50 States of Fright (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Ball of Twine (Kansas) - Part 3

You know how kids are.
We just figured Amelia had wandered off.
Lucky for us, the whole town got involved.
Stay back! A terror had taken over Susan.
She wanted to tear through the entire town looking for her child.
Grab her! Lord knows the things we'll do for our children.
Open the door! Open it! Welcome to Francis, Kansas - Get away from there! - Give her back! Give her back! Give her back! Amelia! Let her go! From then on, we all got involved, and together, we have made them all into what you see today.
Amelia, mommy's coming! Amelia! Amelia! Oh, Amelia! Oh, wake up.
Wake up, honey.
Please wake up.
Please wake up.
No! No! No.
Okay, come on.
I got you, honey.
Let's go.
All right.
We gotta go.
We gotta go.
No! No! I'm sorry, honey.
So sorry.
- Mom? - Huh? Oh.
Oh, Amelia.
- Oh, honey.
- You found me? Yes.
Yes, sweetheart, I did.
So did you find Amelia? Well, that's the funny part.
Amelia actually hadn't gone anywhere.
We turned the whole town upside-down and Susan ended up finding her exactly where she had been left America's largest ball of twine.
It brings people together.
Was that scary? Oh, I'm so sorry, my dear.
Feel still lonely.
More will come they always do.
It was a heart-warming reunion.
Imagine, after that awfulness, the relief we all felt when everything was put right.
And then what? I'm not sure.
Last I saw, they were happily driving off to their next destination.
So, how do you explain the dozens of missing-people cases in this area? I can assure you, we are the safest little town in Kansas.
We are all God-fearing family folk just looking to get by.
If you're family folk, then why are there no children in this town? We've been talking all this time and I am realizing that you have not seen the ball of twine.
I'm gonna give you a personal tour.

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