68 Whiskey (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Do the Right Thing

What are you looking at? Noticed you don't have a rank.
How long have you been over here? - Seven months.
- Seven? After six, you automatically get a stripe.
Something's not right.
No one's ever contacted me about that.
It's your job to contact them.
- You need to fix this.
- How? Go to Colonel Austin and ask for that stripe.
Colonel Austin? It's the only way to get this straightened out.
- Ah, he's pretty busy.
- Yeah.
Pretty busy with stuff like this.
Don't mean to bother you guys.
Didn't expect to see you here so soon.
I know I'm not officially a part of the team yet, but I just wanted to ask a few Y'all got a sick setup on this base.
It's like a whole nother world over here.
Gonna be kinda hard to go back to the other side.
Yeah, what can we do for you, Davis? Just got a few questions.
How long does it take for the checks to arrive? I mean, is it, like, a long wait? Nah, nah, nothing like that, mate.
Checks always come.
We even set up direct deposit for you.
Good to know.
Nice shot, mate.
Is there anything else we can help you with? Yes, there is.
Why you guys here? Well, until you're officially wearing one of our black vests, that's none of your business.
Take a swing.
Don't mind if I do.
Bend the knees.
Yeah, this is not my sport.
Eh, you'll get the hang of it.
That's what I'm afraid of.
I see you, Davis.
I see you.
- Look, you gotta understand - It's genius.
- It is? - Yeah.
You're our inside man.
It's a coy ploy.
Sneak in there, earn their trust, gather evidence on Sasquatch's war crimes, then stab them while they sleep.
I like your style.
What's the plan? - You ready for the plan? - Yeah, lay it on me.
The plan is, they write me checks.
- Okay.
- I cash those checks.
I help get my mom healthy again, save my home.
That's the plan.
The plan doesn't include me.
That's exactly what makes it an excellent plan.
Plans that include you generally end with someone losing everything they hoped to gain, sometimes their life.
Medevac, medevac, medevac.
9-line follows.
Send it over.
- Are you fucking kidding me? - Let's roll! - We're coming to get you.
- Just sit tight.
Joining the Death Star just for the goddamn money.
Just for the goddamn money.
This is not the man I know.
The man you know got bills to pay.
- Not like this.
- Just like this.
Look, I understand there's some personal shit happening between you two, but we leave it out the battlefield.
She's right! Y'all need to work out your shit, because we're approaching the AO! - Just land this fucking thing! - Just land this fucking thing! Is it just me, or is everyone beginning to trust our little operation here? Yes, this is very good news.
What is not very good news is that most of them are having aggressive diarrhea in an area of our country not known for its indoor plumbing.
All of them are having this same issue? No, some of them are also having internal bleeding.
Others are old and have become so sick, they are near death.
And I think I know why.
It's totally contaminated.
That was my assessment.
How long has this been happening? Since the Americans started whatever it is - they are doing across the hill.
- Americans? The ones with the black vests and the beards.
SecCorp? - We do not differentiate.
- Some here claim to have seen them come late at nights to pour liquids into the wells.
Well, what kind of liquids? They do not know.
We have to do something about this.
Yes, I was hoping you would have more options at your disposal than I do.
Yeah, well, we can at least try and get clean water in here, for starters.
People of this village would be very appreciative.
That's why we're here in Afghanistan, Qasem.
I was hoping there was a reason.
I'm not having this argument with you anymore.
You are over me.
No, I'm not.
And that's another problem I have to solve.
But for now, we'll solve this one first.
Sir, what's the situation? We got called in to clear this minefield the Soviets so graciously left behind in the '80s.
Sergeant Decker was defusing an ordnance when it exploded.
Shot her up 20 feet in the air.
- Signs of life? - We're not sure.
We're praying her suit gave her some protection.
What are we looking at here? The orange flags are the mines we can see.
Blue are the path that we're making.
But we don't know what we don't know, so I can't recommend that you walk out there until we chart a path.
We don't have that kind of time.
The fastest way in and out is to hover the bird over her so we can lower the basket and pluck her out.
You couldn't get the bird in low enough.
The rotor wash from the blades.
Get too close, and the vibrations will disturb any unexploded ordnance.
Gotta be by foot.
- How did she get out there? - Muffin.
- Who's Muffin? - Bomb-sniffing canine.
The dog finds a path, Decker follows the dog.
Somebody call the dog.
We tried that, but that dog's not leaving Decker's side.
Muffin! Come here! - Muffin speaks German.
- German? It's the language they're trained in for security reasons.
If you have move that slow and we have to learn German, then our wounded's not gonna make it.
Yeah, well, as you can see, we're doing our best.
Maybe you could think of something else.
But while you do that, we're gonna continue plotting a safe way to get out there.
So all we gotta do is walk across this unmarked 40-year-old minefield, then lug a wounded EOD in a 300-pound bomb suit back across without her bleeding out? Kommst du hier, bitte.
Kommst du hier, Muffin.
- Guter Mann, Muffin! - Kommst du hier, Muffin.
Can one of you translate to Muffin that we're trying to save his master's life? The dog knows random German commands.
Doesn't speak it conversationally.
Gotta figure out a way to get that dog over here.
Fuck's sake.
That dog can sniff bombs underground, then he sure as shit could sniff food across a minefield.
Come here, Muffin! He speaks German.
He speaks hungry.
Come here, boy! Come here, Muffin! Oh, hey, look, look, look, look.
Yeah, yeah, whoo! Come here, boy! - Hey.
- Good boy.
Oh, shit.
Yeah, yeah! - Whoo! Oh, yeah.
- Come here, Muffin.
- Yeah.
- Come here, Muffin.
- Yes! - Yeah.
Good boy.
See? What happens now? My partner and I follow the dog out to Sergeant Decker.
And then what? Try and figure out a way to get her to safety.
Yeah, you're a good dog.
Is that dog really good at sniffing bombs? She's the best there is.
Then we'll follow her out to Sergeant Decker.
She's gonna need immediate medical attention before she can be moved.
That's sorta why we're here.
Whoa, that's high-risk.
Definitely not protocol.
- It is now.
- Hey.
Okay, one of you follow me out.
- Two out of three? - I'm good.
Leave a trail with these.
Holy shit.
Oh, shit.
Come on.
What's it doing? I don't know.
He must have smelled something.
Good dog.
We get out of here alive, I'm gonna buy that motherfucking dog a drink.
Oh, shit.
Good boy.
You know, you could learn a thing or two about loyalty from this dog.
Loyalty to who? You? Look, I get it.
Trust is the bedrock of all friendship, and I broke your trust, but just give me another chance to help you out.
No more chances.
Time's up.
We're out here on our own now.
If that's really how you feel, that's just fucking sad, - 'cause you and I are family.
- No, I have a real family.
One that I would do anything to save.
I'd cut off my arm for 'em.
Sell my soul.
Look, I get that, but those SecCorp guys have got fucking blood on their hands, Davis.
- Buckley's blood.
- You can't prove that.
Hey! Both of you! Do not talk! Do not step on mines! Be like Muffin! Stay away from the orange flags! No shit! I'm following the dog! The dog is man's best friend, we're following the dog.
Oh, good boy.
Good boy.
Good dog, that's it.
- Good job.
- She's alive! Pulse is weak.
Blood pressure's low.
She's in shock.
Bleeding from the mouth, possible internal injuries.
Can you hear me? I can't move anything.
- Okay, probable spinal damage.
- Yeah.
We're not gonna be able to get her out - of this suit.
- Get me out of here.
Gonna get you home, okay? We need an evac! Get her out of there! The dog will lead you back out.
This fucking guy.
They can't carry her out with a broken back.
They'd risk paralyzing her.
Look, get back in the bird, lower the basket so we can get her out of here! All right, okay.
I need you to stay awake for us now, okay? Whatever SecCorp is doing is contaminating the villagers' drinking water.
Now, they need fresh water.
I know what I'm asking, and I understand that no one upstairs wants to waste resources on the local population, but the longer we wait, the worse it'll get.
We can supply the water.
Really? You heard me.
You're not gonna push back? You're not gonna give me 18 reasons why this should have no operational priority? - I will if you want me to.
- No.
I'm happy to take yes for an answer.
- Anything else? - Um, no.
Thank you.
Whatever you need to help and support the poor people of this village, you just say the word.
May I ask why you're so eager to help me with this, sir? Sometimes you just gotta do what's right.
Corporal! Get that asshole Morgan Jennings in here right away, please.
Yes, sir.
- We're at 300 feet.
- Lower! 250! 200! I'm not going any lower! That's all the slack we got to lower the basket.
- Shit.
- What now? Is that all the slack you got? - Affirmative.
- Then bring the bird lower! We do not recommend you go lower! Maybe we ought to listen to them.
We're gonna get you out of here, okay? Just stay awake.
Our patient is critical.
We gotta move it! Fuck.
Go lower! Slowly! - Bring it down! - Don't do it! I'm getting signals from EOD that if I lower the bird, we all die in a large explosion! What the fuck are you waiting for? Our patient is critical! Lower the fucking bird! - Put it down! - God damn it! It's fine, right? It's definitely fine.
Stop! Stop! - Hold! - Hold! - Where you at? - Maybe 150 above you! - What do you think? - Don't do it! Any lower, you're gonna detonate something! What do you think? Yeah, me too.
Bring it down! Bring it down! What the fuck are you doing? Oh, motherfucker! Holy fuck! Holy shit! Too close for me! Need to get us to a safer ceiling! Give us 15 seconds! We're pulling out! Put her on the stretcher now! One, two, three, roll! Down! Now! We gotta go now! You're good! We're gone! Fuck.
What? - How we get out of here? - We follow the flags.
What flags? What do we do now? We don't move a fucking inch.
This is one fucked-up way to earn a living.
Money's not really why we do it though, is it? Speak for yourself.
Come on, man, I'm begging you.
Don't sell your soul for six magic beans.
It ain't magic beans.
It's 100 grand.
And that's just the signing bonus.
Rather get blown up by one of those land mines.
That can be arranged.
My mom and sisters are never gonna see me dolled up in those Darth Vader fucking black vests Drop it.
Can't imagine telling them that I'm like a soulless mercenary who just kills for money - I'm warning you.
- Or protect some fucking fascist dictator who just slaughters his own people just to stay in power.
They do that, you know.
So do we.
Look, just trust that you and I can find another way.
I found a way.
Hey, guys! How long's it gonna take out there? We gonna make it home by Christmas? Gonna be at least another couple hours! So no.
No is the answer.
Main, this is Dustoff 3-1 Delta.
Go ahead, Delta.
Yeah, just wondering when that bird's gonna pick our asses up and get us out of this Soviet fucking minefield.
Uh, roger, Delta.
Just hold tight.
It's okay for Alvarez and Crash to risk their lives for an EOD, but I'm not gonna put them in danger just because of us.
If that land mine had blown up while they were hovering, the vibrations would've seized up the rotors and they would've crashed.
Main, this is Delta.
Go ahead, Delta.
We're safe and out of danger.
Just gonna hitch a ride back to base with EOD.
Roger that.
Our options are dwindling.
Incoming! Sitrep! Possible concussion, internal bleeding.
Pulse and heart rate are at 50.
Why is she still in this thing? Couldn't risk taking it off her, sir.
Also a good chance there's spinal damage.
Cut the bloody suit off.
- How, Captain? - Very fucking carefully.
- Alvarez! - Gotta go, sir! All right, get me three bags of O negative, stat.
Hey, let's go get Roback and Davis.
- Relax.
They just radioed in.
- They're safe.
They're out of the minefield and they're hitching a ride back with EOD.
Oh, thank God.
- Colonel wanted to see me? - Have a seat.
I'll stand.
He's here, sir.
- Make him wait.
- My pleasure.
On second thought, let's get this over with.
Jennings! How can I be of service, Colonel? We have a growing humanitarian problem - at the local village.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
What's it got to do with us? I believe you folks are familiar with the area.
Yeah, yes, we are.
Um, and, you know, my heart just goes out to those poor people, but, uh, I'm just not sure how I can help, though.
Oh, you can't.
I just wanted to put on your radar that it's now on mine.
Uh, you know, um if the problem is as bad as you say it is, would it not be better to have the, uh, U.
Army help move these people to a, you know, more health-positive location? I mean, we'd obviously help, if if we could, but we don't have your resources.
Relocation would cause headache after headache.
But clean water, that, we can provide as long as they need it.
And then we'll bring in the Army Corps of Engineers to find out what could possibly be contaminating their wells.
Whatever they find should be interesting, to say the least.
I'm sorry I can't be more help.
But, you know, I applaud your kind heart and generous spirit.
How'd that go, sir? Oh, I got that son of a bitch's attention.
- Good work, sir.
- Mm.
- Hungry? - No.
Come on, man.
It's gonna be hours before EOD plots a path.
Just share a meal with me.
I said I'm not hungry.
Break bread with me, for fuck's sake.
- We could die.
It's ravioli! - I said no! You fucking lunatics! Fuck, man.
You good? Yeah.
You know how many people get shot out here in these hills? Taliban patrols these fucking places after night.
We gotta get the fuck out of here.
No shit.
I'm here to see the colonel about getting my stripe.
I've been here for seven months, and after six months, you are You wanna talk to Colonel Austin about your one stripe? Uh, m-my buddies said he was the guy.
- Your buddies? - Yeah.
He Sir! Private? The fuck you doing in here? Sir, he's here to help me with some things.
What? Well, I just blew my chance with the colonel.
J wait.
Look, let me see if I can help you.
Come over here and we'll take a peek at your personnel file.
Stealing an ambulance.
I mean, I signed it out under my name, but Unauthorized leave of base.
That was, uh, community outreach.
Harboring livestock.
- Boz.
- Wow.
I can see why you haven't moved a rank in seven months.
Look, I look, you don't understand.
I just bought a car that I can't come close to affording.
I really need a pay raise.
You know, I bought one of those cars in my first tour too.
Never drove it.
Sitting in my garage covered in a tarp, and I'm still paying it off.
- You are? - Yeah.
But I don't care.
Because when I get out of here, I'm gonna throw everything I own in the back seat, step on the gas, and not look back.
You know, that was my secret plan too.
What's the big deal about one stripe anyways, huh? I mean, everyone with an asshole on this base has one.
Not me, huh? Anyway, uh, thanks for trying to help.
We're sitting ducks out here.
We need to do something.
I was hoping to avoid this, but What the fuck are you doing? Respect your perimeter! Relax.
I got a photographic memory.
Got me through high school without lifting a finger.
I know exactly which way the dog went.
- Are you sure? - Fairly sure.
How sure? Like, 78%.
That's 22% unsure.
We gotta take those odds.
Stop! What? If you die, I need to tell you.
Whatever happens, it's been real.
Thanks, man.
Don't you wanna say the same thing back? Don't really feel like betting against myself at the moment.
- Right.
I get that.
- Yeah.
- Wait! - What? Coming with you.
We're in this together, for better or worse.
Just like old times.
We'll see.
What's wrong? If we die I don't wanna die mad at you.
I don't wanna die mad at you either.
This SecCorp thing is fucking hard for me to move past.
You should know it's hard for me to move past too.
I forgive you.
I don't need your motherfucking forgiveness.
But thanks.
That was fucking impressive.
Now that we're safe, fuck you for joining SecCorp.
Fuck you for not understanding.
There's more on the way.
My superior officer assured me there'd be gallons of fresh drinking water supplied as soon as logistically possible.
Well, I'm grateful for the fresh drinking water.
I hope that's what you need to be happy.
The water will make me happy, yes.
Then that makes me happy too.
We are not talking about drinking water anymore, are we? Might as well be.
What what is wrong? You know, I thought about what it would be like if that medic never brought you into my hospital.
And? No matter what happens, I'm so goddamn grateful he did.
Whoever is poisoning our drinking water will not be happy that you're interfering with their plans.
Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure that's my commanding officer's whole goal here.
Even though I do not know this man, I admire him.
You and me both.
I had a lot of time to think on that minefield.
If I'd have gotten blown up out there, Alvarez would have gotten her green card and been free and clear.
Comforting thought, but you didn't get blown up.
So now her and I are gonna have to go through the motions until this marriage is deemed genuine.
Plus, you promised yourself you don't wanna fuck a married man.
- I was extremely young.
- Still.
While we're on base, Colonel Austin's gonna make sure that this marriage is legit.
There is a plan buried somewhere in all this, right? There is.
What? We do what's right.
And what's right is knowing that helping Alvarez is more important than you and I being together.
Doing what's right is knowing that if you and I are supposed to be together, it'll happen someday.
Right? No.
No, fuck it, no.
When did you get all New Agey about this? When I realized it was my fate to walk out of a minefield alive.
And it's our fate to I don't know Sacrifice being together so we can both help somebody that we really care about.
Jesus, Roback.
- This is a new side of you.
- I know.
I like it.
It's not gonna be easy.
Might be fun.
Wanting to be together and knowing we can't.
Most problems begin with when you can.
You really did some soul-searching out there in the minefield, didn't you? I was fucking scared.
This is the sexiest thing I've ever done in my life.
Yeah, goes without saying, me too.
One for the road? Okay, go.
So what did Colonel Austin say? Why don't you fuck off, Wittman? Just fuck off.
You actually bothered Colonel Austin with this, didn't you? How dumb can you be? Private, move your flat ass.
This says you not only saw combat - but you're a fucking war hero.
- Huh? The incident at the suicide gates with the stolen uniforms.
You shot an enemy combatant before he could detonate an explosive.
But that's sort of my job.
That's also the sort of thing that'll get you a bronze star.
Why didn't anyone tell me this? It's the army.
Takes months for this shit to wend its way through the system.
But this should get you promoted to E-2, - private second class.
- Thank you, Corporal.
You're welcome.
Thank you all for insisting that the record be set straight.
From now on, I'd be nice to Petrocelli because he's on the fast track to outranking all you pricks.
Private Second Class Petrocelli.
It's got a nice ring to it.
- Congrats.
- Thank you.
I'm proud of the work you and your team did on that minefield, Sergeant.
Thank you, sir.
Looks like that EOD you brought in is gonna make it.
- That's welcome news.
- Mm.
Now I have an important mission for you and your crew - to take care of.
- Yes, sir? You're the only one I could trust to do this.
Do you mind if I ask why, sir? Because I believe you have a horse in this race.
You saw what SecCorp did to Buckley.
You were there.
What has this got to do with SecCorp, sir? They've overstayed their unwelcome on this base.
And it's time for me to do something about it.
- I'm all the way in on that.
- Good.
Because you're gonna be an important part of this.
How so? Just deliver the water for now.
I'll tell you when it's time to take the next step.
- I'm your man, sir.
- I don't doubt it.
Don't let the colonel down.
This one's for Buckley.
You know everything, don't you, Corporal? That, I do, Sergeant.
You suck at this game.
Fuck, you try playing with three fingers, mate.
I know that look.
Then you know what's next.
We need to clear that village now before Austin puts it on the army's radar and then there's no getting it off.
Take what you need.
Finish what you started.
Only way to do that's to start playing rough.
Well, then play rough! What the fuck am I paying you for? Get everyone out into the streets! - Get up, let's go.
- Let's go.
Out, out.
- Come on, people, move! - Move your ass! Move! Move! - Move! - Get up! Move! Move! Get up, let's go! Come on, move your ass! Let's go! Come on.
Just shut that kid up.
Tell them it's not safe for any of them to be here anymore.
Tell them we'll be returning, and if anyone's still resides in this area, they'll face dire consequences! Hear what he said? Listen up! No, stop! Aw, shit.
- All right, clear out! Let's go! - Move! Shh, shh, shh.
Come on! - She okay? - Yeah, I think so.
Major Holloway? Oh, my God.
Just me.
- Are you okay, ma'am? - Possible concussion.
Seeing double.
Your team did this.
What happened? I got involved.
Jesus, are you okay? This was SecCorp, right? Yes.
They're coming back to clear the town by force.
- We have to stop them.
- We will.
We will.
Sure as hell will.
I didn't sign up for this shit.
Good to have you back.
Glad to be back.

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