9-1-1 (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Let Go

1 DEVON: Did you hear that? - Those were not screams of joy.
- I know.
People are flipping out.
Isn't it great? I-I don't need to experience the kind of bowel-clenching fear that causes people to scream like that.
By the way, bowel clenching is another thing I'm afraid of.
You can cross two fears off your list with one ride.
I don't want to do this.
All right, check it out.
There are two hot girls in front of us.
If we get out of this line, they will Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram our faces with #pussies.
I don't want to be a #pussy.
Do you? So you'd rather have me crap my pants than be humiliated in front of two complete strangers? Absolutely.
Plus, they're hot.
So that's potentially thousands of strangers.
Step up.
("MESS AROUND" BY CAGE THE ELEPHANT PLAYS) Oh, no Oh, no Oh, no Oh, no Hands up.
Ah Oh, no Ah Enjoy the ride.
Ah You're clenching your butt cheeks, aren't you? I hate you.
(CHAD LAUGHS) Oh, my God.
Whoa, here we go! (PASSENGERS SCREAMING) Chad! He's not moving.
Send an ambulance.
DEVON: Please, hurry! Buck, we came in at the wrong angle.
I'm gonna have you climb up there, harness him in, and hang tight while we move the truck.
You think you can handle that? Hell yeah.
This daredevil hero stuff is what I signed up for, Bobby.
- Good.
- (WOMAN CRYING) Help us! Please! Everybody, try to stay calm.
We'll get you down, I promise, all right? I need you to relax, I need you to breathe, and I need you to keep as still as possible.
You move less, you stay safe.
We get everyone off this ride safe.
(GRUNTS) Hey, what's your name, man? (PANTING): Devon.
All right, Devon.
Well, hang on, brother.
(CRYING): Where's Chad? What happened to Chad? Hey, Bobby, he's asking about his friend.
BOBBY: Chimney, it's Captain, you copy? Copy, Captain.
What do you need? How's the kid on the ground? He's gone.
We lost him.
All right, I don't need the people up there seeing that.
So, do me a favor He survived, right? Get him on a gurney.
You know the drill.
Copy that.
BUCK: Hang in there, guys.
We're coming.
I'm almost there.
What happened to Chad?! He's dead, isn't he? Hey, Devon, look at me.
Chad He's getting help.
You see? He's gonna be fine.
And I'm not gonna let anything happen to you, all right? - Is everyone okay? - No, we're not okay! Why is the fire truck going away? It's just getting into a better position, that's all.
Devon, how we doing? It's gonna be everywhere.
- It's gonna be all over the place.
- Hey.
Forget about them, okay? You don't look down.
You look up at me.
You see this strap here? All you got to do is reach up your arm, - slide it through the loop.
- (GRUNTS) I can't! - Yes, you - I can't! Yes, you can, buddy.
You can do it.
Come on, Buck.
Come on, Buck.
Can you tell them to stop recording, please? I don't want everyone to see me like this.
Listen, Devon, I need you to concentrate.
Please! (WHIMPERS) Slide your arm through the loop and then we can deal with everything else.
(GRUNTS) All right.
Reach up your hand.
Come on.
It's, like, three inches.
You can do this.
I got you.
Devon, I need you to trust me.
Give me your hand.
I will not let you go.
I can't.
Devon, please.
Hey, Devon! - Oh! - (CLATTERS) (GASPS) I'm not hungry.
This is America, Buckaroo.
Eating has nothing to do with being hungry.
Man, I was right there.
You know, all he had to do was reach up and grab my hand.
CHIMNEY: People do funny things at times like that.
Sometimes they just freeze up.
I've never lost anyone before.
- Does it get any easier? - No.
Look, people die, and that's part of the gig, right? See, your problem is, you're looking at every job like it's a long-term relationship.
They're one-night stands, man.
In that moment, they mean everything to you, but once the morning comes it's on to the next one.
HEN: Hey.
You guys don't mind, I brought some company to family dinner.
Athena's going through some, uh, some stuff at home, so she could use some TLC.
BOBBY: Well, we don't usually allow cops at secret firehouse meetings, but, uh, I'll make an exception.
All right.
Appreciate that.
You know, I ain't sold on you yet, but I think keeping me from getting shot deserves a second chance.
Hey, there won't be a third, though.
(ALL LAUGHING) Buck here is having a little trouble moving on from a call that didn't go his way.
You know why they make us wear these uniforms, right? Cops, firefighters, paramedics? - Uh sex appeal? - Mm-hmm.
So people can easily identify us.
Both true, but it's also for our own good.
Because when we take the uniform off at the end of the day, it symbolizes letting go of all of the sad, crazy, inhumane things we've seen that day.
I see his face every time I close my eyes.
That happen to you guys? It'll pass.
You coming, kid? (RADIO TRANSMISSION CONTINUES) (SIREN WAILING) NEWS ANCHOR: Terror and heroism at the state fair.
Passengers trapped on a carnival ride gone haywire.
Our own Marcy Henderson got a few words with Evan "Buck" Buckley, the hero firefighter who risked his life climbing the broken ride.
BUCK: I reached out to pull him out the car.
Buck? He wouldn't give me his hand.
I don't know what happened.
I-I don't know why he would do that.
NEWS ANCHOR: He's responsible for saving four lives on the ride - MOM: Help.
- (DOOR JIGGLING) - Mom? - Abby, help me.
What is it, Mom? What is it? Are you okay? - MOM: Oh, I can't get out.
- Did you lock the door? - Yes, I guess, I guess - Oh, Mom Did you lock the other one? Coming in.
Mom, you cannot lock these doors.
I'm sorry, honey.
I Can you, can you unlock it? - No, I don't know how to.
- (DOORBELL RINGING) Well (SIGHS) It's too dangerous.
You cannot lock the door, Mom.
And I'm late for work.
Hi, I'm Carla from In-Home Services.
Is this the Clark residence? - Oh, my God.
You're on time.
- Yes, yes.
- Come in, come in, come in.
- Is everything okay? Yeah.
M-My mom locked herself in the bathroom.
Oh, you got to take the locks off the doors, except the front one you got to lock that from the outside.
Well, I haven't exactly had the chance - to Alzheimer-proof the apartment.
- Okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
My husband's a handyman.
We'll handle it.
Let's get her out of here first, okay? Ms.
Clark? Hi, my name is Carla Price.
It's very nice to meet you.
I need you to unlock this door for me.
MOM: I can't.
I don't know how.
Okay, if you're on the floor, I need you to stand up and walk to the door.
- MOM: I'm up.
- Okay.
Take your right hand and put it on the doorknob and turn it.
MOM: Okay.
If that doesn't work, turn it the other way.
(DOORKNOB TURNS) - I'm okay.
- Okay.
All right, let's get you - Let's get you in your chair.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Hi, I'm Carla.
I'll be right in to give you a great foot rub.
- Oh.
Well, thank you.
- You're welcome, ma'am.
- All right.
- Ma'am.
- (CARLA LAUGHS) - I know.
Isn't she great? Great.
You go ahead.
You go ahead.
I'm fine.
- Are you sure? - Uh-huh.
I know exactly where I'm going.
Oh, my gosh.
(LAUGHS) I've never had anybody help me with her before.
Hey, what you're being asked to do is so hard.
It's like one long emergency, okay? But I'm here to help now.
This is what I do.
Do you want to move in? - (CARLA LAUGHS) - I'm serious.
You can have my room.
Bring your family, bring your husband, whoever you got.
I'm gonna like working here.
But, look, go get your life back for a little while.
I got this.
ATHENA: Come on, come on.
It's time to go.
Hey, Mom and I need to go to work, hustle up.
Hey, little man, you brush your teeth? Yeah.
- (EXHALES) - Ooh! (ALL CHUCKLING) Hey, want a cup of coffee to go, babe? No.
Harry, where's your sister? She said she's sick.
She's in bed.
Baby, when did you start feeling sick? Hmm? This morning.
You got a test or something today that you're not ready for? I said I'm sick.
Why don't you get Harry to school, and, uh, I'll push my meetings back to this afternoon.
Get our little patient set up here for today.
You sure? Yeah.
(SIGHS) Thank you.
DISPATCH: Need all available units.
Please report to 673 Leland Way.
We have a canine attack in progress.
ATHENA: Eight-L-Thirty handling.
No, I don't want to give you mine and No, I don't want to meet you nowhere No, I don't want none of your time and No, I don't want no scrubs ATHENA (OVER LOUDSPEAKER): This is an emergency.
I need you to back up.
Hangin' out the passenger's side of his best friend's ride Tryin' to holla at me Oh, oh Hey, girl, give me four cheeseburgers and fries.
Put the fries in another bag, okay? Oh, and a medium root beer.
(DOG BARKING, SNARLING) MAN: Get out of here.
Go fetch.
Hey, hey! Hey.
Animal Control is on the way.
Okay? But in the meantime, I would stop spraying them with that.
It's just gonna piss them off.
What am I supposed to do? Stand still, stand still.
The more activity they see, the more excited they're gonna get.
A-And don't look them in the eyes.
That's a challenge.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm going to, uh I'm gonna, I'm gonna go see if, uh, I can find the owners.
And if you're thinking I'm a coward for letting you deal with these hellhounds on your own, uh, you are 100% correct.
- I will, uh - Ch Just-just stay calm.
Stay still.
How big are they? Take a look.
Oh, crap.
Four bagger.
I was hoping to save one for lunch.
You ready? I got your back.
You have a gun? No, shooting them's just gonna piss 'em off.
I got something much more effective.
(DOGS BARK) Mm-hmm.
Got him.
You are a beautiful genius.
(DOGS BARKING, SNARLING) Is he okay? Should be fine.
We'll have Animal Control test the dog for rabies.
You, uh, happen to, uh, notice what I noticed inside there? There was fire, smoke.
What you talking about? I'm talking about that sweet smile, them broad shoulders.
Sweet Smile was asking me about you.
Then he a bigger dog than the Dobermans, 'cause I still have my ring on.
Spoiler alert: your husband likes boys, so that ring ain't gonna be on much longer.
(SIGHS) Well for now, my vows still mean something to me.
And I-I couldn't do that to my kids.
This has been tough enough on them already.
I mean, I don't think May's said more than two words to Michael or I in the last week.
Whatever happens between you and Michael, these next few months are gonna be hell, so whatever you need to do to get through it so that you can be there for your kids and for yourself, you might want to do it.
Hen, when you got here, was that slide door open or closed? Closed.
So was the front door.
Dogs can't get inside unless they live here.
What happened? Um uh What's going on, Officer? Sir, is this your house? Yeah, everything okay? What happened to my dogs? Uh, the Dobermans? You'll be happy to know they've been fed and they're safe.
The problem is, you've been burglarized, and I let him get away.
NEWS ANCHOR: a sticky situation at an airport in Tennessee after a baggage car was sprayed She's down.
She should be out for a few hours.
Thank the Lord.
I'm a terrible person for saying that.
You're a good daughter because you choose to take care of her, not because of how you feel about it sometimes.
You want a glass of wine? - I do.
(LAUGHS) - You've earned it.
Go get yourself a glass in the kitchen.
My husband and I are in a fight, so I can't go home until he moves from the "I never want to see her again" feeling to the "Oh, no, did I go too far, is she ever coming back? I've got to treat her right when she comes home" feeling.
- (LAUGHS) - I like your style.
Thank you.
So, um, why are you not out with Tommy tonight? Oh.
Your mom keeps telling me about him.
Because the universe thinks it's hilarious that I get to keep reliving the worst breakup of my life because my mother keeps forgetting that it happened.
What was so bad about it? He broke up with me.
And he did not have my permission.
But I'll tell you the truth.
Really, once my mom moved in here I really didn't have anything else to give.
And what guy's gonna want to be here with me with my mom snoring in the other room? I mean, it's not sexy.
NEWSMAN (ON TV): with fireman Evan "Buck" Buckley, who people are calling the "County Fair Spider-Man" for his daring rescue.
Holy crap, he's gone national.
You know that big hunk of man meat? - Mm.
- BUCK: I was just doing my job.
I'm happy we were able to help the people we helped and I'm-I'm really sorry about those we-we couldn't save.
NEWSWOMAN: Oh, we're getting a lot of Twitter questions from our audience.
Most just want to know if you're single.
Oh, uh, that's, uh, that's very sweet of them, but, um, I'm sure they're just turned on by the uniform.
You know, I-I don't know if they would feel that way if they saw me out of it.
Oh, I-I don't mean it that way.
NEWSWOMAN: Well, thanks, Buck, and thanks for all you Hmm.
He didn't answer the question.
You want an answer to the question? All firemen are dogs.
And the ones that look like the Road Warrior with an adorable birthmark are the doggiest dogs of them all.
(LAUGHS) I've been thinking I might want to call him to see how he is.
Mm, or how he is about dating you? - No.
- Mm-hmm.
He's a dog, you're a cougar.
Own it.
- Uh, no, it is not like that.
- (LAUGHS) Look, you know what, I save people's lives every day, and he is the first person in years that actually has said, "Thank you, Abby, great job.
You're a hero, too.
" And he needs help, you know? I mean, he's got so much pain in his face.
Everybody's treating him like a hero.
He doesn't feel like a hero.
As far as he's concerned, the guy that he was trying to save fell.
All right, well, go ahead on.
I'm not leaving until I hear how this turns out.
Oh, I don't know.
Call him.
Mm? Uh-huh.
You know you want to.
You just don't want to go home to your husband.
Not until he fixes his attitude.
(CARLA LAUGHS) Closing this door.
It's-it's Abby Clark.
We-we talked the other day after the home invasion.
I was the 911 operator.
Oh, yeah, yeah, you were badass.
Uh, how'd you get this number? Oh, well, it was in the report.
Um, but, anyway, I just, I don't know, I wanted to check on you.
I've been seeing you all over the news, and it seemed like maybe you were having a hard time.
Yeah, um, how'd you know? Uh, in my job you kind of learn how to read people just based on the sound of their voice.
Thank you for noticing.
Um, everywhere I go now people are patting me on the back, and I just want to scream back at them, "You know, people died.
I had to watch them die.
" ABBY: I know.
I've had to listen to people die before.
The silence after they stop talking is like no other kind of quiet.
The guy who fell all he had to do was grab my hand, and I couldn't get him to.
You know, believe it or not, there are some people who actually take those moments as opportunities to make that decision.
I mean, there are some people who just don't want to be saved.
Um, thank you for calling me.
Maybe I can call you again sometime? Yeah, that'd be great.
You have my number now or you can just dial 911.
(LAUGHS) (CHUCKLES) All right, uh, well, thanks and let's talk soon.
(LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) (GROANS) LIZ: My brother was a man of great potential.
That's the hardest part for me.
Thank you all for coming.
I'm, uh, I'm Buck, uh, Evan.
Look, I-I just wanted to say how sorry I am.
It's only my fourth month on the job.
I've never lost anyone before this.
What really happened up there? It was like he just he gave up.
Are you saying it's my brother's fault he's dead? No, th-that's not what I mean.
My brother was very h-happy to be alive.
He was loved, and he knew it.
He wanted to live, and you failed him.
(BELL TOLLING) You know what sucks about working? The work part.
I'm gonna pretend you didn't just say that.
I'm serious.
Law school was a huge mistake.
We should just come up with an app or something.
I mean, if it hits, it is like winning the lottery.
Winning the lottery is not a life strategy, Stephanie.
Neither is writing briefs for a bunch of douches in suits defending pharmaceutical companies.
Your dad's the managing partner.
STEPHANIE: This guy is such a creep.
Who? Him.
I'm pretty sure he took pictures of me in my office a couple months ago.
- Ew.
Really? - So gross.
(GLASS SQUEAKING) Oh, my God, is he looking at me? Can he see us? Just act natural.
- He's looking at me.
- (WHISPERS): Look away.
(GLASS SQUEAKING) (MAN YELLS) (DIALS 911) (LINE RINGS) (GRUNTING) I'm sorry, did you say "pervy guy"? The window washer, the thing snapped, his wires or whatever, and he's just hanging by his foot.
Tell me where you're calling from, ma'am.
(SIRENS WAILING) All right, Buck, that rig could go any second.
I'm gonna go up to the roof and secure the cable, all right? You go up on the ladder, get it up to him.
Let's go.
I'll go up to the roof.
You know, I-I can get there quicker and make sure the, the cable is secure.
All right, good idea.
All right? I-I know I let you down.
A year ago, I put in to be a Navy SEAL.
I didn't know you were in the Navy.
I wasn't.
Don't have to be in the Navy to try out for the SEALs.
You just have to be particularly badass, which you know I am.
Didn't have any trouble with the physical part.
Following orders wasn't my best quality, but hey, I was working on it.
Why didn't it stick? They wanted machines.
People who could, uh flip a switch in their head and turn off every natural, human instinctive emotion in their body, and I cannot do that.
I don't, I don't want to do that.
I love this job because I get to be the tough guy but I also get to help people.
Remember the first person you lost? (SIGHS) Katherine Vance 32 years old, blonde hair, green eyes.
She was wearing a blue University of Michigan T-shirt, white shorts, and she had on black Converse High Tops.
She had painted smiley faces on the toes.
Last thing she said to me was, "Please," and then she was gone.
Hit by a drunk driver I couldn't extract her in time.
I'm glad you can't flip that switch.
I don't want you to.
It's not gonna make you a better firefighter.
And anybody who tells you that losing someone doesn't affect them is lying.
The name and number of a trauma counselor.
We have people in the department who help us deal with this kind of stuff.
You don't have to talk to me, but you do have to talk to someone.
You seem uncomfortable.
Yeah, I am a little.
Well, that's not unusual.
You've been through a trauma.
That's why you're here to deal with those feelings.
(SIGHS): Uh, yeah, I'm, uh, I'm not really into feelings.
I mean, I mean, feeling 'em, yeah, just not, you know talking about them.
I treat a lot of first responders People who run toward danger But maybe there's something you're running from as well? What is it about discussing your feelings that scares you? I'm not scared.
I'm angry.
GLASS: That's good.
It's good? It's good that you're expressing it.
Oh, yeah.
I'm expressing it.
BUCK: Look, I'm only here 'cause my captain insisted.
I understand you froze up at a scene the other day.
(SIGHS) Yeah.
Okay, I I hesitated.
Why? I just don't like to be made to feel a fool, and that's exactly how I feel right about now.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) Because you were right, Michael.
I did know.
Somewhere, not that deep down, I always knew you were gay.
But that's how badly I wanted to make a life with you.
A family.
And I'm not ready to let it go.
WELLES: You lost somebody.
That's hard.
Yeah, but we lose people.
At least that's what everyone keeps telling me.
Was this your first time? I mean, I've had calls where it was too late, but, uh, but I've only been doing this not even six months.
Now, I I just can't shake the feeling that this one didn't need to go down the way that it did.
So do you think there was something you could have done differently? You are nobody's fool.
You are a strong, beautiful, loving woman.
Listen, I'm the fool.
I let you love me, because I thought you could fix me.
WELLES: Do you blame him? I mean, he wouldn't take my hand.
Maybe he couldn't.
Maybe he was too paralyzed with fear, or confused or who knows? Look I can't help you get inside his head, Mr.
We're here to talk about what's inside yours.
(SNIFFLES) It's, um it's actually just Buck.
(SOFTLY): Okay.
(EXHALES) (SNIFFLES): Um can I ask you something? Of course.
Did you friend me on Facebook? I saw you on the news, um, before this was scheduled.
You should delete that.
Yeah, I thought you looked familiar.
Nobody is trying to take away your family, Athena.
Baby, we still got a whole lot to hold onto.
I agree.
And I'm willing to go down that road with you, Michael.
And what does that road look like to you, Athena? I-I couldn't live with a loveless marriage.
But a sexless one? Well, it's already been that for a while now, so I guess we're just at the point in our lives where we can live without it.
So if you can live a celibate life, Michael, I can, too.
- (SIGHS HEAVILY) - Uh - What? - What? What? Michael? I met someone Athena.
I met someone.
(BOTH PANTING) I can't believe I just did that.
I am so sorry.
Sorry? Why? You were fantastic.
That was beyond unprofessional.
I'm your therapist.
Yeah, and I feel better.
You need to go.
Hey, boo.
MAN: Who is this? "Who is this?" Oh, come on now.
I'm disappointed in you.
I thought you and I had something.
I hate to disappoint, but you're gonna have to refresh my memory.
Yeah, well, I guess it has been a minute.
I was married.
You told me to call you when I needed a real man.
Well, here I am.
Well, here you are.
So, uh, you gonna come get this, huh? (MAN LAUGHS) Well, that depends on what you had in mind.
You can meet me at my place for a little afternoon delight, if you know what I'm saying.
Afternoon delight? Girl, you need to update your euphemisms.
(ATHENA LAUGHS) Okay, okay, where you at? Mmm, I'm not far.
How do you know? You like dogs? Dobermans? I have one at my place.
Who is this? How did you get this number? You called 911, dumb ass.
(SIREN WAILING) No, no, no, no.
- (GRUNTS) - You think I'm stupid, huh? - (GRUNTS) - You think you can just make me look like a fool and walk away? Huh? Sergeant Grant, easy! Easy.
(ATHENA GRUNTS) - - - - - - - - And tell me where you're calling from.
WOMAN: Leonard! Will you please just get the hell down from there? Okay, you're scaring me.
LEONARD: After all that I do for you? I do whatever you tell me to! WOMAN: That's part of the problem, Leonard! And then you go and cheat on me with some werewolf-looking dick from work? I did not cheat on you, okay? How many times do I have to say this?! You need to say it more because I do not believe you.
Seriously? It's got to be a jumper? He couldn't threaten himself with a gun? Right.
'Cause that would be preferable.
OFFICER (OVER RADIO): Bedroom door is locked.
The girlfriend is on the living room balcony.
We're gonna have to do The Maneuver.
Oh, Bobby, no, I - Yes.
- I'll do it.
No, Buck's got this.
You got this.
Why did you move in if I am so terrible? You're not that terrible.
Will you please get down so we can talk about how you can improve? I don't think I need to improve.
You want to jump? Go ahead and jump! I don't even know what to say to him anymore.
Telling him to jump is probably not the way to go.
He will not listen to me, okay? He's convinced that I cheated on him, and we keep going in circles.
Don't you dare do that, I swear to God! Did you cheat on him? This is the right time for that? - So, that's a yes.
- No, it isn't.
- Just tell him you're sorry.
- Absolutely not.
Okay, I'm not gonna admit that I cheated on him.
It doesn't have to be true.
He just needs to hear that you're sorry.
All right? Fine.
Leonard? I'm sorry.
Okay, I don't know what I was thinking.
I love you and only you.
You lying bitch.
Oh, fine! I mean, that was pathetic.
Oh, come on, I tried my best.
Leonard, listen to me.
We've all been there, man.
I had a girlfriend cheat on me and I thought she was the one, Leonard.
I saw us going the whole way.
Marriage, kids, all of it.
So I went out and I bought her a ring, a nice one.
I mean, we were on top of the Eiffel Tower.
I got down on one knee.
I popped the question.
Everybody staring at us.
She had tears in her eyes.
You know what she said to me? (SOFTLY): Now.
She says to me, "Bobby" - (LEONARD GRUNTS) - (GASPS) (PEOPLE APPLAUDING, CHEERING) - What did she say to you? - Who? The girl, on the Eiffel Tower.
I don't know.
We never get that far in the story.
Hey, Bobby, um thanks for pushing me back there.
I don't know what happened.
I guess I had a moment.
You bounced back and saved a man's life.
You did good, kid.
Five bucks says that guy's getting laid tonight.
(HEN LAUGHS) A guy ready to kill himself, and you think his girlfriend is turned on? He was punishing her for cheating.
Guilt sex.
Help me out here, Buck.
I need to apologize to you.
I was completely out of line at the memorial.
You didn't deserve that.
You lost your brother.
I get it.
Seven years ago, Devon tried to kill himself.
We sent him to therapy and he got better.
Then, two months ago, he started isolating himself again.
Wouldn't leave the house.
I got scared and called his friend, Chad.
Begged him to get Devon out of the house.
Chad said he'd ask Devon to go to the state fair.
When Devon said yes to the fair, I took it as a sign that he was getting better.
So, you see, it's not your fault he's dead.
It's mine.
Look, there was nothing either one of us could've done for Devon.
Some people just don't want to be saved.
A friend said that to me recently.
And, um it helped.
Mmmm, well this is nice.
We don't get to go out very often, do we, Mom? Mm-mm.
Carla got me all dolled up.
- Yes, yes, I did.
- Mm.
CARLA: It's good to get different kinds of stimulation.
Releases that serotonin, that happy hormone.
Well, we could all use a little happy hormone.
Abby, you're in the prime of your life, girl.
You need to get out and have some fun.
You need to ask out that fireman that looks like he got punched in the eye.
I'm not asking out that fireman.
He's way too young for me.
Girl, you are a hot spice pumpkin latte.
You're sitting around, getting cool, and there's a big old hunk of man that would love to burn his tongue on you.
- Oh.
- (LAUGHTER) Mm-hmm? (WHISPERING): Call him.
- You're so pushy.
- Mm-hmm.
- But you like it.
- Okay, I'll be back.
- Wait, I want to hear this.
- No.
Buck, it's, uh, it's Abby Clark.
Ah, hey.
How you doing? I'm good.
Hey, can I ask you a question? - Sure.
- How old are you? Oh, my God, why? (CHUCKLES) 'Cause you keep calling me.
People don't use their phones to make calls anymore.
You know, we text, we Snap or we Marco Polo, or if it's really serious, then we FaceTime.
(LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) I guess that's true, I know I'm sorry, I just, you know, I spend so much time on the phone.
I guess it's my most comfortable form of communication.
Nah, don't be sorry.
I like it.
It's, um, it's old-fashioned.
Yes, well, um I have another old-fashioned idea, which is that I was thinking maybe we could meet up in person over some old-fashioned margaritas.
Ah, see, where I'm from, they, uh, they call that a date.
They call it a date where I'm from, too.
I'm asking you out on a date.
Um, I mean, that sounds really fun.
You're-you're super smart and funny and obviously killer at your job, um, but I'm-I'm realizing that I have some issues when it comes to women and intimacy.
And if, uh, if we went out on a date, I'm pretty sure we'd have sex.
Uh, okay.
You think I would just sleep with you? I'm not sure what to make of that.
No, look, it's, um, it's not you, it's, it's not you, it's me.
(CHUCKLES) Um, look, I have issues.
For example, I just slept with my therapist in our first session.
It's kind of like I'm a magnet.
Oh, so you think I'm not gonna be able to control myself around you? Because, right now, I mean, in this conversation, I'm extremely not interested in sleeping with you, so I won't go out with you because I like you.
'Cause I know we've only talked a couple times, but talking to you makes me feel really good and safe and curious about life because I can tell that you're special.
And I don't have anyone like you in my life and I don't want to do anything to risk losing you.
For now I think it's best if we just talk on the phone, like in the olden days.
I'd be into that.
That would be great.
All right, well, then I'll talk to you soon.
Bye, Buck.
Good-bye, Abby.
He said no.
CARLA: Then why are you smiling? Because I had the nerve to call the guy.
And sometimes the right kind of no is better than the wrong kind of yes.
I like that.
How was your day? - Mm.
- Great.
Dad called.
He said we could eat dinner without him.
(CHUCKLES) I'll bet he did.
Where's your sister? In her room.
May! Honey, you hungry? May, honey, have you eaten anything? Damn headphones with that music up so loud.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, oh, my God! Oh, my God.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, God.