3 Lbs. (2006) s03e16 Episode Script

Square One

1 Previously on Star Consider this your notice of divestiture.
Derek, will you marry me? CASSIE: Bigheaded Rashad.
You can just call me Rashad now.
All I can say is, your father changed my life.
LEON: This your auntie's bar, right? Why don't you let me run Dior and some other girls up out of here? NOAH: Mama? What are you doing here? I asked Miss Brown to help me reach you.
Noah's been taking pills.
- We need to call a doctor or something? - No, I-I'm good.
I'm good.
SIMONE: I walked in, and Davis was crying, and Noah was passed out on the floor.
Take a good look, because this is the last time that you're gonna see your son.
The intubation bruised my vocal cords.
(OFF-KEY): Can I see you I'm singing the I'm singing the right note, right? You're gonna win this award.
And here's how Gravity Media's gonna support you going forward to the next phase of your careers.
Alex, with Gravity, you'll continue your music, but we want to take it to the next level, make you a household name.
This sounds like a lot of my dad's BS, Maurice.
I just want to be an artist.
Oh, come on, girl.
Don't nobody want your art unless you are a household name.
This is perfect.
Simone, you've become the face of change in Atlanta since it's become a sanctuary city, but we want to help make you a political figure on the national stage.
That's definitely an image I can get behind.
And, Star, we want you to finish your solo album and get back on tour ASAP.
That's the pitch? You playing with me, right? So Alex Crane is a household name, Simone Davis is a worldwide activist, and I'm stuck in the studio with no voice trying to finish an album with a kid on her hip? You just got out of jail, for God's sake.
So did Meek Mill.
And look how much good he's been doing for prison reform.
You could do something like that.
Not exactly my lane, Simone.
I'm trying to make money for my kid.
Star, shut up and listen.
The priority is getting you healthy and getting your voice back.
And now that it's been a month of vocal therapy, how's it going? Not great, Carlotta.
Thanks for asking.
MISS BRUCE: That's 'cause you sitting up there sipping on that water, child.
Throw some baby batter in there.
Lubricate them vocal cords.
Trust me, it works.
- I'm about to throw up.
- (LAUGHS) Carlotta, this is ridiculous.
The buzz from "Breathless" is fizzling out, - and Noah's nowhere to be found.
- MISS BRUCE: Noah's around, Star.
He just been in sober living for the last month, but he's around.
Why wouldn't you tell me that? CARLOTTA: 'Cause we didn't want you to worry.
So don't worry.
Look, y'all about to level up, so the important thing is that y'all shine this weekend - at Gravity's ASA Easter Brunch.
- Easter Brunch? (LAUGHS) That's a new low.
But haven't we sucked up to enough voters already? It's either our music speaks to people or it doesn't.
Making great music is only half the battle.
This is a chance for you to show them your drive.
Now, I reserved the estate lawn at the Swan House, and your last moment as Take 3 will be with that ASA in your hands.
All right.
STAR: And don't look so sad about it, Alex.
You're getting married soon, so at least be happy about that.
Simone and I are gonna get you this ASA Award as a wedding gift.
- And something else.
- (STAR LAUGHS) Thank you.
(REPORTERS AND FANS CLAMORING) MAN: Noah, you getting back together with Star? MAN 2: Hey, Noah! How was your month at rehab? Thank you.
WOMAN: I love you, Noah! Hey.
You good? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Will you take me to Star's? No, man, you just got out.
I don't want you storming over there, get the door shut in your face.
I'm clean now, all right? I-I just want to go over there and show her that she's not to blame, all right? I'm a changed man.
And you rushing over there ain't gonna help you prove your point.
You got to think this through.
I have thought this through, all right? I made a mistake, and everything I learned in rehab won't be worth anything if I don't fix it.
Look, if you ain't gonna take me, I'll go by myself.
Hey! You got to be smart about this.
When I left your mom, she didn't let me see you for months.
Don't try to blame Mom for what you did.
I ain't trying to blame nobody.
There's two sides to every story.
What I'm saying is, what you do right now, that could affect you and Davis.
I want to see my son.
That's all.
But you almost killed your son.
I can't believe that Gravity's actually supporting my activism efforts.
As they should.
Look at this place.
Thank you.
ANGEL: You did this.
Maurice and Carlotta were thinking I should take it to a national level.
Got my own Angela Davis.
I'm proud of you, Simone.
MAN: Hey, you.
Yeah, you.
Little half-breed.
You think 'cause you're a big pop star now that you can use your voice to let all the rapists and drug smugglers stay in our city? You ought to use your voice to learn how to half-ass sing right.
Why don't you go back to the basement you came out of? But my followers, they want to see how this mutt bitch is turning our city - Hey, don't talk to my wife like that.
- Why don't you Hey! Angel.
-Are you crazy? Come on.
Hey! Hey, whoa, hey! - SIMONE: Angel.
- Assault! This illegal is dangerous! If I see your illegal ass again, you're gonna get deported in a body bag.
I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard Looking for another like me Boy, stop I bring me Whose love is the tightest? Whose kiss is the nicest? Me Whose touch is the rightest? Me I bring me I bring, I bring me.
True, yeah Yes! Those vocals with that bass line, - yeah, that's the vibe right there.
- Right? - It's dope, right? Check this out.
- Mm, mm, mm.
Let me hear some.
Ooh (WHOOPS) You put that together yourself? Well, you know.
Now part of me is feeling Wow.
Looks like we got a female Quincy Jones on the come up.
Well, you know if Carlotta can do it, I can do it in my sleep.
That was fire.
Thank you for this opportunity, cuz.
You know I can see you.
You stick with me, you going to the top, okay? All right.
Cassie, when does it stop? Rashad's just laying down some background vocals for one of Noah's tracks.
Well, no one asked me for permission.
You just can't help yourself, right? He don't know nothing about this industry.
Neither do you.
But he's family, okay? I'm not gonna let nothing happen to him.
Plus, I'm trying to be like you, sis.
Oh, save it, girl.
You ain't got to worry about me, Carlotta.
I ain't about no trouble.
Maybe not.
But your cousin here is.
And you need to stay away - from her.
- Really? Matter of fact, what you even still doing in town? I want to try to get a record deal.
You need to go back home.
This is not the lane for you.
Yo, he ain't going nowhere, okay? Rashad, get back in the booth.
You gifted.
So, since when you become a super producer? Look, you're not about to disrespect me, okay? We on good terms, but you know that can change real quick.
Let's just be honest.
You won't give that boy a shot because he reminds you of Dad's - side of the family, right? - (SIGHS) He ain't Daddy, sis.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) What? Yes, I want to rent the south lawn.
That doesn't make any sense.
It's a company card.
All right, look, I'll call you back.
We gonna deal with this later.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Hey, what the hell is going on? I got vendors calling me saying my company card is canceled.
Carlotta, now is not the time.
No, no, now is the perfect time.
You got me looking crazy to these people out here.
What's going on? You're filing for bankruptcy? I was hoping there'd be another way, but I'm running out of options.
The problem is that nobody wants to buy Gravity Media right now.
One of our top artists is fresh out of rehab again.
GiGi quit music.
All that drama with Star.
They don't want to bet on the wrong horse.
This can't be happening right now.
I got the ASAs.
And I'm very sorry about that.
I don't want to hear "sorry.
" I want to hear a solution, even if I have to find a buyer for this damn label myself.
Bankruptcy? So, we got no label right before the ASAs? I'm gonna find another buyer.
- And if you don't, what? - You don't need to worry about that.
What you need to worry about is how you're gonna present yourself going forward.
STAR: All right, well, we all got our solo stuff.
But, as Take 3, we got a gang of nominations and two albums out.
So if Gravity Records is really going down, our best option is gonna be to stick together.
'Cause a girl group with an ASA nomination's got way more juice than three brand-new artists.
My solo album is on track right now.
I'm saying we stick together for now, Alex.
That's it.
- What happened to family? - I don't think that she's trying to say we're not a family.
I just think Alex is saying that we need to keep our options open, right? I don't know why I expected you to support me at all.
You're a world-famous activist now, right, so you can't associate with your sister.
That's not what I'm saying at all, Star.
Don't guilt-trip her.
You only want us back together again because your solo career is stalling right now.
And I'm playing smart.
Because it benefits you.
You really expect us to put our careers on hold, and you don't even have a voice? You don't even know if it'll come back.
Wow, bro, thanks for the vote of confidence.
All right, Star, your voice is definitely gonna come back.
We just need some time.
Miss C, do we have to make this decision right now? Listen.
We are about to lose everything we built.
We don't have time to fight like this.
No matter what, we always end up fighting.
And I know we don't want to, but this is exactly why we're going our separate ways.
Look, I'll do the brunch as a member of Take 3.
But after that, I'm done.
(SIGHS) Follow that money, Alex.
I'll survive.
I always have.
My eyes are up here, boss.
Oh, please.
I've seen it all before.
If it was all that good, you'd still be at my place.
Where she at? CASSIE: Hello.
I need you to host my Easter brunch at Karma.
I'm good.
Actually, I'm helping you out.
This would be good publicity for your club.
I mean, and some of the biggest names in music will be there.
Sounds like you lost your venue and you need me.
What's going on, Carlotta? Must be real bad if she trying to host an Easter brunch at a nasty-ass nightclub - that needs a little more Jesus.
- (SNAPS FINGERS) (SIGHS) Gravity Media is going bankrupt.
What? What does that mean for our artists, everything we've built? And right before ASAs? It means we gonna lose everything.
But I'm on it.
Giselle Simms from Empire Records, she's in town doing some publicity for her nominees.
Now, she could be willing to buy us up - if we play our cards right.
- Empire? When I worked there, I didn't think you and Lucious got along.
Yeah, well, I'm willing to look past that for our artists.
She got the money to turn Gravity around.
I'll invite her to the brunch to see our artists perform.
If there is a brunch.
What? You need me to beg you to use the club? No.
I'll let y'all use Karma if Rashad performs, too.
Our cousin is not performing.
It's a Gravity Media event.
Have fun hosting the brunch at, uh, the salon.
Okay, fine.
He can come.
Can you leave now? I can't believe you asked my permission for that anyway.
(BOTH LAUGH) - Thank you.
- No problem.
(ALEXANDRA LAUGHS) - Right? (LAUGHS) - What? I know the wedding is not for another two weeks, but your parents blessed us early.
- All this is from my parents? - Yes.
You see this? - What? - "To my Alex.
"We love you so, so much.
For your wedding day.
Love always, Dad.
" What is that? This isn't a gift.
None of this is.
- It's all sponsored.
- How do you know? I recognize the address.
It's my dad's publicist's.
He's trying to make money off of my wedding.
Baby, I'm sorry.
My entire life, my dad has told me I'm not authentic, I'm not gonna make it, and now he has an opportunity to make a quick buck and wants to use me and my career.
That rape center Ruby volunteers at, are they still low on money? - Yeah.
- Well, now they're not.
Donate it.
Donate what? All of it.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER, LAUGHTER) STAR: All right, folks, we got to figure out my next move since Alex don't want Take 3 back together.
Oh, yes.
- You game? - Well, actually, yeah.
We just scheduled an interview with you and Noah with Big Tigg to talk about the buzz that "Breathless" is getting.
Me and Noah? You know I'm not doing that.
Look, he just got out of the sober living place, Star.
I'm sorry he relapsed, but that's not my fault.
MISS BRUCE: Noah knows he's responsible for that.
And I know he's working hard on it, and he's gonna get through it.
Would you just let him see his baby, please? Bruce, I'm a little concerned that you might be using with him if you think I'm gonna let that man see my child.
- He's the father, Star.
- Exactly.
It takes one parent to screw up a kid.
And he's got two that aren't exactly doing the damn thing.
He deserves better than this.
He deserves better than me.
- What? - (SCOFFS) Star, stop talking crazy.
When I got pregnant, what did I say? I'm gonna raise this baby.
I'm gonna be nothing like my mother.
And I really thought I could do it.
But I'm turning into her.
Every day.
You know what I realized in that meeting? I'm never gonna put that kid first.
It's always gonna be my career first.
Just like it was always drugs for her, and it will always be drugs for Noah, 'cause they're addicts, that's what they do.
I'm not doing this, Carlotta.
I'm not doing this anymore.
Star You are a good mother.
But you are not your mother.
It's okay to have a career.
But you got a lot to lose right now.
You need this.
I'll do the interview, but he's not seeing Davis.
I'm here to do this interview for the ASA campaign - 'cause I'm trying to win.
That's all.
- Look, I-I said I was sorry.
All right? I'll say it now, I'll say it again, I'll say it as many times as you need to hear it, but we need to start somewhere.
STAR: I'm very glad that you're getting help, but you've been to rehab before.
Before, it was I was just hurting myself.
This time, I almost killed my own son.
All right? I'll-I'll never let that happen again, I promise.
You damn right that won't happen again.
(SCOFFS) Like you're perfect.
- You better go over there - STAR: I'm not perfect.
And manage somebody.
- I know, I know, I know.
- He's got two messed up parents.
Well, I'm glad you can see that now.
You're not gonna sit up here and act like some damn idiots, - and be professionals, okay? - It's her.
It's very hard to act professional when you got me in here with this childlike little man that I've been dragging up - for how-how long? - See what I'm saying? Now I got to do it on TV - You don't - in front of everybody? Listen.
You're gonna sit here and you're gonna damn fake it, bitch, okay? That's what you're gonna do.
That's easy.
I've been doing that with him for a while.
Acting like some damn clowns.
- We're rolling here.
- Star Davis and Noah Brooks.
- What's up, Tigg? - What is up? Big Tigg.
- What's happening? - Big Tigger, what's good? - Everything good? - Oh, man, everything is love.
Last time I saw you, I was, what, out to here? - Yes.
You were.
- Probably.
- Oh, yeah, big! - BIG TIGGER: Yeah.
(ALL LAUGH) Call me big one more time.
(LAUGHS) Oh, you know, big love, you know, it's crazy.
- STAR: Now we co-parent.
- NOAH: Yeah, yeah.
- BIG TIGGER: Co-parenting.
- STAR: Look at this.
Co-parenting can be difficult for exes.
STAR: Mm-hmm.
Look, Bobby, I know you ain't the praying type, - but if ever there was a time - (CHUCKLES) Uh, and then the added pressure of being in the spotlight.
How do y'all get that accomplished? - Oh, we got this.
- Yeah.
You know, it's all about keeping the focus on Davis, our son.
We give him all of our energy.
This comes with hardships, of course, but we know the sacrifices we got to make, and it's so worth it, you know? - That's what I'm talking about.
- BIG TIGGER: Indeed, indeed.
What are those challenges like for you, Noah? I mean, we all know your history of drug use.
And rumor has it that your last relapse was, uh, a function of your relationship with Star.
Oh, no, no, no.
First of all, I want to dead that rumor.
All right, 'cause Star's been nothing but supportive through all my ups and downs.
Okay, they're putting it on kind of thick now, but NOAH: but I keep Davis's life - as my full focus.
- Nice.
Star's a great mother.
The best.
She's got my back like I got hers.
With that kind of energies, I feel that in the song "Breathless.
" I mean, I felt all of that chemistry.
- We got that.
- Come on, man.
- BIG TIGGER: You got that? - STAR: We got chemistry.
NOAH: Did you think it would be anything different? - BOBBY: Oh, my God.
- I know, it's a miracle, right? - STAR: Baby-making music.
- NOAH: That's what we do.
- That should be our little - Uh-uh.
Don't lie to 'em, baby.
Hopefully, not another one.
This bitch has been trifling since day one.
What the hell you doing here? - Get out.
- I'm sorry, who is this? - (EXHALES) Mama - Baby, you were on the up until this so-called mother showed up.
And what are you? Well, I pray to God my grandbaby doesn't inherit this bitch's temper.
I don't want to see him in jail just like his mama.
- I'll go right back - No, no, no.
- Come on, bitch.
Come on! - (OVERLAPPING SHOUTING) - DIANNE: Come here, bitch.
- Stop it, y'all! - Stop! Get off my mama! - (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Come on, stop! Stop! - Let go of my hair! - Dianne! - (GRUNTING) - CARLOTTA: Stop it! - Mama! - You're a grown-ass woman! NOAH: Get off the floor.
You probably drunk.
- Get your ass up! - Mama! Mama, get up! - Get off of her now! - NOAH: That's my baby mama! Star, get off my mama! That's my mama! Get off my mama! - CARLOTTA: That's enough, Star! - Stop! - (OVERLAPPING ARGUING) - All right! All right! That's enough.
Sit y'all asses down.
Now, I don't care if we here all night.
But we are gonna sit here and talk calmly one at a time.
And we gonna come out of here with a solution.
You don't want a solution.
As long as Noah keeps singing, keeps making that money, y'all let all kinds of things slide to keep that money train going.
Are you kidding me, Dianne? All we do is try to put this poor boy back together.
Yeah, you obviously don't know me, 'cause I treat my artists like my children.
Otherwise, I wouldn't even be here.
That may be, but nothing's gonna change until he gets out of this damn industry.
Hey, no, no.
First of all, I need everybody to stop talking about me like I'm some child.
All right, nobody forced me to be here.
All right, I'm here for me and my son, no one else.
Look, I'm trying my best.
DIANNE: I know, baby.
I know.
Your daddy didn't show you how to do it.
(SIGHS) Mama.
Bad enough he left me behind some lies he couldn't even tell himself, and now he's with whatever this is.
His new lady in his life, and you can't take it.
Come on.
DIANNE: You know what, Bobby? This is all your fault.
Let's face it.
You left, and he never got over it.
I might have left, but at least I wasn't a drunk.
Who gave him that gene to begin with, huh? Who taught him that a bottle's the only way to deal - with his problems? - DIANNE: Well, I wouldn't have hit the bottle in the first place if it wasn't for your gay ass.
You're vile.
All of you.
You're disgusting.
You're messy.
I'm not putting my son in this.
So he can end up like yours.
Star, don't walk out like that.
STAR: Bye.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) This is for all you trolls who have been harassing me online.
There have been over 300 mass shootings in this country, killing over 1,100 people.
And guess how many of them were perpetrated by illegal immigrants.
Guess how many of them were done by white men.
Almost all of them, so for all y'all saying that my husband's some dangerous illegal immigrant, y'all should be worried about the real threat in America, and that is white supremacy.
That's right.
I said it.
Maybe I think that y'all should deport all you angry, racist white men who are going after people.
I see you're keeping the fight alive.
- Can't stop now.
- Working with you is the one thing I did right in all of this.
I know you heard about the bankruptcy.
I don't know how we're going to get out of this.
You can make the impossible possible, and you can make anybody listen to you if you're loud enough.
Yeah Uh, I never mentioned everything Money's been short this week.
And now I see why.
Real fur, Dior? Really? It's an investment, sis.
You got to spend money to make money.
If you want a fur coat or anything, come talk to me first.
How can I protect you from Leon if you out here shorting him? What you doing here, choirboy? Cassie invited me.
But you good, cuz? COTTON: Yeah, I'm all right.
I'm just helping out a friend.
Very nice to meet you.
I'm Rashad.
CASSIE: Yes, he is Rashad.
We're gonna have church in here tomorrow.
I got you an invite to Gravity's ASA brunch.
- Praise God.
(LAUGHS) - Church boy is kind of cute.
Hey, man, get yo' ass out my bitch's face.
- Your bitch? - Yeah.
This lady ain't no piece of property.
I'll knock your ass out.
Yo, cousin, I got this.
I want my money back, Cotton.
Your girls ain't worth all of this.
- Her girls? - Yeah.
Cotton, you better not be running bitches up out my club.
STAR: La, la, la, la - La, la, la, la, l - (DAVIS FUSSES) La.
(COUGHS) What are you doing here? Came to finish a mix on one of my tracks.
I'm not done with the booth.
I'm trying to do vocal exercises.
I can get, like, three notes out and then it's shot.
Look, I don't want to fight with you anymore.
Remember, you left us when you got an opportunity, so can you really blame me for wanting to do the same? You'll land on your feet.
You always do.
Not this time, Alex.
If Gravity Records goes down, who's gonna want a singer with a broken voice? I have to go back to square one.
You don't have that problem.
You don't understand; you got a safety net.
If I wanted to mooch off my dad, we wouldn't have started Take 3 in the first place.
Don't forget, we broke up for a reason.
We were emotionally ready to do our own thing.
We're different people now.
Look, I respect your hustle, Alex.
I always have.
But this isn't just hustle for me anymore.
I'm surviving.
I'll actually end up back in Pittsburgh.
I cannot go back there with my baby.
But if the group is back together, I've got a shot.
Please, Alex.
I'll be back when you're done.
(DAVIS CRIES) STAR: Dear Davis, it's Mama I promise no more drama When I'm famous, you're gonna Get everything you wanna - Dear Davis - WOMAN: When I think of the goodness - I promise, I promise - and all He has done for me, - Yeah, I promise - my soul cries out "Hallelujah!" Where I'm from, it ain't no fun Get in here and do these dishes.
The girls wear pumps And the boys wear guns and the kids got dreams And their dreams get crushed and their grandmas pray But it ain't enough So I made up my mind, no, I'm not - Losing to these streets - (MAN YELLS) In fact, I won't be going back Until they name one after me Dear Davis, it's Mama I promise no more drama When I'm famous, you're gonna Get everything you wanna - Dear Davis - When I think of the goodness - I promise, I promise - and all He has done for me, - Yeah, I promise - My soul cries out "Hallelujah!" Now some might say that my dream came true But it was all downhill after there for you The whole world said I wasn't prepared for you And then I got locked up and couldn't care for you So see, we got a lot to prove, it ain't easy where we goin' But clap your hands if you're happy and you know it, babe Mama love you, she just don't know how to show it, baby (FUSSING) 'Cause I made up my mind No, I'm not losing to these streets In fact, I won't be going back Until they name one after me - Dear Davis - It's Mama I promise no more drama when I'm famous You'll have every single thing you want, Davis I promise Yeah, I promise Yeah.
(DAVIS CRYING) (CRYING CONTINUES) Ay, this that Eastside Johnny, big redemption like Know what I'm talkin' 'bout? Hold up, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Get out the way, get out the way Get out the way, yeah, yeah Get out the way, get out the way Get out the way, yeah, yeah All right, there she is.
If I land this, bankruptcy goes away.
Let me kiss the ring.
Giselle Simms.
Carlotta Brown.
We spoke on the phone.
Yes, Lucious told me all about you.
- Come on over.
Thank you.
- Looks great.
Who's this? - Hi, Giselle.
I'm Mateo Ferrera.
I own Gravity Media.
- Oh.
Mucho gusto.
- Un placer.
(CHUCKLES) So, let's get right to it.
One could argue that your artists are a hot mess, so I don't know if the investment is even worth the headache.
Well, Empire has its own set of drama.
But we know it's not all about what happens behind the scenes.
It's about that talent.
- And we got it.
- Well, that might be true, but Empire can keep the lights on.
I mean, wasn't Gravity Records called Midtown less than a year ago? That's correct.
- That's right.
- And in that year, Take 3 earned their first ASA nom, and we're hoping for more.
Interesting outfits for a gospel brunch.
Let me get you a drink and talk some business.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Thought you'd never ask.
(CHUCKLES) We'll talk.
You sure you want to do this? I thought you didn't want to mix business with pleasure.
But I am trying to save this company.
Good luck.
Get out the way, get out the way, get out the way All right, ladies, even though y'all dressed like sluts, I need y'all to rally.
Okay, we may have a buyer.
- Giselle Simms from Empire Records.
- Oh.
Now, I need y'all to make her feel like Gravity - is worth the price tag.
- I can talk to her.
I met her a few times.
I think she likes me.
(MIMICKING ALEXANDRA): I can talk to her.
I've met her a few times.
I think she likes me.
Do you ever just shut up? Miss C, you gonna say something? I'm not playing peacemaker between these two.
If they don't realize how important this thing is Look, y'all don't want to impress Giselle, you want to end up broke? Fine.
Thank you.
- Auntie C, we really need to talk.
- Niece, you been running girls out of my club, right underneath my damn nose? It's not like that.
It's a very difficult situation.
I'm just helping out a friend.
Please don't tell my mom.
Don't tell Mama what? That Rashad has a voice from the gods and he needs to meet Giselle Simms right now.
I want both your mouths shut and in the back the entire time.
Don't play me, Cassie.
Today is not about Rashad.
Thank you.
You have a great personality, though.
Well, thank you.
(LAUGHS) - Hi.
- Hey, Alex.
Whenever you're done, just come meet me at my table.
- Sure, no problem.
- All right? - Hi.
- Hey, Giselle.
Good to see you.
Your father's been tweeting up a storm about this wedding.
He's so excited to walk you down the aisle.
Yeah, he's excited about a lot of things.
But I'm more focused on my solo projects right now.
Well, do you think Gravity Records can give you what you need to make that happen? I mean, if you're willing to shell out the cash to keep us afloat, yeah.
Why don't you tell me why I should shell out all this cash.
Gravity Records has been nothing but a hot mess of drama and scandal and you.
What, you think you've been here one minute and you know us? I know you've been in an out of jail.
I know you had a little chocolate surprise by your pill-popping baby daddy, Noah Brooks.
The point is, you know that we're talented.
More talented than any other act you got over there at Empire.
Well, how do I know that the drama won't overshadow the music? Because the music is that badass.
Really? We haven't heard anything new from you since "Y'all Know Me.
" Alex has a solo career.
Where's yours? I'm working on new stuff.
Well, then, let me see it.
HOST: Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats.
- So, we're going to go.
- Yeah.
Uh, it was great talking to you, Giselle.
- Hey.
Thank you.
Of course.
- (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) I want to thank everyone for coming out today.
It's so wonderful to see you here.
We are here to celebrate the talented artists of Gravity Records, and with any luck, they will join your ranks as ASA winners.
(CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) You know, when I look out here, I see so many legends.
True legends.
CASSIE: Which is why we want to celebrate what brings us all together: the music.
Hey, everybody.
I'm Cassie Brown, the owner and founder of Karma Club.
- Welcome.
- (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Yeah, so when Carlotta asked me to host this brunch, I thought that we needed to take this back to church.
So we're gonna have ourselves a good old-fashioned mic pass.
Jesus is real I know the Lord is real to me Jesus is real I know Sometimes when I'm feeling low With nowhere to go My Jesus comes along - And He makes me strong, yeah - For I know - For I know, I know - Oh, oh, oh, oh Jesus is real - Hey, I can feel Him - In my hands - I can feel Him - In my feet I know the Lord will take good care of me - Oh, I know - Yeah, I know Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh - Oh, oh, oh - Jesus is real Jesus is real I know - The Lord is real to me - I know the Lord He's real Jesus is real I know Uh The Lord is real to me Oh, okay, I know this one.
So that's good.
(LAUGHS) Um Normally, I would be singing right now, because that's what I do, but, um For I know Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Jesus is real Look, the truth is, I The truth is, we have an announcement that Take 3 is officially back together.
(CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Jesus is real, I know The Lord is real We're still pursuing our solo careers, but for now, Take 3 is front and center.
To Take 3.
- MAN: To Take 3! Take 3! - (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Thank you, Alex.
So, is anybody gonna ask how I feel? How do you feel, Simone? - Oh, it's not important.
- Hey.
That was such a good thing you did for Star, helping her.
(LAUGHS) It's what you do for family.
I mean, I'd be a straight-up hypocrite if I told my dad he's selfish and I didn't look out for them.
You know, like I've always told you, - you're nothing like him.
- I know.
I just really thought he'd come through for a sec, you know? That he'd really be there, at least once.
I mean, this wedding, the planning.
It's supposed to be fun.
You know what I'm saying? I want you to be happy.
Don't let him ruin this for you.
Let's just do it.
Do what? Get married.
Like, right now.
- Let's do it.
- Yeah? - (BOTH LAUGH) - ALEXANDRA: Okay.
Be ready when I pull up, baby I don't want to have to rush When we making love Let me know if it ain't too much You know you had me at hello, right? Oh, yeah? (GISELLE SIGHS) Get enough, babe But this is just an added benefit.
(EXHALES) (PHONE VIBRATING) - If I get enough - Get enough - Never get enough - Get enough, babe Oh, never get enough, babe On this side, legs up like a peace sign Two cups down, got her tongue-tied Can't wait till I'm inside (MUSIC STOPS) So, what type of deal are we talking? Let's say, financially, I give you all my power and control on the media side.
I like it.
- You like that? - Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) But on the music side, it's fine the way it is.
Well, as well as it's working, I'm still gonna need complete creative control over the artists.
If I buy, Carlotta's out.
I'm afraid that's not going to happen.
That's Carlotta's job, and she does it damn well.
I don't want her to lose because of my mistakes.
It's my final offer.
There are some things I'm not willing to negotiate.
It's a shame.
Such a great lay.
Bad negotiator.
Deal breaker.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) (OVER LAPTOP): Now part of me is feeling something for you Cassie, you just don't stop, do you? You just want to see me like you, - unhappy.
- This wasn't Cassie's idea.
What you did was inappropriate.
- It was disrespectful.
- Look, I'm sorry.
But I asked God to give me an open door, and He gave me one through Cassie.
Yes, see? - God working.
- And He even worked through your father's death, bringing me here.
Don't you even think about it.
You need to go home.
Cassie ain't telling you that this music industry can hurt you as much as it can heal you.
You need to surround yourself with the right people.
Don't be shaking that wig all up in my face like that.
I'm gonna be his manager, and I know you don't believe I can do it, but I will prove to you that he is a star.
Well, good on you, 'cause I can't help him.
Mateo told me we lost our buyer.
So Gravity is going under? - Like you really care.
- No, I do care, Carlotta.
Get out of my face.
- (SNIFFLES) - (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) (CHUCKLES) Son, I'm not dealing with her again.
You think I want to see your coward punk ass? Listen, listen.
- I don't want to see you, neither! - NOAH: Stop! Stop! That's not why I brought y'all here.
Mom, sit.
Dad, come on, sit.
I can't I can't be a better father until I deal with the scars of being your son.
I'm dealing with my demons.
But I need you both to do the same.
All right? 'Cause if we keep this-this family drama that (SIGHS) that we have, it's gonna end up hurting Davis.
It all starts with what happened between the two of you.
I knew that you didn't love me like a husband is supposed to love a wife.
But I thought, as long as you were around, Noah wouldn't be like the other kids.
At least he'd have a father.
(VOICE BREAKING): We'd be a family.
BOBBY: You prefer I stay in the closet this whole time? I didn't show that boy no kind of love.
I tortured him.
And why? Because I didn't know how to love myself.
Ma, we ain't no different than any other family in America.
We're messed up.
Yeah, man, I wasted too much time pointing fingers.
No, Pop, listen.
Don't-don't live my life in regret.
(SNIFFLES) Let's do it right this time.
All right, because the only way we're gonna show Davis love is if we show him how we love each other.
Can I have a hug? - GUESTS: Aw - WOMAN: Congratulations.
Alex, you ready? JUDGE: Jones-Crane? Yeah.
Let's go.
(LAUGHS) Welcome.
Remember, it's me and you.
That's all that matters.
Baby, what's wrong? I'm sorry, but I can't I can't do this without my girls.
What? I'm gonna drown your ass, you hear me? Get your ass up here! (YELLING, SOBBING) Huh? Don't you ever run off on me like that, you understand me? Get down.
Leon, what the hell are you doing? - Hey, get back, baby girl.
- You're not tired of being a monster? (GASPING) You ain't even seen the real monster yet.
That's your baby's name, right? It's a shame he won't get a chance to see the world, huh? Or maybe one day, something'll happen to him.
I know you don't want that, right? (YELLS) (GUNSHOT) Don't you ever threaten my son.
- (GUNSHOT) - Bitch.
I think he's going to sleep.
(NOAH SIGHS) Thank you.
Thank you for letting me see him.
The last few days have been they've been horrible.
And I've made a decision.
The hardest decision I ever made in my life.
What? I'm gonna give Davis up for adoption.
- No.
No, no, no - We don't know how to do this.
He deserves something better than us.
- You know it.
- Star, I'll raise him.
Okay? It-it's fine.
No, you won't, Noah, because you don't know how.
Nobody taught you.
Your family's full of anger and pain.
Same thing I'm full of.
I don't want him to end up like us.
So I'm gonna find him a family.
Alex gave me a second chance tonight.
That's what I'm giving Davis, a second chance at life.
Know what, if-if you think for one second I'm-a let you put my child up for adoption, you must be out your mind.
It's not happening.
I might be.
- I might be, but we're going.
- No.
Star, you-you're not thinking clearly, all right? I'm not playing with you.
- Star - Do you know me? - Put the knife down.
- So you know I'll hurt you, right? I'm-I'm scared, too, all right? I'm scared, too.
(STAMMERING) We'll figure this out together.
- We can do this.
- I'm-a give you one more second to get out my way.
- Star, come on.
Come on.
Thanks for coming.
SIMONE: Star we're gonna be bridesmaids.
I'm so happy for you.
Are those tears of joy? Yeah.
(SNIFFLES) You, too? (LAUGHS) They don't look like it.
Is everything okay? Yep.
It's gonna be.
So, what did you want to talk about, Alex? ALEXANDRA: The wedding.
Um Miss C would you walk me down the aisle? I know it's last-minute, and you probably have to get a dress - in about two weeks, but - I would be honored.
You guys are all I have.
We're a family, and as far as I'm concerned, the only family I got.
ALEXANDRA: Thank you.
Simone, can I talk to you for a minute? Yeah.
It don't matter the time or the place Do you know that video you dropped went viral? Yeah, you-you proud of me? I'm like your little Angela Davis.
You know, there's a difference between helping people and actively stoking the flames.
Well, I'm just saying what needs to be said.
It seems like you're fighting a whole lot harder now that you heard that Gravity might go down.
You know that has nothing to do with that.
You know that there's couples being ripped apart just like we almost were.
It seems to me like you're doing it for your career.
Angel, you know that's not true.
Come on.
All right.
SIMONE: Angel, wait.
Don't wanna be alone - Angel.
- I'm sorry, Simone, okay? This is not the life I wanted for us.
Maybe we need to reevaluate things, okay? - Angel, come back, please? - (CAR LOCK BEEPS) Angel.