9-1-1 (2018) s02e15 Episode Script

Ocean's 9-1-1

1 Bye-bye now.
Have a great day.
Um This is really just too much.
- Aw, speech.
- No speech.
Just, thank you.
You've all been so wonderful over the years.
We've weathered many storms together, including the scandal in our financial services division, which I'm proud to say did not affect this branch in the least.
And although my friends in corporate did not see fit to name me manager of the year at the retreat in Costa Mesa, it was an honor to be nominated.
(WATCH BEEPS) Nina, it's time.
Thank you very much.
- (BEEPS) - Thank you.
- Mr.
Prentiss? - Oh.
You startled me.
I just wanted to say good luck and enjoy your retirement.
Thank you, Harrison.
Did you change your hair? Same cut.
Same color.
Sign here.
I understand we're gonna be missing you around here.
Mm? Yes.
It's been good working with you, sir.
BILLY: You know if you're gonna take over for old fussbudget, you should probably stop flirting so shamelessly with your delivery guy.
(GIGGLES) (CHOCKING) Billy? Oh, my God.
Somebody call 911! Mr.
Prentiss! Mr.
Prentiss! Mr.
Prentiss? (GASPS) Mr.
(BUCK SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) Hey! Hey! Can you tell me what's happening? - Uh, don't know, sir.
Just got here.
- I can see that.
Do you know what the call was? - Two people down in the bank.
- Down? Like dead down? Injured down? Depressed down? M-My partner's in there.
Was your partner exhibiting any kind of symptoms of anything before entering the bank? What? No.
Does he have any allergies or medical conditions? No! He eats better than I do.
He's-he's pescatarian.
Okay, well, uh, you just, uh, sit tight! Like I have a choice! Airway's clear.
No MedicAlert bracelet.
Jaws not clenched.
Tongue is neutral.
All right.
Get him started on O2.
Ten liters.
You said there's a second patient? (GURGLING) Same as the courier out front.
Exhibiting extreme muscle spasms.
Cap, pupils are dilated.
I don't know what we're looking at here.
Could be a nerve agent.
You've seen that before? I've been trained for it.
Symptoms all line up.
The fact that we have multiple people down.
I can't say for sure until we run some tests.
All right, Hen.
Back away.
Everybody, stop what you're doing right now.
Chimney, Buck.
Step away.
Step away.
I need everybody's attention.
We are now preparing for a possible chemical exposure incident.
- That means nobody in, nobody out.
- (PEOPLE MURMURING) We can't risk spreading whatever may be present here.
(BEEPING) Cap - Hen! Hen! - Hen! Hen! Wait no.
Stay calm, sir.
Stay calm! I'm with LAFD.
We got to get you out of here! - No! - EDDIE: Help! Hen, do you copy? (PANTING) I'm here, Cap.
Making myself comfortable.
Not too comfortable.
How do we open this? Uh, we don't.
The vault operates on a time lock.
It won't reopen until the start of business tomorrow.
What if it's an emergency? There is a number for the vault company - on Mr.
Prentiss's desk.
- Show me.
Hen, how's the air in there? Hen, do you copy? Hen, do you copy? Yes, sir.
Uh, well, the EMTs have been here for a while, but LAPD just showed up.
What the hell? Yes, sir, I'm here.
What's happening? Uh, what's happening is that a whole new squad of guys just showed up in, like, serious Hazmat gear.
Hazardous Materials.
What are we looking at? Three victims down, all showing signs of possible chemical exposure.
Two out of our control, trapped inside that vault, including one of our own.
Third victim was here making a money delivery.
He was likely the first affected.
Could be he was delivering more than money.
And the others? Still not symptomatic.
I need gross decontamination stations set up! Clear and prep these people for transport.
And I need full environmental testing of the entire premises! What's the status with the vault? Vault company is sending a technician.
They're also trying to open it remotely.
- What's the chances of that working? - Uh, remote.
But the technician should be here within hours.
Not even a scratch.
Okay, two people, 72 breaths a minute, we need to drill into that vault and get some air flowing.
Doors are wired, Cap.
Running hot.
We need to cut the power.
Yeah, I'm trying to get the answers.
Hang on, hang on.
Hang on one second.
Hey! Hey! (HORN HONKING) What's going on? I can't hear you! I got this thing on my head! What? I can't leave this truck! The window does not roll down.
Uh, uh, okay! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Okay, we're going dark.
Chimney, hit it! Right this way.
(INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) EDDIE: We're through! Okay, Chim, power's back up.
Buck, crank the O2.
(AIR HISSING) We're wide open, Cap.
So, now what? BOBBY: Now we get in there.
BUCK: How are we gonna do that? We're gonna crack this safe.
Everything okay? What do you know about bank vaults? - Well, I've put in a few.
- Ever take one down? Bobby, what's wrong? I've got two sick people trapped inside the vault here at Pacific Federal in Westchester.
And I don't have time to wait for a locksmith because one of them is Hen.
I need the blueprints for this building.
I got to find a way inside.
Oh, Bobby, I-I don't have access to that kind of thing.
You have to put in a request to the office of building and permits.
We don't have time for that, Michael.
All right.
I-I do know a guy that works in that office.
He, uh likes me.
Well, like him back.
Oh, God.
I think Billy's dead.
They just put Billy in an ambulance.
(SIREN WAILING) I don't know.
They're putting people through those showers.
I didn't say "plague.
" Though it could be, couldn't it? It could very well be a plague.
Okay, yes, sir.
I'll take a breath.
I'm breathing.
Should I be breathing? The money's fine.
MICHAEL: Okay, Bobby, I got it.
Uh, though now I am going to a Sondheim concert at the Bowl on Friday.
- Sorry.
- So, your bank.
Well, it wasn't always a bank.
Cornerstone laid in '65 and housed a insurance company.
Pacific Federal picked up the first floor in '73.
So this vault wasn't always here? Exactly.
But the south wall it's original.
And it looks like they just built the vault right into it.
Okay, we start drilling here and here.
Creating a crumple zone.
- Exactly.
- BUCK: Then what? Then, I have an idea.
But we've got to soften it up first.
- Soften up a foot of concrete? - BUCK: Yeah, it beats three layers of tempered steel.
Let's do it.
(MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY) WOMAN: Crash unit needed in the OR.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Give me some oxygen, stat.
- (GASPING) - MAN: He needs CPR.
Okay, Chim, I need you back inside, eyes on the vault cam.
If we're compromising their safety - in any way, you got to let me know.
- Copy that, Cap.
All right.
No pulse.
Call it.
(monitor flatlining) WOMAN: Time of death, 2142.
CHIMNEY: All right, I got eyes on the vault, Cap.
Okay, here we go! (RATTLING) (GRINDING) The wench isn't gonna do it, Cap.
(RINGSTONE PLAYING) This is Captain Nash.
Okay, thank you.
Patient zero, the armored car courier, just died at the hospital.
- They know what it was yet? - No.
They did say that no one else is exhibiting symptoms.
Yeah, no one else except them.
- Oh, screw this.
- All right, Buck BUCK: No, stand back! (CREAKING) (CRACKING) Oh, look at this.
You got to be kidding me.
Now they get remote access? Hey, guys.
Seriously? Hen.
Hen! Can you hear me? (GROANS) - Chim? - (CHUCKLES) You're gonna be okay.
I'll check on him.
- Someone please call Karen.
- Already taken care of.
She's gonna meet you at Mercy General.
I don't get it.
She doesn't appear to be symptomatic anymore, bank manager was up - and talking, too.
- Because it wasn't a nerve agent.
Uh, Chief Bowman said all those tests came back negative, no environmental toxins whatsoever.
CHIMNEY: So, what the hell was it? I have no idea.
At least this guy was finally able to get out of here.
So that might be the weirdest day I've had since joining the LAFD - and we have had a few.
- Seriously, it was like - a bank robbery with no robbers.
- (SIREN WAILING) Step away from the vehicle.
Can I help you, Detective? You and your people just stay where we can see you, Captain.
Excuse me, you want to tell me what's going on? Maybe you can tell me.
MERCER: $300,000.
WASH: Tucked away on the 118 ladder truck.
Any idea how it got there? - No, why would I? - MERCER: You're with the 118.
And you were at the bank when it was stolen.
If by "at the bank" you mean that I was unconscious and I was locked away in a vault, yeah.
And I wasn't alone.
Um I'm sorry, this is so embarrassing.
(BURPS) The doctors say I'm fine.
- Still feeling the after-effects? - (BURPS) Do you have any idea what happened? The call came in a little after 5:00.
What is your emergency? Report of two men experiencing seizures and vomiting.
I dispatched an RA unit to the scene.
MERCER: "Looks like our money trouble is over.
" That's the text your sister sent you right after she took the 911 call.
You care to explain? Her landlord finally agreed to let her out of her lease and refund her security deposit.
He'd been giving her some grief about it.
Still nothing from the landlord? Not since he said he had to consult his lawyers.
- What's all that? - Uh, decorations for Chimney's welcome back party.
Hen is insisting, don't know why.
Chimney said he didn't want anyone to make a big deal.
I really hope he has a great first day back.
You want me to tell him that? No.
(ENGINE STARTS) You expect us to believe you just happened to take this call? And you just happened to dispatch your brother's squad to the scene? It happens more than you think.
We're like a family.
I mean, a big, messy, extended family, but we take care of each other, we support each other.
You know? We have each other's backs.
"Conspire"? Conspire.
You conspired with your fiancée's ex-husband to steal the blueprints to that bank.
Not stolen.
(LAUGHS) You think they did what now? People request building plans all the time.
- Architects, contractors - Terrorists.
Don't think I ever said the word "terrorists.
" But you were the first to suggest - it might be a nerve agent.
- And everyone figured you knew what you were talking about.
Coming from the military and all.
It was part of my training.
How to spot it.
How to respond.
We had to improvise.
You do that a lot? Improvise? It's part of the job.
See the problem, solve the problem.
I was trying to help a friend.
Your ex's new squeeze is your friend? Hen is my friend.
I mean, yes, Bobby's a friend, too.
Hell, they're all my friends.
I don't really know him.
Someone said I seemed stressed? - Who? - Cranky.
I said she was a little cranky that morning.
Buck, you're lopsided.
Should we even be doing this? - Yes.
- Chimney said he didn't want us to make a big deal about his first day back.
He didn't mean it.
That's way too low.
I'm just saying, maybe we should respect the guy's wishes.
Okay, you know what we're not doing? Respecting wishes.
We're hanging a banner, we're having cake and we're gonna show him how much we love him.
Ah, there she is.
- Good as used.
- Don't tell me that, Marty.
MARTY: Nah, she's a tough old bird.
State-of-the-art ladder rig.
- So you replaced it? - Ah, replaced what matters.
You're good to go.
- Thanks, Marty.
- You bet, Chief.
Ah, this is festive.
Need a hand? Oh, well, I would ask you to blow up balloons.
I mean, I know you got the wind, but tying it would be a thing, huh? Oh, because the arthritis? Not gonna be a problem.
Oh, well, I'll be damned.
- Steroid shot's kicking in, huh? - No, ma'am.
I finally took my crazy sister's advice, I went to see her acupuncture guy.
You went alternative medicine, Marty.
I'm shocked.
Oh, don't be.
That didn't work either.
But he then recommended me to a kind of witch doctor.
- You won't believe what he put me on.
- ATHENA: Hey, y'all.
I'm not too late, am I? - BOBBY: You're right on time.
- Oh! - Okay.
- HEN: Let's see.
Kind of a letdown, isn't it? Last time we had a cake in the shape of his head with a licorice rebar through it.
Yeah, but this time he only got stabbed.
I imagine it's hard.
Your wife losing her job at JPL.
KAREN: They said they're sick of Mars.
Who gets sick of going to a planet? In outer space? Not me.
You're the only person I know with a job cooler than mine.
Yeah, except I don't have a job.
Because Mars is apparently a snoozefest.
First the lunar mission, now my Mars project.
Funding is drying up everywhere.
I'm worried.
We just spent all that money on the new roof and we've got Denny's daycare.
Yeah, kids in general are expensive.
But they're worth it, right? Yeah, o-okay, maybe I picked up a few extra shifts here and there, but it's not a big deal.
SHANNON: It is a big deal.
Surfing lessons? $150 an hour? The guy's giving me a discount.
Carla, the private school, physical therapy, the after-school program.
Eddie, I know what all that costs.
It's under control.
Don't worry.
Every time we talk about money, you tell me not to worry.
Guess what, I worry.
- Ugh.
- Ready.
MERCER: 300 grand does solve a lot of problems.
I've got two full-time jobs, firefighter and dad.
I don't have time to plan a robbery.
Six weeks at home, guy like you, what you do for a living, you must've been climbing the walls.
More like redecorating them.
(CHUCKLES) MERCER: Sounds like you had a lot of time on your hands, to think.
To plan? You mean to plot? Who did I plot with? No one on my team would do this.
I am sure of it.
You moved here two, three years ago.
- Minnesota, right? - Mm-hmm.
Left there under a bit of a cloud, didn't you, Captain? Truth is, you don't know the people you work with, and they don't know you, do they, Captain Nash? BUCK: But I trust him.
I trust his gut.
So when he said we needed to get into that vault, yeah, I believed him.
You chose to run into that vault, Firefighter Wilson, believing there was a nerve agent present.
Why would you do that? Because it's my job.
Or maybe you were providing a distraction so one of your friends can do a different kind of job.
SAM: I don't know what happened.
I did what the firefighter said.
The armored car driver? I thought he couldn't leave the truck.
He said I was in danger.
I had to get decontaminated.
Look, I was scared.
I did not know they were gonna rob the truck.
Wait, so the money came from the armored car? Not the vault? But I was in the vault The whole time.
There's no way that's me.
No, you were the distraction.
Getting everyone to look over there, so no one's noticing the man emptying the armored car over here.
So who's your partner? I'm so confused.
Can you start over? You sure about this? I'm sure about clearing my name.
You were inside the vault the whole time, out like a light.
Your name is gonna clear itself.
The mystery man was right there.
Yellow splash suit.
'd himself as a firefighter.
Led the driver away from the armored truck, filled some disposal bags with the green.
That's what us bank robbers call the money, the "dough-re-mi.
" I'm sorry, we're closed.
Oh! You're the firefighter who went back into the vault.
How are you feeling? Like it never even happened.
I wish I could say the same.
Uh, we'll be closed for at least a week.
Your Captain Nash went a little "Hulk smash" on the vault.
He was really worried about you.
I don't really remember much.
That's why I'm here, hoping to jog my memory.
Is your manager around? Oh, Mr.
Prentiss, um, he doesn't work here anymore.
That was his last day.
Uh, the day of the robbery was his last day? - Was that a planned thing? - Retirement.
- 26 years.
- Oh.
I feel bad.
He was so close to making it out.
- What do you mean? - He had a fear A phobia, really Of getting locked in the vault.
He was always talking about these stories he heard.
I think that Florida kid was the last straw.
He put in for retirement right after that.
You said Florida? Maybe it's lucky you guys were unconscious.
You don't remember being locked inside.
Would it be okay if I took a look in there? Follow me.
Inventory protocols.
We're moving all the boxes to another branch until the repairs are done.
ATHENA: Hey, you okay? (BEEPING) He was right here, and-and I ran in.
- (GURGLING) - Stay calm.
Stay calm, sir.
- 'Thena.
- What is it? Go ahead.
Can't believe we missed that.
Maybe we didn't miss anything.
Firefighter Wilson's the one who found it, right? Check the tape.
She didn't plant it.
I was with her the whole time.
And why were you revisiting the scene of the crime? So I could remember.
He touched my face.
Franklin, the-the bank manager, he touched my face when I went in there t-to pull him out.
That's how he delivered the toxins, whatever-whatever that was.
Maybe it's in the bottle.
You're saying the bank manager was in on it? - Did you know that was his last day? - MERCER: Yeah.
He put in for retirement right before Christmas.
Yeah, and right after he saw this.
You know how those firefighters got the kid out? Drilled a hole in the vault wall.
They also had to cut the power to do it, just like we did.
Check every single box - in this room again.
- Is there a problem, Ms.
Wolcott? Box 725 is supposed to have $6 million worth of diamonds in it, not the recycling.
Who else had access to that box? (POUNDING ON DOOR) Franklin Prentiss! (POUNDING ON DOOR) LAPD.
We need to ask you some more questions.
Ugh, I hate this case.
WASH: Looks like he was headed out when he collapsed.
Out of the country, you mean? Any sign of the diamonds? Nothing about this case has been that easy.
His accomplice probably killed him and took the stones.
So where are they, Firefighter Wilson? Seriously? May, Harry! Hurry it up! Mrs.
Anderson's waiting outside.
I thought Dad was picking us up.
Your father and I are going to have a very busy day today.
- HARRY: Dad didn't say anything.
- Mm-hm-hmm.
It's a surprise.
MAY: Mom, what's going on? Who are they? Friends from work.
Come on, now.
Off you go.
Have a good day.
Sergeant Grant I'm awfully sorry.
Let me see the warrant.
- Fresh coffee's in the kitchen.
- You were expecting us? I know the drill, Detective.
I assume you're hitting everyone at once.
They gonna be expecting us, too? You think I'd spoil your surprise? It ain't my party.
Here we go, yo, here we go, yo So what, so what, so what's the scenario Here we go, yo, here we go, yo So what, so what, so what's the scenario - A-yo Bo knows this and Bo knows that - What, what But Bo don't know Jack 'cause Bo can't rap Well what do you know, the Di-Dawg, is first up to bat No batteries included, and no strings attached No holds barred, no time for move faking Gots to get the loot so I can bring home the bacon Brothers front, they say the Tribe can't flow, but we've Been known to do the impossible like Broadway Joe So sleep if you want NyQuil will help you get your Z's, troop But here's the real scoop I'm all that and then some, short dark and handsome My days of paying dues are over Acknowledge me as in there Yeah Head for the border, go get a taco Watch me wreck it from the jump street Really? The condiments? Don't sweat what you heard, but act like you know - Yes, later - Later Later, alligator Pop blows the weasel Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's my entire life right there.
You can't take that.
- I-N-C into a flow - They were kicking Yo, bust it out before the Busta bust another rhyme Hey, you know how long it took me to get those color coded? Also gonna need to check your car.
Observe the vibe And check out the scenario Here we go, yo, here we go, yo So what, so what, so what's the scenario Here we go, yo, here we go, yo So what, so what, so what's the scenario They're tossing the apartment.
So much for the security deposit.
- Calling a lawyer? - I am ordering an Uber.
I still have to work today.
Let Robbery-Homicide do their dance, eliminate the obvious suspects and find the real ones.
I mean, I know it ain't easy, but you got to let the wheels - of justice do their thing.
- (scoffs) Those wheels those wheels have a way of sometimes crushing people like me.
Oh, come on.
You don't think It's just this business of turning over every rock to look under it.
I mean, I got some rocks that I'd rather not have anyone peeking under, you know? (LAUGHS) Just promise me, Athena, I will not end up in a six-by-nine with Eva fighting over our top bunk.
Never gonna happen.
- Hey.
I need to borrow Harry's computer.
They confiscated mine.
You have any idea where it is? Probably in the same evidence lockup downtown as yours.
Wait, what? They took his, too? The hell What are they thinking? He-He's robbing banks - and playing Minecraft? - Listen, I don't know.
Like father, like son, I guess.
Tell me you didn't spend the better part of your day helping my fiancé bust open a vault? We were trying to save Hen.
- Thank you for that, by the way.
- You got it.
I think.
(PHONE VIBRATING) (SIGHS) It's the hospital.
Hello? Yes, this is she.
Place looks pretty good.
Wh-What happened - you-you clean up after they left? - Mm-mmm.
Police were very careful.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - (MICHAEL CHUCKLES) - You mean terrified - Ah.
Of you.
- (CHUCKLES) - They got my tox report back.
You'll never believe what they found.
Scorpion venom.
I feel robbed.
How in the hell did you know that? It was in the hand sanitizer that you found in the vault.
Uh, what is that supposed to mean? I have no idea.
(LAUGHS) But you do.
HEN: Yeah.
I know who did this.
Hey, Marty, thanks for coming.
Yeah, I heard you guys were having trouble with the ladder.
Was starting to think you guys, uh, don't know how to use it.
(TRUCK DOOR OPENS) Well, you know how we operate.
All our procedures and protocols.
BUCK: But maybe you could show us some tricks.
Yeah, you seem to know more about these trucks than we do.
Like, where to hide $300,000 in cash.
(laughs) What are you guys talking about? How are your hands, Marty? That alternative medicine still working? WASH: Marty Collins.
You're under arrest for bank robbery and murder.
Murder? Who'd I kill? WASH: The armored car courier He died from an allergic reaction to scorpion venom.
That's what's in the bottle, in concentrated gel form.
MERCER: That's what you've been using to combat your arthritis.
Sorry, I totally had to Google this.
"The iberiotoxin blocks the potassium channels that allow arthritis to spread through the bones.
" An overdose of the stuff mimics the symptoms of a nerve agent.
WASH: Creating just enough chaos so you can impersonate a real firefighter and get that armored car driver away from his truck, right? ATHENA: Is that the guy? SAM: I'm not sure.
(SIGHS) Wimoweh Yeah.
That's him.
BUCK: So let's see if I got this right.
The fake nerve agent attack was a distraction for the armored car robbery which was a distraction for the diamond heist.
- Crime is hard.
- (CHUCKLES) Franklin knew the bank and Marty knew us.
But how'd they know each other? Brothers-in-law.
Well, ex-brothers-in-law.
Franklin had been married to Marty's crazy sister.
And when they ran into each other again, a plan formed.
Franklin was the inside man.
His job was to create a medical emergency in the bank.
The kind that would trigger a Hazmat response because Marty knew that we'd have to seal the perimeter to execute the Big Bird protocol.
- The money's fine.
- MARTY: You're in danger! HEN: He gets the driver to leave the truck and empty all his pockets.
And while the driver gets clean, Marty gets rich.
Except, how's he gonna get all that money out of there? Can't just walk it off the scene.
He needed a mule.
Or a team of mules.
Not a bad plan.
I mean, it's crazy, but it could've worked.
We bring the money back here and all he has to do is wait for the right moment, sneak in, access the ladder truck and retrieve the money.
Except there wasn't any, because the police had already beaten him to the punch.
(SONG IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE PLAYING) But how'd the police know exactly where to find the money? 'Cause there was one variable that Marty didn't count on.
The double-cross.
See, Marty may have known everything there is to know about LAFD protocol, but Franklin knew about the bank.
He knew what was in that vault.
He could steal those diamonds with his eyes closed.
See, Marty's plan was simple, but Franklin's was more time-sensitive, so he told Marty the best day to rob the armored car would be his last day.
He knew there'd be a party at the end of day, at the close of business.
He'd start with Marty's plan, then he'd improvise.
Franklin made sure he collapsed inside the vault.
He knew what our response would be.
911, what's your emergency? CHIMNEY: Then all he had to do was wait for the vault to automatically close and time-seal for the night.
Then he'd have hours alone inside that vault while we ran our rescue protocols.
It was meticulous plan.
But there was an unexpected complication.
He was supposed to be in there alone.
So me running in to save his sorry ass? A complication.
He had to take me out, too.
I've been caught stealing But now he's playing "beat the clock.
" Soon as the cameras couldn't see, Franklin swiped six million in stones and waited to be saved.
He had the stones.
All he needed was a clean getaway.
Department of Robbery and Homicide.
Yes, I have information on an armored car robbery.
HEN: He sends the police after us.
So, while the police are investigating us he could flee the country.
- New name, new passport, new life.
- He just wasn't fast enough.
Marty knew he'd been double-crossed.
He goes to confront Franklin.
Marty, l-look, I can explain it to you.
Where you going, Franklin? Where's the money? Did you double-cross me? - No, I swear to you.
I - Did you double-cross me?! No, I (CHOCKING, GRUNTING) So Marty killed Franklin.
What? - I didn't kill nobody.
- What about the dead guard? It was supposed to be non-lethal.
I mean, that's why we used it.
How was I supposed to know he was allergic? But I never touched Franklin.
You have been charged with two counts of felony murder, grand theft, reckless endangerment and - impersonating a firefighter.
- You can make this easier on yourself.
Just tell us.
Where are the diamonds? Diamonds? What diamonds? There are diamonds? You believe him? I don't know.
MERCER: He admitted to everything but killing Franklin - and stealing the diamonds.
- So where are they? Stomach contents include corn, some sort of grain Possibly quinoa And some sort of foreign mass.
Appears to be a diamond.
What are they putting on the death certificate? Oh, my "Acute intestinal blockage.
" They rejected my suggestion.
- "Cause of death: greed.
This is a surprise.
- Sorry to bother you at home.
- Uh, it's okay.
Come on in.
Chief Alonzo, this is Athena Grant, my fiancée.
Pleasure to meet you, ma'am.
Uh, I should go.
I'd rather you stayed.
If that's okay with you, Chief.
There's no way to ease into this conversation.
Believe me, I tried to find one on the drive here.
LAPD has referred a matter to us for further review, based on some irregularities they found during their investigation.
The bank robbery investigation? I thought the team was cleared.
Team was.
You weren't.
I think you know why.
You'll be on suspended duty pending a full inquiry.
We have a lot of questions.
Until they're answered to our satisfaction, you are relieved of your command, Captain Nash.
ATHENA: Just one minute, now.
You need to explain yourself.
For what reason are you relieving him of duty? Captain Nash lied to us - when he joined the LAFD.
- About what? About what happened in Minnesota.