3Below: Tales of Arcadia (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Collision Course

1 [automated voice] Quadrant Two, initializing transport in ten sectons.
[panting] [grunts, gasps] [gasps] [exhales] [whimpers] Fire.
Mama! Papa! [gasps] No! - No, no, no! [panting] - [Luug barking] - [groans] Luug, stop.
- [growls] [giggles] [Mother] Unable to sleep again, my royal? [sighs] Another nightmare.
I miss Mama and Papa.
I wish I could have done something.
[sniffles, sobs] [Mother] Might I suggest an Earthling remedy for your nightmare? - ["Clair de Lune" playing] - [Luug whines] [Mother] During my scan of this planet, I studied over 63 million horvaths of Earthling stories, culture, and music.
Most don't make a flexel of sense except for the emotions.
Those are true.
[sighs] [Luug snoring] - Thank you.
Good night, Mother.
- [Luug coos] [Mother] Goodnight, my royal.
[theme music] One, two, three below! [birds chirping] [fluttering] - [cawing] - [rumbling] [ship engine whirring] [shrieks] [squawks] [scanner beeps] [Omega] Bioscan confirms the specimen is of Akiridion origin.
[Alpha] Most likely stowed away in their ship's pulsar reactor.
[Omega] They can't be far.
- [skelteg shrieks] - What are you doing? [Alpha] Hmm Computer, set course for "Arc-ah-dia Oaks Hig-heh"? - [grunting] - [chuckling] - "A" for effort.
- Could you at least let me get one hit? [grunts] - [chuckling] - [grunting continues, crashes] Could you go a bit easier? The Mothership's sustained enough damage.
[Mother] Tell me about it.
[grunting] Little brother, I got one in on the training blank.
[grunts] - [both grunt] - [barks] What are you doing? - I need to practice my combat training.
- Why? Varvatos says Morando has hunters scouring the galaxy for us, and I want to help protect Mama and Papa.
Then why not train with the glorious Varvatos Vex? He says [imitates Vex] "Princesses are not warriors.
" But I disagree.
If you want to help, help me.
We need to fix this daxial array.
At the rate we're draining power, Papa and Mama's life cores won't last two parsons.
- Two parsons? - I've looked all over this dump heap.
They don't have the advanced knowledge necessary to build one.
But you do, little brother.
What would you need to make an axial darray? Daxial array.
Mother, holoscreen.
A standard issue daxial array is made up of three main components.
A plutonium fuel cell, an osmic circuit, and a subspace manifold.
It is part of the propulsion system.
The humans must have propulsion systems in their cars.
We just need a car.
[chuckles] Easy.
[Mother] It will not be that easy, my royals.
Humans require a license to drive.
You will first need to go to driver's education.
Why does everything lead back to school? Your Excellency, robotic blanks are designed to serve life beings, not harm them.
Altering their fundamental program is proving difficult.
Any more delays with the prototype and I will show you the true meaning of difficult.
- [Izita] Do you have the blank in sight? - Affirmative.
- [scanner beeps] - [Zadra gasps] Commander Zadra! I didn't realize you had clearance to access this sector.
[Izita] Quietly isolate the unit.
[blank] How may I assist - I'm sorry.
I didn't get that.
- Shh! How may I How may I How may I [Loth] I understand [Izita] Now, very carefully extract its memory bank.
I'm sorry.
I - Didn't expect that - [Izita] What was that? - What was that sound? - Nothing.
- Did you get the memory bank? - Affirmative.
[gasps] Your timeline has been accelerated.
Deliver the Omen to me.
[sighs] Let's hope the intel was worth the risk.
How may I assist you? [powers down] [whistle trills] - [whistle trills] - Good morning.
Welcome to driver's ed.
Your on-ramp to independence, the open road, and certain death.
Unless you listen up.
From the look of this human car, it has nothing remotely like a subspace manifold.
It's called "driver's education.
" Just wait and be educated.
Uh, do you guys drive on the right side of the road in Cantaloupia? - Right side? - How can there be a wrong side? It's a road.
[Coach] Secondly, your tires must be fully inflated.
If your wagon's draggin', that is not - That's what I thought.
- Third step [scoffs] [Coach clears throat] Don't touch, Tarron.
This baby's brand-spanking-new and I don't wanna see a scratch on her.
The only piece of equipment you'll need to concern yourself with is the one that's gonna keep you alive.
Seat belts.
Who writes this stuff, anyway? Fourth step.
Check [Omega] Even the most advanced Akiridion tech cannot hide their true nature.
Vehicular manslaughter doesn't look good on a report card.
[Omega] Detected.
Two life cores.
[Coach] Trust me, it takes a while to come off your record.
Remember, no left turns.
I'm trying to live long enough to make tenure.
Put me in, Coach! Not today.
You're on the advanced track, Pepperjack.
- I get to Tokyo drift? - No.
No, no.
No Tokyo drifting.
You're parallel parking.
Aw! I thought this was gonna be the year of Eli.
[engine starts] What's the first thing you do when you get behind the wheel? You pray! A car is a death trap.
[monitor beeps] [Omega] Target acquired.
[Alpha] Activate the retrieval ray.
[Coach] Now we run through our pre-ignition checklist.
Step one of 20, check your rearview.
- It itches a little, but it looks fine.
- [Krel] Uh Oh, that's real funny.
- Your rearview mirror, smarty pants.
- Hey! Seklos and Gaylen! This isn't part of the class.
Um, sister? I believe we have a problem.
- Hey, no back-seat driving.
- [gasps] - Little brother? - Exactly! Wow, it's super windy today.
We should go.
Right now.
- Which one is the accelerator? - Hold your horses.
- Try the right pedal.
- What do you think you're You're not following proper procedures! Come on, come on, Eli.
Give it the ol' Pepperjack squeeze.
[tires screeching] Increase the acceleration.
Absolutely not! Everyone out of the car.
[Krel] Excellent idea.
- Teachers first.
- [Shannon screams] - [tires screeching] - Step three, wait right there! Oh! Hey, that maneuver's not in the driver's handbook.
What the That's above my pay grade.
[screams] My glasses.
[screams, pants] [panting] Okay.
Right there.
Out of the vehicle, Pepperjack.
Sorry, Coach, I'm just starting to get the hang of this.
[panting] - Open the door.
- Nope.
If you kids think you can outrun me, you've got another thing coming.
I do Pilates.
[engine revs] - What is that ship? - Class A Dreadnought from Sector-7.
Most likely a bounty hunter ship.
I don't know.
Maybe it's a friendly ship.
- Could it be Stuart? - [tires screech] - Okay, maybe not Stuart.
- Oh, now I see why you need driver's ed.
- [Krel screams] - [tires screech] [slow-mo grunting] - [Shannon] Ugh! - I've got a good feeling about this one.
[grunting] I think I'm going to be sick.
I'll show you something sick.
- Time to Tokyo drift! [echoes] - What?! Uh, they're gaining on us.
We're never going to outrun that ship in this primitive vehicle.
I'm open to ideas.
Well, I do have an optimizer for the fuel capacitor.
Stop the car.
[tires screech] [Krel grunts] - Hurry up, they're coming back.
- Buckle up.
- Are you done? - One secton.
[rock music on radio] Punch it! - [engine revs] - [tires screech] [Krel] Yeah! [yelling] Yeah! - Klebtastic! - [Alpha] Ah.
They're more resourceful than we anticipated.
[panting] [laughing] Now this is lively! [panting, mumbling] What the Little brother, shield! [screaming] [tires screech] [screaming continues, grunts] [Eli] I got it this time.
[Krel] Yeah! Still not enough.
[Krel yelling] [Aja grunts] I have an idea.
- Oh, great.
Your serrator.
- Don't worry.
- You've seen me train.
- I know.
That's why I'm worried.
Though, I never trained for this! [Krel yelling] - [Alpha] What did she do? - [Omega] Destroyed the stabilizer.
[panting, mumbling] - [wheezing] - [engine sputters] - What the?! - So how did we do? What did you do to my car? Where's Pepperjack? - [tires screeching] - [Coach babbles] [Shannon screaming] - [Coach screaming] - I've never been kissed! I did it? I did it! I did it! I Tokyo drifted! - I Tokyo drifted! - [hyperventilating] [panting, babbling] What the? [screams] [coughs] [screaming continues] [Mother] I have traced the metallic signature of the debris you recovered to the Tiberian Dreadnought.
- It can't be! - [Mother] Oh, it can.
It would appear the lifeforms you encountered were the Zeron Brotherhood.
Commander Vex looks afraid, which makes me afraid.
Varvatos is never afraid.
But for them, he is tempted to make an exception.
They are walking instruments of death.
They elicit fear, dread, and the occasional incontinence.
They sound like your kind of people.
The Zerons are without honor.
They have no respect for the rules of engagement.
[Mother] Or civilians.
Countless graves have been filled by their campaigns of terror.
Mother, show them the aftermath of the Commerce Guild bombing.
[Mother] The Commerce Guild bombing on Satellite-9.
That's you and Papa.
The Zerons orchestrated the entire attack to apprehend one bounty.
- [distant screaming] - They killed hundreds of life beings in the process.
- [Vex's voice] No! - Varvatos's family was amongst them.
Varvatos, um we had no idea.
I'm sure Papa brought them to justice.
Varvatos Vex's family remains unavenged.
Your parents would not authorize the Phalanx to pursue the Zerons across the galaxy.
They thought it best to fortify the planetary defenses instead.
We cannot wait for them to find you.
We need to take the fight to them.
I'm sorry, Varvatos, about all of this, but at this point, we don't even know where the Zerons are.
[sniffing, whines] [barks, pants] Luug.
He picked up their scent.
He can take us.
Let's go.
Hold! Varvatos will protect the throne, as that is his sworn duty, and he will see that justice is served for his family.
Varvatos is in charge, and Varvatos is in no danger.
You two, stay here.
- Are we going after him? - Oh, most definitely.
[Luug sniffing] Good boy, Luug.
Lead Varvatos to his quarry.
- [Luug barks] - [cat yowls] [sniffing] [Luug barking] [Vex grunting] [Alpha] The indomitable Varvatos Vex.
It will be an honor to slay you.
[barks] The honor of the slaying will be Varvatos Vex's.
Varvatos will see to it that you face a death without honor, but with agony! [Alpha] Like we gave your family? Varvatos will wear your skins like a jacket, or at best, a clutch-sized purse! - [yells] - [Alpha grunts] - [Alpha chuckles] - [grunts] - [Vex chuckles] - [Alpha grunts] Glorious! Varvatos has missed such wonderful combat, especially one fueled by righteous vengeance and fury! [Vex grunting] Glorious! Listen to me, sister.
I have an idea.
There may be a subspace manifold on their ship.
- A what? - What we need! - What we need is to help Varvatos.
- But he's distracting them.
And outnumbered three to one.
You said you wanted some combat training.
Now's your chance.
No, Krel! Wait! [sighs] I said I wanted to train, not to die.
[Vex grunting] Pity.
Varvatos Vex was looking forward to a [grunts, yells] [cackles] Yeah.
[grunts] - [Vex cackles] - [growling] Beg Varvatos for mercy so he can say nay.
- [Luug snarling] - Not now, Luug! [keypad beeps] Okay.
If I was a subspace manifold, where would I hide? [chuckles] - Why is Aja's bounty higher than mine? - [thuds] - Krel? - [nervous chuckle] Krel, go back to the ship! [Alpha chuckling] Surrender, and we will give you a speedy death.
Varvatos wishes for his death to be glorious and slow.
Take your time.
[both grunting] [Aja] Oh, no! [groans] Aja! - [Omega] Beta! The bounty.
- [snarls] [roars] - [whimpers] - Good boy, Luug! [grunts] [Omega] Don't you know princesses aren't bred to be fighters? Not princess, Queen-in-waiting.
And I'm a quick study.
[grunts] [yells] - Kleb.
It's never a simple in-and-out job.
- [Vex cackles] [grunts] For Varvatos, death is beauty! [grunting] [gasps] Varvatos did not need your help.
You're welcome, Commander.
Varvatos was setting them up for the most glorious of kills.
Well, well.
Still, thank you.
[snarls] [Alpha] Give our regards to your family, Commander.
You will be joining them now.
[horn honking, tires screeching] - Get in! Get in, get in! - [Vex] Go, go! - [tires screeching] - [weapons blasting] Hurry! They still have their ship.
We cannot outrun them.
About that [chuckles] Did you get the daxial array? Uh, close.
I may have taken their navigational subspace manifold.
- [Alpha grunts] - [Omega] What's going on? [Alpha] Forget the bounty.
We are going to kill them all.
As many times as is necessary.
Your parents would be proud of your valiant efforts tonight.
And [sighs] Your family would be proud of yours.
And we now have a part of the daxial array.
A glorious victory to be sure.
And we valorously avoided incontinence.
But the Zerons still have us marked for death.
- Which is why we must begin at once.
- Begin what exactly? My training.
I have been using the blank units, but I need the expertise of Commander Varvatos Vex.
- Hmm.
- Back home, all I wanted was to leave the palace because I felt like I didn't belong.
But tonight, fighting by your side, I finally realized why.
I belong on the battlefield.
Varvatos said princesses are not warriors.
And then Varvatos fought by your side tonight.
You may have been born a princess, but you have the core of a warrior.
You do belong on the battlefield, Aja.