9-1-1 (2018) s03e06 Episode Script


1 (STEVIE WONDER'S "SUPERSTITION") BECKERSON: All right, everyone, enjoy the harvest festival.
But remember the rules.
Let's play nicely out there, and do not wander off.
We'll meet back here at noon and not one second more.
Really, Ms.
Beckerson? Did you bring a stopwatch? BECKERSON: We may not be in a classroom, but this is still a school outing, And I will still give you a detention.
You won't need to, Ms.
Yeah, we're here to celebrate the harvest and all the cornucopia it provides.
And behave.
STEVIE: Very superstitious Writing's on the wall (ROARS) (KIDS SCREAMING) STEVIE: Ladder's about to fall 13-month-old baby Broke the lookin' glass (BOTH HOLLERING) When you believe in things That you don't understand - Then you suffer - (CROW CAWING) Superstition ain't the way Yeah, hey 26, 27, 28.
We're missing two.
Of course we are.
I'll be right back.
They're trapped in there.
I think I've seen this movie.
Okay, let's gear up.
Turnouts and head protection.
Let's go.
Damn clasp.
It's fine, Chim, forget the nametag.
We all know who you are.
EDDIE: This is weird.
You see crows all over the city.
Never heard about them attacking anybody.
And that's because crows are very docile.
They don't attack unless they're provoked.
No sudden movements, and we should be good.
CHIMNEY: Damn it.
- Just leave it, Chim.
- Copy that.
Everybody stay calm.
(EERIE MUSIC) Over here.
Dean's cut up real bad.
How 'bout you, you okay? - RILEY: Yeah, I think so.
- Eddie, check him out.
CHIMNEY: All right, kiddo, let's get you up, so we can take a look.
All right, let's get those irrigated, and make sure no major arteries were hit.
Major arteries? Am I gonna die? Look, she was just kidding, buddy.
So, Dean, tell me, those crows just attacked you guys from outta nowhere? It was crazy.
Tell 'em Riley.
Uh, yeah, it was like they were possessed or something.
You sure it didn't have anything to do with those rocks you guys threw at them? - He did it.
- Liar! - RILEY: I tried to stop him! - Shut up.
(CROWS CAWING) (WHISPERING) They know we're in here.
HEN: No, they know they're in here.
Crows are smart.
And they hold grudges.
You think they're waiting for these boys to come out.
They've been known to remember the faces of their tormentors years later and still attack.
Oh, they're bye-crows, great.
How do we get these guys past them? Well, they're looking for two kids.
We give 'em something else.
(EERIE, DESOLATE MUSIC) So what happens if they fly over here? Well, if you make eye contact with a crow, it could change its behavior.
- For better or worse? - Unclear.
Whoa, guys.
(CAWS) Okay, he's making eye contact with me.
He's not attacking.
(WHISPERING) Go, go, go, go.
(PLAYFULLY TENSE MUSIC) Hey, little buddy.
You hungry, pal, huh? (WHISPERING) How about a nice, delicious granola bar? Yeah? Here you go.
Nice little birdie.
- Nice - (ENGINE STARTS) Symbol of death and pestilence.
(STEVIE WONDER'S "SUPERSTITION") STEVIE: (VOCALIZING) (CROW CAWING) When you believe in things - That you don't understand - CHIMNEY: Hey, Hen.
I think they're on to us.
HEN: Who? There was a Nothin'.
STEVIE: Now, now, now BOBBY: All right, how's that? Is that where you want it? Yeah, just center it up with the chairs.
All right.
(DOG HOWLS DISTANTLY) A house full of teenagers alone on Halloween.
That doesn't feel like a bad idea to you? ATHENA: Eight responsible young adults just watching scary movies and ordering pizza, it'll be fine.
Well, I would just feel better if one of us was here for it.
(CHUCKLES) Doubt that.
What, you think I haven't noticed? You haven't gotten a full night's sleep in over a week, and there are seven different kind of baked goods in our kitchen.
Just looking for something to do at 3:00 in the morning.
You're worried about tomorrow.
Buck's first day back.
Well, he has signed every liability waiver and release form the department threw at him.
Pretty sure we could drop a piano on Buck's head and he wouldn't be able to sue the city for it.
(LAUGHS) Is that something you planning on doing? I don't know what I'm doing.
Well, he just he doesn't think things through.
He acts, reacts, and that leaves the rest of us to have to deal with the fallout.
Yeah, and the hurt feelings.
Look, you are allowed to be angry with Buck and worried about this decision that he's made, but you care about the kid.
Don't let the other stuff make you lose sight of that.
Hmm, all right.
(BRIGHT MUSIC) H-hey, how's it going? Hey um.
You are the first person to say that to me.
Starting to feel like I should have brought a sweater 'cause I am definitely catching a chill.
You got friends here, Buck.
But they all feel like they gotta follow Cap's lead.
He's still Not in a congratulatory cake and banner place yet.
Red velvet.
It bleeds when you cut it.
(LAUGHS) I missed you guys.
Hey, how is the, uh, baby-making going? You and Karen knocked up yet? Mm, it's a long process.
It's more twists and turns than you might expect.
It's good to have you back.
BUCK: Thanks, Hen.
For this and for not feeling like you need to follow Bobby's lead.
I march to the beat of my own drum.
Always have.
You should too.
(CHUCKLES) Whew, dude, are you okay? That's a monster.
Just roughhousing with my kid.
Were you playing with hammers? Nothing you need to be concerned with.
CHIMNEY: Welcome back, Firefighter Buckley.
Thanks, Chim, glad to be back.
All right, now that we've got that out of the way, morning briefing - (ALARM BELL RINGING) - Buck, you're man behind today.
Uh, wh I'm not going with you guys? Cap.
My house, my rules, remember? You stay put.
(HORN HONKS) TARA: Okay, yeah.
That's no.
I don't know.
The dealership said they'd call when they figure out why my car won't start, again.
Maddie, my client, you met her.
Okay, okay, I know.
Everything all right? Yeah.
My husband bought me a car that "looked cool," but now it's my fault every time it breaks down.
Oh, here, you can just drop that on the curb, I don't wanna keep you.
It's enough that you drove me home.
No, don't worry about it.
Wasn't gonna leave you in a parking lot with a car that didn't start.
I wasn't expecting all the luggage.
Yeah, I would have left it all in my car, but I have some appointments tomorrow, private clients.
Thanks again.
I owe you.
You know, I just, uh I just thought of a way you could repay me.
Can I use your bathroom? Sure, yeah.
Come on in.
- (CELL PHONE RINGING) - Uh, bathroom's over there.
No, Vincent, it's not like that.
Vincent, I I'm sorry.
I don't know what else to say.
(WHISPERING) Just listen to me.
I tried, I really but they wouldn't let me (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Thought you needed to use the bathroom? You walked right past it.
I am sorry.
You caught me.
The view up here is amazing, and I just had to see it.
- Do you want a drink? - Sure.
TARA: I'm afraid I don't have anything to go with that.
We don't entertain much.
Vincent hates having people over.
My ex was a lot like that, too.
Always wanted it to just be the two of us.
Me, I needed friends, family, you know, a life outside our home.
Right, I mean, he just doesn't get that.
And that is why I love my job.
I get to meet new people and actually talk to them.
I'm sure you have other people to talk to.
You know, people you trust? Of course, yeah.
(MELLOW POP MUSIC PLAYS OVER SPEAKERS) So is that why your ex is an ex? (SIGHS) Part of it.
I spent a lot of years trying to be the perfect wife.
Then I realized one day that I deserved better.
So you left him.
Good for you.
I, um, can't imagine that was easy.
Yeah, leaving is always scary.
But I am proof that there's always a way out.
(TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS' "AMERICAN GIRL") TOM: Well, she was an American girl WOMAN: No, I got it.
I printed the list out before I left work.
It was multiple pages.
WOMAN (OVER PHONE): I thought the party rental people were coming at 8:00.
Turns out it's a window, 8:00 to 2:00.
Six hours? Ugh, fine, I will run the errands while you wait for the delivery guys.
WOMAN (OVER PHONE): Thanks! It's gonna be an epic party.
- Bye.
- (PHONE BEEPS) I'm not even gonna have time to get a costume.
(GASPS) (SCREAMS) TOM: Make it last all night She was an American girl Uh huh huh (OMINOUS MUSIC) Why did I always think that she was his sister, and that's why he was trying to kill her? Because she is but you don't find that out until Halloween II.
Truthfully, I've always thought that was a bit of a retcon.
So what happens in the third movie? Nothing that has anything to do with Michael Myers.
- Right.
- (LAUGHTER) Maddie? - Hey! - What are you doing here? Um, we just caught a movie.
Vincent, you remember Maddie.
- Good to see you again.
- Hi.
(CHUCKLES) (MUSIC PLAYS INDISTINCTLY OVER SPEAKERS) Hi, I'm Howie, but everyone calls me Chimney.
Sorry, Tara is my trainer at the gym.
Oh, I didn't realize you were working with a trainer.
Uh, that's a very nice place that you work at.
It's very clean.
Oh, are you a member? I'm an occasional visitor in the line of duty.
I'm a paramedic.
I've responded to a call or two at your place.
Oh, that's so great.
A nurse and a paramedic.
I mean, it must be nice to have someone who totally gets your job.
Yeah, um, actually we have to go because Chim has an early shift.
Tomorrow's Halloween, big day.
Sure, yeah, see you at the gym.
- Nice meeting you.
- Yep.
Okay, you wanna tell me what that was all about? What? With your trainer, that I didn't even know you had, and why does she think you're a nurse? It's complicated.
Maddie, that is not an answer.
She called 911, five times in two months, - which is a pattern with - Abused women.
You sought her out? I was worried about her, okay? So I went to the gym where she works.
You're lying to her.
You're pretending to be someone else.
You're inserting yourself into her life under false pretenses.
You're overreacting.
And you are acting just like Doug.
This is exactly what he did to me before he literally stabbed me.
He invented a reason to meet me, he pretended to be someone else, then he tricked me into thinking he was my friend.
Okay, this is not like Doug.
All right? I am trying to help her.
You can't help someone by lying to them, Maddie.
You already know that, otherwise you would have told me about this creepy stalker plan weeks ago.
That's not fair.
Wait, okay, maybe.
But what you're doing to that woman isn't either.
You need to tell her the truth.
Yeah, I will, okay, I just need a little bit more time.
You know what, we should go.
I have a shift in the morning, remember? At least you didn't lie about that.
Big day.
BOBBY: Think you could handle it? Teal bucket is for kids with food allergies.
Everything in there is nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.
And who are these for? Kids allergic to fun? Those are for the parents.
Also there should be some pamphlets about basic fire safety that should be in the closet.
Exactly how long are you gonna keep on punishing me? You know, Buck, some day you're gonna figure out when to stop pushing and learn some patience.
I hope we're both alive to see it.
CHIMNEY: You know, being stuck here isn't actually the end of the world, it just feels like it, Buck.
Trust me, I know.
(CHUCKLES) No, I do.
My first few months here, only time I saw the outside of this building was at the start and end of my shift, on my way in, on my way out.
How'd you cope with it? Cleaned every inch of this place.
Learned where everything was, how all the equipment worked.
Set a new world record for getting in my turnout gear.
And then eventually, someone took pity on me, and they let me outside.
So basically, um, suck it up and be patient.
Just like Bobby said.
You know, Cap's not always wrong.
Though he is about these smoke detectors.
Nobody's gonna want these tonight.
No, but I am gonna hand them out anyway.
- Captain's orders.
- See? It can be taught.
In fact, I'm gonna go find those pamphlets.
Hey, uh, have you talked to Maddie today? No, I think she's working.
Why? Nothing, just wondering.
(CROW CAWS) (FUNKY MUSIC) (CAWS) Okay, are you a good omen or a bad omen? 'Cause, you know, I Googled you, and the old wives are kind of divided on this question.
(CAWS) Is anybody else seeing this? Seeing what? (OMINOUS MUSIC) Oh, God! The list, you forgot the list.
Right there.
Oh, that's pretty convincing, if a little bit twisted.
It's sick is what it is.
It just perpetuates a culture of socially acceptable violence and desensitizes Oh, my God! Whoa.
That level of violence is totally acceptable to me.
- Did you - I did.
- Was that - I don't know.
MAN (OVER PHONE): Yes, hello, I think there's a body sticking out of somebody's car windshield.
I'm sorry? MAN (OVER PHONE): There's a woman driving around in a gold, mid-sized sedan with a man stuck in the windshield, like, through the windshield.
Are you sure it wasn't a Halloween decoration? That's what we thought it was at first, but it moved.
So we're pretty sure he's alive or was.
They just turned off onto the 101 at Western.
It was a California plate.
The first two digits were Q7.
I'll alert the police and let them know.
Okay, all units be on the lookout for a gold, mid-sized sedan, California plate partial number queen seven.
Eyewitness reports a man in the windshield.
MAN (OVER RADIO): Dispatch, is this a real thing? Find the car and get back to me.
Okay, so far today I've had three suspected hangings, two possible decapitations, and one truly convincing evisceration.
Hmm, let me guess.
All fake? Thank God, or L.
is having a seriously weird crime spree.
(LAUGHS) Nice costume.
Did that take 12 whole minutes to put together? Ew, no, it took 45 minutes to go to the drugstore and get these ears.
9-1-1, what's your emergency? BUCK: That's it, get your candy.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Sorry, buddy, two-piece limit.
Those are the rules.
That's a stupid rule.
Yeah, not the world's greatest defense strategy.
What are you supposed to be, anyway? I'm firefighter.
So how come you're not out fighting fires? (TRUCK HORN HONKS) Mom, look, the real firefighters are here.
Oh, my gosh.
Is he trying to get more candy out of you? Uh, no, no, he's fine.
In fact, here, why don't you take a smoke detector.
Keep him safe until his parole hearing.
BOBBY: Nice work, Buckley.
Keep it up.
Oh, Eddie, um, you wanna give me a hand with all this? Nah, you got this.
You're 100%.
Lawsuit proved that, right? (MELANCHOLY MUSIC) (OINGO BOINGO'S "DEAD MAN'S PARTY") (TOGETHER) Trick or treat! Hello, we got a big crowd, here.
(LAUGHS) Nice costumes.
Are you let's see, are you Hey, are you all right? (DRAMATIC MUSIC) Honey, call 911! You took your costume off.
I barely recognize you without those glasses, Clark Kent.
Shouldn't you be off walking a plank or something? More like three parties to hit before midnight.
Jealous? No, I'm exhausted even thinking about that.
Oh, Sue was here a minute ago looking for you.
She was talking to someone in the conference room, so maybe she went back in there.
Okay, I'll check.
Sue? Tara, um I'm here to file a complaint against the 9-1-1 dispatcher who's been stalking me.
How did you I shoulda known something was up when you conned your way into my house, but I thought I was being paranoid.
Then I met your boyfriend, and he doesn't have a very good poker face.
Does he know you're a psycho? Or should I swing on by the firehouse and fill him in.
- I was gonna tell you.
- Okay.
I was, I just hadn't figured out how to do it, you know? How to explain everything to you and help you understand.
You lied to me.
You pretended to be my friend.
No, I am your friend.
Or, at least, I wanted to be.
I have been you, Tara.
Trapped in a marriage with an abusive man, needing to ask for help I don't need any help.
You called 911 five times.
I am not one of those women.
Yeah, I used to tell myself that too.
I didn't wanna admit what was happening because I felt ashamed.
But I had nothing to be ashamed of you.
You have nothing to be ashamed of.
Just tell me the truth, and I will leave you alone.
- I swear.
- There is nothing to tell! Stay away from me and my husband.
I know I'm right about him.
Look, I know I'm right! Maddie, we need to talk.
NURSE: Someone mistreated her.
She's severely malnourished.
I'm not talking about missing a few meals; this is systemic.
But until she regains consciousness and can consent to a more thorough exam, we can't know for sure what she's been through.
What about her injuries? The cuts on her arm? NURSE: Appears to be from broken glass.
We found tiny slivers of it inside the wounds.
Significant bruising on both wrists and ankles.
Most likely, she was shackled.
Anything about the soles of her feet? Something to indicate how far she's walked.
No bruises, no blisters, no lacerations, they were just dirty.
Sorry I can't give you more.
No, you gave me a place to start.
Now, missing persons is checking reports, looking for a match on our girl, hasn't found anything yet.
Fan out, do a grid search, knock on every door, talk to every person you see in the street.
Then ask them what, see anything unusual? It's Halloween, Sergeant.
(SIGHS) (SPOOKY ROCK MUSIC) Maybe the idea's not to be seen at all.
Let's find out which of these houses isn't feeling the holiday spirit.
(KNOCKING) LAPD, anybody home? LAPD! (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) (DOOR CREAKS) Hello, anybody home? (INSECTS BUZZING) (COUGHS) Anybody home? This is the police.
(EERIE MUSIC) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) They're all in various stages of dehydration, malnutrition, any number of infections, probably have diseases we invented the cure for 100 years ago.
No gas, no running water, God knows how they bathed or cooked food.
Give it a hard enough kick, the house would fall down.
All we found was canned food, bibles, textbooks, all from the 1950s.
I just got one of the kids to talk.
You're not gonna believe this.
These kids weren't abducted.
They live here.
They're siblings.
Their parents did this to them.
(CAR HORN HONKING) Hey, stop, you can't drive through here.
(TIRES SCREECHING) Those are my kids.
What the hell are you doing with my children? Did you find her? Where's Bethany? - Who? - Our daughter.
We've been looking for her for hours.
She's lost and alone.
Alone, right, just like you left the rest of your children.
They were secure.
They were safe.
Chained up, you mean.
Your daughter's in the hospital.
Which is where we're taking the others until children and family services gets there.
You two, however, are going to jail.
Read 'em their rights.
MAN: You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
I reviewed all five of the calls that were placed from the Dagastino home.
The first four times, she claims that she dialed a wrong number.
The fifth one, the one that you took, That area's a little gray.
Yeah, I knew that something I'm gonna stop you there.
Here's what I, as your supervisor, can prove.
This dispatch center received several calls from Mrs.
You took one of them.
Shortly after that, you joined a gym, hired a personal trainer who happened to be Mrs.
We can call that a coincidence but there are not going to be any more, Maddie.
Do you understand me? I do, but I just want you to know the No, we're done talking about that woman.
Now we're going to talk about you and your future here.
I promise that this will never happen again.
(SIGHS) You've been through a lot, personally and professionally.
This job we experience the same trauma that all the other first responders do and sometimes we burn out.
Okay, that's that's not what this is.
Well, I'm gonna have to have someone confirm that for me.
I'm scheduling you for a psychological assessment.
But I'm not I'm not due for another one until next year.
And you will not go back on that floor until it's done.
Also, schedule a session with our counselor.
That's not a suggestion.
NEWS REPORTER: A couple was arrested tonight on charges of reckless endangerment and child abuse and are being held without bail.
Children were found HEN: You know, Karen and I make jokes about locking Denny up.
For his protection.
But the truth is, protecting him like that, it wouldn't be for him.
It'd be for us.
You know, we'd be robbing him to give ourselves some peace of mind.
(SOMBER MUSIC) That's not very subtle.
It's really late, and I'm really tired.
You think I'm being too hard on him? I think Buck makes everything hard on Buck.
The boy has two settings, zero and shut up before I smack you.
I can see that he's trying.
It just still seems like he doesn't get it.
Like this is all a game to him.
Cap, the city offered him a huge settlement.
He could be jumping out of planes or swimming somewhere with sharks if he were looking for a game.
But he made his choice.
He chose this job.
So I should let him do it.
Or let him go somewhere else that will.
So that's how it's gonna be now.
You're just gonna keep on ghosting me.
'Cause Halloween is over, just so you know.
I don't know what you want from me, Buck.
Forgive, forget, make you feel better about what you did? I just want you to talk to me.
(CHUCKLES) Even if it's just to say that you're still mad.
I'm not mad, I'm (SOMBER MUSIC) When you decided to sue the department, to make Cap the bad guy, did you ever stop for a minute to think what that could do to us? Look, I just needed my job back.
I missed I missed being here.
Being part of the team.
I never meant for anyone to get hurt.
Lotta "I" s in there.
Your actions, your choices, they impact the rest of us.
That's what it means to be a part of a team.
You're right.
I didn't think about what could happen.
I was mad at Bobby for not letting me back.
I was mad at you guys for moving on without me.
I was mad that there was nothing I could do about it.
And I just I just wanted to Punch someone? Yeah, a little.
But I get it.
And I really am sorry.
Whatever it takes for you to forgive me I forgive you.
Also what it means to be part of a team.
This just don't do it again.
Candy detail's all wrapped up, Cap, and I gave away all the smoke detectors.
Listen, Buck, I've been thinking.
Why don't you go home? Home? I still have a couple hours left on my shift.
I don't wanna overtax you your first week back.
I stood behind a table and got bullied by children.
So you earned a few hours off.
Good work today.
(SOMBER MUSIC) (CAR ENGINE REVVING) Oh, whoa, hey, hey, hey, hey! Lady, lady! Ah, damn it.
Come on.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) (TIRES SQUEALING) MAN (OVER PHONE): 9-1-1, what's your emergency? This is LAFD firefighter Evan Buckley.
I'm going south down Vermont following a gold, 4-door sedan.
There is a man embedded in the windshield.
MAN (OVER PHONE): Sorry, did you say in the windshield? We had a report about that yesterday.
- Is that real? - Uh, yeah, it's definitely real, and I think he's alive.
I'm gonna approach the vehicle right now.
Ma'am! Ma'am, pull over your car! You are a horrible driver.
- You are right in my way.
- Ma'am, I'm a firefighter.
Really? Well your costume sucks.
Okay, can I just take a look at your Did you hurt yourself? - What? What do you mean? - (GROANING SOFTLY) Uh, hey you just stay right here, okay? - Ah.
- Sir, sir, it's LAFD.
Help is on its way.
(SIREN WHOOPING) Want us to check you out? Oh, nah, it's not mine.
I have another shirt in my (DRAMATIC MUSIC) Maybe.
You should know, I'm I'm on blood thinners.
I was just gonna call ya.
I feel like I should apologize.
I know I was a little harsh.
You were right.
Tara found out who I am.
She came to the call center; I almost lost my job.
And I'm starting to think that, maybe, I'm losing my mind.
No, you're not.
You're still healing.
It doesn't happen overnight.
What Doug did to me, to you he was a monster.
And when I think about what I'm doing to Tara, what does that make me? Someone who cares.
I mean, maybe too much or maybe in the wrong way, but you saw someone you thought was in trouble and, you know, you tried to help her.
I really thought I was right.
I mean, I thought I could save her, that I could get her out before it was too late, - before she'd have to - Save herself? The way you did? (SOMBER MUSIC) I might be a little crazy.
(LAUGHTER) That's nothing.
You wanna hear something really crazy? (WHISPERING) I see crows.
(LAUGHTER) No, I'm serious, ever since that call at the pumpkin patch, I keep seeing this one bird, like, everywhere.
The one on the ambulance? Yes, on the ambulance, on the fire truck, outside in the parking lot.
No, on the ambulance.
(FUNKY MUSIC) CHIMNEY: (WHISPERING) Okay, you see it, right? Like, you actually see it? (CHUCKLES) (CAWING) (LAUGHS) I'll be damned.
He brought it back to me.
(LAUGHTER) Except now he knows my name.
Excuse me, I'm looking for a patient brought in not long ago.
Evan Buckley? - Bobby? - Hey.
BUCK: Hey.
Said you were injured, that you cut yourself.
(SCOFFS) Yeah, I just got some shallow cuts from the broken windshield glass.
I told the paramedics I was on blood thinners and they sealed the wounds.
But they brought you here, to the ER? Right, no, they just thought I should get checked up.
I just finished giving the police my statement.
But what happened? It was crazy, this lady hit this guy two days ago.
She must have hit her head pretty bad, 'cause they found a brain bleed.
Probably why she was so confused.
And what about the guy on the windshield.
In surgery, docs say he's got a fair chance.
It's cause you jumped in there and saved him.
Probably didn't even occur to you to worry about yourself.
Yeah, I know, I know, I didn't think, just rushed in like I always do.
I guess it's like the uniform is my costume.
You know, I put it on and suddenly I'm brave, and I'm strong, I make a difference.
Feels like without it I'm not much of anything.
Buck, you saved two lives without the uniform.
It's not a costume, it's who you are.
Does this mean that you're ready to let me back for real? Doesn't matter if I'm ready.
You are.
It's time for me to get out of your way.
Hey, Bobby.
Are you hungry? Maybe I could buy you breakfast.
Be nice to catch up.
Yeah, it would.