61st Street (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Trust Me

I should burn for this.
You can't plead guilty for something
you don't remember doing.
Well, somebody remembers.
I know they do.
"They" who?
The Low Bar is a cop bar.
Who were you drinking with,
Officer Logan?
Either you're here or you're not.
Brannigan was there.
Hey, baby.
Where the hell are you?
Yeah, I'm walking. I couldn't sleep.
What time is it?
I-I don't know.
It's It's late.
Go back to bed, honey.
Who's that?
Is that Was that your wife?
How are they treating you?
They looking after you?
Like they do.
No suspension,
no meaningful inquiry?
Get back out there.
Investigate yourself.
Get back out there?
Do your job.
Bring me back evidence of what
they did to hide what you did.
Oh, no, I'm not safe out there.
I know.
Bring me evidence of that, too.
Whoa. Whoa!
Check out these threads, man.
Hey, you shine up pretty good, Logan.
- What's up, boys?
- Ha!
What are you doing here?
Did you come to slum it up with us
between cappuccino breaks, huh?
Well, I'll tell you what.
I'll switch details with you.
- Yeah?
- Come on, I could use the break.
Break from what?
I've only ever seen you
break a sweat from drinking.
Yeah, that's coming from you, Logan?
I'm on the wagon.
After the other night, yeah.
Losing recall is Is bad.
You know, these blank pages
means you should probably stop,
you know?
Hey, man, all I know is I was
doing Irish car bombs at 7:00,
and then by 9:30,
I was sleeping like a lamb
face-down on my bathroom floor.
Oh, yeah? How'd you get home?
No idea.
Yeah, me neither.
It's like we all lost our memory
at the same time.
Yeah. Looks that way.
Come on in, come on in.
Hi, Franklin. This is Naimah.
Naimah, this is Franklin.
Just want to say how sorry I am
for what you're going through.
Thank you. Coming from you,
that really matters.
Thank you.
Alright, well, go on in, come on.
Have a seat.
You want anything?
I'm good, thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
They, uh So, has the CPD,
have they, um, done any investigation?
As far as they're concerned,
there's nothing to investigate.
I see.
Managed to get the
attention of the mayor.
A meeting?
End of the week,
but I need something more,
something Something that shows
that there was more
than incompetence at play.
Like a police report?
The cops didn't even look for his family
when he was in the hospital.
Jalil was a John Doe for
For how long?
- 36 hours?
- 36 hours.
Before Naimah figured out where
he was and gave them a name.
And then one cop, one visit.
Uh, h-h-how do we know about that?
The nurse in ICU said the cop
couldn't wait to get away,
like he didn't want to be there.
Yeah, see, we need to figure out
who that cop is,
because that means that there
is a formal investigation,
which means that there is
a police record of some kind.
And if not, then we're into
the cover up of it all.
Right, Franklin?
Uh, Jalil had no ID?
Sure, he did.
They must've taken it
from him at the scene.
It was like they didn't want him
to be identified.
Buy them time to construct the story.
My husband, he would've
so liked to meet you.
I-I kind of feel responsible
for what happened to him.
Are you kidding me?
I was dancing with joy
because of what you did
for Moses Johnson.
And Jalil?
You made Jalil feel there was hope.
Turn up the music,
there's hope in the world!
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey, baby.
Our baby.
This is Ms. Naimah.
Hi, Nimah.
- It's Ms. Naimah, baby.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
And where'd you get that baseball hat?
Oh, this? I got it from Dad's garage.
That That must be Nicole's.
Nicole Carter with a baseball hat?
Oh, no, maybe it was that
jumpy man who came to see you.
What jumpy man?
- The IT guy.
- In the night?
- It wasn't that late, son.
- It was 11:54.
You know they're like the fourth
emergency service company, you know?
I-I got to be at work.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh.
c'mon, baby. Yeah, uh,
Naimah's working
double shifts to pay the bills.
I just got a letter about his
car being in the impound lot.
They're saying it's
$1,200 just to get it out.
Where am I gonna find 1,200 bucks?
Car or funeral?
- That's my choice.
- Right. Right.
But, uh
Thanks. Thank you, Martha.
Course. Of course, of course.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, Franklin.
Bless you.
- Oh, bye.
- Yeah, say bye.
He over there dancin'.
I'll walk you. I'll walk you out.
Can I keep it?
Yes, of course.
Cool. It's my hat.
Yes, it is!
This one? Camera three?
Yeah, yeah, camera three
The one pointed
at that parking lot next door.
I don't have it.
What do you mean you don't have it?
- You didn't look.
- Someone already came for it
One of you. It's already gone.
Maybe you cops should start
talking to each other.
Or something.
Hey, Mr. Roberts.
Hello, Mr. Franklin.
Miss Sharon.
I haven't seen you in a few Sundays.
Well, I've been doing
my praying at home.
One on one.
I heard about you being sick.
We all did.
I was a bit worried about you.
There's always one. Mm.
Defies the prognosis,
baffles the doctor.
That's gonna be you.
God willing.
Friday the 12th, 8:16 pm.
911. What is
the location of your emergency?
I'm in front of a bar
behind West 25th in Princeton.
There's a man lying on the ground.
Oh, God, there's blood all over him.
- Is he breathing?
- I-I don't know.
There's a lot of blood.
Can you send an ambulance?
It's on the way,
ma'am. Please stay on the line.
Can you see if his chest is moving?
Ma'am, are you there?
The caller didn't identify herself?
People don't like to get involved.
But do you have the phone number?
For Jalil's family? Please.
For the family.
Aperol spritz, right?
Happy hour special?
Yeah, I'll take the same thing.
Hey, can I get you another?
I promise I won't pester you.
I'm just looking for a quiet corner.
Jane Jacobs.
I love her.
I'm on the waiting list, but who knows?
The chances of the co-op board
picking me?
Anyone's guess.
Well, they haven't not picked you,
so there's hope.
No, I'm I'm playing
the waiting game, as well.
See, my partners and I,
we put in an application
for a liquor license,
but the city's moving slower than usual.
We're bleeding money on rent
while we wait.
This club is gonna be so sick.
You should come see it.
Except you can't because
it's not open yet.
What ward is it in?
The fifth, by U of C Law.
Thank you so much for doing this.
Yeah, I don't do small talk.
No. Okay.
You a good detective?
- No, I'm not a det
- Is it worth me talking to you?
Anything you want on the menu.
I saw the man before.
- When?
- That same night.
When I found him,
I was at the end of my route,
but I also saw him at the beginning.
He was playing loud music from his car
and honking his horn like a celebration.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Jalil didn't have a car
when the EMTs arrived.
Are we talking about the same person?
Can I help you?
Double cheeseburger, uh, twice,
large fries, and three Cokes.
- Three?
- You heard the lady.
- More coffee, sir?
- Good idea.
Thank you.
The car was black in one light
and purple in another.
Mm. Mm.
The other detective
didn't think it was important.
W-What oth What oth
What other detective?
He didn't even take notes.
I'm glad you found me
so I could tell you instead.
What What did he look like,
this other detective?
Mount Rushmore.
This is Marisol.
I'm calling from
the Greenfield Co-op board
to let you know your
application's been accepted.
The unit is yours
if you're still interested.
We'll need your deposit
by the end of the week.
Y-Yes, yes, yes, that
That is incredible.
Yes, I can give it to you by then.
Thank you. Yes.
- Who's next?
- That's me.
Okay, follow me.
So who's next?
Mr. Blake.
So, what brings you in today?
I'm applying for a cannabis
license and I need your help.
Not my lane.
The state handles
licensing applications.
Well, the application isn't the problem.
My lawyers are handling that.
What I need your help with is the land.
I have three lots in mind for my stores,
all city owned.
We both know I can't buy city land
without the support from my alderman,
which is why I'm glad
it was you that won.
You promised transformation.
Now, we don't got a lot in this
ward, but we do have land.
And everybody wants a piece,
but what they gonna do
when they get it, right?
Develop some yuppie bullshit
that prices out Black residents?
Or build a Black-owned business
that guarantees local jobs
and solid tax revenue?
Parcel numbers, budget,
and a business proposal
so that you can make
an informed decision.
Look at you.
A lot of this land is already
earmarked for development.
The Masterson Group.
In business since 1948.
Gold-plated reputation
in developing land
for wealthy white folks to enjoy,
undermining communities for 70 years.
I agree with you,
but it's gonna be hard pushing anything
from someone with
a background like yours.
I'm clean on paper.
So what's the problem?
On paper.
147 votes you won by.
That's quite the turnaround
in the last 24 hours.
You ever help someone
that didn't deserve it?
Define deserve.
Is Is there a cutoff point
where you wouldn't help somebody?
We're all born sinful.
It's our work on Earth
to prove we're not.
Everybody starts bad.
Everybody has it in them to become good.
I, uh
I met a nun on a train once.
Told me she felt sorry for Hitler.
My God.
Crazy, I know.
But here's the thing.
You've got to try to turn everyone away
from darkness toward the light.
Can't expect me not to ask
why you're asking.
It would devastate them.
Who would it devastate?
Martha, David, everybody.
What is it, Franklin?
Think you better tell me.
Not yet, my friend.
Not yet.
Driving Ricky Leonard?
He still a ladies' man?
Ah, sorry.
First law of driving brass
Nothing leaves the car.
Now, I'm not asking why
they put you on driving duty.
No? Why not?
You ever been suspended
for excessive force?
What happened?
Well, sometimes they don't
hear ya the first time.
Or the second.
Did you ever regret it?
You look back,
you're not looking forward
at what's coming at you.
You can't do your job.
Regret? Regret is dangerous.
And conscience? You do not look back!
Not ever.
Picking up for a friend.
Back of the lot, east corner.
You can't miss it.
It was like that when it got here.
Lieutenant Brannigan? I have a visitor.
Hey, Sean.
I need you to do a favour for me.
Dinner's on me.
I might've made a mistake on a scene.
So we got to do this off books,
so to speak.
You know how the bosses are, right?
I need you to run this for me.
Just AFIS?
Yes. INS, DMV Alphabet soup.
Any system you have access to, run it.
- You got it.
- Okay, thanks, buddy.
No way.
- Those guys?
- Why not?
Because I looked up their history.
That's why not.
They are a slash-and-burn operation.
They open up a club,
move around a little heroin
and I dunno, whatever,
and when they see a little heat,
they shut it down
and move on to the next one.
They even have the nerve
to ask for a liquor license.
Guess they ran out of neighbourhoods.
They can skip over my ward,
that's for sure.
Anything else, Ms. Marisol?
Day's not over.
Go get changed. You got five minutes.
Busy day?
You know.
Anything interesting?
No, no.
Where are we going?
I wanna show you something.
I grew up right down there.
I ever tell you that?
I remember the winter
I was in sixth grade.
My brother Dom and I stole $10
from my father's wallet
for the school dance.
My dad asked us point blank,
"Are you two stealin'?"
And we said, "No, sir, not us."
"Yeah? Sleep on it," he said.
We spent that whole night
agonising over what to do.
I told Dom, "We keep our mouths
shut and ride it out.
We stay strong, he can't touch us."
Wouldn't you know it, next morning,
it was me who cracked.
You know why?
Because the old man walked up to
us when we were eating breakfast
and told us how much he loved us.
Right there, I spilled my guts,
tears and everything.
It was the love that did it.
We got the belt so bad,
we both limped until Easter.
I let him down, my brother Dom.
We were never the same again.
My dad and me, we had something.
We had something from that day on
right through to me
holding his hand on his deathbed
30 years later.
Right there, blue jersey, number 25.
You're still a cop, aren't ya?
Let's go.
Hey, you! Number 25!
Get over here.
Hey! Police, stop!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Come on, man!
Oh, man, come on!
Stay back, stand back.
What I'm up on? PBWB?
What's that?
Playing basketball while Black.
You know we love you, Tweety Bird.
Yeah, well, my knee is scraped to shit,
my ego's a little bruised, too.
Put some cocoa butter on it.
My ego?
Isn't that the cure-all for you people?
They moving they stash
from this church on 67th
to some new spot tomorrow night.
Maybe sooner.
What kind of stash
are we talking about here?
They running money and a big haul
of purple heroin through the spot.
And you saw all this
with your own two eyes?
Yes, sir.
I saw guns, too.
I can't have that in my neighbourhood.
Give this a minute to warm up.
Then you'll get your warrant.
Tweety's got a real flair
for drama, don't he?
He should've been on Broadway.
Your thank-you gift is coming.
Just give it a few days.
Feel good to be a cop again, Logan?
You've done this before?
Then you're a genius.
You don't smell like a plumber.
Hm. Thank God for that.
Why don't you smell like a plumber?
Does your father smell like a lawyer?
Yes, and my mom smells like a mom.
So, how is your father?
Uh, busy.
Mm, oh, yeah?
What's he doing?
Sometimes it's in the middle
of the night.
It's where I got this, though.
A man left it.
It was an IT man, but he didn't
look like an IT man.
Ah, but you were smelling him, too?
No, I was too far away.
Oh, so you were spying on him?
He didn't really wanna be seen.
My dad said I could have this,
but I, uh, I wanna give it back to him.
Can you help me find him?
The bust's on, Logan.
Pick you up at midnight.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey, baby.
Come sit down for a second.
What is it?
I found something.
- David's room.
- No!
The boy went and got himself
a box of condoms, Franklin.
Condoms! Franklin!
D-Do you think he's Is he ready?
Well, he thinks he is.
He got a box of 24!
Oh, God.
Is Is he here?
No, no, he's at Norma's.
- Why are we whispering?
- I don't know! I don't know!
I don't understand what's going on!
How did you I don't
understand. How did How did
Where does he get a box of 24?!
I don't know,
I don't know, I don't know!
Where did he get a
I didn't even know you could
buy a box of 24 Trojans!
Assorted colours and flavours.
What is that?!
You need to stop! You need to stop!
You need to go talk to him.
Why I got to go talk to him?
- Go talk to him!
- That's your son.
No, you Oh, now he's my son?
He's your son! Come on now.
That's man to man stuff.
Oh, this is man stuff?
Man stuff.
This is Martha Roberts.
Man stuff.
Yeah, how you hanging in there?
Yeah, uh-huh.
I just want you to know me and my staff,
we're with you on this, okay?
Now, remember.
If you can't talk about sex,
you're not ready to have it.
So, any questions?
Uh, yes.
Go ahead.
Do you like sex, Dad?
With the right person.
So, with Mom?
Now, anything else you want to know?
What was the name of that IT man?
I don't recall.
Any more questions?
You gonna die, like, soon?
I'm very sick, David. You know that.
So is that why you're telling me
about all this sex stuff now?
Because you won't always
be there with me to
talk about it?
Look, son
You know how to use one of those?
It could not be easier.
Watch this.
No, no, not Not yet.
Here we go.
Here you go.
That That's it?
That's it. That's all.
What if I don't have a banana?
That fingerprint
I got nothing useful for you.
Just another officer's print.
Guess he must've been at your scene.
Yeah, yes.
Sorry, man.
Which officer?
Uh, James Frater.
Okay, uh, thanks for checking.
It was worth a shot.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
Getting my husband's car back.
Oh, oh, yes, yes, yes.
We were just discussing my
meeting with the mayor tomorrow.
Franklin, maybe you should go in.
You're a celebrity lawyer and all.
Oh, no, it should be you.
Yeah. Yeah.
Was there anything more that
I can go in with?
Can you help us?
Uh, uh, no, no.
My CI tells me there's five guys.
They work out of an open kitchen
at the far corner,
straight back and to the right.
They got a big stash of purple heroin.
- Everybody got that?
- Yep.
- Right. Okay.
- Sir.
They're armed with AKs,
but at this hour,
I expect to find them blazed as
shit and counting their money.
I am happy to help them with that.
You're up first.
We all file behind.
Everybody good?
- Good.
- Let's go.
- Yeah, good.
- Let's do it.
- Police!
- Police!
- Police!
- Hands in the air!
- Police!
- Hands in the air!
Drop your weapons! Drop it!
Hey, hey! Drop it, drop it!
Police! Get on the ground! Stop!
- Don't move!
- Get down, get down!
Drop your weapons!
Get down!
Stay down! That's it!
Put your head down!
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