7Seeds (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

End of Heat

There are a lot of openings in the ground around here.
They're all pretty deep.
They're winding and connected.
There are also some signs of life.
Like bats, of course.
I think it's possible we'll find water down here.
That bastard, Ango.
He's acting like nothing happened.
I'll never forgive him.
Even if I stabbed him in the back right now, he would have no right to complain.
But I won't do that.
I'm just going to leave, anyway.
I'll help them find water first, for the sake of Team Autumn.
Hana END OF HEA Oh, there's a way up from here? Yes, but it leads to a cliff.
It would be hard to use it as an access point.
The pit I found is over here.
It looks like it's about 17 or 18 meters to the bottom.
Maybe even more.
All right, let's head down.
Get ready, Hana.
Depending on how things go, we might be down there all night.
Ango, you don't have to go down.
Ryo, don't get the wrong idea.
I can do this, no problem.
I know, but you should let me handle it this time.
That's a relief.
I'm also going to join you.
The three of us will go together.
Here, you can use this.
We'll use three anchors, just to be safe.
That rock will do nicely.
I guess we have to let them handle this.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Hey, Nijiko.
I meant to ask you earlier.
What did you mean by "reaper"? We aren't sure ourselves.
We just heard the instructors talking about it.
They said there should be a "reaper" inserted into one of the teams.
So presumably, whoever that is, they must have come here with orders to kill us.
Maybe in the event that someone posed a threat to the project's success.
Or if we found ourselves in a hopeless situation where we couldn't live, they would kill us all and commit suicide, I guess? That's the conclusion we came to.
That man He might be the one.
The "reaper" might be with Team Summer B? Forget that "A" and "B" bullshit.
We're the only Team Summer.
Okay, I'm going first.
Come down after me when I give the signal, Hana.
Did you hear me? Yes.
Hana, don't feel pressured to go if you don't want to.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I'll go.
Hana, I'll lend this to you.
Take it with you.
A flashlight? It's an LED light you can charge by hand.
We have no idea what may happen down there.
Well, no matter what, it's best to just trust your instincts.
Ran, thank you so much.
Well, Ms.
Hana, this is also for you.
Some salt, nuts, and a first aid kit.
Aramaki, I really appreciate Hana! Get down here! Okay! Don't boss me around! I'm starting to tremble.
I'm afraid of going underground, but they gave me courage.
Well, I'm off.
I'll find water for us.
The three of them got to the bottom safely.
We've still got some time before sunset.
Shall we start a fire and prepare something to eat? I'll check out this opening.
I can do it by myself.
I would bet on him being the "reaper.
" I see traces of water.
Some must have run through here during the rainy season.
Ryo is still mostly a stranger to me.
But considering what Ayu said Ryo told me to stop you because you couldn't keep yourself from killing that girl.
I'm more worried about Ango catching me by surprise than Ryo.
Hana, shall I tell you a little bit about Professor Takashi? We first met Professor Takashi when we were 13 years old.
That's good.
You've got it.
Try to relax your shoulders more.
And don't let your face get tense.
Just relax.
Let the wind carry the sound.
I did it! I played all of "Tulip.
" Playing instruments sure is fun.
It's rare to meet someone who has never played anything.
Most people have played castanets or a harmonica, or a recorder at least.
We were never taught to play the recorder.
And I've only seen tulips in pictures.
That's also rare.
So how about we find some? Koruri, listen.
I'm going to leave with Hana and the others.
Hana and I don't want to deal with that jerk, Ango, anymore.
We also want to find the other members of Team Spring.
When? Sometime tonight.
Please keep it a secret from Ango and the rest.
Let's go for a ride.
What? Come ride with me.
- No, wait.
The sun is about to set - It's fine.
Don't worry.
To be honest, I'm not really good at doing anything athletic.
No problem.
Here, put this on.
I've never done this before.
That's okay, it's just like playing music.
Come on, start running.
Relax your shoulders.
Make sure your face isn't tense.
Just relax.
Let the wind carry you.
See? Just like playing music.
The sun is going down.
It's pitch-dark.
The moon isn't even out.
It's fine.
Don't worry.
I bet the view used to be really beautiful here.
Too bad.
Just try and imagine it.
Imagine what Hakodate used to look like.
Yes, it's stunning.
A really breathtaking view.
I've seen it in pictures before.
Oh, a shooting star.
It's pretty cute, for a meteorite.
We should get back soon.
Otherwise, they'll worry about us again.
Will you join us? What? I mean, will you leave with us? Professor Takashi taught us how to fight and use a knife.
I would often get caught by his surprise attacks.
It was a test to see how I would react.
Ango used to get attacked often, too.
I can't even imagine it.
My dad did that? He was fairly cool, refined, and had a nice voice.
I kind of liked him.
Let's drop down and have a look.
Hana, this time, you go first.
Can you handle that? Yes, I can.
Have you ever had to kill one of your own dogs before? I once killed a tiger that I had raised since I was a child.
It had contracted rabies, and I just didn't want it to suffer.
I have had a similar experience, yes.
It had been severely injured, and there was nothing else I could do.
Do you regret your decision? Do you believe that's what the dog wanted? I've never been sure, myself.
Even now, I wonder if I've made the right choice.
The only thing I can say for certain is that your tiger didn't resent you, nor did it appreciate what you did.
They simply don't think like that.
And we can never be certain of what they're actually thinking.
That's why the only answer we can find is in our own feelings.
In our feelings? Yes.
In how much love we gave.
In how much consideration we gave.
In how honest and straightforward we were in dealing with them.
When that tiger looked at you for the last time, it must have felt happy, even if only briefly.
I have no doubt about that.
Hana, how does it look down there? There's nothing here.
It's just a flat drop.
I can't see anything below.
I don't have enough rope to go further.
Is that so? Ryo? During the graduation exam, I was attacked by Professor Takashi.
We really went at it.
I still have scars left from that fight.
Ryo? At that time, Professor Takashi told me it was best to kill him.
Otherwise, he would just attack me again.
But I couldn't do it.
And that cost Shigeru his life.
Ryo! What are you doing? Professor Takashi made me realize that I should have killed him.
He told me not to make the same mistake in the future.
That's why I won't hesitate this time.
But I need you to die, Hana.
Are you cutting the rope? Your presence has made Ango mentally unstable.
You're causing trouble.
But aren't you the one who stopped Ango from killing me? I won't let Ango kill anyone ever again.
He'll fall apart, otherwise.
But I can handle it just fine.
I consider it my duty.
I'm not going to let Ango kill either you or Haru.
So it was you who tried to kill Haru, Ryo? I couldn't let Ango do it.
I won't let you hurt him anymore.
Go and join Shigeru.
Fall into that same darkness.
Are you sure you're not the "reaper," Ryo? I don't think it's wise to thin our numbers so carelessly.
Where are Hana and the others? They haven't come back yet.
Koruri? Is something wrong? What? No.
Oh, they're back.
Where is Ms.
Hana? She fell.
The rope got cut on a rock, and she fell into a deep crevice.
There was nothing we could do.
We tried to go and save her, but the bedrock was unstable.
Neither our rope nor our light could reach the bottom.
It's a real shame.
Why the hell do you sound so matter-of-fact about it, Ryo? I'm going down there.
Show me the way! None of you are suited for this.
I'm going to save her! Nobody can be saved after a fall from that height.
She's already dead Try saying that again.
Aramaki, let's go.
I'll back you up.
Gengoro Me too.
I'll go and get Ban.
Listen, Hana isn't the type to just roll over and die.
She's a fighter.
Calm down.
You're still alive.
Looks like this is the only way out.
This is the spot.
She fell down there.
Hana! Are you there? Ms.
Hana! What should I do? Which way do I go from here? I'm all alone now.
What should I do? The sound of water? There's water flowing somewhere.
I can hear it from below.
Which means I'm done being afraid.
I have a goal to reach now.
Water is coming through the rocks.
A river.
Amazing! Even in the dry season, there's still all this water underground.
I survived, thanks to Ms.
Ran and Mr.
The pull of the current looks strong.
It would all be over if I got sucked down there.
Mind if I play "Goin' Home"? Go ahead.
Hana can use this to find her way back to us.
What? I hear "Goin' Home" playing.
Why? Where am I? Does this mean the final test isn't over yet? Then where is Shigeru? Shigeru! If you're here, show yourself.
Shigeru isn't here.
You should know that, you're the one who killed him.
Ryo may have cut the rope, but you killed him just the same.
It was the instructors.
Professor Takashi planned the whole thing.
It's not my fault! If you were more reliable, things would have been different.
My leg was injured.
I couldn't move as freely as I wanted.
If you had trusted Shigeru, you both would've made it out alive.
Your vanity, jealousy, and your need to be the best are what killed Shigeru.
No You're wrong! It was all your fault.
It wasn't my fault.
There was nothing else I could have done.
Admit it.
You made a mistake.
Admit it.
You were a pathetic mess.
Apologize to Shigeru.
Apologize to Shigeru! No It wasn't my fault.
When did we take this picture? I remember.
It was our last summer vacation.
We went on a trip to Sado together.
We took it there.
My dad said we were going to visit someone who had helped him.
He took me to this big, old mansion, and we met some old lady I didn't know.
And then If anything ever happens to us, you should come back here.
"If anything ever happens to us"? Didn't your parents tell you anything? Like what to do in the future? Dad! He was talking about what I should do after I came here.
What's that? I hear something.
That's "Goin' Home.
" Haru! Mr.
Aramaki! It's me, Hana! I'm down here! They can't hear me.
Go! What's that? It sounds like something flying.
I've heard that sound before.
It's a boomerang! Find it! Is this it? Hana Something is carved in it.
"Water below"? Hana.
She even found water down there.
I can't believe that idiot.
See? I told you.
Hana is not the type to just roll over and die.
I have no idea what this song is, but they're sending me a message.
"Roger that!" Water? That's right, I came here to find water.
Things weren't supposed to end up like this.
Why did I come to the future? What am I even doing? What is my problem? Hana Ango? Stop.
Don't come any closer.
Just back off! Seriously, I'm warning you! I don't want to be near you, anyway.
What are you doing here? Where are Ryo and the others? You didn't see them? I have no idea.
They went back up to where we started.
"Went back"? Wait, you did something to Ryo and the others, didn't you? You left them to rot in this hole, just like your father did.
That's what they did to me! What the hell? Spill it! Tell me what happened.
I told you to back What is her problem? That moron.
Help! Somebody! Mr.
Aramaki! Haru! It's Ms.
Hana! Hana? What? Where? - Hana! - Ms.
Hana! I'm coming! Let me go down first.
Hana, I'm on my way.
Just hang in there a while longer.
Haru, is Ryo over there with you? No, he's not! Haru, listen! Ryo is the one who tried to kill you in that swamp.
He tried to kill me, too! He cut the rope and let me fall! Be careful! Everyone, watch your backs! Ryo did what? I knew it.
Roger that, Hana! Don't talk anymore! Stay focused! Koruri is on her way to you right now! I'm pathetic.
A complete dolt.
I'm stuck here clinging to this rock when I should have been by her side.
I had sensed that something was wrong.
But because she has a boyfriend, I felt I had to keep my distance, and this is the result.
Well, I'm through.
I'm not holding back just so I can regret it later.
Once we save Ms.
Hana, I'm going to hold her tight and not let go.
Hana, hold on just a little longer.
I'll throw down the rope from up here! Ango? Why Why aren't you helping her? Hana! I'm going to throw the rope, so grab on tight! Koruri Wait! Don't go! Please don't go! Please don't leave me behind! Ms.
Hana! It's dangerous! Let me do it! When I yank on the rope twice, pull me back up.
I can't even go to rescue her That's the sign! The current is too strong.
Nobody could make it out of there alone.
The submerged part of the cave continues on endlessly.
I didn't see any sign of Ms.
No way.
She would never just roll over and die like that.
I mean, she's always so pushy and stubborn.
It should have been me.
But I'm always such a damn coward.
I always survive because I'm never the one to take action.
Fubuki and the rest of my team were killed by an animal.
The animals here attack us because that's how they stay alive.
But you, you're a human!