7Seeds (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Heavy Snow

I already knew what we would find, but Hey! Is anybody out there? Is anyone alive out there? Hey! - I'm going to swim out there.
- What? Dude, that water can't be very clean.
The ruins of the city and the remains of the dead There must be a ton of them down here.
Hana as well? I could join her.
It's hard to think of what to do when the optimistic guy is the one getting depressed.
Arashi Oh, your house wasn't far from here, right? In Saitama No way! We never saw a single fish this whole time.
Arashi! HEAVY SNOW Team Winter? Yes.
What happened to the others? I'm the only one left.
How did you end up alone? You I've been surviving on my own for over 15 years now.
Fifteen years? Well, we're really happy we found you out here.
Right? But just keep those dogs away from me, okay? You're afraid of dogs? Don't you know how fearsome dogs are? Those things will bite you! It's almost the rainy season.
Dangerous creatures will start appearing.
- Ready.
- Ready.
It's been flooded with water.
And we worked so hard to find it.
Hold on.
These flashlights are waterproof, right? I'll go check it out.
Be careful, Hana.
It splits? Which way do I go? This rope isn't very old.
Someone must have been here recently.
What is this place? A storage room? There's food.
There are tools over here.
What? "Greetings, we are from Team Summer B.
The other members of our group are in Kyushu at the shelter on Mt.
If anyone else comes and finds this note, please leave us a sign.
We hope to meet you one day.
Natsu Iwashimizu.
" Team Summer B? So other teams do exist.
Yufu in Kyushu is another one of the seven regional Fuji mountains.
Then everything that Old Man Yanagi told us was true.
Hana, this is a huge find for us.
Let's keep pushing on.
Check this out.
Oh, wow! A bunch of how-to books.
Astronomy guides, meteorology guides, even encyclopedias.
All I see are a bunch of old books.
- Didn't they leave any comics? - Books I almost forgot.
For some reason, there was one in my bag too.
It's the second half of Robinson Crusoe.
Just the second half? I was borrowing it.
I already read the first half and gave it back.
Gather round! I want you all to hear me out.
I believe we need to change our way of thinking.
Up until now, we've all thought about returning to our everyday lives.
But those lives don't exist anymore.
We really did end up surviving the apocalypse.
In other words, you're saying we have to think about how to live here.
Live here? Arashi Hana.
Mom Dad Everyone is gone.
What meaning is there in continuing on? What's the point? I found rice in the storage shelter, so I cooked some.
Everyone is here, so let's eat.
- Thanks for the meal.
- Thanks for the meal.
It feels like forever since I had rice.
It's delicious.
Oh, that's right.
Earlier, I found a place with hot water coming out of the ground.
A hot spring? Awesome.
I hate taking baths, so I don't really care.
What a slob.
- Haru, show me where it is after dinner.
- A bath and dinner.
- I guess that's all I really needed.
- It's already dark.
Wouldn't tomorrow be better? Let's all go tomorrow.
I feel alive.
I'm still alive.
Please let Arashi be alive, too.
Hey, everybody.
What do you think about making this our base? From here, we can gradually explore outward.
We'll use Robinson Crusoe as our guide.
We're better off dead.
- Arashi.
- What? Let's run while we've got the chance.
Hey, Natsu.
Wake up.
What? We're going to leave without saying anything? He seemed like a nice person.
Jeez, can't you tell the good from the bad? Are you sure you're not just afraid of his dogs, Semimaru? What? The fact that he's the only survivor is a huge red flag.
They might have killed each other, or worse, eaten each other.
Anyway, there's no way someone can stay sane after 15 years in this place.
Did you forget about Team Autumn? I agree with Semimaru.
Let's go.
Arashi Quietly.
Very quietly.
Hey, hurry up.
So I'm alone again? Fifteen years ago, we awoke to Hey, look.
Someone dug up the bodies we buried.
Who would do this? Is that a wolf? A dog? You don't think this is what killed Mutsuki and dug up the graves? Back away.
This is the thing that ate the others.
It eats people.
Throw it, Taka.
What? At the tiger? No, at me.
A fastball, right down the middle.
Now! Did that do it? But Shortly after we awoke in Hokkaido, only three of us were left in Team Winter.
Looks like you got into a fight with that tiger thing, too.
Leave it be.
It's dangerous.
We set out northeast.
Supplies were waiting for us at one of the seven Fuji mountains, Mt.
That's what our guide, Mr.
Kumakawa, had said.
Man, I want to play some baseball.
Both of you were on the baseball team in high school, right? That's right.
I was the best shortstop of the century, and a real slugger too.
They say a pitcher as good as this guy only comes around once every 50 years.
He was the star of the Koshien Tournament.
I'm not that remarkable.
Damn, I wish they had put some equipment in our bags.
You can't do much with just a ball and a cap.
There was nothing related to baseball in my bag.
I wish they hadn't bothered putting any mementos in our bags.
Mine had a stage dress inside.
I wish they used the space for a chocolate bar.
A stage dress? I performed traditional Japanese dancing.
But I certainly can't do that here.
Throw a rock.
Hit them with it, Taka.
That was close.
What's wrong, Mr.
Koshien Tournament Star? That Koshien Tournament We ended up losing the big game because I threw a wild pitch.
What? When I'm under pressure, I just can't pitch very well.
You're wrong.
Your team's batting was the real problem.
If I had been on your team, there's no doubt we would be the champs.
Pitch to me.
Just like how you did with the tiger.
You hit it! Looks like your bat control is even better than they say, Fubuki.
What? What? Have you heard of us before? Actually, I'm a huge fan of high school baseball.
Naturally, I know all about you two.
From your favorite foods, right down to your shoe sizes.
Seriously? You should have said something.
That's why, to be honest, I'm really happy I ended up with you two.
At the very least, I already know you both put your heart and soul into baseball.
I believe people who dedicate themselves to one thing are trustworthy.
Maybe it's that wolf-dog.
You treated its wound earlier, so now it's probably following us.
Pitch it here.
It won't get past me.
Sorry, I just don't have enough confidence.
Don't have confidence? Are you serious? - Don't give me that crap! - Sorry! Listen here! I played baseball in little league, middle school, and high school, but I've never met a single pitcher who wasn't full of grit! Man, how can a guy who won ten games at Koshien spout crap like that? I read that second basemen and shortstops usually struggle to have compassion.
Mitsuru? Despite what you may think, Fubuki is really looking out for you.
I see.
That dog's barking, it sounds different.
What's up? This field has turned into a river.
How is this possible? We won't last long here.
Get your stuff together.
Do you have the rope tied tightly? Yes.
Let's move.
What is it? I can't swim.
We're not swimming.
We're just going to walk across.
- Go on without me.
- No way.
Get a hold of yourself.
If you stay here, you'll die.
But I'm too weak.
Listen to me, Taka.
I stood on the mound only once during an official game.
What? My legs were trembling.
I realized that pitchers stood in the scariest place on the field.
They fight alone, facing immense pressure and fear.
I couldn't do it.
I was afraid.
I gained a newfound respect for them.
That's when I made up my mind to stand firm behind them.
I would support them with everything I've got.
You'll be fine! As long as I'm here, you can make it, Taka! I'm also with you.
Don't worry.
Taka, why do you think I've been able to hit all of your pitches so far? Because you've always been the pitcher I would use to do mental imagery training.
Hitting your pitches has always been my dream.
Mitsuru! Taka! Let's go.
We're going to make it.
The three of us, together! We'll find a way to survive, all three of us.
It's so cold.
I'm freezing.
At this rate, we'll die from exposure.
We should tear up my stage dress and use it to bundle up.
- Keep moving.
- Right.
Those aren't a dog's footprints.
How did it go, Taka? Good.
I found potatoes.
That's the tiger.
It's been tracking us this whole time.
Mitsuru! Taka! Run for it! Fubuki? I'll handle this.
I won't let it get past me.
- I'll keep you both safe, no matter what.
- Fubuki! - Fubuki! - Taka! Mitsuru! Get out of here! I'll join up with you later.
We're going to survive this! Together! Go! Fubuki! Come on! This our chance to get out of here.
But Just come on! It's okay.
The wound isn't deep.
Taka, you'll be fine.
Before all this, I was supposed to perform the crane dance.
"Crane"? It's based on The Grateful Crane.
A crane named Tsu fell in love with a man named Yohyo, and thought they could be together forever.
However, the end came.
Tsu had to leave him.
They could no longer stay together.
Mitsuru Oh, how beautiful Don't leave me all alone! Why? Why am I still alive? Do I have to keep on living? Can't I just die already? Please let me die.
Fubuki Don't leave me behind.
But you were dead.
There was so much blood.
Most of that was the tiger's blood.
Mitsuru, she Ms.
Mitsuru is Only the two of us were left.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
Don't worry.
Fubuki sometimes looked like he was in pain from his wounds.
Maybe it's because I almost died, but my sense of smell has improved.
I have a feeling it can help us find our way.
This time, it's my turn.
I'll protect Fubuki no matter what.
Man, you look nothing like you did on TV at the Koshien Tournament.
Yes, because I'm really just a big and clumsy scaredy-cat.
That's not true at all.
Living life is no different from playing baseball.
What? You used all your strength, all your senses, and your intuition to play and win all those games.
It was a fierce tournament, and right now is no different.
Wherever you have to fight, that's the same as being on the mound.
We'll survive using all of our strength, all our senses, and our intuition.
We'll prepare and we'll practice.
We'll set goals and plan ahead, analyze and decide, fight and win! Living life really is the same as playing baseball.
It's that tiger again.
Fubuki! Get back! This tiger is just trying to stay alive.
Fubuki, look at that.
We made it! We're still alive.
We haven't lost yet.
Right, Fubuki? Right.
Do your best, Taka.
Keep fighting out there on the mound.
Fubuki? Back when that tiger attacked Fubuki, he was killed.
The one who came with me all this way was actually you.
I didn't want to believe that Fubuki was dead.
I didn't think I could go on without him.
Thank you for staying with me this whole time.
Thank you for making sure I made it this far.
Thank you.
Despite all these wounds, you kept holding on.
You were their mother? Will you come with me? Those three said they were from Team Summer.
There might still be others out there.
I want to be of help, but finding someone in this world who's still willing to trust is going to be very difficult.
Okay, let's do a roll-call.
Diamond? Battery? Diamond.
When did we get separated? - The weak always fall prey.
- Diamond! I've seen it happen firsthand so many times.
Battery! Get away from that monster! Don't chase it! Its pack will be nearby.
Another person.
She smiled.
I believed I had survived all this time to meet her.