3Below: Tales of Arcadia (2018) s02e12 Episode Script

A Glorious End, Part One

Are you sure we can trust Morando? [KUBRITZ.]
If I had known you'd second-guess me every step of the way, I would have left you in the accounting department.
He's lied to us once already.
Who's to say he won't lie to us again? Morando is going to rule the universe.
I don't want Earth to end up on his bad side.
Are you sure he has a good side? - [KUBRITZ.]
Why don't you ask him? - [GASPS.]
- Are the preparations complete, Colonel? - [KUBRITZ.]
We're ready.
Unless there's anything you'd like to say, Sergeant.
No, no, no, no, Colonel.
- I'm good.
- Excellent.
The delson has finally come.
Ever since Seklos destroyed Gaylen the universe has descended into chaos.
- It craves order - [BEEPING, HISSING.]
- a firm hand to rule it.
I will be that hand.
I will be the god the galaxy has lacked.
- Do it.
The life core of Gaylen.
My scientists tell me it will take several hours to integrate it with your biology.
Then we should begin at once.
While I'm transforming, take the Tarrons into custody.
Their cores are the first I want to devour.
Do you have a location on the Tarrons? No.
Everything's a dead end.
Plan B, then.
I know how to draw them out.
And what crime, exactly, are we taking the Tarrons into custody for? [KUBRITZ.]
Choosing the wrong side.
Soon, all the universe will tremble before me! [LAUGHING.]
One, two, three, below! We failed, Mama.
Morando has Gaylen's core.
We can't stop him.
Whenever I found myself in a situation where I didn't know what to do you always knew the words I needed to hear.
I wish you were here to say them to me now.
But he's not, little brother.
Neither of them are.
Not yet.
But think of all we've done without them.
We fought off bounty hunters, we've rescued Varvatos from the moon, and we've kept Mama and Papa safe.
We can do this without them.
You do know that "this" is defeating a god, right? Then we need to find a way to defeat a god.
I'm on it! I'll decode the EllyDuc transcripts, review the Illiac Mythos, and maybe piece together the Oxiom Gospels.
- Simple.
- You really have to do all that? What else is an intergalactic library card good for? [CHUCKLES.]
Why don't we just stop Morando the way Seklos stopped Gaylen? What is the armor-teethed one talking about? According to the light show in Trollmarket, Seklos destroyed Gaylen with a really, really, really, really almost done, really big gun.
Seklos' cannon.
A little on-the-nose as names go, but, yeah.
Good thought, but the cannon was destroyed during Seklos's battle with Gaylen.
You can't just pick one up at the supermarket.
But what if you built one? Hmm? Hmm? Yeah? Think you could use this as a blueprint? Nice work, Toby! This is some high-definition footage.
Yeah, the phone company upgraded me after I dropped my eighth phone.
I gave them a lot of business.
Thermal phasers - Hey! - Some ionic wiring - So, you can build it? Of course I can.
I'm an electronics whiz.
Actually, I was asking Krel.
I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that.
This weapon looks fairly simple.
- Even Stuart could build it.
- Ugh, or that! - [BELL RINGS.]
- [GASPS.]
A customer! - Now? - [STUART SCOFFS.]
It's still a customer.
I haven't had one of those since 1986! [GASPS.]
Not a customer! Not a customer! Oh-hoo! You're a fool to attack us without your fellow warriors, hoo-man.
Varvatos will floss his teeth with your entrails.
No flossing! [COUGHS.]
No flossing! - I'm on your side! [CHOKES.]
- I mean, I'm now on your side.
I've had a change of heart? - Excellent! Varvatos will pull it from your chest! - Don't kill me.
Aah! [COUGHS.]
Speak as if your life depended on it, because it does.
Colonel Kubritz has lost her mind.
She sold out to Morando because she thinks it's the best way - to protect the Earth from other aliens.
- Ugh.
But I think she made a deal with the devil, and now they're making the devil into a god.
Wa-wait! What do you mean they are making him? He's not a god already? No, no.
He's gotta go through some kind of integration process.
The colonel says it'll take several hours.
- During that time, he's asleep.
- You mean he's in stasis? Kind of.
The point is he's vulnerable.
Finally, some good luck! We have a minnow of opportunity! I think you mean "window", or, I guess, a really lucky fish.
- Here's the thing.
Before losing consciousness, Morando sicced Kubritz on you.
Then he did this evil laugh.
Ahem, anyway, I lied about knowing where to find you, but she says she knows how to draw you out.
And how will she draw us out? - [RINGTONE PLAYING.]
- Would you terminate that infernal noise? - Eli, this is not the time! - Where are you guys? Everyone in Arcadia's here for our big premiere except you and Toby! - [NANCY.]
That's one for the scrapbook.
- Back.
Stand back.
How can I forget? This is my big night! - I was supposed to rent a tuxedo.
- [GASPS.]
My nana's going, Darci's doing concessions I know how Kubritz is going to draw us out.
Directed by Tobias Domzalski.
Cinematography by Tobias Domzalski.
Sound design by Tobias Domzalski.
Catering by Tobias Domzalski's nana.
- Varvatos! I saved you a seat.
Hey! Quiet yourselves! Varvatos is in reconnaissance mode.
Varvatos has reason to believe this motion picture event may not be safe.
You're telling me! - I already had to turn down my hearing aid.
- Huh? [TOBY.]
In a world where everything is in danger all the time - [CROWD CHEERING.]
- only one hero can save the day.
Yeah! All right! Teebow! Where's TP? [TOBY.]
And his name is Captain DJ Kleb! [IMITATES AIR HORN.]
Oh, that part, almost got it, but, uh, they went in a different direction.
They wanted someone with four arms.
Arm discrimination.
Never to worry, young Homo sapien.
- DJ Kleb is here to party! - What a marvelous costume! - DJ Kleb, we're under attack! - Yeah! [SCOTT.]
Whoa! Show's over.
- Was this in the script? - [SLURPING.]
She's ad-libbing.
Whoa! Ooh! Their 3-D effects are amazing.
It's like I can almost touch it.
We're here for Aja and Krel Tarron.
Do not resist.
We're under attack! I repeat, we're under attack! Anyone protecting them will also be detained.
You're looking for us, Colonel? You know the human saying: be careful what you wish for.
I knew you'd show up.
Omens, fire! [PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
Get everyone to safety! - [ROARING.]
- We need to deal with Kubritz now so we can stop Morando before he becomes a god.
Let's pop this colonel! Hmm, now I'm just thinking about popcorn.
This is what I get for going into battle on an empty stomach.
I'll take care of Kubritz.
You two, focus on the Omens! Yah! Aah! - [ENGINE STARTS.]
- Suit up, Palchuk.
What the Pepperjack? What's going on? Coach, whatever happens tonight, just know I'm the mysterious, yet strangely accessible, vigilante I am today because of you.
I have a lot of questions, but thank you, son.
Val Morando is not your ally.
It's only a matter of time before he betrays you.
You and your brother are the only aliens I'm concerned with at the moment.
- Those who crave a glorious death, stay.
- The rest, vacate the premises! Varvatos Vex will tear your metal skin off and feed it to his soolian! - [VEX CACKLING.]
- You're crazy, man! [VEX SHOUTING, LAUGHING.]
- Ooh! Always said that guy was intense.
- Huh? We'll see you at the park, Varvatos, if there still is a park.
- Nancy! Where is Nancy? - [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING.]
- Steve! - [SCREAMS.]
Oh, no.
So, hey, were people liking the movie before, you know, all this? - Um, we really didn't get that far.
- Yeah, I had some notes.
What? Aah! [GRUNTS.]
Everyone's a critic! [BOTH SCREAMING.]
No, no, no! Aja? [GASPS.]
You're an alien? [CLEARS THROAT.]
That's It's Akiridion.
Sorry, Aj.
TP told me.
We have no secrets from each other.
#BFF from another planet, aliens are real, lively, go Moles! You posted first? No fair.
Less posting, more running! [AJA SHOUTING, GRUNTS.]
All this chaos is your fault.
I'm not the one who attacked.
No, you just invaded.
You say you're protecting humans, but look around you! Do you call this protecting? I call it ensuring the tactical superiority of my planet.
- Come on, we've got to go! - [JANETH SHOUTS.]
Amorcito! - [JANETH SHOUTING.]
- Leave the math teacher alone! I can't believe I just said that.
Lenora! [EXHALES.]
Oh, Mr.
Tarron, you saved me.
I apologize for ever doubting your math and physics skills.
Finally! [ROARS.]
Glorious! [GRUNTS.]
Nancy! Nancy, where are you? [WHIMPERING.]
Nancy! - [VEX SHOUTS.]
- Varvatos, is that you? Nancy, darling, Varvatos assures you there is a reasonable explanation for this.
- Well, an explanation for this.
We all have our secrets, dearie.
I was a spy during World War I.
Yah! Varvatos Vex has safely evacuated the civilians and impressed Nancy.
Time for a tactical withdrawal! - You mean retreat? - Varvatos never retreats.
- He makes a tactical withdrawal.
I think Colonel Kubritz has other plans.
If we don't go to Area 49B now, we'll be too late to stop Morando.
There you are.
You Tarrons, always hiding.
You still have that? - I like to tinker with it sometimes.
- [BEEPS.]
What is Aah! - Nicely done! - It won't hold her for long.
We need to get to Area 49B.
- Tokyo Drift! - Come with me if you want to live.
Oh, man, I cast the wrong guy.
- You stole Señor Uhl's truck? - I prefer the term "liberated".
Leave the semantics for later! Apply pedal to the metal! [TIRES SQUEAL.]
- We can hoverboard the rest of the way.
- Can you - Say no more.
Creepslayerz and ol' War Hammer will keep Arcadia safe.
And Varvatos will keep the Slayerz and the Hammer safe.
Me, too.
Aja! [SIGHS.]
Stay safe, my Palchuk.
You, too, my royal ninja-kicking angel.
- Barbaric.
- Bye.
- [TOBY.]
- Are they always this mushy? - [KREL.]
Tonight is better than most.
- I hope to see you again.
Hey, lover boy, snap out of it! There's still creeps that need to be slayed.
Right on, buttsnack! - Whoo! - [TIRES SQUEAL.]
Round everyone in Arcadia up! Aiding and abetting alien fugitives from justice.
But if I use the ferromagnetic steel for the thermal phasers No, no.
Oh, easy for Krel to say this would be easy.
He's got four hands.
If you need, I've got two, and I know electronics.
Have you thought about using floppy disks? - They've got iron oxide.
- Oh, that isn't a bad idea.
Fine, you're hired! [LAUGHS.]
- Aah! Go! - Go! Everyone return to your homes.
Arcadia is under martial law until the Tarrons are in custody.
Providing aid and comfort to these fugitives will be considered a capital offense.
If you are protecting the Tarrons, surrender them immediately.
Consider yourselves warned.
Lenora, I have a long history of losing the people I love.
And I can't, I won't, lose you.
Popcorn? - [SCREAMS.]
- Dios mío! [GIRLS SCREAMING.]
- Oh, my - [TOBY SHOUTS.]
- Yeah! - Ooh! [STEVE GRUNTS.]
We can agree that this gets me an A in your class next year, right? Sí! Sí, Señor Steve! A-plus! [WHEEZING.]
You robots don't know who you're messing with.
Hiy Aah! Or maybe you do.
Everyone's too spread out.
I can't keep up! There's just too many of those bots and only five of us.
- Four.
- Where is the bespectacled one? [GRUNTING.]
Bring him to me.
Where are the Tarron children hiding? Yaha! Yah! I need a weapons upgrade.
You will take me to the Tarrons! I don't know them.
Never heard of them.
I know you're Krel Tarron's best friend.
He said that? Awesome! Uh, I mean, no, I'm not.
Who is that? - Your life isn't worth saving their skin.
Wait, wait, wait! We'll tell you, we'll tell you! - Just put him down! - [ELI GROANS.]
They're They're, uh, uh - [WHISPERS.]
Dad, help.
- Heading to Canada.
If you leave now, maybe you can catch them.
Vex mentioned heading to Guadalajara.
Beautiful this time of year.
No, no, no, no, no.
I thought it was Iowa.
He wanted a glorious Des Moines.
Do you people have any idea what you're doing? They're aliens.
There's no reason for you to protect them.
Yes, there is! They're our students.
Students? You treat them like they're human? More human than you, lady! On their first day, I promised Aja and Krel that they would always have a home here, and I intend to keep that promise.
Yeah! If you want Aja and Karl, well, guess what, lady you're gonna have to go through us! Oh, that can easily be arranged.
As the future supreme commander of this planet, this is your last chance.
- Where are they? - [STEVE SHOUTING.]
Steve? What are you wearing? You came back for me! Like I said, that was your last chance.
Omens, fire! [VEX BELLOWING.]
Everyone, scatter! [ELI.]
Hey, creep.
- Say hello to my little friend.
- You've been slayed! [BLOWS BREATH.]
- Creep - Slayerz! - [SHOUTING.]
- Hiyah! Hey, Aja, how exactly are we going to take Gaylen's core from Morando? I mean, it's heavily fortified, hundreds of soldiers, Omens, and, you know, Morando! Since diplomacy is out of the question, I guess we'll improvise.
Improvise? Improvising is not a plan! We don't need a plan.
We have each other.
What could possibly go wrong? [BOOMING.]
- Ugh, I had to ask.
- This is why we need a plan.
- [MEN.]
Whoa! - [BOOMING.]
- [GASPS.]
Whoa! - We're too late.
- We have to go now! [PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
Varvatos! Stuart! Varvatos is in the middle of glorious battle! - Yes, I'm here! - [KREL.]
We were too late! Morando's already integrated with Gaylen's core! O-M-Gorbon! Stuart, tell me you finished the cannon, because we're going to need it.
I, uh I just need to install the power source.
- Excellent! - Not exactly.
The cannon can only be powered by, well [GARBLED SPEECH, STATIC HISSING.]
- Sister.
You're breaking up! Tell us when we get there.
Aja? Krel? What is it? Speak, Durian! Varvatos, the cannon can only be powered by well, by two royal life cores.
Emphasis on life, emphasis on cores.
Emphasis on, on everything! They'll destroy Morando, but end up killing themselves in the process.
What about King Fialkov and Queen Coranda? Their royal cores could be used to power the weapon.
Yes, of course, but I mean, Aja and Krel, they'd never let you do it.
There must be another way.
Come on, Stuart, think! - Stuart.
- You can't do this.
Aja and Krel, they'd never forgive you.
Varvatos swore an oath to protect them at all costs, including them hating me.
My king, my queen Varvatos is most sorry.
- [KREL.]
Varvatos? - What are you doing? This is not what it looks like.
Well, uh, I mean, it is exactly what it looks like, but it's the only way to - [WHIMPERS.]
- Murderer! You were going to use their life cores! Varvatos is sorry.
- Murderer! Traitor! - [GRUNTS.]
- [AJA.]
You traitor! - [WHIMPERS.]
- [AJA.]
Traitor! - [SOBBING.]
- [AJA.]
Murderer! [SOBBING.]
- [GASPS.]
Aja, stop! Wait! There's another way! I have an idea.
What if there's a way to stop Morando without using anyone's cores? Akiridion-5 has the technology to make a wormhole big enough to send a small fleet here to stop Morando.
If there's even a chance that this might work, we have to take it.
It has to, or else we lose everything.