9-1-1 (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

Buck, Actually

1 If you're just joining us the morning commute has gotten a little more dramatic over on the 5.
Let's check in with Channel 8's Taylor Kelly, who is on the ground.
Taylor? Ann, Dwight, traffic at this exit came to a screeching halt about ten minutes ago.
But CHP is telling me the backup is already a mile long.
Why the sudden stop? This woman.
We don't know her name, but we do know she is desperately trying to get the attention of somebody named Norman.
First responders are just arriving to the scene and hopefully executing a plan to get this woman back down to earth and traffic back on the move.
Reporting live, this is Taylor Kelly, Channel 8 Morning News.
Hell no! I won't come down until Norman sees me! And don't you try to force me down! Nobody's gonna force you to do anything.
We're just gonna talk.
What's your name? Lola! Lola, my name's Athena.
- What's the problem? - The problem? The problem is, after 30 years of marriage, I can't get 30 seconds of attention from my husband! It's like I'm invisible! But I'm-I'm not invisible! I am here, damn it! See me, Norman! See me now?! Oh, for God's sake.
Definitely not invisible.
Can somebody please find me this Norman before she does something crazy er? Un-friggin'-believable.
after 30 years of marriage, I can't get 30 seconds Hey, how are you? Can I get a maybe a large coffee and a bear claw? Oh, hey.
Do you know what's going on? Yeah, some lady up there thought social media wasn't, like, social enough, and so she's blowing up her marriage - in real time.
- Oh, no.
This Norman guy is screwed.
See me, Norman? See me now?! Oh, God.
What is your emergency? Yeah, it's my wife.
She's lost her mind.
She's-she's on a freeway sign.
Norman? Is that you? Yes, this is Norman.
This is Norman! Norman, where are you? Stuck in the backup.
One exit south.
I'm sending someone to you.
Lola, good news.
We found your man.
He's on his way.
I won't come down until he sees me! Ma'am, you're the most famous face in the city right now.
There ain't exactly - a way to miss you.
- I don't care.
Okay, move Buck into position.
Okay, Chim.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no! What are you doing?! I-I told you! - I told you! - It's just there for your safety, Lola.
I-I told you! I told Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Stand down.
Do not shoot.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Lola, listen to me very carefully.
You now have every firearm in the Greater Los Angeles area pointed at you.
If you continue to threaten that man, they will fire.
Do you understand? Do you? I don't want to hurt anybody.
I just can't handle being ignored anymore.
I know exactly what you mean.
Oh, come on.
Yes, I'm-I'm sure you get ignored all the time.
You have a Norman.
I had an Abby.
He's talking to her? Yeah, that's either gonna go well or the other thing.
You think that you have something something special, you know? She's the one.
So you wait.
And then, at some point, it hits you: you're alone.
Sh-She's not coming back.
You're just there to collect the mail, and-and it is piling up, right? And then-and then you realize "You know what? It's over.
" You just need to face it and move on.
You Norman? Yeah.
I'm-I'm Norman.
I don't know why this is happening.
We don't even fight.
I'm pretty sure that's why this is happening.
- Wait, seriously? - All right, come with me.
Uh, L-Lola.
Lola, honey, it's me.
I'm here.
And I see you, - just like the sign says.
- Liar! You look right through me.
Y-You don't even notice me.
I-I'm just around to collect the mail.
I don't even know what that means.
I'm the one who brings in - the mail.
- Just talk to her.
Lola, honey.
Honey, now, listen to me.
I-I'm here, and I see you.
And I need you to put down the gun, okay? Put the put down the gun and let them bring you to me.
And then we can spend the rest of our lives together, and I can show you how much I love you.
I don't believe you, Norman.
You don't even know who I am anymore.
I mean I don't even know.
I'm-I'm confused.
Now, is she saying I don't see her or I don't know who she is, like I don't recognize her? How the hell am I supposed to know? She's your wife.
I've been a mother for 18 years.
And now that Zack's gone, I don't remember who I was before that.
Back when you used to look at me.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe it is over.
Uh, n-no, no, no, no, no.
Um, okay, m-maybe I wasn't being super clear on the point I was trying to make Oh, my God.
That song.
He remembered.
It was our first date.
We went to see S-Say Anything.
I see you.
I see you.
Lola, I see you.
I see the girl who used to sneak out to the beach bonfires and listen to The Psychedelic Furs and The Cure.
Lola! Lola, I see you! I see the girl who once drank nine shots of Jager and woke up without a hangover! Lola, I see you.
I see the girl I love! Yes! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's okay.
I think I want to get down now.
What'd you say to her? Just, you know that everything's gonna be okay.
I'm sorry about all that.
It's just that he sees me.
Norman sees me.
Yeah, everyone sees you now, Lola.
Unfortunately, they're about to see you get arrested.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
- I love you.
- You have the right to an attorney.
If you do not have an attorney, one will be appointed to you.
You are really mashing those potatoes.
Uh, they're done.
So are you.
Just relax.
Everything's gonna be fine.
We'll have a nice evening.
Good food.
- Pleasant conversation.
- Yeah.
Well, I'd rather be spending it with just us.
Not us and the kids and my ex and his boyfriend.
Thanks a lot, Mom.
I love you, too.
Oh, don't be smart.
You know I didn't mean the two of you.
I just feel bad that you're spending your night off dealing with our family drama.
Well, didn't you reschedule this three times so I could be here to act as a human shield? Are you shielding Mom or Glenn? Pleading the fifth.
Hey, we're here, everybody.
There he is.
Mom, I know this is awkward and weird.
But Glenn's a good guy.
He makes Dad happy.
Just give him a chance.
Come on.
She's right.
Michael's been very supportive of us.
- Is this so different? - Listen, if Michael had left me for another woman, no one would expect me to slap on a fake smile and welcome her into my home.
Michael, Glenn, I am so glad you were able to make it.
I'm so glad to be here.
Thank you for having me.
Aw! The world looks so different now that I'm single again.
- Buck, you've been single for months.
- Yeah, only circumstantially.
I know Abby's been gone for a while, but, in my head, we've been together this whole time.
But now I'm out of her place And living on my couch.
Which I-I really appreciate.
Happy to help.
Even though I did initially think you were just coming over to watch the game.
I'm just I'm nervous, you know? Are you afraid to get back on the horse? I don't want to revert back to being Buck 1.
I-I know I'm single Buck again, but I want to be single Buck 2.
Like, if I'd come in here with Abby, I would never have noticed that blonde over there, licking the salted rim of her margarita glass while she maintains strong, intimate eye contact.
Okay, is that really happening? Say I go over there, right? I, uh I talk to her, I make a joke, she smiles, we both laugh.
Our-our shoulders touch, there's a moment, I lean in a little closer, she doesn't resist.
One drink, two compliments later, we end up in bed together having totally meaningless sex.
Yeah, that sounds awful.
I just I don't want to be that guy again.
- So don't be.
- What can I get for you? Ah, just, uh, two IPAs, please.
- And a glass of chardonnay.
- Gotcha.
- Who's the wine for? - Maddie.
She was parking.
Uh, you invited my sister? Hi.
Sorry I'm late.
I don't know why I get on the freeway.
I always regret it.
Because you are an eternal optimist, that's why.
- That's true.
- Are you hungry? Oh, yeah, should we get that thing we got last time? - Uh, last time? - Here we go.
Ah, thank you.
A Celine Deion Sanders combo platter, please.
- Oh.
Good choice.
- Ah.
Why, thank you.
Thank you.
Now, I think everyone at this table has been a recipient of that, uh, Athena look.
- Except for Glenn.
- Usually it means - you're gonna be yelled at.
- Or grounded.
Or, in this case, arrested.
What was she charged with? Assault with a firearm, gross negligence in the discharge of a firearm, brandishing a weapon, trespassing, indecent exposure, delaying a police officer and failure - to obey a regulatory sign.
- Wow.
Is there anything you didn't charge her with? - Well, she did manage not to kill anyone.
- Hold on.
- Who'd she assault? - Buck.
Pointing a firearm at someone is considered an assault, according to Penal Code 245.
I don't think Buck'd mind if you guys drop those charges.
He felt kind of bad for Lola.
It was a stupid thing to do.
But I don't know, you know? Kind of sounds romantic, just to lay yourself down for the world to see.
A candlelight dinner is a romantic gesture, not a hostage situation 40 feet in the air.
Well, she did risk everything for love.
You-you have to admire her creativity, if nothing else.
And she did get her happy ending, sort of.
- Then Mom arrested her.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm with Athena on this one.
When I saw that news story, all-all I could think about were the million different ways it could've ended badly.
Like, there could've been a pile-up.
Or one of those bullets might've ricocheted.
What if someone had a real emergency and help couldn't get to them because the freeway was shut down? I mean, you guys did a great job, but you also got pretty lucky.
Thank you, Glenn.
You're the only one who gets the big picture.
Ooh, would you like some more wine? Sure.
It's What is it? It's very good.
Oh, I have some more in the kitchen.
- It was recommended to me.
- Okay.
Well, I don't know much about wines, but I know what I like.
Well, neither do I, but I found this great, - uh, wine shop that Oh, the owner's terrific.
- Okay.
- Oh, that's great.
- Oh.
Lady, when I met you there was peace unknown I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb I was soft inside There was somethin' going on Tender love is blind It requires a dedication - Uh, what's this? - Bourbon, neat.
The lady said real heroes don't drink pale ale.
We ride it together, uh-huh Makin' love with each other, uh-huh Islands in the stream That is what we are No one in-between How can we be wrong Sail away with me To another world, and we rely I see Chimney's got a girlfriend.
No, he does not.
Uh, that-that's my sister.
They're kind of good.
Yeah, I know, right? It's, uh, it's weird.
So, hey, what-what's a-a fancy TV reporter like you doing in a badge and ladder joint like this? Stalking you, of course.
I'm kidding.
The station is right around the corner, and I like to keep my ear to the ground.
What about you? You come here a lot? Um, I-I used to, um, or places like it.
- I-I haven't in a while.
- Why? I was in a pretty serious relationship, uh, but that's over now, I guess.
You're not sure? I'm-I'm pretty sure.
I'm actually even thinking about dipping my toe - back into the dating game.
- Just your toe? In love forever We can ride it together, ah-ah Um I'm just trying to be responsible and well-behaved.
You know, take it slow and-and do it right.
Sail away with me - To restraint.
- To another world To restraint.
Islands in the stream That is what we are No one in-between How can we be wrong Sail away with me to another world And we'll rely on each other, uh-huh From one lover to another Uh-huh.
You ready, baby bear? Oh, I love you, boo boo.
- Love you, too.
- Mmm.
Let's go.
This is Ruth at the Gas-N-Sip at San Fernando and Vineland.
Our store is about to be robbed.
Man and woman.
Seen the guy before.
He buys his lottery tickets here.
He calls himself "Harley.
" They're coming in.
Nobody move! It's a stick-up! Cash register, baby bear.
- Okay, boo boo.
- Don't move! Stay put, Earl.
We're being robbed.
- Again? - Give her the cash! Fill it up.
Hurry up.
I know it's you, Harley.
Is this Margie or Darlene? Boo Boo, what's she talking about? Oh, a new one.
He call you "baby bear," too? - You Shut up, you! - Boo boo, how many - baby bears are there? - Just you! You're the only baby bear.
Earl, don't be an idiot! Boo you! Just let him go, Earl.
Oh, shoot! No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We've got you surrounded.
- Come out with your hands up.
- Ow! Dumbass.
Who's the dumbass now? - You have a back door? - Locked.
Ain't getting out that way.
727-L-30 request R.
unit to the Gas-N-Sip on San Fernando.
I have a suspect about to be in need of medical attention.
Aah! Seriously, you're telling me - Taylor Kelly, the reporter? - Yeah.
I didn't know you two were seeing each other.
We're not.
I ran into her in this bar, we're hanging out, and next thing I know, we're having sex in the bathroom.
I kind of feel weird about it.
Yeah, which part? I just thought I'd stopped being that guy.
I thought Abby had changed me.
I'm single for, like, a day, and I'm right back at it? Well, Buck, you've been single for months.
Why does everyone keep saying that? Bonnie and Clyde meets Dumb and Dumber.
He seems fine.
Pupils are dilated.
Definitely high on something.
Well, I'll try to contain my shock.
Get him out of here.
Stay strong, baby bear.
I'm not your baby bear, jackass.
Men are the worst, right? You're asking the wrong girl.
I really like her, you know, and not just 'cause she's a redhead, but now if I do want to call and, you know, ask her out, she's gonna think I'm only after one thing.
You are only after one thing.
- You don't even know me.
- You're a man.
I know enough.
She's been read her rights.
I'll meet y'all at the hospital.
Can I get a little something for the pain? Pretty sure you took that before you walked in here.
- They're gonna take you to the hospital, Earl.
- I'm fine, really.
Sir, we heard you took quite a tumble.
- We'd feel a lot better if you got checked out.
- You've already been a hero once today, Earl.
Don't push your luck.
You thought I was being heroic? Well yeah.
A bit stupid, but heroic.
I was only thinking of you, Ruth.
Next time, let 'em keep the till.
Kind of like having you around.
Long day? Well, you know, the long days are the ones without a car chase.
Yeah, Cap always says it's strange to hope for boring, but we do.
I'm just trying to get people not to change the channel at the words, "city council.
" Why? - You got a story for me? - How about "Firefighter Acts Like a Pig"? Um, the other night, w-we were drinking, and I I don't know, I I was working through some stuff.
I-I just, I don't want you to feel Buck.
Did you come here to apologize? I-I just don't want you to feel used or-or taken advantage of.
Because I respect you, you know? I-I do.
You're a professional, and th-that guy, that's not me.
It used to be me.
I'm a grown woman, Buck.
And I'm the one who sent you the drink, remember? Uh, fair enough.
I guess I can take karaoke bathroom off my bucket list.
So you want to grab a drink? Mm.
Some other time, maybe? I got a piece I got to cut.
The Burbank Library is getting a new mural.
Yep, have a good night.
What about a news van? Where's that on your bucket list? Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I-I don't want you to think I don't respect you.
- Yeah, yeah.
I'll deal with it.
- All right.
Sorry, stud, I got to run.
Five-alarm fire in Brentwood.
Wait, y-you're going to a fire? Ironic, huh? Sorry.
- I got your text.
- Then let's hustle it up.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thanks, Buck.
Call me? What do we got? Couple of newlyweds.
Driver's Paul Williams.
No ID on the passenger.
Another car drifted into their lane, the driver tried to avoid getting hit, car went off the road.
Bobby, it's bad.
Car's wrapped tight around that tree.
Come on, guys, hustle up.
Driver's name is Paul.
Damn, the tree's folded right into the car.
Paul, can you hear me? Eddie, see if you can reach her.
I got a pulse.
She's alive.
I don't have a clear path to the groom.
Cap, can you get in from your side? Negative.
Hen, Chim, we're gonna need Jaws.
Two passengers in bad shape.
One confirmed alive.
No access to the other.
Paul! Can you hear me? It's LAFD.
I got him.
I hear him.
He's alive.
All right.
Make that two.
Both alive.
Let's keep 'em that way, guys.
Take that.
Okay, pull her out! It's not good.
All right.
All right, Chim.
All right, be careful with her.
Okay, I got an open femoral fracture, right leg.
And probably a broken pelvis.
Cap, we got to move her! On three.
One, two, three.
It's getting dark.
Let's get some lights down here and put a step on it.
Hang in there, Paul.
We're gonna get you out.
You ready? Damn, there's a much tree here as car.
Easy, fellas.
He's breathing shallow.
Pulse is weak, he's lost a lot of blood.
So tired.
No, no, no, no, no.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, tell me about Katy.
How'd you guys meet, huh? - Summer camp.
- Yeah? We were six.
He's running out of time.
What's the plan? Still working on it.
It's like this thing went through a crusher with him still inside.
W-We can't just cut him out.
Well, if we can't cut him out of the car let's get rid of the car.
All right, guys, let's go.
One end to the fire truck, the other end to the tow truck.
- All right.
- Let's pull this thing apart.
All right.
- Got it? All right.
- Yeah.
You really think this is gonna work? It's all we got.
All right, Eddie, Chim.
Clear the vehicle.
- We secure? - Yep.
All right.
Set? Set? All right, let's go! More.
All right, we got it.
Let's go! Body board.
Let's get you out of here, buddy.
All right.
One, two, three, up.
Katy? We're taking you to her now, buddy.
Can't believe you got him out alive.
When I saw that car I know.
Me too.
Tow trucks.
How did you even come up with that? "What God has put together, let no man put asunder.
" The wedding ceremony.
Well, that was some divine inspiration.
Hey, even the big guy's a sucker for a love story.
Wait a news van? Don't other people use that? What if you get caught? She could get fired.
- Your brother sure did.
- Hi.
Oh, he didn't tell you about the time he stole a fire truck from work - so he could have sex in it? - Ugh.
- Thank you for that.
- Anytime, roomie.
Damn it.
They didn't put it in here again.
Oh, uh Ta-da.
You made me hot mustard.
I just can't anymore, with the whole sad face every time - they forget it, so - I know.
Anyway, uh, why so much food? - Uh, it's Buffriday.
- Buffet Fridays.
It's the one day we indulge your sister's complete inability - to choose what she's in the mood for.
- Yeah, so we order everything.
And, because of your sister's hatred for leftovers, I don't have to buy groceries.
It's a win-win situation.
Uh, let's go back to you stealing a hook and ladder for a hookup.
It's your fault.
You know, you always told me to go after what I wanted.
Be confident.
Girls aren't scary.
Um, you were 11.
Don't you have impulse control? - And not sure that's the problem.
- All I'm saying is she's beautiful, she's cool.
And then she left me standing in a parking lot.
Yeah, I'm feeling this is a little more karmic.
Chickens coming home to roost.
You've been Bucked.
Buck 2.
0 has found himself a Buckette 1.
Dude, you're dating yourself.
We're not dating, okay? But you two are.
You guys are dating each other.
That's crazy.
We're - Friends who hang out.
- Yeah.
Just hanging out.
Y-You're always talking or texting each other.
You sing karaoke together.
You do Buffridays, you finish each other's sentences.
Guys, come on, you're a couple.
Wh-When did Yeah, this is Buck.
Oh, uh Hey.
How-how you doing? Uh, good.
Um, coffee.
Uh, yeah, I'm-I'm not sure that's such a good idea.
I-I have a shift tomorrow, and Yeah.
I-I will.
All right.
All right.
Being Buck 2.
0 sucks.
Happy anniversary, love.
To all our many adventures.
- And the many yet to come.
- It's been a long life and a short marriage.
For once, in both, could you do a damn dish? Mm.
Shall we add another memory to the collection? Hmm? It's a beautiful day.
Thomas, we're stopping at the studio to have these digitized.
For the posterity of online narcissism.
- What now? - I've forgotten - the bloody helmets.
- Oh.
- Sir, can you tell me exactly what happened? - My husband.
He was outside, and-and the car must have I don't know, it-it it rolled.
Perhaps I should move the car.
Sir, I am being told that you should not move the vehicle.
- Just leave everything as it is.
- He's not breathing! - Help is on the way.
- He can't go.
He's my heart, my everything.
When we got married we thought, what the hell, we have so little life left, we might as well live.
That was Mitchell, always daring the clock.
And me, I always followed along.
All those foolish things we did.
We only ever wanted to to go together.
That's love.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
I guess I can only hope to find something that good.
You don't find it, son.
You make it.
Son, you mind if I have - just a few moments alone with him? - Of course.
It's no problem.
My sweet Mitchell.
Thomas? Uh, E-Eddie! Cap! Come here.
I-I don't know what happened.
He was just talking, he was responsive, - and then - All right, start compressions.
Stay with us, Thomas.
Go, go, go.
Come on, Thomas.
Come on.
Stay with me.
Come on.
Come on, Thomas.
Come on.
He's gone, kid.
That's love.
What's your emergency? Oh, excuse me, um, I'm looking for Maddie Buckley.
Um Kendall.
Oh, my God.
Is Buck okay? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Yes, uh, Buck is fine.
Uh, he's an idiot, but he's fine.
I just came to check on you, because we really haven't talked.
It's okay.
I Buck was just being stupid.
My life is a work in progress.
It's a mess.
I wouldn't expect anyone to want to take that on.
That's not it.
Not at all, actually.
Uh I really care about you.
Uh, I just didn't want you to feel pressured, that I was pushing you to something that you're not ready for.
You never pushed.
Um, and I also wanted you to know that I'm not worried about your life before.
I mean, I hate that it happened, but that would never scare me off.
I might take you up on that.
'Cause my calendar's wide open.
What's the occasion? Well, we've both been so busy, I thought we should spend a nice evening at home, just the two of us.
You are definitely a keeper.
That's the occasion.
You made it! Hey.
Uh wh.
you change your hair? Yeah.
Well, after the earthquake and almost dying twice It makes you reevaluate a few things.
So, back to my roots.
- That looks great.
- Thanks.
I-I wasn't sure if you were gonna show.
You seemed a little hesitant on the phone.
Um Buck 1.
0 wouldn't have thought twice about it.
Buck 2.
0 has to ask: you you didn't call me 'cause you felt some kind of weird debt, right? Me-me saving your life and all.
Oh, is that the way you remember it? 'Cause I-I seem to remember Eddie catching me as I - was falling out the window.
- Um, I-I told him to do that.
Wow, maybe I should have called him.
Well, I'm-I'm glad you didn't.
Come on.
I, um, I already got us a table.
So, hey, is there a reason why you're referring to yourself as Buck 1 and 2.
0? It's-it's a long story.
Romeo and Juliet.
Antony and Cleopatra.
Lancelot and Guinevere.
Great love stories that started with a bang and ended in tragedy.
In the real world, no one's life is that linear.
We fall in and out of love.
We take it for granted.
Or find it where we least expect it.
Some relationships can seem easy from the start and others can be faced with tremendous obstacles.
We root for love to conquer all, but we also root for a comeback.
People who have been knocked down by life and get back up on their feet.
Who learn from the mistakes that they've made and grow into better, more complete human beings.
So maybe the greatest love stories aren't the ones that end in tragedies.
Maybe they're the ones that start with a second chance.