3Below: Tales of Arcadia (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Bad Omen

1 One, two, three below! Mama, Papa? For an Akiridion, as long as your core remains intact, then you can survive almost anything.
It is our very soul, and you must nourish it.
Like a spark, it can be extinguished, or it can be fanned until it burns bright.
With the strength of his core, the Great Gaylen created Akiridion-5 and Sleeping? You're sleeping? Lively.
I mean, listening.
I had a nightmare that you were telling a boring story.
Oh! - Uh, carry on.
- You know, one day, you might miss my boring stories.
What your father is trying to say is that we won't be here forever.
And thus, my remarkable children, you must be beacons for the future, lighting the way for Akiridion-5.
Mama? Papa? Perimeter alert.
Huh? Seklos and Gaylen! Already? Luug? Where are Aja and Krel? This transmission is unauthorized.
Luug! With the royal cores, nothing will stop Morando.
I wouldn't bet on it.
Omen has your ship, and I have your life.
You've become so very human, little girl.
Please come home for us.
The royals are dead.
Public worship of royals is forbidden by order of King Morando.
Code 12-8D.
Kneeling before authority is obligatory.
Do not disobey, citizen.
He is not my king! Disobedience is an infraction, one-one K.
She does not mean it.
She's just a child.
Scanning for infringement.
First warning.
There will be no second warning.
Please be alive.
All it takes is a spark, just one foolish Akiridion to trigger a rebellion.
Squash it! As long as they think the royals are alive, they will have hope.
From now on, prior record or no record, every infraction will be punished by law.
At last.
The royal cores.
The resistance will be dead, once and for all.
Screaming won't help you now.
On the contrary, sir.
You may not listen to me, but there's someone that does.
Sic 'em, Buster! Buster! Oh, good boy! Thanks.
We have to find a way to get up there.
Who is this Omen? A Blank, reprogrammed by Morando to kill the resistance.
It's designed to be the ultimate weapon.
Even serrators can't penetrate it.
Like the Zerons, but indestructible? Wonderful.
I see no "wonder" in this.
Omen is unstoppable.
I fear there is nothing we can do.
There is always something we can do.
Aja's right.
Now, where's your ship? That's my ship! Stryker 274, identify yourself.
I repeat, identify.
This is Varvatos Vex.
- Hello, Vexy.
How have you been? - You traitor! I spared your life, and your thanks is to hijack the first ship you see? When Varvatos saw Mother launch without you, he had to do something.
Varvatos must ground the mothership before it exits the atmosphere.
Vex, your ship lacks any weapon.
The blasters are damaged.
Varvatos knows.
His ship is the weapon.
Your ship cannot withstand a collision like that.
You won't survive! To protect the King, sometimes you have to make a sacrifice.
"Lose a pawn to win the battle.
" The geezers taught me that.
Varvatos knows what he did was wrong, and that he That I am the pawn.
I shall make amends.
For House Tarron.
For you! Varvatos, don't do this.
Aja, Krel, together, you are unstoppable.
Varvatos Vex is proud of you both.
Tell your parents Varvatos was sorry, and that he had a glorious death! - No! - No! Glorious! He actually did it.
- Vex! - Aja.
Aja! Thank you.
Stuart, can you? Yeah, say no more.
I'll try and find Vex.
You go save your parents.
Let's get Mama and Papa.
According to the Omen's readings, it appears the mothership was downed in a midair collision.
Would you like the Omen to initiate self-destruct protocols? Not yet.
Advanced Battle Tactics 101 Always have the element of surp Steve, listen.
I saw something weird! "Something weird?" You think, Eli?! Da-doi! There are evil creepers everywhere and a crazy death beam shooting into the sky! - Everything's weird! - No! Not just that.
I saw a spaceship, and Aja and Krel's house is gone! I knew it.
They're aliens, Steve.
- Don't call them - Aliens? That! It's mean! This isn't the season finale of Earth Invaders, Pepperjack! We're at war.
Hold it together, man! But, Steve - Pics, or it didn't happen.
- Fine! - Fine! - The secret is safe.
Not fine.
It's not fine! Not fine! Come back! Mother? Mother? Luug! Lucy? Welcome home, kids.
You're just You're just in time, time, time for supper.
Supper, supper! And just in time to die.
Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Don't worry, honey.
I'll get the job done.
And the job is to kill.
Stay back.
I have this.
No! Omen must have corrupted their programming.
They're our friends, Zadra.
Don't kill them.
Die! Die! Die! Fine.
I'll distract "your friends.
" You find the cores.
Steve needs pics? I'll get him pics.
I'll get so many pics.
Aha! Got it! Aw, man! Mama! Papa! - They're gone! - No! We can't lose them.
Not again.
Omen moved them.
Intruder alert.
Tarrons detected.
It sounds like Omen got to Mother, too.
More reason to find Mama and Papa's cores and get out of the ship.
Oh, you won't be getting out of here.
Krel, you override Mother's system so we can escape, and I'll get Mama and Papa back from Omen.
Just be careful, okay? I am Queen-in-waiting, Aja Tarron of Akiridion-5, and I order you to kneel.
Oh, I know who you are.
General Morando? King Morando.
"King"? The throne belongs to my mama and papa, never you.
Not anymore.
Now, where is your gallant protector, Varvatos Vex? Don't tell me he's left the royal heirs defenseless again.
Who said anything about defenseless? Crush her! Tell me, where are Mama and Papa's cores? Omen is keeping them safe.
Harm Omen, and you harm Mama and Papa.
No! I see Varvatos has trained you.
But like your teacher, you rush into battle.
You do not think things through.
I'm not afraid of your machine, and I won't let it take my parents.
Oh, there's been a change of plans, Princess.
Self-destruct sequence initiated.
Five mekrons.
Self-destruct? Mother, no! Now that I have the entirety of House Tarron, why fly you back when I can kill you right here in front of all of Akiridion-5? - Is that - Princess Aja! The royals are alive.
Say goodbye to your pretty royals, and bow to your true king.
Kleb! Krel, we're all about to become flexel, here! I heard.
Still trying to disable Mother.
Four mekrons until mass nuclearization.
- Are you making any progress? - No, I was just thinking of taking a nap.
Oh, that's never going to work.
Maybe this one? Oh, no.
Oh! That just tickles.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah Oh! You've deprogrammed the ice-maker.
Don't mother me, Mother.
Just hang in there, Aja.
Oh, I am! That's our princess! Stop the transmission! I'm trying, my liege.
I need a plan! Oh Spoon? It's 10:00 p.
Do you know where your children are? Party pooper! Party pooper! Pooper.
Pooper! Pooper! Uh-oh.
Now you've done it, missy.
What in great Gaylen? Aja? Krel? Varvatos Vex.
When will the prodigal princess stop running away? Oh, this time, you're coming with me.
Run, Princess Aja! Activate the reserve Blanks.
Blanks activated.
Three mekrons to self-destruct.
And they called you a genius on Akiridion-5.
This dump heap of humans must be rubbing off on you.
Actually, I've found that human tech is not so bad.
Krel? Wait, you're not Krel.
- How may I assist you? - How may I assist you? - Uh-oh! - How may I assist you? - How may I assist you? - How may I assist you? How may I assist you? How may I assist you? - How may I assist you? - How may I assist you? Not killing me would be nice! Two mekrons to self-destruct.
Princesses aren't fighters.
Then again, you're not even a princess anymore.
You're right, Morando.
I'm not a princess.
I'm a warrior.
And now I'm going to kick your I'm DJ Kleb! Taking control of our mothership! You finally hack Mother, and you're playing music? - Priorities, Krel.
- Oh, right.
On your knees.
You want to see it blow up? No, no! Mama and Papa's cores are inside.
Ricky Blank! Ricky.
Ricky Blank! Ricky Blank.
Ricky Blank.
Ricky Blank.
He did it.
DJ Kleb is in the house.
This isn't possible.
What have they done? Mama, Papa, I have you.
You're safe.
Self-destruct sequence suspended.
Re-routing audio-video feed.
- Krel, what are you doing? - Bringing back hope.
Hello! Akiridion-5! Akiridions, if you can hear me, you are always in our cores.
I learned something here on Earth, in a place called "history class.
" A great man once said, "We shall not flag or fail.
We shall fight on the beaches.
We shall fight in the fields and in the streets.
We shall never, never surrender!" Do not give up hope.
By Seklos and Gaylen, we promise we will fight for you on every planet, and we will return to you.
He's so eloquent.
Enough games! This ends now! - What's the problem? - My battery is dying.
Are you kidding me?! Long live House Tarron! And it's dead.
Your battery may be dead, but mine isn't.
Krel! Yah! Aja! Thirty sectons until self-destruct.
If we destroy Omen, we can stop the self-destruct sequence.
- And how do we destroy Omen? - I've been trying to figure that out! - A little help here! - Oh, right! I've got a plan.
It's dangerous.
- How dangerous? - Just follow my lead.
Ten sectons to self-destruct.
If we don't get crushed, we'll be pulverized.
And we could die if we don't.
There'll be no escape now.
Now, Krel! - Take them! - Aja! Two.
No! No, no, no! One.
My lieges! Self-destruct sequence suspended.
Oh, no! Krel! Aja! My lieges! Krel! You're okay! I love you, little brother.
Mama! Papa! We did it, Krel! Your parents would be proud of you both.
Thanks for the assist, little brother.
- Luug! - Luug! - Come here, boy! - Luug! Vex! Vex! Vex? I see smoke.
Where did you go? Core regeneration reinitiated.
I apologize for my behavior, my royals.
My code is not myself.
There is no "I" in "AI.
" I know, Mother.
Don't worry.
You'll feel better when I reboot you.
That lunar anomaly appears to have subsided.
The blue sky always reminds me of Akiridion-5.
Me, too.
Krel? Aja, I I don't know if I can fix the ship.
Mother may never fly again.
We may be stuck here forever.
It'll be okay, little brother.
We've done the impossible before.
We'll do it again, together.
But what if if we never get home? Have you heard the human saying, "Home is where the heart is"? I think I saw that on a doormat somewhere.
The humans wipe their shoes on this saying.
It means our hearts, our cores, are here.
And so are Mama and Papa's.
For now, Earth is our home.
At least until we can return to Akiridion-5 one delson.
Then I can't imagine a better home.
Earth is not such a bad place after all.
Whoa! Pics.
And it did happen! Sector 0129 secure.
- My liege, shall I raise the bounty? - No.
Next time, I will crush the cores of the royal children myself.
Gather my troops and all of our vessels.
I am going to Urth.