30 Rock s06e11 Episode Script

Standards and Practises

Well, hello, Hank.
So good of you to come up.
Well, I'm not gonna miss the America's Kidz got singing finale.
Last time I was this excited was this morning.
I saw a cat wearing the same sweater as its person.
Jack, you remember my granddaughter.
Hi, Mr.
There's Jenna Marone.
So, Jack, how's your wife? Still kidnapped? How's the yearbook going? I heard you made editor Of the photo captions.
Pop-Pop, wait up.
Pop-Pop, wait up.
I'm so excited for the finale.
Not that it matters, even if Brock doesn't win, he is going to get a record contract.
So, it definitely doesn't matter.
This isn't the last we will be seeing of Brock.
Well, whoever wins, it's a great night for the industry.
Kidz is a hit the whole family can watch together, not your usual sitcom crap full of gratuitous vulgarity and pratfalls.
My penis! Jenna, this is a big night.
And I've got something big planned.
Tonight during the finalists' duet, I'm gonna cry.
Now, of course, none of these little condom accidents could actually make me cry, so I'm gonna rub this under my eyes to help me fake it.
It's an old acting trick I learned from Glenn Beck's prostitute.
Well, mark my words, Jenna, tonight is going to be the greatest.
Disaster in the history of television.
The young contestants apparently inebriated on live TV.
I gotta throw up.
What happened? Why haven't you been returning my calls? Because my phone melted last night, Lemon.
Come here, Jack.
That was my angriest hug, 'cause that's how I feel right now.
Instead of heading back to Philadelphia, I'm going down to deal with the FCC.
The Federal Clown Commission.
I hope that comes off as respectful.
My father was a clown, and I know how hard those men work.
I'm going to get to the bottom of what happened last night, sir.
I've already detained Brock and Ava under the patriot act.
People have forgotten about that thing, but any white male can arrest any other person.
Hello, peers.
Sure has been a busy morning down in the Standards department.
Because of last night's cluster-whoops, Darren was fired.
Then he threatened to come back with a gun.
Then I got a promotion, and the desk closest to the door.
Here are my new business cards.
Late night programming? So you're covering TGS now? And a wonderful new show from D.
Hughley that's already been canceled! I feel like Oscar the grouch today, and not just 'cause I woke up in a garbage can this morning, startling someone named Gordon.
What's wrong, Tracy? I can't eat for 24 hours 'cause I have a colonoscopy tomorrow.
I'm starving! You know, fasting can actually clear your mind.
In college, I once went on a hunger strike to protest apartheid You're the one who solved that? Thank you so much.
what are you doing here? What? Jenna! Save it, Liz.
Yes, I was disappointed that I didn't get to do my fake cry, but I do have a plan B.
The whole point of the cry was to humanize me, to change public perception, but what else humanizes a monster? Motherhood.
Don't adopt.
That child is better off in Somalia.
It could be a pirate, or a warlord's concubine.
This is better than adopting.
Remember my little moneymaking scheme back in Chicago? Cashing your dead aunt's social security checks? No, I'm still doing that.
I'm talking about when I donated my eggs.
So, a couple of months ago, I called the calumet city egg donation center and house of blues to see if there were any little Jennas out there who wanted to meet me.
Hang on, are you saying you have a kid? No, I don't.
I have six kids.
Jerome, share the bronzer, you slut.
Dear God.
S06 Ep 11 - Standards and Practices I'm a very powerful man, Brock.
Little league tryouts are coming soon.
How would you like to wind up on a team with None of your friends? It was her idea! She made me do it! Brock just sold you out, Ava.
What are you doing to Molly? She already had to live through world war ii.
Brock said it was all your idea.
No, it was her idea.
She's just so cool.
Like a human silly band! Who? Who's a human silly band? I'm tall enough now that there isn't a roller coaster in the world I can't go on.
So You guys drink beer.
Or are you babies? Jack versus Kaylie, round two, colon No subtitle necessary.
Mommy announcement.
I hope we're all waxed, because you're coming with me to my interview tonight for Barbara Walters' 10 most overexposed people.
Barbara Walters! Okay, so, let me just quickly identify everyone's good sides.
Left, left, right, right, left Judy.
That's not really on message.
Look, I didn't call the donation center to be on TV, Jenna.
I wanted to go get a cup of coffee and get to know you.
If you want to get to know me, read my 2006 interview in AmTrak magazine.
If you want to be my daughter, put on this wig and smile.
There you are, liierz.
Boy, I am still not comfortable calling you by your first name.
Then again, you've never been comfortable calling me by my full Christian name.
No, "Kenneth" is short for andromakennethamblesorton.
So, what's up? Wait, what is this? "Additional restrictions to broadcast standards"? Yes.
People are pretty upset about last night.
How can we do "Fart doctor" without the word "fart"? I'm surprised they allow you to say "doctor.
" It's so close to "gynecologist" which is disgusting.
Have you seen this memo from Standards? Kenneth is being a real dingbat, which is now the harshest word we are allowed to say.
You can blame that on Kaylie Hooper.
She's the one who ruined the Kidz finale.
Really? What a dingbat.
Why didn't I see this coming? I knew this company was making me lose my edge.
That's why I hired a Cato to attack me at random.
Like inspector clouseau.
Cato? Don't attack me tonight, okay? I know I told you that when I say, "don't attack me," that's when I most need you to attack me, but I'm serious.
Cato? Excellent, Cato, excellent! Did Kaylie really think I wouldn't figure this out? No, she knew I would.
So, she's going to be ready for me.
I like a fair fight.
Okay, she is just a teenage girl.
Lemon, you know very well that a Nemesis can be anyone Or anything.
I was trying to say "pen organizer.
" God! You're a winter! I don't know what that means.
Why are there only six chairs out there? There's seven of us.
One of us will have to sit out the interview.
I'm just gonna choose at random who it's gonna be.
Eenie-meenie-miney-moe, out goes y-o-u - I'm sorry, Judy.
- Bye, Judy.
Could've just gotten another chair.
Who is it? Sweetie, it's Pop-Pop.
I came back from D.
early, and I lost my darn key.
What a world.
I'm very good at voices, Kaylie.
I'm very good.
I know what you did.
And you had to assume I'd break Brock and Ava, so, you're ready for this, but here's what you weren't counting on This has nothing to do with you! I just had to get Pop-Pop out of town because I am in so much trouble! Henry and his friends had to go to the King of Prussia mall last Thursday night 'cause it was a half day, and I couldn't go 'cause I had piano, and my friend Vickie, well, she said she got grounded 'cause she went to some highlighter party with Dylan while his parents were out of town.
Okay, hang on.
Calm down.
And then fat Vickie saw her there, so I called her, and Henry answered her phone because he had Vickie's phone! Wait, which Vickie? Fat Vickie? Vickie P.
Are you even listening to me? - Okay.
- God! Vickie used to be my best friend.
I had her youface password, so I logged onto her account, and posted all these photos with "I am a slut" written on her forehead, and then school found out, so now my life is over! Please! What does this have to do with sabotaging me? This has nothing to do with you! I messed up the show to make sure Pop-Pop wouldn't come back to Philadelphia with me, 'cause Dr.
Melvoin is trying to kick me out of school, and if Pop-Pop comes to the teacher conference, well, then, he'll let them expel me, and I'll have to go to some school in the middle of nowhere, and then I might as well be dead! Wait, where are your parents? Who knows? My mom is in Indonesia visiting her charity where poor children make shoes.
Isn't that just a sweat shop? I know! And then my dad put a Porsche engine in a model T and drove it to Mardi Gras! I know what it's like not to have your parents around.
I once took a log with googly eyes to a father-son picnic.
But, uh, who's going to take you to this parent-teacher conference? I don't know.
I have nobody! I wanna die! Do you have a second, Kenneth? No, there's only one of me.
What? What are you asking? Look, we have a show tonight.
You can't just take away all these words we've been using for the past six years.
That reminds me.
You can't say "using" on TV.
It implies drug use.
We're saying whatever we want.
No, you can't.
That's an order.
I stole that speech from an episode JAG, but it applies here.
Are you kidding me? Last week you were a page, now you're telling me how to run my show? Well, I am arguing back at you.
I have enough crap to deal with around here, Kenneth I'm interrupting you 'cause I'm good at arguing! I don't need you to make my life worse.
I am responding, I am matching your tone, and making my own point.
You know what, Kenneth? Fine.
You win.
But as we saw the other night on Kidz, anything can happen on live TV.
- Right, Tracy? - What? I'm just saying, Tray, you're very unpredictable.
And we'll write clean sketches, but you might just do your stand-up act.
- Who knows? - Okay.
I'm still fasting because I misread my calendar.
Tomorrow is my colonoscopy.
Today was my meeting with Colin o'Scopy.
Therefore, I have no idea what you're saying, talking Turkey leg.
Were you a difficult teenager? Well, I was voted head of the PTA, so no.
I'm accustomed to dealing with difficult people, Lemon, but teenage girls, ugh Are a puzzle.
Yes, how was your meeting with your Nemesis? I volunteered to accompany Kaylie to a parent-teacher conference at her school.
- What? Why? - It's complicated.
The point is, and I never thought I'd say this, I actually feel badly for Kaylie.
On the other hand, I know full well that this is an opportunity to destroy her.
I could get her expelled, sent off to some second-rate boarding school, then on to that last bastion of the incompetent rich, USC.
I don't know, Jack, you should stay out of this.
No, I could help this girl.
Or destroy this monster.
If I could just tell whether she's vicious or vulnerable.
That's the problem.
She's a teenage girl.
She's vicious and vulnerable.
She might be completely lying, like when I was 15 and told everyone at my school that I'd already gotten my period, or she could be in real trouble, like when I was 17, and finally got my period at a very loosely supervised petting zoo.
Once again, Lemon, I leave your office more confused than when I entered, but having glimpsed yet another tile in the rich mosaic that is your menstrual history.
So bravo wants to do a reality show about us, and I thought the opening credits could be all of us in a giant dog bed, and you guys are suckling on prosthetic dog teats that I'm wearing.
Actually, we had a different idea.
Now that Judy's gone, it's kind of obvious someone is the odd person out.
It's Jerome, right? I didn't want to say anything 'cause I was trying to be a good mother, but you're cheesy, and everyone hates you.
No, Jenna, you.
You're so much older than the rest of us, so we're thinking the show is more like The girls next door, and you're that old boat captain that shows up sometimes.
That's Hugh Hefner, Jessica.
Yeah, we have no idea who that is, so you're kind of just proving our point.
I see.
Very well.
Looking for this? Well played.
Dude, what's up? I'm just having a bad day, sir.
All right, bro-bro, let's just be cool, and sit down and pee in silence, like dudes do.
It's just I started a new job, and it's stressful enough just having my own wastebasket that I have to fill every day without Liz Lemon yelling at me, and I just wish I had never been born! 'Cause if I can't even get my friend Liz At least I thought she was my friend To respect me, how will I ever run a network and boss around those Jewish executives that were trained from birth to argue? So, I should just give Liz what she wants, and quit.
Bro You should just smack that Liz in the mouth.
Sorry I babbled so much.
Thanks for listening.
I'm Kenneth, by the way.
Me too.
I'm Kenneth.
Kenneth uh Toilethole.
I'm so sorry Dr.
You know, I already apologized to Vickie, and to fat Vickie.
Fat Vickie's parents were very upset that she was dragged into this mess.
I know.
I know what I did was stupid, and I've really learned my lesson.
Look, if I could go back in time, I'd just I'd skip clarinet, and I'd go to the spring football with my friends, and none of this ever would've happened.
Or you simply could have not posted those pictures.
On hot Vickie's youface page, miss Hooper.
Hold on, Melvoin.
You told me it was the piano, and that everyone went to the King of Prussia mall.
Well I don't remember.
And I'm just so emotional right now.
I'm sorry, how are you related to miss Hooper? I'm her Nemesis.
You bastard.
Don't do this, Donaghy.
I think that this school has done everything it can for Kaylie, but the only fitting punishment Is expulsion.
It's days like this that remind me why I got into teaching in the first place.
Kenneth, we need to talk.
I don't know, 'cause someone who actually cares about my feelings told me to smack you in the mouth.
No, don't listen to Kenneth Toilethole.
- You know him? - Yeah.
He's great.
We should all go get dinner sometime.
Kenneth, you can do this job, and I do respect you.
Then wash my feet with your hair.
No! But I did completely rewrite the show.
We're not even using the word "dingbat," Mr.
A Parcell man has never been called "mister" outside of an execution chamber.
The blonde ones, they turned on me.
They threw me away like I was some kind of Judy.
Oh, God.
Is this how Judy felt? Judy was nice and sweet and wanted to get a coffee enema or something, and I treated her like garbage.
Well, then why don't you apologize to her? She's right behind you.
Judy, you're so beautiful now! I just came to say good-bye before I head home.
I wish we had spent more time together, but I guess I'll see you on TV.
Of all my children, you're the only one that proves there's any good in me.
Forget TV.
Let's go get that coffee now.
You know you can't do that.
One minute to air.
One minute.
I have to stop Jenna from leaving.
You just No problem.
I'll cover.
Day two of my fast, and you were right.
My mind is clear, and I'm sharp as a tack.
Great, Tray, thanks.
My brain is working overtime.
I finally understand the ending of The sixth sense.
Those names are the people who worked on the movie.
Yeah, and I just got what you were trying to tell me yesterday.
You want me to do my filthy stand-up act instead of reading the cue cards.
Jack! Help! I was right about Kaylie, and I crushed her.
That's great.
I need The whole time, she was playing me, but in the end, she made the biggest mistake.
She could not have been worse in that meeting than if she had wanted me to Son of a dingbat! Tracy's gonna do his stand-up act on the show! What are we gonna do? I'm gonna live bleep him.
Normally, I'd have to get permission from Irene first, but there isn't time.
You know why I love Dominican women? 'Cause they love to those big 'Cause they eat all our aloud.
I'd like to introduce housed in a [Bleep], booooy! You just ate a with extra? Well, you called the right.
That's our show for tonight! See you next week! - That was amazing! - It sure was.
Kenneth, I'm Gaylord Felcher.
The head of Standards? I have never seen bleeping like that, so guess what? I'm promoting you, you little -face.
All right, Felcher, you don't have to talk like that.
Well, who's gonna stop me? Who among you has the power to censor the censor? What a surprise.
Whatever are you doing here, Kaylie Hooper? Enjoying my total lack of adult supervision.
I just had fruit roll-ups for dinner At a strip club.
Do you wanted to get expelled from school, didn't you? Look who figured it out.
It only took you, oh, I don't know, a million hours.
You didn't lie to me about getting sent to school in the "Middle of nowhere.
" What I realized too late is, you were talking about Beekman Academy, right here in Manhattan, in the neighborhood North of ware street, otherwise known as, uh, "noware.
" Now I'll be able to be close to my boyfriend Henry.
Like hot Vickie could ever steal him from me.
He's going to NYU.
To study acting.
If Pop-Pop had gone to that meeting, he would have just written a check and made it all go away.
You needed somebody to throw you under the bus.
You needed a patsy.
I, uh, couldn't help but notice that lacrosse ball in your backpack.
Too bad I'm on the board of the Central Park conservancy, so beekman won't have a field to play on next year.
Well, good, 'cause I planted that lacrosse ball there to get back at a girl I hate who plays lacrosse.
Her name is Jack ie.
Jackie officecouch.
Damn you, Donaghy! Cato? Seriously, not tonight.
I mean it this time.
Son of a dingbat! Sorry.
That phone call took forever.
Where's Kenneth Toilethole? You just missed him.
He had to go to the bathroom.
You know what? I'll go get him.
No, don't! Every time one of you leaves, the other one comes back.
You know, I'm starting to suspect that I have bad luck.
Dude, bro, where's Liz? You didn't see her? She just left.
I gotta go feed the meter.