61st Street (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Over The Wall

1 Previously on "61st Street" Would it be possible to give me a headline on those? The doctor's office will contact you.
Hands on the wall! See that? One day we gon' put a bullet through both of 'em.
How they know where to find me? They're going to come after us with everything they got, and it means you and me, fighting this and fighting them.
An olive branch is out there.
All he got to do is take it.
Possible medical.
Let me see your hands, man! Come on! Show us your hands! Hands up, now! Show us your hands now! Then tell me what happened.
What happened, girl?! What are they doing here? What the heck is going on?! David? Oh, thank God.
Thank God.
Thank God.
Are they still here? It's okay.
You're safe, baby.
It's okay.
I got lost.
They found me and brought me home.
I see you! Guard! Guard! Guard! Guard! Guard! Guard! Guard! No! No! You're not hearing me.
He was on fire.
My cellmate was on fire.
I can still smell him burning.
It's in my nostrils.
It's It's in my clothes.
You know what it was? Coffee creamer.
- Coffee creamer.
- Okay, take it easy.
- That was meant for me! - Okay.
Who is trying to kill me? 5317, you're up.
- Who is trying to kill me? - Okay, take it easy.
- Is he dead? - I want you to listen to me.
No, they took him to the hospital, a-and I don't know if he dead or not You need to focus, Moses.
The state's attorney made an offer.
- Let's go.
- 30 seconds, please.
If you plead guilty to murder one, - you'll do 20 years.
- 20 years? - That's it.
- I didn't do - I didn't do this! - I know.
I thought you believed me, man.
It's not about what I believe.
You have to make a choice.
You said they weren't messing around with deals before, so what changed? I think they're nervous about something.
CPD doesn't want a trial.
There's something they know won't look good.
So you're saying I can get off? Okay, wrap it up.
Look, I just need more time.
- Please.
- We don't do that here.
- Hold on.
Hold on.
- I got I got to decide now? Decide now.
You been doing this all your life, so you gonna have to tell me, what do I do? Alright? What do I do? - Let's go.
- What do I do? Oh.
Ma'am, you can't leave that here.
Y-You need to move.
You need to move.
Doing this to me right now Moses Johnson.
Johnson, you have the right to an attorney.
You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to a jury trial.
- Do you understand? - Yes, Your Honor.
You're charged with one count of murder in the first degree, a violation of Illinois criminal code Section 9-1, a felony punishable by the maximum sentence of life imprisonment.
Do you understand? Yes, Your Honor.
- What'd he say? - I don't know.
Motherwell, a plea deal at the eleventh hour.
Thank you for keeping the court on its toes, so to speak.
- What's the offer? - 20 years for murder one.
Has the defense had a chance to review? W-We've had a lot going on.
- Yes or no? - Yes.
It's a hell of a deal.
Motherwell? I said, "It's a hell of a deal," Your Honor.
If you plead guilty, you'll be sentenced to 20 years, no more, no less.
It means you'll be waiving your right to defend yourself in a jury trial.
If you do go to trial and a jury finds you guilty, you risk a sentence of life without parole.
Do you understand? Mr.
Johnson? Yes, Your Honor.
So you're ready? How do you plead? I didn't do it.
I need the words.
I need the words.
- Not guilty.
- Not guilty.
Not guilty.
- That's it? - Yeah.
Really? Is that coming from him or from you? Franklin Roberts? The cancer has spread from the prostate into the bone.
We found small tumors in your pelvis, lower spine, and coccyx, which would explain the pain you've been experiencing.
Cancer of the tailbone.
And the top of the spine.
You said that the tumors were small.
So does that mean that That we've caught it early? No.
What your husband has is considered advanced.
How long? Hard numbers.
18 months is possible, but not likely.
There are treatment options.
ADT, testosterone reduction therapy.
We'll get you started on that right away.
I'm also prescribing alpha blockers to relax your muscles, which should make it easier to urinate Any side effects? Stopping testosterone production makes you more like a woman, basically.
That's the upside.
Some fatigue.
What kind of fatigue? Is he with you right now? Hey, Marisol.
Yes, he is.
It's not good.
I'll issue a statement.
You've got a family health situation and need a moment to work things out.
What about the debate? I'll handle it.
You don't show up for the debate, you lose, Martha.
- It's over.
- What's he saying? Nothing.
He's not saying anything.
- What the hell? - What? What the hell? I'mma call you back.
I'll have to call you back.
What are you doing here? Franklin, what? - Hey, man.
That shit is popping.
- One second.
- You need more, you know how to get it.
- Franklin, what? What do you think you're doing? What are you doing? What do you think you're doing? What is this? - Step off.
I'm talking to Calvin.
- Oh, yeah? You're a witness in a trial that really, really matters.
You have to be clean to be believed, and you're out here doing this? - No.
- Move around, old man.
I need Calvin clean.
Please tell your boss.
Move around.
Please tell your boss.
I'm moving.
Thank you.
Move! Move your car, man! Who is he? What's up with him? My witness is right there.
I need him clean, and he's Ahh.
I'm not gonna do it for you.
- What? - I'm not doing it.
- I'm not doing it.
I'm not doing it! - Doing what? I'm not telling David that you're dying and that you'd rather spend the rest of your days chasing after these fools! Spending your time with somebody else.
That's up to you.
You do that.
You do that.
It's crazy, right? Rey-Rey.
What you doing here? You know pigs don't eat chicken.
You missed your calling, Rey-Rey.
- You should have been a comic.
- Yeah, yeah.
Hello, my friends.
Squeeze! What's up, man? Smells good, right? These guys make the best fried chicken.
Hey, bro.
Squeeze, this is my associate, Johnny.
You got something for me? Count it.
It's all there.
My man's gonna be in charge of pickups from now on.
Sure you can handle that? Yeah.
Squeeze is your contact.
You have any problems, you go to him, and if you ever have a half-hour to kill, ask him how he got his name.
It's a great story.
Oh, I see how it is.
Y'all don't got to wait on line like everybody else, huh? And you don't even pay.
You want free chicken, Reynard? Submit an application.
I hear they give felons a second chance here.
- Ohhh.
- That was a good one.
Okay, that was a good one.
Hey, but you heard about that cop getting his wig split over on 61st Street? - Yeah, I heard about that.
- Yeah.
They said his head looked like a yard sale, man.
Brains spilled all over the curb and shit.
- You see, karma's what you get - Logan! when you ride around messing with people all the damn time.
Logan, get in the car! Say it again.
Squad, get me a couple cars to 16th and Harper.
Say it again! Say it again! Say it again! Say it again! Say it again! Say it again! Say it again! That's enough! That is enough! Get off him! - Hey! - What is Back up, jagoff! What are you doing? We are out here wealth-building.
Don't get distracted by these knuckleheads.
I'm sorry.
Pull yourself together.
You okay? Yeah, man.
Another barbecue? Burn, baby, burn.
Back off.
When are you gonna die? Next time, college boy! Hey, boy.
Better watch your step.
- They don't miss twice.
- Hey.
Hell, no.
Bro, what's going on? Where you taking me, bro? Where am I going? What y'all got going on? Yo, where the guard at? Where's the guard at? Guard? Guard! Guard! No.
No! No! No! No! I'm giving you the bottom bunk, son.
Dad? David, we need to talk.
I need I need to tell you something.
Is it important? Yes, it is.
I'm so sorry.
Here we go.
What letter does it begin with? It begins with a "C.
" Okay, Dad.
Make it a good one.
Actually, I got one for you.
Dad, it's a "P" word.
Refresh my memory.
It's basically when the Earth's shadow is on the moon, on a full moon.
Like, it's like a shadow.
So there's a penumbral lunar eclipse that's tomorrow.
Oh, wow.
My favorite one, 'cause it's not obvious, so a lot of people think it's just the full moon, but you got to look for the Earth's shadow.
A lot of people miss it, but I don't.
And I was hoping that would go see it with me.
Do you need to think about it? Mm-hmm.
- Alright.
- Yes.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, son.
What was your "C" word, Dad? Do you need to think about this, too? Mm-hmm.
Thank you, baby.
Oh, my baby.
Pointing right at us.
Have you ever seen anything so perfect? I don't think so.
- Not at our PTA meetings, huh? - Go for it.
Go for it.
Go for it.
I'm gonna check out those buildings, yeah? A little How's it going? How's it going? Well, I'm a cop.
Watched my partner die in the street.
I've been suspended for doing my job.
My hand hurts like hell, and everybody hates us.
Other than that, I'm good.
That's Tara Trevolini's mom.
She just got divorced.
Did your mom tell you that? I'm not allowed to repeat what my mom says about her.
Okay, well, I guess we don't need to worry about Tara's mom showing up at your party tonight.
But you are, right? Do I break promises I make to you? Why don't you go ahead? I'll catch up, okay? Hear you Brannigan's new boy.
The Nation has an offer.
If your crew takes they boots off our necks, we can go five points better than the Faction.
Tell your boss.
Hit me with a cool vibe ♪ I'm talking Hennessy over ♪ Conversation while we poolside ♪ Cool vibe ♪ I'm talking a lot of pretty girls, good music ♪ Everybody on a good vibe ♪ Hey, people.
Hey, Franklin.
Good to see you.
How you doing, baby? It was me, and now it's you.
I used to be the most important person in his life.
Now that's you.
Coach Angelo.
Coach Franklin.
Let me tell you something about Moses, okay? Everybody thinks the 400 is just a long sprint which it is.
But it's about pain, too.
The last 80 meters hurt like hell, and then it's about strength, and our man has that.
I gave him that.
Look at me with my long-ass metaphors like I'm about to speak a sermon or something, huh? Hey, Ms.
I thought we were gonna meet later.
- This couldn't wait.
- Alright, what's up? What's happening? A pro-bono lawyer still relying on handouts from the community to pay for what he's doing? Yeah, yeah.
That's the idea.
He ever take a look at where that money comes from? Well, he's at the barbecue right now.
We can walk over there and you can ask him.
Barbecue around the corner from the corner? What corner? Open-air drug market where Joshua Johnson makes his money.
Money that pays for his brother's legal team.
Now, you know I can't hear none - No, you got to hear it.
- You know I can't.
You You know I can't! You know I can't hear that! You You gonna hear it and you can't unhear it, Candidate Roberts.
Moses' legal team being paid for by the proceeds of crime.
How'd that look on your pro-bono husband? Janet Ms.
- You can trust me.
- I'm trying to tr You can trust me.
I'm trying to trust you, but don't let me catch you with your shoes on.
Why are you doing this? I want you to give my son the same attention that your husband and everybody else is giving Moses.
Or is Rufus' life less valuable than a scholarship boy's future? Hey, everyone.
Guys, can I have your attention? Please.
Uh I know you were expecting Barack and Michelle but I'm I'm hoping that you'll allow me to just say a few words.
Um It feels like just yesterday I was packing him up for college.
He was ready to take off.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
It's alright.
It's alright.
It's alright.
You guys know who Moses is.
We do.
- It's alright.
- Come on, now.
It's alright.
We are who we walk with.
The people who surround us matter.
Right! Tell us! They let everybody know, "This is who I am.
" All of you good people, I walk with you when we stand up for Moses Johnson.
And together, we're gonna make sure the whole city No, no, no The whole country is saying the name Moses Johnson.
Can you join me in saying the name Moses Johnson? Will you say Moses Johnson? - Moses Johnson.
- Say! - Moses Johnson.
- Say! - Moses Johnson.
- Say it like you mean it! - Moses Johnson! - Put your chest in it! - Moses Johnson! - Y'all ain't serious! - Moses Johnson! - You ain't serious! - Moses Johnson! - That's so weak! - Moses Johnson! - Say! - Moses Johnson.
- Say! - Moses Johnson.
- Say! - Moses Johnson.
- Say! - Moses Johnson.
- Say! I got ya.
I got ya.
Aah, no, no! Come over here! Alright, you're a bad guy, you're a bad guy.
I'm the police chief, and you're an officer.
Can I be a bad guy? We already have enough.
You never let me play! Please! Fine, you be the cop that wears the wire.
What's a wire? It's, uh, something secret people wear under their clothes so nobody else can see.
Here, lift up your shirt.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
No, no, no.
No, no.
No, it's not safe.
We're not putting anything around your neck.
Play safe.
Where do you think a kid like Michael Jr.
would get something like that? Cop with a wire? I have an idea of where he heard it.
I thought you might.
Michael Rossi was wearing a wire when he died.
I opened his shirt for CPR, and there's a damn wire.
And Michael never kept secrets, never, ever, so I gotta tell you, when I saw that, I panicked.
So I pocketed it.
And you're just telling me now? Remember what happened to Jerry Finnegan from SOS? Where'd you put it? It's gone.
I got rid of it.
Don't feed me shit and call it sugar, Logan.
You saw a wire on your partner's chest and didn't get curious? Over there is a family whose dad died a hero.
I-I don't want to mess with that.
Whatever secrets were on that tape, Michael Rossi was lucky enough to take them with him to his grave.
That's where they belong.
In the ground.
What are your secrets, Logan? Someone paid me a visit.
Someone? Dante.
He's offering five points above the Faction.
Said I'd pass on the message.
Tell me about this white girl I keep seeing.
Sharp mind.
Not afraid of anything or anyone.
- Brutally honest.
- Yeah, but who is she? Come to think of it, I-I-I don't really know.
That means it's working.
Put a story out there, and people listening Including white people.
I'll tell you one thing I would not want to be on her bad side.
I'm Nicole Carter, staff attorney with the Upright Justice Project.
Oh, good to meet you, Nicole.
Franklin here was just talking about you.
And what were you saying? I should let you two catch up.
- I know what you're thinking.
- You do? What gives me the right to move in on this? I was kind of hoping that you were an angel.
A little disappointed that you're just another lawyer.
- Sorry.
- Eh.
I know how to help you.
Really? Yes.
How old are you? How old are you? Really not sure anymore, but I'm feeling a whole lot younger now.
All this This movement this moment.
It's exciting.
From the south side of Chicago, yeah ♪ And I ♪ I want to do what they don't do ♪ Come on.
Look out, a'ight? I'm just gonna go.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
- That your boy? - Yep, that's my Joshua.
My Jojo.
Yeah, he seems like a great kid.
You married? Uh, no.
- Girlfriend? - No.
I-I know who you are, and we need more brothers in law like you.
Have we met? What do you do? I'm a plumber by day and an activist by night.
- You got a van? - Wow.
You married? Uh, I am married, yes.
Girlfriend? Who do you think I am? Who would you like to be? Hear it everywhere ♪ How's the young'un doing? You know how boys are.
They don't want their moms to worry.
That's good.
Is it? Well, being brave for his mama gives him, you know, something to hold on to.
Keeps Moses being Moses.
How do you know him? I don't, but I feel like I do, which is why I'm here.
Look, I don't want to seem out of pocket or nothing, but, um I'm-a give you my number.
If I can help you with anything, hit me up.
Tell me where you go, go, go, go ♪ Go to the South Side of ♪ South Side Chicago ♪ Girl, South Side of Chicago ♪ South Side Chicago ♪ Don't you know, I'm from the South Side ♪ South Side Chicago ♪ Easy now.
You're working with an injury.
Oh, it's fine.
- Let me see it.
- It's fine.
- Just let me.
- It's not as bad as it looks.
She's asleep.
I'll check on the boys.
Thank you.
Michael counted the steps with each of them every night.
She'll never know that.
Just rip it Ahh.
Look, who's to say what's the right or wrong way to deal with this.
There There isn't one.
But you can't take it on the streets.
It's just a messed-up day, that's all.
10 years with Michael, and I don't ever remember there being a brawl like this in the daylight.
Yeah, well, Michael Had a way with people.
This new group you're working with, they they have a way with people? I don't get to choose my partners, Jessica.
Well, just be really careful, 'cause I can't take another hit.
Forgot my sunglasses.
Jessica, I think, um I think I think you should take this.
I don't think I should have this in my possession anymore.
Is this It's Michael's.
Do you know what that is? A camera? It's a ShotSpotter.
Only it doesn't spot.
It listens.
Why did the state's attorney offer us a deal when a week ago, they wouldn't even come to the table? Moses said they shot at him.
CPD said they didn't.
My son wouldn't lie.
Not his style.
Yo, fool.
Step aside for Lil' Speak.
No, man, it's alright.
- You ain't got to - Table 7 got your name on it.
Let him through.
Let him through.
My bad, y'all.
Hey, let me talk to him Can't let you go hungry.
Sit down, son.
'Cause if I don't, it'll make you look bad? Sit down.
Eat your protein.
You gon' need it.
You know, for the last three years, Coach Angelo had me on a designed diet for my body, for me to be the best athlete I can be.
And Ma, you know, she scrimps and she saves, walks miles for me to get what I need.
How many years you been gone, bro? You gonna talk about, "Eat your protein.
" Nah.
I'm good.
You want to know who tried to kill you? Guards working with the Faction.
Juice like that combined? You don't show the world you got our protection, you're dead.
Eat your protein.
I want you to act it out for me.
Show me where everybody was.
- A'ight.
I'm here.
- Uh-huh.
- Moses is there.
- Uh-huh.
And the first cop went down right where you're standing.
Here? The second officer? He came from that way, running out his car with his piece out.
Why would he have his weapon drawn if he didn't know what he was coming into? CPD need a reason? Pig tells Moses, "Don't move.
Face the wall.
" Same old nonsense.
So Moses turns, but then he runs up the wall like a damn superhero.
Pig got mad and took a shot.
He shot at Moses while Moses was fleeing? That That don't make no sense.
Now, you You sure about that? I wasn't but 20 feet away.
One shot.
Where's the bullet? - Where's Where's the hole? - No, man.
- You got the picture all wrong.
- What? Moses was up there when the cop took a shot on top.
Cop aimed up like this.
Get the Get that ladder for me, could you? Could you get that ladder? Oh.
You alright? Yeah.
Careful, man.
So, Moses was here when the second officer shot at him, right? Uh-huh.
And the bullet, out there.
It's out there.
Bullet's gone, man.
It's long gone.
Calvin, can you see the moon? Uh-huh.
Most people miss it, but we won't.
Miss what? Penumbral.
The new development I'm backing brings new money in, and new money means jobs, and jobs means that I would like to ask my opponent a question, please.
Okay, sure.
Councilor? Yeah, do you know the name Rufus Porter? No.
I don't know Rufus Porter.
Yeah, he was a child who was shot by the police in our ward, and you don't know his name.
I don't think it's because you don't care.
I think it's because you stopped listening.
Because there are too many Rufus Porters to remember.
See, I don't want the cop who shot Rufus Porter to go to trial.
I don't want the justice system to lean into prosecuting police officers.
I'm not interested in reform.
The The origins of of policing in America began as slave-catching on plantations.
You cannot reform a system that is functioning as it should.
You have to scrap the whole thing! If you are part of this justice system that is locking our people up, shame on you! Shame on all of you.
I found a spot on top of a couple containers, so I had a great view of the night sky.
And you're right, though You got to know where and how to look.
But when you do, oh.
It is so beautiful.
So beautiful.
When is the next one, David? Four Five years from now.
Maybe we can watch it together this time.
Good night, Dad.
20 years, and you said no.
20 years is damn near a vacation.
What, is that it? That's all you got to say? That's your advice, Speak? Don't call me Speak.
Why? You're not my dad.
You ain't been for a long time.
Your lawyer telling you to fight, giving you hope.
Hope kills.
You got to get rid of that.
When will you learn, huh? In a fight like this, we don't win.
Whatever, man.

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