50 States of Fright (2020) s01e13 Episode Script

Destino (Florida) - Part 2

Yeah, no, we'll go check it out.
We're closer now.
What's up? They haven't heard from Moreno or Soper yet.
We should have taken that call.
All right.
Hey, Vas, let's go.
Code six, 105 North.
There they are.
- Vas.
Vasquez, hey.
- Hey.
I know this place.
Yeah, and? Let me just handle it, okay? What the hell are you talking about? Family shit.
What's that? Magic.
Shut the fuck up.
You're freaking me out.
Do you know that kid? I think I met him 20 years ago.
What do you mean, "20 years ago?" The fuck? Say what? I think this is serious palo of shit.
What the fuck is "palo?" I haven't seen this since I don't know.
Since when? Soper? Moreno? Hey.
- Oh, fuck! - What the Oh! Is it locked? - Yeah.
- Shit! I know.
Clear the windows.
They look like bullet holes.
Why are they boarded on the inside? I think it's to keep people from going out.
What the - What? - Hey, look at this.
Oh, it smells! Jesus! Hey, I'm gonna call in.
Dispatch, 133 Dispatch? Dispatch? Is that Soper? God, that smell.
Soper? Moreno? Hey.
Look at this.
That's not paint.
Oh, what is this shit, Vas? I wouldn't touch that.
- Why? - It's a symbol.
It means this is their home.
Holy Soper? Moreno? Hey.
God Oh! Well, there's your goat.
What is this shit? Is this some kind of ritual? What is all this shit? Do you know? They are offerings.
Offerings for what? To ancients gods You don't want to know.
Holy shit! Holy Holy shit.
Jesus! Vas, that's a baby.
- What the fuck? - Wilkey - I'm sorry.
- Sorry? My family, they do all kinds of stuff - Jesus! - Fuck me! That's Moreno.
Dispatch, 133.
Dispatch? Dispatch? Okay.
Let's do this.
- Wilkey, don't.
- No, fuck that! Fuck that! Moreno!
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