9-1-1 (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Worst Day Ever

In preparation for landing, the captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign.
Please return your tray table and seat back to its full upright and locked position.
Can I put your bag up? - GIRL: Yeah.
- Okay.
I like your monkey.
RICHARD: Babe, babe? Can I get another 7 and 7? Uh, we're landing.
You need to put your laptop away.
And don't call me "babe.
" RICHARD: Come on, it was a joke.
- JANE: Well, apologize.
- Thank you.
Hey, on behalf of all men, I'd like to apologize as well.
- Seat back all the way up.
- Thanks you.
Does it count if we're not actually a mile high? Yes, it counts.
Now flight attendants will be too busy getting everything ready to notice.
Come on.
TAMMY: How about movie and dinner? JAKE: That feels too serious.
Then how about a movie and donuts? He's going on his first date.
Wow! Major.
Pick a card, any card.
I didn't know we had a magician on board.
Is it the jack of spades? Yes! How did you do that? [CHUCKLES.]
Control column not responding.
Hydraulics are knocked out.
Seat belts are on tight? [PASSENGERS SCREAMING.]
- Mayday, Mayday.
LB 46 is declaring an emergency.
Brace yourselves for emergency landing! [ALARM BEEPING.]
Really? If you want some, just ask.
I'm good.
I already ate.
You still owe me 20 bucks, Buck.
- Don't think I'm-a forget.
- For what? For the damn cookie bouquet, that I delivered to Chimney.
The one with the get well card that I personally watched you sign.
BUCK: He's doing it again.
What? Eating dinner? Staring into that book.
Come on, you must have a line on the gossip around here.
What is it? Why-why is he so obsessed with it? HEN: Mm-mm.
All I'm gonna tell you about that book is to stay the hell away from it.
Trust me.
I made that mistake three months into working here.
So you're saying no one here knows what he writes in it.
Well, watch this.
All right, Buck.
When he pops you in that pretty face, just make sure it's on the side that's already got a mark.
So, Bobby, I got to ask.
What's the deal with that book? It's none of your business.
I know it's a list of people you saved, all right? Right now, there are 46 names in it.
But there's space for 148.
Why that number? You read my book? I mean, I-I peeked once or twi Don't ever do that again.
You guys ever seen something like this before? [PEOPLE SCREAMING, SHOUTING.]
Captain Nash.
Who's got incident command? WALLY: You do now, Captain.
It looks like the plane split - in two on impact.
- BOBBY: All right, I'm gonna need you to be my point man on the beach.
All right, Hen, I need you to check on the Coast Guard chopper.
And, Buck, I need you to check with the dive team, all right? - BUCK: We got at least 20.
- Hey, Buck.
Just keep moving, Buck.
: I've been trying to get ahold of you.
You would not believe the house this girl lives in, Michael.
You know she's having a house party.
4:00 on a school day.
House party.
MICHAEL: What are you even doing there, Athena? This will not convince Social Services to let May come home.
You're out of your mind.
I'm a police officer doing my job.
You telling me you don't want to see the look on this bitch's face when I stroll in? After what she's put our daughter through? You read those messages.
I failed her once.
I won't do it again.
Whoo Drop-top Porsche, Rollie on my wrist Diamonds up and down my chain Ha-ha, Cardi B, straight stuntin' Can't tell me nothin' Bossed up and I changed the game Who invited the troll? GEORGINA: Mona's okay.
Her dad owns, like, a Mercedes dealership in Torrance.
You idiot.
Everybody knows Mona the Mastiff tried to hook up with Ricky.
I thought you didn't like Ricky.
I can kick her out.
Let her stay.
We'll drag her ass later.
I haven't slapped anyone all day, and I am so friggin' high.
Laila, Five-O.
Why they watch all night long - All night long - Whoo Yeah, I know we'll turn heads forever - [MUSIC STOPS.]
- Hello, Officer.
Is there a problem or something? Your neighbors called to complain.
I'm sorry.
Was the music too loud? No, it's the smell they were objecting to.
Officer, I promise you, no one here is smoking marijuana.
Did I say "marijuana"? No, I don't believe I did.
No, see, they called to say some skanky teenage who living up in here, bringing a real stank to the neighborhood.
Bringing down the property values and such.
I'm-a have to guess that'll be you.
Excuse me? Georgina Turner, where the hell you think you're going? Uh, hi, Sergeant Grant.
"Sergeant"? Why so formal? You've spent the night at my house, eaten at my table.
We go way back.
Go on.
Tell 'em, Georgina.
She's May Grant's mom.
My baby was in the hospital because of you.
She nearly died.
What do you have to say to that? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY.]
She's a punk-ass slut.
- You're under arrest.
You can't do that! - Oh, no? I saw what you hid in your bag.
Huh? Hmm.
- Party's over.
You are in such trouble.
- My father's an attorney.
- Tax attorney.
Grant? Could you tell May I'm sorry? You should tell her yourself.
Where's my daughter? - Where is she? Laila.
- OFFICER: Hey, hey, hey! - Laila.
Oh, my God.
Let go of me! - Hey, hey! - Get your hands off my wife! - Oh, you.
Or whatever your name is.
You did this? - You put my girl behind bars? - Mrs.
Creedy, - you need to calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm down.
I get a call from my daughter's friends saying that you barge into our home and start blaming Laila for what happened to your daughter.
The hell is the matter with you? What's she being charged with? Possession of a controlled substance.
I want her released.
I play golf with a top trial attorney, and he's gonna have a field day with this case.
Your daughter's going through the system like everyone else.
Was this about revenge? Is that it? You-you got it in your head that Laila is somehow to blame for your daughter trying to kill herself? Don't you talk about my daughter.
You should've come to us if you had concerns.
What, like the other parents who complained to you about Satan over there? Yeah, that's right.
I talked to them.
And I know you did nothing Not a single damn thing.
Yeah, all right, I've heard enough about what you think You want to know why your daughter's sitting in that cell? You failed.
Your daughter is a nightmare because the two of you are a nightmare.
Now get the hell out of my station.
- OFFICER: 1178, Dockweiler Beach.
- Laila.
- All units report to LAX for emergency perimeter.
- Where do you need me? - [ALARM BUZZING.]
OFFICER: No stopping here! Keep it moving, keep it moving! No stopping here! [URGENT CHATTER.]
Sergeant, thank you.
Really appreciate it.
- Captain Dowers, airport security.
- What's the status? DOWERS: Well, it went down just off Dockweiler into the water.
We got departures grounded on the taxiways.
Arrivals with no gates.
Got air traffic control and NTSB up my ass.
My guys are spread all over hell trying to keep this place on lockdown till we can figure out what's going on.
I just hope to God it isn't a [QUIETLY.]
: isn't a bomb or ISIS or whatever.
I know that emergency manual cold, - but nothing prepares you for this.
- All right, just breathe.
LAPD is here and ready to assist.
All right, listen, I'm-I'm it's gonna take some time - for us to get things moving.
- Excuse me.
Do you have any information about the accident? They're not telling us a thing, and I'm looking for my husband.
- All right, all right.
- His name is Dale Marks.
He was in 4-B.
He was probably wearing his Mets cap.
- He usually wears his Mets cap.
- I heard there were survivors.
Okay, look, folks, folks, folks, look.
As soon as we have updates for you, we will pass them along.
I know this is a difficult situation, but the finest first responders are out there right now doing everything they can for your loved ones.
- Okay, just go with them.
- But I I need It breaks your heart, doesn't it? Worst part is yet to come.
: Flight 207 crew in need of assistance, waiting to deplane.
We have a passenger who is out of control.
- Copy.
Officer responding.
- What, a plane just crashed and some jackass is complaining about not getting his extra bag of nuts? No, sir, not today.
- The water's on fire.
- BOBBY: That's jet fuel.
I count 12 to 15 victims on the wing, at least 30 in the water.
How long before that thing sinks? BOBBY: Based on the timing of the swells, I don't think that plane can take more than four or five sets before going down.
BUCK: Where the hell are we gonna evacuate - all these people to? - BOBBY: We have to get these people out of here and to the beach.
This thing is going down in four minutes.
WOMAN: Help! Help! Swim to the raft! Swim to the raft! The plane is sinking! Get him up.
Get in the boat.
Come on! - Buck, Buck, we got somebody here.
- RICHARD: Help, please.
- BOBBY: Okay, bring it over here.
I can't get my seat belt off.
It's digging into me.
Stay with me, sir.
Stay with me, okay? I'm gonna pull the thing right off, okay? We're gonna do this on three, okay? - One - [RICHARD SCREAMING.]
- Easy.
Bobby? - You're okay, sir.
You're okay.
- Let's get him up.
We're gonna get you off the plane.
- Come on, Buck, come on.
- All right.
Get in the raft! Come down! - [MAN SHOUTS.]
- Mommy, come on, we have to go.
- BOBBY: Are you all right? - TAMMY: No, my - Are you trapped? - That's right, come on, let's go, let's go.
- All right.
- Pull that chair, Buck.
Stop! Stop, Buck! - [TAMMY SCREAMS.]
- Her legs are pinned.
- TAMMY: Please save him.
- All right, take the kid.
- No, no! - I'm not leaving without you! - Okay, baby, listen.
Look, look.
The firemen are here, okay? I need you to get on their boat so they can do their job.
If everyone is worried about you and your pretty face, how are they gonna do what they need to do to save me? Have I ever lied to you? Then you have to believe me.
I will be with you again so soon.
Mommy loves you so much.
- Do this for me.
- Okay.
Okay? Okay, baby.
- BOBBY: All right, got to go.
I'm sorry.
- Okay, okay.
- Go, baby.
- Come on.
I got you.
BUCK: It's gonna be okay.
We'll take good care of you.
That's not the last time you're gonna see him, because I'm gonna get you out of here.
Here we go.
Good boy.
I got you.
I got this.
Mom! Mom! [IN DISTANCE.]
Buck, Buck.
Go check the back of the plane.
We're running low on time.
BILLY: Please.
- Get us out of here! - It's filling up with water! HEN: I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Hang in, hang in.
They're trapped in there.
Hurry, it's filling up fast.
Please hurry! I don't want to drown! [MOTOR WHIRRING.]
: Wait, hold the boat! - [HANNAH SHOUTING.]
- Tie the rope to the cart.
- HEN: What? - Give me the other end, come on.
- I need this.
- Here, take the bag.
- Okay, breathe.
- TAMMY: Okay.
Oh, oh.
- HANNAH: Somebody open it! Here, take this.
Tie it on the end! - Good to go! - Now, go, go, go! Everyone, stay clear! [SCREAMS.]
- Breathe, breathe.
I got you, I got you.
Come on.
There's a step.
HEN: Watch your step.
Y'all walk ahead.
- Get on the boat.
Come on, Buck, let's go now, now, now! [SIREN WAILING.]
BOBBY: Take a breath! Come on, come on.
Just breathe, just breathe.
- You're okay, you're okay.
- WALLY: Bobby, it's time to go.
- Time to go.
Get out of there.
- You're okay.
Come on.
Evacuate all rescue personnel.
Everyone off the plane now.
: That means you too, Cap.
- I need a minute.
- WALLY: A minute? In a minute, you'll die.
Do you have kids? Yes.
I died giving birth to my son.
I had a seizure.
And eclampsia, then my heart stopped.
I remember feeling the life leaving my body, but I said no.
And I fought and I fought to come back because a son needs his mother.
You're not gonna die here.
- 'Cause I'm gonna get you out of here.
I swear on my life.
If you go down, I am gonna go down.
Okay? Just keep fighting.
- BUCK: Hey, Bobby! - Keep fighting.
- I told you to leave, Buck, now! - Yeah! You know I'm a terrible listener! Here, take this rope! Tie it to the seat.
It works, trust me.
- Buck! Buck! Buck! Buck! Buck! [GRUNTS.]
Oh, Bobby! Bobby! - [METAL CREAKING.]
I could walk out, but I won't In my mind, I am in your arms We'll all arrive - In heaven alive - [HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING.]
We'll all arrive.
The plane is going down, sir? Please, please, look.
I don't have a lot of time.
I-I need to say something to my wife.
- Will you just let me do that? - Okay.
Look, she's having a difficult pregnancy.
- So somebody needs to be with her when she - [CLATTERING.]
Just tell her that I was thinking about her.
And our little girl.
Who I don't think I'm gonna get a chance to see in this lifetime.
I love you, Annie, so much.
So, so much.
And that's not gonna die, even if I do today.
And I promise you, babe, that I'm gonna watch over you both.
I'm so sorry that I cannot come home to you.
I need you to be strong for our daughter.
- You tell her that her - [CALL CUTS OFF.]
: The commercial flight out of Chicago's O'Hare Airport with 176 passengers and six crew members on board went down just before 8:30 this evening, crashing into the Pacific Ocean just north of Dockweiler Beach.
Now, at this hour, search and rescue operations are continuing here with more than a dozen survivors - pulled from the water.
- It's amazing anyone survived.
DAVE: Pilot knew what he was doing.
Saved a lot of folks on the ground by putting it in the drink.
It's really sad.
Where's my mom? I want my mom.
Watch her legs.
- You're all right.
: I don't know you.
I want my mom! Mom! - Have you seen my mom? - Jake? Mom! [GASPS.]
Oh, baby.
Oh, baby.
Thank you.
Captain, Orange County crew arrived.
They're gonna take point on mop up.
There's at least one family that's got a lot to be grateful for.
That's got to make you feel pretty good, right? Yeah.
Excuse me.
- Excuse us.
- Hey.
Thank you.
We owe you everything.
BILLY: You saved our lives.
Oh, it's-it's a team effort, you know? - We're getting married.
- He asked me - as soon as we made it to dry land.
That's, uh, that's great.
You seem like a very nice couple.
You take care of him, okay? Excuse me.
- Abby.
: Hey.
I'm so sorry.
Um It's awful.
It's grim.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm-I'm okay.
Okay, well, I just I wanted to, um I don't know, this may be way out of line, but I am I'm looking for a survivor.
- You knew someone on this flight? - No.
But a call came through a few hours ago from the plane as it was going down.
What? Damn.
I just, I don't know, I want to see if the guy I hope, I hope the guy made it.
- Yeah, a lot of folks didn't.
- I know.
His name is Dale Marks, and he's got a pregnant wife waiting for him, and Anyway Let me, uh see what I can find out.
Okay, bye.
WOMAN: Get off of him! This is crazy! - Why are you doing this?! - MAN: You're hurting him, man.
This is totally unnecessary.
WOMAN: What is the matter with you people?! Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, sir.
Someone want to tell me what's going on here? We have it under control.
This is under control? You got this passenger duct taped to his seat? We appreciate your concern, Officer, but this man was causing a disturbance, he repeatedly tried to exit the plane when he was told to remain seated.
- He assaulted an officer.
- What? I have the whole thing on video.
: No, I will not sit down.
I've been sitting for, like, eight hours.
Sir, I've told you several times.
I need you to take a seat.
And I've told you several times that my father is laying in a casket beneath this plane.
Do you want to talk to my grieving mother? - Huh? Do you? Here.
Hang on, Ma.
Go ahead.
Explain to my mother why her husband is rotting in cargo.
Okay, I'm not gonna tell you again.
- I need you to take a seat.
- Yeah, or what? What, are you gonna kick my ass, huh? Sir, yes, sir.
WOMAN: Oh, my oh, my God! You can't do that! MAN: Oh! Oh, my God! - You can't do that! - [PHONE BEEPS.]
That escalated awfully fast.
First of all, you want to take that duct tape off this man's mouth? Are you insane? - Are you okay, sir? - Yes.
Thank you.
Now, tell me why these people can't exit this plane.
Yeah, we've been here for eight hours All right.
All right.
Give me a moment.
- Give me a moment.
- We got word that no one should exit - an inbound aircraft.
- I see.
You got word.
From who? - From the CEO of the airline.
- Is that a joke? Right now we have no idea what caused that plane to crash.
So until we find out it wasn't terrorism, nobody's getting off this plane.
I-I can hardly believe what I'm hearing.
That badge says Los Angeles Airport Police.
And now you're telling me you're taking orders from CEOs? A industry whose motto is "The customer is always the moron"? They make a billion dollars a year on baggage fees, and you're on their side? Your knees pressing against the seat in front of you because they want to add three extra rows, and you're on their side? Five damn peanuts in that bag, and you're on their side? Oh, no, no, no, no.
Not today.
Because we both know that it is perfectly safe for these people to get off the plane.
I don't give a damn what the CEO says.
- Come on.
- No, you didn't just grab my shoulder.
- Don't make me - Don't make you do what? You place your hand on my shoulder again, we gonna have a big problem.
Now, you said that this customer was causing a disturbance.
Well, then, I'm putting him under arrest for disorderly conduct.
In fact, I'm arresting everyone on this plane.
They in my custody now.
You are all under arrest.
And that means that you are all leaving this plane.
Uh, 52 survivors.
That's pretty good, right? This is my-my first plane crash.
Mine, too.
Usually if there is one fatality, it's-it's, like, a four percent survival rate.
I wasn't expecting so many of the bodies to be you know, in-in one piece.
Uh, guess it makes identifying the casualties a lot easier Not that it's easy.
Uh, can I, can I check your list? Uh, see-see a name, um Dale Marks? Oh, no, I think I remember that name.
I think that name's on the other list.
All right.
Um, thank you.
: I'm sorry, Abby.
I know it's not what you wanted to hear.
: I love you, Annie, so much.
So, so much.
And that's not gonna die, even if I do today.
And I promise you, babe, that I'm gonna watch over you both.
I'm so sorry that I cannot come home to you.
I need you to be strong.
GIRL: Daddy, what's wrong? I just had a tough day, honey.
A really tough day.
Because of the plane crash? A lot of people died.
They did.
Why aren't you crying? I don't think I have enough tears for all of them.
A spider is not an emergency, ma'am.
WOMAN: No, I'm telling you.
If you saw the size of this thing It-it doesn't matter how big the spider - I'm gonna call animal control.
- Do not call animal control.
- Ma'am? - [LINE BEEPS.]
- Annie's here.
- Oh.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm so sorry.
You sure you want to do this? - Yes.
- They're gonna release the tape.
I could get them to expedite it so you could watch it at home.
No, I I need to hear it now.
Uh, right this way.
WOMAN: 9-1-1.
What's your emergency? You ready? [KEYBOARD CLICKS.]
I've been asked to take action against you for removing - the passengers from that plane.
- Great.
So the CEO calls the mayor who calls the captain who calls you? Yup, that's exactly right, but they can all piss off.
I saw the video.
You were totally justified.
These airlines suck.
That's not why you're here.
Okay, so, why am I here? Laila Creedy.
You know who the best police officers are, Athena? The ones who show integrity and empathy, who use common sense? Hmm.
The ones who don't make my telephone ring.
And right now, I feel as if I operate the Athena Grant crisis hotline.
What were you doing at that party? It's-it's complicated.
Look, I know about May, and I'm sorry.
I can't even imagine what you're going through right now.
The rage that must be coursing through your veins.
If there's anything I can do, just ask.
I appreciate that.
You're not gonna appreciate this.
I checked the logs.
Nobody called in a noise complaint.
You used your badge to exact a personal vendetta, exposing yourself and this entire department to a lawsuit.
And no matter how justified you or I might find your actions, there's no way the LAPD can condone your behavior.
You were out of line, and too assertive with a minor.
I'm putting you on restricted duty, effective immediately, you're riding the desk.
Captain, wait.
Just-just let me iron out this thing with my daughter.
Then I'll take whatever punishment you want.
You left me no choice.
Bobby? Bobby, open up! - He ever gone MIA like this before? - [SIGHS.]
Honestly, I don't, I don't know much about his story before he took over the house.
Just that he, uh he's in recovery.
- You hear it? You hear that? - I'm gonna kick it down.
- No.
No, you're not.
Bobby and I gave each other spare keys just in case one of us couldn't make it home one day.
Bobby? Bob? Bob? Hey.
Come on, let's get him up.
BUCK: How long has it been? 546 days.
45 and a half if we're being picky.
18 months.
That crash was hard-core.
We all have our breaking point.
BOBBY: Mm-hmm.
Who were you cooking dinner for? There are four plates set.
I don't know.
I was drunk.
I am gonna be fine.
This is a one-time thing, I promise, okay? I'm good.
I'm sorry I put you guys through this.
You know why redwoods can grow so high? They move and bend with the wind.
If you stay rigid, eventually you'll break.
You calling me uptight? She's calling me uptight, isn't she? Maybe ask for help once in a while? [VOICE BREAKING.]
: Help.
: Oh.
I'm sorry, you guys.
I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
Hey, Carla.
Is she down already? You're good.
She's down, but not out.
I just threw in her favorite DVD.
- Overboard? - Yup.
As I call it, "Patricia Clark's lullaby.
" - [LAUGHS.]
Me, too.
- Yeah, just give it 20 minutes.
She'll be out like a light.
It hasn't failed me once.
God bless Goldie Hawn and that mouth-watering white boy.
Um, are you all gonna be okay tonight? I can call Howard and stay, you know.
No, I'm fine.
I can take care of her.
You go on home.
- Okay.
- Good night, Carla.
Good night.
You know, if I was as tired as you looked, I might want a little help.
There's no shame in that.
I'm really fine, Carla, thank you.
You go home.
Appreciate it.
You're very sweet.
Okay, you know what? I'm staying.
Let's get you in the bed, and I will handle the graveyard shift.
- Come on.
- Carla, I'm a grown-up person.
I can take care of myself, and I can take care of my mother, okay? Sorry.
It's been a a rough couple days, but I'm I apologize.
But go have a nice night.
Okay? Really, we're fine.
Well, I'll see you in the morning, then.
All right.
Sleep well, Patricia.
PATRICIA: Honey? Hi, Mom.
You're tired, huh? Yeah.
You're always a little snappy when you're tired.
You always were that way, even when you were a little a baby.
See, you think I don't remember things.
You're right, Mom.
You're always right.
: Oh, it's hot in here.
That girl always leaves the temperature up too high.
Her name is Carla, Mom.
- What? - Carla! Ugh.
It's hot.
I'm burning up.
Okay, I will turn the thermostat down in just a minute.
Go to sleep, Mom.
You, too.
Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom! [SHOUTING.]
: Mom! Mom!