served with green beans, creamy grits.
ROSIE: Okay.
Some fried chicken with a sausage gravy with the black-eyed peas, great collard greens.
And then barbecue-glazed meatloaf, -cream -corned, mashed potatoes.
GORDON: Catfish, shake off any excess, into the fryer.
ROSIE: Okay.
GORDON: Do you use canned green beans? Yes, we do.
Not anymore.
ROSIE: Yes, sir.
-Trust me.
ROSIE: Okay.
-Bacon? -That's right.
And then we lay our beans on top of there.
(gasps) Oh, my goodness.
Catfish, nice and crispy.
When it starts to curl like that and float, it's a really good sign.
GORDON: Now we're gonna make a beautiful brown butter, toasted pecan.
That is gonna be our wonderful sauce over the catfish.
Just feel how crispy that is.
To plate it, beautiful big spoon of grits.
And look at that, the green beans sit there on top of all.
Oh, my God.
From there, set that on Ah, you put it up there.
Brown butter drizzled around.
GORDON: That is to die for.
Dig in, have a little taste of that.
Oh, goodness, Chef.
Now, not greasy, but crispy.
I know.
I don't know where to even start.
Great Southern comfort food with a bit of love.
I'm ready to go to heaven.
Mmm, delicious.
What does Southern cooking mean for you? My Grandma always was in the kitchen.
4:30 to 5:00 in the morning, that was breakfast time.
See? -So, we do have a connect.
-You enjoying that catfish? -Yes.
-(laughs) -Mmm.
GORDON: So, when I sat in that cabin today I was upset.
GORDON: I know we can do better.
We can, we will.
We will.
Do you believe we can do better? Yes, we will.
-Yeah? -Yes.
This is what I love to do.
A bit of love, it goes a long way.
GORDON: There is a passion underneath all the attitude with Rosie.
We've unveiled this big heart.
Oh, yes.
GORDON: Cooking food like that with passion, trust me, that'll put the Catfish Cabin back on the map.
Throughout the night we are gonna go and teach you and your team.
But I need you to hold those reins tomorrow.
This is an amazing chef that has been with me for over ten years, Mary.
Hi, Mary.
-It's nice to meet you.
MARY: Nice to meet you.
And then we have Ben, Alex, and Jamie.
I'm gonna go through every detail of this menu and we're gonna nail it.
I need to see the old Rosie back.
-Yes, sir.
-Let's get on it.
GORDON: Revamping Catfish Cabin's menu is critical to the restaurant's success.
But more importantly, I need to have a serious word with Charles and Rachael.
All right.
(tender music) Oh, boy.
GORDON: Rachael, help me to understand why you're desperate to run this business.
It's just important to me, and I wanted to do this years and years and years ago.
And I never thought it was gonna to be so hard.
Everything I say, he says "no" before I've even said it.
But then he turns around, you know, and says, "Well I'm gonna I'm ready to get out of it and give this to you.
" What's your biggest frustration every day you walk in here? Just dealing with Geraldine.
What's your loyalty with Geraldine? You know, she's been here a while.
You have a daughter that's desperate to take over.
Why are you backing the wrong horse? -You are.
-NoI know.
No, wellI mean, I don't mean to.
-I know that's not -So, you don't mean to? Maybe I should take a second look at that.
So, I'm gonna get Geraldine.
-Geraldine? -Yes.
Can I borrow you for two seconds, please? GERALDINE: (sighs) Oh, man.
Geraldine, the first thing when I met all of you, this animosity Not with you? I mean, it's just no matter what I say, you're never on board with anything, especially if it comes from me.
I'm gonna show you something that you need to watch.
This is a surveillance video.
Watch carefully.
(dramatic music) GORDON: You take a wad of cash out of the cash register, without counting it and stick that in your purse.
GERALDINE: To go to the I go to the bank.
You didn't mark anything down, you didn't count.
That's not normal to have all that cash on you.
I understand that does not look great, but I promise you, that's Catfish Cabin business.
If that were the case, um, you know, many times, uh, my drawer's been short, because things have not been written down.
We have to write down everything.
As a manager, you have to protect the restaurant's cash flow at all times.
-Yes, sir.
-And you did not do that.
GORDON: Charles, what are you going to do? I decided to let her handle it.
(dramatic music) (timer beeping) Watch carefully.
GORDON: You take cash out of the cash register without counting it, and stick that in your purse.
Charles, what are you going to do? (tense music) CHARLES: If I'm decided to let her handle it.
Thank you for your time, but I'm gonna let you go.
Iat this point, I don't know what you want me to say.
I mean, I've tried.
I mean, I tried, tried, and tried.
It's just never gonna work as long as the two of us are here.
(solemn music) Okay, all right.
-You all right? -Yeah.
-Come here.
-Thank you.
GERALDINE: I feel that I have not done nothing wrong.
But if that's the way they feel, I mean, okay.
(foreboding music) GORDON: Now that Charles has given way to his daughter, Rachael RACHAEL: Hey.
GORDON: It's time for her to try and win over the rest of the Catfish staff.
RACHAEL: So, I just want to let you guys know (dramatic music) Geraldine's not gonna be with us any longer.
(gasps) RACHAEL: We are gonna move forward from here And I will be in charge.
I am in charge.
RACHAEL: We're gonna do this.
We're gonna do it we're gonna do it well.
We've got this, so (applause) FLORIDA: Yeah, say it, sis.
RACHAEL: (soft laugh) RACHAEL: We are gonna figure this out, so FLORIDA: Yes.
SHAYLA: We got your back.
Wefrom now on, I come to you.
RACHAEL: Right, thank y'all.
Come here, you.
RACHAEL: It's like a weight's been lifted.
It's like we finally have room to move forward.
An o this, do this, do this, yes.
RACHAEL: This is the first decision I've been able to make by Dad actually supporting me and being behind me.
GORDON: Time will tell if Rachael can handle running this ship.
That's disgusting.
GORDON: In the meantime, it's full-speed ahead and all hands on deck, mine included.
Here they come.
GORDON: Now, with the deep-fried cockroaches officially off the menu, cleaning crews are in a race against time to remove five decades worth of filth and grime.
We are now shoveling mountains of crap submerged underneath those fryers.
It's almost like a warzone, a disgusting mess.
(horn honks) GORDON: And because the old fryers should have been condemned years ago, we're installing brand-new equipment.
MAN: You know what they say, man, "Mama said there'll be days like this.
" (drill buzzing) GORDON: As the renovations start to take shape inside -No don't drop it in there yet.
-It's not at 280 yet.
GORDON: I'm heading outside to Hell on Wheels to find out how Rosie and Andrew are doing with the new menu.
GORDON: Right, Mary.
MARY: Yes, Chef.
How's it going? They're taking a while to get a hang of things.
They're moving a little slow.
GORDON: It's fried food.
It'sit's fried catfish, fried chicken.
They're just not used to having to do sides a la minute.
They're just used to having everything ready and all they do is plate.
MARY: They're gonna take a minute to get used to it once tickets come in.
Drum that through, yeah? They have family.
They'rewe're launching hours from now, please.
-100% -Thank you.
You're welcome.
(dramatic music) GORDON: Staff and crew have worked tirelessly through the night.
Ladies, how we feeling? SHAYLA: How you doing? Great.
-You good? -Exhausted, but we're great.
Exhausted, but great.
GORDON: And now, it's finally time to show the cooks their new galley.
GORDON: Oh, boy, have we done some cleaning.
Take a walk around, look at how clean this place is.
RACHAEL: Oh, my gosh, wow.
Every chef depends on good equipment, from the most amazing food processors to a brand-new stove.
Beautiful, Chef.
Professional fryers.
The most important thing is starting again.
ROSIE: Oh! Could I hug you? Is it okay? -Goodness.
(laughter) Goodness, thank you.
(squeals) So, take a little minute to get familiar with everything you've got.
We're gonna get set up for service, okay? Now, we are just under an hour away from opening.
So, fire one of everything.
GORDON: It's vital the kitchen prepares the new menu to work out any kinks before service.
What time? What time? WOMAN: (indistinct) ROSIE: Andrew, you about ready? ANDREW: Mm-hmm.
ROSIE: Almost? Just waiting on that chicken to cook.
Macaroni up.
So, I've got the, uh, mac and cheese.
Ladies, dig in, please.
Take a taste.
LAQUITA: What? GORDON: Florida, take a taste.
That's right.
This is amazing.
Okay, good, here comes the chicken.
GORDON: Don't let me down, Rosie.
I'll just double-check that.
What is that? MAN: You know it, baby.
GORDON: Oh, dear.
Oh, my God! (tense music) GORDON: What is that? GORDON: Oh, dear.
Oh, my God! Rosie.
This ain't even this ain't done at all.
Thankfullythank God they're not eating that.
But be careful, those first three or four portions You're about four minutes short of there, okay? -Okay.
-Yeah? All right, yes, sir.
Please, please, please be careful, okay? ANDREW: You got it.
-Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Oh, my God.
-Oh, my -Wow, wow.
-This is frickin' wow.
-(screams) GORDON: Long gone is the dark, grim interior with its creepy taxidermy.
-(gasps) Where are we? -Look.
No freakin' way! GORDON: We've brightened the space and replaced the dated booths an ecor with sleek furnishing and fixings.
Oh, an id I mention we hung a boat on the ceiling? We got a boat! Yes! SHAYLA: In our dining room! LAQUITA: A boat, we got a boat! Yes! SHAYLA: We can take our coats off 'cause we in our new house? BOTH: Right? SHAYLA: Yes! I'm ready to serve someone.
(laughs) LAQUITA: I know, right? GORDON: How we feeling? -Amazing! Come on, how good is this place? MAN: Great! -The best place ever! GORDON: This business needs to be run so much more professionally.
Thanks to our dear friends at TouchBistro, they've installed a state-of-the-art POS system.
Are you serious? This thing's incredible, wait till you see what it does and how quick it gives you the results.
Charles, I know you and I butted heads.
It wasn't personal.
I want to get this place straight.
Is there anything you'd like to say to the staff? I'm gonna use this opportunity to turn this thing over to my daughter.
-So ROSIE: All right! Anything in the future WOMAN: You got to be a proud man.
You don't go around her to me.
She'sshe's where the buck stops.
She's it.
ROSIE: In control.
GORDON: She's in control.
(applause and laughter) (tender music) A weight's lifted off of my shoulder.
-(cheering) -Thank you, Daddy.
CHARLES: I'm very pleased with the way things have gone the last couple days.
So I let Rachael take the helm.
And my dream for Catfish Cabin is to bring it back and the way it was viewed in the city.
I think that Rachael will do that.
Here, put them over there on that one.
GORDON: With Charles gone, it's up to Rachael to make Catfish Cabin a success.
Okay, look at that clock.
Last ten seconds! ALL: Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! (cheers and applause) Right, good luck.
Let's go.
Now the real test begins -Good evening.
-Good evening.
Gentlemen, good to see you.
-Good to see you, Gordon.
-Welcome back, we good? -Good, sir.
Good to see you.
As yesterday's diners are back, and their expectations are high.
I'll have the warm buttermilk biscuits and pimiento cheese.
First order in.
GORDON: First table's in.
-Here we go.
ROSIE: Yes, sir.
GORDON: I know you're feeling a bit nervous.
Trust me, it's a good sign.
GORDON: Okay? It just kind of got a little wacky.
It's our first this is our first day RACHAEL: Right.
SHAYLA: Doing this.
This is our first day with new menus.
Our first day with this new system.
Everything gonna be just fine.
RACHAEL: (sighs) Yes.
GORDON: Ladies, give me two minutes, please, with Rachael, please.
How you feeling? RACHAEL: I'm a little nervous.
I get that.
I get that.
But make it yours.
You got a job to do.
It's gonna be a tough night.
But this is you now.
Good girl.
Good luck.
-Yes, sir, thank you.
-Let's go.
-I'll do the biscuit.
-I'll have the mac and cheese.
GORDON: Just a few minutes into dinner service, plates of food are quickly leaving the kitchen.
-Ground butter.
-So these ready to roll? Ground butter.
Yes, it's ready.
-All right.
-Put it in the window.
-Okay? -You got it.
GORDON: And making their way to hungry diners.
-Okay, I got catfish.
I know who that goes to.
That belongs to you, sir.
Macaroni's almost ready.
How's that chicken? -She's sending it back.
-Oh, no.
GORDON: Is it cooked? WOMAN: No.
Let me take that back.
Sorry about that.
-Thank you.
Excuse me.
-Thank you.
(indistinct chatter) Oh, dear.
GORDON: Stop, guys.
ROSIE: Keeping goingokay.
GORDON: Just look at me.
ROSIE: Okay, two fried catfish.
No, I said stop.
Stop, okay.
I've got raw [bleep.]
-Rosie, get the timings right.
And talk to each other.
Refry that table, please, yes? -You got it.
-Yes, yes.
-Take that one there.
I will.
Will you take that to that lady? All right, here we go, love.
-Thank you very much.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Two catfish dinners.
LAQUITA: Uh -uh.
You missed my whole table, number three.
ROSIE: Number three? -Yes, ma'am.
-I need them first.
-Where is it at? GORDON: As orders begin to pile up, Chef Rosie and the kitchen staff have found themselves in hot water.
Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God.
Shouldn't be long, okay? Everything's cooked to order.
So I'll give it just a few minutes, all right? Okay.
Waiting on appetizers, two macaroni, two biscuits.
GORDON: What table number? SHAYLA: Table number eight.
RACHAEL: Here, table 14 already has their mac and cheese.
You need to tell the team what have gotten ordered.
Yeah, I told 'emweI told 'em we needed six catfish, No, I don't want to taste a piece of this.
-Oh, no.
WOMAN: Look at that.
Ugh! Ugh, you gotyou can't eat that, you gonna die.
Is that still raw? Oh, dear, oh, dear.
Please, I don't want you eating that.
Oh, my lord.
-Rachael, Rachael.
-Yes, sir.
-I'mI'm on the way.
-Rachael, for [bleep.]
-(sighs) (tense music) WOMAN: You all right, boo? GORDON: Oh, guys, stop.
ROSIE: What's wrong? GORDON: It's raw again.
(groans) The chicken.
Just touch that.
It's full of blood.
ROSIE: Oh, my goodness.
GORDON: Please, Rachael? (sniffles) Justjust one minute.
(dramatic music) GORDON: Oh, guys.
Just touch that.
It's full of blood.
ROSIE: Oh, my goodness.
GORDON: Please, Rachael? (sniffles) GORDON: Rachael? RACHAEL: Justjust one minute.
You would've killed somebody.
Chicken how long, please, Andy? ANDY: They need more time, Chef.
RACHAEL: (sniff) Okay, hey.
-Yes, honey.
-Hey, Andrew? ANDY: Yes.
-Hey, Addie.
All right.
We've got to slow it down.
We've got to make sure everything's cooked.
-Andrew? ANDY: Yes, ma'am? -Breathe.
We can do this.
We do not want to kill anybody, okay? ANDY: No problem.
Rose, are you okay? What is it that I can do for you, honey? Um, nothing, I'm bout You'reyou're okay.
-All right? -Yeah.
-Andrew? ANDY: Yes? -We good? ANDY: Yeah, we good.
-I'm just gonna take my time.
I'm slowing down.
You got to make sure it's cooked.
I need six more fried catfish, please.
That's it, that's the voice I want to hear, Rosie.
All right, and I need one barbeque dinner, please.
-I got a fried chicken dinner.
(slow country rock music) This is better.
Thank you so much for hanging in here with us.
It's beautiful.
Good, well, we appreciate y'all coming out.
WOMAN: Thank you.
-Thank y'all so much.
(upbeat country rock music) SHAYLA: Here you are, ma'am.
All right.
GORDON: With Rachael's newfound confidence Y'all, is everything good? There you go, Florida.
GORDON: And Rosie discovering her voice I got a total of four fried chicken dinners.
-So this ready to roll? -Yes, it's ready.
-Put it in the window.
-You got it.
GORDON: Food is finally going out hot and on schedule.
Everything good with you all? -Yeah, everything good.
-I'm glad y'all enjoyed it, yes.
GORDON: And the diners are hooked.
That's good.
(indistinct chatter) I mean, but this is really good.
(laughing) Definitely something you would want to take a picture of.
MAN: I love the barbeque and the glaze.
It's some of the best meatloaf I've ever eaten.
GORDON: Did you enjoy it? Gordon, it was amazing.
GORDON: Quick question, would you come back? Definitely.
-Can't wait to come back.
-Thank you.
Um, would you do me a favor? Tell all your friends.
Yeah? Two fried chicken coming up, like, now.
And I got another mac and cheese to go out with this chicken.
MAN: That's two thumbs up.
-Good and crispy.
GORDON: Miss Rosie? ROSIE: Yes, Chef? GORDON: They are loving the chicken.
-Thank you, Chef.
-My God! -(laughing) -Yes, yes.
GORDON: Finally! Right, Miss Rosie? (gentle music) -Oh, my God.
-Thank you.
-Oh, man.
-Thank you, Chef.
How you feeling? Wonderful.
My time is done.
-Okay, Chef.
-No, no, come on.
Yeah, we went up, we went down.
But the difference is night an ay, okay? -You have a voice.
-You have a passion.
-Thank you.
-Use it, okay? -Yes, sir.
Thank you.
I was a little nervous at first, but this is a brand-new future for Catfish Cabin.
And we looking forward to keep it going.
-Good job.
-Thank you.
Good luck.
I'm through.
(sniffs) Yes.
I am so glad y'all are enjoying everything.
-Yeah, it was good.
RACHAEL: Thank y'all so much for coming out.
(tender music) GORDON: Right.
My time is done.
It's been a monumental 24 hours.
We've gone up, we've gone down, we've gone backwards, but we finished strong.
-You are in control now.
-Yes, sir.
Stand strong, an on't be scared to make decisions.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Good luck.
Take care.
Thank you.
Oh, wow.
Catfish Cabin is now in my hands.
And it feels great.
I didn't expect things to go perfect tonight, but I have a great team behind me supporting me.
I want to make my dad proud, and I want Catfish Cabin to be a success.
What a 24 hours.
What I discovered here was shocking.
We got rid of the cockroaches, installed a brand-new kitchen, gave life to Rosie.
Now Rachael has the baton.
I just hope she runs with it.
If she can do that, the Catfish Cabin can become the darling of Memphis once again.
(horn blares) CHARLES: I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Chef Ramsay.
After turning over the operation to Rachael, she's doing a real good job.
RACHAEL: I'm extremely excited for the future.
And our sales have already began to increase.
The staff and I are working hard every day.
Everyone's real positive, and the lines of communication are open now.
I need six more fried catfish, please.
The guests cannot get enough of the macaroni and cheese.
It is off the chain.
Thanks, Ramsay.
FLORIDA: Chef Ramsay has turned us all the way around.
And Rachael is gonna make her dad proud.
CHARLES: I've got a lot more free time to kind of slip back into retirement, and spend it with my grandchildren and travel around a little bit an o a little beach time.
I can't thank you enough.
GORDON: Next time, I'm at Stone's Throw in Seymour, Connecticut to meet an owner who is wasting 30 years of experience You do not care! And letting his exhausted wife (crying) What you want me to say? GORDON: Carry the weight (coughs) Of their failing business.
(sniffs) (groans) I can't get beat up anymore.
I can't.
GORDON: The only thing worse than this owner Disgrace! Might be my disguise.
-How do I look? WOMAN: Gorgeous! WOMAN: You got your license? GORDON: Or my driving.
-Ow! -God! Dear God! (laughing) I should've brought my handicap sticker.
Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell and Back is on fire, and here are more hot shows from Fox.
Welcome to the galaxy.
Should be fun.
I'll lead.
d We're breaking waves Shooting stars d We're gonna make a run for it.
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