500 Questions (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

Day 5

So far on 500 Questions Yes! Congratulations! Our reigning genius, Steve, has made it through 148 questions.
- Why, when, who, wow, the.
- No.
But he's got two wrong on the board.
You are now playing to stay in 500 Questions.
This is big.
Both Steve and his challenger Megan's fate ride on the next crucial question.
This is an enormous amount riding on one question.
If Steve gets it right, Megan will be eliminated.
But if he gets it wrong It will be three wrong in a row, and you'll be Gone! Who stays? Who goes? The question is Find out right now on 500 Questions.
You are about to witness television History.
The smartest people in the country are about to play the toughest game ever devised no saves, no helps, no multiple choice.
Our geniuses are ready.
The pressure is on.
It's day 5.
Will anybody be able to answer 500 questions? I'm Richard Quest.
This is 500 Questions.
The world's toughest questions, and only one simple rule never get three wrongs in a row.
If you do, you're Gone! Our reigning genius is at a very critical stage of the game.
Let's meet him again.
It's Steve.
- Welcome back.
- Good to see you.
All right, let's meet the person whose sole job it is, is to get rid of you.
It's your challenger.
It's Megan Barnes.
The situation is absolutely critical.
Steve has two wrongs on the board and two questions still left to answer if he's going to complete his next 50.
It is absolutely possible for you to be out, because you could end up with three wrongs in a row, - and you'll be - Gone! But, Steve, with strategy, left it so it has to be elements of the periodic table.
That wily fox.
All right.
This is an enormous amount riding on one question.
All right.
Elements of the Periodic Table.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Einsteinium? Yes! Get rid of the wrongs! Add in the money! Whoo! All right, last question for this 50.
Remember, you don't want to get it wrong, even though the money's yours, 'cause you don't want to take a wrong into your next 50.
Elements of the Periodic Table.
I'm choosing it for you.
It's the last one.
That's fine.
The question is 10 seconds.
Bromine? You did it! - Congratulations.
- Thank you.
You have made it through 150 questions.
You have earned $110,000.
Whatever happens now, that $110,000 is yours to keep.
You still have 350 questions to go.
Megan, what can I say? You were marvelous to be with us.
We say goodbye.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Big hand for Megan! Steve gets ready to play his next round of 50 questions.
But before we move any further, let's meet your next challenger.
Where's he from? Simi Valley, California.
What does he do? He's a city planner.
What makes him a genius? He has a photographic memory, and he's top 3% of world quizzing.
It's Adam Villani.
How are you? How are you? I'm well.
How are you? I'm ready to win.
- Can you do it? - Ithink so.
Good luck.
Steve, time for your next 10 categories.
World Literature, Architecture Movies, Pop Music, History, Gems and Minerals, Religious Figures, The U.
Congress, Random, European Landmarks.
Initial thoughts? That is a good board.
We've got Religious Figures, which I'm sure everyone at this point knows I may know something about.
Remind us why.
I have a theology master's degree, so That should be good.
All right, let's play 500 Questions.
Choose your first category.
Gems and Minerals.
Gems and Minerals.
$1,000 if it's the first right answer.
10 seconds.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Star of India.
Yes! Wow! $1,000.
I thought that was a diamond.
Well, you were wrong, but you were right when you were wrong.
First question, and you got $1,000.
We will take your next category.
Yeah, Gems and Minerals again, please.
All right.
The question is 10 seconds.
Um, what is it? It's nickel and aluminum.
It's nickel and copper.
- Okay.
- That's correct.
No money.
Your next question.
All right, Gems and Minerals again, please.
Gems and Minerals.
Ha ha! Three questions in, and we have a Triple Threat.
You know the rules here three answers, each is worth $1,000 only if you give me all three.
- Yes.
- You've got 10 seconds.
And the question is - 10 seconds.
- Cut.
That's correct.
Another $4,000.
153 questions answered.
Choose your next category, please.
Gems and Minerals.
You've got a three advantage.
$1,000 if it's the first right answer.
Yes, sir.
10 seconds.
Gems and minerals, please.
10 seconds.
Choose your next category.
All right.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Five questions answered.
- $6,000 - Yeah.
'Cause one was as a triple threat.
Yeah, that's good.
Six from five I like it.
Next category.
Architecture again.
Architecture second one in the category.
And the question is 10 seconds.
The Vanderbilt House.
The, uh the one in the Stamford one.
Taliesin West.
Uh, what what's the Stamford one? Uh, Hearst Manor.
Um Ooh.
A wrong on the board.
Do you want to have a go at it? Bragging rights? It's the Chrysler Building.
- Absolutely.
- Oh.
That makes sense.
- Walter P.
- Yeah.
Steve has one wrong on the board.
Will he get rid of it? Join us after the break.
Welcome back to 500 Questions.
Steve has one wrong on the board.
It's okay.
- It's all right.
- Yeah.
One wrong, but you've got to get rid of that wrong.
Where would you like to go? - Religious Figures.
- Religious Figures.
That's gonna be your savior.
I hope I hope so.
All right, Religious Figures.
$1,000 if it's first right answer.
10 seconds.
And the question is - 10 seconds.
- Methodist.
Get rid of the wrong! Give him $1,000.
Where would you like to go? I guess we'll go for a walk.
Let's have Pop Music.
Pop Music.
A new category.
The question is - 10 seconds.
- Lambert.
Would you have known that? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
I knew that, yeah.
He's very [Vocalizes] He's he's, uh - I'm sorry.
- He's pretty flamboyant.
Do that again.
Enough! All right.
Another category, please.
Um - Let's do Movies.
- Movies.
New category.
And the question is 10 seconds.
"A League of Their Own.
" Correct.
$9,000 in play.
Next category.
Um Random.
The Random.
And the question is - 10 seconds.
- Piccolo.
The problem is, he's not giving you a chance, is he? No, I haven't had any battles yet.
- I'm I'm waiting.
- They're there.
Oh, I know they're there.
I'm kind of I'm kind of looking for them, too, 'cause then I can have them with no strikes on the board.
It's less pressure.
Well, I don't know, man.
All right, there are still one, two, three, four categories - that you haven't tickled.
- Yeah.
Let's do Random again, please.
$1,000 if it's the first right answer.
10 seconds.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Leonard? Um, who else is on "House"? It's not Laurie.
Uh, like, um, it's the probably the australian guy.
I don't know his name.
Um Smith, Jones, Jackson.
Wrong on the board.
A chance for bragging rights.
I think it may be Kal Penn? - Absolutely correct.
- Okay.
Kal Penn.
Where are you going to go to get rid of it? You really don't want two wrongs.
Yeah, I know.
Religious Figures.
- Religious Figures - Yes.
To get rid of the wrong.
Praying for some help.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Edwards, Mather Cotton Mather.
The wrong has gone.
Here we go.
Next category.
Yeah, um, let's go back to Random.
50/50 so far.
Ooh! Ah! It's your chance.
Step into play.
All right.
All right.
Here I go.
Are you sure you want to do that on national television? Now that you mention it, I'm not sure.
Gentlemen, prepare for battle.
It's a Random category.
There are multiple answers.
You'll take it in turns.
You have five seconds to answer.
The first answer is the only one I will accept.
Are you going to lead or follow? Uh, because I'll need some time to think about it, I will go second.
- You're going to follow.
- Yes.
Adam, you will lead after the break.
Welcome back.
We are at battle stations.
It's a Random category.
We expect multiple answers.
You'll take it in turns.
You have five seconds to answer.
The first answer is the only one I will accept.
You're leading, Adam.
And the question is Linus.
Peppermint Patty.
Yay! Patty.
Brilliant play! Oh! Your strategy paid off.
It worked.
It worked.
It worked.
That's another $1,000 that you have.
Let's have a look at the others that you could've gone for.
Franklin and Pigpen.
All right, you got $1,000 on that.
- Yeah.
- Whew! Where would you like to go on the board? - Architecture.
- Architecture.
You have a 50/50 on that so far.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Sydney Opera House.
One of the most amazing buildings.
One of my favorite buildings in the world.
If I win this one, I can go to Australia, too, so You can, indeed.
All right.
$12,000 is in play.
Let's have your next category.
- Architecture again, please.
- Architecture again.
You've had a two-to-one success rate here.
And the next question is Uh, Falling Water.
That's beautiful.
Powerful stuff.
You finding it difficult yet? Uh, this is this board's been really good so far for me.
So I'm I'm you know, it'll come.
It'll come.
All right, um, Gems and Minerals.
We'll finish it off.
Gems and Minerals to finish off the category.
Hey! A Top Ten Challenge for you.
10 answers.
We need 5 in 15 seconds.
Do you want to pass it or play it? - I'll play.
- Why? I just don't want to give him a chance.
I'll regret it more if he just rattles it off.
And he's he's gotten everything right so far.
I also have a degree in geology.
Well, then, I'm glad I made that choice.
Now that it's no longer in play, I'll reveal that.
All right, the Top Ten Challenge on Gems and Minerals.
The question is 10 seconds.
Okay, there's Talc, and there's Um, Apatite.
And there's Diamond Feldspar, Quartz, um, there's, um, shoot, uh Pyrite.
Um, shoot, uh Granite, maybe.
Um Oh, no.
Corundum wi or or Ruby.
Let's have a look at the full list.
There was Gypsum, Calcite, Fluorite Gypsum, yeah.
Topaz, Corundum.
You have one wrong on the the board.
The issue, of course, here is, do you go Religious Figures, or do you really need to save that for desperate days further on? I-I think any time you get a strike, you should get rid of it.
It's been working so far.
I'm gonna go Religious Figures.
The Religious Figures.
'Cause you're quite right.
You can't take a risk.
- Hey! - Yeah.
A battle on your strong subject.
- Yes.
- Adam, step into play.
Gentlemen, prepare for battle.
Boo! I am fazed.
You have one wrong on the board.
If you get this wrong, you'll have two wrong, and Adam will get to choose your next category.
- Yeah.
- It's serious for you.
You need to try and win this because you're trying to force the issue.
That's right.
So there is much at stake for both of you.
Religious Figures.
Are you going to lead or follow? Um, this one, I'm gonna lead and leave him with the hard ones.
All right, you're leading on Religious Figures.
And the question is Five seconds.
No! Yeah! Yeah! Whoo! Whoa! Popes! Popes! Popes! Popes! Adrian? Yeah, there's, like, at least six.
I think there's only six adrians.
- Okay, then, that's the problem.
- Yeah.
Let's have a look and see what you could've chosen.
Clement, Innocent, Leo, Stephen, Boniface, Urban.
I-I had some of those and just went with the wrong one.
You're in a critical situation.
- If you get the - Whoa! Hey! How about that? Were you listening to anything I said? I was I was I-I haven't been looking over there too much.
I've been looking over there.
If you get the next answer wrong, it'll bee three wrong in a row, and you're Gone! To make matters worse, Adam is going to choose your next category.
That's right.
If Steve gets it wrong, he will be gone.
We'll find out what that category is After the break.
Welcome back to 500 Questions, and it couldn't be more exciting.
Steve has two wrongs on the board, and it's now up to Adam to choose the next category.
Of course, if Steve gets that wrong, then it's three wrongs in a row, and he's Gone! Now, Adam, you need to make the right decision, obviously.
Where are you going to send him? Well, um, let's see.
There's Architecture, which he's been trying to avoid, and I think I might be able to do better than him if it comes up in a battle.
Random is always nice, because you never know what you're gonna get.
But you got to figure, it's gonna be, like, the median between all the categories, and his median performance on any category is really good.
So? So I'm not gonna do Random.
I'm doing Architecture.
- There's a logic to it - Yeah.
But he has had three-to-one in his favor on Architecture.
- He has.
- But it's too late.
You've chosen.
Yeah? To be clear Yeah.
You are now playing to stay in 500 Questions.
- There's $13,000 still in play.
- Yes.
- Do you understand? - I do.
To stay in 500 Questions, you need to get this right.
You have 10 seconds.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Um, I don't ooh.
Uh, this is I don't know, um Stucco, uh, alum I don't know this answer.
Uh, uh, uh, the the Providence.
Yeah! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Oh, my god.
Steve, I'm sorry.
That is wrong.
You now have three wrongs in a row, and you are - Gone Gone! But before we say goodbye to would you have known? Quonset hut.
- You chose the right - no idea.
No idea.
What a brilliant contestant you have been.
- You've got through 168 questions - Yeah.
An amazing achievement, the furthest that anybody's gone on 500 Questions.
And you have $110,000 for your children and your wife.
Thank you.
Thank you, Richard.
Brilliant contestant! Adam, take his place! All right.
- How about that? - All right.
Well, you got rid of a champ.
168 questions he managed, and now Steve was Steve was really good.
Now it's your turn.
But before you play, we need to meet the person who is waiting for you to fail.
That's true.
It's your challenger.
Where is she from? Chicago, Illinois.
What does she do? She's a Doctoral Candidate at Princeton.
What makes her a genius? She graduated cum laude from Harvard Law and has an I.
of 154.
It's Pam Mueller! Pam, welcome.
Thank you.
- You have a law degree.
- I do.
- You have practiced as a lawyer - Mm-hmm.
And then decided to go back for more education.
Why? Well, I plan to teach law, showing how psychology influences decisions in the legal system.
There is an enormous amount, as you have seen, of psychology in this game.
- Definitely.
- All right.
Your road to 500 questions begins with your first 50.
Let's see the 10 categories.
What do we got? We've got U.
States, European History, Basketball, The Sea, Lawyers Movie Animals, our perennial Random, Art and Artists, Companies, and Literature.
First impressions what do you like the look of? I like U.
I mean, that's I'm not I don't think I'm giving anything away by saying that's my favorite one there.
To make any money, you must get through all 50 questions.
Let's play 500 Questions! Okay! And where's your first category? Uh, Literature.
10 seconds on the clock.
$1,000 if it's your first right answer.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Dylan Thomas? Absolutely.
"Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
" One of my favorite poems.
Gave you $1,000 and your first one, and we're off to a strong start.
Next category, please.
Let's try Lawyers.
Pam's a lawyer, so, uh, I'd better, uh, clear that up.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Castro, um Okay.
You have $2,000, because you're getting right answers.
Two for two.
Let's make it three for three.
Yeah, uh, Literature.
Second one for Literature.
And the question is - 10 seconds.
- Ayatollah Khomeini.
Three for three.
You're on a roll here.
Keep going.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, um Next category.
You know what? The Sea could be anything.
I'm gonna try The Sea.
The Sea.
That's a that's you know, it's romantic.
It's The Sea.
The love of The Sea.
Arrrr! Have you ever met a sailor who went "arrrr"? No.
No, I haven't.
All right.
The Sea.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Uh, the Hawaiian Islands, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the Yes! No money for that one, but you do get the right answer on the second attempt.
The next category.
Let's go back to Lawyers.
Returning to Lawyers.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Uh, Nelson Mandela, um Yes! Okay.
All right.
- Five questions, five answers.
- Yeah.
You are 1% of the way through your challenge of 500 questions.
That's 1% more than I was a few minutes ago.
If he keeps up at this sort of pace if he doesn't give me a chance, there's not much I can do, but there are still the battles.
All right.
Tell us about where you're from.
Tell us about your family.
I have a wife, Jennifer she's great, she's smart and then we have a little 2-year-old daughter named Katie, who is wonderful beyond imagination but is an incredible handful.
And and and and we have one on the way, one in the oven.
Hey! All right.
You're doing extremely well on the money.
You've got $4,000, but you don't get a penny of that for family present and future Yeah.
Until you get to the end of the board.
So let's have a look where you're gonna go next.
That's right.
Where do I want Okay, let's try Basketball.
The question on Basketball is 10 seconds.
Uh, the Lakers, the Bulls, the Pistons, the, uh, the U.
National Team, the Cuban National Team, the Japanese National Team, um, uh, uh, the Clippers.
The no.
First wrong on the board.
Do you want to have a go for bragging rights? The Harlem Globetrotters? Yes.
You have one wrong on the board.
Getting rid of that has to be your priority.
Pam is watching very closely for her chance to take your place.
We'll find out what happens after the break.
Welcome back to 500 Questions.
Adam has his first wrong on the board, and he needs to get rid of it as fast as possible.
Because one thing we've found - trouble builds quickly here - It does.
If you don't get rid of them.
So, where are you gonna go? I'm gonna go with U.
- Okay.
- It's a Top Ten Challenge.
There are 10 answers.
I need 5 in 15 seconds.
You always have the choice do you want to play or pass on this? Uh, I'm gonna play this one.
- I-I'm not surprised.
- Yeah.
All right, Top Ten Challenge on U.
15 seconds.
And the question is 15 seconds.
Texas, Oklahoma, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas.
The first five were correct.
All right, all right.
- That's how you do it.
- All right, all right.
You got rid of the wrong.
It gets you $1,000 'cause you got it right.
For those wanting to know, these are the answers that we could've Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.
- Yeah.
- Next category, please.
Uh, well, let's go back to Basketball, then.
Basketball one wrong.
Yeah, I got I got one wrong.
Maybe it's a weak category.
I don't know.
We'll see.
Well, don't give too much away.
Here we go.
The question is - 10 seconds.
- Manute Bol.
Yes! Add the money.
All right, well, I mean, I recovered well there.
50/50 on Basketball.
Uh, let's go back to The Sea, just because, you know, it's a broad category.
It could be anything.
A Top Ten Challenge.
Are you gonna play or pass? I'm gonna play it.
I think I know my my sea.
All right.
15 seconds.
The question is 15 seconds.
Tuna, Salmon, uh, Cod, Haddock, uh, ha Haddock? No, uh Pollack.
Uh, um, um, um, um, um, um, uh, uh Uh, Yellowtail, Octopus, Shrimp.
Oh! Oh, god.
You got it! Let's look at the answers.
There are the ones you gave us, so, Tilapia, Catfish Oh, Catfish.
Trout, Pangasius, and Clams.
Pang I've never heard of pangasius.
Good thing I didn't need 10.
It's that nondescript fish that's described as "catch of the day.
" Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
All right, you're doing extremely well.
You are coming up to question 10.
You have an amazing $7,000, which, for 10 questions, is is pretty Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And you are an extremely respectable 89% hit rate.
Okay, let's have your next category, yeah.
And you're strong everywhere.
Yeah, you know what? I mean, because it could be anything and I don't have any X's, let's try Random.
Oh, boy.
Step into play.
Power posing.
Every time they step into play, they try to psych.
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for battle! In a battle question, you have five seconds to answer.
You are who is in control.
Lead or follow on the Random? You know what? Because it's a Random and I don't know what it's gonna be, I'm going to follow and make her go first.
All right, it's a Random battle question.
And the question is Five seconds.
Uh, Yale.
University of pennsylvania.
Uh, Columbia.
Got them all! Well done.
You have been to two of them.
I have.
The first two I named I got to get the plug in.
How many years in school have you done? Skipped a grade, so 11 through high school.
She skipped a grade.
Did you notice? I-I-I noticed that, yeah.
- Which grade did you skip? - Second.
Why? I was too good for it.
That is why she is on 500 Questions.
All right.
Back to your perch.
It's a draw.
Nobody wins.
Nobody loses.
That's right.
You've got through 10 questions.
You've got $7,000 in play, but not a penny of it is yours until you've answered the next 40 questions.
That's that's a lot of questions.
Next category, please.
Again, it's the only one I have a red in, so Basketball.
Okay, $1,000 if it's the first right answer.
10 seconds.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Michigan State, michigan, uh, Duke, U.
, uh, la-la-la-la, UCLA, um-um-um-um, Arizona State, uh Oh.
Here's the answer.
- Indiana.
- Indiana hoosiers.
These multiply rapidly if you don't deal with them immediately.
So, where are you gonna go to get rid of it? I'm gonna try European History.
Whoa! You're starting a new category with one wrong on the board.
Yeah, you know, there's a geographic component to History.
All right, 10 seconds.
European History.
And the question is 10 seconds.
The Ottoman Empire.
Yes! Gone! $1,000.
Your next category.
Uh, you know what? Uh, uh, I'm trying to clear out Basketball at this point, it looks like.
That is a perfectly good strategy.
You have a two-to-one against you in Basketball.
I know some things in Basketball.
Clearly not what we're asking.
- All right.
- Yeah.
But it makes perfect sense.
I'm being mean here.
It makes perfect sense.
You have no wrongs on the board.
Yeah, anywhere else.
- Let's - yeah, yeah.
- Let's see Basketball.
- Yeah.
The question is - 10 seconds.
- Bradley.
Nice one.
That's right.
Next category.
Let's finish out Basketball.
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
Ah! It's a Top Ten Challenge.
You have the choice to play it or pass, but before you choose We'll take a break.
Welcome back.
It's 500 Questions.
Adam's about to face a Top Ten Challenge.
Basketball it's the category.
Now, you have the choice to play it or pass.
I'm gonna play it.
All right, so, the Top Ten Challenge.
10 answers I need 5 in 15 seconds.
And the question is 15 seconds.
Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks.
Yes! $1,000.
Look at the list Miami Heat, the Dallas Mavericks, the Houston Rockets, the Philadelphia 76ers - Sixers.
- Seattle.
Those are the list you could've gone for.
And for you, I'm guessing the relief is Basketball's gone.
Yeah, I mean, you know, I-I do like Basketball But But I'm mostly into baseball.
- All right.
- So Yeah.
There are three categories you haven't tickled yet.
You know what? Companies could be things that I know, or it could be things I don't know.
I'd better do it now while I don't have any wrongs.
No wrongs.
Gonna go for Companies.
That's question 15, Companies.
And the question is - 10 seconds.
- Cash.
You got it! Money added.
You're up to $11,000.
You're 3% through.
The next category.
Let's stay on Companies.
Companies second one in the category.
Triple Threat.
I need three answers.
You get $1,000 each, but only if you give me all three.
That's correct.
You've got 10 seconds in which to do it.
- Yeah.
- You ready? Ready as I'll be.
Calm yourself.
Now I'm ready.
Triple threat on Companies.
And the question is 10 seconds.
National Biscuit Company.
You call them cookies.
I call them biscuits.
We call it $3,000.
And on you go, sir.
We haven't tickled Movie Animals yet.
I-I you know, there was about a decade where I was seeing close to 100 Movies a year.
But now that I have the 2-year-old, katie, ooh, three a year.
Well, now you see different Movies.
- All right.
Mo - Yeah.
Yeah, the same ones over and over.
And the question is 10 seconds.
"War Horse," um-um-um-uh, uggie, uggie, uh, "Marl My Dog Marley," uh-un-un-un-uh, uh, ma-ma-ma-ma, uh, Uggie the Dog, uh, uh "The Artist"! It was "The Artist," but we'll need to check, because this one is closer than we've had before.
So, please, do bear with me.
Adam, Adam.
I did see "The Artist," so Adam, Adam, Adam - You got it! - Oh! Yeah! Yeah! - I'm sorry.
- Oh, boy! If you're gonna make me sweat, I'm gonna make you sweat.
Oh, boy.
Oh, boy.
Oh, boy.
Shall we move on? We have lots of questions that we've got to get through if we are going to get your little one and little-one-to-be some money.
Where to next? I'm gonna I'm gonna spread the wealth and choose Art and Artists.
Art and Artists first of the category, and no wrongs on the board.
And the question is - 10 seconds.
- Roy Lichtenstein.
Next category, please.
Uh, Random.
Let's go Random.
Random second on Random.
- You had the first correct.
- Yeah.
And the question is 10 seconds.
Uh, Grand Oil, uh-ba-ba, Brooklyn, Jay Z, uh, j-j oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
There's a wrong.
Bragging rights? It sounds like the audience knows it.
Def Jam.
The answer, of course, is Oh, my god! Def Jam.
What?! I thought it would be something that he started.
- You have a wrong on the board.
- Yeah, I do.
Let's get serious about this yeah.
Getting rid of that wrong, because the money is now adding up.
And so you need to answer the next question Yeah.
On the next 500 Questions.
Oh, oh! Good night.