9-1-1 (2018) s05e11 Episode Script

Outside Looking In

1 I don't remember ordering so many balloons.
Ah, relax, baby.
It's gonna be great.
Yeah, but where is she? Her entire court is waiting.
Well, you know your daughter.
She likes to make an entrance.
And I know her papi, too, who likes to make a big show out of everything.
Miguel, what did you do? It was all your baby girl, and a little me.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Lourdes! You did it, mija.
- Isn't it amazing? - That isn't safe.
Baby, it's fine.
There's four ropes, and, no, nothing's gonna happen.
Ay She looks beautiful.
Lourdes! Mija! You look beautiful.
You do, mija.
You really do.
Hold her! - Through here, through here.
- Hey.
The country club said the building's been vacant for repairs.
That's why nobody heard him hit the roof.
- Do you know when this happened? - No.
I saw a crew up there this morning.
So, no more than a few hours.
All right.
Keep everybody back.
Got your med kit? Not my first rodeo.
Mija, this is terrible.
The party's ruined.
Are you kidding, Mom? This is awesome.
Really? Jonah, Hen, you take the roof.
Buck, we're gonna come at him on the inside.
Ericson, you're up top on the assist.
All right.
Up we go, Monday.
Name's Jonah, and you know that.
Why do you keep calling me Monday? 'Cause there's a new one of you every shift.
To me, you're Monday.
He went clear through the roof.
Sir? Sir? Can you hear me? I got a pulse.
Please - help me.
- Easy.
Don't move.
You don't want - to exacerbate your injuries.
- What's your name? - Lenny.
- Paragliding? What happened? Wind picked up.
Tried to avoid some power lines and lost control.
Pulse is 130.
BP's 105/60.
Breathing is fast, but his lungs sound clear.
Opening a line.
Pushing ten of morphine.
Hang in there, Lenny.
I'm giving you some of the good stuff.
- Pretty soon, you won't feel a thing.
- Already can't feel my legs.
Lenny, can you wiggle your fingers for me.
- How about this? Can-can you feel that? Okay.
- Yeah.
Lumbar injury? - Spinal compression? - Possibly.
What if my legs are completely gone? Don't worry.
Don't think you'd be talking to us at all.
We'll have a visual soon enough, okay? Cap.
- How we looking down there? - Almost in position.
Uh, hey, Cap, I don't want to be insensitive, but, uh, do his legs look really short? Oh Hen, Jonah, get down here right now.
Bilateral open knee dislocation.
The impact forced the femurs down through the knee.
Landed on his feet, and his upper legs kept going.
Thinking it's better now that he can't feel them.
Blood loss isn't that bad, considering.
Lucky he didn't sever his femoral arteries.
- Do we reset them here? - Absolutely not.
You know better than to attempt that - out in the field.
- I heard you like to push the envelope.
Something about having your hand inside of a guy's - torso for two hours? - That's an entirely different envelope.
Grab the splints.
Ready for extraction, Cap.
All right, Lenny, you stay calm.
Things are gonna get a little noisy.
- Hey.
- Ooh, something smells good.
Ah, it should be ready soon.
How'd it go? Well, not too bad for me.
The 153 is the target of choice this time around.
I don't understand why they make you go to those meetings.
Don't you write down everything that happens while you're at work? Well, they like to ask follow-up questions like, "Why did it take you nine minutes to respond to that call?" Or, "Why'd you stay at the scene so long?" Or, "Why have you still not filled those empty slots in your company roster?" Sounds like your bosses get you all dressed up to meet up with you so they can tell you that you suck.
Pretty much.
You do those, too, Mom? No.
For which I am grateful because I have seen grown men throwing up in trash cans after coming out of some of those CompStat meetings.
- Personnel files? - Yeah.
Candidates to fill Chimney and Eddie's slots.
Turns out I've put it off for as long as I can.
Well, you know the rules.
No homework at the table.
Well, I have to change anyways, so I'll just put them in the bedroom and read them later.
Well, so much for a relaxing bedtime.
Hey, Bobby.
- Sorry I'm late.
- You're not late.
We're gonna sit down as soon as I change.
Oh, great.
I want to hear all about work over dinner.
You mean you want to know how Eddie's doing.
Well, how is he? Oh! Oh! All right.
Hey, May.
What is it today? "Absquatulate.
" Apparently, it means to leave somewhere abruptly.
Hmm, hmm.
And I thought "bumfuzzle" was the "Word of the Day" low point.
- Morning, Eddie.
- Hey, Linda.
Oh, by the way, you were right about the fish sauce.
- Never would've thought of it.
- I told you.
Umami levels off the charts.
Five-alarm fire.
Eighth and Bixel near the 110.
May, dispatch two more task forces.
Linda, notify CHP to shut down the southbound off-ramp.
Eddie, you're on it? Gonna absquatulate it right now.
All right, bud.
Eat up so you can focus at school.
- Are you sure about this? - Equal parts potato and butter.
Twitter calls.
Morning, Eddie.
Checking vitals.
Okay, let's move! Morning, Eddie.
Clearing obstruction.
LAFD responded to the call at 2:00 p.
and were able to quickly put out the small fire.
No injuries or structural damage were reported.
Normal rhythm.
Firefighter Eddie Diaz.
Public Service Officer, Metro Dispatch.
Are you a real firefighter? Uh, yes.
I'm a real firefighter.
Your food okay? Oh, it's It's-it's really good.
I mean, actually really good.
I'm just not that hungry, so He told you to eat something before you came here, didn't he? Well I wasn't gonna take any chances.
You do not want to meet a hangry Taylor.
But this is, this is, this is really good.
Uh Carla, you can come on out.
I know you made dinner.
Come on.
- Where are you? - All this time, everybody thought I was bad cook.
You were.
- Ah.
- But now that I'm on a regular schedule, I've had a lot more time to practice.
Well, practice definitely makes perfect.
- I'm impressed.
- Me, too.
You got to make this when you come back to the firehouse.
Hope you're not too full - for dessert.
- Is that possible? Little stir crazy I'm gonna, uh H-Hey, you okay? Uh, yeah.
You look tired.
Look, man, you-you don't need to pretend with me.
It's okay to miss the job, you know? I-I remember what it was like when I was Fire Marshal Buck.
This isn't the same thing.
I like what I'm doing.
Yeah, but it-it's not what you're supposed to be doing.
Y-You're a firefighter.
I'm still a firefighter.
- Well, yeah, but - Buck, you need to move on.
I have.
Huh - You're back.
- Cap asked me to fill in again.
I think I'm more of a "Tuesday," don't you? And, wh wh-what are you doing? Uh, making room for things we need.
You're overstocked on four-by-fours.
After 13 years in the same firehouse, why would I know - what supplies we need? - I'm just doing what Cap asked me.
You keep calling him Cap.
Why? What do you call him? Do you have daily nicknames for him, too? Is it what he makes for lunch? Today he's gazpacho? He's not your cap.
You're just a temp.
So don't get comfortable.
- New guy's back.
- Yes.
I do remember typing his name into today's roster.
Well, I-I didn't agree to that.
And yet it happened anyway.
That's what I'm here to talk about.
- Hey, Cap, can I talk to you? - Can it wait, Buck? Is your name Cap? - I was here first.
- W Did you know Eddie's not coming back to the 118? I suspected as much when he asked for a transfer.
I know, but i-it was supposed to be temporary, like Chimney, you know? Th-They're supposed to come back.
- They are coming back.
- I don't know.
I-I had dinner with Eddie last night, and-and he seemed He seemed what? Different.
No, it's not okay.
Every time we go there, it's like me versus your family.
Come on, you are my family.
Would it hurt you to remind your mother of that every time? I mean, I'm just sitting there like an outsider.
She uses me as her personal punching bag.
Okay, maybe she prods, but she doesn't punch.
She loves you.
She just doesn't show it.
Ugh, probably a telemarketer.
Whatever you're selling, I'm not buying.
Please take me off your list.
Listen closely.
I've placed a bomb in your truck.
Now that you've reached 55 miles an hour, the device is armed.
If you drop below 55, it will explode.
Who is this? Cosmo? Yeah, we-we've seen that movie before, like, almost 30 years ago.
Which would be long before Trenton and Troy were born.
That's right.
I'm watching you.
Okay, I'm hanging up now and calling the police.
Before you do, take a look in your armrest.
You work in computers, Sasha.
You must recognize a smartphone circuit board.
Its sensors can tell what speed you're going.
Drop below 55, the bomb explodes.
Why do you think that? A guy just called, he said if we slow under 55, that we're gonna explode.
Sir, I've seen that movie.
It's a crime to make a false 911 call.
No, it's not a fake call.
Okay? Please don't hang up.
He told us to look in the armrest.
There's all kinds of circuitry in there.
He-he knew things about us, where we live.
Look, I don't know if this is a prank or not, but I don't want my wife and kids to die finding out.
I believe you.
- Where are you driving right now? - W-We're headed west on the 210.
- We just passed Sunland.
- Okay, just keep calm, and keep driving safely.
CHP is gonna perform a traffic break to clear the road, and I'm sending help to you now.
Dispatch, 727-L-30.
Approaching the vehicle now.
What's happening? It's okay.
They're just gonna help us get off.
- Why can't we just stop? - It's okay, guys.
We just have to listen to them.
Okay? We're gonna be fine.
Dad and I are right here, okay? All right, I'm deploying the drone to check for devices.
Homemade device.
Could be packed with a nitrate, or a chloride compound.
Any one of those would take out the truck and then some.
What do you see? Is something down there? What is it? Is it real? Okay, hold on.
I'm connecting the police to this call now.
We do see something.
- It's cause for concern.
- So-so now what? Do you defuse it? We can't do anything - while you're moving.
- What do we do, then? Step one, we're gonna ride alongside that pickup truck and match its speed.
We have to move fast, so the 147 is here to assist.
Buck, once we're in position, I want you to jump into that truck bed.
Ravi is here to give a hand.
Somebody from the 147 will do the same.
All right.
We're falling back.
118 is on the move.
How we doing, 147? Donato.
Headed out to meet you now.
I-I'm just working out how to do this.
Just like that, I guess.
- Evan Buckley.
Nice job.
- Lucy Donato.
I give yours a seven.
Okay, let's move into position two.
Ravi, Duncan, you're topside.
How's everyone doing in here? All right, Ravi, extend the ladder.
Ladder's on the move.
I know this is scary.
I'm gonna get you out.
Kids, you're gonna be first, okay? You're gonna grab onto us.
Hang on tight.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Pull him down.
- Okay, let's go, let's go.
All right, hold on.
There you go.
You guys are doing great.
I got you.
All right, Dad, watch your speed.
Keep it steady.
Hold on.
I got you.
- I got you.
- Okay.
You're next, okay? Gonna be nice and easy.
reports of an explosive device inside the vehicle, rigged to go off should it reduce speed.
Now, we're watching live as two children are being pulled to safety.
Linda, tell them not to take the driver - out of the truck.
- Why not? Give me your earpiece.
Put me through to the rescue team.
Guys, it's Eddie.
Do not move the driver.
A bomb like that is a sophisticated device.
There could be a pressure switch somewhere that senses the driver's movements.
Let me talk to the driver.
Sir, I need you to check around your seat, under the gas pedal.
Look for wires or anything that looks or feels out of place.
I-I see something.
Under the gas pedal, like a metal bar with springs.
What is it? What do I do? It's called a pressure switch.
Do not take your foot off the gas.
Okay, everything's gonna be fine.
- Just sit tight.
- Uh, yeah, problem with that plan.
We don't have a lot of freeway left.
So what's the move? Dad, for now, you stay in the truck.
Mom and everyone else off.
We keep you moving, load two of my guys, and we defuse it in motion.
- We're switching seats.
- What?! I put my foot on the gas first.
You slide underneath me.
- I stay, you go.
- No.
Have you lost your mind? Sasha, I've run all the versions.
You live, I go.
The boys have their dad, okay? We both die, your parents take them.
Your mother may be horrible to me, but she adores those children.
The version I can't live with is you gone and me hearing your mother teaching them to hate me because I let you die.
Ma'am, it may not be my place, but we're a little short on time here.
You don't know her.
- I think I have a pretty good idea.
- You have a horrible mother-in-law too? I have a mother who matches her description.
She hated my husband.
But eventually, she warmed up to him.
How? He asked her for help.
Made her feel needed.
- Come on! We got to go! - Now, ma'am, please, get out of the truck.
Honey, I'll be right behind you.
Let's go! Come on.
We got you.
Buckley, Donato, grab mom and evacuate the pickup now! We need to fall back and let the bomb squad get to work.
- Ravi! Hey! - Be right back! Hey! 118, heads up.
Dad's coming your way.
Then who's driving the truck? Hey, Donato, come on! Okay, I'm gonna stick this around your waist, okay? Just keep yourself nice and low.
Okay, Ravi, last one! - Okay, okay.
Ready? - Yeah.
All right.
Dad's on the move.
Donato, let's go! Come on, Buckley! I got you.
I got you.
Vehicle evacuated.
All units fall back.
So the bomb was fake? Nope.
Hey, Eddie.
Headed out? Big plans tonight? Josh.
Uh, nothing big.
Just having drinks with a few friends.
That sounds fun.
Unlike earlier, with the bomb in the truck.
That was a pretty wild situation.
It sure was.
Great catch on the secondary trigger.
You know, you could've come to me with your concerns.
- It felt like time was of the essence.
- Around here time is always of the essence.
But you are an LAFD liaison, not a dispatcher.
You are a guest in this house.
Act like it.
Don't ever hijack one of our calls again.
Won't happen again.
Then I'll see you tomorrow.
What seemed like a hoax Hey, uh, can you turn up the volume? still have no lead on the source of the bomb or even a motive.
But the family of four is safe tonight, thanks to a truly daring rescue.
Just incredible how two of LAFD's finest pulled this off.
Man, that's the second time they ran it this hour.
We're, like, the best action show - on TV.
- You're gonna do wonders for their ratings.
Oh, yeah, we are.
That is something only an L.
firefighter would care about.
What'd they, uh, what'd they care about in Minnesota, Cap cheese? It's Wisconsin that's cheesy, Buck.
In Minnesota, we care about the official - state grain of wild rice.
- Well.
There's an official state grain? - Yeah.
- Wait, so you were a firefighter - up there? Oh, wow.
- Yeah.
I thank God I'm an L.
I can't imagine doing what we do every day in subzero temperatures.
- Oh.
- A little Alberta Clipper never hurt anybody.
It's good for your skin.
I don't know what that is.
It's a low pressure area that brings cold air down from Canada - during the winter months.
Never mind.
- Ah.
- It's a boring topic.
- You sure, Cap? I'm enthralled.
Can I get you anything? Are you with the firefighters? No.
I'm not.
All right, guys.
Tell you what.
I'm calling it.
Listen, seriously, you guys did great work out there Both of you even though you did disobey an order, Lucy.
Oh, come I was passing the gas pedal and the steering wheel on my way out.
I'd be looking to buy Hey, Cap.
Uh before you go, can we talk about Monday real quick? You can't hate every day that ends in a "Y," Hen.
- Give this guy a chance.
- Come If you were a telephone I'd be waiting to call you So what did he say about me? And make my move He said I should give you a chance.
I hope you do.
Look I know I've been talking a lot of smack.
But the truth is it's 'cause I'm nervous.
What do you have to be nervous about? The 118, working with you.
This is the assignment everybody wants.
I'm worried I'm not gonna keep up.
You're fine.
You're a very good paramedic.
But? But it's not about you.
Because you don't want anyone else in that chair.
You want your partner back.
Listen, Chimney and I we When we were working together, it didn't feel like work.
Just felt like I was out there with my best friend.
And you can't replace that.
And I wouldn't try.
But I am willing to put in the time, to earn your trust and your respect, if you decide to let me.
Reading personnel files.
Drinks with the team went that well? It just made me realize I can't keep putting off finding someone, or two someones.
Pretty healthy stack you got here.
I mean, shouldn't be a shortage of qualified people.
Qualifications aren't the problem.
It's chemistry.
A good team has a certain rhythm.
Everything falls into place.
Put the wrong person in there and everything falls apart.
Ah, which is why I ride solo.
Because there's too many variables to contend with on a team.
Right now, I feel more like a matchmaker than a fire captain.
Three months of blind dates, still no match.
At least, not one that Buck or Hen approve of.
They're just not ready to move on.
Are you? I mean, maybe all this pressure that you're putting on yourself to find the exact right person is just your way of not making a decision.
Because deep down inside, you're not ready to move on, either.
What the 118 had when that team first came together was magic.
Best team I ever worked with, maybe ever will.
How do you replace that? You know, the 118 wasn't exactly a dream team when you first got there.
More like an island of misfit toys, huh? Ah, there were one or two bad apples in there.
That you tossed aside.
You didn't find a magical, special team.
You built it.
And I know that you can do it again.
So, uh, you're an L.
native, huh? Feel like that's kind of rare.
Oh, I am very rare.
The one firefighter in a family full of cops.
Doesn't that sound like a fun family.
Well like to keep 'em on their toes.
And, uh, wha-what keeps you on on your toes? The usual.
Jumping onto speeding vehicles on the freeway, leaping off right before they blow up.
You know, anything moving too fast.
Thank you.
Uh, uh, hey, wha-wha what is this? Margaritas.
Hope you like 'em with salt.
Now you can count You Ubered here, right? Yeah, I did.
Maybe we can share a ride later.
Uh, you know, I'm-I'm the other way.
I-I would-I wouldn't do that to you.
You don't even know where I live.
Uh, no.
Of course.
Um, what-what I'm saying is if we if we were to share, which, you know, we shouldn't Relax, Buckley.
I just like watching you squirm.
Uh yeah, I'm I'm not squirming.
You sure about that? Now you can't help but Lose all their control She's afire She's afire, she's afire.
Uh, who-who should I have him drop off first me or you? I ordered the Uber, Buck.
Uh, she kept ordering drinks.
- So you kissed her? - Nah.
Nah, she.
She kissed me.
- And? - And I-I said no.
I said, "I have a girlfriend," and-and I ran away.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Okay, so, no harm, no foul.
- No harm, no foul.
- It was just a misunderstanding, and you never meant for it to happen.
Okay, I-I I may I may have kissed her back.
- Oh, Buck.
- No, I know, okay? Uh, what do I do now? I-I got to tell Taylor, right? Yes.
You have to be honest.
Don't tell her.
It'll only make her upset for no reason.
Don't want to do that.
Unless unless you're gonna kiss Lucy again.
I didn't plan on kissing her the first time.
You know, it just it just happened.
Tell Taylor, Buck.
You're a terrible liar.
She's gonna figure it out anyway.
Okay, you're making me nauseous.
I'm gonna need you to pick a side.
Honesty is the best policy.
Also, it's the easiest to remember.
What are you doing? Hey, buddy.
Did I wake you? I don't know.
Why are you awake? I guess I'm just not used to the nine-to-five life yet.
Body's still on the 24-hour shifts now and then.
That doesn't make any sense.
No? All right then, Doctor, what's your diagnosis? You miss being a firefighter.
You're right.
I guess I do.
So why'd you stop? I thought you wanted me to stop.
I never said that.
You said it was scary for you, Chris.
It is, sometimes.
But you are really brave, and I can be brave, too.
- You don't belong here! - I lived here first! I didn't - ask you to show up.
- Let's just Everyone, just - calm down.
I - Calm down? You don't have to live here.
You don't have to see this every day.
- Sergeant Grant! - What's the disturbance? - He is.
Look at all this crap.
- It's not - He won't clean it up.
- It's not crap.
It's my property.
Every morning I look out my window, and this is my view.
It's unsanitary and it's unsightly.
- Those words are subjective, right? - Oh.
That family just listed way below comps to get away from this creep's junkyard.
That's not subjective.
He's hurting my wallet.
So far, what I'm hearing is a complaint to the city, not a reason to call 911.
They didn't call.
I did.
Okay, these people are trespassing.
They've been stealing my property.
- They are harassing me.
- Your property? You fished half this junk out of our trash! No! Oh! It's only junk if it's not useful, which all of this is.
Okay, do you have any idea how hard it is to find diodes like these? Oh, I'll put 'em somewhere - you'll be able to find 'em! - Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Hey.
- All right, all right.
- Get back.
- Both of you, to your corners.
I'm watching you.
Oh, is that a threat? He threatened me.
That's right.
- All right, we - You heard him.
- He threatened me.
- We have plenty of room in the back of that car for the both of you.
I Williams, start taking statements.
- I'll be right back.
- What? No.
Where are you? - Where's she going? - She'll be back.
- Just stay right there.
- Sergeant Grant.
I heard you're moving in a hurry.
Is that because of the car bomber? That man knew where we lived.
He's still out there.
We'll just feel safer someplace else.
Even if it is at my mother-in-law's.
On her invitation? I took your advice.
All I needed to do was just reach out and ask her for help, and now she loves me.
You're here for Trashcan Kurt? Well, he doesn't seems to be too well-liked around these parts.
We have tried.
We've even offered to clean up, but he just refuses.
My husband even filed for a court order to force him to clean up.
Oh, yeah? How'd that go? We didn't even make it to court.
I just With everything that's gone on, it's It just didn't feel important anymore.
So you dropped the court order? The man who called you about the bomb You said he knew things about you.
He said he knew our kids' names, what my husband did for a living.
It was like he was watching us the whole time.
Like he was right outside your house, looking in? That's what he said "I'm watching you.
" Go inside and lock all the doors, now.
This is 727-L-30 requesting immediate backup at 573 Dunham Lane.
Possible bombing suspect.
Pursuing him into his home.
You two! Get inside.
Williams, go around back, keep an eye out for trip wires.
Who knows what he's got cooked up in there.
Everyone, back in your homes! Sir! This is the LAPD.
If you do not open this door, we are coming in.
Dispatch, this is 727-L-30.
We need a RA unit.
He may have sustained minor injuries.
Bomber suspect is in custody.
- Eddie.
- Hey, Bobby.
Sorry for showing up out of the blue.
I wanted to talk to you before you started your shift.
Always happy to see you.
Come on in.
All right.
What did you want to talk about? My request to transfer back to the 118.
Okay, what's going on? Nothing.
I realized I made a mistake, and I want to fix that.
I'm ready to come home.
We talked about this before you left.
I know, I know.
You tried to talk me out of it.
Uh, you were right.
It isn't about being right, Eddie.
I just want to understand what's changed.
It wasn't three months ago you asked to transfer out, now you want back in.
Christopher was struggling.
He wasn't the only one.
You said that.
I agreed to a transfer, we found you a spot at dispatch, but you don't seem better.
Are you sleeping at all? It's been a rough few months.
I don't think I gelled there, yeah.
I remember when I first went on medical leave.
It was like all the noise outside stopped, but the noise inside my head got louder.
I think, sometimes, the life we lead, the hours we keep, our focus on other's well-being We wind up ignoring our own.
That's not what's happening here.
I I'll be fine.
Once I'm back on the job.
I think that might need to wait a little while.
You're saying no? - Is this punishment for leaving? - No.
This is concern.
I'm not saying never.
But for your sake and the sake of the team, I can't have you back the way you are right now.
You need to go talk to someone, work out whatever's going on.
I don't need a mental health check.
Just need my job back.
You've known me long enough to know those things go hand in hand.
I can go to another house.
Well, you better hope they don't call me for a recommendation.
You know, when the brass was coming for you, when they were trying to fire you, I had your back.
I supported you, and now you're trying to turn on me? Eddie, that's not what's going on here.
- I'm looking out for you.
- You're gonna stand there with a hundred-something bodies on you and tell me I'm not fit for duty? Go to hell, Bobby.
Uh, hey.
Can we talk? Okay.
Just, um, give me one minute.
It's, uh, it's-it's important.
Everything all right? You look like you're about to throw up.
Uh, um th-things have-have been great with us.
Or real-really great.
Uh, this is easily the most functional relationship I-I've ever been in.
Well, careful with the sweet talk.
It might go to my head.
I-I just I-I want to say that I-I love you.
And-and I do, and I-I would never intentionally do anything to hurt you.
Spit it out, Buckley.
Uh I-I think-I think you should move in with me.
You did - what?! - I know, okay? I-I I panicked.
I was gonna tell her, but she looked so pre-hurt.
I had to say something else.
And what did she say? Well, she was surprised, and, uh and then, she-she said yes.
And now the two of you are living together? Well, not for a few weeks.
Uh, she-she's got to pack and get out of her lease.
Are you familiar with the term "out of the frying pan and into the fire"? Come on.
It's-it's gonna be fine, all right? Taylor and I already spend all our time together.
What's the difference? Buck, a relationship changes when suddenly neither of you has your own place to run to, especially when there's something you're running from.
I'm not running from anything, okay? I I love Taylor.
And Lucy? I don't ever have to see her again.
Everybody upstairs.
Rundown in five.
I've got some announcements to make.
Hey, what was the deal with Eddie - at the bar the other night? - He was there? I didn't see him.
I texted him.
I just I thought he was a no-show.
Well, I saw him in the parking lot, - and he just kind of blew me off.
- Weird.
- Yeah.
- Wonder what's going on.
Why do I get the feeling that man is one of the announcements? Morning, everyone.
As you all know, we've been two people light these last few months.
We've had some great people fill in, but I think it's time to stop the revolving door.
You all know Jonah.
He's been with us for a few shifts.
He's done an excellent job.
And he'll be our new paramedic.
- Damn it.
- Thanks, Captain.
I'm really happy to be here - and be a part of the team.
- Doesn't seem so bad.
He'll probably be a good partner.
What are you doing right now? I-I'm looking on the bright side, trying to be a better Buck.
Well, stop it.
Who's gonna be the other one? Someone you also know, just not as well.
Lucy Donato.
Welcome to the 118.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.

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