9-1-1 (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Under Pressure

: Hey, L.
, it's another scorcher here, and you know what that means Earthquake weather.
TOUR GUIDE: Mulholland Drive named for William Mulholland, the man who brought water to - a thirsty desert.
: It'll be 98 downtown, 113 in the Valley.
- Three more fiesta combos! - Pressure HOST [OVER RADIO.]
: And in the Inland Empire, a million degrees, give or take.
- Pressure - [SIGHS.]
So keep cool, stay inside, unless you're one of the thousands without power right now, in which case, have you thought about moving? Think I picked the wrong week to be trained.
Everything after this will be a cakewalk.
Get the cones set up.
Where the only thing you feel are loaded guns - In your face - [HORN BLARES.]
And you'll have to deal - Go, ass wipe! - With pressure [ENGINE REVVING, TIRES SQUEALING.]
- Seriously? [ENGINE REVVING.]
You used to call me - Paranoid - [WHISTLING.]
Pressure I said it's gonna be at least 24 hours, all right? - [HORN HONKING.]
- Hey, and if you look to your right, there's a real L.
douchebag! [TIRES SQUEALING.]
Andy! You bastard! - [CANS CLINKING.]
- Now here you are - With your faith - Hey, guys, I need that order.
You have no scars [OVERLAPPING CHATTER.]
- MAN: Get out of the road! Let me over, man! - [HORN HONKING.]
Mikey, wait! [PEOPLE GASP.]
What do you know? All your life is Channel 13 Sesame Street - [HORN BLARING.]
Was I speeding, Officer? Hell yeah, you were speeding, and in a stolen car.
What? No, this is a rental.
- Yeah, sure it is.
Take me to jail now.
You're all alone, pressure Oh, God.
You'll have to answer to your own Pressure Excuse me.
Do you know if anyone famous lives here? Ma'am, I'm going to ask you to keep your distance.
But you don't know what he did to me! Actually, I'm getting a pretty good idea.
You're the one who reported this vehicle stolen? Why? Nowhere to look But inside Where we all respond to pressure Oh, God, it burns.
I imagine it does.
I got it.
I need ice.
Pressure! I'm sure you'll have some cosmic rationale But here you are with your faith And your Peter Pan advice A DWP worker says the likely cause was frayed cables.
Day like this, they get overheated, - start to smolder.
- Yeah, they do.
And with the buildup of combustibles getting trapped underground, when that manhole cover got pulled Oxygen rushed in, and boom.
Yeah, boom.
One, two, three, four, pressure Looking good, Sam.
You make that shine, Tanika.
Outstanding haircut, Martin.
You are cheery.
- Why shouldn't I be? - I don't know.
Maybe 'cause you've been like this for weeks, and it's starting to get on my nerves.
What's going on with you? BUCK: I got another DXA scan, and guess who dropped another half percent.
- What? - A DXA scan measures your body fat.
You can see your percentage in every part of your body.
Oh, yeah? They measure the fat in your head? Ah, see, that would be funny, but we're about a week away from submissions being due for the Hot Days, Smoldering Nights: Men of the LAFD wall calendar, and I'm already at my goal weight, so it seems like my head is clearly working perfectly.
Do you really need to use that whole title? You could just just say "that idiotic, reductive, sexist calendar that insults the dignity of this organization and furthers the myth that all firefighters are male.
" Yeah, that's not any less words.
Hen, come on, it's for charity.
- No.
Bobby, you, too? - Well, why not? They say a man is at his sexiest when he reaches 50.
Is that what they say? That's what they say? CHIMNEY: Okay, you're both wrong.
All right? You see, I think sorority houses all across this great nation are ready for a new Asian sex symbol.
- It's our time.
- I think it's great.
You know? I like that you're both going up for it.
Oh, because you don't think that we have a chance.
Whoa, did I say that? I mean, sure, let's be real.
They are only picking one candidate from each station.
That is a beautiful man.
Where's the lie? And I like girls.
What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man You got to say it again now Who the hell is that? It's Eddie Diaz.
New recruit.
Graduated top of his class just this week.
Guys over at Station Six were dying to have him, but I convinced him to join us.
- What do we need him for? Um - [LAUGHTER.]
He served multiple tours in Afghanistan as an Army medic.
Guy's got a Silver Star.
It's not like he's wet behind the ears.
Come on, I'll introduce you to him.
He likes to be called Eight Pack.
Silver Star.
Better drop some more body fat there, butch.
- HEN: Hi.
- Hey.
BOBBY: Eddie, this is Hen.
Hen, Eddie.
EDDIE: Nice to meet you.
I'm short-staffed today.
: It's not my fault - you can't run your business.
- Look, I'm not saying that it's your fault.
All right? It's no one's fault.
- Actually, it's your fault.
- Okay, it is my fault.
- You know what? I'm going on Yelp, - But I did say - and trashing your little tire shop.
- Wednesday or Thursday.
Please do not do that, sir.
We rely on Yelp for new business.
- Whatever.
I'm going on Yelp right now.
- I understand that you are upset, and I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure I have it for you by the end of the day today Damn right you will.
- Yes, sir.
- My car better be ready.
You have a good day.
EMPLOYEE: Hector! Aw, geez.
Somebody help us! [SIREN WAILING.]
So, Silver Star, huh? Yeah.
You save a platoon or something? No, no, nothing like that.
Uh, just a convoy.
Eddie, uh, you heard about the hot firefighter calendar? - Sorry, the what? - It's for charity.
- So is your full name "Eduardo"? - No.
People ever call you "Diaz"? Not if they want me to respond.
Something's got to give.
We got we got Cap, Hen, Chimney, Buck.
We can't just call you "Eddie.
" Can't tell if he's being serious or not.
I like to always operate under the assumption that nothing he says is serious.
EMPLOYEE: The air nozzle is embedded in his ass cheek.
I shut it off, but I was afraid to move him.
Okay, Hector, can you hear me? All right, hang in there, buddy.
All right, let's get him on his side.
Maintain pressure on the wound.
On three.
One, two, three.
- Okay.
Easy, easy.
It's a hundred pounds per square inch of air pumped through his entire body.
Breathing's shallow, heart's racing.
Air's filled his stomach, his chest, even behind his eyelids.
I'm more concerned about the space around his heart and lungs.
Okay, Eddie, start a nasal cannula.
- Chimney, get him some morphine.
- I'm on it.
It's like trying to inject a needle into stone.
EDDIE: The pressure's pushing everything out.
I can't even get air through the nostril.
Jugular venous distention, tachycardia, hypotension, diminished breath, we're looking at tension pneumothorax.
The air pressure is collapsing his organs.
We need to get in there and drain the fluid.
Buck, I need you to get a 14-gauge angiocath.
We need to start decompressing the pleural cavity.
All right, all right.
- EDDIE: Want me to help? - I got it.
Hang in there, Hector.
I'd go lower.
What? Um, no.
Second intercostal space.
Midclavicular line.
The chest wall is thinner at the fifth intercostal at the anterior axillary line.
There's a decreased chance of injuring any vital organs.
I've-I've treated guys with collapsed lungs in combat.
- Do it.
- Please.
Thank you.
Can you help me out with the shirt? [AIR ESCAPING.]
- [GASPS.]
- BOBBY: That's it, Hector.
Breathe, nice and slow.
I mean, he swelled up.
How you doing, Hector? [PASSING GAS.]
Pressure's got to go somewhere.
It always does.
That was a good call, Eddie.
- Thanks, Cap.
- Nice job.
Good call.
- Oh! Maddie? Damn it, Evan! Don't you knock? Me? What-what are you even doing here? Well, I was in town, and I wanted to see my little brother.
- Well, you did.
- Yeah.
I should probably - Okay.
- Okay, I'm gonna Uh-huh.
You think there is any way we can unsee that? Oh, come on.
I used to give you baths.
Yeah, when I was two.
Hey, how did you even get in here? I told the building manager I was your sister.
And he just believed you.
Well, having boobs doesn't hurt.
How'd you know where I live? Well, first, I went to the address the Christmas cards keep coming from, and the guy said you were here.
So you did get those Christmas cards? I'm sorry I haven't been in touch much lately.
Three years, Maddie.
I haven't heard from you in three years.
Yeah, I know.
And it's not what I wanted.
Where is Doug? Don't know, don't care.
You left him? Finally.
Geez, Madds.
Come on, what took you so long? What can I say? Mom was right.
- Do they know? - No one knows.
And please don't tell them if they call.
I don't want anyone to know that I'm here.
Kind of sounds like you're hiding out.
More like laying low.
So what happened to you? Because this place is nice, and clean, and you just cooked me food, actual food.
Is there a shallot in here? Yeah, my, uh my boss at work is like Guy Fieri.
He's been teaching me.
Uh, we have not made it past breakfast, though.
And this is, uh Let me show you This is my girlfriend's place.
I'm, uh I'm looking after it while she's out of town for a couple months, but, uh, she-she should be back soon.
- This is her.
- Aw.
How soon? Uh, I'm not really sure.
Um, she was in Ireland, and now she's in Italy.
Said she's looking to have an Eat, Pray, Love experience.
Uh, to be honest, I don't really know what that means.
But you're still together? Yeah.
I mean, I mean, she said I should, you know, do whatever I wanted while she was away, but what I want is for her to come back.
I like the me that I am with her.
She's banging other guys.
- I mean, that's the "love" part of her trip.
- Whoa! [LAUGHS.]
Come on.
So you did come all the way from Pennsylvania to just crap on my life? That's a thing? No, I'm sorry.
I'm just being protective.
- Okay.
Anyway, uh, this is your first time here in L.
Gonna see the sights, hang around for a little bit? I'm just passing through.
Listen, even if you are just here for a few days, uh, welcome to L.
It was getting pretty lonely around here.
ATHENA: That's right, Desna.
Show Uncle Daddy who the real daddy is.
Ooh, I got to tweet that.
- What? - Oh, oh.
Can we just watch the show? That's your fourth tweet this episode.
Me and my girls, we always live-tweet Claws.
These are your friends, huh? Ah, my Twitter Claws friends-friends.
- Huh.
- What? - I've just never known anybody who's so engaged in the viewing experience.
That's 'cause you've never been out to the movies in Crenshaw.
Well, let's do that then.
Do what? Let's go out into the world as a couple.
Have you been outside lately? We are out in that world all day.
I want to keep it on the other side of that door for a little while.
Just enjoy this while we can, just the two of us.
No pressure.
Ooh, Niecy Nash should be on Mount Rushmore.
I don't know what you've been told But this here is not your home If you want some trouble You want some Come on in and I'll take hold These hands will break your bones If you want some trouble, you When I see you I see, I see Blood in the water, ooh Run deep - Ooh - [PANTING.]
You're in the wrong light, man.
Some of us don't need lighting to look good.
Hey, Eddie, what'd you mean by "the wrong light"? The light in this room is flat and blue.
Makes you look soft.
If you want to look lean and muscles to pop, you need warm side light.
I'll show you.
These are the ones I sent in for the calendar.
BUCK: It's, uh, kind of cheating submitting pictures by a professional photographer.
The photographer's 12.
She's my niece.
She's a master at the iPhone filters.
- CHIMNEY: Your niece did this? - EDDIE: Yeah.
You think she'd be willing to take my submission pics for me? I'm told I photograph like a Asian Fabio.
- Sure she would, yeah.
- Yeah? BUCK: Ah, you know, you really shouldn't get his hopes up like that.
No offense, Chim.
No offense taken, Evan.
BUCK: Yeah, come on.
What's your problem, man? Okay.
You're my problem.
Your comfort level.
You're-you're not supposed to just walk in here like you've been here for years.
It's meant-meant to be a getting-to-know-you period.
You're meant to respect your elders.
You're not his elder, Buck.
Look, I in no way meant to, uh, be too familiar or step on anybody's toes.
I know you're going through some personal stuff right now.
- What personal stuff? - I know your girlfriend recently broke up with you and you're coming to terms with that.
No, I'm not.
And she didn't break up with me.
Who told you that? [GRUNTING.]
: 21.
I'm just saying I hear you're a good guy, and I'm sorry you're going through pain, but you don't need to take it out on me or-or be threatened by me.
We're on the same team.
Why would I be threatened by you? Exactly.
There's no need to be.
We do the same thing.
I've just done it while people are shooting at me is all.
We're not broken up.
All right.
Fire and Rescue.
: I'm back here.
Help me.
BUCK: Some kind of militia nut? BOBBY: Can't tell where that voice is coming from.
: Back here.
- Oh, thank God.
- Hey.
- What's your name, sir? - Charlie.
All right, tell us what happened, Charlie.
Damn grenade went off while I was taking it apart.
Why are you taking apart a grenade? I was cleaning it.
I'm a collector.
- No kidding.
- You pulled the pin? Oh, it ain't that kind of grenade.
It's a 40-mike-mike.
A practice round for an M203 grenade launcher.
I picked it up at a flea market in Brea, part of my 'Nam collection.
My screwdriver must have touched the propelling charge.
I All right, I see metal.
A lot of shrapnel.
Femoral artery has been nicked.
We got to get him transported now.
I've got an adult male, age 65, with a large piece of shrapnel in his right thigh.
Femoral artery damage with profuse bleeding, ten minutes out.
Buck, I want you to travel with him to the hospital, keep him stable.
Copy that, Cap.
You got to learn how to play nice.
It's one team, Buck.
Hey, Nash, am I gonna be all right? BOBBY: My boys have got you.
But you might want to consider switching to collecting baseball cards after this.
I guess you've seen a lot of shrapnel wounds.
My share.
You ever seen a guy with a length of rebar stuck through his skull? What are we measuring here, Buck? [CHARLIE GROANS.]
Need to change those dressings.
They're soaking through.
Hang in there, Charlie.
Almost there.
I'm just saying, working the streets of L.
is not exactly stress free.
May not be the same kind of pressure you have in a war zone, but Oh, come on.
Hold on.
I thought you said this was a practice round.
It is.
Uh, what-what-what's going on? You see that cap? Practice rounds have blue caps.
Gold caps are live.
Pull over! JIM: Yup.
There she is.
BOBBY: He's got a live round embedded in his thigh.
Uh, I thought this thing already went off.
The launch grenade has two components: gunpowder which makes it travel and an explosive charge that makes it go boom.
Okay, so why didn't this one go boom? It's fitted with a proximity fuse.
It's a little smart sensor that tells the cap it's traveled a safe enough distance from the shooter to explode.
From his hand to his leg probably wasn't far enough.
Well, we can't bring him inside a hospital full of people, not with that still stuck inside him.
We called the military for help.
The military? Uh, can't you do it? You're the bomb squad.
You can't diffuse a grenade.
We need to find someone who knows how to pull that thing out of him without setting it off.
They're sending someone up from Pendleton.
Should be here within the hour.
He doesn't have an hour.
I can do it.
If he doesn't go to surgery soon, he'll die.
You've done this before? Well, none of the guys I served with were dumb enough to shoot a live round in themselves, but I'm familiar with the ordnance.
I'm in.
You get that thing out of him, put it in here and get the hell away from it.
Let us deal with it.
Copy that.
See you inside.
All right, listen, Buck, you don't have to do this.
You think I'm gonna let the new guy have all the fun? Besides, you wanted us to bond.
We might end up real close.
How you feeling there, Charlie? Like a world-class idiot.
My wife, if she was still alive, she'd be here now saying, "I told you so.
" Well, maybe she'll be able to tell me in person in about a minute.
Well, that conversation's gonna have to wait.
Nobody's leaving this life tonight.
Start the drip.
What branch did you say you were in, Charlie? I didn't.
I always wanted to be a Marine.
I tried to enlist during 'Nam, but I was 4F, an enlarged heart.
So instead, I spent the last 40 years teaching seventh grade.
See there, Charlie? Not all heroes serve on the battlefield.
That's very kind of you to say that.
You ready? Yeah.
He's losing a lot of blood.
Keep pressure on it.
Not-not too much pressure.
- There it is.
- All right, so-so pull it out.
- Come on.
- I got to be careful.
The sensor measures the distance traveled based on how many rotations the shell made after the launch.
The key is not to turn the shell while we pull it out.
Okay, yeah, so don't turn it.
- You got this.
Gonna have to just a bit [GROANS.]
Get the box.
Let's get the robot in there.
You're badass under pressure, brother.
Me? Hell yeah.
You can have my back any day.
Or, you know, you could you could have mine.
Nice work, fellas.
I'm glad you both made it out of there.
The guy's a professional, Cap.
I was never really worried.
- Cancel the robot.
You guys hungry? So, what do you think? I didn't want to overwhelm them - with too many choices, so - Mm-hmm.
Um, I think that it's, um, a little overwhelming.
You think it's ridiculous.
No, no, I mean [SIGHS.]
Chim, I kind of think the whole thing is ridiculous.
You don't think I have a shot.
The pictures are cool.
I-I just I don't have these answers for you, Chim.
I'm not into beefcake calendars.
I know, I know.
Why is this so important to you? Because growing up, I never saw any heroes who looked like me.
I can understand that.
I mean, not on TV, not in movies.
We're always the computer geek who hacks into the system for the white guy or the evil Tong drug lord.
Or the guy in the dry cleaners in a fabric softener commercial.
I mean, you know, when a kid thinks of a firefighter, do they think of me? Do they think of you? Yeah, but I'm not taking my shirt off for that calendar.
You know what? [SIGHS.]
Me, either.
Chim No, I don't know what I was thinking.
I can't compete with these guys.
Maybe ten years ago.
And that's only because they'd be 12.
Hmm You just coming in from somewhere? I was just going somewhere.
Look, we can stop by your house on the way so you can change.
We're gonna get some Korean barbecue.
- Come on.
No, no.
I just got Thai food.
Hey, I would like to take you out on a proper date.
Aw, that's sweet.
But you got to give me fair warning so I can get all done up for you.
I've tried that many times, but you always say you want to stay in instead.
And we've only been out together as a couple twice, on our first two dates.
Well, I like when it's just the two of us.
- It's romantic.
- It is.
Hey, who you hiding from? It's been almost four months.
This just it feels serious to me.
It feels real.
You know? What? All right, what-what is it? What's going on? I don't like being pressured.
Into going out for dinner? I'm This is not the same for you and me.
Like it's a black/white thing? I don't - Are you crazy? - All right.
For you, this is a sign of you coming back to life after a tragic loss.
It's a redemption.
For me, it's more complicated than that.
Okay, how is this not a redemption for you? Because it's proof you can love again, you can trust again.
No one in my family has ever gotten divorced.
I am the first failure.
Hey, divorce is not a failure.
What do you know about it? Are you a woman? Are you a black woman who can't keep her man? The stigma of that.
Now you want me to go out on the town like a peacock, showing you off like nothing ever happened.
How's that gonna make me look? Like a survivor.
- Like a tramp.
- Come on, Athena, that's crazy.
Nobody's gonna think that, and even if they do, who cares? Well, you have the luxury of not caring.
I'm trying to do right by us.
How long are we supposed to sneak around like this? Because I'm not gonna be satisfied with stolen kisses and take-out containers.
I don't like keeping us a secret.
It feels like lying.
You kept your secret about your past from everyone else for years.
Yeah, I did because I was ashamed of myself, and I still am.
Well, then, you of anyone should understand why I want to keep this quiet.
What are you ashamed of? Are you ashamed of me? No! But yes.
- Yeah? - Yes! I'm ashamed! I'm ashamed of us.
I'm ashamed of you.
I'm ashamed of being happy.
I told you, it's complicated.
Well, I'm sorry it's so complicated.
Please leave.
SHAY: What up, fam! We got this savage young man who is about to join the ranks of Shay's Army of Mayhem.
Jessie has agreed to let us cement his head inside this microwave oven! So random, so awesome! We have the concrete.
- I need eye protection.
- Copy.
A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it We're going down, down in an earlier round And, sugar, we're going down swinging Breathing tube.
Don't bite it, bro.
No pressure, Jess.
Are you ready to join the ranks of the legendary? [MUFFLED.]
: I don't know.
They're in the back.
We put a tube in so he could breathe.
I think the cement smushed it.
- What is it, a YouTube prank? - Don't judge.
Followers equals cash.
- BOBBY: What's his name? - MITCH: Jessie.
Jessie, this is Captain Nash, LAFD.
Can you hear me? All right, he is totally cut off in this thing.
Let's get some screwdrivers, try to get this frame off.
- What do you got, Hen? - Pulse 120, BP 150/110.
- He's panicking.
- All right, he's starting to choke.
HEN: Saliva's probably aspirated through the breathing tube.
- Hold on one second.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Relax.
- Okay, calm down.
- Hey, hey! - Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let's go, let's go.
Come on.
All right, step.
All right, watch his neck.
- His pulse is weak.
- I have no respiration.
Is there a plastic bag in there or something? Yeah, we put it on his head before we poured the concrete.
Please don't let him die.
He's my best friend since kindergarten.
- I can't get in there.
- BOBBY: Yeah, we had 30 minutes to get him out of there.
Now we got 30 seconds.
No response to sternal rub.
Pulse is fading.
Still no respiration.
BOBBY: All right, Buck, once we get this frame off, you and I are gonna go hammer and chisel on that block.
- All right.
- Starting compressions.
All right, got it.
All right, Buck, I'm hammer, you're chisel.
Let's go.
I can do this.
All right.
- All right.
- HEN: Good job.
- All right Hold still, hold still.
Shay Reed here, fans.
And today's Shay-nanigan is maybe our most intense yet! Are you filming this? Yeah, bro.
If we didn't film it, it didn't happen.
You were just crying like two minutes ago.
Yeah, two minutes ago, he was gonna die.
Now he's gonna live and be a legend.
Say hello, Shay's Army.
Hello, Shay's army.
Wait, what the what the hell, man? What are you do - Good-bye, Shay Army! - SHAY: Dude! A-ha, I found it.
I swear, we need to put GPS trackers on everything that boy owns.
Oh, you made waffles for dinner? What's wrong? I-I don't know what the rules are here.
Like, if this is something we can discuss with each other.
Listen, whatever you have to say to me can't be as intense as what I said to you.
Right? I've been seeing someone for the last few months.
A firefighter.
- Uh-huh.
- No one else knows.
Not even Henrietta.
We've been keeping it on the down-low because we didn't know what it was or how long it was gonna last.
But now he wants to tell the world.
And you don't? No.
But he started to push, and I felt pressure, so I pushed back hard.
What? I've been on the receiving end of your hard pushes.
And you care about him.
I can tell.
So where's the harm in telling everybody? I don't want to be embarrassed.
I mean, our divorce was enough of a failure.
I can't go through that again.
Oh, I get it.
You don't want to invest 'cause you're afraid of being hurt.
Which you might.
But what is the other alternative? Being alone? Hmm.
It's safer.
You know, fear trapped me in a closet my whole life.
Embarrassment kept me from admitting the truth to you every day of our marriage.
It was eating me up inside.
Until I stopped trying to control it, and stepped out.
Had faith and let it happen.
It was hard and sad, but, baby, look at us now.
Hmm? Our divorce wasn't a failure, Athena.
We're still family, baby.
And listen, if this thing doesn't work out with this firefighter, you'll move on.
In the meantime, if he makes you happy, then why not be happy? You deserve it.
BUCK: Okay, what about "G.
?" Like G.
"Hey, G.
" You know, that's a great nickname.
Sounds like gastrointestinal.
Yeah, I don't think so.
BOBBY: All right, everybody, listen up.
I've got an announcement to make.
I just got off the phone with the people from the calendar, and they have made their choice.
Well, no hard feelings, no matter who won.
That's good, Buck, 'cause they didn't pick you.
Well, it's obviously a fix.
No, congratulations anyway, G.
They didn't pick him, either.
No? You? - No.
No way.
You got to be kidding me.
Congratulations, Chim.
Or should I say Mr.
April? - No way.
Are you serious? - BUCK: Chimney! - You're a calendar boy, now.
- You serious? Mr.
April, buddy.
- 30 days of Chimney.
- Congratulations.
- You did it.
- Thank you.
I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
I'm sorry.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
All right.
What are you all looking at? There's no more announcements.
- Pay up.
Wait a minute, wait a minute, you knew? Sir, first you two were happy at the same time, then you were both pissed off at the same time.
- It wasn't hard to figure out.
- And, uh, you good with this? Girl, I'm just mad at myself for not fixing you up in the first place.
Staying for dinner? I don't know.
Are you cooking? Yeah.
- Thank you.
So, uh, you want to tell me how you managed this? [SCOFFS.]
I think they've been seeing each other for months.
Hen, you know what I'm talking about.
I never submitted myself for that calendar.
But I deleted all those pictures.
How'd you get a hold of them? I didn't use any of those pictures.
Last year, the school bus accident on the 710, an AP photographer got a photo of you carrying a little girl across the freeway.
That's what I sent in.
Not some picture of you pretending to be a big damn hero, but an actual picture of you being a damn hero.
Because that's what you are, Chim.
And that's what a hero looks like.
- Mr.
Yes! - [CLAPS.]
: No.
It's not your boss.
I'm in her office.
And evidently, she's not your boss anymore because you quit.
Where are you, Maddie? It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter 'cause we're done.
You don't get to decide when we're done.
I decide! Tell me where you are! Then I guess I'm gonna have to come find you.
And you'd better hope that when I do, I'm in a better mood.
Leaving already? Road ahead awaits.
I'm more concerned with the road behind you.
Maddie, what really happened with Doug? Why are you running away from him? No.
I'm not gonna bring my little brother into this.
Standing in between you and anyone who thinks they can hurt you is exactly where I want to be standing.
Maddie, are you in some kind of danger? The stuff that Mom and Dad hated about him, that you picked up on even as a teenager, it all got worse.
Much worse over the last year or so.
And when I threatened to leave, he threatened to kill me.
: And he meant it.
You know, when women in abusive relationships used to come into the hospital, I got to be honest, I would pass judgment.
Like, "Why don't you just leave him?" Now I get it.
It's like, you can't even believe it's happening.
But you broke free.
And I'm proud of you.
But now is not the time to be alone, all right? So-so-so you you should stay here.
All right? I-I got I got plenty of room, and-and, hey, if Doug comes looking, then - I know a lot of cops.
- He won't.
He doesn't know you live here.
He doesn't know what you do.
It's a real benefit to being married to somebody who doesn't ask any questions.
Okay, well, that's perfect.
You can start over.
I can help you.
I can help you get a great nursing job at one of the hospitals.
I really miss helping people, but I can't do that job every day, looking over my shoulder, wondering who's walking in the front door.
So you want to help people but not deal with them face-to-face.
I think I might have an idea.
MADDIE: We all feel pressure, but it's how we respond that matters.
Being a 911 dispatcher will be challenging and exhausting and can take an emotional toll.
The people who call in are scared, in need, and we are their lifeline.
But it can also be rewarding.
Calling us is probably the scariest moment of their lives.
But if we do our jobs right and help arrives in time and we get a little lucky, then maybe it doesn't have to be the worst moment of their lives.
Sounds like a lot of pressure.
I don't know if I'm up for that.
You? MADDIE: Pressure doesn't have to break us down.
It can show us who we really are.
And that's good.
911 OPERATOR: You're gonna be fine.
When did the pain start? 911.
What is your emergency? MADDIE: Because in the end, it's always there.
- Help is on the way.
- MADDIE: The pressure.
And eventually, it has to be released.
Rock steady, baby That's what I feel now Just call the song exactly what it is [RUMBLING.]
- Just move your hips with a feeling From side to side Sit yourself down in your car And take a ride While you're moving, rock steady Rock steady, baby Let's call this song exactly what it is What it is, what it is, what it is It's a funky and lowdown feeling In the hips from left to right DISPATCHER: Attention, all units.
This is a citywide disaster alert.
A massive earthquake has hit Central L.
Be on emergency tac alert until further notice.
I repeat, be on emergency tac alert until further notice.
Rock steady.