45 Revoluciones (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

The Single

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Can I see the kid's card? - Who told you? - Nice try.
The reports are secret.
- Where do you go? - Fuencarral Theater.
They test you there.
You perform for a jury - that decides if you qualify.
- I've got an amp and a guitar.
If they see you with an acoustic guitar, forget it.
Suit, tie, Spanish guitar and gel and you sing in Italian.
- In Italian? - They love it.
- Could you teach me? - To play the piano? Hands relaxed and up to here.
You're a good teacher.
A sergeant major, but I like you.
Maribel! Mom? Mom wait! He's out.
More longhaired fags coming along to trick us.
- What's wrong? - Longhair.
I screwed up.
When's the next call? For you? Never.
You'll have a black mark, we can't do anything.
- You can't vanish into thin air.
- Clara, I'm not coming home.
- You're selfish.
- Longhair's on the bathroom floor.
Robert! What's wrong? Robert, wake up.
Robert Call an ambulance! Hurry! - So, you? - That's what the white coats say.
- How long? - 6 months, around May.
No, no.
Don't cry.
Come here.
There you go.
The guy you hit is Ballesteros.
I was his agent.
You ruined my life.
Now I decide who's any good and who's out.
And I'm afraid your kid is out.
What do you want, Ballesteros? How much? - He wants a Seat 600.
- What? The bank refused me credit.
Unless you have a new Seat 600, we're screwed.
- I want to ask for a loan.
- What's it for? Instruments and a recording studio.
- How much? - 50,000.
Let me speak to my boss and I'll tell you tonight.
I need you to get some money from a customer's account.
- How much, sir? - 50,000 pesetas.
The 50,000 you asked me for.
I didn't think you'd bring it, now I'll have to change the lists.
We have a weekly card quota.
For Roberto to pass, someone will have to fail.
You always end up fucking somebody, right? Let's go.
Just you and me, you and me, that's all.
We don't need anything else, you and me.
Diego, I don't want to go.
Then tell the truth.
- There is no wedding.
- What did you say? - Won't you sit down, honey? - Diego and I aren't getting married.
- Aren't you thinking of coming back? - No, no.
Well, you should.
Wash it with bicarbonate.
It's sad.
She looks at you like she'll never see you again.
- Good evening, Lucas.
- Good evening.
TEN YEARS BEFORE - He's called Lucas.
- Yes.
Hi, how are you? You're half an hour late.
We're you leaving me all alone? - No, I wasn't.
- Yes, you were.
- It was my fault.
- Okay, I was, but she stopped me.
- Pedro, this is Ángeles.
- Sorry.
Nice to meet you.
Same here.
I so wanted to meet you.
Me too.
I thought you didn't exist.
Guillermo talks so much about you, I was getting jealous.
- Ignore him.
He's stubborn, a liar - Yes, and I'm always late.
- Always.
You've got a gem here.
- I love you too, Pedro.
- I need a drink.
You two? - I'll go.
What do you want? Whisky on the rocks.
- Soda water.
Thanks, honey.
- You're welcome.
I never thought I'd say this: "Guillermo Rojas in love.
" - You know she sings? - No! I'll talk to Golden to get her an audition.
After Piquer's number 1, I'm sure they'll say yes.
Well, you're doing well.
I am.
Better than ever, Pedro.
45 REVOLUTIONS Guillermo, where were you? I've been waiting for half an hour at reception.
- Why there? - We arranged to meet there.
- Shit, the meeting! - You forgot, huh? - Yes.
- Here.
Have you thought of getting a diary? They're small and great for remembering important things.
For that I have you, you're much better than a diary.
Very funny.
- Got any candy? - No.
Come in.
- If I may, Mr.
- Forgive the delay.
It'd be strange if you were on time.
Have you looked at the plan for recording the single? - Yes.
- And? Sit down.
If it's bad news, I'd rather stand.
- Sit down, please.
- No, tell me what you have to say.
Guillermo, please sit down.
You can't record the single here.
- Did I hear you right? - You can't record the single because I don't have a studio slot.
I'm not lying.
Look See for yourself.
I've got the Lolita Sevilla record, plus the new Augusto Algueró songs, auditions for the new girls You tell me where I fit you in.
There's no slot.
And you won't make one.
Before you came back with your novel ideas, we were doing our job.
Golden's records pay everyone's wages here.
I'm not switching one of my stars for your longhair.
- We don't know if it'll work.
- It will.
- Because your hunches never fail.
- Roberto has to record that single.
How else can Alfredo approve it? - I don't know.
Record an acetate.
- I'm not presenting a recording - where you can't even hear the guitar.
- That's not my problem.
That's it.
You have two options: an acetate or you leave and let me get on with truly important things.
Now I'd like you to go.
I have a meeting with Hispamusic and I don't want them seeing me with you.
Wait! You're going to need it.
Really, the guy's so ungrateful.
Go, Tino.
I'll tell you when.
That'll do it.
- You guys want something? - No.
Maybe the acetate's not a bad idea.
- You don't know what it is, right? - No.
Right Imagine I don't know you and you say: "Guillermo, I'm a musician", and I say: "Great, play me something.
" You take out a guitar, but it's got no strings.
- What would I think of you? - That I'm crazy.
- Acetates are the same thing.
- The sound quality is terrible and they have a limit, 5 or 6 listens at most.
They won't need more than one listen to see it's a hit.
It's not professional.
Some amateur groups steal hospital X-rays to record their singles.
Do you really want your first single on an X-ray? - No.
Okay, then? - Then what? When do we record the single? You've been in this for ages, - you must know other studios.
- Yes, but they won't be glad to see me.
- Do you owe half the industry money? - Kid, you've got to wait.
- No, I can't wait.
- No? Are you missing the boat? - Look, guys - I want to record it most.
I promised you I'd make you known all over Spain, I haven't forgotten.
- What do we need? - For what? To record a single.
What do we not have? For a start, a recording studio.
We have no money to rent one.
What if I said I can get one? How long since you confessed? It's perfect.
- What's your boss doing? - Talking to his folks, I guess.
- He's checking the acoustics.
- The acoustics? Don't worry, when we record you needn't worry about a thing.
- I'm not so sure, Maribel.
- What's worrying you? I'm young, like you.
I know what this music says.
It's not like in the papers, Roberto's not one of those longhairs.
- You know me.
- If you say so.
I know you're new here, but I've come here since I was a girl, my family's a friend of Father Anselmo and I started playing piano here.
- It's beautiful.
- Beautiful? Recording in this church.
You can ask Father Anselmo.
Don't complicate things for me.
This week we have three baptisms and two communions.
- It'd have to be at night.
- Night is perfect.
- Maybe I can ask Anselmo.
- Really? I'd like to talk to your boss and the longhair too.
- You want to talk to them? - Why not? It'd do them both good.
May we all find solace in the words of God.
- They'd love to speak to you.
- That's the way I like it.
It's not good for young folks to stray from the faith.
If only all of them were like you and Diego.
We're so thrilled that you're getting married here.
Sure, naturally.
Has Diego not spoken to you? About what? - He said yes.
- Yes.
But? But he wants a little chat with you two.
Count me out, I'm a lost soul.
Don't look at me, I haven't been in a church since my First Communion.
- Then you have lots of outstanding sins.
- Why does he want to talk to me? Why do you care? Just talk to him and go in peace.
- Yes, you have to do it.
- Shut up.
Just talk? Yes, just talk.
He's letting us record here.
I'm not promising anything.
- When were you going to tell me? - What? - That you're getting married.
- I'm not getting married.
- That's not what the priest said.
- I had to get the church.
- I played along.
There's no wedding.
- Not now? No.
I don't know what happened and I don't want to pry, - but the truth is, I'm glad.
- Really? Not about your troubles, I'm glad you're staying.
This is too much work for one person, and Futura wouldn't be the same.
- Are you thanking me? - Me? No.
- Turn my voice up.
- Right away, Peppino.
What a bow, it's like he's a present.
This "silver top" is killing me.
What do you want this time? - I want you.
- How romantic.
And your mixing desk, but mainly you.
We're recording Robert's first single.
Forget it, Zabala will bust my balls if we use the studio without his consent.
- And I like my balls.
- I know we can't record here, but he didn't say anything about the gear and technician.
- Ever recorded in a church? - In a church? - A church.
- With a cross and altar? - And kneelers - Are you crazy? I've heard that.
Maybe God'll corroborate it.
From the top, capisci? My musicians will bring instruments and amps.
We just need the desk, - some mikes, speakers - Almost nothing.
- and Spain's top technician.
- You can't transport it all.
- I'll get a car.
- I'm risking my job.
First thing Saturday I'll have everything back.
Shit, "Sparks", we're doing something that's never been done before.
Rojas, you have a visitor in your office.
Who is it? Did they say I owe them money? Chimo, see you on Friday.
- Let's hit it.
- Whenever you're ready.
You're kidding, right? How did they find out? Some company guy must've heard Robert play at Ondas.
Eugenio called me yesterday to buy the rights to my songs.
- Eugenio Vidal, from Hispamusic? - Sorry! Act like I'm not here.
Yes, they want to record the disc next week.
They want to launch a new girl and the songs suit her.
You can imagine what song they chose for the single.
No, we need that song.
We're recording it as the single.
- Ignacio, we had a deal.
- I didn't sign anything.
We shook hands, for God's sake! Doesn't that mean anything? That's why I'm here, I'm a man of my word.
- So I see.
But I'm also a man of my food, my rent Call me strange, but I need to pay my bills.
If your deal had some zeros added to it, then I wish, Ignacio.
But we're looking for money to record the single.
I'll get going.
I don't like to interrupt.
- See you.
- Ciao.
What's his offer? - Excuse me? - Vidal.
How much? How much do you want? Say a figure.
I can't pay you now, but when this song is number 1, which it will be, it's the first thing I'll do.
Plus, this afternoon we'll draft a contract.
What do you say? He's offering 50,000 pesetas.
You'll have to find other songs.
Really, Guillermo I can't turn down this offer.
I hope you understand.
Tell Robert that I'm sorry.
- So you said nothing to him.
- What? To Father Anselmo.
When were you going to tell him it was off? Have you told your parents? - We can talk outside.
- Diego, don't make this any harder.
You asked for my honesty and couldn't tell your parents.
I know it's painful, but the sooner they know, the better.
Nothing to say, not a word.
- I'm sorry.
- It's fine, don't worry.
We'll talk.
Excuse me.
What were you saying? - Mr.
- What is it? The manager wants to see you, now.
- The manager? - The manager.
You must excuse me again.
Sit down, please.
Yes, don't worry.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Thank you.
- You wanted me, Don Carlos? - Yes, sit down, please.
Do you know who I was just speaking to? - No, sir.
- Luis Villalba Fernández.
He has a fur store on Ribera de Curtidores.
I buy my wife's fur coats there.
- Have you ever touched mink? - No, sir.
It's soft and really keeps out the cold.
You know why I can buy a mink coat from him? Because honorable businesses like Mr.
Villalba's exist.
I trust him to look after my wife and he trusts me with his money.
It's a relationship based on trust.
I understand you're getting married.
- We're on it, sir.
- Good, one day you'll understand.
Salinas, how long have you worked here? - Five years.
- Exactly, five years.
And with an excellent record.
So I'm surprised that there's an imbalance of 50,000 pesetas - in Mr.
Villalba's account.
- I don't It's from your department.
Does it ring a bell? You see, Don Carlos, I can explain No, no, I don't want explanations.
I don't care if it's a temporary retention, an imbalance or a pending liquidation.
All that matters to me is the care and security or our customers' money, honorable people like Mr.
Do you understand? - Yes, sir.
- Alright.
I'll tell you what's going to happen.
First thing tomorrow I want the accounts to balance perfectly.
- Do you understand, Salinas? - Yes, sir.
I want my accounts immaculate.
That's all that matters.
If the money's not there tomorrow, you needn't come to work.
- Do you understand? - Yes.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, Don Carlos.
I've found you at last.
Where did you get to? It was a family matter.
What's happened? Hispamusic offered Ignacio 50,000 for one of his songs.
- What did he say? - What anyone would say.
- Can't we make a counter-offer? - Don't you get it? 50,000.
- We can get another song.
- No, impossible.
Hispamusic will get him to sign a pre-emptive contract.
- So? - We'll have to think.
- What if nothing occurs to us? - Then we'll think some more.
- Are you with Robert? - No, he had to go.
I'll call later.
- Listen - I'll call you later.
SANTA ISABEL'S HOSPITAL - I didn't know you liked The Coasters.
- Me neither.
I didn't know them.
But they're good.
I like them.
How come you're here? I thought you'd be with your fiancé.
He's not my fiancé anymore.
I didn't feel like being at home and I didn't know where to go.
He left you because you don't want to marry? None of your business.
He left you.
No, I told him I didn't know what I wanted.
- And do you know now? - Yes.
Or no.
I don't know.
You can tell me anything.
You're giving me advice? You hate ballads and love talk.
About me, but I can talk about other people's problems.
- How romantic.
- Who told you I wasn't? You.
You said you've always been a lone ranger.
True, I'd rather be free.
I don't need anyone looking after me.
Come on! Don't act so tough, everybody needs someone.
- So why not go back to Diego? - It all got complicated.
It must be you, because he seems very certain.
If he hasn't said you're not getting married, he still has hope.
He got you the money.
I think he's crazy about you.
- And you? - What about me? What do you feel? I don't just want to be "the girlfriend of", I want more.
Maybe that's the problem.
Diego's a bit small for you.
No, Diego's not the problem.
He's charming, smart, perfect.
Then? I guess it must be my problem.
No? - Have you spoke to your sister? - Why? She asked after you today.
She staying at the Imperio and won't leave until you tell her what's going on.
- Did you tell her anything? - No, it's not up to me.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hi.
- Where's Mom? - Inside.
- Smells nice, what is it? - Capon.
Capon? Capon.
With almonds, right? Diego's favorite dish.
You want to make me feel worse than I do already? Are you ignoring me forever or is it temporary? I must take it to the cleaners, the stain won't come out.
I didn't kill anyone, get drunk in public or pregnant like cousin Mercedes, and with a married man.
As if it were Mercedes' fault.
That swine tricked her.
Don't make her out to be in the wrong.
But I am.
I'm the worst, a terrible daughter, a despicable being, all because I cancelled my wedding.
I was getting married, Mom.
I'm sorry you don't understand, - but you have to accept it.
- The napkins.
- I have to get the napkins.
- Not until you listen to me.
Not until you tell me why you're ignoring me.
- Who's the little girl now? - You have to be patient, - your mother's very sensitive.
- But it's like her wedding is off, - not mine.
- I know.
I know, honey.
I try to do things right, but sometimes it's impossible.
You were asking after me.
Why are you still here, Clara? - I'm glad to see you too.
- I told you I'm not going back.
- Roberto - Get it into your head! I've worked in the restaurant all my life and I hate it.
What I like is singing.
And if I want to do that, I can't waste time.
- Sure, but - Let me finish, please! I've got a chance here.
For the first time I get up in the morning and do what I want.
I don't know if it'll be great or a failure, but I'm happy here.
I know Mom and Dad don't get it.
They'd rather I waited tables 10 hours a day, but I want this.
- Have you finished? - No, I haven't.
If you think you can convince me to go home with you, forget it.
Of course I like seeing you.
I miss you.
But I'm staying.
- Have you finished? - Yes.
I haven't come to get you, I want to stay too.
- Here? - Yes.
- You want to stay in Madrid? - Yes, that's what I said.
Clara, why do you want to stay in Madrid? Why? You think you're only one bored with waiting tables? - You can't stay, Clara.
- Excuse me, you can run off to chase your dreams, but the rest of us have to accept our lot? - No, it's not that.
- Then? - I can't take care of you now.
- I can take care of myself.
Don't play the big brother, you're only 2 minutes older.
And you needn't worry about me.
- I've always been more on the ball.
- You wish! Shall we get some dinner? You can show me a little of this.
- But you're staying here? - Yes.
Let's go! - He's good, eh? - Yes.
I've been listening for half an hour.
You tell me what we're doing here.
- I want to talk.
- I thought I made it clear.
I'm really sorry what happened, but I can't give you my songs.
- I'm taking Hispamusic's offer.
- You know why we're here? To familiarize you with this place.
I live in Madrid, I don't need a hotel room.
But if you're not careful, you may end up here forever.
- Now you can tell the future? - More or less.
This is no ordinary hotel, we're in the Continental.
It's an elephant graveyard, a pianists' graveyard.
See that man? He's the Adolfo Batlló.
- Never heard of him.
- No? Naturally, nobody has.
But Mr.
Batlló is a musical genius.
He's written music for Paul Anka, for Raphael, loads of artists.
- Do you know with whom? - No.
You? Hispamusic.
He worked on commission and was happy with the money, - but what about the future? - What about the future? The future comes, so you have to think about it.
Hispamusic signed all the songs by Adolfo Batlló, he never got a single return.
His songs live on, but his name has vanished.
They took all his songs for peanuts.
Now look at him.
Look at him, please.
Playing here, alone, for nothing.
It breaks my heart.
The decision's been made, really.
I'm just saying that I won't let this happen to you, I don't want to see you here one day wasting your talent.
You know the song will sound much better with Robert.
- We can give it a great sound.
- I can't, Guillermo, really.
You don't understand.
We'll give you a credit, put your name where it deserves to be.
We won't let you vanish, like Adolfo.
You can be a part of Spain's musical history.
It's that simple, think it over.
Great, Roberto.
Thanks a lot.
RECORDS - Here we are, it's here.
- Here? Do you know it? You'll love it.
Hi, Manuel.
Look, they're signed and everything.
- You're the best.
Take what you like.
- Thanks.
Scamming with records from Golden They won't notice them.
I bring a few to Manuel and he lets me borrow what I like.
Are you sure you brought me here just for the music? Don't get your hopes up.
We're here for work.
We'll find the song we need.
They have everything.
Melodic, jazz, even two-steps.
- You want to record a two-step? - Why not? If it's good - Did you blow to your head? - Let's record a song that exists, but do it rock-style.
- You want to do a cover.
- We jack up the beat, arrange it.
A song everyone knows, but now they can dance to it.
- You want to record your single? - What do you think? We have the chance but not the song we wanted, worse luck.
We have two options: go home and forget about it - That's not an option.
- No, so we find a song.
- The sooner we find it, the better.
- Are you always this stubborn? My mother says so every day.
Is that a yes? Yes.
I don't like this.
What do we do about Guillermo? I'll take care of it.
Tell me it wouldn't be incredible to do a cover of this.
- Please Give me that.
- Just kidding.
Look over there.
See if you find something.
- Did you speak to your sister? - Yes, but I couldn't tell her.
- Robert - Sure, I know what you're going to say.
I'd like Clara to come to the recording tonight.
Alright then.
- "Ignacio Molero.
" - Not that, Maribel! - No, it's - But Los Surcos, yes.
It sounds like shit! No, no! Maribel - I've got one, Robert.
- Let me see.
Yeah, Maribel! You like this? No, but my parents love it.
- It's alright.
- Maybe this one.
That's it then.
Don't worry.
I'll call the reception hall and confirm the reservation.
Thanks, Dad.
Come in.
- If I may - Elisa! I'm sorry, I didn't want to interrupt.
- Hello, Pascual.
- Visiting the son-in-law? Yes, yesterday we had some capon and almonds left over, and since you love it so much, I brought it.
You needn't have.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Though if I knew Pascual was here It does smell wonderful.
- I have to go.
- Very well.
- Elisa, I'm so glad to see you.
- Same here.
Don't worry about the money, lad.
- What money? - They needed a deposit for the wedding reception hall.
In our day there wasn't so much fuss getting married.
No indeed.
- So you're organizing it all alone? - The thing is, Maribel She's in the clouds lately, she needs a little push to focus.
I'm thinking: Why don't you come over for dinner tonight? - Some other day.
- No, no.
We can discuss the big day.
9 o'clock? - Who can say no to your stews? - Don't you have the theatre tonight? We can cancel it.
I'll take you up on that.
Sonsoles will be delighted.
- I don't know if - I'll take care of everything.
- Until tonight.
- Until tonight, Elisa.
- Thank you.
- No need.
- Say hello to Alberto for me.
- Of course.
You're lucky to have a mother-in-law like that.
Your grandmother wanted to beat me up when I came around.
I'll leave you.
See you tonight.
See you later.
Nines? I need to speak to Maribel.
She's not there? When she gets in, tell her to call me.
It's urgent.
- Mari, you have a message.
- From? You know.
- Your fiancé, well, ex-fiancé.
- Diego? Right.
- He wants you to call him.
- Okay.
Thank, honey.
Where you going with that? Having a shindig? We have something to celebrate.
We found the perfect cover version for Robert.
- A cover? What for? - We want to record a single, right? - Maribel thought if we found - No, forget it, no covers.
I know you're not keen on it, but it's my only solution.
- We have the song.
- What? We have the song.
Ignacio rejected Hispamusic's offer.
What? Rojas! I want to talk to you.
Right now, in my office.
Will you help me? - What now? I have a lot to do.
- I should sock you right here.
- Please, try it.
- Why did you do it? - Do what? - Go over my head.
- What are you talking about? - Look here.
You now we're about to close a deal with Hispamusic? All the Ladies of Song for the first time in the Royal Theater.
We were going to sell out.
You turned it all to shit.
- Me? - Yes, you.
Eugenio Vidal called me.
- The president of Hispamusic? - No, the folk singer.
- Sure, the president of Hispamusic.
- It looks bad.
- Sure does.
- He called this office.
Not his secretary.
He did.
I've always had a good relationship with Eugenio.
This is a big business, you can't fuck around.
He called me to say that we, that you stole a song.
It's not really stealing.
And he wanted to steal it from me.
- Guillermo, please - It's the truth.
- He saw my guy sing it and made an offer.
- Which you ruined.
It's not my fault the writer wants to record it with us.
You can imagine what'll happen if you record that song? Goodbye Royal Theater, goodbye Ladies of Song, goodbye sellout, the whole shit.
Robert needs to record that song for the single.
Call Eugenio Vidal and tell him to relax.
You want me to call him and tell him to relax? I've worked on that contract for months.
It was going to make us a fortune.
You're the one who should relax.
I forbid you to record that song.
It belongs to Hispamusic.
Is that clear? What happened? No song, right? Hispamusic has forbidden us to record Ignacio's song.
- So, back to the cover? - I don't work for Hispamusic.
You want to record it anyway? - Even though your boss said no? - It's more fun like this, right? Have you never wanted to be evil? See you at the church.
Bring your rosary, you'll need it.
- This guy's crazy.
- Totally.
- But you love it.
- So do you.
A little.
Who are they? Remember? They got their cards the same day as you.
- I do.
Why are they here? - They're your band.
My? Juan, Paco, Gabi, this is Robert.
You're going to play together.
Later you'll go out for beers.
Right now we have work to do.
Do we need them? I've always been a "lone ranger".
We can hear you, "cowboy".
This place isn't that big.
Ignore him, he's actually sweet.
You'll sound great together.
- Have you rehearsed the song? - Of course, hit the mike.
- Okay, guys.
- You need to do it faster.
Juan, it's great, but we'll speed up the tempo.
We'll go from 12/8 to 4/4, so we don't die of boredom.
Robert, they're your group now.
Connect, look them in the eye.
Stay together, on cue and you a bit faster, okay? Don't lag in the chorus.
It's going great, guys.
- Let's try it.
- Go, try it faster.
That's what I want, okay, guys? From the top.
1, 2, 3 and Maribel, we were waiting for you.
Hello, Maribel.
How are you? - Hello.
- Hello.
I wasn't expecting you.
It's been ages since we all had dinner together.
- It was only once, Mom.
- Sure, it was ages ago.
- Your mother insisted.
- Great.
- Diego, do you have a moment? - Sure.
- This champagne is delicious.
- Yes.
Shall we sit? - It was your mother's idea.
- My mother? She came to the office with a pot of food Never mind.
I left a message with Nines.
Didn't you get it? - It could've said more.
- I said it was urgent.
- She didn't say that.
- You could've called.
- Yes, that's true.
- I'm sorry, okay? I'm not thrilled about talking about a non-existent wedding.
We'll use this to tell your parents.
What better time? We'll give them some wine and that's that.
No, I can't.
I'm telling you.
I know it's hard.
I backed out, I'll tell them.
There's something you have to know.
- I asked my parents for money.
- And? - I said it was for the wedding.
- Our wedding? - The one we're not having? - Yes, yes, I know, but now I can't tell them we're not getting married.
Give me a few days to get the money back.
- I'm in a jam.
- What jam? I took the 50,000 from the bank.
What? Are you crazy? Why did you do it? For you.
- For you.
- But Diego From a customer's account.
I thought no one would notice, but the director did and he asked me for it.
I didn't know what to do, so my father advanced it to me.
I told him it was to confirm the reception hall.
So I need you to fake it tonight until I get the money back.
- When I do, I'll tell them.
- I can't, Diego.
We're recording the single tonight.
Without it, I can't get it back.
When you have to go, go.
But please act like it was before for a while.
- I can't.
I'm sorry.
- I beg you, one night, two hours.
Good evening.
I'm Ignacio, the composer.
Chimo, Guillermo's slave.
Good evening, Ignacio.
Come in, set up your instruments.
Chimo will tell you where.
- We're really playing here? - Yes.
If we do it right, we'll get hired as altar boys, so play good tonight.
- How's "Ave Maria" going? - Are we recording with the priest? Just you.
I told Father Santiago I'll go to Mass every Sunday.
- Cheeky - They get greener and greener.
Listen to them play, then we'll talk.
- Come on, it'll be easy.
- Piss off.
"Father, I've sinned.
I promise not to do it again" - You rogue.
- You're using the Almighty's house as a studio.
At least return the favor.
- Where's Maribel? - Isn't she with you? Well then, a toast? - A toast to the happy couple.
- This is wonderful.
To Diego and Maribel, they're made for each other.
- May we soon be grandparents.
- All in good time.
We'd be so thrilled.
The main thing is they've taken the first step, after five years - Four.
Four, Mom.
- Four and a half.
Your daughter's delightful.
Diego's never had another girlfriend.
- Maribel either.
- He was a plain boy.
- I always thought he was handsome.
- Just kidding.
- What are you doing now? - A musical project.
Nonsense! I want grandchildren.
- So do I.
- And you should stop working.
What the lad makes at the bank is enough, no? Well, they have to decide that.
Yes, of course.
But don't let time slip away, eh, Diego? I was huge with Diego.
So was I with this cutie.
Children will have to wait for now, right, Diego? First the wedding, then we'll see.
Good, let nature take its course.
- Step by step.
- Good.
Are you in a hurry? - Maribel has a recording session.
- At this hour? How can you leave at this hour? Diego, accompany her.
Not another word.
- Of course.
- Good.
Sorry about the trap.
It could've been worse, like your parents' place.
Well, yes.
Thank your mother, dinner was delicious.
- Really? - The meat was a bit raw.
- Just a bit? - Okay, you couldn't chew it.
She made it in a rush.
Do you want to come in? - To church? - To the recording.
- Are you sure? - You'll see how we're spending your money.
And you'd be the first to hear it.
- Come on.
- I have to get up early.
You sound like a serious, responsible person.
- Hey, I am.
- Before too, and you still went out.
So, come on.
Come on, we'll be late.
Okay, guys, stop! Stop! - Where have you been? - In a trap.
Don't ask.
- Guys, this is Diego.
- Hi.
Can you sing? - We need some back-up.
- In the shower.
Okay, let's go again, this time with rhythm, energy, electricity.
This is rock 'n' roll, okay? Rock 'n' roll! Let's go! RECORDING OF THE FIRST SINGLE.
1962, DECEMBER Okay, guys.
Let's go again.
My mistake.
I can't hear a thing.
For my part, we've got it.
Then we're done, guys.
Good work! - You were right, he's good.
- I told you.
- I enjoyed today.
- It was like old times.
- It wasn't so long ago.
- Yes, I suppose.
- Seriously, I had fun.
- Me too.
We can do it again.
With the musicians, Chimo and Father Santiago.
Please, please.
- You're crazy, Diego.
- About you.
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
I'm crazy about you, Maribel.
- Leave them alone.
- See? They kissed.
- Diego - No, don't say anything.
Good night.
Hi, how are you? I was I have a terrible headache.
I was getting my pill.
I can't sleep.
Were you spying on me? The things you say! - How did it go, honey? - I'm back to being 'honey' now? - I'm going to bed.
- Sleep well.
- I liked listening to you today.
- I doesn't sound bad, does it? It sounds great.
I remembered when we were kids and you sang me to sleep.
I sang because you were scared of the dark.
- That's not true.
- Yes, it is.
You'd shout: - "Roberto, Roberto!" - Maybe I was a bit scared.
- But just a bit.
- "The boogey man's coming!" Shut up.
- Thanks for walking me home.
- No Where are you staying? At a friend's house, a girl.
A girl? You're incorrigible.
I'd ask you to come, but she wouldn't be pleased.
You said you'd be fine and you don't want be a bother.
I was joking.
What's wrong? Mom and Dad kicked me out.
They refuse to see me.
- What happened? - They found out I was with with someone with a married man.
My God, Clarita! How'd you get in that mess? When they found out, they put my bags at the door.
They told me to not even think of going back to Alicante, that I was a disgrace as a daughter.
- I don't know what to do.
- It's alright.
I'm here, okay? - I don't want to be a problem.
- You're never a problem.
I'm your older brother, I'll take care of you.
By a couple of minutes, but older.
- You idiot! - Come here.
What do I do? Hit Showcase.
- Yes, I've heard of him.
- I need Connie Francis on 2.
"Stupid Love".
Thanks, but as I told the others, we don't know who he is.
- Put it on after the bumper.
- We'll take a note.
- Who the hell is Robert? - Doesn't ring a bell.
I've been saying that all day to the listeners.
They say we're living under a rock.
Hello? Yes, I'm calling for you to put on the song - "Let Her Go" by Robert.
- Great, Josefina.
Five more calls and we're done.
That's what Sunday's for.
Whose turn is it? You? Be enthusiastic.
Come on, not long to go.
You can't even grab a snack.
Don't tell me, you want us to put on Robert.
We can't put the song on because we don't have it.
Do I pretend it exists? Do you want me to sing it? I will, I do everything here, make coffee if I have to.
I just need an 'on' switch and I start singing.
Now, the song that everyone wants to hear.
- Sir, everyone's gone.
- Robert - She has to come in and clean.
- and "Let Her Go.
" - Do you hear that? - Yes, I do.
Do you hear it? Do you? It's Robert! It's Robert! It's our song, María! Rock 'n' roll! That's my boy! That's my boy! Come here! - You recorded it? - Of course.
- Go, turn it up! - Congratulations, Robert.
To you too.
How did you do it? Zabala threatened Requena.
Making sure Requena didn't know what he was putting on.
And convincing loads of secretaries to call and ask for the song.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- Hello, Nines.
- Hello.
Hello! Say hello to Mr.
"Hello Mr.
What do you have there? "Captain Intrepid".
You like it? Have you got lots of them? The house is full of them.
He gets every new one.
Let's see what I've got here.
Oh, a plectrum.
It's Elvis'.
Do you know who Elvis is? Look Captain Intrepid, come here.
Let's see what this is about.
Ate all your candy, huh? Look at this.
Which do you like more? This or this? Zabala.
Did I ever tell you why I bought this record company? As a boy I loved music.
I spent hours in front of the gramophone.
Then I started working, fabric import and export.
I worked 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Still, when I could, I'd get away to listen to a recital or I was glued to the radio.
That's why, when I made a fortune, I thought it'd be a marvelous idea to devote finally myself to what had made me so happy: music.
Good, it's a good business, yes.
I thought I'd wake up and spend all day listening to songs and that the whole world would thank me for promoting their favorite singers.
But nobody warned me.
About what? Nobody told me that this business wasn't just songs, it was full of egos and backstabbing.
This business, Zabala, is a war.
A dirty, bloody, interminable war.
I sense that it's not your best day.
No, it's not.
Has Vidal called you? - What for? What's wrong? - Problems with Hispamusic, that's what.
Have you seen Guillermo Rojas? No one's seen Guillermo Rojas? Damn! And his secretary Maribel? - Nines, hang up.
- Good morning, Mr.
- Where is he? - The boy? Where's Jorge? - I'll call you right back, Pili.
- Where the hell is Jorge? Give me your hand.
Do you feel it? Do you like it? Don't you ever go near him again? Everything alright, champ? Who gave it to you? - Shall we go home, Dad? I'm tired.
- Later.
I have a meeting now.
Later we'll go to the kiosk and buy a comic.
How about that? In my office now.
- What did I tell you? - You've told me so many things - To change the song.
- What song? Nothing was submitted.
We heard it on the radio, Requena put it on.
We got a surprise, and not a pleasant one.
I wanted to test it out.
Isn't that why we make music? - So it goes on the radio.
- I don't know why I'm surprised.
You've turned everything rotten since I've known you.
Hispamusic heard the song too.
They found you were behind it and they want explanations.
We beat them to it.
That's how this works.
- You stole it from the composer? - I didn't steal anything.
Ignacio Betancourt was with us from the start, it's Robert's song.
Let's not talk about who stole what.
I can't work like this! It's impossible! Gentlemen, please, behave yourselves.
We have enough with the war Hispamusic's declared on us to start fighting in our own offices.
What war? I see you haven't found out.
Hispamusic has cut off all links to Golden.
All thanks to your tantrum.
Remember the "Ladies of Song", they were lending us Carmen Sevilla? All gone to shit because of you.
When you do these things, what are you trying to do? To do things right, what I promised Robert.
You've never been able to do anything right in your life.
Sir, we can withdraw the song.
Maybe they'll back down.
- You're not touching my song.
- Look, Mr.
I think you've done enough, now let the adults fix it.
With all due respect, you're looking at this from the wrong angle.
Really? Enlighten us, please.
Why did Hispamusic cut off all links with Golden? Why cancel the concert? Why do they want you to do what you're going to do, Zabala? They're scared of us.
That gives us the edge.
They know the single will be a hit, a huge success, and they're trying to remove it so as to launch their new artist.
Can't you see it? - They want to steal our idea.
- Like you did with their song.
I didn't steal anything, and you know it.
Alfredo, I promised you a hit.
Here it is.
But make no mistake, it's not a hit yet.
Let's see what the people say.
If it's not, I'll go along with Mr.
With all due respect, Alfredo, I don't agree with this decision.
Sit down.
You have good instincts, Mr.
Rojas, that's why I trust you.
But get this: your barroom swagger will get you nowhere.
Whatever record company it is, we're all in the music industry.
That deserves our respect.
But I will not consent to you undermining the honor of this record company.
You may go.
- You decided to after all.
- Right.
I don't really know what I'm doing here.
Because you need to talk.
What do we do? Get in that box there or? It's called a confessional.
If you prefer, we can sit and talk here.
That'd be better, right? - Holy Mary - Holy Mary, mother of God.
Conceived without sin.
Well, what's tormenting you? I don't know where to start, Father.
I can't sleep.
I stay awake, toss and turn, I think I don't want to "go" yet.
I'm finally doing what I love and I don't want it to end.
You're young, you have a whole road ahead of you.
According to the doctors, it's not that long.
I'm sorry to hear that.
But you needn't worry or fear, God is with you.
No offence, but I never pleased God much.
And I always liked to go my own way.
But now my sister needs me.
And I won't be with her when she does.
And it's strange that I can only talk about this with you.
You're not alone.
But I'm scared to death.
I'm scared that no one will remember me when my time's up.
I'd like to leave my mark.
That's why I've come.
Tell me how I can help you.
I need your help to ask a favor, he'll help you more than me.
Let's both ask God.
Come on.
Come on.
A miracle.
I need a miracle.
Hello, Paco.
Not again, I don't want to have dinner with you.
- A movie? - Or a drink.
Or pickled cucumbers.
You're a smooth talker.
Is there a lot of mail? - For some "Robert".
- Give me the letter.
You mean "letters".
Holy Virgin! Lots of people must love this Robert.
- We're making progress.
- We've done it, kid.
I swear, I thought you didn't want to be with me.
You have to run all decisions by me.
- No.
- No? I'm not running every decision by you.
Smile a little.
- So, you like getting into trouble.
- Yes, I love it.
And I'm not the only girl you like getting into trouble.
- Eugenio, how are you? - Actually, a bit hurt after one of the young men I know best stole a song from me.
I came to Futura because I thought it'd be different, - but it's the same.
- A big hand for our star! It was the presentation for my label.
I thought it was my label.
He needs a break, Guillermo, a short break.
The kid needs a break! Just when things are going great, the kid needs a break.
Sell it to another company and we'll get rid of the problem.
You asked for it, Rojas.
Your dear Futura has become a source of problems.
Robert Robert! Robert - What are you doing? - Taking my artists, my artists! No one's going with you, and much less Look out!