500 Questions (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Day 3

Quest: Last time on 500 Questions Martha Washington.
(Ding) Yes! (Cheers and applause) Quest: Librarian Steve Well done! Whoo! became the second player to answer 50 questions banking $42,000.
It's yours now.
Steve's a third of the way through his second board.
But his challenger, professional gambler James Prepare for battle.
is betting he can knock Steve out before he reaches 100.
Take his place! (Laughs) Tonight on 500 Questions.
You are about to witness television history.
The smartest people in the country are about to play the toughest game ever devised no saves, no helps, no multiple choices.
Our geniuses are ready.
The pressure is on.
It's day 3.
Will anybody be able to answer 500 questions? (Cheers and applause) I'm Richard Quest.
This is 500 Questions.
The world's toughest questions, and only one simple rule don't ever get three wrongs in a row.
- If you do, you're gone.
- All: Gone! Our reigning genius, Steve, is still with us.
But will he see off another opponent, and will he continue on his journey to 500 questions? Let's meet him again.
It's Steve! (Cheers and applause) Welcome back.
Good to see you.
How are you holding up? Pretty good.
Pretty good.
A long way to go.
Well, let's meet the man who is waiting for you to fail.
It's your challenger.
It's James.
You're a professional gambler.
- That's correct.
- What games do you gamble? I gamble on baseball and football games.
You have one goal here.
What is that goal? Knock him out.
(Chuckles) - You ready? - Yes.
Then let's play 500 Questions.
(Cheers and applause) You've got one wrong on the board.
If you get the next question right, the wrong will disappear.
And we're ready for your next category.
I'm happy to go ahead and use my last United Nations here.
$1,000 if it's the first right answer.
10 seconds.
Here's the question.
- 10 seconds.
- South Sudan.
East Timor.
(Ding) Yes! Get rid of the wrong.
Add $1,000.
The bad news, of course, is the U.
Is no longer available to you.
And three categories you've not tickled.
Um I'm gonna go ahead and go to Random, 'cause now's as good a time as any.
It's Random.
Why not? The question on Random.
10 seconds.
The Pituitary.
(Ding) $1,000 is yours.
You're 18 questions in on your second 50.
The next category.
Um, I'll have another Random.
Another Random.
- Ooh.
- Oh! James, step into play.
(Cheers and applause) (Grunts) (Laughs) - Did that frighten you? - No.
(Laughter) Gentlemen, prepare for battle.
There are multiple answers to this question.
You have five seconds to answer, but it's the first answer, the only one that I can accept.
Steve, you have the choice.
- Are you going to lead or follow? - I'll keep leading.
It's been doing worked for me so far.
(Cheers and applause) You have no wrongs on the board, and the question is Five seconds.
(Ding) Kroger.
(Ding) Target.
(Ding) Home depot.
(Ding) Lowe's.
(Ding) Costco.
(Ding) Um Wrong on the board.
Return to your podium, sir.
Did you know any more? Safeway? Right when the time went off, I thought of safeway, too, but I was out after that.
Too late.
Here are the answers.
You could've gone for Walgreens, CVS - Amazon? - Amazon.
That's not where I was going at all, yeah.
And Safeway.
That's a battle lost.
You have a wrong on the board.
And you're going for question 70 to get rid of the wrong.
Yeah, I've kind of been looking at Historic Ships for this moment, so I'll go there.
Oh, whoa.
With a wrong on the board.
Are you telling us something about your knowledge of historical ships? Maybe.
(Chuckles) (Laughter) - Quest: Keep watching.
- I will.
The question on Historic Ships.
10 seconds.
Um The I don't know.
The Revenge.
The, uh I-I don't know.
Um Yeah, I really don't have much to say here.
Two wrongs.
All right.
You get bragging rights only if you know the answer.
HMS Bounty.
That's good.
You have two wrong answers on the board, and that means that James gets to choose the next category.
He's going to try to knock you out so that he can take your place.
Remember, if you get your next answer wrong, it will be three wrong in a row, and you'll be - Gone.
- All: Gone! James, before you choose the category, I want you to talk me through your thinking for where you're gonna go.
Footwear bit me last time.
Uh, Random could be anything, of course.
He seems I don't know.
There's three categories he's batting zero on, so Uh, I think I will send him to - World Holidays.
- World Holidays.
- Steve.
- Yeah.
To be clear, you are now playing to stay in 500 Questions.
Yes, I am.
- Do you understand? - Absolutely.
Let's have the question.
10 seconds.
Esther, Ruth, Rachel (Ding) Yes! Get rid of the wrongs! Give him $1,000.
(Cheers and applause) They'd have fired me as the Divinity Liaison if I'd have missed that one.
Yeah, absolutely.
(Chuckles) Well, I suppose you had to go on the evidence you had.
But you must be kicking yourself somewhat.
It's bad luck.
He clearly didn't know.
He was rattling off, like, 10 names.
I was making sure it wasn't anyone other than that.
Oh, okay.
There will be other opportunities.
No wrongs on the board.
$9,000 at play.
And we'll take your next question.
All right.
Um, I will have a Footwear.
I'll give up the ghost on that one.
$1,000 if it's the first answer.
10 seconds on the clock.
The question is 10 seconds.
I have no idea.
Guess! I don't have a guess.
Uh, Garibaldi.
I have no clue whatsoever.
I have nothing to say.
I'm sorry.
Aah! I'm not even sure I will have heard of this when you reveal it.
The correct answer was Capezio.
(Laughs) You do realize as a gambler that if you had sent him to Footwear instead of World Holidays, you'd be on this side.
(Laughter) James, keep watching very closely because I only have two eyes.
There's too many categories to pay attention to.
I got four, so (Laughter) (Cheers and applause) You have one wrong on the board.
And you've got there's one category you've not opened up, but you need to get rid of that.
's no longer available to you.
So, where would you like to try? I think I will have World Holidays here.
World Holidays.
50/50 for the oh.
James: Ooh.
Step into play.
(Cheers and applause) Gentlemen, prepare for battle.
Are you going to lead or follow? I'll keep leading.
Let's just remind ourselves.
It's quite critical, this, because if you lose this one, then it'll be two wrongs in a row.
James will then get to choose your next category, so both of you have a lot at stake in this battle question.
It's on World Holidays.
And the battle question is Five seconds.
(Ding) Thanksgiving.
(Ding) Labor Day.
(Ding) Memorial Day.
(Ding) Martin Luther King Jr.
(Ding) New Year's.
(Ding) Veteran's Day.
(Ding) Columbus day.
(Ding) Um, Presidents Day.
(Ding) Labor Day? No.
Steve already said that.
(Cheers and applause) You got rid of the wrong.
Get him $1,000.
10 official federal holidays.
You just missed one.
Let's have a look at the list.
I don't know what it is.
Did extremely well.
Independence Day.
(Laughter) I didn't have it either.
How appropriate for a brit that you missed Independence Day.
(Laughter) All right.
Where are you gonna go? I'm sure America's been waiting for me to pick Opera, so I'll go there.
(Cheers and applause) Okay, no wrongs on the board.
You're in a fairly strong position.
$10,000 at play.
And the question is 10 seconds.
" is wrong.
" "Rigoletto.
" (Ding) Yes.
(Cheers and applause) (Laughs) - You were surprised.
- Yeah.
What happened? It was one of the two.
I mixed them up.
There's a "Pagliacci" means "The Clown" and Rigoletto's a Jester, and I just, like yeah.
That Opera cost you $1,000.
It sure did.
Coming up now is question 75.
(Cheers and applause) Now This is important, because this question has money behind it.
Question 75 is a milestone.
You're halfway through this board of 50.
If you get this next question right on the first answer, you get $5,000 to take home now.
(Cheers and applause) There will also be the $1,000 that will go into play, but you will have $5,000 immediately Yeah That will take your total bank to $47,000.
But you've got to get it right on the first go.
I do.
I do.
Where are you going? - California.
- Whoa.
(Laughs) - Oh! - Ooh.
A battle.
You couldn't have known.
I couldn't have.
So, you've got to win this battle - for the $5,000.
- Okay.
James, step into play, please.
(Cheers and applause) All right.
Gentlemen, prepare for battle.
(Cheers and applause) You've both got a lot at stake here.
We will, however, do a face-to-face battle after the break.
(Cheers and applause) (Cheers and applause) Welcome back to 500 Questions, where we are in battle.
Steve, you've reached a milestone, question 75, for a guaranteed $5,000.
California is the battle question, and you know the rules.
You want to lead or follow? Lead.
You're going to lead.
You won the last battle leading, and the question is Yosemite.
(Ding) Joshua Tree.
(Ding) Death Balley.
(Ding) Sequoia.
(Ding) Redwoods.
(Ding) Kings Canyon.
(Ding) Um Catalina? Ooh.
Wrong on the board.
Return to your podium, sir.
You don't win that $5,000.
You have a wrong on the board.
Let's remind ourselves of what you could've answered.
You could've gone for the Channel Islands and Lassen.
You have a wrong on the board.
We need to get rid of it as fast as possible.
Where are you gonna go for that? World Holidays.
World Holidays.
You've got a two-to-one advantage.
$1,000 if it's right first.
10 seconds.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Day of the Dead.
(Ding) Gone! Add.
Let's add some money.
Let's see how far and fast we can go.
Yeah, I'm I'm gonna go Footwear now.
50/50 run so far on Footwear.
The question, please.
10 seconds.
Um Manolo Blahnik.
(Ding) Yeah.
(Laughs) (Cheers and applause) - Next category.
- Back to Footwear.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Is this Blahnik? (Ding) Correct.
(Cheers and applause) Why do I think that you have now exhausted every shoe designer that you know? Because I have.
(Laughter) Let's have another question.
Get rid of Footwear.
It's now three to one in your favor.
So, it might've been stronger than you first thought.
The question is 10 seconds.
(Ding) Yes.
(Cheers and applause) $1,000 in just over a second.
Footwear has gone, and that was a stronger category than you thought.
Quite a bit stronger, yes.
You're 21 away from completing the board.
And, James, if he does that, then you'll be gone.
Where are you gonna go? Uh, Food Facts.
Food Facts.
The first one, you got wrong on that category.
So, the question is 10 seconds.
Orange, Apple, uh, Tomato.
(Ding) (Cheers and applause) No money, and we move to your next question.
I will have Random.
Random question.
And the question is 10 seconds.
(Ding) (Cheers and applause) What's your next category? Uh, Random's the one that can be the most different things, so I'm gonna go ahead and go there again.
Two to one in your favor.
And the question on Random.
10 seconds.
Lady Byng.
(Ding) (Cheers and applause) Well played.
Yeah, my favorite hockey player of all time is Nicklas Lidstrom from the Redwings, and he won several of those.
$15,000 is at stake in this game.
- Yeah.
- Serious money.
- Which category now? - Random.
James: Ooh.
Quest: It's a top ten challenge.
There are 10 possible answers.
- We need 5 of them in 15 seconds.
- Steve: Yeah.
Let me remind you if you pass it to him and he gets it, that's a wrong for you.
You have the choice.
Do you want to play it or you going to pass it to James? James is very good, and so there's a lot of things I could probably name five of.
I'll go ahead and take it.
Playing for $1,000.
The question, please.
15 seconds.
Disney, Elvis Presley.
(Ding) Um Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson.
(Ding) Ringo uh, George Harrison, John Lennon, um (Ding) John F.
Kennedy, um Uh Not sure.
That's tough.
That's tough.
Do you want to have a go for bragging rights? Albert Einstein.
- Correct.
- Wow.
Let's look at who you could've picked.
Charles Schulz, Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Steve McQueen.
(Chuckles) You have a wrong on the board.
Random has gone.
So, I guess you're relieved on that.
I will go ahead and pick World Holidays.
World Holidays to close out the category.
It's been a strong category for you.
The question is 10 seconds.
Dragons, cranes.
Um Uh Dogs, cats.
Um Birds.
I don't know.
Second wrong.
Would you have known? Is it fish? It is fish.
- Koi, Carp.
- Makes sense, yeah.
You have two wrongs on the board.
This might be your final question.
If you get your next answer wrong, it will be three wrong in a row, and you'll be - Gone.
- All: Gone! For the third time, James is going to pick for you.
A critical situation.
- After the break.
- Ooh.
(Cheers and applause) (Cheers and applause) Welcome back to 500 Questions.
- Steve, we're here again.
- Yeah.
Two wrongs on the board, and, James, this is another opportunity for you.
And it might well be your last opportunity to get rid of Steve and take his place.
Let's go through this together.
Where are you thinking of sending him? Boy, I don't know.
He was trying to get rid of Horror Fiction earlier, but he was also getting all those right.
I think he might be saving Opera up his sleeve.
Let's try Food Facts.
- You sure? - I'm sure.
You are now playing to stay in 500 Questions.
You have two wrongs on the board.
There's $15,000 at risk, as well as the ability to continue playing.
Do you understand? Yes.
The question on Food Facts, please.
10 seconds.
Um, vanilla, chocolate, banana, strawberry.
(Ding) Yes! Banana! (Cheers and applause) Get rid of the wrongs! It's just an achievement to be answering so many questions.
85 questions.
(Cheers and applause) All right.
What will this money mean? That next year we get to go on a really good 10th anniversary trip, which is very exciting.
All right, next category, please.
I'll have Horror Fiction.
Horror Fiction.
We haven't been there ah! James: Ooh.
Top ten challenge.
There are 10 possible answers.
We need 5 of them in 15 seconds.
Are you gonna play it, or do you want to pass it to James? The things this could be, I don't like, so I'm gonna pass.
James, step into play.
This is your first time to play a top ten challenge.
If you give me five correct answers, then he gets a wrong.
- Do you understand the rules? - Yes.
Here we go.
And the question is 15 seconds.
"Carrie," "Christine," (Ding, ding) "It," "The Shining," (Ding) "Children of the Corn," "The Stand," (ding) "The Green Mile.
" Uh, "Maximum Overdrive.
" (Sighs) "The Body.
" (Cheers and applause) Quest: Time.
I'm sorry, you did not get all five.
You did the right thing to pass on that.
All right, people at home are absolutely screaming at us.
Here we go.
So, there are the ones you got.
"Salem's Lot," "The Dead Zone," "Firestarter," "Cujo," "Pet Sematary," "The Talisman.
" Any of those did you know? Yeah.
(Laughs) All right, missed opportunity, and $1,000 goes across to you.
$16,000, and the board is very complicated now.
You've got Historic Ships still wide open, California.
Opera is just a diva's delight.
(Laughter) Um, I'm gonna finish Horror Fiction.
Horror Fiction.
Last one on Horror Fiction.
It's been good for you so far.
It has.
It has.
The question is 10 seconds.
(Ding) (Cheers and applause) For somebody who hated the Horror Fiction category (Laughter) Your Horror Fiction is as good as your United Nations.
(Laughs) I guess so.
$17,000, and look at this.
13 questions to go to bank all this money.
We'll have another question, please.
- Food Facts.
- Food Facts.
Two to one in your favor, and the question is 10 seconds.
(Ding) Helium okay.
(Cheers and applause) That is correct.
Next category.
Yeah, Food Facts.
Finish it off.
Food Facts.
Three to one in your favor so far, and the Food Facts question, please.
10 seconds.
Gum or, um Hmm.
Uh Like, I'm not sure.
Uh, jelly? I don't know.
Wrong on the board.
And the correct answer is caramel.
You got rid of Food Facts.
I did.
You've got one wrong on the board, and we need to get rid of it if you can.
Where are you gonna go for that? It's a hard choice, really, but I'm gonna go Historic Ships.
I'm just gonna go there.
Seems like the best I've got left.
Historic Ships.
$18,000 at risk.
The question to be revealed after the break.
(Cheers and applause) (Cheers and applause) Welcome back to 500 Questions.
We are with our librarian who is Steve.
You have one wrong on the board.
You've chosen the category Historic Ships.
$18,000 at risk, and the question is 10 seconds.
Uh (Ding) Ah! (Cheers and applause) Get rid of the wrong.
Add $1,000.
So, we're looking for a category.
Opera wide open.
California has a few.
Historic Ships has a few.
They all have to be answered.
Let's do Opera.
It's your second question on Opera.
It's $1,000 if it's first right answer.
10 seconds, and the question is 10 seconds.
(Ding) (Cheers and applause) Money added.
Nine to go, $20,000 at play.
Next category.
- Opera.
- Opera.
The question is 10 seconds.
(Ding) (Cheers and applause) Maria callas.
Said he didn't like Opera, and he's storming through.
James: Yeah.
- How you feeling? - Pretty confident.
He has eight questions to go now, James.
Your chances are running out.
We'll see.
I'm gonna sneak in there.
Where are we going? California.
You've got a 50/50.
(Cheers and applause) And the question is 10 seconds.
(Ding) (Cheers and applause) So, let's take a look at how we're doing.
Seven more to go before you have completed 100 questions, which is a marathon in its own right.
That'll still only be 20% through.
Where you gonna go next? - California again, please.
- California.
(Cheers and applause) Question on California, please.
10 seconds.
Los Angeles, San Jose, Sacramento, San Francisco, um Uh, Oakland, San Berna (ding) (Cheers and applause) It was Oakland.
- Six more to go.
- All right.
And you've got $22,000 in play.
- Come on, close them out.
- Historic Ships.
Historic Ships.
50/50 for you so far.
- Oh.
- Ooh.
Quest: James, step into play, please.
(Applause) You both need to prepare for battle.
Are you leading or are you following? Leading.
And the question is - Five seconds.
- Ronald Reagan.
(Ding) Carter.
(Laughs) You're looking incredulous.
Yeah, no.
He was in the navy.
I figured that was a gimme.
I guess they're all named by Republicans.
(Laughter) Let's have a look and see which ones you could have selected.
You had the Ronald Reagan.
You could've had the Dwight D.
Eisenhower, the Theodore Roosevelt, the Abraham Lincoln, the George Washington, the Harry S.
Jimmy carter is not there.
Aw! (Chuckles) All right.
We're getting very close.
Whoo! (Chuckles) Five questions to go, James.
Your chances are disappearing.
And the next category, please.
- Opera.
- Opera.
The question on Opera, please.
10 seconds.
La Scala.
(Ding) Yes.
There's the money.
Four more questions to answer.
Let's finish California.
The last one.
Three to one in your favor.
The question is 10 seconds.
Went there on my honeymoon.
(Ding) That is correct.
(Cheers and applause) You know what this means, don't you, with this next question? He is mathematically eliminated.
That is correct.
If you get it right, mathematically, you can't be defeated, and you're guaranteed to take home the money on the board.
But you're not there yet.
(Cheers and applause) Will you be the first person to get to 100 questions? We'll find out after the break.
(Cheers and applause) Welcome back to 500 Questions, and it couldn't be more exciting.
This is question 98, and it is a crucial question, because, sir, if you get this right, you're guaranteed to add this money to your $42,000.
And you, James, will be knocked out.
Where would you like to go? We'll do Historic Ships.
Historic Ships.
Crucial question.
The question is, please? 10 seconds.
"The Perfect Storm.
" (Ding) (Cheers and applause) Congratulations! You have $26,000 on the board.
You already had $42,000.
So, you're guaranteed - $68,000.
- to take home $68,000.
Come on! (Cheers and applause) But sadly, James, we'll be saying goodbye to you.
(Chuckles) But you still got two questions to play.
If you get them wrong, you will carry those wrongs over to your next 50.
That will give your new opponent an advantage over you right from the get go.
Which one? If I get it wrong, I want to erase it.
I like these Opera questions.
I'm gonna go Historic Ships now.
Historic Ships.
And the question is - 10 seconds.
- Excelsior.
Uh, Intrepid.
Um, I don't know this.
Uh, the Um Bravery, Strength.
Wrong on the board.
James, bragging rights would you have known it? Something Steve knows about Endurance.
That's correct.
Good man.
You have one wrong on the board.
You need to get rid of it.
However, if you do not get it right, then, of course, you will have two wrongs.
Any wrongs that you get, you take into your next round.
Yes, sir.
And you want to try as best you can to have a clean slate for a new challenger.
Just to be complete, you choose the category.
- I'll have Opera.
- Oh! (Cheers and applause) Question 100.
10 seconds.
The Three Wise Men.
(Ding) Yes! (Cheers and applause) Gone! Brilliantly played! Congratulations.
You've made it through your second 50 questions.
Let's add that $27,000 to the money you already have.
(Crowd chanting "Steve!") (Both speak indistinctly) James, you were a brilliant challenger.
But it's the end of 500 Questions for you.
Thank you for being with us tonight.
Thank you.
(Cheers and applause) Oh, Steve.
You have $69,000.
You've still got 400 questions to answer.
- Can you do it? - Yes.
- Will you do it? - Hopefully.
Let's meet the person whose sole job it is is to get rid of you.
Waiting for you to fail, it's your challenger.
Where is she from? Columbia, Maryland.
(Cheers and applause) What does she do? She's a stay-at-home mom.
What makes her a genius? Three-time "Jeopardy!" champion and read an entire encyclopedia at age 10.
It's Megan Barnes.
(Cheers and applause) Nice to meet you.
You are most welcome.
An entire encyclopedia.
How big was that encyclopedia? It was the 26 volumes one for each letter, plus the dictionary at the end.
What an achievement an amazing achievement.
However, none of this will count for anything unless you manage to get rid of Steve.
- Can you do it? - Yes, I can.
- Will you do it? - Probably! (Laughter) The last person who said yes over there, isn't here.
All right.
Steve, your road to 500 questions continues with the next 50.
And these are the 10 categories that you have to attack.
British Royalty, Broadway Musicals, Sports Movies, Famous Books, Classic Fashion, Random, of course, Insects, World Geography, Art, Elements of the Periodic Table.
What's your thinking? No TV.
(Laughter) So, that's good.
Honestly, yeah, this looks like a good board for me.
I like a lot of these.
All right.
Let's play 500 Questions.
(Cheers and applause) So, Steve, where do you want to start? Um, I will start with Classic Fashion.
- Classic Fashion.
- Yes.
(Laughs) Is that classic fashion? (Laughter) I don't know.
I-I mean, I got some chucks on.
Those are classic, I think.
(Cheers and applause) You're classic.
Classic Fashion, question 101.
$1,000 if it's the first right answer.
10 seconds, and the question is - 10 seconds.
- Um The I-I, uh Muffler, Scarf, uh, I don't know.
I don't know.
Wrong on the board right at the beginning.
You did this last time.
I did.
I did.
What's wrong with you? (Laughter) I don't know the answer.
The correct answer the blazer.
Oh! Blazer.
Makes sense.
It does.
So, one wrong on the board, and you need to get rid of it, if you can, without getting into deep, deep trouble.
We will choose a category after the break.
(Cheers and applause) (Cheers and applause) Welcome back to 500 Questions.
Steve has one wrong on the board.
Right at the beginning, and you need to get rid of it if you can.
Where are you gonna go? Sports Movies.
Sports Movies.
Why? Love them.
Really? Yeah.
(Laughs) All right.
Loves a sports movie.
If you get this right first answer, $1,000.
10 seconds, and the question is 10 seconds.
"Chariots of Fire.
" (Ding) (Cheers and applause) Gone.
Classic Fashion.
Classic Fashion.
$1,000 if it's right.
10 seconds.
Question is 10 seconds.
Little Black Dress.
(Ding) (Cheers and applause) The Little Black Dress.
You'd have known that one.
Do you have one? Yes, of course.
Not on me, but (Laughs) I just thought I'd me either.
(Laughter) With $69,000, your wife can go and buy as many little black dresses as she likes.
Yes, she can.
- And probably will.
- Probably.
Let's have the next question.
No one will be surprised.
Classic Fashion.
Classic Fashion.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Um Tiffany.
(Ding) Yeah.
(Cheers and applause) That got you an extra $1,000.
Do you want to get rid of all of Classic Fashion now, or since you do seem to be stronger, are you better off back pocket? I think it's still right to get rid of it.
I'm gonna go ahead and go there again.
You're watching.
Classic Fashion.
$1,000 if it's the first right answer.
10 seconds, and the question is 10 seconds.
(Ding) (Cheers and applause) Five questions asked.
$4,000 in play.
And you choose your next category.
Well, one left.
Classic Fashion.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Um, the geez.
Uh, uh Um I don't really have any idea.
Uh Corduroy.
No idea.
That's terrible.
That's a wrong on the board.
- Tuxedo? - Absolutely right.
The Tuxedo.
(Cheers and applause) All right, Steve has one wrong on the board.
We need to get rid of it as fast as possible.
Can you do it? Find out next time.
Good night.
(Cheers and applause)