800 Words (2015) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

1 GEORGE WRITING: Whoever said time flies when you're having fun must have experienced a Kiwi summer.
The sun, the surf, the blue skies (KNOCK ON DOOR) Hello? Hello? Oh, mate.
(CHUCKLES) I can't believe Monty sold you this place.
I did crack up when I heard.
When you were in prison? Well, I'm out now.
George? Oh, good.
You're home.
Do you play cricket? Bat and ball game, two teams of 11 players.
Yeah, I know what it is.
Close enough.
You're in.
In what? The annual match against Stafford.
And there's been an incident.
(GROWLS) Is he going to be alright? Concussion.
He's in hospital for observation, but, you know Yeah, point is, we're down a man.
Why, I'd rather just come and watch.
We don't need spectators, George.
I need a player.
Oh, hang on.
Is cricket not your game then? He's Australian.
Of course cricket's his game.
I've played a bit but Top notch.
Practice this Saturday.
See you in the nets.
Well You are not playing cricket.
It could be fun.
No, it will not be fun.
I know cricket is not for you, Dad.
You know this.
Don't take it out on me.
Take what? Well, Emma goes home on Monday, right? And when does Ike go to Auckland? This has nothing to do with that.
Well, you could always take your mind off your woes.
Cricket team is looking for players.
Oh my god.
Just not you, Dad.
For the love of the game.
George! Welcome.
To what? The Weld XI.
The cricket team.
Oh, look, now I don't think that that's gonna be Did the boys explain the stakes? The honour of the town.
Weld have won against Stafford in a long time.
Eight crushing defeats all in a row.
Seven defeats.
OK, rained off two years ago with them needing one wicket.
So not technically a defeat but certainly not a triumph.
That is gonna change.
This is gonna be our year.
Ooh, that'd be nice.
We will walk away triumphant and Rai, Rai will stick that in her pipe and smoke it.
See ya at practice.
Rai, Rai? Oh, no, no, no.
Just just Rai.
Stafford's team manager.
Fingers in many pies.
So Stafford's version of Big Mac? Yeah.
Except a woman.
And boy, does she rub his nose in it every time we get thrashed by her team.
Oh, look, I don't think this is gonna be for me.
You know, if it was social, if it was fun, then No.
There's nothing fun at being demeaned at the hands of Stafford year after year.
Nothing fun at all, George.
WOMAN: Oh, this is a nice surprise.
Ah, yeah.
How are you? OK.
Everything OK there? Well, actually, I need some advice.
I didn't want to ask Dad and Shay 'cause that would just be weird.
Oh, look, if this is about maths or science homework, I have to warn you I'm It's sex.
I see.
I have a girlfriend, Emma, and, um it's serious and we want to consummate the relationship.
You wrote an article in a magazine, um, about your first time.
Oh god.
You didn't read that, did you? That was more of a what-not-to-do.
Yeah, not on your parents' couch just before they arrive home with a group of friends to watch the NRL.
Yes, well, it was after writing that story that I realised that editing was the place to be.
Let others pour out their embarrassing (INHALES) But back to you.
OK, um Protection is very important.
It's on the list.
And just don't be in a hurry to do it.
At all.
You can have plenty of fun in a relationship without (INHALES) .
Well, Emma and I are quite interested in that.
Yes, but it can complicate things.
But then again, you know, if it If it feels like the right thing to do, then go for it.
But please don't tell your dad I said, "Go for it.
" Well, I won't.
What's next? I want a word with you.
Oh, Zac, go easy.
You put him up to it, didn't you? Who up to what? Ike's not going to fine art school.
He's turned them down.
Don't pretend like you don't know.
He hasn't said a word to me, honest.
When did he even decide this? See? She doesn't know.
It's still her fault.
He's staying for her.
He actually said that? In this town, if you get a chance to do something with your life, you take it.
Ike isn't getting stuck here.
And they're acting like it's my fault, Ike.
Everyone is overreacting.
And blaming me.
Like I'm some tragic hussy who doesn't want to see (LAUGHS) What? .
her man It's not funny.
Look, I'll get to uni.
Next year.
I just wanna take a gap year, hang out, muck around and just have fun.
You're giving up your scholarship to muck around and have fun? The scholarship will still be there.
But right now, I am with this incredible woman.
And I love her.
And I wanna hang out with her.
Is that so wrong? (GASPS THEN LAUGHS) Good morning, Arlo.
Hello! Oh.
Hi! Hi.
Oh, it always happens, the one time you really need the machine to work.
Leave him alone.
No need to be embarrassed, love.
Nothing embarrassing about population control.
So, you and Emma are doing the deed, eh? Too adorable.
No, it's, um They're not for me.
They were on Dad's shopping list.
Were they just? Does George know the rule about abstaining the night before the game? Who is he abstaining from? 17.
75, love.
Thank you! Arlo! Don't you want your change? ZAC: So how did we go? Are we good? She supports his decision.
You were meant to talk him out of it.
I never said that.
And Ike can make his own choices.
Not if it's a dumb choice! He has the rest of his life to go to uni.
He's meant to go now.
Everyone expected him to go away and do amazing stuff.
So he should do something he doesn't want to do just because other people expect it? Do you want him to always be the big fish in the small pond? The guy that could've been something but chose to be easy? Zac, you're not easy.
Well, you are, but you're not nothing.
Look, I'm his girlfriend, not his mother.
I want what he wants.
Hello? (DOOR CLOSES) Hey, George.
Oh, hi.
How's it going? Come to sell your house, have ya? I'm after Monty, actually.
Oh, he's at the nets, mate.
Cricket nets.
Not fishing nets.
I thought cricket practice was on Saturday.
Dad likes to practise on his own.
To visualise his shot selection.
Oh, right.
I thought Monty was the estate agent of the family? Dad took over when Robbie went away.
Now Grandpa has them competing for the job.
He's a big believer in people fighting for what they want.
Oh! You know the rule about abstaining the night before the game, right? I don't think that's gonna be a problem.
George! Trundle a few down.
I hear you and your brother are job sharing.
Dad's idea.
You OK with that? Oh, it's OK.
Got the face for real estate, the gift of the gab and all of that.
Come on, don't be shy.
Nice! You'll be a good asset to the team.
Well, about that.
I'm not sure Don't say it, don't say it.
Oh, look No.
I'm not listening.
No, the thing is I have a problem Yes, it bothers me.
Quite a lot, to answer your question.
The process of being shoved out of my job by a better brother bothers me quite a lot.
Robbie's not a better brother.
He's better than me at everything.
Except one thing.
What do you reckon that one thing might be, George? Not ending up in prison? Good point.
Two things.
What's the other one? Cricket.
It's all I've got to live for.
The thought of leading Weld to our first-ever victory in years.
Well, I'm not sure I can help you with that, Monty.
You're Australian.
Cricket runs in your veins.
You can bowl! I bowled one ball.
I know talent when I see it.
Don't let me down, George.
I know you can help me win this.
Thank you.
Bowl it again.
Hey! Dad.
How was your day? Oh, a little difficult.
Did someone say something? Monty emotionally blackmailed me into being in the cricket team.
Great! Great? So now it's OK for me to be in the cricket team? No.
Ye Sure.
Well, whatever you want.
Arlo, what's happened? Happened? You're doing that thing you do when you're hiding something.
What? What thing I always do? Well, I'm not gonna tell you because then you won't do it and I won't know when you're hiding stuff.
II do a thing? Yeah.
Your mother pointed it out when you were three years old.
When you put your toast in the DVD player and blamed it on the postman.
And if I hadn't have done this thing, you would've believed it was the postman? Oh, come on, Arlo! Tell me.
There was a a misunderstanding at the Super Store.
What kind of misunderstanding? Well, um So Emma's leaving on Monday.
And, you know, we want our last day and night together to be special.
But also safe.
Oh! So I was making a purchase at the Super Store and people saw, and so now people think the purchase was for you.
Well, why would they think that? It just kind of played out that way.
Are you sure you want to do this? Oh, yeah! We both do.
Of course you do.
We're both legal and we've talked about it.
We have protection, as the Super Store incident proved.
Yep, OK.
Um Do we need to have "the talk"? No.
I I'm good.
I had the talk with Jan.
II'm all good, Dad.
And thanks.
For what? I mean, apart from being the fall guy for the Super Store incident.
Well, for not being one of those parents that tells us what to do and what not to do.
You're cooler than that.
Hey, Arlo? You know there's no rush for any of this? Yeah, I know.
But Emma she's I love her, you know.
We have a problem.
Ike has an opportunity and so, in Zac's mind, if he doesn't take it now, he'll still be here this time next year with Shay, pushing a pram.
Well, there's no way on earth that's what Shay wants.
You know it's not.
George, have you not noticed I don't know if it's something in the water here in Weld, but people form bonds that are almost impossible to break.
And they hardly ever leave.
There's a whole wide world out there and Ike should see it.
Before the pram.
GEORGE WRITING: They say youth is wasted on the young.
And it's true that when you're young, you can't believe that time won't always be on your side - that the fun can run out.
Hey, Dad.
Is it OK if Ike stays over tonight? He's, ah, having some family issues.
Yeah, I heard.
And maybe Zac has a point.
If the opportunity is there (GROANS) Oh no, Dad.
Not you too.
Well, you can still be together.
Just one of you here and one in Auckland.
Yeah, I hear what you're saying.
But we talked about it and we don't want an LDR.
An LDR? A long-distance relationship.
Look, we're having fun, so what's wrong with spending a year hanging out? And working and making money and just enjoying it.
Yes, but what if in the course of having that fun, a consequence of the fun is an accidental responsibility? Do you mean if I get pregnant, Dad? Well, it happens.
Not when you're on the pill.
Which I am.
My body, my decision.
(SIGHS) Exactly.
So can this conversation please, please, be over now? Hey, I'm guessing that's, ah, no? No to me, like, staying over? GEORGE WRITING: Once you're an adult, you're an adult forever.
But, you know, being a grown-up has its own advantages - making your own decisions, finding fun in the simple things.
Being able to say, "Bugger it!" It's only 3:00 but I'm having a beer because I'm an adult and I can.
Look! I can carry three plates.
(CHUCKLES) You're a legend.
Oh! I finally get the waitressing thing down and I have to go home.
It's OK.
We still have tomorrow.
All of it.
(CHUCKLES) (TOWEL SNAP) (GIGGLES) It's beer o'clock.
Fair enough.
So, George anyone we know? Ah, right.
Arlo made a purchase today of a protective nature.
Yeah, Hannah said.
For you, apparently.
But they're not.
Oh, really? Damn.
We were just speculating about the lucky lady.
Is there anything in this town that doesn't get publically discussed? I mean, would you like to know what brand of toilet paper I use? No.
That'd be gross.
George we know they're not for you.
I do have Emma living with me, right, and we do have girly chats from time to time.
And you're alright with what they're planning? Well, at least they're actually planning it, instead of, oops, what just happened? I mean, maybe I should be more concerned than I am, but then I think they're young and they're in love.
Well, that's the thing.
They're young.
They're not going to be breaking any laws.
Don't you remember what it was like? That waiting for the phone call and the heart flutters when somebody held your hand.
And that real, unshakeable belief that it's possible to live happily ever after.
And then you grow up.
Ready Fi? Yep.
Just let them be young, George.
Gloria Hmm? you know all there is to know, right? Correct.
Tell me about Robbie McNamara.
Good morning.
How was work last night? It was OK.
Yeah, well, Fiona and I had a talk about you and Emma, and we're OK with it.
Dad, please.
No, no, no, listen.
It's good to talk, especially where sex is concerned, because sex is a big deal.
No, no.
Just a word.
And if you're mature enough to do it, you're mature enough Don't mind me.
Don't mind me.
I did not hear a thing.
Yah! I did.
(LAUGHS) How shameful is it, talking to the old man about that stuff? Sex? Hey, if you've got any questions, just come to the Woodster, mate.
I'm going now.
Well, hey, you've gotta take care with women, Arlo.
And watch what you say, mate! Especially when they're waiting for news about a job they've applied for, and when they haven't heard, they bite your head off every time you tell them it will be sweet! Righto.
Ah, see ya.
Hey, Woody! Woody! Hey! I've been hearing about Robbie McNamara.
The music festival.
Oh, yeah, what about it? Well, Gloria said the bands were good, the crowds came, but people still didn't get paid.
Yeah, you mean like, for example, the builder who constructed all the stages among many other things he did on a promise? When you still give Robbie the time of day? Well, what are you gonna do? I mean, the dude was high as a kite.
And then he got arrested.
At the festival, dealing drugs to the punters, after using the ticket money to buy the drugs, as I understand it.
I guess he was kind of trying to maximise his profits.
But, you know.
Everyone deserves a second chance.
Even in a town where he hurt so many people? Well, he's clean now.
Doesn't even drink.
(OPENS CAR DOOR) Guess he's a different guy.
Anyway, I'll see you there, eh? (CAR ENGINE STARTS) Where? Cricket practice, mate.
Oh! George! You're here.
Everyone come in, please.
Team huddle.
Now, warmups.
Very important, OK? We don't want anymore silly injuries like we had last year, do we, Sean, in Sean's groin? (LAUGHS) Ow! Hang on.
Who's missing? Robbie.
And Fiona.
(ALL OOH) OK, well, we're not gonna stand around here and gossip and speculate, OK? We're simply observing that Robbie and Fiona are missing at the same time.
Takes us back a few years.
No, no, look.
Here they come now.
(CAR DOOR CLOSES) Ah! Sorry! Sorry! You're late.
Just like old times.
(WOMEN GIGGLE) MONTY: OK, so, hydration Dammit.
We have our number 11 again.
Come on, Monty.
Why am I always the last one in? Someone has to be.
George, you're up.
I'm happy to bat at 11.
I'll decide who bats where, thanks.
In you go.
I thought you were doing really well.
Thank you, George.
That's how you Aussies play, isn't it? Some of us have moved on since the '80s, Robbie.
(LAUGHS) I'm just messing with you, mate.
I'm having a good day today, actually.
I was just up at the old place with Fi this morning.
You know how it is, mate, when you start reminiscing.
Things can lead to other things A lot of memories.
Not all of them bad, eh? Guess not.
And you're telling me this because Oh, like I said, mate.
I'm just having a good day.
Ah! (PEOPLE GASP AND OOH) George, you, my friend, are exactly what our middle order needs.
SEAN: Can I wear a helmet when I bowl? OK, come in.
Team talk, please.
OK, listen up.
Let's get back to basics.
WOMAN: Yeah.
OK? Keep your eye on the ball and remember that cricket's a gentlemen's game.
I think what Monty's trying to say is defeat them.
Defeat them and show no mercy.
Thanks, Dad.
So, go home, good dinner, good sleep.
And remember the rule about abstaining.
That's an easy one for you, bro.
So, ah, see you tomorrow.
(GROWLS) Yeah! (APPLAUSE) MAN: Thanks, Monty.
Hey, you can play a bit.
Oh, not for a long time.
Well, still better than the rest of us.
Ready, Fi? Your chariot awaits.
Actually, I've already got a chariot.
Can I get a lift with you? Yeah, of course.
Robbie thinks all he has to do is dial up the old charm and I'll fall back into his arms.
And will you? No.
Well, it's none of my business, but that's not what he told me.
He told you what? Well, he said that when you were up at the house, you and he He kissed me.
You kissed.
No, no, no, no, no.
He kissed me.
And I bet he didn't tell you what happened after that.
Are you kidding me? Dramatic.
Yeah, well, I don't like drama.
I'm too old for it.
Where I am now, it's gotta be fun or nothing at all.
Hey, check this out.
(HORN BLARES) Oi! Get a room! (GEORGE AND FIONA LAUGH) That's m' boy.
Their faces, though.
Bless 'em.
Thanks for the ride.
JAN: Do the people of Weld know about your problem? I don't have a problem! On behalf of the magazine's social team, I beg to differ.
I hear you had a chat to Arlo.
I'm sorry, he (INHALES) .
cornered me.
No, I think it's nice that he's got a wise auntie he can go to.
Oh, maybe not that wise.
I'll get you to talk to Shay.
Why? What's up? Well, apparently, she's in danger of getting stuck in Weld forever.
Pushing a pram.
Oh! Katie and Zac say there's something in the water here.
Anyway, I should go.
(SIGHS) Team captain Monty instructed us all to get a good night's sleep.
And, George - remember, it's only a game.
I know! (SCOFFS) I know.
Emma's a lucky girl.
Are you making fun of me? No.
To have someone who cares this much about her when most guys your age are primates.
So, who's gonna come and cheer their father on? BOTH: No.
I'll be there cheering my boyfriend on, and hoping my father doesn't embarrass me.
Why would you think that I would Parents versus teachers at my primary school family fun day.
Oh, yeah.
(DOOR CLOSES) II have other plans.
Oh! Yes.
You have a good Oh, no, this really isn't an occasion that requires a pep talk.
I absolutely agree.
(MARCHING BAND MUSIC) Hannah, what have I said about appropriate cricket regalia? Did you abstain last night? (SONG) Come in close to the fire now I want to see you a little brighter now Just take my hand Rai.
Ready to have your ass handed to you on a plate for the ninth year in a row? Eighth.
And actually, our star player's back.
Golden boy's out of the clink.
Not that it will change a thing.
(SONG) .
journey in love Come and sit.
Hey! Hi.
I'm not gonna nag you.
(CHUCKLES) Are you OK, Billy? You've got all the numbers you need, darling? Yeah, I'm all over it, Mum.
MAN: Heads it is.
(CHEERING) We won the toss.
That's something.
(CLEARS THROAT) Maybe it's an omen.
That we should quit while we're ahead.
We're fielding.
Eh? You win the toss, you bat.
I've told you that a hundred times.
I think I've got the pitch conditions right this year.
He always gets so excited before the inevitable crushing defeat of the game.
Didn't you miss the last few games? Yeah, but I'm out now, George.
Ah, so I thought we could go on a picnic first.
Well, is everyone at the cricket? Yep.
Picnic after.
Are you right, mate? Yeah, yeah.
Really? Hmm.
Come on, guys.
Let's start as we mean to go on.
MAN: Play.
Go, Ike! (ALL GASP) (APPLAUSE) We're up and running.
Are you OK? Yeah! 'Cause I'm so OK.
(LAUGHS) Except it's our last day together.
Tomorrow is still hours away.
And we can spend every minute of every one of those hours together.
Oh, I kind of have to say goodbye to Fiona and everyone.
But there is something else we could do first.
Except, this time, not on the couch.
(CHEERING) (SONG) I see ya talking I see ya holding the rumour line (CHEERING) MAN: Go, go, go.
(APPLAUSE) Now at your party Are they always this useless? Yes.
You're up, George.
Cross your street.
Are you sure there isn't someone else? No.
There isn't.
(GROANS) Oh, dear.
He can't be worse than everyone else.
No, Dad can actually play a bit.
Then what's the problem? I thought you were supportive of the men in your life.
I get it, Katie.
You and Zac have made it pretty clear I'm the devil.
I wasn't referring to that.
He's taking a gap year, that's all.
He's stalling because he's scared.
Because moving away from the only place he ever lived is frightening.
You should know that more than anyone.
If staying in Weld is so wrong, why are you still here? Because you get stuck.
It's what happens.
If you care about Ike, don't let it happen to him.
Come on, George! (WOMEN CHEER AND CLAP) Before Easter would be good, bro.
(APPLAUSE) It's a good start there, George.
Come on, Princess.
(LAUGHS) Oh, don't.
Don't, don't, don't.
Just let it go.
(GROANS) Ooh! You're not (BLEEP) smiling, are you now, mate? You try that (BLEEP) again and I'll ram that (BLEEP) ball right up your (BLEEP).
(GROANS) MAN: Yoo-hoo! Oh, I'm sorry.
Are you alright? Are you OK there? Sorry.
Sorry, everyone.
That was unlike George.
Not really.
Cricket is the thing that brings out his Jekyll.
Or his Hyde.
I can never remember which one Hyde.
(CLEARS THROAT) You might want to tone down the language a bit there, mate.
Got it.
Thanks, Tom.
Basically, Dad is banned from cricket in Australia.
But that was awesome.
Sorry about that.
Are you kidding? That was priceless.
(CHEERING) Yeah, you can turn the bat over.
You might find the instructions on the other side.
I mean, what I meant to say was nice batting, mate.
(PHONE RINGS) Hello? Yes! Yes, hello, sorry.
Yes, this is she.
(CHEERING) (CHEERING) (GROWLS) (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) What did I miss? Three? We never get three wickets.
Hey, babe.
We're doing pretty good, eh? Apart from all the runs.
I'm it.
You're what? I'm the new principal of Weld District High School.
I got the job.
No! (CHEERING) I got the job, Woody! You beauty! MAN: Go.
Woody! Woody! I'm so proud of you.
WELD TEAM CHORUS: Woody! Woody! Woody! Woody! Woody! Oh, it's OK, you fellas.
We're good.
Oi! I think you'll find it's 167, young Billy.
Really? Sorry.
My bad.
The team doesn't need your pity, mate.
MONTY: Looking good.
20 less than what we had to chase last year.
When we lost by 100.
New year, new attitude, Sean.
Some backbone shown out there, I thought, particularly by George.
Can I just apologise here and now for a lot of that? (LAUGHTER) At least some of us have our demons under control.
Hey, what's done is done.
What's important is a solid, sensible start to the innings.
Hey, Sean? I hear you, skipper.
Let's go.
Now? Yes, come on.
(APPLAUSE) WOMAN: Go team! MAN: Get in there! WOMAN: Yeah! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Come on! (STAFFORD TEAM CHEER) Probably not the best idea to charge the bowler first ball.
Loser! Thank you, dearest.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Yes! Top shot, Dad! (APPLAUSE) Wonder how it went? Look at them, George.
How do you think it went? (CHEERING) Your mob's showing a bit more ticker than last year.
I'm quietly confident.
You care to up the bet? This one's for you, baby! Ooh, dear.
Sorry, babe.
Oh, it's OK.
I still love you.
(CHEERING) Go, Monty! What's he on now? (CHEERING) Yes! Come on, man.
ALL CHANT: Monty! Monty! Monty! Monty! Ooh! You're on fire, bro.
We can do this, you and me.
Let's take it home! For sure.
CHANT: Monty! Monty! Monty! Monty! Monty! (SONG) Later on Monty! Monty! Monty! We found each other In our favourite song Monty! Monty! Monty! The one where the heart rain falls on the (IN ECHO) Yes! The blue-eyed son You know, some people they don't give a damn about you Like I do Oh, no And I could tell you a million reasons why I don't try to ALL: Oh! No, no Because it's more than love More than anything I could understand He bloody did that on purpose.
Brother stuff.
One of them never quite grew up.
Yeah, Monty! (CLAPS) Good on you, mate! Good on ya, mate.
Well done.
Well done.
You're in, George.
Go, George! Go, George.
Yeah! Hand on heart, mate.
I didn't hear him call.
(STAFFORD TEAM CHEER) It hit my bat, mate! Are you deaf? Hand on heart, I did not hear it hit your bat.
Overs left? Four.
Run rate required? Five.
Oh, no, wait.
My maths isn't the best.
Six and a bit.
A run a ball.
Thanks, Billy.
Got that.
And a bit.
They only need three more wickets.
Yeah, thank you! MAN: Bowled him! (APPLAUSE) Hey, George! OK, you know what we need to do.
Yeah, no sweat.
Hey, Tracey's really amped because she got the school job! Yeah.
Yeah, nice.
Oh, don't Emma and Arlo make a cute couple.
Look, maybe we ought to stick to the task at hand.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, ah, you should know the bowler really hates me because I never called him back after last year.
Yeah, that's good to know.
It's me! (GROANS) Oh, lord.
Give me strength.
It's me! Excuse me.
Good luck, Fi.
Can I give you that Thank you.
We are so doomed.
Still, you've got to take your entertainment where and when you can in this town.
Right, Ike? Yeah, I'm not complaining.
We just push it round.
Look for ones and twos, alright? Bugger that.
Where's Aussie George when we need him? Aussie George? Yes.
Very angry guy.
I liked him.
He was fun.
Fun? Yes! So let's get Aussie George back and get the (BLEEP) on with wining this (BLEEP) thing.
(CHUCKLES) Come on, Georgie.
Oh you (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) (CHEERING) Georgie! Whoo! (CHEERING) Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! MAN: Nice job.
Good stuff.
(APPLAUSE) Five runs, Dad.
Three balls to go.
But look who we've got facing.
Just hit it for one and I'll try and get the rest.
Alright? I can do that.
Just remember, at the end of the day, it is just a game.
MAN: Come on, Fiona! ALL: Come on, Fi! (DRAMATIC MUSIC) (ALL GROAN) MAN: That's alright.
WOMAN: You're alright.
Two balls.
Where there's life, there's hope, hey, Dad? Just watch the ball the whole way.
Alright? OK.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) Yes! Go! Go, Fiona! I'll do it again.
No! (ALL SHOUT) MAN: Howzat! MAN: Not out.
Oh, no.
I I got carried away.
It's OK.
You've got this, Fiona.
Just three runs.
It's not a problem.
Just hit it as hard as you can.
I believe in you, Fiona.
(SOFTLY) Bloody hell.
Last ball.
I know.
(SONG) You know I told you that I wasn't scared, well, I lied You told me Babe, I only think of you And I said, all I've got is a bunch of sad stories And I told them all before the night was through And I cried Oh, but we're here now.
GEORGE WRITING: It doesn't matter if you win or lose.
It's whether you have fun playing the game that counts.
What a crock.
Winning is so much more fun.
I won! How great! (WHOOPS) You beauty! (ALL WHOOP) Well, wonders will never cease.
Eat my shorts.
(LAUGHS) (CHEERING) I wanna make you feel how I feel when I'm listening to love songs I wanna take you to the peak of everything that you are You're everything I need (CHEERING) I'm the principal! Yes, you are, my dear.
It's quite a responsible job, isn't it? You'll be just fine.
What if I'm not? Well, then I will be there to catch you as you go out in a blaze of glory.
ALL: Oh! (LAUGHS) What's up? Go to university this year.
Not leaving my girl.
What if I wasn't your girl? I can't be responsible for keeping you in a town where the most exciting thing to happen all year is a game of social cricket.
Hey, there was a lot riding on that game.
We See? You're already becoming one of them.
You need to dream bigger.
I'm sorry, but it's over.
I'm breaking up with you.
Look I do dream big.
And you're not leaving me.
Because I love you.
(WHISPERS) Oh, crap.
At a primary school parents versus teachers cricket match? (LAUGHS) Yeah, I was restrained today in comparison.
(BOTH LAUGH) And you were brilliant.
So I'm gonna buy you another beer.
Well, thank you.
Another two, thanks.
Did you see that? Big Mac and Rai? Am I missing something again? Big Mac and Rai have a bet on the cricket every year.
Loser pays for the hotel.
Even Big Mac deserves a bit of harmless fun every now and then.
Nice work today.
I was really proud of you.
Until I remembered you weren't mine to be proud of anymore.
I miss you, Fi.
Sorry about that LBW decision.
It was kind of dodgy.
Oh, it was totally dodgy.
But I did deserve it.
Robbie McNamara admitting fault.
What can I say? I've changed.
(GENTLE MUSIC) GEORGE WRITING: Maybe life is just a game.
But if it is, it has some messed-up rules.
You do the right thing, you don't cheat or lie And still you don't get your happy ending.
(SONG) It seems like such a shadow of what used to burn so bright I have to go.
Hey now, it don't seem right Sometimes life's a battle (BUS ENGINE REVS) But you're not alone in the fight Yeah, hey hey Hey, my love hey, my love Hey, Arlo! Still a spare bed going at your place? Hey, my love hey, my love We won! And you got through without any Well, I apologised afterwards.
Oh, George! It's meant to be fun.
And it was.
Fun, that is.
There's no need to despair Yeah, yeah, hey Thanks, partner.
Any time, partner.
To be honest, I had my eyes shut.
You what? Yeah, when I hit the six.
I just shut my eyes (LAUGHS) .
and hoped for the best.
Here's me thinking you're a skilled, experienced batsman.
(GIGGLES) No! Wow.
I think yesterday was one of the best days I've had since I've got here.
(SCOFFS) Must've been a bloody good game of cricket.
Just letting go the stress, not thinking about anything, just having fun! I'm glad.
You sound, ah really good.
I am.
Life is good.
Talk again soon, huh? Yeah.
GEORGE WRITING: Of course, then there is the school of thought that says there are no endings happy or otherwise.
That what we perceive as an end is, in fact, just the cue for other stories ready and waiting to be told.