7Seeds (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Light Snow

If I was going to a deserted island, I would take One, Hana.
Two, a book.
And three, a laptop.
I think I would take One, a knife.
Two, a tent.
And three, waterproof matches.
What about me? You're afraid of bugs, so you would be totally worthless.
You're kidding.
Good morning.
Good morning, Ms.
Is that Robinson Crusoe? Yes, I found it in my bag.
I'm not sure who put it there.
Is that so? Hey, everybody.
Can you come here? Sounds like Ms.
Botan wants us.
Let's go.
Since we heard about the project, even Arashi has been down in the dumps.
I sketched a quick map.
LIGHT SNOW I think we should climb up the highest mountain to get a better view.
It's slippery here.
Watch your step.
What a klutz.
She just told us to watch our step.
Nat, that's pretty careless.
You may think being clumsy and ditsy looks cute to guys, but out here, it will cost you your life.
I don't think that at all.
Get with the program.
Yes, ma'am.
I get the feeling that the only thing on Arashi's mind is his girlfriend.
He didn't even ask me if I'm okay like he did before.
You're waiting for someone to ask if you're okay, aren't you? Stop being such a princess.
If you want to take a break, speak up for yourself.
She's reading me like a book.
I'm fine.
Really? Then hang in there.
Help! I heard someone shouting.
What is it, Nat? I thought I heard someone just now.
Jeez, don't start making stuff up just to take a break.
Somebody, help! There's someone down there! What the hell is that? What? All your yelling really did make a difference.
Help us, please! Can't you climb up from over there? The mud makes it too slippery! Now is your chance! Move! Got it! Take my hand! Are you okay? Yes, thanks so much.
Who are you? Oh, let me introduce myself.
I'm Matsuri Tendo.
I'm 16 years old.
Chimaki Yamori.
I'm a freshman in an art college.
My name is Hotaru Kusakari.
I'm 12.
I see.
Then you must be the remaining members of our group.
Now, all members of Team Summer B are together.
Man, I'm starving.
Let's get some food.
Before that, there's something important I need to explain to you three, regarding the reason why we're all here.
Why did they pick someone like me? They should have chosen someone useful, someone stronger, with actual skills.
Grandma always used to give me a hard time.
She called me clumsy.
That harbor in Grandma's hometown always reeked of fish.
I hate the ocean because it stinks so bad.
Wait! What are you doing? Hey, are you okay? This isn't the ocean.
Arashi, this isn't the ocean! The water doesn't smell of salt at all.
What? The water around this island isn't the ocean? That's right.
Then, what is it? It's a lake, I think.
That means we have a chance of reaching another shore.
Cut the crap! Even I know that the biggest lake in Japan is Lake Biwa! At Lake Biwa, you can still see the opposite shore! This might not be the same as the Japan that we once knew.
What? It's hard to imagine, but the terrain may have changed.
It would be worth going out on the boat to find out.
What do you think, Big Sis Botan? Right.
Let's start by reinforcing the boat.
What are you doing over there? Chimackie has been leaving wall paintings here and there to mark where we've been.
Why don't you write your names? Someone else might find this.
ARASHI AOTA - FOR HANA I'll write your name here too, Mr.
You know, to a small-time crook like me, that Mozu guy looks like a hard-core thug.
You're a small-time crook, Semimaru? Don't you go calling me that.
You said it yourself! Oh, thank goodness.
What? What's that about? Nothing.
I think the good weather will continue for a few more days.
You can totally trust Hotaru's forecast.
She's never been wrong.
Then, we'll leave today.
Let's head northeast.
Search for food and water, and gather firewood.
It's the same thing, no matter where we go.
Okay, this one is safe.
You're well on your way to becoming a real mushroom expert.
I'm not that good at it yet.
Hey, food gathering squad, can't you find us some meat? Man, I want some meat! Don't be ridiculous.
There's no way we're still in Japan.
This must be Africa or the Amazon.
Right, Nat? Please don't touch me.
What's this? You learned how to talk back, Nat That's enough.
Get your hands off me! Take a look.
We're having meat tonight.
Meat! Where's Chimaki? He was digging up rocks somewhere earlier.
He'll show up when he gets hungry.
But you know this is pretty tasty! I'm not a big fan of this stuff.
I think they're delicious.
Hey! You've got no guts.
Big Sis Botan, I've been wondering why you said we should go northeast.
We were gathered in northern Kyushu, so we should have been released near the East China Sea.
Are all of the teams near here? No, we were split up.
Team Spring is in the Kanto region and Team Winter in Hokkaido.
Team Autumn and Summer A are I don't really remember.
Why is Summer the only one with two teams? Well The team members had to meet certain criteria.
Healthy and clearheaded young people raised in a stable home were chosen.
They also had to excel in a certain field and be physically attractive.
That makes no sense.
I sure wasn't raised in a stable home.
They worried about that kind of thing, so they selected problem kids to make a so-called "dropouts team.
" They became Team Summer B.
Right, I was definitely a dropout in life.
The same is true for me.
I was a complete shut-in.
I fit that, too.
I did something that hurt a lot of people.
Damn it, this really pisses me off! I'll show them I'm a survivor! I'm no loser! Just watch! I'll live until my hair turns gray! That's the kind of vitality we need.
Quit being so analytical! - Hey.
- What? I came across something weird.
Want to see it? - What? - What? That.
A hand? I'll dive in and take a look.
Me too.
Please be careful.
Thanks, but don't worry about me.
I used to be on the swim team.
Let's follow them on the boat.
If you can't dive deep enough, then get out of there.
That thing I've seen that dude before! It's the Peace Statue! This is Nagasaki! There are what look like the buried ruins of a city along the bottom.
Nagasaki is at the bottom of the sea.
If Nagasaki is under the sea, then all the other cities are too.
Now that we know we're in Nagasaki, our destination is clear.
We're going to Fuji.
Bungo Fuji in Oita Prefecture.
Also known as Mt.
That's where we'll go.
Supplies were left in storage shelters on Japan's seven regional Fuji mountains.
It doesn't look tasty, but it's edible.
Mozu, let me help you skin and clean it.
Arashi First, strip off the skin and then remove the intestines.
Hey, if you can't handle it, don't do it.
Your hands are trembling.
I have to be able to do at least this much.
If Hana were here, I would do whatever it took to feed her, blood and guts be damned.
After that, Arashi stopped talking much.
From what I was told, there's a landmark on Mt.
Yufu's south side.
The storage shelter should be right beneath it.
Just a landmark? Don't you have a map or something? Did you forget the terrain has completely changed? Having a map won't do us any good.
Then what the hell should we do? Oh, boy.
There she goes, falling down again.
You're such a damn klutz, Natsu! I'm really sorry.
Are you okay? Yes.
There's some kind of statue down here.
A statue of Vairocana, perhaps? The carving is pretty rough, but it has a lot of character.
Here it is.
This is the entrance.
Help me get it open.
Let's check it out.
Rice! There's rice here! I found flour and sugar! There's medicine, too! Some fabric and tools as well.
And seeds.
- All right! - Yes! Hold up.
Food I can understand.
But seeds? What's up with that? You want me to farm? Exactly.
What? Not just farm, but every aspect of agriculture.
Fishing, forestry, hunting, raising livestock, woodworking, crafting.
In other words, you'll have to live a life of complete self-sufficiency.
What? You expect me to stoop to being self-sufficient? Well, excuse me! Some of us used to be farmers! Seriously? You sure don't act like a country bumpkin.
For now, we'll make this our base camp and settle in here for a while.
Excuse me.
What's up, Chimackie? There's a place I want to visit, so I'm leaving for a few days.
You want to see your hometown of Kumamoto, right? So everything that Big Sis Botan told us turned out to be true? Kumamoto should be around here.
What? Since I was a kid, I was forced to sketch Kumamoto Castle until I was sick of it.
What about your house? It's straight that way, about a 15-minute walk from the castle.
Everybody is gone now.
Why are you two crying? What happened? He tried to claim all of the food stores for himself, so we tied him up.
Damn it! So, how did it go? Well I see.
Big Sis Botan, will we be staying here for a while? I think so.
The conditions here are pretty good.
Then I'll go check on my home as well.
Stay here with everyone.
Your home? You're from Tokyo, right? Yes.
There's someone I have to try and see, no matter what.
I can tell it's pointless to stop you.
Go ahead, but make sure you take enough supplies with you.
Thank you.
I'll go too.
I'll go with you.
My home was nearby, in Saitama.
Is it all right if I join you? I realize I'll get in your way, and be a burden, but You're not a burden.
But still, it's going to be dangerous.
Please! Okay.
There's someone you want to see too, right? I understand.
Let's go together.
The person I want to see is right in front of me.
A ship? Everyone, there's a ship! A ship? Really? We're saved! Hey! Hello! Over here! Look over here! - Please help us! - Hey! - Hello! - Hey! Somebody! It doesn't look like they'll be helping us.
There's nobody on that ship.
It's abandoned and it's just floating around.
Oh, but look! That's a Japanese ship, right? He's right! If there's a ship, we must be close to the shore.
That's true.
We're really in Japan! We made it.
We found our way back.
- What? What's that? - Not sure.
That must be Yokohama Landmark Tower and hotel.
That's impossible.
Of the seven Fuji mountains, the closest to us is Mt.
Kobe Fuji.
If we can find it, let's check it out.
Are you okay, Ms.
Iwashimizu? You have to tell me if this is too tough for you.
I'm fine.
I'm not mad at you.
It's just that, if you can't walk, we can't go anywhere.
I'm fine, really.
Then we had better massage our feet.
I've come really close to asking him if I should have stayed behind.
But I know asking that is the absolute worst thing I can do.
I'm getting used to outdoor survival.
This would be perfect as toilet paper.
It's big and soft.
Okay, I'll gather a bunch of them to keep.
It sure is hard to start a fire.
Semimaru was pretty good at it, though.
If you're bored, I'll lend you my book.
Oh, I've read that before.
But only the first half.
Really? What did you think? Well, it was interesting.
But I really hated the main character.
I mean, when the kittens were born, he killed them because he thought they were annoying.
Don't you think that's the worst? You're pretty funny, Ms.
It cracks me up.
What? I am? Sometimes you blurt out your opinion loud and clear.
Well What? Aren't those yams? Look! Wow! Nice find! I'm glad you came with me.
What? If I were alone, I probably would have been too scared to keep going.
Something is coming.
Ants! I got swarmed by ants! Get them off me! Hurry! Semimaru? Why are you here? Who cares? Just hurry up and get them off me! I'm begging you! I can't stand to touch bugs.
- What's so scary about ants? - Hurry up and get them off! Never mind that! Just hurry up and get them off me, damn it! Why did you follow us? Because Big Sis was giving me a hard time, and I hate staying in one place for long.
So, where did you use to live? You're worried too, right? Where is it? Hamamatsu.
A bridge? Are there other people here? Well People Excuse me.
Who are you? Get out of here! What's this? Who the hell are you?