50 States of Fright (2020) s02e10 Episode Script

Dogwood-Azalea (Missouri) - Part 2

1 I know change is hard but it's temporary.
Look for the good stuff.
There is no "good stuff.
" Well, what about those azaleas out front? They'll bloom bright pink in the spring, just like the last house.
They're a good sign, Azalea.
We're meant to be here.
- Was Mr.
Anna old? - Yep.
Was he alone? Yes.
And he didn't need all this space anymore.
Ready for bed? Hmm.
What's a lead mine? Well, uh lead is a metal we use to make pipes, and a lead mine is the place where we dig it out of the dirt.
- Is it in our dirt? - Some.
Can I dig it up? - No, no.
You don't wanna touch it.
- Why? It'll make you really sick.
Let's get you tucked in.
- How? - Well, it gives you belly ache.
- It's not that bad.
- No? It'll hurt your brain, and make your hands tremble, and your knuckles will fill with lead.
Do you seriously have to go into such gruesome detail? She asked me a question, Tom.
I'm being honest.
She's only seven.
Sorry if it bothers you but I can't lie to her.
You need to stop doing this, all right? Come to the cemetery.
What? What happened? Her shadow, I saw it! Hey, you have a new doll.
I I left it there, I promise! This is going back in the morning.
I didn't take it.
You know better than to take things that aren't yours.
Sweetie, what are you doing? Looking at Lucy's grave.
I'd love to hear more about Lucy tomorrow, but for now, can you please come back to bed? Creepy.
- What? - The door.
Did she? What's your name? "Lucy.
" - Azalea.
- I told you not to play in the dirt.
- Get up! Now! Come on.
- I was just playing doll.
- You know better than to be outside alone.
- You're hurting me.
Don't! You're not allowed to play here! Or with that doll! Come on, let's go.
I was making friends! Don't! Friends, friends, friends who care, you find friends everywhere.
There you go.
- You sure this is worth it? - Oh, it'll sell.
Plus, we gotta get it out here, one way or another.
All right, ready? Because we've never left furniture before.
This offensively large sofa comes with the house.
- All right, tilt.
- Oh! Ah! There it goes! Okay tilt.
- Can you lift it a bit? - I'm lifting it.
- Twist.
Turn it! - Really? - Okay.
You got it? - Okay.
Sort of.
- Yeah.
- Okay, easy, easy! Okay, hang on.
- Tilt it.
- I'm tilting it! Okay, hang on, hang on.
I'm gonna twist it back.
Tom, this is so unnecessary.
Come on, Sarah.
Let's go! We're almost there.
- Come on.
- Call someone.
We're almost there.
Mom? Dad? Friends, friends, friends who care, you find friends everywhere.
Azalea's body was found on her bedroom floor.
There were no signs of wrongdoing.
In fact, she had a smile on her face.
It’s clear what happened to her folks.
But no one can quite figure out how she passed.
There's one beautiful thing to come from this, those dogwoods and azaleas at the house, they bloomed six months early this year.

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