35 Awr (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

The DNA swung it for me.
He's as guilty as sin.
He hasn't done anything, OK? I don't think such a lad could kill someone.
It's a stitch-up.
I won't let them lock him up, no bloody way.
It's called the Fox.
They look into miscarriages of justice, shit like that.
I admit I was drunk at the time and I'm ready to face the consequences.
- I think you've had enough, Taz.
- Leave my children out of this.
Wouldn't it be a shame if something happened to them? Mererid, what are you doing? I killed her.
No, Rache.
Kelvin did.
I've wasted 15 years on you.
15 years! - We should go back and tell someone.
- No, Matt! - Dad's here.
I have to go.
- Caleb, wait.
1 HOUR TO GO Bloody hell, Cal.
Answer, will you? Matt? Matt! Peredur? Peredur? Mererid.
I've done something really stupid.
- Hey, come on, it's OK.
- Have you seen Matt? - Matt? He must be around somewhere.
- No, have you seen him? Look, you need to cool down.
Whatever's happened, we'll sort it.
Come on, we'll go to your room.
We'll have a drink.
I don't want a drink, Peredur.
Taz? Taz? - How long will it take? - About ten minutes, maybe? There are some beers in the minibar, if you want one? Yes, OK.
Bloody hell.
Haydn was shitting himself.
- It's only what he deserves.
- He looked kind of, well as if he was going to collapse again.
There's a lot of info about the jury.
The ones who run the blog have found dirt on almost all of them.
No-one's squeaky clean, whatever they want you to think.
What about me? Did you find anything of value about me? Oh, yes.
The silent type, the enigma.
Apparently, you were a fireman for ten years.
Then one day, you jacked it in for some boring office job.
I got injured.
Yes, that's what the report said.
But they thought you were faking it since there was no medical report of any injury.
The damage isn't always visible, is it? Here you are, love.
Drink this now.
And tell me again, slowly.
We have to find Matt.
How long have you two been friends? He helped me.
I've let him down.
The night my mother died I was out dealing with a house fire.
I saved four people that night.
Four people.
An entire family.
But I couldn't save her.
You haven't got a crystal ball, Steve.
You didn't know Haydn would be shit-faced.
You rely on every person to do what they're supposed to do.
From the bloke driving your train to the mechanic who checks your brakes.
But you can't really trust any of them.
The world is full of incompetent people, Steve.
Most of them are on this bloody jury.
And is that why you're doing this? To show the world that the system's a joke? They only really listen to you if you break the law.
Think about it.
That's how you get your face in the paper.
Get them to write about you.
Get your voice out there.
I want to be infamous.
Get it? Like a serial killer, just without killing anyone.
OK? God, this is slow.
I'm going for a wee.
I admire you, Ree.
Do you? You're right.
People like you and me we've been quiet for too long.
Stewart will sort it out.
He's not here.
We'll talk to the bloke downstairs.
We have to do something.
Look at the state of you.
If Matt really has gone AWOL, we have to tell them.
Will you talk to him, please, Val? - Just explain what's happened.
- Well, I could, love.
But I don't really know what has happened.
KNOCK ON DOOR Matt! Mererid, let me in.
Mererid! Mererid! Is everything OK? Nadine.
KNOCK ON DOOR Haydn? Haydn! You sleep now.
It's been a long day.
I'll go down to talk to them now.
Where is he, Val? Where is he? Everything will be alright, OK? I promise.
Steve? Shit.
MOBILE RINGS Hello, Rachel.
Stewart? Sorry, Stewart's not available.
"He won't be for a while.
" Leighton? "Where's Stewart?" I was so fucking stupid, wasn't I? "Coming to your house, thinking you could help me.
"You fucking did it, didn't you?" Then you got Stewart to cover it all up for you.
No, Leighton, you must believe me.
"Kelvin did it, OK? "I know you don't want to accept it.
" But you have to.
Kelvin killed her.
"I'd never have hurt Heulwen.
" I loved her, Leighton.
I loved her.
"Stewart was trying to keep me out of trouble.
"Keep my name out of it.
" Well if I lose Kelv you have to you have to lose Stewart.
"It's not nice, but" well shit happens.
This is all my fault.
He can't do anything to you, OK? You're safe.
He's done something to Stewart.
I'm going to tell the police everything as I always should have done.
- No, Rache, you've been drinking.
- They have to find Stewart.
Rache, do you want to go to jail? - Let me go.
- You're right about one thing.
If it wasn't for you, she'd still be alive.
No, it wasn't me.
It was Stewart.
I followed you.
That night.
I saw you coming out of the house.
Kissing her.
In a way you've never kissed me.
It made me so angry, Rache.
I was there, in the darkness, thinking what I'd do to you.
But then I thought it'd be better to talk to Heulwen.
If I could get her to leave you alone maybe I'd have a chance of saving our relationship.
I didn't want to go in.
I tried to leave, but I had to talk to her.
Rachel's husband.
Can I have a word? She made us a cuppa each.
As if I'd called by to discuss the weather.
I thought it would be a way of sorting things out.
But then Then? No.
No, Dorien.
I'm not going to lose her.
You have lost her, Dorien.
She wants to be with me.
I didn't know Kelvin was upstairs.
A stroke of luck.
Heulwen? Heulwen, I'm sorry, OK? I'll go home now.
I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.
That's why she texted me.
You killed the person who meant most to me in the world.
Rachel! Rachel, come back! Rache, don't do this.
I'm going to tell them everything.
Rachel! .
It doesn't make sense to me either, but she said that Matt is missing.
He can't have gone far.
Can you have a quick look? - She's in a hell of a state up there.
- Right, OK.
Can we locate DCI Owens, please? This is PC Jeff Edwards.
We're getting reports that a jury member is missing.
Thanks, love.
You're a star.
Fuck! All I could think about when I was up on that chair was you and me.
What we had.
Haydn, not this again.
But look how close we are now.
- Even after all this time.
- You're shaken up.
You haven't stopped thinking about me, have you? You couldn't, because it's true, isn't it? He's my son.
There's a spare bathrobe over there.
Come out when you're ready and we'll talk, shall we? What did he do? Er I was having a shower.
He came in.
Closed the door after him, and it was obvious what he wanted.
I just had to get out of there.
Should you report it? No.
My word against his.
- Yes, but it's harassment.
- I just want to forget it, actually.
But I'm safe here, am I? With you? Feeling better? Yes.
This business with Steve.
- You have to tell someone.
- Tomorrow, OK? I'll do it tomorrow.
There are other more important matters tonight.
I just want to know the truth, Lynwen.
I was pregnant when I left you.
All those years ago.
That's why I went.
Oh, my God! I was pregnant when I left you.
I just knew, Haydn, that it wouldn't have worked out.
- Our relationship - So, you left and took my child.
Our relationship was toxic.
I've lost 18 years of my child's life because of you.
My only child.
You have no idea how much I've wanted a baby, Lynwen.
You've misunderstood.
I didn't have the baby.
There is no child.
What? I gave it a lot of thought.
I decided that the best thing would be to have an abortion.
Peredur! Where the fuck are you? Peredur! - Peredur, you fucking bastard! - Do you hear that? He's completely mad.
- Let me talk to him.
- No.
It's best to leave it.
Let him cool down.
Peredur! Peredur! Where the fuck are you? - No, I don't believe you.
- It's true, and I'm sorry.
You wouldn't without talking to me.
- We'd been trying for a baby.
- It would have been a mistake.
So, you abort without telling me! It was my body.
My decision.
No, I don't believe you.
- That boy in the photo.
- Caleb's nothing to do with us, OK? That's the truth.
Who are you? - Haydn.
I'm a friend of your mother.
- What? Lynwen.
Isn't she your mother? My mother's dead.
Moira! Open the door.
Moira! Moira! There's no peace in this place.
Oh, Jesus - Can't this wait until the morning? - No, it can't.
Don't go back in there, OK? Why? I don't understand.
They say they want to keep us safe.
But the threat is inside.
Wait out here and you'll be safe, OK? I don't have a problem with you, Matt.
You're only looking for the truth.
The rest of them don't give a toss.
Go! Sorry about that.
I know that I've hurt you.
But I couldn't let you believe you had a son out there.
You don't.
I know.
You do believe me then.
Because I've just spoken to Caleb.
What? He's your pupil.
Yes, that's right.
Things are tough for him at home.
His mother died last year, and his father's got depression.
So, you took him under your wing.
Something like that.
Just that he's under the impression it's a bit more than that.
Bloody hell.
He's the baby's father, isn't he? Val Matt! .
Come on, love, you sit down here.
I'll make you something to eat.
- What the hell happened to you? - He's had a blow to the head.
How? Well, I'm not sure.
Carwyn, give me your bathrobe.
- I've only got pants underneath.
- Carwyn! Oh, shit.
Might as well.
- I've lost everything else.
- Thanks.
Right, I'll make him something to eat.
Thanks, love.
We need to find the fox.
He said it wasn't safe to be in here.
Oh, you have to report him.
I'll sort this myself.
OK, Moira? Hello? No, Taz! You can't confront him.
- We'll go to talk to Stewart.
- God, my head.
I didn't even drink that much.
- Oh, fuck! - What? He spiked my drink.
Right, you don't want him to do that to anyone else, do you? MUFFLED SHOUTS BY TAZ Do you want me to go? I don't mind.
I'm going for a shower.
But you carry on.
Isn't it a bit late? I'm a creature of the night, Peredur.
- Lynwen! - Leave me alone.
We have to talk about this.
This isn't going to go away, Lynwen.
I'll stay here all night if I have to.
If that's what you want, you only had to ask, Peredur.
Um You're not coming in fully dressed, are you? - Has anyone seen Stewart? - Stewart? Oh, my God, Stewart! Have you? - Have you seen Peredur? - No.
Why? - He's done a runner.
- But you've got evidence.
Stewart hid the evidence.
It must have been him.
He was the only one who had access.
- And that's why he killed him.
- What? Omelette fromage from the a la carte menu, Matt.
Stewart's dead.
We're all in danger.
No, don't.
Not because of me.
You're stronger than that.
And how strong are you really, Lynwen? I had one, Haydn, OK? One.
No-one's dead, love.
- You're just a bit confused.
- I know what I saw.
Carwyn, get the policeman and ask him where DCI Owens is.
I'm in my pants! Come to think of it I haven't seen a copper for ages.
Steve Whatever you're considering please, don't.
OK? What the? Letting someone else be in control for once, eh, Peredur? I've seen how you've been looking at us from day one.
Mererid, me Taz As if we were just playthings.
CHOKING SOUNDS Nadine Nadine! I used to know someone just like you.
He thought he could have it all as well.
But there's a price to pay, Peredur.
Understand? - People? - God alive! - You must be sick in the head.
- Where are you going? To tell DCI Owens that a jury member is sleeping with a child.
- No, no, please.
- Give me one reason not to.
- Come on, don't make things worse.
- Worse? How can they be worse? My brother's going down for life because of you lot.
- We haven't voted yet, OK? - Shut up, Val.
But you're going to send him down.
You don't give a fuck about me or my brother.
- Just cool down.
- Don't tell me what to do.
I want this baby, OK? After the summer, there'll be nothing to stop us.
I'm sure he'll be happy about the baby.
- What? Haven't you told him yet? - I tried to earlier, but I will.
No, you can't do this! You got rid of mine.
- You're not keeping this one.
- Don't, you're hurting me.
Life is never going to be fair for people like me and Kelv, is it? It's always people like you who have our fate in your hands.
I wasn't a bad person before all this happened.
I wasn't.
I wasn't, OK? - On top of everything, you smoke! - Please, I'm begging you.
It hasn't been born yet and you're killing it! You stole my child's life.
SCREAMS Leighton? Leighton? Do you want to say something? FIRE ALARM SCREAMS Haydn! Fuck me! Will someone? There's an ambulance on its way.
He's trying to say something.