3Below: Tales of Arcadia (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Flying the Coop

1 [whirring.]
Intercepting signal.
That child might have stolen our subspace manifold, but if he thinks I can't find a workaround - [Alpha.]
How long do you need? - [Omega.]
A few delsons.
The royals may have bought themselves more time, but they won't be safe in their backwater town of Arcadia for long.
And now, I, Halcon, agree.
[theme music playing.]
One, two, three below! [chuckles.]
[Aja gasps.]
Hah! [gasps.]
Glorious! Your first day of warrior training and you haven't met a grisly death.
You're trying to kill me? If Varvatos were really trying, you would be dead! For Varvatos always wins! Attack.
Do not merely evade! I'm waiting for an opening.
I don't want to Ugh! [grunts.]
To get hurt.
[grunting, panting.]
Getting hurt is inevitable for a warrior, but it is the fear of injury that will get you killed.
- [moans.]
What did you just do? - Earthlings call it a "toe kick.
" Varvatos is a glorious warrior and executes it perfectly! Who needs to kick with toes when you have a serrator? - [yells.]
- [Vex chuckles.]
- Not fair.
- [Varvatos chuckles.]
No, no, no! [Stuart.]
Gently, gently.
Easy! Make life easy, even when you're feeling Quiet, both of you.
I am just trying to get the plutonium fuel cell for the Daxial Array, not disarm a bomb.
Hey! I had to trade a physicist in Tijuana 200 crestons for that.
Promised to cater his niece's quinceañera.
Okay, we got the first part from the Zerons, and if I can connect this plutonium - [Dadblank.]
Chin up, buttercup! - [whirring.]
With a can-do attitude, anything is possible.
- [Krel gasps.]
- [crashes.]
What in Gaylen's core? Oh, darn.
Such a brief life for my briefcase.
The Zerons are back! We need cover.
Did you say "cover"? [Dadblank.]
Users of CoverZit makeup always say, "That about CoverZit!" - [pops.]
- [screams.]
We're being attacked! [Dadblank.]
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Stay down! - Is he gone? - Hang on, tiger.
Let old "Eagle Eye" take a look.
- [pops.]
- [Krel.]
No! [stuttering.]
Let old "Eagle Eye-eye-eye" Hang on, tiger-tiger tiger [blade whips.]
[Dadblank whirring, babbling.]
[truck horn blares.]
- [Krel whimpers.]
- Beep, boop [Krel grunts.]
Ow! [groans.]
Are you okay? I feel okeydokey.
Go from okay [buzzes.]
to great with [distorted.]
Carlton Coffee.
[whines, buzzes.]
I can't believe you were attacked.
Are you okay, little brother? I'm fine I guess.
The blank took the hit.
His cortex chip is fried.
It will take time to repair it.
Time-time-time time for a new watch? Make sure it's Swiss-made Luxo-oo! [whines.]
Life is like that.
Ticking along.
Then suddenly it stops.
Cut short.
Darkness falls.
All gone, so soon.
Are you sure only his cortex chip is fried? Don't worry.
Mom is here.
This T-bone will take that nasty swelling right down.
- [Momblank laughs.]
- That's not how robotics work, you know.
I know! Varvatos Vex specifically instructed you to be careful and keep to side streets and alleys.
- The Zeron Brotherhood - We were in an alley.
It was a sneak attack.
Seems like the Zerons have changed their style.
Stay in style and see better with Sunbeam Sun-glass-es! Better? Is there a better life than the life of a blank? I am not programmed to know.
[Vex sighs.]
If the Zerons are keeping to the shadows, then their attacks will be harder to anticipate.
You two are to stay within the confines of Mother.
No more school.
What? First we're attacked, and then grounded? I have friends at school.
It's the closest thing we have to a home here.
- No offense, Mother.
- None taken, my royal.
We can't live in fear.
Didn't you tell me it was [growls.]
"the fear of injury" that will get us killed? Throwing Varvatos' own words back at him is not the sort of attack Varvatos meant to teach you! [giggles.]
Varvatos worries for nothing.
We'll be perfectly safe here, so long as we keep a low profile.
[over P.
Aja and Krel Tarron, please report to the principal's office immediately.
- [students murmuring.]
- Aja and Krel Tarron, please report - to the principal's office immediately.
- You were saying? [rattling.]
You wanted to see us, Señor Uhl? Actually, she wanted to see you.
Good morning, Mr.
and Ms.
And you are? Bertha Flanagan, but my friends call me "Birdie.
" [laughs.]
Special Advisor for the Arcadia Oaks High School Board.
The Board only calls for me for their most challenging cases.
Ooh, we're not cases.
We hold absolutely nothing.
We'll see about that.
Tarron has scored a hundred percent on every single math test.
Highly unusual for his kind.
Stop right there.
If you're just here to make unfounded accusations, then you can leave my school right now.
I'm very sorry I brought you in for this.
Also, it has come to the Board's attention that you two chickadees have been attending this school without being properly registered.
- Registered? - "Chickadees"? There's no record of you anywhere.
It's as if you both fell right out of the sky.
No need to be frightened.
It's just a simple form.
It doesn't feel very simple.
I'll need copies of your birth certificates, immunization histories, report cards, discipline records, home phone bills, cell phone bills, attendance records, and text message history.
Plus, a parent and/or guardian must fill out a home situation and a language survey.
Oh! And most importantly, you need to show proof of residency.
That's the most crucial thing.
The papers you're requesting go beyond our usual requirements.
The new school board administration is concerned about - [whispering.]
illegal aliens - [gasps.]
hiding in Arcadia.
[Aja, Krel.]
Aliens? "Illegal"? Such language is not permitted inside my school.
Uhl, I do believe you are only the interim principal.
The school board is looking to permanently fill the position - with someone who is more cooperative.
- Hmm.
We can gather the papers you need, but it will take some time.
Uh, like a few keltons.
By the end of the day, please.
- Or else.
- [Krel.]
Ay, yi, yi.
- But Varvatos Vex always wins! - [clattering.]
- [Jerry.]
Not this time, dude.
- Or any time.
I don't think you've won a single game, Vex.
If only more pulverizing were allowed.
It's not about pulverizing.
To protect your king, ya know, sometimes you have to make a sacrifice.
Lose a pawn or two to win the battle.
It's a little something we call "tactics.
" - Tactics? - Something I learned in the military.
- Well, hello there! - [Luug barks.]
Wh Who is that silver-haired temptress? [Phil.]
Oh, her? That's Nancy Domzalski.
Oh, Nancy Domzalski.
Lonely That was my name Until I hit this town My loves were hand-me-downs [Phil.]
Your move, Varvatos.
- Varvatos? Varvatos! - [Luug barks.]
Oh, chess.
Mind if I join you for a game? [barks.]
Don't mind if I do! - [Phil.]
Hey, my turn! - Looks like Vex has a crush.
Of course Varvatos Vex has a crush.
Do not doubt Vex's crushing power! Oh! I like the way you talk.
[Nancy chuckles.]
So forward.
I'll move my pawn to F-4.
[laughs, knuckles crackle.]
Varvatos Vex moves his pawn to E-6.
[Luug growls.]
Varvatos, we need your help.
Varvatos Vex has gone to war.
- Nothing will stand between him and - Ooh! Checkmate.
What? Preposterous! - [Luug slurps.]
- [girl screams.]
Nana Domzalski says, "Good game.
" Next time, we'll play for baked goods.
We need to go! Not only do you have a glorious silver bouffant, but you have a cunning strategic mind as well.
- You belong on the battlefield, milady! [Nana giggles.]
With me! He never compliments my hair.
What is this nonsense? Varvatos thought humans were living in the digital age.
If we don't do something today, then Birdie Flanagan, Señor Uhl, and the police will be poking around the Mothership tomorrow.
That attention will only expose us to bounty hunters! Then we shall crush this so-called "Bird," especially if she's anything like the pigeons Jerry feeds.
Varvatos Vex taught those flying vermin never to defecate on him again.
No crushing.
How about dismembering? Bludgeoning? Stuart, what is the melting temperature of skin? Don't answer that.
I might be able to forge those papers for you.
If you want.
Who said that? - Forge? Like swords? - [Stuart.]
No, like fakes.
- Fakes.
- Disappointing.
Swords are better.
Wait, you can fake our papers? [softly.]
I, uh, can't talk about that.
I used to work with the government.
Not this one, the one in Mexico.
That's how I got my truck.
Very hush-hush stuff, top secret, classified at the highest levels.
The highest levels.
Is there a job you have not had? I've never been a plumber.
Ah, one day.
One day.
Fingers crossed.
Varvatos Vex does not approve of this plan.
Vaporizing is much more suitable.
Vaporizing will draw attention.
Those are not the words of a warrior.
A warrior can never be afraid to attack.
Afraid? My planet has been stolen, my parents are in stasis, a bounty hunter shot at my brother, and now a crazy bird lady might take away the closest thing we have to a home.
Of course I'm afraid! You should be, too.
[camera shutter clicks.]
Found the camera.
Just need a few pics for the ID cards.
Oh, simmering rage.
That's a good look on you, yeah.
Well, let's get another, anyway.
Say "Gorgonzola!" - [growls.]
- Lady Aja! Return here at once! [back crackles.]
Ow! Ugh! [Luug yelps.]
Shouting commands never worked for Mama and Papa, either.
- [Krel groans.]
- Okay.
Well, I think we've got it.
Great job, everyone.
Well done.
That's a wrap.
Krel, go keep an eye on your sister.
Varvatos Vex will take care of this Birdie situation.
- You're not going to kill her, are you? - Only a little bit.
What are we, and why are we here? Where does the soul reside? Who is our creator? Or is it I who am the captain of my own destiny? If you don't hold still, your destiny will be a scrapyard.
Aja, can you pass me the plasma rebar? Aja? As if Varvatos has never been scared in his life.
Way off.
Nowhere near.
- [growls.]
- [Krel.]
Sister! - I could use some assistance.
- [Momblank.]
Oh! I could be replaced with another blank-bot.
I mean, we're all the same, right? All blank.
I don't even have a name.
Blank-bots don't have names, but you do have designations.
Designation? Then what is my designation? - RK-Y.
- You could be "Ricky.
" RK-Y.
- Ricky.
Ricky Blank.
- Aja.
Aja Tarron.
- And Krel.
She's LU-C.
- So she could be "Lucy.
" Lucy.
Lucy! Hello, I am Lucy.
Hi, I am Lucy.
Ricky Blank! Ricky Blank! I think you broke our fake parents.
You're the one who decided to give them names! - Ricky, Ricky, Ricky! - I am Lucy.
[Señor Uhl.]
I'm sure the Tarrons will return soon, Ms.
Please, Karl call me Birdie.
It's time for Varvatos to turn this "bird" into Dead.
A dead bird.
It's going to be dead when Varvatos is done with it.
Oh, my goodness! Have you fallen and can't get up? - Agh! - [bangs.]
Hmm! - Oh.
And who might you be? - Varvatos Vex.
Grandpa Geezer to Aja and Krel Tarron, - and unafraid to pulverize his enemies.
- Ah.
Is that the Tarrons' paperwork? Hmm.
Ah! There's the home address! [chuckles.]
Well, this looks to be perfectly in order.
- Uh, that's all? - Thank you for your cooperation.
You are free to go.
- [Vex groans.]
- I have what I need.
[squawks, laughs.]
All right, blank.
You're all done.
Oh, no.
My life is flashing before my eyes! - [Krel.]
That's just your playback.
It's - Let old "Eagle Eye" Pause it right there! - It wasn't the Zerons? - Someone else is after us.
- [Aja.]
But who? - [Krel.]
The image is too blurry! We need to find Varvatos.
[faint whistling.]
- [Aja.]
Vex? - Varvatos did it! Good, because we have another threat to worry about.
I wasn't attacked by the Zerons.
It was something else.
Hello? I just wanted to officially welcome you to the neighborhood.
- What if she is your attacker? - What? No, you saw the playback.
- It was a big, scary, non-Earth - Varvatos spoke with the Birdie, and she is merely a geezer.
Now, Varvatos will show you a true warrior does not make decisions based on fear.
I hope you don't mind the impromptu visit.
I wanted to apologize for being so harsh.
- I brought cookies.
- [Vex.]
Thank you.
Baked goods.
What a wonderful custom of the geezers.
See? Nothing to fear.
Aja, you're right.
Varvatos, no! Mmm.
- [groans.]
- [Luug barks.]
- [gasps.]
- [Krel.]
It was you! You attacked me! I admit, that isn't usually my style.
I prefer to research and then destroy.
[barking, growling.]
[grunts, moans.]
Luug, no! General Morando wants you two, dead or alive.
I certainly have my preference.
But I'll make your deaths swift if you bring me your parents' life cores! - Never! - [squawks.]
[Halcon squawks.]
Varvatos, now would be a good time to wake up! [murmurs.]
- [Krel.]
Varvatos? Varvatos? - [Halcon squawks.]
Krel! I don't know what to do with this! - You're the one training all the time! - Bring me to the cores! Who's this? [squawks.]
A new blank? You found a new blank to replace me? Oh, I knew this day would come.
The Mothership! The cores! - [Ricky.]
Uh! - No, no, no! [Ricky.]
What are these feelings? Cookie death.
[both grunt.]
As Queen-in-waiting of House Tarron, I command you to let me go! You're no longer queen of anything, little girl.
[snorts, moans.]
- Ugh! - [Luug moans.]
[Vex snoring.]
Mmm! Burning cookies.
[Luug barks.]
Akiridion is under new leadership now.
You might have heard.
[squawks, cackles.]
Attacking may not be in my programming, but she named me! [squawks.]
I am Ricky Blank, and I feel like throwing things! [Ricky yelps.]
Oh, no! Ricky Blank! Rick! Blank! [snoring.]
Blank! Blank! Ricky Blank! - Blank! Blank! - [Krel yells.]
- [grunts.]
- Krel! [gasps.]
The royal cores! [screeches.]
Keep your claws off our parents! [Halcon squawks.]
Aren't you feisty for a princess? [Halcon screeches.]
[Luug grunting.]
[Luug barking.]
- [Vex grunts.]
- [Luug groans.]
[growling, grunting.]
Varvatos Vex is awake! - Yah! - [screeches.]
Yah! Toe kick! [squawks.]
What is this invisible barrier? - [Luug moans.]
- [Halcon banging.]
- [barking.]
- [Halcon screeches.]
- [Aja.]
Luug! - Aja? [Aja.]
Luug! [Halcon.]
Get off! Get off! - [Aja.]
Luug! - [weapon whines.]
[Luug moans, yelps.]
[Krel sighs.]
Seklos and Gaylen, what a glorious triumph! You might be ready for an advanced training session.
No, no.
That was one of the scariest moments of my life.
I'm still afraid.
Of course you were afraid! What warrior isn't? Varvatos Vex is constantly afraid for you younglings.
But you did not let fear hold you back.
You kept fighting, and Varvatos is proud of you.
Is this some new attack? - [Luug barks.]
- Strangulation of the stomach? [laughing.]
Get over here.
[Señor Uhl.]
 I apologize for all the hoops Ms.
Flanagan made you jump through.
Your student ID badges.
No one can question where you belong again.
- [Aja chuckles.]
- Bienvenidos to the Arcadia Oaks High family.
- [gasps.]
Thank you! - Have you seen the Birdie lately? Haven't heard a peep since yesterday.
Seems Birdie must've flown the coop.
[continues laughing.]
"Flown the coop.
" What a good one.
I should write that down.
"Flown the coop.
" 'Cause she's a Birdie, yeah? - [announcer.]
Sector seven.
- [alien.]
Sector nine! [announcer.]
Sector seven.
Despite the damage, the blank retained its memory cache.
What about its ocular recordings? The Resistance retrieved the footage.
It reveals the traitor who betrayed the royals.
Look, this is dated the day before Morando's attack.
You've served the king and queen long enough, and for what? Tomorrow during the royal ceremony, lower the shields.
Allow my forces into the city, and I promise no one will be harmed.
What do you say, friends? Seklos and Galen!