30 Coins (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

El doble

1 - You’ve finally decided.
- I want to get out of here.
The devil is here, near us.
And who knows, if we manage to catch perhaps God will pay us some attention.
I want you to meet Cardinal - Fabio Santoro.
- Why doesn't he kill me ? If he wanted to, he would have already killed you.
He has other plans.
You wanted both of them gone ? Well, they’re gone.
- I never said I wanted Elena gone.
- My husband disappeared two years ago and they are still talking about it.
- If he came back, problem solved.
- That would be a miracle.
SPAIN, 1970 Lie down.
Very good.
Let go, let go ! Let go ! Let go ! - Where's Rayo ? - He’s probably with Manuel.
- Manuel is in his room.
- Well, look upstairs, then.
- No, I told you, he isn’t in the house.
- He must have gone out chasing rabbits.
You know he never goes out if he isn’t with you.
- Didn’t you take him hunting yesterday.
- The dog came back like the rest.
- If you say so - Of course I say so.
- What are you insinuating ? - Nothing, I don’t want to argue.
Manuel, do you know where the hell Rayo is ? No.
I haven’t seen him all day.
I’m sorry, son.
It’s your mother, she drives me crazy.
You never lie.
I know that for sure.
He’ll have gone off somewhere, chasing some animal.
I’m sure he’ll turn up tomorrow.
Santiago comes around the living room.
Santiago DEMONIC SPIRITS comes around the living room.
That motorbike is filthy.
Is filthy.
WANNA EXCHANGE ? May is a month.
I don't have this one.
- I don't have this one.
- Let's see - I don't have it.
- Let's see Ariadna ? This one is very rare.
I'll give you two for it.
The Human Torch.
- I don't have it.
- Let's see The Angel of Death.
What's wrong ? - Stop thinking about it.
- But my mother thinks that it was my father who killed the dog.
It's not my father's fault.
Did you blame your father ? You didn't, did you ? Well, that's it.
Grown-ups are always arguing.
- What are you doing ? - Take them.
- Really ? - Sure.
So you stop feeling so bad.
I bet you don’t remember your family now, do you ? Thanks.
- Where do you have the coin ? - What coin ? You can tell me, I can keep a secret.
- Elena has it.
- The vet ? And where does Elena keep it ? What is going on ? I’m eight years old.
I can’t know Elena.
What is this ? Where am I ? This isn't a dream, but it isn't real either.
Who are you ? It doesn’t matter who I am, you just have to tell me where the coin is.
30 COINS But what’s happened ? Why have you got him here ? Has he done anything wrong ? No, of course not.
At first we weren’t sure it was him.
Is he very changed ? Elena, we found your husband in a terrible state, in rags, very dirty and in a state of shock.
He doesn’t want to talk to anyone.
And we didn’t want to walk him through the town and have people seeing him like that.
That's why we brought him here.
CIVIL GUARD HEADQUARTERS First door on the right.
His friend listened to his pleading, avoiding all the risks luckily.
- Sandro ! - You shouldn't have come back.
You have to help me, Sandro.
You've come back ! Are you going to tell me where the coin is ? Vergara, come with me.
Come with me.
Quick ! Over there ! I'm dreaming.
What about you ? - I'm dreaming, too.
- Where are you ? I don’t know.
It’s a cell.
When I wake up I’ll go and find you.
Do you understand ? Will you hang on until I arrive ? I have to go back, Sandro.
The coin I told them that Elena has it.
Who’s Elena ? I don’t want them to hurt her, Sandro.
Get out of here ! What's that ? Go, now ! - I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, thank you.
Excuse me.
Please, respect the line.
- I know, but I'm not with his group.
- But you have to pay for the entrance.
I'm not interested in the exhibition, I just want to get into the castle.
Father, everyone has to pay for the entrance.
Your Excellency ! How are you ? So pleased to see you here.
Thank you for attending the conference.
- I am so pleased.
- Likewise.
I am so pleased.
I don’t know why you’re making such a big thing of it.
He left, for whatever reason, I don’t know, because he was fed up, and now he’s changed his mind and he’s come back.
It’s fucking weird, like everything that happens in this town.
To appear like that, looking like shit and not knowing where he’s been - For fuck’s sake.
- That’s what he says.
Do you think that he’s lying ? It’s better not to say anything, so not to put your foot in it.
Not to put your foot in what ? I don’t know, he was seeing someone in Sepúlveda.
- How do you know that ? - I saw him talking to the woman.
- You're all the fucking same.
- You have no idea.
This has to do with money, because that man gambled a lot.
- He’d even have bet his shirt.
- Another one.
And you know that because someone told you, right ? No, fuck, because from time to time I play a few games, and I’ve seen him leaving IOUs a few times.
- To who ? - I’m naming the sin, but not the sinner.
What if the poor man had an accident and doesn’t remember anything ? Who asked for your opinion ? - You all make me sick.
- She’s right.
What does it matter what happened ? Now the vet has someone to warm the bed for her, and that’s important.
There’s nothing else to do.
Well, I'm sure the marquis wouldn't be with you on that.
- Roque ? Was he with her ? - Didn’t you know ? - They were going to Paris together.
- Isn’t that right, Paco ? - What’s the matter with him ? - He’s hung up on her, what do you think ? Seriously ? - You heard me.
- This is like a real soap opera.
What a mess Let him be.
Look at me.
Look me in the eye.
Tell me you love me.
Of course I love you.
I love you with all my heart.
I never believed this moment would come.
I thought you were dead.
I’m sorry I caused you so much pain.
If only we could get back all that time.
What happened ? I don’t know.
I only remember leaving the house, as usual.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
Here now.
Atta girl.
Let's go.
Come on, Luna.
Luna ! I was out in the country.
The sunlight woke me.
My skin was burning.
I started to walk.
At first I kept falling like a baby.
As if I’d never walked before.
There were two years between one moment and the next.
I can’t tell you anything, that’s all I know.
Hold me.
Hold me very tight.
Get changed, lunch is ready.
- Has the kid arrived ? - Yes.
What did the doctor say ? That if he gets a temperature, to give him the syrup.
You don’t have to be a doctor to say that rubbish.
I think it’s his ears.
Oh, I didn’t tell you.
Do you know who’s appeared all of a sudden ? - Who ? - Mario.
- What Mario ? - What Mario do you think ? Elena the vet’s husband.
- What’s the matter ? - Who told you he’s back ? - Consuelo told me.
- Did she see him ? I don’t know.
I didn’t ask her anything more.
- What’s wrong with you ? - Nothing.
Jesús, where are you going ? Weren’t we going to have lunch ? Jesús ! THE CHURCH IN WORLD WAR II I'm sorry, restricted access.
- I thought the toilets were in there.
- No.
First to the right and then to the left.
- Thank you.
Very kind of you.
- You're welcome.
Oh, I almost forgot.
When I got in here, I saw there was a backpack unattended over there.
Just in case it could be dangerous - Where exactly ? - This way.
I'll show you.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
God bless you.
Are you okay ? I hope this fits you well.
Where is he ? Is he drunk ? What do you think ? He’s just finished a bottle of JB.
Jesús, open the door.
It’s Paco.
- Jesús ! - What have you done ? You’ve done something.
Nobody’s done anything, Jesús.
What’s wrong with you ? - That man - What man ? - Mario.
- What about him ? He shouldn’t be here.
I shouldn’t be here either, but look You, the vet, the priest and everyone in this town want to drive me crazy.
No one is against you, Jesús.
- You want me to shoot myself.
- What ? So I’m out of the way, because I’m the only one who stands up to you.
You’ve drunk a whole bottle of whiskey, that’s all.
You want me to end up dead like the others, but first I’ll do away with everyone.
Why can’t Mario be here, Jesús ? Are you ready ? What for ? I would like to introduce you to my dear friend Father Manuel Vergara.
I look at my hands and I don't recognize them.
I’ve changed too.
I’m not the same I was two years ago either.
I’m just sure of one thing: whatever happens, I’m here to protect you.
I want to take care of you for the rest of my life.
Always at your side.
I’ve asked you lots of questions, you haven’t asked me any.
What right do I have to ask you anything ? You have all the right in the world, because you’re my husband and I don’t want any secrets between us.
I’m here because I was abducted.
I’ve never been part of any plan.
I haven’t done anything.
Don’t be modest, Father.
If we’re here it’s because of you.
He’s twisting everything ! - I never tried - But you did it, Manuel, and facts are all that matter.
Your friends: Paco, Elena, your faithful They all suffer because of you.
That is true.
A round of applause for the best of all of us.
THIS TOWN LOVES AND NEEDS YOU The people have behaved very well.
With the money from the collection maybe we can at least replace the furniture and the equipment.
First they burn your house and then they leave you flowers.
What’s the sense in all this ? It’s best not to think about it and just carry on.
But not here, after what they’ve done to you.
Let’s go away.
Let's go away, Elena.
Isn’t that what you were going to do ? Let’s go far away.
And forget these years ? Yes.
Forget them as if they were a bad dream.
I don’t want to keep thinking about what happened to me, or what happened to you.
- Let’s move on.
- Do you think it’s possible ? Why not ? There’s nothing tying us to all these people.
Right ? Or is there ? No.
Let’s start from scratch.
Another city, new faces, a family.
- Did you say "a family" ? - A family.
Lots of children making noise, running around through the house.
The Holy Father will be delighted with your progress.
It’s best not to involve him.
He wouldn’t understand.
How have you justified my absence ? Right now you’re in Venezuela, in an ecumenical conference about unity, prayers, faith, love, and whatnot.
You sent letters written on your own to His Holiness implicating dozens of innocent people in the plot.
There's even a video of your arrival in Caracas.
The Vatican archives ! The largest library in the world.
All the books in the world are here, including the ones that are banned, of course.
Or do you think we’d be so idiotic as to destroy them ? Come, I want to show you something.
This is where we keep the crowning jewels, everything that no one should know.
That, theoretically, doesn’t exist.
When Christ was born, the Magi from the east, the Three Wise Men, visited him.
Didn’t you always think there was something "strange" about "the Magi" ? What Magi ? And why did they bring him gifts ? Here they are.
These were the gifts.
Books of magic, Manuel.
Books to work miracles, to become a God.
What are you doing ? Where are you going ? Where are you going ? - Dad ? Dad ! - Jesús.
Dad ! Hello ? What ? No Trini, calm down, I don’t understand you.
Tell me what’s wrong.
But didn’t he tell you where he was ? And he didn’t take the dogs ? Paco ! - Shit - Paco, be careful, please ! - I want to know what's going on.
- Don’t go ! - Merche, I’ll be all right.
- Paco, don't go ! Paco, don't go ! Jesús.
Jesús ! Laguna ! Jesús’s firing in the street and Paco is going after him.
Throw down your weapon, Jesús, don’t be stupid ! Fuck ! Fuck ! You’re not going to die from this.
What the hell’s wrong with you, Jesús ? What the hell’s wrong with you ? Don’t you see ? That witch has brought her husband out of his grave.
What are you saying ? Why are you talking as if he was dead ? Because he is dead.
I fucking killed him.
I killed him ! - What is this ? - Gospels.
But not those in the Bible.
The apocryphal gospels ? Not exactly.
The gospels of Jesus himself.
It’s impossible.
Why aren’t they made public ? I assure you that if you read them, you’d hide them too.
But this is unbelievable.
- It changes everything.
- Of course it changes everything ! Why do you think I sold my soul ? To be able to be here ! I’ve been trying for twenty years to assimilate what is in this room.
Now I’m closer to God than ever.
How do you think I was able to get into your dreams ? How do you think I manipulated reality as I wished ? - Working miracles ? - Miracles Do you know what a miracle is for me ? A spell.
But, well, each one is free to call it as he wishes.
You can read them if you join us.
If you join me.
When you were saying that we were going to start from scratch, I didn’t think that "literally" we were going to start from scratch.
We haven’t even taken any cases.
If we wait until tomorrow, all sorts of things could happen, we’d have to give explanations But if you prefer, we can go back, we’ll pack our cases calmly, and say goodbye to everyone.
There’s no rush.
It’s better like this.
Were you thinking about Roque ? Call him if you want.
No, what are you talking about ? Roque has his own life.
But you were going away with him, right ? No I wasn't.
I wanted to run away from the craziness in this town.
I wanted to forget.
I thought you were dead.
Will you forgive me one day ? My love, there’s nothing to forgive.
Anyone would have done the same.
There’s something I don’t understand.
- What is it ? - Why did they burn your clinic ? Didn’t we agree that we were going to forget everything ? Yes.
You’re right, I’m sorry.
Were they looking for something ? - What ? - Were they looking for something ? I don’t know.
I wasn’t there.
You should have given it to them, Elena.
You’d have spared yourself a lot of problems.
- What ? - What did you do ? - Did you hide it ? - I don't understand.
How did you know - Where ? - I threw it away.
- You threw it away ? - Yes.
- Where did you throw it ? - I don't know where.
Mario, please Where did you throw the coin ? I’m going to ask you once more.
Where did you throw the coin ? In the dam.
In the dam ! Do you remember Sandro ? I think he was worried about you.
I don’t need help from anyone.
I can decide for myself.
Our dear friend works for us now, Sandro.
I hope that isn’t a disappointment for you.
No It’s impossible.
Prove it to him.
He wants you to.
Come on He showed you the library, didn’t he ? Yes, a place you will never have access to.
You know why ? Because you don’t measure up.
What did he promise you ? Knowing the truth.
You think that’s not enough ? The truth God forgive you, but your truth it's all false.
It’s just an enormous lie, constructed so they can gain control of the Vatican and get their own people in place.
He just wants power, that’s all.
The rest is nonsense.
Nonsense ? Nonsense ? Don’t finish him off so quickly, he’s our best witness.
Who else would witness the final victory ? You’re right.
You are going to do it.
Slit his throat.
It isn’t easy, I know.
Do you think it wasn’t hard for me to walk through that door ? It was but I did it.
Come on, free yourself of the damn guilt complex for once and for all.
Do it Thousands of innocents die every day and God allows it ! Aren’t you capable of doing the same ? Come on, my dear friend.
Come on ! No ! Let's go.
Come on ! Come on ! What are you waiting for ? Call a doctor ! No ! No ! Why ? - Hang on ! - I can't ! Hang on ! Paco ! Paco, please ! Listen to me for a minute.
I’m just asking for a minute.
- Have you seen the shovel ? - Why do you want the shovel ? To dig.
That’s what shovels are for.
And Elena ? Why wasn’t she in the house ? I don’t know why she wasn’t in the house.
Thank God she wasn’t at home.
And Jesús ? Where is he ? Arrested.
Where do you think he is ? I told you already.
But don’t you realize that the man isn’t well ? You say he shot Elena’s husband when he was hunting, right ? - Yes, that’s what he says.
- All right.
It might have been an accident, and then, I don’t know, the man ran and didn’t dare come back, because - He was scared.
- It could be.
But you also said that Jesús buried him, right ? Exactly.
But, Paco, my love, that doesn’t make sense ! I know it doesn’t make sense, I know.
Then what do you want a shovel for ? Fuck, here it is.
I won’t be long.
Paco ! Paco, please ! What now ? It’s like a maze.
If we take the wrong route, we’ll never get out.
- This way ! - Wait ! - What ? - What's that noise ? Come on ! What are you doing ? The exit is over there ! Come on, let's go ! Sandro ! Vergara ! Run away ! Hey, dude.
Can I help you ? What are you doing ? No, don't ! Please ! No ! No ! No ! Don't kill him, my son ! We need him.
Don't worry.
You will meet again.
This is crazy, we could dig a thousand holes.
Laguna, for God's sake ! This is the only dead tree in front of the wall.
It has to be here.
I’m not talking about that, Paco, for fuck’s sake.
We saw Mario this morning, walking in the street.
Shit Fuck me - Fuck ! - What ? It's Elena.
Something’s wrong.
- Call her.
- Wait.
HELP ! CAN YOU TALK ? - Fuck, what shall we do ? - Ask her for her location.
- What ? - Her location ! - Ask her to tell you where she is ! - Right.
Let's go.
Where did you throw it ? Was it here ? Answer me ! Yes.
It’s down there, in the river.
It’s impossible to get it back.
The coin will come back to you, but it’ll find a natural way to do it.
It could be years before it finds you.
I don’t have that much time.
You and I are going to find it now.
It-it-it The dam, Paco, for fuck's sake.
Nothing ever happens in this town and now it's totally the opposite.
You are too slow.
Climb up ! Together to the end.
No ! Get in ! Quick ! Let's go ! A niche without a name.
- I’m sorry that it has to be like this.
- It’s for the best.
I don’t want to even imagine the hell it would be to explain it all.
At least now you know where your husband is buried.
And the other one ? Laguna says that it’s best to say he was unstable, he couldn’t take the pressure and he killed himself.
Please, no more deaths.
If we have to invent something, I’d rather they thought that Mario and I went off together.
At least let people remember it like that.
Is there no way to persuade you ? Elena.
If anyone could do it, it’s you.
You’ve always been there, looking after me and protecting me.
When I sent that message, I didn’t hesitate.
I could have called anyone, but I only thought of you.
- And Roque ? - Roque is in Paris.
I know, but if he had been here Who would you have called ? What about you ? What about me ? I’m married, is that what you mean ? Married to Merche, and to this town.
I don’t want to hurt you, Paco.
I don’t want to separate you from either of them.
That’s a decision I have to take.
- Aren’t you going to answer ? - Do you want me to answer ? I don't.
- Is that better ? - He’ll call again.
He’ll ask you again to go away with him.
What will you tell him ? - Yes or no ? - I’m not staying in this town.
That’s the only thing I’m sure about.
Here they have the best fish in Paris.
- The best fish.
- It's perfect.
What’s wrong ? Why are you taking the fish away ? Not good.
This fish is not good.
What is that ? Let me see.
I bet it’ll bring you luck.

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