50 States of Fright (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Almost There (Iowa) - Part 2

I'm trying to be a gentleman here.
Don't care.
Make it tight.
Here, stretch your hands out.
Like this.
Met a guy, his hands cramped up once.
He got stuck coming down, couldn't grab he ladder anymore.
How'd he get down? He cut the chord, he couldn't take it anymore.
Hit the ground right where we stand, blood everywhere.
You'll be all right, though.
Is that blood? Fuck.
That's oil.
Must be a leak in the brake system somewhere.
Okay, that's not good.
I'm gonna head up first.
I want you to give me 40 feet of buffer and start climbing.
Try and keep up.
You know, maybe I'm not the best person for this.
Last I checked, you're the only person for this.
You have to reboot the system, otherwise we got turbine blades flying off over the next county while this entire tube falls over.
Fasten it on to your harness.
It's the line of defense in case something bad happens, which it probably won't.
You coming? Almost there.
You all good? Perfect.
When was the last time you did a turbine ascent? Um during training.
Well, how far did they make you go to get certified? Thirty.
Thirty meter Jesus Christ! I Ah I got an alley cat with polio climbing higher than that.
Thirty feet.
Well, don't look down but you just tripled that.
All right, so, when the power company has me up climbing turbines, what the hell are you doing on the ground? Uh installations, system integrations, I I program the overall mechanics.
Was either of your parents an engineer? Amish, actually.
Wha - That's hilarious.
- What? Well, most people, they rebel against their parents by getting tattoos or piercings.
You told your parents to fuck off by getting a mechanical engineering degree.
I'm guessing they don't return your texts.
- Well, that wasn't so bad.
- Yeah.
We're almost half way.
Wait, what? Yeah, I could really go for a Red Bull right about now.
You ready? You're gonna go first.
Try to keep a good pace, watch out for oil.
Hands are cramping! Okay, uh, take a moment.
Just hook your elbow, give 'em rest.
Never an issue down here with my GlideLoc.
You still latched in okay? I'm all right.
God damn it.
Might have something to do with this crazy weather.
Everything is contracting and expanding.
Hey! You got a wrench? What's wrong with the one in your toolbelt? Okay.
Here we go.
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