35 Awr (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

I did a routine op on this woman.
I made a mistake.
She died a couple of hours later.
- Sorry, everyone, I'm out.
- Not back to the hotel? I know no-one believes me, but Leighton Roberts is dangerous.
He could kill one of us just to stop the case.
Give it back.
I'll have it by tonight, trust me.
The letter we had said that if a family crisis arose This isn't a crisis.
Um that boy? Caleb? I don't recall you mentioning that your sister was pregnant.
- It was just after we split up.
- Right.
I'm going up.
Are you coming? Shit.
Listen, give me a chance to sort things here I'll help you upstairs, shall I? The thing is, I did kill her, in a way.
Everyone makes mistakes.
You can't run forever, Haydn.
5 HOURS TO GO Can you save the hard drive? Perhaps, if I can download it to my system.
Is the hard drive encrypted? Um I'm not sure.
Isn't it yours? Is there a way around it? Just tell me.
Is this Ree's? Hiya.
I'd better go.
I'm getting married in a week.
You don't want to, do you? I've seen it in your eyes right from the start.
Seen what? That you don't love her.
Nadine, you're married yourself.
Doesn't that ring on your finger mean anything? It means everything to me.
This is where he is.
What? This is where Ben is.
In the ring.
Why would she film Lynwen? That's what I'm trying to work out.
Can I do anything to help? I have to get into this first, then download everything to that one.
Oh, OK.
Well, give me a knock when you find something.
Oh, he's caught you now, hasn't he, eh? I should have given you more credit, really.
I thought you were just a flaky student.
- Just give me back the bloody laptop.
- It's you, isn't it? You're the fox.
TEXT ALER "Need more footage.
" There's this company that makes rings from ashes.
I wanted Ben with me.
You know, always.
I don't know what to say.
We'd gone for a walk up the mountain.
The mountain where we got engaged.
There was something about that day.
I could feel it.
That something was going to happen.
I turned round and he wasn't there.
He'd fallen.
Either that, or Well He fell, he must have.
KNOCK ON DOOR - It's you.
- Who were you expecting? No-one.
Peredur! Val's in there having a bath, OK? - Out! - I'm sure she'll be there for hours.
Come here.
Go away! KNOCK ON DOOR - Ready? - Yes.
Excuse me for a moment, Mererid.
I'll be with you now.
How would you feel, Carwyn if you were looking at Joanne's funeral programme? Nadine, don't.
Really, I want you to imagine it.
Carwyn, I've got bad news for you.
Joanne has had a bad car crash.
We did all we could, but she's dead, Carwyn.
- I'm sorry.
- Nadine, stop! Oh, dear.
- What? - Nothing.
No sign of sadness.
Your eyes were sparkling.
It'd be a relief, wouldn't it? You'd be free.
"Members of the jury" .
- Is it OK if I sit down? - Of course.
Are you OK, Moira? After Taz upset you earlier? It was nothing.
It didn't look like nothing to me.
Look, I've come here to relax.
Look, I couldn't help overhearing.
About your husband.
Len, is it? That he's still alive and kicking.
I hadn't intended to lie.
It just came out like that.
It would have been much easier if he had died.
I'd have had all the sympathy in the world.
No-one calls to say "Sorry your husband has run off with someone else, another man.
" You don't get cards or flowers or visitors bearing casseroles.
No-one knows what to say.
Is that what he did? Oh, sorry, I thought Taz would have told you.
- His mouth isn't as big as I thought.
- I do understand.
My wife hasn't always been faithful.
Hasn't she? No, she hasn't.
But you have to put a stop to these things, Moira.
Before they put a stop to you.
Come on, come on.
Hiya, Steve.
- Are you coming down for supper? - No.
Come on, have pudding with me.
- Keep me company.
- No, thanks.
Come on! Gin and tonic? Wine? The mojitos are lovely.
Bye, Val.
Goodnight, Steve.
What did you do? Threaten them? Well, I didn't want to be all pathetic.
You know, begging her to stop.
The only answer was to tell them to stay away.
Did it work? Yes, I guess.
Len isn't with me any more.
It wouldn't make any difference if I asked Alek to leave him.
Because he wouldn't.
Do you want him back? Because, well, if you do there is a way.
There's always a way.
OK, mate? I'm not your mate.
Well, it doesn't look as if you have any other mates.
What on earth? Moira told me about her husband.
Dirty old bastard.
Yes, well, that's Moira's business.
I'm not discussing it with you.
Have you ever been with a married man? Out of interest, I mean? Are you really asking me that? You could, if you wanted.
Could I now? Someone like you? You could have anyone you wanted.
- Fucking hell, you're unbelievable.
- Come on.
- Don't tell me you don't want to.
- Who the fuck do you think you are? Do you think I haven't seen all this before? A pathetic bi-curious married man desperate to try a bit of cock tries it on with the first gay man he meets? Don't be such a cliche.
It's embarrassing.
Haven't you seen how miserable Moira is? It's because of arseholes like you who think you can have it all.
Well, you can't.
You can't have me, so fuck off, mate.
MESSAGE SENT ALER You're not as clever as you think, Ree.
4 HOURS TO GO I shouldn't have agreed to do this.
I could have deferred.
Why didn't you then? I've been stuck at home for almost nine years.
I wanted a change.
I wanted an excuse to be somewhere else.
You're doing something important here.
I'm not sure.
I sometimes feel I'm holding up the whole trial.
How do you mean? I'm one of the three, aren't I? Who say he's innocent.
If I'd changed my mind, we could all have gone home.
Why didn't I just agree with everyone? Why do I have to make life so hard for myself? It's hard for me to be objective about these things, OK? But Kelvin and his brother are very well known to police.
It was only a matter of time before they did something like this.
But don't let me influence your decision.
I thought they would tell me today what's going to happen to me.
Nobody can decide.
And I know you're out there somewhere, hearing all this.
Knowing you could stop all this You said there were good people and bad people.
Some people, like me, will always be bad.
- Hiya.
- Hiya.
How was your day? Oh, alright.
- I could do with a glass of wine.
- There's a bottle in the fridge.
- Are you alright, love? - I'm fine.
You haven't been right for a couple of weeks now.
I'm just I'm just a bit down, that's all.
You know how I am.
- I'm going up to get changed.
- Yes, you go.
Supper won't be long.
- Goodnight then.
- I enjoyed tonight.
Me too.
Call again soon.
Rache? You are going to tell him? Give me time.
I love you, Heulwen.
I love you too.
Always have.
What was that? - A cat, probably.
- I'm sure I saw Kelvin at the window.
Don't worry about Kelvin.
He's harmless enough.
"Failed Law degree.
"Something to prove.
"Been stalking witnesses on social media.
"Potential contempt of court.
" How could she? KNOCK ON DOOR Has Matt found something? When you left me, we were trying for a baby.
When nothing happened, I thought you'd left to find another man.
- But you were pregnant when you left! - Haydn, no! - Eighteen? Just a coincidence? - Haydn, this is my baby.
This one here.
Your sister doesn't have a son.
- What? - I found her online.
She has two daughters.
I want you to go, OK? - You're stressing me out.
- I'm stressing you out? Bloody hell! Come on, come on.
You must be here somewhere.
Wow! It feels as if I've been away for a year.
They'll be glad to see you.
I think everything will be OK.
It should all be over by tomorrow.
I'm fairly confident they'll find him guilty, so don't worry, OK? There are good people and bad people.
Unfortunately, some people like you, will always be bad.
Surprise! - Val! - A meal for one is so depressing.
I thought you could use some company.
You'll need a glass of wine to go with it.
Rose or white? Can I come in? I'm not sure, Nadine.
Sorry about earlier.
There's something I should explain.
It wasn't me.
Really, sir, I was upstairs, and I came down and she was We'd better start clearing up.
Make the place tidy.
If you help me, I'll help you, OK, Kelvin? Pick that up for me, will you? - What's this? - It's for DCI Stewart Owens.
I think he's got better things to do, don't you? What the hell? They're all young people who died within a year of getting married.
You don't know them! I go to the funerals.
I stand in the back, offering silent support.
Nadine Don't you think you should talk to someone? You're clearly still grieving.
I am talking to someone.
I'm talking to you.
There's no-one around tonight.
They want a quiet night after today.
- Actually, Val, I wouldn't mind - You must be lonely after losing Len.
I need to get used to my own company.
Don't get me wrong, life with David isn't a barrel of laughs.
But it's nice to have someone around.
It beats being alone.
When I was sitting there eating, all by myself I thought, God, this is what it would be like.
If I left him.
Just an empty chair staring back at me.
SHE SOBS Oh, God, Moira.
Sorry, love.
Flipping heck.
Come here.
Haydn? Come on, answer me, please.
MOBILE RINGS HAYDN MOANS You've got to be kidding.
- You're not sleeping here.
- I'm sorry.
It wasn't right, what I did.
I'm really sorry.
As if.
I've got a problem.
With sex, OK? I've been having therapy to deal with it.
I'm trying to get better, it's just I sometimes slip back to my old ways.
But it's a sickness.
I'm sick, OK? Your poor wife, I say.
We've separated.
- Ages ago.
- Fucking hell! Is anyone here telling the truth? I'm sorry for being a twat.
Can we just have a drink and forget it? No.
Please, just one drink.
While I'm down there, I'll try to get another room.
Then I'll leave you in peace.
It's just that I hate to leave things like this.
I don't know.
I need to check that Moira's OK first.
Yes, you go.
Steve please.
What happened to your mother was a mistake.
People like you and me aren't supposed to make mistakes.
- That's why we do the jobs we do.
- I was under pressure.
We're all under pressure, but we don't kill people.
It was a bad time for me.
I was still drinking at the time.
- What? - I've been sober for 18 months now.
It made me realize that I needed to sort myself out.
Whoa now.
Are you saying that you operated on my mother when you were pissed? I think I'll have to start over with that letter, Haydn.
But there we are, I can sort that out afterwards.
After I sort you.
You see, everyone has someone but I don't have anyone now.
- Not even children.
- Oh, God! - Children are so overrated.
- What? All that effort to make sure they're OK then they bugger off to college and take all your money.
But your boys are there for you if you needed them.
- If something happened to David.
- That bloke's bionic, I tell you.
No, if anything happened to David they'd stick me in a home and be done with it.
I know them.
The two most selfish boys you've seen in your life.
Hey, forget that cheap plonk.
Let's have something tidy.
- We've got a mini champers in here! - I think we'd better go to bed now.
We mustn't waste our last night.
KNOCK ON DOOR Hey, there is life out there! Taz, come in.
- We're about to have a party.
- No, we're not.
Life and soul, this bloke.
He'll cheer you up.
BANGING NOISES Hello, DCI Owens? I'm not sure where you are but there's something here you should see.
BANGING CONTINUES - What are you doing? - Did you hear something now? - Like what? - A noise.
Oh, here's one.
Where have you been? There's a party in Moira's room.
There's a party in Moira's room.
Come over.
I've got some work to finish.
Oh, come on, Matt.
Just one drink.
She's a bit depressed.
Come on, quickly.
"Hello, DCI Owens? "I'm not sure where you are ".
but there's something here you should see.
" MOBILE RINGS Hiya, Jeff.
Is everything OK at the hotel? Not really, sir.
We've found someone.
In the grounds.
Ouch! Keep him there until I get back, OK? I'll take him to the station.
- It's a woman, sir.
- Get your hands off me! We're not sure yet.
No, just her.
"No-one else.
We'll see you soon.
" Shit.
Do you think I'm that stupid? That I'd just walk into your trap? You sent me that text from the hotel, didn't you? - Jo! - Oh, baby! I got your texts.
You sounded so miserable.
Isn't DCI Owens with you? He dropped me off.
Said something about the station.
I've always known what I'd do with Haydn.
But what am I going to do with you, eh, Ree? Mererid, what are you doing? There's someone here I know, who I haven't seen for a while.
I've wasted 15 years on you.
Fifteen years! Well, the little bitch.
I killed her.
No, Rache, Kelvin did.
I didn't mean Heulwen.