6ixtynin9: The Series (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

I don't get why Sonny
has to deliver the stuff himself tonight.
I heard it's a VIP customer.
A famous singer or something.
I have something to tell you.
What is it?
When Sonny was taking care of Pued
this afternoon,
when he walked to the car, I
couldn't see the shadow of his head.
Fuck, man. What are you saying?
Why didn't you tell him?
Seriously? Would you dare?
He'd accuse me of cursing him.
Come on,
you know how temperamental he is, man.
Flips like a switch.
If I warned him,
then he could either thank me
or shoot me down like this bastard.
Do you think we should be on standby
just in case?
I'm not working anymore.
I'm going to the casino
after burying Pued.
Do you know where
Sonny's going to deliver the stuff?
It's a condo around Ladprao.
Ladprao Alley 4.
Supattra Condominium.
It's the only one there.
Thanks. Let's go.
The most important part
is when you start turning him on.
Make sure he gets so horny
he wouldn't care if he died.
Oi, just stop,
you're trying to teach a fish how to swim.
- Jim knows exactly what to do.
- Oh?
And don't forget to send me the clip
of when you cut off his dick, okay?
You sadistic bitch. Let's go home.
- Well, bye-bye.
- See you.
- Bye-bye now.
- Bye.
- Get home safe.
- Alright, let's go.
- Bye-bye.
- Charoen Krung, please.
- Which floor, boss?
- Sixteen.
Whatcha doing?
Hey, whatcha up to?
I'm meditating.
And why's that?
Something big's gonna happen.
Gotta concentrate.
You want a beer?
A nice real cold one? Huh?
Jim, I can't.
This is a big mission.
I'm gonna catch a drug lord,
and a big-name rapper.
No one at work knows about it.
I'm flying solo.
I'm gonna be famous.
And I'm gonna die alone.
John, don't say that, baby.
Wanna have a shower?
Oh, say yes.
You go ahead.
I already showered.
You see?
Okay, then.
I'll go and take a shower first.
Where is it?
Hey, Grandad,
what do you think's in the bag?
Huh, don't be so nosy.
What in the hell's going on today?
That's a nice bag.
Thank you sir.
It's fake crocodile skin.
- Do you have a floor plan?
- Yes, it's in the office.
There's a balcony at the back.
We'll split up into two teams.
The first team will attack
from the direction of the front door.
The other team will close in,
from the back, blocking them in.
The question is,
how do we get in from the balcony?
If tenants get locked out
of their apartments,
I can access their rooms through
their neighbor's balconies, Lieutenant.
I'm sorry, Inspector.
Number six is the neighbor.
The tenant's a woman.
She's, uh, pretty friendly.
I think that you can ask her
to use her balcony.
And what if she's away?
Uh Hmm
I have spare keys, sir.
Come in.
So, did you find the money?
I did, sir.
But I'd like you
to explain something first.
About what?
How much did you pay her
to kill two of my men?
I don't know what you're
Toom was an employee that got laid off,
she worked for me.
I met her at that café,
so I could give her her compensation.
Has anyone ever told you
that you're a lousy liar?
I'm not lying.
- What's she gotta do with it?
- Oh, she's in real deep.
The cash we'd been looking for
since this morning
was then found in her apartment.
And as well as this,
two of my men were found dead in there.
I don't understand.
No problem.
Let's go to her apartment,
and then you'll understand.
This is some premium shit.
Hang on, that's a Michelin two-star.
This one is three stars.
Well, how many then?
Five bags.
As you're a new client, have one for free.
That's 20,000 baht.
Where'd you get all that money?
It's my dad's money, not mine.
What does your dad do then?
Tud? What's wrong? Are you okay?
Rat poison.
In the industry, they call it rodenticide.
That's what you get for fucking with me.
You asshole.
You insolent, disrespectful,
spoiled little brat.
Because not only
did you yell at me on the phone, mm?
And have the audacity to call me an idiot,
you also had the nerve
to then go and lecture me, saying,
"Oh, you can't call me on here."
Now listen.
I've dealt drugs
since you sucked on your mom's tits.
- Do you really have to go this far?
- Do you wanna die?
In there.
That's your money.
Game's over, Kanchit. Where's my cash?
No, Tong, the game's over for you now.
I think you took the money
and then told Toom to lure my men here
so she could kill them.
Are you nuts, Kanchit?
Toom is just an office worker,
she couldn't kill anyone.
Are you saying
this is just a big coincidence?
The cash happened to be found in here,
which just happens to belong
to a woman who worked for you before,
and then two of my men just happen
to have died in this apartment.
- Coincidence my ass!
- Kanchit!
I also have a guy,
who happened to see your men come in here.
A cop also happened
to get involved in this.
That cop also happened to kill
one of my best people.
Ha! That's bull. Absolute bull.
Where's my money, Kanchit?
It's already late.
I have a dinner date.
Give me the money
so we can finish this once and for all.
I don't know where the money is,
but the person who does know
is on her way.
That woman is in a car
with one of my men right now.
And while we wait for Toom,
you're going to offer me a cigarette.
You bastard, Kanchit!
You know, this is my first cigarette
in three years.
When Toom gets here,
she's going to enlighten all of us
on what actually happened to your money,
as well as my two men.
After that,
both of my men here in this room
are going to put two bullets in your head.
One is going to enter through your chin
and come outta your skull.
That'll be for Bum.
And the other is going to enter
through your left temple
and come outta the right.
And that'll be for Noi.
I have nothing personal against you, Tong,
but I'm afraid I'll have to kill you here.
Otherwise, the spirits of both,
Bum and Noi,
won't be able to rest in peace.
Why are you smiling?
You're about to die.
How long have you lived here?
Who me? About 30 years.
- It's been quite a while.
- Yes.
Tired, Sergeant Kai?
Not at all, sir.
- Which way?
- Down here, sir.
Excuse me, Miss Toom.
Hello, sir.
Hello. I'm Inspector Bancha Naewnoi,
Deputy Superintendent
of the Police Narcotics Suppression Unit.
I'm here to ask for your permission
to send our reinforcement officers
through your balcony,
so they can carry out
the operation next door, sir.
Uh, what he means is
he wants to use your balcony
to raid the drugs in the next room.
But of course, Lieutenant.
My apologies. Inspector, sir.
Are you Toom's friend?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Plus, I hate your music.
It's all a load of crap
and the lyrics have no substance.
Society criticizes the coup
and you rap against it.
And when society supports the coup,
you rap against the youth.
You have no fucking ideology of your own,
and yet, you had the nerve to lecture me.
"If you get arrested, old man,
then they'll arrest me as well."
You idiot,
what are you scared of the police for?
Who did this?
The tattoo was me.
I'm not asking about a tattoo.
I'm asking about the man on the ground.
He's ingested rat poison, Lieutenant.
I'm sorry, Inspector.
Drop the gun now, sir.
Afraid I can't.
Drop the guns!
If I do that, you'll arrest me.
You honestly think
you'll be escaping tonight?
I'll take my chances.
Will I get to see my mother?
That depends on when she died.
She died seven years ago.
Oh, she'll have been reborn already.
You know spirits only stay here
for 48 days before rebirth.
So then, what is she now?
I'm afraid I don't know.
You'll have to ask the Rebirth Department.
By the way, it wasn't a nail fungus
that your mother died of.
The pesticides your father used
for 40 years gave her cancer.
The nail fungus was just a rumor
spread by a rival salon.
Goodbye now.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I've found a body.
The address is 236,
Piamrak Village, Prachachuen.
I think it's a suicide.
I'm her friend.
Hers? Or mine?
I'm Toi.
We don't live together.
I dropped by and
Please hurry, Inspector.
What's this?
Don't act like
we haven't done this before.
They use rubber ducks.
They're waterproof.
You call those duck boats?
They look like inflatable pool floats.
They inflated them
and brought them into the area.
- Right.
- We believe it's a symbolic expression.
We know that rubber ducks
were actually originally used in artwork
to symbolize peace.
The protestors in Hong Kong
then went on to use the ducks
in their campaign for democracy.
And now, they are being used
by the protestors here.
The protestors attempted
to remove all the cars from the area.
They tried to do that
but didn't manage it.
And after, they told us that
there was a very strong smell of gas.
They said that the stench of natural gas
used for cars was very strong.
What are you doing?
- Just fucking shoot!
- Put your gun down!
- Don't do it!
- I'm gonna shoot you, asshole!
- Put it down first!
- No, don't listen!
Put it down!
- Okay?
- Don't move your gun!
You put it down!
That's it.
Can I go in deeper?
Can you take it deeper in your mouth?
I'm going to come now.
Fly. Fly.
Why the big truck?
'Cause there's loads.
How many?
A lot. More than ten.
This evening, police officers
clashed with criminals
at a condo in Ladprao.
The officers had just launched a raid
on an infamous drug ring,
which caused gunfights to break out
in two apartments,
leaving several wounded and more dead,
including Tud Titanic, a famous rapper,
and Suwat Watanapakdeekit,
the CEO of a major assurance company.
Officers are now urgently searching
for the missing tenant
from one of the apartments,
Monruedee Sarnpan.
Is this the same Toom?
The police believe this woman
may have been involved in the gunfights,
as she is a former employee of Suwat's,
having worked at his assurance company.
Police set up barricades
to block the lane,
and parked trucks with water canons
to keep the "Ratsadorn" protestors
from reaching the front
of the parliament building.
This made some of the protestors
extremely angry.
That's right.
They criticized the officers
while showing
their symbolic three-finger salute.
Very interesting.
At around 2:00
Was this guy there?
Oh, yeah.
They said to delete that guy.
He's gonna live until Thailand
qualifies for the World Cup.
So he's immortal.
and warned the protestors
to stop breaking the barricades
or there would be consequences.
They also said
they would use water cannons
to shoot at the protestors
if they continued marching.
Fuck you!
- Do you have a room?
- Hi. We do, yeah.
How many nights?
I don't know yet.
Your full name and cell number please.
Fuck you! You hear us?
- You fucking asshole!
- Fuck you!
- Room number 9.
- What's wrong with you?
Piece of shit!
You can park outside the room.
Thank you, young man.
- Make sure you ride safe.
- No worries, ma'am.
Let's take a look now
at the political protests.
a group that calls Itself "Ratsadorn,"
took over the square outside parliament.
Their goal was
to watch the parliament building,
and therefore,
put pressure on those inside,
while they were debating
on the seven constitutional drafts.
Mm-hmm, very interesting.
The protestors were demanding
that parliament accept
the seventh and final draft,
which was submitted by iLaw.
Yesterday was just a debate and a vote.
However, the protestors had already begun
to set up camp outside parliament.
That's right.
There are actually currently
four main groups of protestors.
The political tension has heated up
since yesterday afternoon,
because the protest leaders announced
they are intending to occupy the area.
This is what made the police officers
decide to use water cannons
and barricades to block the protestors,
resulting in a high number
of injured protestors.
Send the first one in.
What's your full name?
Tud Titanic.
Isn't your name Somsak Kleepkratiam?
Uh I guess. It's my real name, yeah.
Yeah, but my showbiz name
is Tud Titanic, ma'am.
And uh, Teddy is my western name.
It's Teddy Forever.
Goodbye, Teddy Forever.
Uh, your name in full?
Sonny Meksakul.
First name, and surname.
Saharat Chooklin.
- Your name in full.
- Inspector Colonel Bancha Naewnoi, ma'am.
- Stop right there and don't resist!
- Stop right there, get down!
- Wait, wait
- Lie down!
Don't resist!
Your name in full, please.
Kanchit Upama.
Your name in full?
Samarng Soontorn, ma'am.
And yours?
Supap Sankam.
Supap Sankam, ma'am.
You were both shot dead?
did not fire rubber bullets
or actual bullets at the protestors.
According to an official statement
given by the police yesterday,
forensic investigators
of Royal Thai Police collected evidence
on the Thahan Road
near the Kiak Kai Intersection.
This was where two groups of protestors
from both sides
of the political spectrum had clashed.
Loud explosive noises
were also reported at this location.
A local from the area said,
"It sounded like gunshots."
the Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit,
otherwise known as the EOD,
was sent to inspect the area
in front of the parliament building,
after the protest ended.
So, your name in full?
Police Captain
John Sathienthongkam, ma'am.
The police officers in question
have maintained
that they performed their duties
in accordance with the law.
The actions of those protestors
breaking through the police barricades
and throwing firecrackers
are considered illegal.
Several protestors
have already been charged.
I'm sorry. Please
No more
You could have died in uniform.
But you chose none.
In total, 31 are reported
to have been wounded from the clash,
and this number is believed to include
both officers and protestors.
they will expedite the inspection
to determine whether people
were being shot at
during the clash around Thahan Road.
This investigation looking for clarity
is being carried out by medical officers.
The deputy chief
of the Metropolitan Police Bureau
has also appealed to the public,
and asked that those who used cameras,
phones, or CCTV to film the events,
submit them to the police
so that they may be used
as evidence for the final report.
As for damages inflicted
on government properties,
including police vehicles,
The Royal Thai Police and
the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
are conducting an investigation
to file charges against those
who are responsible for the damage.
So, your name in full?
Suwat Watanapakdeekit, ma'am.
Get down!
No, don't do this.
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