9-1-1 (2018) s02e18 Episode Script

This Life We Choose

1 Hello, everybody.
Thanks for spending your mornings with us today.
Angelenos waking up a little bit on edge today after a second package bomb has exploded in the Southland in as many days.
Now, the first victim, Miranda Filson, she's a criminal defense attorney from South Pasadena, and somehow survived the blast.
The second victim, a retired insurance adjustor, is clinging to life at this very hour.
Now, authorities are urging the public: stay vigilant.
If you see something, say something.
If the truck's parked in a driveway with its hazards on, it's probably just making a delivery.
No, sir.
Having a foreign-sounding last name is not reason enough for me to send the police out to investigate your neighbors.
- [SIGHS.]
: Uh, uh, I'm sorry.
Ma'am, I'm having some trouble hearing you.
Are you being attacked by a dog? WOMAN: No! That's my dog! We've got the bomber pinned down! - Send the cops! - MAN: Ah! Stop it! - WOMAN: Good boy, Titus.
- God, help me.
She's crazy.
You say you have the bomber pinned down? WOMAN: I caught him putting a package - in my mailbox.
- MAN: I'm the mailman! - Ma'am, he says he's the mailman.
- He's not my mailman.
- My mailman's Larry.
- Stop! Stop it! Larry's out for two weeks with foot surgery! WOMAN: I think he did - something to Larry.
- Okay, I'm dispatching - a unit to your location.
And, ma'am, I suggest you put Titus back in the house - before the officers arrive.
- MAN: You got to help me here.
What's your emergency? WOMAN: Oh, my God, there's a backpack! - There's a backpack outside - Ma'am? Brookside Elementary! - Send the cops! Quick! Please! - Ma'am, slow down.
Tell me again, where was the backpack found? [CHILDREN SCREAMING, SHOUTING.]
MAN: Keep moving.
BUCK: All right, everyone, as close and as tight to the truck as you can be.
All right, stay tucked in, stay tucked in.
You guys are doing great.
Thank you.
Teacher spotted it out there after recess.
Nobody claimed it.
Yeah, but it's not a package.
I thought this guy sent his bombs through the mail.
- Maybe he changed his M.
- Or inspired some other crazy.
: Air 32 on TAC 1.
Moving into position.
We have visual.
Repeat, we have visual.
- JIM: Carlos, what do we got? - Unclear.
Some metallic component is interfering with the image.
Shall we travel it? I repeat, shall we travel it? Let's not take any chances.
Proceed with controlled detonation.
Copy that.
JIM: All units, be advised! - Fire in the hole.
- Stay tucked in.
- JIM: On my mark! - Down, down, down.
Three two one.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stay back, stay back, stay back.
Substance appears to be some kind of grayish paste.
GIRL: It's tuna fish.
Was that your lunch? - Yes.
- Why didn't you say something? I don't like tuna fish.
Am I under arrest? These false alarms are almost more nerve-wracking - than the real thing.
- Don't even think that.
Maybe the whole thing is a false alarm.
- Maybe it's over.
- Maybe.
: All-clear given.
All-clear given.
There is no bomb.
All students and staff are permitted to enter the campus.
Engine 118 is on the scene.
OFFICER: Central.
We are en route now.
BOBBY: Okay, this is our final contestant.
- Mmm! Mmm, mmm! - You're picking a cake but haven't even decided on the venue? The cake is how we're picking the venue.
Yeah, it seems silly to run all over town looking at yachts and ballrooms and country clubs, so we settled on three restaurants - that can all do a wedding.
- Bought a cake from each.
Best cake wins.
Have you guys finalized your guest list yet? BOBBY: That all depends.
Your mother won't allow me to put Chief Alonzo on the guest list till my suspension is lifted.
Which needs to happen by the end of the week.
I still don't understand why you guys are doing a stupid wedding.
Baby, I thought you were good with me and Bobby getting married.
Because if you're not, if you need more time No.
It's fine.
You guys can get married.
It's just I don't want to wear a tux, or dance with May.
Well, who said you had to wear a tux? Mom, it's a wedding.
Of course he has to wear a tux.
HARRY: Tuxedos are stupid.
And plus, I'm way too old to be a ring bearer.
ATHENA: Oh, aw, but you're exactly the right age to walk me down the aisle.
Hmm? This wedding isn't just about me and Bobby.
It's about us the three of us choosing to make Bobby a part of our family.
Now, we all walk down that aisle together or not at all.
Maybe just without the tux? [LAUGHING.]
- He is growing up way too fast.
Mm, he was so brave yesterday at the funeral.
Bravest kid I know.
Yep, yep.
Just like his father.
His mom was pretty brave, too.
How? By running out on him? Ramon.
Papi, we're not doing this.
I apologize.
Look, honey, um we know Shannon loved Christopher.
- Of course, Mom.
- Okay.
But she's gone and you are a single father, again, okay, and the hours you work, Eddie Come home.
- To El Paso? - Texas has fires, too.
You could join a department there.
: Dad.
It's not that simple.
I'm still a probationary firefighter.
I'm so close to earning my shield.
You want me to just throw away the last year of my life? Right.
Is that why you all flew in here, huh? Not for the funeral, but to bring us back, was that the plan? Yeah, and we could help you, and Christopher would be close to family, and you could have a life there.
We have a life here, and family.
Thank you, Eddie.
We are sitting right here.
EDDIE: I won't uproot him again.
RAMON: Christopher hasn't been here long enough to put down roots he spent the first six years of his life in El Paso, with us.
Being with me is what's best for Christopher.
I chose this life for a reason.
You can choose another one.
I couldn't stop movin' when it first took hold It was a warm spring night at the old town hall There was a group called The Jokers How's the line look? 35, 50 people tops.
And most of them standing against the gate looking at their phone.
People are probably staying home 'cause of the bomber.
Time was, there'd be 30, 40, hell, even 50,000 fans out there.
I mean, we played stadiums halfway around the globe.
Yeah? Well, folks got the Internet now.
If they want to see dumb people doing stupid things, they can just get it for free online.
Hey, hey, who you calling stupid? You're dumb.
The car is stupid.
This whole production, actually.
Will you quit your complaining? You wanted me to retire.
But first I'm gonna give 'em a show.
Right now, I'm looking at a useless heap of rusted junk and then there's the car.
Me and this car got a lot of miles left on us.
This is dangerous.
You might be my fourth wife, but Janis here, she's my first love.
I think you just want to go out in a big old blaze of glory.
Yeah? Well, if it means I'd get one single minute - of peace and quiet - Hey! so be it.
Try her now.
Try her now! Okay! [ENGINE STARTS.]
- Roy! 9-1-1 DISPATCHER: 9-1-1, what's your emergency? CALLER: My husband! His car, it's eating him alive.
CALLER: I think this bitch is finally getting her revenge! [SIRENS WAILING.]
ROY: Be careful what you do, okay? - I know, I know.
- Do you know what y - Just be quiet.
Be quiet! - Where you going? Where you - Ma'am, what happened? - He got himself all caught up in the engine it just, it just sucked him straight in.
"She," damn it! The car is a she! Let this be a lesson to you, Roy.
You mistreat a woman, they mistreat you right back.
You know, I-I've been trying to, like, cut him loose, but I can't quite get in there.
Let's get down there and see what we can do.
HEN: Oh.
Sir, I need you to keep very, very still.
Any chance you can get me loose without cutting the hair? - It's kind of my trademark, you know? - MAUDE: Forget the hair! - You've been scalped.
- What?! MAUDE: That's what I've been trying to tell you.
You know, this isn't even the worst he's been hurt.
Okay, ma'am, I need you to give us - some room to work, okay? - What? Why? Yeah, I can see why she couldn't get in there.
His hair is too tightly wound into the belt.
We can't cut him free without pulling at the wound and making it worse.
We'll have to come at it sideways.
Sideways? What do you mean, sideways? EDDIE: We're gonna have to cut the engine belt and remove the alternator, probably the crankshaft pulley, whatever's in the way to get you free.
Like hell you are! [POWER TOOL WHIRRING.]
We need to locate that piston.
ROY: That hood's a one-of-a-kind.
Just be careful.
We'll need a socket wrench for that crankshaft.
ROY: Oh, man.
ROY: Oh, don't put that over there.
- Oh, God.
- One, two - [ROY SCREAMS.]
- CHIMNEY: Just hold on.
- Almost there.
- You're killing her! - Try to relax, sir.
We're almost there.
ROY: How can I relax? You're killing my car, man.
ROY: Oh, man.
Thought you wanted a blaze of glory.
Setting you on fire, now that would be a glorious blaze.
Please, sir, do not move! Do not move! Damn it.
He pulled the occipital vein.
- Cap, he's gonna bleed out.
- All right, let's step it up, guys.
- Hen, what's going on down here? - I'm almost there.
MAUDE: Oh, God, don't let him die, you guys.
I love the bastard.
- HEN: Almost there.
- Maude, I swear to you, honey, if I get out of this alive, I'll never do a reckless thing ever.
I'm done with that life.
MAUDE: It's okay, baby, we're gonna get you out.
HEN: It's coming, coming, coming.
MAUDE: I'm here, baby.
CHIMNEY: Got it.
Let's raise him up, nice and easy.
MAUDE: You dumb fool.
All this just to impress a couple dozen people? Not them.
All you got to do to impress me is live.
- He'll live.
- I will? - [MAUDE EXHALES.]
- You hear that, Maude? I'm gonna live.
Keep the parts safe, honey.
Call the promoter.
A couple of stitches, a decent toupee, we can do this comeback tour next week.
I'm back, baby! [LAUGHS.]
Roy, you son of a bi It has a full kitchen with a quartz backsplash, spacious master bathroom, elevated sleeping area.
And the view.
You cannot put a price on that.
Yeah, but, mm, you did.
There's wiggle room.
Well, we are all about the wiggle room, right? [CHUCKLES.]
I like it.
Open floor plan.
Touch of modern.
A little raw.
I see the potential.
- Do you, now? [CHUCKLES.]
- Yeah.
We could, uh, we could have you living like a real adult.
- BUCK: Oh.
- ALI: Yeah.
- This would be my first place all on my own.
I assumed you'd be living here together.
Oh, uh, no.
No, this is She's just my decorator.
: Uh, no.
We, uh We're just not quite at that stage yet.
ALI: Yeah, not quite.
We're at the stage where I'm ready for his man cave to get a little more natural light.
I travel a lot for work, - and he's - Better than a hotel.
- ALI: Oh, yeah.
A lot better.
: Let's talk closet space.
Hey, guys, it's Becca.
I'm back from Belize, and I am super pumped to tell you all about my trip and the amazing new products I tried.
So, thanks to my partnership with Pouty Gal Lip Wear, we got to tour all over.
The Belizeans are so adore, and, like, even though they don't have a lot of money or whatever, they're still, like, super happy to serve you and always smiling, and I just love them.
I mean, I'm, like, totally reeling from all that travel, but, you know, that's the life I chose.
Like, putting myself out there to find you guys next-level products to make you look and feel beautiful, even when I don't.
'Cause you see this? Oh.
Oh, gosh.
This is so gross, you guys.
Okay, well, um, it happens.
You know, this is real life, and I'm always gonna keep it 100 with you guys, which is why today I will be showing you the proper way to pop a pimple.
What you want to do is start away from the whitehead and just gently apply pressure to the surrounding area.
Just squeeze, like Oh, God, you guys.
Oh, this is the worst zit ever.
Oh, ow.
What? [SCREAMS.]
Mommy! Mommy! Get it off! Get it off! Get it off! [GLASS BREAKING.]
- Siri! - [PHONE CHIMES.]
Call 911.
Over here.
My arm.
- Guys? - Yeah.
I can feel it, but I can't move it.
Like, really hurts on my shoulder.
HEN: Looks like a fractured clavicle.
- CHIMNEY: We're gonna sit you up.
- HEN: Okay.
- There we go.
- Ow.
Uh, dispatch said something about an animal? Yeah, it, um, came out of my face.
What are we looking for, exactly? It was like a little, little worm.
- Or like a grub, maybe.
- Like a maggot? Oh, don't say "maggot.
" - Maggot.
- You been out of the country lately? Uh, yeah, I actually do a lot of traveling for work.
What do you do? Uh, I'm a beauty and fashion influencer.
HEN: Has your circle of influence included Central and South America? BECCA: No.
I mean, I did just get back from Belize.
Belize is in Central America.
Are you sure? - Pretty sure.
- Botfly.
Parasite indigenous to Central and South America, including Belize.
They reproduce by trapping mosquitoes and laying their eggs on them.
And then when the mosquito lands on you, the egg hatches and crawls right into the feeding site.
BUCK: Luckily it looks like you got it out all in one piece.
They'll be able to extract the rest at the hospital.
- The rest? - Think of them as new followers.
- Gross! Let's get you up.
Oh, my God, wait.
No, no, no, no, can somebody grab my phone? No, go back.
Hand me my phone.
Wait, you guys.
Hi, guys.
First place.
A-plus, my man.
MAY: It's a science project, Dad.
He didn't, like, get into MIT.
Hey, it's an engineering project.
Kid takes after his pops.
What can I say? Hey, what's that? Uh package for Mom.
Harry! Don't move! Contact the bomb squad.
You guys okay? Yeah, we're fine.
- Oh, thank God you were here.
- You know, something - just looked wrong, you know? - BOYD: Sergeant Grant.
Shawn Boyd.
I'm running point on the serial bomber task force.
ATHENA: So it's confirmed? I'm on this guy's mailing list? We think so.
Gold foil seems to be consistent with the other three bombings.
- Three? - We found another this morning.
Vernon Clemmons.
Superior Court judge.
You know him? ATHENA: I've been in his courtroom more than once.
Is he okay? Pronounced dead on the scene.
- Are you gonna take it with you? - We're gonna try.
Could be some valuable evidence inside that box.
Every package has gone off as soon as someone moves it.
Thank you, Officer.
Hey, I got here as fast as I could.
They wouldn't let me down the street.
Do they have any idea who's doing this? Yeah, well, I keep running it in my head.
I was at the first bombing, but the woman doesn't look familiar.
Not her name or her face.
They say she's a defense lawyer.
We must've crossed paths, but I-I just You've been doing this for a while.
You're not gonna remember every attorney you've ever met.
They also showed me a photo of the insurance adjuster.
He didn't look familiar, but the only one that I am sure of is Judge Clemmons.
Clemmons? Why does that that sound familiar? Sergeant Grant.
Do you remember working an arson case about three years back? It was a restaurant.
I, um Agent Boyd, this is Captain Nash of LAFD.
We worked on that case together.
It's the only time I've had to testify since I moved to L.
The owner was Victor Costas.
He got six years.
Should still be in prison.
Well, released early, on account of he's dead.
About three months ago.
He had a wife and a kid.
A teenager.
And the son, his son, was really angry when his father got arrested.
Father's dead.
I wonder how angry he is now.
I can't help you.
I don't know where Freddie is.
I haven't seen him since Victor's funeral.
Yeah, I heard about your husband's death.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Are you? You put him in there.
Now you want to put Freddie away, too.
He's hurt a lot of people, Mrs.
Killed a judge.
I don't know anything about that.
ROMERO: Maybe.
At first.
Filson defends criminals.
Probably had a lot of enemies.
Then the insurance adjuster, who's on life support, by the way, you told yourself what? It was a coincidence? Couldn't be true? We lost everything.
Insurance wouldn't pay.
All our creditors sued us.
We sold everything we had to pay for that lawyer, and what did we get? A death sentence.
Prison broke my husband, and then it killed him.
So Freddie was angry.
At the lawyer, at the judge, at the insurance company.
Who else is he angry at, Mrs.
Costas? Bomb squad just cleared your home, Captain Nash.
Nothing there.
Well, I guess that's a relief.
It doesn't make sense, though.
I was there the day his father was arrested.
He said you blew up their lives.
Maybe he's saving Captain Nash for last.
Hasn't sent the bomb yet.
Or maybe you searched the wrong house.
DISPATCH: 118, 118, this is Dispatch.
Got Bobby Nash on the line.
He says it's important.
Wait, what? Dispatch? Dispatch, please repeat.
You're new.
DWIGHT: If you're just joining us, witnesses are reporting that this LAFD ladder truck, belonging to station house 118, was hit by some kind of an explosive as it was making its way to a call.
Now, you can see there's a firefighter pinned under that truck MADDIE: Looks like a crush injury.
Those can be tricky.
Hypovolemic shock.
: He's all alone.
JOSH: He's not.
He's surrounded by people who want to help him.
Then how come no one's running in there? They can't.
You know that.
We've got a perimeter set up, but we're just guessing the blast radius on that thing.
Can't toss him a phone.
We're not sure what kind - of signal he's operating on.
- CHIMNEY: Dispatch, this is Captain 118.
What is the play? I've got people dying in the street.
Hold your position, 118.
FREDDIE: Get me the captain! Where's the captain?! - Hey - I told you not to move.
Cap-Cap - Cap! - I'm the captain, okay? I'm the captain, so please just let me help them, okay? Please.
No, I don't want you.
I want Captain Nash.
I love you.
Captain Nash! Don't confront him! - He wants me.
- He wants you dead! - Let's give him what he wants.
- Captain Nash! Shoot me if you have to.
DWIGHT: This is unexpected.
A civilian now confronting the young man with that vest.
We've got no details on this man's identity.
Freddie! Thought you'd be on the truck.
I'm here now.
How far away are you? What's next? It's what you wanted.
Wanted you dead.
I get that.
But what about them? - What about him? - [GROANING.]
He's got parents, a sister, a girlfriend, and he never did anything to you.
He wasn't even a firefighter when your father burned down that restaurant.
Collateral damage.
Is that how you see yourself? - An unintended victim in all this? - Stop.
One more step, we all go boom.
Freddie, you got dealt a bad hand, and I am sorry about that.
But what you did with it that's a choice.
You stopped being a victim the moment you left that first bomb.
- That lawyer! She - Did her job.
We were all doing our jobs.
Destroying my family.
My mom and I lost everything.
She was in so much pain.
Want to make it worse? You want to make her watch you die? - Freddie.
- Mom.
No, no, no! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
Freeze! Freeze! - Don't move! - Dead-man's trigger.
: Roger that.
All clear.
: Copy that.
CHIMNEY: Still with us, Buck? - [PANTING.]
- Buck, how we doing? - Kind of numb.
- HEN: I'm gonna run two lines.
- Skin is cold and pale.
- All right.
Push sodium bicarbonate.
Just hang in there, Buckaroo.
EDDIE: Hang on, Buck.
This is Captain 118.
We've got a probable crush injury.
I need all hands on deck to move this truck and clear a path to the nearest trauma center.
- How's he doing, Chimney? - We're out of time, Cap.
All right, let's try to lift this off him, yeah? Try to lift this off him! BOBBY: Okay, okay, we got to try to lift this! DWIGHT: Well, that firefighter really appears to have taken the brunt of all of this.
That's an entire ladder truck that you see there.
We can only hope for the best at this point.
- Get a hand on.
- Come in! Come in! Come in! BOBBY: Get some hands in here.
Let's lift this.
- You ready? - HEN: Hang in there, Buck.
- Ready! - Lift! [SCREAMING.]
- Come on! - [BUCK SCREAMING.]
- Come on, come on! - Got to lift higher! - One more time, guys.
Ready? - Hang in there.
Hang in there.
One, two, three, lift! - [ALL GRUNTING.]
Come on! - HEN: Lift a little higher! - [SCREAMING.]
- Higher! - [GRUNTING.]
EDDIE: Hang on, Buck.
She's too heavy.
We got anything on the truck we can use for leverage? No.
We need more people.
I'll radio again.
Dispatch, this is the captain.
DWIGHT: All right, stand by.
Now, look at this.
Bystanders stepping in.
They're gonna help out.
This really is an amazing scene that's unfolding.
What an incredible show of support and gratitude.
- BOBBY: We can do this! - CHIMNEY: Get in here! HEN: Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry! Everybody, put a hand in where you can! BOBBY: On three.
One two three! [ALL GRUNTING.]
CHIMNEY: Okay, we got him! We got him! We got him! [SCREAMING.]
He's almost clear! Hold it! Keep pulling! All right, we got him out! My sanctuary DWIGHT: What a great moment for this city.
- Go! - A great moment for all of us.
CHIMNEY: All right, we're gonna lift him onto the board on three.
One, two, three! [GRUNTS.]
One, two, three! We can find shelter and peace We good? - HEN: Stay with us, Buck.
- BOBBY: Just stay with us, kid.
Hospital's four minutes away, okay? - Come on.
BOBBY: Hang on there, buddy.
DWIGHT: This kind of brings me back to the earthquake, with all those expressions of love this city had for its first responders.
Here we go again, live on television.
You're safe with me My sanctuary You're a fool.
Safe with me But I love you, too.
'Cause this is our sanctuary [COUGHING.]
Welcome back.
- Carla - [CHUCKLES.]
- You-You're here.
- Of course I'm here.
Hey, if I see my friend on the news being crushed by a fire truck, I'm here.
Okay, okay, okay, Buckaroo.
All right, all right.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Is it? Did you speak to the doctor? Did he say anything about how the surgery went? Just that you made it through.
And you're now the proud owner of one titanium rod and four beautifully cobalt-chromed screws.
You were hoping for something more? Before they wheeled me in, he, uh he said he didn't know how it was gonna go.
You'll walk again.
He-he said he said he was pretty confident about that.
He, uh, he just he didn't know if I would ever work again.
Okay, I'm not gonna lie to you and tell you that it's gonna be all right.
But I don't think you need to be borrowing trouble, not yet.
Let's just take this moment and be glad that you're alive.
Ali seems nice.
- You met Ali? - Mm.
So we're into brunettes now.
She was actually blonde when I met her.
Oh, so we're just gonna cover the waterfront.
- Carla - [BOTH LAUGHING.]
ALI: He's awake.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Hey Hey.
You were in surgery for a while.
Too long.
Thank you for being here.
I would like it noted that he didn't thank either of us.
Girl, I don't think he knows - we're still in the room.
- Right? [CARLA LAUGHS.]
KAREN: It's Caltech, part-time.
So it'd be half the money but twice as many hours at home.
: Remember when working remotely wasn't even a thing? KAREN [LAUGHS.]
: Like it was yesterday.
I guess in the grand scheme of time, it was yesterday.
If only you could do that.
Bite your tongue.
The day I'm working from home, our damn house is on fire.
I figure it'll be good to have more time with Denny and anyone else who might come along.
- You see what you did there? - [LAUGHS.]
Just dropped it, quiet-like.
Well, I've been thinking.
I am a woman of a certain age HEN: Well, if there's anybody who can strong-arm Mother Nature, it's you.
Are you serious about this? [SIGHS.]
It's not like we never talked about it.
- We had a whole plan and then - HEN: Denny.
KAREN: We weren't sure if we were making the right decision that time either.
But there has never been a day I regret choosing being his mom.
Do you? You and that man are the two things that get me home every day.
A couple more footsteps stomping around the house might be nice.
Now that is a hell of a thing.
- It's a loaner.
- A loaner? Chim, for real? I'm kidding.
We own it.
With the caveat that we are not allowed to flip, crash, or blow her up any time soon.
- Oh.
- But I made no promises.
You're back.
I'm back.
Well, it's kind of hard to fire a guy who was a hero on the 6:00 news.
Imagine the letters they would get.
HEN: Not to mention the fiery tweet-storm that'd rain down on their heads, starting with me.
Welcome back, Cap.
- About damn time.
- Thank you.
Feels great to be home.
But admit it, you do miss Captain Han just a little.
Not even a little.
Things are finally getting back to the way they should be.
Easy, okay? I don't want you to fall and break the other one.
I am just glad to be out of the hospital.
- Yeah? - I miss my own bed which I won't see for the next three months.
Guess I am sleeping down here.
You're like a perpetual roommate.
Even in your own place.
Lesson learned: Never sign a lease if you intend on being crushed by municipal equipment.
Uh, or better idea? [BUCK GRUNTING.]
How about not get crushed by municipal equipment? - Huh.
Now, why didn't I think of that? - I don't know.
So have you, uh, have you thought about what's next? Once you take this thing off.
Why? Did-did the doctor say something to you? No.
Um, I don't I don't know, you know.
I guess a lot of physical therapy and then You'll probably want to just get right back out there.
Yeah, of-of course, I mean You know, wh-what else? Uh What? Come on, what's going on? I watched you almost die.
- Yeah, but I didn't.
- But you could have.
- But I didn't.
- I know, I I know.
Thank God.
Look, I It's not like I didn't know you were in a dangerous line of work when I met you, you know, ten stories up of a collapsing high rise.
- Exactly.
- That was one day one day of my life, Evan.
It's every day for you.
I'm just starting to really understand - what that means.
- Wait, so-so you want me to quit my job, that's what you're asking me to do? No, I would never I would never ask you to do that.
I know it's who you are.
I'm just not sure If it's who you are.
I don't know yet.
Okay? Hi.
What am I doing here? Um I asked you if things were ever gonna be the same and you said no.
You know, I've been thinking about that a lot, too.
And, uh, I think maybe I was wrong.
I think you were right.
But that's okay because We're never gonna get back what we would have had.
But maybe we could have something else.
You know, you were standing right there when you asked me out on a date, and, uh, I'm not sure I'd ever been so happy.
Until right now.
Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come on, be careful.
Uh, were you gonna sew these two pieces back together? I don't think so.
Doesn't mean you had to rip them.
Looks terrible.
It's gonna be fine, okay? We're just gonna tuck it in the top of your cast.
I don't even know why I'm taking you.
You shouldn't be on your feet, you need to be healing.
Well, this is more important.
If I break anything else, they can just fix that, too, with the other stuff.
What other stuff? They want me to have another surgery.
Uh, doctor wasn't happy with what he saw on the X-rays, so he wants to go back in and replace the rod and do some bone grafts.
Well, do they think it's a delayed union or nonunion? I mean, if it's just healing slower than expected, - you could just wait a few weeks.
- I'm not waiting.
The sooner I have the surgery, sooner I can go back to work.
So the doctor does want you to wait.
You should listen to him.
We're talking about your health.
Your ability to walk.
We're talking about the rest of your life.
No, being a firefighter is my life.
It is the, the only thing I have ever done that was important and that mattered, okay? - Without that, I-I-I don't have - You will still be Buck, okay, and we will all love you.
There are lots of other important things that you can do with your life.
No, I've already made my choice.
BOBBY: People assume we choose this life.
I'm not so sure.
Sometimes I think this life chooses us.
For those that answer the call, there can be no doubt, no equivocation.
It's not just the lives of those we serve that depend on us, but our own.
The lives of our fellow firefighters and first responders.
Today we welcome into those ranks a new brother.
After a year of hard work and dedication, I am proud to officially declare that your probationary period is at an end.
Welcome to the Los Angeles Fire Department, - Firefighter Diaz.
- Thank you, sir.
Oh, for once in my What do you got for me, son? - I got your helmet.
- Yeah, my helmet? Could just something go [APPLAUSE.]
: Oh Thank you so much, Christopher.
ATHENA: An emergency is the absence of choice.
The randomness of the world Oh, for once in my the crazy chaos of life, robbing us of our safety our illusions.
But in those moments of darkness and fear, we call out to the light up ahead, to the people we love.
We steal back that choice, and we choose each other.
We choose friendship and family.
We choose hope.
We choose joy.
We choose to live.
Athena! Hey.
This is a surprise.
Figured you'd be going home to sleep after your shift.
- No, I wanted to see you first.
- That's so sweet.
- What are you doing today? Oh, let's see, laundry, grocery shopping, the usual.
What if we get married instead? - Whoa.
- Go to the courthouse, get our license, say our vows, just do it.
- "You, me and the kids.
" That's all you said you needed.
And we have that now, today.
And if there's one thing you and I know, it's that today is the only thing you can be sure of.
So let's not waste another moment waiting.
- Mm - All right, I'll change, uh, we'll get the kids from school.
- I know you don't have a dress, but - No I have a dress.
All my life So when the ground shifts beneath our feet and the storms rage around us, it's all these people that provide relief.
And offer shelter.
This is how we save ourselves, by saving each other.
Because nobody, not anybody, has ever been saved alone.