68 Whiskey (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Fight or Flight

So that's what Sasquatch has been after this whole time? Apparently so.
Then let's not keep them apart.
Davis, hold on.
- Hold on.
- For what? There's no fight until we give this back.
And if there's no fight, then I'm in deep shit.
Look, give me that.
Look, we are gonna give it back.
But I want to find out what's so important to our little buddy.
Okay, do it.
What kinda language do you think that is? "Keep the fuck out" language.
Hang on.
Let me try something.
Give it up.
We're giving this to Sasquatch now.
What's the hurry? It's from the bank.
They're gonna take possession of my family's house to pay the hospital for my mom's cancer treatments.
That's a fuckload of zeroes.
The last letter was yellow.
This one is orange.
It's like they're raising the terror threat level on my life.
Next letter's gonna have anthrax in it.
Let's go find Sasquatch.
Colonel Austin wants to see you two in his office right now.
- Promotions? - We did save the day.
Your whole crew is grounded.
Effective immediately.
- Sir? - Hang on.
I'm sorry, but the last time I checked, we acquired a shitload of lifesaving morphine in some pretty dangerous conditions.
You also pissed off my superior and his superior.
Whatever you did got SecCorp paying attention, and now they've got Washington paying attention, and people who matter are demanding - I take action against you - Sir, I don't understand.
We got the drugs with no help from SecCorp.
People who shouldn't even know you exist are now keenly aware of you.
What does that mean, sir? It means your entire military careers are in jeopardy.
Welcome to the party, men.
Besides being grounded, you'll be losing all base privileges and be on cleanup and KP duty as well.
Hopefully that'll appease all these people I got burrowing up my ass.
Who's gonna replace us, sir? Oh, they're sending in a new crew.
Oh, and you're all losing pay.
Losing pay? You should consider yourself lucky you're not spending time in the brig, Davis.
Is that still an option? 'Cause I'd much rather do that than Shut the fuck up, dude.
Apologies for the language, sir.
Sir, I wasn't on that mission.
Sergeant, you're going down with this ship even though you were not a party to this.
And by the way, you've done excellent work recently.
That's just how shit rolls in the Army.
Feel free to take it up privately with your husband later.
Now this base needs to be put back together after that mortar attack, and you're just the soldiers in deep shit to do it.
Fucking bullshit.
I'm back to scrubbing toilets.
Thank you very much.
Look, we had no way of knowing that this was gonna come back and bite us in the ass.
Everything you do comes back to bite you in the ass.
- No point in arguing.
- Yes, there is.
It's making me feel better.
You know that call came in from the Under goddamn Secretary of Defense.
I have never put through a call that high up the chain of command before.
You all are damn lucky you're not being court-martialed.
- I don't feel lucky.
- Under Secretary of Defense? SecCorp took this all the way to the top.
- That's not good.
- To him it is.
No, this isn't about that morphine.
This is about shit we saw out there in the middle of nowhere.
Whatever it's about, we need to watch it.
This is major shit we're stepping in.
And I didn't even step in it.
Bright side, future grounds for your eventual divorce.
Sorry to interrupt.
I'm not even supposed to be here.
I lost my gym privileges.
Thought you'd get a kick outta that.
So, look.
I brought you something.
I didn't have time to attach a personal note.
- Transaction over.
- Okay.
I'm happy to leave.
But I just want to know we're on the same page.
We're on the same page.
And so I'm clear, that's the page where you agree to fight the Warlord's bodyguard, right? Where I'm from, we keep our promises.
It's a pretty big operation you guys got going on out there in the middle of nowhere.
What operation? Okay.
I get it.
Top secret.
My lips are sealed.
You're not supposed to be here.
I was just talking some business.
- What business? - Don't worry about it.
No distractions today, babe.
Later, babe.
- You ready? - Left my dad's balls ready.
Hot, strong.
Where does her talent end? - Dude.
- I'm positive reinforcement.
You can't talk over all the footage, okay? I'm sending this to stunt coordinators.
This is important.
This could be my ticket out of the military, so just please take it seriously.
Got it.
I just, I feel like I should be sparring with an actual person, not a camera.
- Me? - You scared? No, ma'am.
How come no one's stopping? These people need medical care.
I'm giving medical care.
Hmm, you sure that this sign is printed correctly? - That says "free medical care"? - Yes.
- In Pashto? - Yes.
Maybe we should make it bigger.
It is big enough.
You're the first person to get this close.
We are slow to warm up to people with guns.
These troops are here for your protection.
When you leave, will you take them with you? Of course.
Then they are here for your protection.
You have this very irksome way of turning everything I say around on me.
It is a gift.
Wanna be my first walk-in? Someone will have to be.
She's fine.
I just said she looks tired.
You mean I look like shit.
Worry less about us, son, and more about staying safe over there.
How are things in the hot zone? Things are about to be a whole lot better.
I'm about to be flush with cash soon.
I'll be able to finally get those motherfuckers from the bank off your back.
All this language.
Your fault.
Flush with cash, how? It's complicated.
Don't worry about the bank, son.
We talked to them.
You did? When? It doesn't matter.
We worked it all out.
Exactly how did you work it out? We don't wanna bother you with legalities.
You got more important things to think about.
Just stay safe over there.
Okay, but I need you to tell me exactly You're gonna have to end that call and leave, Sergeant.
- Yeah, in a second - No, right now.
You're on the no privilege list.
What's he talking about, no privilege? Nothing, Ma.
I'll be off in a second, Private.
I'm gonna have to terminate this call now.
And I'm gonna have to terminate your fucking finger.
Everything all right, son? What's going on there? Everything is fine, Ma.
What about Look, if you leave right now, I won't report you.
- Otherwise - I'm gone.
- All right.
- I'm going.
Okay, so there are two tricks when throwing a stunt punch.
The first is distance so you don't actually hit the other person.
Camera angles do most of the work.
But you still have to throw the punch like it's real.
Hard and fast.
You try.
That's it.
But even more important than that is the end.
You have to really sell it when it lands.
So when I punch, you snap your head to the side.
Got it? Okay? Okay.
But really snap.
Do it quicker.
- All right? - Okay.
Come on, babe.
- Snap.
- I'm trying.
All right.
Okay, new deal.
You try to hit me this time, okay? Okay.
Shit, shit.
Hon, are you okay? Are you okay? Now that's how you sell it, babe.
How did our adventure end up all the way on the Under Secretary of Defense's desk? Easy.
SecCorp has fiends in high places.
Yeah, but what are they so afraid of? What the fuck is on that blue FOB? Who cares? We got the fight back on.
We got bigger shit to worry about, like our boxing ring being a pile of lumber at the moment.
I care.
Well, bringing down Sasquatch is not gonna get Durkin back for you.
Those two things are completely unrelated, okay? Oh, my mistake.
I'm over Durkin.
I don't even think about her anymore.
That ship has sailed.
I'm fine with that.
That's who they sent in to replace us? They brought in the PJs.
Didn't have to bring in the LeBron James of medic crews just to rub it in.
They're not that hot.
Just beards and biceps.
Can you try and remember that we're married? What? Fuck you.
First, the Under Secretary of Defense grounds us, then they send in the fucking PJs to replace us.
Something big's going on.
And SecCorp is very worried we're gonna screw it up.
Well, let's not disappoint them.
Not now, fellas.
I'm tending to a real temperamental gazpacho.
I hate gazpacho.
Tell him what he's missing.
Truth? Yeah, of course the bloody truth.
- I've had better.
- Go fuck yourself.
I'm doing the best I can making your lunch out here in the Afghan bloody wilderness.
Won't even have my kitchen back until after the big fight.
Yeah, about that.
We're here to place our bets.
With what? I don't see any U.
presidents in your hand.
With the hashish we gave you as collateral.
Oh, well, that was for the last fight, also known as the slaughter of Sergeant Roback.
No, it's for this fight, also known as the mythical molly wop of Sasquatch.
Your word against mine.
- That's out-and-out theft.
- It is, isn't it? Whoa.
Hey, stop it.
- Jesus fucking Christ! - What the fuck, dude? I'm sorry, man.
I just snapped.
I got a lot riding on this.
Look, we don't usually resort to this kind of behavior, but you can see how much this means to us now, okay? Here's the deal.
That hashish is gonna be used as our collateral for the upcoming fight.
- Understood? - Fuck you.
He's all yours.
Okay, fine.
We roll it all over to the big fight, done.
Put it all on the bodyguard.
But it won't do you much good.
What you talking about? You've done too thorough a job promoting your boy.
Everyone's betting on him now.
Odds are looking like a fat kid on a seesaw.
No one's betting on Sasquatch.
- No one? - No, terrible odds.
All that'll win is pennies on the dollar, if that.
Why not put it all on Sasquatch? Get a bit of excitement into your life? The payout would be monumental.
What are we gonna do? We bet on our guy, we win nothing.
We bet on Sasquatch, we lose everything when our guy wins.
- Let's stick to the plan.
- The plan is FUBAR.
There is no good options here.
Anything's better than losing it all.
Time's up.
What's it gonna be? Sometimes long shots like Sasquatch come through.
And when they do, fortunes are made.
Then again, you can just do what your guts tell you.
We're gonna go with our guy.
All right.
Oh, not so fast.
I've been told I've got both of you at my disposal for KP duty.
So that means I'm gonna need one of you Eeny, meeny, miney, mo.
To peel my many potatoes.
Hey, hold your horses.
There's plenty of snack money to be made during the big fight.
So I'm gonna need you to restock my vending machines.
Get to work, Davis.
You're doing remarkably well considering what you've been through.
You should be dead.
I'm a very resilient LN.
That is what you call us, is it not? It is.
I would prefer it if from now on you called me Qasem.
- Qasem.
- Mm.
You should get your shirt back on now.
You know, it's ridiculous no one's coming to the clinic.
- I am here.
- Yeah, you're the only one.
Come with me.
This whole thing is looking very, how should I say it - Efficient and safe? - American.
It's dangerous for us to be seen interacting with Americans.
When you leave, we have made enemies we cannot protect ourselves from.
It should not be this way, but it is.
These people need help.
I can help.
There must be a way.
There is a way, but it's not very American.
I'll be the judge of that.
So how did we meet? Here.
On base.
I saw you coming out of your CHU one day headed for the showers.
I said, "Hey, towel's not regulation.
I'm gonna need you to drop it".
You naturally were swept off your feet, and you found me that night and had your way with me.
Can we fall in love in a way where I'm less of a slut? We'll work on it.
Can we please be serious about this Green Card interview? - Okay.
- Okay.
Do you believe in God? Not after all this.
Really? Why? Is that a deal breaker? - Just don't tell my parents.
- Okay.
How'd you ask me to marry you? Look, these are all the wrong questions.
This shit doesn't say anything about intimacy.
- It's the little stuff.
- Okay.
Like sea salt or barbecue? Neither.
That shit will kill you.
I need to tell you something.
What? Not here.
Um I killed my dad.
- You what? - Yeah, yeah.
He was doing bad things to my sister.
And he was about to turn his attention to my other sister.
And I had to protect them, so I shot him.
And he died.
And believe me when I tell you he's no real loss to the planet.
Fuck him.
Okay, okay.
Pardon my ignorance, but how are you not in jail? Nobody knows I did it.
Or cares.
Except my mom.
Everybody thinks he died in a drug deal gone wrong.
Cops are happy to be done with him.
Means they don't have to throw his ass in jail once a week for stealing Honda Civics in the street.
So look, it's probably why it took me so long to fill out the paperwork.
Now that the government's rifling through our shit, it might come up.
I should've told you sooner.
I'm sorry.
Guess now it's your turn to back out if you want.
Back out? We're already married.
It's probably a little late for that.
We keep going as planned.
Well, now you know just in case.
- In case of what? - Nothing.
We're fine.
It's done and dusted, okay? You think I'm a psychopath? I'm your wife.
If you're a psychopath, then I'm a psychopath too.
That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.
You're a good person.
I figured I got a lot of making up to do for the old man's sins.
Well, you're doing a great job at it.
Who gave you permission to leave? There's still work to be done.
Hungry soldiers need their Kit Kats.
- I'm so sorry, sir.
- Is that the Colonel I hear? Morgan Jennings.
He insisted on waiting in there and I couldn't stop him.
No worries, Corporal.
Colonel Austin.
I don't recall having any scheduled appointments this afternoon.
Didn't have time to go through proper channels.
Hmm, you people never do.
Well, I'll get right down to it.
I need your help with a little ongoing project I'm working on.
Mm, I already have a job.
Thanks for the offer.
Excuse me.
I misspoke.
We don't need you.
I just need, you know, about three dozen of your troops.
I'm using them.
We need them to work a little security detail with us.
Security? For what? I'm not at liberty to say.
And believe me, that's a more interesting answer than if I actually told you.
Just boring corporate stuff.
With you guys, it's always just the opposite.
Oh, nothing untoward.
As always, the Pentagon has completely vetted my request.
Forgive me if that doesn't impress me anymore.
I think I'll hold onto my troops.
You know all I have to do is make a phone call.
Why do we have to do this dance every time? Come on.
Let's just keep it simple.
Huh? Settle it between us? Oh, let's do the dance.
It's my only pleasure in dealing with you guys.
Who am I to deny you your only pleasure? - You rolling? - Yup, rolling.
Go for it, babe.
You're sure the cardboard boxes are safe, yeah? This is exactly how the professionals do it.
Now, come on.
All right.
Let's do it.
You okay? I think so.
Whoo! Yeah! Man.
Babe, wait until you see this.
You are fucking amazing.
The thrill of not getting shot at by the Taliban is gone.
I feel like I've been put in prison without the benefit of committing the actual crime.
Yeah, it kind of makes you an honorary brother.
Should we be wearing gloves to handle this shit? - Move.
- Get the fuck out of the way.
Blunt trauma.
Chest and abdomen.
You guys were able to intubate on the transport? Yeah, well, we got bored.
I haven't seen that before.
- You guys are very good.
- Thank you, Major.
She never said that to us.
We gotta figure out a way to get back in the fucking air.
What did you want to see me about? I was able to get you and Roback an interview at Bagram for your Green Card.
I'm not sure how both of you being on Article 15s is gonna impact it, but fingers crossed it still works.
Well, with Roback, it's always fingers crossed.
That's it.
You can go.
What's wrong? - I can't use it.
- Sorry? My ticket out of here.
I have no future.
Look, I had all these plans.
I was gonna move to L.
with my cousin.
Who is it again? Jennifer Aniston? Lawrence.
Jennifer Lawrence.
The one who played Captain Marvel? That's Brie Larson.
You should be her stunt double.
I'm not related to her.
Get Jennifer Lawrence to introduce you.
Dude, my whole point is I can't do it.
I can't be a stunt woman.
I jumped off a fucking guard tower today and I thought I was gonna die.
But you didn't die.
You did it.
It was so fucking scary.
Like Is that what I want my life to be like? I'm already in the military for Christ's sake.
When I get home, I just I just want to chill.
- Just ranting.
- That's okay.
But you know, being here doesn't set you up to chill.
And we get back home, and everyone just assumes that we all have PTSD and are alcoholics and drug addicts.
It's just bullshit.
And no one really gives a damn because they're too busy enjoying their freedom.
So my only option is to do exactly what I'm doing now.
Clerking in a dust bowl full of horny men in the middle of fucking hell.
Well, you're just as screwed as the rest of us.
Look at Roback.
Dude is from Hemet.
That's the Afghanistan of California.
Shots fired.
And Davis.
Just because his mom has cancer, he owes so much money that they're gonna take away his family's home.
- That's really sad.
- And me.
Yeah, I'm pretty much up to speed on you, girl.
Not quite.
New development.
My 13-year-old brother is in a U.
detention center because he tried to cross the border by himself to visit his old friends.
I'm sorry.
What are you gonna do? No fucking idea.
What are you doing here? Medics only.
Well, I guess you should leave then, huh? You're probably right.
Just came to grab a book to read since I'm gonna be confined to my quarters for the rest of deployment.
That's a dictionary.
I like to read a book when I know how it ends.
Oh, man.
You caught a tough break.
I feel bad for you, buddy.
You guys got some pretty high performance toys.
Well, some of the missions they send us on, it's not nearly enough.
But who's complaining? Well, me apparently.
Any idea how long you guys are gonna stick around for? Hey, we just go where they tell us and we leave when they tell us, and they haven't told us to leave yet.
Do you think it's a little overkill? Bringing you in to replace us? Well, I'm not gonna say that.
We just go where they tell us, man.
- Who's they? - Look, Sergeant Robit, Roback? - Roback.
- Roback.
I have no idea why they brought us in here, man.
Or took you out.
It's really none of my business.
Honestly, I got nothing but respect for you medics.
Just like us, minus the suicidal ADHD.
Is it true about the training you guys go through? They put you in a pool with weights strapped to you and you drown, they pull you out, and revive you? Yeah.
It's called a "Water Confidence Test".
And it's so we no longer fear dying.
Does that work? Yes? Yeah, I had a similar experience in a pool when I was 12.
Different outcome though.
Well, you gotta be a whole lot of fucked up in the head to do what we do, I guess.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't want my job back.
I wouldn't worry about it.
We never stay in the same spot for very long.
And we'll be gone soon enough.
Problem is, we could be gone with you.
Look, man, I don't know what you did to get grounded.
But I'm guessing whatever it was, you're pretty damn good at pissing people off.
It's kind of my superpower.
Mine too.
This is an awesome reel.
You knocked out a 250-pound ex-SEAL on a military base in Afghanistan.
Those Hollywood types are gonna be all over you.
Yeah, it's gonna be great.
Can't wait.
Hey, what's wrong? Nothing.
Come on, baby.
Speak to me.
I just I just feel guilty dragging you along on this because I know damn well the last thing you want is to hold car doors open for celebrities all day.
Well, then you'll be glad to hear that I came up with an alternate plan.
Alternate plan? I'm gonna start my own security contracting company.
My guys would follow me anywhere.
They can open up car doors for celebrities.
- I'll be the fucking CEO.
- Sounds awfully ambitious.
Hell, no.
All I need is a decent stake.
And I know exactly where I'm gonna get it from.
Where? This big fight that everyone on base is throwing all their money down for.
You gotta win, though.
Not worried about it.
I've heard about the guy you're fighting.
Be worried.
I saw him sparring the other day.
He's blind in his right eye.
How could you even know something like that? I totally clocked it.
He didn't see punches coming from his right, and it's a huge weakness.
- It is? - Yeah.
I just hit him with a southpaw a couple of times, and knock the son of a bitch out.
And since everyone's betting against me, it'll be a big payday for us.
Pack your bags, baby.
Well, here I am.
Am I dreaming? Have you finally decided to come back to me? I've definitely not decided to come back to you.
Mm, well this dream sucks.
You and Davis need to switch your bets to Sasquatch in the fight.
- This dream really sucks.
- I'm serious.
Look, I think it's nice that you have confidence in your boyfriend, but don't let that get all over me, okay? It's not that.
The bodyguard, he has a weakness that no one knows about.
- Mm, except you? - And Sasquatch.
Okay, what is it? He's blind in his left eye.
Says who? Sasquatch watched him fight.
He missed the block on every left hook that came at him.
You said left eye, so that'd be the right hook.
I meant right eye, left hook.
Yeah, it's the right eye.
He definitely said the right.
Look, you're not exactly giving me the reliable source vibe at the moment.
The fuck does it matter what eye he's blind in? The fact is he is blind in an eye, and Sasquatch sure as shit knows which one Well, I hope Sasquatch paid more attention than you.
I'm just trying to help you.
Yeah, about that, why? You still care about me, right? Alvarez told me about Davis's family losing their home.
I figured I knew something that could help him.
Thanks for the tip.
- I'm going now.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, wait.
Um Sasquatch ever talk to you about his work? Like what SecCorp's doing here? All the illegal shit they're doing? Sasquatch and I don't really talk about work.
Never, actually.
You don't find that weird? How is it weird, Roback? I mean, just, he might be hiding something from you.
He's not hiding anything if I just don't give a shit.
Well, maybe you should give a shit.
Maybe you should switch your bets to Sasquatch.
You too.
Get in line.
Blue 42! Blue 42! How do you prove somebody's blind in their right eye? I don't know.
You believe Durkin? Believing Durkin is more your wheelhouse.
What the fuck you doing? Non-seeing right eye motherfucker.
We gotta change our bets.
Ah, no way.
You two come any closer, I'm gonna have to report you.
Look, we're gonna take your advice.
We're switching our bets to Sasquatch.
Aw, tough break, girls.
You're too late.
Books are closed.
You said you wanted odds on Sasquatch.
We brought you odds.
But I'm afraid it's not that simple.
What's the complication? Well, somebody already gave me odds on Sasquatch.
The scales are balanced.
Don't need your charity anymore.
Who? Well, sorry.
I don't kiss and tell.
Sasquatch? Wouldn't be a crime for the man to bet on himself, would it? We wanna piggyback on that bet.
Please refer to my earlier answer of no.
Yo, chef.
What's the soup today? Right.
Well, since you're asking so nicely, looks like I have no alternative but to accept your late inning switcheroo.
- Under one condition.
- What condition? If you lose, not only is all the hashish mine, but I'm gonna want a good amount of cold hard cash on top.
You got it.
You two seem pretty sure of yourselves.
You know something that I don't? We're just feeling very lucky today.
Well, I hope so.
For your sakes.
I'm gonna run these samples back at my base.
If there's anything that needs attention, we can take it from there.
I have to say I'm surprised you came.
Well, I want to help people.
You helped me find a way to do that.
But this is just the beginning.
By the time I'm done, I wanna be able to examine pretty much everyone in this village.
Well, let's keep our expectations under control.
- Is there running water here? - No.
Okay, we're gonna have to figure out a water situation.
I assume there's no generator here.
I'll have to bring one in.
Unless you think that'll draw too much attention.
Why are you laughing? I have never seen you so frantic like this.
Well, I'm frantic because I'm risking my family and career.
The two things I stand to lose by just being here.
And, you know, I am crazy.
I came here alone, no protection, my CO doesn't even know that I'm here.
Why did you do that? I am fairly certain that you like me.
Interesting theory.
You do not? I thought I was playing it cool.
We both thought we were playing it cool.
We are both idiots.
My whole fucking life depends on this.
Don't worry, amigo.
It's all gonna go our way.
You don't know that.
I can't believe I listened to you.
You bet on NASCAR races.
Who bets on cars? These PJ guys are legit.
Cameron's actually a pretty nice dude.
Sasquatch gotta win this.
Anchor four.
Yeah, yeah.
All right, guys, let's go.
Team Phoenix, we're out of here.
- Hey, see? - Huh? If we weren't grounded, we'd be on that call.
And we'd miss the whole fight.
How fucking lucky are we? Oh, Lord Jesus.
Sasquatch gotta win.
Boxers, to your corners.
The fight is about to begin.
I can't do this.
I gotta get closer.
I don't care if somebody reports Davis.
Take it all in, Sas.
All I see are a bunch of assholes who are about to lose their money.
If you win.
All except two.
I had a couple guys switch their bets last minute.
They put every dime on you.
Probably 'cause you look supplemented to oblivion, mate.
Who fucked up my odds? Oh, it was Those two assholes are about to cost me money.
Hey, don't worry about it.
Don't worry about it.
All right, everybody.
Keep it down.
Hey, shut the fuck up.
Are you people ready to see some fucking bloodshed? Whoo.
Hit it.
Now let's meet our fighters.
In the one corner, we've got the Bull from Kabul, the Jallalabadass, the Afghan Ali, the man we all know and love.
Actually, I don't know his name, but who cares, he's big and scary.
It's this guy.
And in the other corner, the as-of-yet undisputed son of Bigfoot himself, here to make his daddy proud, give it up for your boy, SecCorp superstar, S-S-S-S-S-Sasquatch! Let's go.
Okay, here we go.
Here we go.
What are you ladies waiting for? That means fight.
Go on.
He's got him on the ropes already? Look, Sasquatch has just gotta play the calm before the storm, okay I can't watch this.
Hey, he's back.
He's back.
Mess him up, baby.
Yeah! Yeah! Khalil, give him the eight count.
- One, two, three - In Pashto, you twit.
One, two, three Four, five, six Do you give in? One, two, three No.
Four, five, six, seven Get the fuck up, man! Eight.
You're done.
Afghan Ali, our new winner.
I can't watch this.
I can't watch this.
Wake up, baby.
Please, come on.
Come on, honey.
And that's how you sell it.
What happened? He fucking had him.
We'll fix this.
It's over.
I'm dead.
Cameron? - How are vitals? - He's dead.
Take him in for pronouncement.
That should have been us.

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